We Tried To Re-Create This Giant 30-Pound Burger • Eating Your Feed • Tasty

  • “Rie’s crying because she can’t believe how good it is!”
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    Credits: www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/92792
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Comments • 80

  • Lock Work
    Lock Work 20 hours ago

    When you run out of ideas so you try to remake what your coworker made better

  • Mario Luigi
    Mario Luigi Day ago

    3:50 what is this demon staring at me

  • Jazzy Lee
    Jazzy Lee Day ago

    I think Nikki and Andrew are the best people to be entertained by, if ya know what I mean ??

  • Yet1Muffin
    Yet1Muffin Day ago

    Adams beard looks like my pubic hairs

  • potato head
    potato head 2 days ago

    Nickie the old woman
    Adam thestalker
    Rie the kidwho laughs at everything

  • Jayden _Playz
    Jayden _Playz 2 days ago +1

    it looks so bad, shes crying

  • Winnie the tooth
    Winnie the tooth 2 days ago


  • Lexphen
    Lexphen 2 days ago

    these people do not know how to cook

  • Throndronis
    Throndronis 3 days ago

    Andrew: Burger

    Rie: Borgor

    I'm sorry I had to do it

  • Robert Koski
    Robert Koski 4 days ago

    Tasty tries to make a food from tasty

  • lisa constantin
    lisa constantin 5 days ago

    did anyone think it said party insted of patty
    or was it just me

  • Anna Jovita Vasquez
    Anna Jovita Vasquez 5 days ago

    Is niki back on buzzfeed again?

  • Thealmightyfire
    Thealmightyfire 5 days ago

    You need to know that Alivin was born in a place where there was no burgers at start and yet you did even worse

  • QuackQuack Chi
    QuackQuack Chi 5 days ago

    How to get fat:

  • Ujwal Ravula
    Ujwal Ravula 6 days ago +1

    ngl i think i like this show more than worth it

  • Marielle Thea Omas As

    7:04 "I'm a baker!🤓"
    That's what I tell myself while attempting and failing in baking a simple cookie.

  • everydaydreamer1
    everydaydreamer1 8 days ago

    I am so annoyed by that Niky girl she is acting like it is something disgusting or uneatable but all it is that it just doesn’t look like Instagram food...also she is so negative over everything

  • Divyam Prakash
    Divyam Prakash 8 days ago

    Did she really cry at 12:24

  • まみむめみーちゃん

    what does “shnikes” mean? 6:58

  • one of repetition
    one of repetition 9 days ago

    Omg nikki is crying😭😂😂

  • 리구치
    리구치 11 days ago

    Tasty remaking a Tasty video

  • Derek Cooper
    Derek Cooper 12 days ago

    Didn’t toast the bun, very displeased...

  • Lucdidi
    Lucdidi 12 days ago

    they are idiots
    they said that meat shrinks when it cooks but it wasn't real meat but they still expected it to shrink

  • ItsLuke
    ItsLuke 13 days ago

    They're literally just featuring their own videos at this point to get
    more views.

  • Journalist Jackson
    Journalist Jackson 13 days ago

    Why does tasty recreate tasty videos?

  • Paige Peters
    Paige Peters 16 days ago

    Why did this burger make everyone cry??? This is so concerning😂😂

  • Caden Dang
    Caden Dang 16 days ago

    “you touched it too much, put it in put it in”

  • Andrea Menelaou
    Andrea Menelaou 20 days ago

    She really annoyed me in this.. she was complaining too much and always wanted everything to go her way and told everyone what to do and she was just so annoying to watch. Please don’t let her in front of the camera ever again

  • Serena Sings
    Serena Sings 21 day ago

    This is by far the most chaotic episode

  • Eeman Quirante
    Eeman Quirante 22 days ago

    she is so annoying

  • Citz Lewis
    Citz Lewis 22 days ago

    4:22 >>>>>

  • getyourecon
    getyourecon 23 days ago +1

    “I’m still hating it”, what a buzzfeedkill.

  • Flamingo - Kun and Itarks !

    it looks like it's begging to be killed

    and i love it

  • temk
    temk 25 days ago


  • GqchaLqtte
    GqchaLqtte 25 days ago +1

    How much does rie get interrupted from her work while other people make challenge videos?

  • Arianne Gonzales
    Arianne Gonzales 27 days ago

    This is a tasty video that is recreating another tasty video.

  • Priyal Sharma
    Priyal Sharma 28 days ago

    Isn't that Alvin's job?😂😂

  • Saeed Rahman
    Saeed Rahman 29 days ago

    What's the meat substitute they used?

  • You Tube
    You Tube 29 days ago


  • Sora Jack
    Sora Jack Month ago

    The girl is such a moodkiller.

  • Gabriella
    Gabriella Month ago

    omg them crying LOL

  • Dottie Heart
    Dottie Heart Month ago

    Andrew seems like the ultimate midwestern dad and niki is like the teenager who follows all the trends (not a roast to anyone)!

  • Cassiopia Anderson
    Cassiopia Anderson Month ago

    I don't know why are they all crying like that while I'm laughing watching this 😭😂😭😂

  • Zelro
    Zelro Month ago

    I ship it 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Beatrice Irem Finch-Hatton

    Nikki was so annoying during this whole video

  • Kiseki Gem
    Kiseki Gem Month ago

    Burger for ads vs streets burger

  • Derpy Dusty
    Derpy Dusty Month ago +1

    Adam: *adds relish, walks away silently*

  • Desteney Cordero
    Desteney Cordero Month ago

    Rie is pregnant in this. i cant believe i didn’t know this

  • Rasheesa Alea
    Rasheesa Alea Month ago

    does anyone know where the music 10:41 is from?

  • Fazidah Naziri
    Fazidah Naziri Month ago

    2:40 hellish face

  • xiaoliey x
    xiaoliey x Month ago

    Waitttt where was alvin?

  • Mirdula Madhu
    Mirdula Madhu Month ago

    Andrew please try this recipe on Vegan Whipped cream. It looke easy. But takes alot of effort. I have added the link below. Please try:

  • I amauniquecorn
    I amauniquecorn Month ago

    is rie already pregnant here?

  • anon
    anon Month ago

    9:33 *onionionionions*

  • Prince Sakura
    Prince Sakura Month ago

    “While the bun is in the oven...”
    Andrew is pregnant, confirmed.

  • Erin He
    Erin He Month ago

    Nikis face in the dumbnail lol

  • Elijah Fowler
    Elijah Fowler Month ago

    how did they not have Alvin to taste it at the end?????

  • BardStudio
    BardStudio Month ago

    only if 1 man ate it
    he would of been 30 pounds fatter

  • 激怒液体
    激怒液体 Month ago

    "Giant Borgur"

  • Naga Malya
    Naga Malya Month ago

    Alvin made it cuter

  • א Revaria א
    א Revaria א Month ago

    Ahh chefs, I never get them. But they’re a masterpiece on their own

  • Ken Hasanudin
    Ken Hasanudin Month ago

    andrew standing still while rie and nikki crying eating a giant burger is how my brain looks tbh

  • yoki lee
    yoki lee Month ago

    Andrew : RiE iS mY bEsT fRiEnD~
    Also Andrew : haha... bye...

  • jadelemetal games
    jadelemetal games Month ago

    I mean niki did gets the quantity and the quality she wanted

    its looks is the sacrifice

  • Jake Wood
    Jake Wood Month ago

    14:48 your welcome

  • Kreena Believe
    Kreena Believe Month ago

    I wish Alvin was in here

  • mansur mamdani
    mansur mamdani Month ago

    I like all these guys, and I love this channel. But the constant complaining was really really annoying. Like common you’re making a giant burger for fucks sakes, why are you complaining.

  • NotNamed45
    NotNamed45 Month ago

    Alvin is a king!! His was so much better

  • Saakshi Niranjan
    Saakshi Niranjan Month ago

    That is the saddest looking burger ever😂😂😂

  • mutlupb
    mutlupb Month ago

    Damn, It's 1 in the morning and now I want a monster burger....

  • Tres-L Cosmetics
    Tres-L Cosmetics Month ago

    If i work at tasty they would be making me bigggg!!!!

  • Bhasker Jain
    Bhasker Jain Month ago

    Asian lady _ mam why so cringe worthy

  • Mizan A.
    Mizan A. Month ago

    niki quits after this

  • Emily Pentland
    Emily Pentland Month ago

    I dont like American cheese

  • Dick Clark
    Dick Clark Month ago

    So much food waste on this channel it hurts to think about

  • Paula Ehlers Boharde

    You shud try to make cotten candy dragon beard

  • Dominic Dimitri
    Dominic Dimitri Month ago

    Aesthetically its not pleasing but it is surely appetizing

  • Kaela
    Kaela Month ago

    1k people are upset lmao

  • Stinky Piece of Cheese

    Wasting food is so cool.

  • jzizzles
    jzizzles Month ago

    That lump on his neck should be checked no?