10 Failed Products that Ended Big Companies

  • Published on Apr 5, 2018
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Comments • 1 438

  • Pidgeon OakBreast
    Pidgeon OakBreast Year ago +577

    Made my morning better, you're silly. Thank you for the giggles!

      KING ISAIAH 4 months ago

      Lol you guys are dumb af

    • Your Insane Mind
      Your Insane Mind 6 months ago

      I thought SEGA Died because of the sonic games

    • Thomas Murphy
      Thomas Murphy 8 months ago

      @Matthew Santoro remember to avoid sonic the hedgehog 2006 because it is one of the worst video games ever made.

    • Horan's TØP
      Horan's TØP Year ago

      skill how is he a bot??

    • Reddit Renegade
      Reddit Renegade Year ago

      He's silly. I'll accept that. But it can be kind of annoying.

  • Cyndi Rankin-Lemons
    Cyndi Rankin-Lemons 2 days ago

    I want a blender oh and this steak. Wait, am I on walmart?

  • Kenneth Nash
    Kenneth Nash 14 days ago

    It was drugs that ended delorean.

  • ͔
    ͔ 15 days ago

    Lol the Dreamcast didn’t even die.
    Anyways Sega still makes games


  • Jeff Busby
    Jeff Busby 28 days ago

    I miss my dreamcast

  • Mysticblue1212
    Mysticblue1212 29 days ago

    I'm just curious as to why you only included one of Donald Trump's many failed businesses.

  • Barely Clothed
    Barely Clothed Month ago

    Trump has to be the biggest moron out there. He thought he could sell meat at an electronic store 🤦

  • Bethany Hanna
    Bethany Hanna Month ago +1

    The DeLorean was famous because it looked so cool, but infamous for its many problems. I was just a little kid, not into cars at all, and knew what a DeLorean was when they chose to use it in Back To The Future.

  • Luci Prima
    Luci Prima Month ago

    Blockbuster was excellent I still love it even though it closed, I miss miss miss it ♡ Blockbuster is not a failure even though it went out of business due to technological advances.

  • irisprincessmey
    irisprincessmey Month ago

    I was interviewed for a job in blockbuster. But...oh well

  • Baz C.
    Baz C. Month ago

    Theres still one Blockbuster left

  • Nicci Vee
    Nicci Vee Month ago

    You should do stand up or sit down...which ever you prefer. Your comedic timing is impeccable and facial expressions, perfect!
    I will never stop watching, you are awesome Matt

  • gamer forever
    gamer forever Month ago

    it was the saturn that was hard to program for btw, and that failed becase sega of japan launching the 32x just before the saturn.

  • paul petarson
    paul petarson 2 months ago

    Probably didnt help that John Delorean was also selling coke

  • luis duran
    luis duran 2 months ago

    5:36 jojos bizarre adventure

  • Don Grubb
    Don Grubb 2 months ago

    I think you are confusing the dreamcast for the Saturn yes dreamcast was the last sega console but only to to poor sales of the Saturn the dreamcast sold well.

  • Stefan Eßer
    Stefan Eßer 2 months ago

    I don't want to eat Trump Steaks. I want to eat Donald Trump.

  • Jayden Millet
    Jayden Millet 2 months ago +1

    Who else cringed when they heard TRUM.. TRUMPS NAMES

  • Shonda Christine
    Shonda Christine 2 months ago

    I had a Dreamcast

  • Rudyard Kipling
    Rudyard Kipling 2 months ago

    Delorean was a cover for cocaine distribution, ...

  • Amanda Manders Pumandu
    Amanda Manders Pumandu 2 months ago

    Selling stakes at an electronic store, just one more example of how much of an idiot Trump is

  • prototip ererrdrszhc
    prototip ererrdrszhc 2 months ago

    Mat shows a demon doll from hell

    Most people WTF IS THAT

    Me ill give you 10 buks

    btv im from europa sorry for the english. Btw i love your vids mat

  • CrabCake
    CrabCake 3 months ago +1

    Actually there's still a Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon. Its right next to Papa Murphy's

  • Erin Melton
    Erin Melton 3 months ago

    Y’all not all the blockbusters have closed we have a blockbuster here in Fort Scott Kansas 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • kiente karla dambo
    kiente karla dambo 3 months ago


  • Don Crap
    Don Crap 3 months ago

    Get rid of the split screen. It is hard to look at your ugly face that long.

  • Alison Scott
    Alison Scott 3 months ago

    Okay what I want to know is what happened to this product called."WhoKnews". It was a variety of Mach Chips Ahoy and Oreos along with other junk foods but contained as much fiber as a bowl of broccoli and as much calcium as milk and low sugar low fat and not too high in calories. It tasted absolutely delicious and it was definitely one of their biggest consumers and out of the nowhere I stop seeing it. It's been a few years and I really want to know what happened to it! I don't see how it could have flopped because they were so delicious they really did taste like legit Chips Ahoy and Oreos

  • Jessica Saxon
    Jessica Saxon 3 months ago

    I had a dreamcast back then. I remember it being discontinued too. I enjoyed playing it and vaguely remember something about it giving me issues.

  • Diego Acosta Carrasquillo

    Well maybe if Trump sold his steaks on supermarkets instead of Rent A Center, KB Toys, that small town KKK meeting in Alabama, and Epstein pedo mansion... Yaddayaddayadda

  • Rhylie De Graaff
    Rhylie De Graaff 3 months ago

    dont usually comment on youtube videos but we still had a blockbuster store operational until it closed in April this year (2019) I would guess that this was probably their last store, the CEO was a moron for not buying out a competitor

  • Aperture Productions Studios


  • Teresa Stuart
    Teresa Stuart 3 months ago

    That music is super annoying 😡

  • Beauty on a Barn Budget

    Remember Divex

  • realism51
    realism51 4 months ago

    hey, i find dial up sound almost soothing and nostalgic. in fact one of my ring tones happens to be that sound

  • realism51
    realism51 4 months ago

    The problem with the delorian was stated, it was worked on by the irish. drunk and mechanics are not a good combination.. cheers you irish whelps :) you know I playing

  • Fox Hamilton
    Fox Hamilton 4 months ago

    Wait ... if Blockbuster's final rental was in 2010, then how was it a movie that was released in 2013?

  • Emma Wright
    Emma Wright 4 months ago

    Everyone wear the Me sexy more inteligent than superheroes then Frostnova Buela

  • Emma Wright
    Emma Wright 4 months ago

    I know a flop Mats hair

  • Fui Gebhardt1
    Fui Gebhardt1 4 months ago

    Dude, stop trying to be funny. Your jokes are so painfully cringe and cliché.

  • Lotuscomics1
    Lotuscomics1 4 months ago

    There still a blockbuster that open that is family owned ! Last I checked!

  • Hayley bourgault
    Hayley bourgault 4 months ago

    Oh boy, some WoW chips!!!!

  • Emily Boswell
    Emily Boswell 4 months ago

    I completely forgot about circuit city. Holy crap bringing back toddler memories!6

  • Lukas Vercosa
    Lukas Vercosa 4 months ago

    how did the last rental of blockbuster in 2010 be a film from 2013

  • Alberto Bernal
    Alberto Bernal 4 months ago

    Trump steaks. Only sold at 1 location and people think he is a smart businessman. I wonder what excuse he will come up with that.

  • Qiana Dixon
    Qiana Dixon 4 months ago

    Ummm the reason the first car sold like wild fire later bc the creater got busted for cocaine thats when his sales took off

  • skarlit
    skarlit 4 months ago

    I don't know about every 1 else but I would love to c block buster. Visio mania. Or movie gallery come back over any redbox any day whose with me. 😀

  • The Misunderstood Assassin

    Since I watched this video last year, I was able to recognize more half of these entries.

  • Ron Just Ron
    Ron Just Ron 4 months ago

    Netflix revolutionized movie watching and is gaining more in popularity with each passing day. Now that they are creating their own movies and TV shows Netflix is unlike any other company that has existed in the movie business. The only issue Netflix is having that I think is going to start hurting them is they keep jacking up the cost of a membership. Now I have no issue paying $15 a month for a TV program like Netflix that I can watch movies and that creates it's own movies plus has TV series and it's own TV series - but when they start jacking that price up to $20 a month or more I will start to take issue with them! Netflix needs to start upgrading it's video library and get more new release movies available. Paying celebrities huge amounts of money to make a couple of movies for them is not the way they should be doing it! I forget who it was but there was a comedian that Netflix paid like $40 million for 4 programs the comedian would star in exclusively for Netfilx. I know Adam Sandler got a huge payday as well and frankly Sandlers stuff has not been that impressive. They also have to be careful and stay out of the political world!! Hiring people like the Obama's to produce some material, hiring Susan Rice on to the board of Netflix all point towards the company being more liberal owned/controlled and that will be their downfall if they are not careful! Liberal networks ALL fail and Netflix had better pay close attention to that! I have seen some anti-Trump stuff on Netflix and I have also seen anti- Obama stuff - that is fine, show BOTH sides and I am OK with it, show only one side and I WILL end my subscription!

  • Shawnee Garote
    Shawnee Garote 4 months ago

    I lived in new york a few years and they had a blockbuster there until the beginning of 2013. I was so sad when they closed it down.

  • Z_A_Y_N_O_S
    Z_A_Y_N_O_S 4 months ago

    Circuit city's car company, Carmax also killed it lol. Carmax became their own company and circuit city struggled to stay afloat.

  • Charlene Hensel
    Charlene Hensel 5 months ago

    Greetings From Minnesota!
    I really like your videos! And you're since of humor 😁 keep the videos coming!

  • Garrett Huff
    Garrett Huff 5 months ago


  • Courtney B
    Courtney B 5 months ago

    We all know trump steaks were gonna be a failure. He had failed almost everything he done.

  • Arfan Eka Diandra
    Arfan Eka Diandra 5 months ago

    There _IS_ still one more Blockbuster store left...

  • Nero
    Nero 5 months ago

    Everyone out here naming blockbuster and Hollywood movies and I'm over here like:
    Movie Gallery.

  • GraemeMurphy
    GraemeMurphy 5 months ago

    You need to add the "new" Carlsberg Pilsner lager to your clip.

  • Accidental Lyrics
    Accidental Lyrics 5 months ago

    The Edsel failed because it was the first car with an automatic transmission. The gear was shifted by pushing a button on the dashboard. Men liked the shift knob on a manual transmission, so they didn't buy it. The next car that had an automatic transmission used a lever. placed in the same spot as the shift knob. The lever needs only be moved forward or backward. Women really liked this, so it eventually succeeded.

  • Dave's Not here
    Dave's Not here 5 months ago

    Why was a mail ordering Company called Netflix ?

  • PlaystationMaverick
    PlaystationMaverick 5 months ago

    am i the only person that thinks back to the future is really boring? i don't like any of them.

  • Kimsey korals
    Kimsey korals 5 months ago

    blockbuster video- this the end