NOT THE COLOR I WAS EXPECTING! | Mystery Art Supplies | Scrawlrbox Unboxing

  • Published on Mar 9, 2019
  • Revisiting those Karin BrushmarkerPro's today as well as trying out a vaguely marked brush-pen. What color does it draw in?!
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    Karin BrushmarkerPRO:
    Caran D'ache Fibralo Fibre Pens:
    Spectrum Noir Aquatint:
    Artline Drawing System Pen 0.2:
    Caran D'ache Edelweiss Pencil
    Helix Pencil Cap Eraser
    St Cuthberts Mill Botanical Ultra Smooth 300gsm Paper:
    Illo Sketchbook:
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    ► Featured Artist: Tsarina Rina: tsarina_rina_art

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  • arhea Lara.
    arhea Lara. 32 minutes ago

    She look kinda like the girl in your March paletfull box I am proud to be able to say that I rember that cause seriously I have bad memory !hi thank you for being the 2 best inspiration in the world 1is mah mom anyways thank you for being inspirational !😃 I have been watching for 2 or three years but again thanks for being an inspiration 😆 bye oof

  • UniJoy
    UniJoy Day ago

    i used to have that artline 0.2 but i lost ittt! i luved et so muchhh 😭😭😭

  • Kira Grey
    Kira Grey 2 days ago

    You didn't link the other video in the description ):

  • Ashley Lambert
    Ashley Lambert 2 days ago

    Your name is riña ?

  • Galaxy Fox edits123
    Galaxy Fox edits123 3 days ago

    There's literally no road up ahead

  • Galaxy Fox edits123
    Galaxy Fox edits123 3 days ago

    There's no
    Road up ahead

  • Chantel Gerig
    Chantel Gerig 4 days ago

    I love your videos, you teach me so much about how to find my own style of art and how to be creative! Thank you!

  • Reshmi Nair
    Reshmi Nair 7 days ago

    3:38 "ooh i didn't do a wibble test on this!"
    *frantically wibbles paper*

    Me: uuugghhhh! Why does she need to check the wibblyness of everything? Two days later you'll find her wibbling a pen!

    No offence! I love Rin and her art style and her personality (and of course her poodle)

  • Art lover!- Animal lover!

    Luv u

  • Angel’s Hamster Care

    when she said 'mo' 'om' i cringed no hate! ur litteraly the best but im from the UK so sorry!! its 'mo' 'am' btw

  • Jods Williams
    Jods Williams 8 days ago

    Reminds me of Spyro but as a fairy 💛💚🧡💜

  • random person
    random person 9 days ago

    Hi rin! You've really inspired me to start drawing! You put so much effort into your art and you always make the most out of the supplies that you get from the boxes. Keep up the amazing work!!

  • mynameis_e
    mynameis_e 14 days ago

    The sweet is pronounced "mow-am" and they're a really common brand in the UK!

  • Amy Gibson
    Amy Gibson 15 days ago

    I got the same box before and my watercolor pen thingy was pink.

  • Lei Maji
    Lei Maji 15 days ago +1

    the wiggle test, classic...

  • Lei Maji
    Lei Maji 15 days ago +1

    you are actually one of two youtubers I watch full adds for and that means something

  • Dead
    Dead 16 days ago


  • Carrie G.
    Carrie G. 18 days ago

    Seriously... She needs peacock feathers behind her. Those colors are screaming peacock & the word goes perfect with peacock lol 😄

  • Cuer Bear
    Cuer Bear 18 days ago


  • AngelWolfie Gamer
    AngelWolfie Gamer 19 days ago


  • Khairah R
    Khairah R 19 days ago

    its called RISE OF THE GUARDIANS

  • ela gencer
    ela gencer 20 days ago

    How much is this

  • nadine mc donnell
    nadine mc donnell 21 day ago

    Love the art!! Getting some serious Spyro vibes from this fairy but I love it 😍

  • Sisa M
    Sisa M 25 days ago

    Can I draw her? I wanna switch her up a bit!

  • Ash Ash'sworld
    Ash Ash'sworld 25 days ago

    You are one of the mosg childish and adorable youtubers i know

  • samantha B
    samantha B 26 days ago

    The green and blue lightly in the background🔥 i was hoping for it

  • Sherlock German Shepherd
    Sherlock German Shepherd 27 days ago +1

    how did you not get paper cuts on your fingers at 6:53 ??? 🤭😱

  • Aniah Paige
    Aniah Paige Month ago

    Who can help draw 3/4 right side

  • Michaela Schofield
    Michaela Schofield Month ago

    You should totally try asmr. I fall asleep from your videos because I love your voice, and the sounds you make with the markers/utensils and the coloring. It would be absolutely perfect 🤤

  • Izzy Izzy
    Izzy Izzy Month ago

    Lilac is spelt with a c in the uk

  • HippyLotus
    HippyLotus Month ago

    This is one of my favorite illustrations from you!! So pretty

  • Lisa Barden
    Lisa Barden Month ago

    Mardi gras colors!!!!

  • siahere
    siahere Month ago

    i'm dead. this is, hands down, by far the best mispronunciation of maoam i've ever heard.

  • lorelei
    lorelei Month ago

    She looks like a chocobo fairy 😁

  • R J
    R J Month ago

    Wibble test!!! I love this one. That gold is gorgeous.

  • Gillie Post
    Gillie Post Month ago

    I've never met anybody who says February the same way I do, with both the Rs

  • Nicole W
    Nicole W Month ago

    Total dory quote on the first swatch

  • 21stCenturyMaggid
    21stCenturyMaggid Month ago

    💜Thank you!

  • Iri Iri
    Iri Iri Month ago +1

    I screamed how she pronounced Maoam

  • ASIAN artist
    ASIAN artist Month ago

    do record the video then record the voice over it or just talk and record

  • BTS's ARMY
    BTS's ARMY Month ago

    I think you should do a q and a video I am very curious about u cause u inspired me for drawing 😊

  • XoXoTrenni
    XoXoTrenni Month ago

    I love rise of the guardians, it was my favorite movie when I was a little kid

  • Sun Zenmind
    Sun Zenmind Month ago

    Lovely art. I really like the first thumbnail you did. Her expression is really cool. She looks all curious about something off camera. Very inspiring! :D

  • Brooklyn
    Brooklyn Month ago +1

    6:53 made me chringe

  • char bar
    char bar Month ago +1

    It would have been cool to have done a fairy with feathers at wings or a dress something like that

  • Rehan Khan
    Rehan Khan Month ago

    Who is given you these boxes

  • Marie Yonts
    Marie Yonts Month ago

    Those colors remind me of Mardi Gras.

  • Oof Oof
    Oof Oof Month ago


  • Claudia Ch.
    Claudia Ch. Month ago

    Ksfksfskgkfskfkoouuugfhhh i loooovvvvee that drawing

  • Sky_dawg
    Sky_dawg Month ago

    0:36 they look like they bouta take the kids and not vaccinate them and in the meantime they gonna be a bitchy soccer mom

  • EdgeofABlade
    EdgeofABlade Month ago

    A Brit here: do you guys really not have moams over there?

  • Izzy Taylor
    Izzy Taylor Month ago

    As a person from the UK, I see exactly what Ur talking about.

  • Moo Bear Playz
    Moo Bear Playz Month ago

    Why did I suddenly think of Shadow Kaneshiro while watching?

  • My Guy
    My Guy Month ago

    The moam sweets are pronounced mow-ams and mmmm they are so good

  • Jason Weston
    Jason Weston Month ago

    maoam is pronounced maw-am I am English so ya welcome 😉

  • Green Bean
    Green Bean Month ago

    Very cute!

  • Katie Taylor
    Katie Taylor Month ago

    I really liked the blue in the hair but was dissapointed when she didn't use it!

  • Katie Taylor
    Katie Taylor Month ago

    Rin: TOESIES!!

  • Elisa Rose Melchor
    Elisa Rose Melchor Month ago

    You are the best

  • popemse
    popemse Month ago

    In Australia, millennials are given bad flashbacks when you wibble the paper. Thanks Rolf