Super Mario Odyssey Trailer - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on Oct 7, 2017
  • Embark on a cap-tivating, globetrotting adventure in the Super Mario Odyssey game, available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch! In this video, we recap details about Mario’s latest adventure, introduce Assist Mode, and share more information about two-player co-op gameplay.
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  • TV Pac-magic
    TV Pac-magic Day ago

    and suicide kingdom

  • Ildefonso Torres

    espairo men

  • Uni M.
    Uni M. 5 days ago +1

    Super Mario Odyssey trailer - Nintendo Switch - Embark on a cap-tivating, globetrotting adventure in the Super Mario Odyssey game, available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch! In this video, we recap details about Mario’s latest adventure, introduce Assist Mode, and share more information about two-player co-op gameplay.

  • Ervin Velasquez
    Ervin Velasquez 5 days ago


  • Takara Barnes
    Takara Barnes 6 days ago

    Me and Alex work together as a team to save Peach on the bus first thing I have a controller to control the chest to where we are we work together and compete against each other. We go to each kingdom together. Me and Alex do challenges together. If you want to see our video where we compete to see who is the best at winter sports, leave a comment down below Me and Alex love to work together and competing against each other. We can explore together as explorer team

  • thomas the train
    thomas the train 6 days ago

    How does this only have 100k views?!?!?

  • Christopher Espinoza


  • Melissa Miller
    Melissa Miller 11 days ago


  • stickyboy210
    stickyboy210 12 days ago


  • Ryan Lewis
    Ryan Lewis 13 days ago


  • bobsters 211
    bobsters 211 19 days ago

    the 3.4k dislikes were from goombas

  • Marisa Marshall
    Marisa Marshall 19 days ago


  • Shaquille Gaming Channel

    This is like the nintendo 64 but from the perspective of the jetsons

  • Kenny long
    Kenny long 29 days ago

    Can you please make Super Luigi Oddssy

  • Sean Shekhman
    Sean Shekhman 29 days ago

    Anyone else here the voice over is really cheesy?

  • 김복순
    김복순 Month ago


  • Hunter Schadow
    Hunter Schadow Month ago +1

    This Game Is To Much Reading

  • yungboxer
    yungboxer Month ago

    I got a eyegasm looking at this

  • JustFire A random person


  • Goon Squad Skateboarding

    I played through Odessey underwhelmed and when I got to the dark side of the moon I put iit down. Months later I starter playing it again to try give it another chance. Revisiting the worlds trying to get all the moons was amazing. I realized how good the game is and had loads of fun. This really is a love letter to gaming and went from not even on my top ten dwitch games to my top three.

  • Evenios
    Evenios Month ago

    game needs some AA though.

  • Kirby Da gamer
    Kirby Da gamer Month ago

    Mario is kind of like Kirby now

  • Leo179 Videogames
    Leo179 Videogames Month ago

    0:09 as if there were only 3 kingdoms lol

  • Jason V.
    Jason V. Month ago

    This is greatest game I have EVER played. No other game has given me an experience as fun as this one.

  • a person
    a person Month ago +1

    *Nintendo haters have left the chat*

  • CaptainGamerPro
    CaptainGamerPro Month ago

    Wow bring back this level of excitement please1

  • KenjiKussano
    KenjiKussano Month ago +1

    Loved it ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Rick Li
    Rick Li Month ago


  • thebravemaster73
    thebravemaster73 Month ago +1

    How to properly release a video game:

    1. Include the most non-creepy thing that you can think of: Mind-controlling
    2. Include killing and murdering things that never hurt you at all
    3. Have Mario understand animals and non-alive things even though he's human
    4. Mario never stops to eat, sleep, or drink for 33 years. *Interesting...*

    *and you got the best game ever*

  • Zixon - Lvl. 100 Boss

    now if someone made a mod about mario going around the actual earth, it would be the best educational geography game ever.
    better than mario is missing

  • David R
    David R Month ago

    Super Mario Galaxy 3, please Nintendo.. 🙏

  • Killerhdgaming
    Killerhdgaming Month ago

    In my opinion this is one of the best games of all time

  • Mayra Diaz
    Mayra Diaz Month ago +1

    This is one of the best Mario games

  • Eskarles Canales
    Eskarles Canales Month ago

    FpvqnpdajAlbsñ es svñuslvcgus pagas judn xa kg akd y q ok. Pdlgn

  • Mr Memes
    Mr Memes 2 months ago


  • Bowser jr 18.9
    Bowser jr 18.9 2 months ago +1

    No entiendo lo que dice porque habla en inglés

  • Keisha Bartley
    Keisha Bartley 2 months ago

    I would like it but i cant

  • Mariovo5
    Mariovo5 2 months ago

    The have to improve drastically there handheld!
    After having a DS from 10 years ,I never bothered to get anything else.
    I will skip 3DS ,Switch, the next handheld unless its drastically improve with non detachable anything!
    They made cardboard adapters to play games lol

  • Sonya Gutierrez
    Sonya Gutierrez 2 months ago

    3:14 did anybody see Jeffy's name

  • Animania freak
    Animania freak 2 months ago

    I love this game! Got it when it came out, worth every cent. Truly enjoyable gaming experience.

  • um fanboy bem top
    um fanboy bem top 2 months ago +1

    the recipe for sucess of this game is the mario brand and its inspiration of banjo kazooie
    moons jigllyes

  • Mr. Nintendope
    Mr. Nintendope 2 months ago

    Who's watching this in 2019? Also by far my longest-playing game on the switch. It's also my favorite(so far). This was the highlight of the year 2017.

  • lukesuperflyjones
    lukesuperflyjones 2 months ago +1

    Is it bad that I'm still playing Paper Mario on Gamecube?

    • Jacob Reynolds
      Jacob Reynolds 2 months ago

      Nope, a good game is a good game, regardless of what platform you’re playing it on. Besides, the Gamecube Paper Mario is widely regarded as the best in the series.

    ALA_PROE AUTTP ATHDTC 2 months ago


  • Kong Boi
    Kong Boi 2 months ago

    I thot Mario was ded

  • Noah Alenier
    Noah Alenier 2 months ago +1

    My brother has it

  • Kittypapi Tube
    Kittypapi Tube 2 months ago +2

    Clues For Super Mario Maker For Nintendo Switch 2:30

  • whinolyn jardeleza
    whinolyn jardeleza 2 months ago


  • WyattWilkins! [ OFFICIAL] [NEW ACCOUNT]

    3:14 Jeffy! UH UH!

  • birb boi
    birb boi 2 months ago

    Super mario galaxy is better

    LUXOR FANDUB 2 months ago

    I love you Nintendo

  • Kazi Ahmed
    Kazi Ahmed 2 months ago

    Who's here December 2018

  • Rarpumpkin 1
    Rarpumpkin 1 3 months ago

    We want galaxy three

  • HappyLink87
    HappyLink87 3 months ago

    Finished it its one of the greatest games on switch so far

  • Origin Assassin calvin
    Origin Assassin calvin 3 months ago

    Hey nintendo my brother say he don't like nintendo i like nintendo

  • Izak Robles
    Izak Robles 3 months ago

    Can't wait for Christmas
    But... Exams!!

  • Eduardo Emerick
    Eduardo Emerick 3 months ago

    Xbox 360

  • Bryan Leos
    Bryan Leos 3 months ago

    N hi111nk,

  • Murssil Algaheim
    Murssil Algaheim 3 months ago

    Be gabcIzbud

  • Rodrigo Santos
    Rodrigo Santos 3 months ago

    I want to play this game

  • Adrienne  Kirkland
    Adrienne Kirkland 3 months ago

    Is there anywhere to purchase the Nintendo switch with Mario game available kit?

  • Cedric Rey
    Cedric Rey 3 months ago


  • funky monkey
    funky monkey 3 months ago


  • Some guy online
    Some guy online 4 months ago

    Fix your drifting joycons

  • Fishman 02
    Fishman 02 4 months ago

    This game looks good but it lacks the lonelyness of mario galaxy.. u know the calming aspect and darkness

  • lsandifer7883
    lsandifer7883 4 months ago


  • Cameo Bassford
    Cameo Bassford 4 months ago


  • Roman da salty Kid
    Roman da salty Kid 4 months ago


  • patitoGR gomez robledo
    patitoGR gomez robledo 4 months ago +1


  • Vinnie Pollock
    Vinnie Pollock 4 months ago

    How I think of this game:
    (The Macaroni represents the game)

  • Lord Krish23
    Lord Krish23 4 months ago

    Mario thank you

    For my child hood

  • soopz
    soopz 4 months ago

    Ngl this game was a type of gold I'll love forever.

  • SuperMarioGamerBro X
    SuperMarioGamerBro X 4 months ago

    Hammer Bros Voice Had Changed In Super Mario Party (Just Saying)

  • xXslateXx pro
    xXslateXx pro 4 months ago

    Best game yet

  • saksağan
    saksağan 4 months ago +1

    no we want galaxy 3 not a super crappy game where you 100% it already if you hade a mario or peach amiibo

    • Matthew Hughes
      Matthew Hughes 3 months ago

      You know that it doesn’t work that way... and besides, I think most people (not all) were getting tired of the really linear 3D Mario Games (Like the Galaxy Games or 3D Land & World) and Odyssey is a great return to form for the series

  • zbigniew maliszewski
    zbigniew maliszewski 4 months ago

    i love nintendo switch & wii u :)

  • moi mooha
    moi mooha 4 months ago

    It seems to have children who are not friends.
    Or no ability to live with friends is normal.
    I hope to find happiness in these games. ^^

  • Malki Senani
    Malki Senani 4 months ago +1

    BHi l, the 👎jg this morning you gp👍👍🍿@?. You guys not going crazy today rewadd te N🤣hhet vce is the 😁🇦🇽🇸🇪🇦🇽🔏👀👨👀👨🇹🇴😁💩

  • Nikhil George
    Nikhil George 4 months ago

    Aahhh... NOSTALGIA

  • Be bright Like gold
    Be bright Like gold 4 months ago


  • Abdul Yaser
    Abdul Yaser 4 months ago


  • Spyros Hormovitis
    Spyros Hormovitis 4 months ago

    3:57 diiiinnn... pa pa pa papa paa... lets a go!

  • just tired
    just tired 4 months ago

    This game was trash. I hate being forced to use motion sensing controllers. Also, this story is about an fat plumber from Italy fighting to save a princess from having to marry a Muslim by force.

  • Kevin Triplett
    Kevin Triplett 4 months ago

    this may be the famous game ever!

  • tothemoon
    tothemoon 4 months ago +1

    it's been a year already?!

  • Jalen Goode
    Jalen Goode 4 months ago +1

    This game will always make me smile. Hat’s off to you Nintendo lol

  • qwerty
    qwerty 4 months ago

    Mario sets off to stop Bowser, who's planning to marry princess peach in a *v e r y u n w e l c o m e w e d d i n g*

  • Kelshawn Miller
    Kelshawn Miller 4 months ago

    I love Mario so much man 💯😭🙏🏾

  • JessicaEliza
    JessicaEliza 4 months ago +6

    I love how the mario games are wrapped around the fact that bowser tries to steal Mario’s girl and he literally goes on a whole adventure just for her

    • Sonia Naisser
      Sonia Naisser 3 months ago

      Ever imagined an Mario&Luigi Partners in Time 2,with the Kid of Luigi and Mario with Daisy and Peach?

  • EamonTheEwok
    EamonTheEwok 4 months ago +15

    Who’s here in 2018

  • SmashyPlays
    SmashyPlays 5 months ago

    This game looks horrible in handheld mode

  • DjeverB Ioannis Official Channel

    The game is so amazing !!!!!!! Love it Graphics .story ... music . gameplay.. ....I hope to be released v2 soon perfect job congrats

  • Nicolás Ramos
    Nicolás Ramos 5 months ago

    Super Mario Odissey is game of the Mario number one

  • Bok Choy Boy Toons
    Bok Choy Boy Toons 5 months ago +1

    Please answer my question PLEASE. SOME ONE. Dose this game contain a lot of platforming? Like in super Mario 3d world? Would I like it? I don't like searching for a lot of stuff, and I don't like searching in huge worlds. Like is their a boundary at a certain point in the levels? Like do you select levels? Would you spend hours searching for moons? Please answer this! Thank you if you put your time in it. How plattforing 1/20?

    • Sonia Naisser
      Sonia Naisser 3 months ago

      1 - Yes,the Timer Cappy (You need to Jump while Cappy keeps the Blocks Active,removing Odyssey`s bet helper for That.) is in Many Levels,and the Creatures Platformers are also Many.
      2 - It Depends,as there are 999 Shines in total,you might be able to Finish the Game without doing any of These.
      3 - If you expect Something like 3d World,not Much.
      4 - The Worlds are exacly what you said,big,but you can always do the easy ones that are in your front and only need 1% of Logic and a little bit of Ability,or just keep going forward and seeing the ones that are part of the History,even tough you dont need to collect those.
      5 - Sometimes you have an Choice of Wich Level you will play First,but Backtracking is possible after beating the Tutoriel and First Level.
      6 - If You Want,but an Parrot gives you Hints for Free and an Toad for some Money,the Parrot says their Name wich make it obvious where it is and what to do,if you try that,collect every Coin,every map has an Shop wich Sells an Moon,that you can Buy Lots of it,it might look like Endless Moon per Shop,but it has an End and you need all of those to get the Special ##$$$%%,i wont Spoil It.

  • -DERPE10-
    -DERPE10- 5 months ago +1

    Why does yoshi's wooly world have more views than this

    • lord of Ink
      lord of Ink 5 months ago

      Cause its a double yoshi EXSPLOSHI

  • Karina Esco
    Karina Esco 5 months ago

    Pan bros

  • Leo179 Videogames
    Leo179 Videogames 5 months ago +1

    at least the guy is not as bored as in the 3d world one

  • Herman the thwok
    Herman the thwok 5 months ago


  • Ian Espich
    Ian Espich 5 months ago

    all aboard is right razing717

  • chew darth for weed
    chew darth for weed 5 months ago +2

    WARNING: yuzu emulator is in process!