Demo 3D[SBS] (HD : 1080P)

  • Published on Oct 26, 2013
  • Des choix 3d à couper le souffle pour tester votre TV ou PC
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  • Jay Double Gee
    Jay Double Gee Day ago

    Terrible. The snake was awful and then commercials. No thanx

  • climpus woof
    climpus woof 12 days ago

    You have to blur your vision by focusing beyond the screen until you have 3 images - the middle one is 3d - really rather good.

  • Rafael Luque
    Rafael Luque 26 days ago

    alucinante en mi smartv LG 8K ni en el cine lo supera.

  • Teo Sim
    Teo Sim 29 days ago

    Here's a trick ! It helps when your in mobile ! : Do not use fullscreen ! (Yep just be cross-eyed and have not a fullscreen)

  • иван забиралов

    Мне очень нравятся видео фильмы в формате 3D стерео. Жаль только, что перестали выпускать телевизоры 3D формата. Если выйдет из строя наш LG телевизор формата 3D, его не чем будет заменить. Почему их сняли с производства?

  • blakespower
    blakespower Month ago

    00:54 the snake is the best 3d I have ever seen it looks like it really is coming out of the monitor, Film producers were just lazy! thats why 3d died, I still have my Playstion 3d monitor and I just realized my Sony Blu Ray player X700 can play 3d, was going to buy some 3d movies but they are still expensive!

  • Ella Montes Paredes

    buen video me ha servido para probar tv con 3d ..que los dueños no saben que lo adquieren

  • Ester Galvão Gouvea
    Ester Galvão Gouvea 2 months ago

    Que medo kkk

  • DimaMi
    DimaMi 4 months ago

    Idiots its not 3d its vr

    • blakespower
      blakespower Month ago

      I just watched it with my Sony PS3 3D glasses and my PS3 3d Monitor, maybe you are the idiot

  • bubblerings
    bubblerings 4 months ago

    On a phone, this is great 3d. (or really shrink the player and put your face to your computer.----eeek!)
    For the laptop, you need to switch the left and the right... for crossed eyes viewing.

  • Sashadhar Garai
    Sashadhar Garai 5 months ago

    This is amazing

  • Diego Joannes
    Diego Joannes 6 months ago

    I would like to know which program to create 3d sbs videos?

  • fom yom
    fom yom 6 months ago


  • Li0n PoWeR
    Li0n PoWeR 6 months ago

    you have to combine the 2 images in 1 so you can get the 3d effect, but we are gonna need glasses for this... This is not a 3d video, is just 2d, but by 2

    • Charlie Nachtkralle
      Charlie Nachtkralle 2 months ago

      You can see it without glasses with the prallel technic. Just search for magic eye technic

  • ROSK
    ROSK 7 months ago


  • Syed Saqlain Alvi
    Syed Saqlain Alvi 7 months ago

    Made my eyes and head ache. But it was worth it

  • トリッピー
    トリッピー 7 months ago +1


  • zoran popovic
    zoran popovic 8 months ago

    Fantastic .

  • Rene Mamani
    Rene Mamani 8 months ago

    Mi mamA

  • Ellie july
    Ellie july 8 months ago


  • Cintia Acosta
    Cintia Acosta 8 months ago +1

    Bodrum aburrido video sacar el olor a ratón,,,

  • Jhoan.C.P.1611
    Jhoan.C.P.1611 9 months ago

    In my LG tv this look great

  • Виталий Саликов

    я руский

  • Seo Óa Ma
    Seo Óa Ma 10 months ago

    Nraug yaj caiv plawv

    FRODO PRODUCTION 10 months ago


  • Leoneo79
    Leoneo79 10 months ago

    Who will fix my eyes?

  • 너 그리고 나
    너 그리고 나 10 months ago

    VR장치 없어도 매직아이로 볼 수 있네 신기하다

  • palel
    palel 10 months ago

    The snake was very impressive through my cardboard goggles. Well done

  • AVol
    AVol 11 months ago

    I don't need the 3d glasses

  • Otie Brown
    Otie Brown 11 months ago


  • stumpy petros
    stumpy petros 11 months ago

    Also I get the 3D view in my non-dominant eye which is interesting.

  • stumpy petros
    stumpy petros 11 months ago

    I think an Aussie program "Beyond 2000" was the first to show this live on t.v.?

  • Eduard Esrever
    Eduard Esrever 11 months ago

    Hardly any depth. I've seen better instances.

  • desiRIDX
    desiRIDX 11 months ago

    focus with your both eyes on your nose 👃 and see the screen

  • ZargoyX
    ZargoyX 11 months ago

    Just focus a point between your monitor and your eyes so the pictures are on top of each other. Then you also see the 3D effect without glasses.

  • ミナミコウ
    ミナミコウ 11 months ago

    Japan Town!

  • Rolex Yesuraj
    Rolex Yesuraj 11 months ago

    What kind of software you used to convert this video into 3D sbs

  • naveen racharla
    naveen racharla Year ago


  • Jose Villa
    Jose Villa Year ago

    N3DS FTW

  • Airplane Engine
    Airplane Engine Year ago

    i see it triple lol

  • arnold schwarzenegger

    3d without glasses cross eye hd
    watch it then watch this video again fucking aweaome

  • Tiberius Sugarplum

    I can watch it without glasses.. cool. (It's like those stereograms)

  • Jawsomeness 88
    Jawsomeness 88 Year ago

    Cross eyed technique works to make it 3d

  • chris Scomersi
    chris Scomersi Year ago +1

    Just focus on the right point with your eyes and you can see the effect without any 3d glasses or vr accessories

  • Meox
    Meox Year ago

    I dont need any vr i just cross my eyes

  • CarrloX Ann
    CarrloX Ann Year ago +1


  • Pewdiepie Waifu
    Pewdiepie Waifu Year ago

    Lol thanks to a certain video,i dont need to use VR glasses to see the images in 3d. great video

  • Mamat Hafsah
    Mamat Hafsah Year ago

    Hasbi Komentari Na Svakodnevne

  • Atul Kumar
    Atul Kumar Year ago

    Eyes hurt now but gd video....???

  • Sarah Koala
    Sarah Koala Year ago +4

    You dont need 3d glasses, just cross ur eyes

  • Claes F93
    Claes F93 Year ago

    ela 3D est a l'envers...?

  • Lord Gnippoc
    Lord Gnippoc Year ago

    Just go cross eyed and it’s perfect!

  • 純中司
    純中司 Year ago


  • Huu Lieu
    Huu Lieu Year ago

    Tao lao

  • Miliza jks
    Miliza jks Year ago

    grils générations snsd❤

  • Axxe
    Axxe Year ago

    you can this type of 3d by crossing your eyes too

  • I Plays
    I Plays Year ago

    Lol the best effect I have seen on TVclip yet

  • Uedo
    Uedo Year ago

    You can watch these without VR, you need to go cross-eyed and align the images, google it :D

  • Ramon Arturo Fabelo Ramos

    Coooooool super coool like!