Democrats on Fox | May 22, 2019 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

  • Published on May 23, 2019
  • Elizabeth Warren launched the internet into a fanatical tizzy when she refused to appear on Fox News, which begs the question: why are Democratic candidates going on Fox News at all?
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  • Paula Jensen
    Paula Jensen 11 days ago

    Bernie Sanders 2020!!

  • AllieCat
    AllieCat 20 days ago

    That awkward moment when Sam makes a BTS reference, mentions RM and blanks out Jimin instead. 😂 Epic fail, Sam.

  • yeontan oppa
    yeontan oppa 25 days ago +2

    she took jimin out instead of namjoon i-

  • Dave Gordon
    Dave Gordon 27 days ago

    What Fox did there to Pete at the end but a cut n paste job should be illegal! Or at least remove the word news from your name if u swing that low!

  • Cpl Friendbeard I-[4thTexas.F]

    Sam bee doesn't realise that in the bubble fox news viewers might actually change their mind. Even if 1% change their minds or at least realise that the democrats aren't the devil like fox news says they are, I see that as an absolute win.

  • susan g
    susan g 29 days ago

    How did this woman get a show????

  • ShabbaRanks MF
    ShabbaRanks MF Month ago

    This program acts like feminism never happened.

  • anahata2009
    anahata2009 Month ago

    Whoever is elected president will not just be the president of Democrats, or NY Times subscribers, or NPR listeners. They will be the president of everyone, including FOX viewers. They should make their case to everyone, including those watching FOX. It's a chance to dispel at least some misinformation. Warren and Harris send a message to a large swath of people that they don't matter. That's not how you win elections. Clinton is proof of that. If they don't want to talk on a network that says unkind things about them, they aren't ready for the bigger challenges of the presidency.

  • Amy Jeane
    Amy Jeane Month ago

    This is shameful partisanship on Sam's part. Bernie went on Fox to speak to ordinary Americans who have been lied to by Trump. People who are hurting and struggling. Bernie reached out to give them an alternative to the divisive hate of the Republicans. He went on Fox and stood up for all of his principles.
    Sam and Elizabeth Warren on the other hand are happy to use the same old partisan hatred that the powerful always use to divide the people and keep them powerless and struggling. Shame on them.

  • Carolyn's RV Life
    Carolyn's RV Life Month ago

    If Democrats don't go on Fox, fox viewers will never hear facts and truth. I think they NEED to go there. Otherwise all they'll hear is the filtered, fake news version of what they stand for and what they say. Really, ALL Dem candidates need to go on Fox.

  • Jill Klatt
    Jill Klatt Month ago

    She’s so honest and real. It’s so refreshing.

  • Ka Ya Lee
    Ka Ya Lee Month ago

    her lavender jacket on point

  • zanechaos
    zanechaos Month ago

    Bernie going on a fox makes senses
    Everyone else, it does not

  • neoporticulis
    neoporticulis Month ago

    I understand why many people think that reaching out across to Fox viewers is the braver and non-partisan thing to do, but deep-seated fears of a changing racial landscape and the unwillingness to accept such change does blind people to facts, reason, and logic at times. It is a long shot as to whether the hardcore Trump supporters, arguably synonymous with Fox viewers, will be dissuaded from their position. Of course, I can respect the attempt to try to reach out, but to regard appearing on Fox as the only valid, moral and strategic position to take is somewhat difficult for me to do. Boycotting a propaganda machine masquerading as a news organisation can be a moral position to take as well, possibly even principled, since you're willing to sacrifice the opportunity to get the message across to more voters in order to not legitimise questionable "news" sources. If it's not principled to rely on "dirt" from foreign hostile nations to win elections, it's at least principled to refuse a tainted organisation that fans the flames of hate and division in order to win elections.

  • Jessica DeNittis
    Jessica DeNittis Month ago

    Fox actually has great articles and opinion pieces on the internet. They know Trump will never read, so they're not afraid to be bipartisan in the one place he'll never find it- words.

  • LeaAnne Fiene
    LeaAnne Fiene Month ago

    I can’t tell you how much I love you.

  • Elana Recinto
    Elana Recinto Month ago

    Hamilton is just like "HAHA they are planning on replacing you jefferson- i have a musical!"

  • Blackholefourspam
    Blackholefourspam Month ago

    Though of course it was CNN who tried their damnedest to spin Bernie's voting rights stance to the worst possible framing. That's not a praise for fox, so much as a testament to how minimally the others are a step up.

  • Duke Makedo
    Duke Makedo Month ago

    Samantha Bee is repellant. She is cheerleading bigotry. Bigot: a person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own, esp on religion, politics, or race.

  • Scott Sparling
    Scott Sparling Month ago

    Some great stuff here, but the idea that HRC was a candidate that stood a chance of winning a general is insane. She's just all around bad, just as Biden is. Bernie would have won, period. Now, I'm inclined towards Warren, but watching her, I don't know she has what it takes to stand up to Trump in a general. She's a million times smarter, and has brilliant policy and knows existing policy and law better than anyone. But when it gets into what has become a reality show of elections, I'm a bit nervous.

  • iamnoone
    iamnoone Month ago +1

    Just here to apologize to all the good people of the U.S.A. for the insufferable Samantha Bee. I am Canadian (she was born in Toronto) and she grew up without a father...'nuff said.

  • ẇȏȗʟԀṅ'ṭ ṭһȏȗ To live deliciously?

    Not trying to be rude but does Samantha have Asthma? Every time after saying a long sentence it sounds like she’s gasping for air!

  • gmorphan
    gmorphan Month ago

    Wow! This hack of half-truths is still on the air?

  • Marcy Keeley
    Marcy Keeley Month ago

    I'm sorry but I don't think the kind of people who watch Fox news unironically can be reasoned with.

    • Duke Makedo
      Duke Makedo Month ago +1

      Does that little hit of indignation feel good? "Those people" are beneath you? There's a contemptible class of people that are beneath being reasoned with. Maybe they should wear signs. Maybe they should have their own drinking fountains separate from the better people.

  • Tony Scott
    Tony Scott Month ago

    This is coming from a woman who publicly called Ivanka Trump a feckless c**t. By comparison, Fox News has been pretty civil. The real hatred is the hatred the political left dishes out towards the political right and the reason why is simply because the political left is failing. The Dems need to get back on their feet and this noise from S. Bee is not the way to do it. Bile thinly disguised as comedy is not a viable strategy.


    Yea.... 9/11 jokes.... sounds like this poor taste pos... many of us had family that died. Your not funny your disgusting. Please die....

  • Karen Eshed
    Karen Eshed Month ago +1

    FYI: "Tulsi is coming to New York City this weekend, and if you’ll be in the area, she'd love to see you!
    Tulsi 2020 Meet & Greet
    Saturday, June 8th
    10:30 am EST
    Project Farmhouse
    76 East 13th Street, New York City
    She will share a message of peace, aloha, and service above self and take questions from the audience.
    Project Farmhouse is a state-of-the-art sustainability center and event space that allows New Yorkers to explore environmental issues through the lens of food, horticulture, arts, and more.
    THANK YOU! We look forward to seeing you this weekend! TULSI 2020"


    This is how dumb you democrats are... please do your self a favor right now... go and google “ the most watched news in America. Fox just had its most watched year in 22 years. They are by far the most watched news channel in the country. Dont believe a random dude on youtube, look yourself. Go do it... then ask yourself. Why wouldn’t any candidate want to be viewed by the most viewed network on tv??? Maybe its because fox wont pander to them and they’ll be forced to .... wait for it..... answer real policy questions.... wake up. Please


    These trash candidates with zero policies except for fake news promises, They dont go on fox because they will be challenged by actual policy questions. They will be forced to explain things as apposed to just feelings and false promises.

  • JRock!! 93
    JRock!! 93 Month ago +1

    Samantha bee is not funny seth MacFarlane is funny not samantha bee

  • toplobster
    toplobster Month ago +1

    9/11 joke, class act

  • Chocolates Love child

    I forgot how nice it is for Samantha to be cutting through bs, it’s awesome to get back into satire

  • Javier Ortiz
    Javier Ortiz Month ago +1

    "Without Rap Monster"
    *gets rid of Jimin*
    Honestly, blame the graphics department

  • Ingrid BTS
    Ingrid BTS Month ago blacked out the wrong member

  • Jennifer Wilson
    Jennifer Wilson Month ago

    I don't think Sam said you shouldn't or you can't, just that you aren't required to. ❤❤

  • startreking
    startreking Month ago

    This is your brain,
    \*Democrat watches Fox News\*
    Any questions?

  • ariu ryl
    ariu ryl Month ago

    Elizabeth Warren explained herself in The View -- she's not willing to give Fox executives ANY ad revenue, and will reach Republican voters through different means like face-to-face local town meetings, because it can't possibly be true that Republicans ONLY consume Fox all the time.

  • MYMINDism
    MYMINDism Month ago

    I will not follow your community guides

  • krishna teja R
    krishna teja R Month ago

    Not the right argument! What about the reach out to the audience of Fox News! Rather than living in a bubble and only reach out to your voters it may be a good attempt to win over the other side by talking about issues that matter

  • mangouni
    mangouni Month ago

    Sam, you are wrong. Think about it some more. And read this comment section.

  • Travis Tarr
    Travis Tarr Month ago

    Terrible take Sam. Step out of your bubble or 2020 will no different.

  • My Alibi
    My Alibi Month ago

    Jesse Waters definitely makes sure his car is locked around non-whites

  • JD1010101110
    JD1010101110 Month ago +1

    Didn't Jon Stewart use to go on Fox alot?

  • Quantum Girl
    Quantum Girl Month ago

    No you’re not legitimizing Fox by going there. You’re making sure the hardcore right wing republicans get the only chance to hear you. I think that’s important. Mayor Pete got a standing ovation on Fox; if that means that he’s gained maybe even 1 voter, or softened the views of 1 very conservative person, it’s worth going on Fox.

  • Mary Hooper
    Mary Hooper Month ago

    Aren’t comedians supposed to be funny. She needs new writers.

  • Emmilou Jewels
    Emmilou Jewels Month ago +1

    That mention of BTS! Lol❤😁😁😀😁❤😁😀😀😁😁😁😀🤩🤩😀🤩😀❤😀

  • Knowledgeis halfthebattle

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  • Kai Vickers
    Kai Vickers Month ago

    And yet those Fox viewers who saw the Buttigieg Town Hall still nodded along happily to the president’s morning show when they took statements out of context and flat out lied regarding others. 🤥

  • Thomas Wooden Railway and Dole Whip

    When Mayor Pete went on Fox he brought the context with him, I'd argue that doing so is the most impressive thing a candidate could do!

    PJATOHOO Month ago +1

    and she removed jimin im ajlgnldg eurgh

    PJATOHOO Month ago +1

    bruh she said rap monster not rm im lsdjflak eurgh

  • Hannah Kane
    Hannah Kane Month ago

    that's jimin 😂😂😂😂😂

  • J Kennedy
    J Kennedy Month ago

    Independent and democrats that watch fox news usually follow this Sun Tzu quote: "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

  • Andrew
    Andrew Month ago

    Fox News has always had Democrats on their Network, Chris Wallace, Juan Williams and many others on Fox News are Democrats.

  • pheonixd2
    pheonixd2 Month ago

    Wow Sam bee is really a propogandist stooge

  • Irina Meri
    Irina Meri Month ago +1

    There's something to be said about how upset Trump gets when a dem does a fox town hall.

  • Simrin Subha
    Simrin Subha Month ago +1

    One thing I don’t understand about American television is why different channels are influenced by political parties. It’s completely nonsensical. The news should always be unbiased. People need to make their own opinions about things, not be told what to think.

  • Daniel Pena
    Daniel Pena Month ago

    Why appear on the highest rated cable channel? They must be out of their minds! Or maybe not...

  • Allison Roll
    Allison Roll Month ago

    I disagree with this completely :P it’s about time we stop taking partisanship as a given in this country, get over our grievances, and start running America the way the founders intended-by appealing to our COUNTRY, not our party.

  • Kenneth Matthew
    Kenneth Matthew Month ago

    Hate is word cowards use to run away from an intelligent co-incisive debate

  • Kenneth Matthew
    Kenneth Matthew Month ago

    why you dont you and the libtards talk about the misallocation of funds in the democrat government, or when the dems said it was illegal to keep illegal migrant children detained with their parents now you withdraw it when trump built their own facility ?
    why do the dems bribe the homeless with cigarettes for their vote or why ice cannot communicate with federal agents in sanctuary cities ?
    who is it a sanctuary for ?

  • Esther Piry
    Esther Piry Month ago

    oohh Sam.. you mention my greatest Boys BTS, am happy cz you must checking on their music too.. do you

  • Temaghn O Murchada
    Temaghn O Murchada Month ago

    The lies of fox become the truth of their watchers. I think this is the best way to turn anyone into an enemy of the state.

  • Tim Rhinehart
    Tim Rhinehart Month ago

    Wow the walking dead is true all brainless morans lol

  • yaggyplantationproductions

    The audience was pro Pete

  • Fletch
    Fletch Month ago

    Yes, because the best way to prove that your ideas are great, is to never talk to anyone that opposes your ideas. ...wait

  • TK Wallace
    TK Wallace Month ago

    “Crossing the media aisle to try to reach new voters” /= working with Fox News.
    Who are Fox’s top competitors? I know; it’s a behemoth that effectively dwarfs all other conservative media outlets in viewership. But Warren and Harris need to reframe the narrative. Do a full town hall (or several) on conservative media outlets with high standards and a fairly wide viewership. It show that you firmly reject Fox based on ethical grounds, *not* political views. “To Fox or not to Fox” is not the question for Democratic candidates. Find a third way.

  • 7f7
    7f7 Month ago +1

    Someone lied to Samantha telling her she's funny.

  • Gusstavv's Stuff
    Gusstavv's Stuff Month ago +1

    Yeah, keep hiding in your cozy and comfortable liberal media outlets. That will work for getting republicunts votes.

  • Sterre Meijer
    Sterre Meijer Month ago

    Wow, I could not disagree with you more Sam. I am a Democrat. I think it's fair to say that ignoring media outlets like FOX that reach people who largely support Trump is half the reason we are in this mess. This is the moment Dems should be trying to get airtime on both sides of the media spectrum. We don't spread the message by only talking to an audience that agrees with everything we say. Town halls like Pete's are instrumental in opening up important political and social dialogue with right wing voters. I love your show and will continue to watch it, but I disagree with this sentiment whole-heartedly.