Comedy Skit With Dr. Phil Gone Wrong


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  • IISuperwomanII
    IISuperwomanII  Month ago +10974

    CAN I JUST SAY THAT DR. PHIL IS ONE OF THE COOLEST PEOPLE I HAVE EVER COLLABED WITH?! like real talk. So nice. So down to earth. An icon. Hope you enjoyed it! Who do you think collab #3 is with?! #12CollabsOfChristmas

    • Razar Thornxxx
      Razar Thornxxx 7 days ago

      IISuperwomanII is that really Dr.Phil???

    • naveen mani
      naveen mani 15 days ago

      IISuperwomanII my indian parents want to control me ?... so you think you’re better than every indian cause you’re born overseas?? Your attitude isn’t good.

    • Captain Howdy
      Captain Howdy 20 days ago

      An icon?
      You have low standards

  • Lashell Davis
    Lashell Davis 2 days ago

    How did he do that

  • shawnakayable
    shawnakayable 2 days ago

    1/2 the comments: Lilly is irrelevant, blah blah forbes
    Other half: this isn't funny blah blah
    Me: you think she can collab with Steve Harvey next?

  • Nikoru Chan
    Nikoru Chan 3 days ago

    Daddy Dr Phil called you out

  • MC•MK•MR 3
    MC•MK•MR 3 4 days ago

    Is your mom you? Or do you just dress up as “ dad”?

  • Poopsie
    Poopsie 4 days ago +1


  • never Forgotten
    never Forgotten 6 days ago


  • Heela H.A
    Heela H.A 8 days ago

    Okay but I have a feeling Beyoncé or Kim K is gonna be next wth

  • Ryry_ Atx
    Ryry_ Atx 9 days ago

    This was a good video, am I the only one

  • Sharish Zaidi
    Sharish Zaidi 9 days ago


  • Sharish Zaidi
    Sharish Zaidi 9 days ago


  • GxchaMxod
    GxchaMxod 9 days ago

    WTH why is there so much hate? I think this is okay, not the funniest, but doesn’t deserve the hate!

  • Hailey L
    Hailey L 11 days ago

    -But but the lines say...-

  • Vale R.O
    Vale R.O 11 days ago

    Sooooo creative. Loved it😂😂❤❤

  • Krishnan Skandaraaj
    Krishnan Skandaraaj 11 days ago

    where the tamil squad at with prabhu deva

  • Maya Gayle
    Maya Gayle 12 days ago


  • Lettuce
    Lettuce 12 days ago

    This ain’t funny

  • Mehreen Ullah
    Mehreen Ullah 12 days ago


  • Aastha Arora
    Aastha Arora 12 days ago

    I love the concept of this video❤️

  • Alice Chan
    Alice Chan 13 days ago

    What's with all the hate? This video made me laugh so hard I fell out of bed.

  • l i l l y
    l i l l y 13 days ago

    I would absolutely love the bloopers for this

  • K 790
    K 790 13 days ago

    Evrything on Dr.Phill gose wrong

  • maryam aswat
    maryam aswat 13 days ago

    Lilly we really appreciate your effort and new ideas x ignore everyone tryna put you down.

  • Perrie Zayn
    Perrie Zayn 13 days ago


  • Emma Goddard
    Emma Goddard 14 days ago

    I think that mental break was great for u all of your content was and is amazing but I can really see the effort and ideas you put into your newest content

  • Sarcastic Sheana
    Sarcastic Sheana 14 days ago

    Dr. Phil the god himself

  • Sofia Pratt
    Sofia Pratt 14 days ago

    I LOVE this video.....😂 😂 😂

  • Carolina and Natalie Sanchez

    OMG 😮 every scene is 😂 funny

  • Ellie Manley
    Ellie Manley 14 days ago

    Everyone go follow @iisuperwômanii on Tik Tok it’s her official account

  • somali skits production

    man you guys' were fabulous don't listen to all these haters keep going.

  • AlExiS TRoY
    AlExiS TRoY 14 days ago

    How da freeka is there 2 of her...

    Before you say anything, look at the shadow on the damn bench😱

  • V 18633
    V 18633 15 days ago

    Why is the comment section so negative, both of these people are amazing.

  • Natasha P
    Natasha P 15 days ago +1

    I’m just confused as to how they managed to get both parents in the shot at the start since Lilly is acting as both parents???

  • Donut Princess
    Donut Princess 15 days ago

    Comment section time!!
    *Bunch of negative comments telling Lily her video sucks and how it's disappointing*

    Btw, y'all, some people might think that lilly changed, but she changed for us. I respect your opinion, but you also got to know that being a TVclipr is hard. She's trying her best for her audience, and we should all be grateful for that. Respect how she's changed instead of dissing it, because she's doing it for us.

  • The guy that Does stuff

    WHY You agree to ARRAGNGED MARIIAGE if you not gonna accept stranger for who they are
    i AM DYING

  • rickrolled
    rickrolled 15 days ago

    The only TVclipr successful enough to collab with dr phil

  • Lucas van dijk
    Lucas van dijk 16 days ago

    That long, long, long smile on Dr. Phil’s face...

  • Blessing Osawaru
    Blessing Osawaru 16 days ago

    Love yourself more and think of money next, self and dissatisfaction, ungracefuliness, might ruin your life and the things you own dearly to you. Stop all this money, money,money stuff and face reality.

  • Carlotta Portilla
    Carlotta Portilla 16 days ago +1

    Lilly = I just want my parents to listen
    Her mom = uh what did she said

  • 1000. Subs no vids Maybe
    1000. Subs no vids Maybe 17 days ago +1

    This is so funny

  • Adon's cool corner
    Adon's cool corner 17 days ago

    Ha! Dr.Phil definitely called you out. No tea tho, no tea!

  • Mia Palmz
    Mia Palmz 17 days ago +1

    I think that it is soo funny how people can comment that watching this video was a waste, when they are the ones wasting their time making hateful comments to put someone down.
    Lily keep doing what you do, because you make me laugh. And from here you can only grow and get better

  • Adlai Ferrell
    Adlai Ferrell 17 days ago

    Stay away from homewreckers people

  • Krishna Kadirvel
    Krishna Kadirvel 18 days ago

    Prubuuuuuu Deeeeeevvvvvvvvvvaaaaa

  • Stephon Howard
    Stephon Howard 19 days ago

    This is dry

  • James James
    James James 19 days ago

    I thought you were better than this Dr. Phil

  • Lenin's Mummified Body On YouTube

    Can’t believe Dr Phil lowered himself to this

  • Valentino Perretta
    Valentino Perretta 19 days ago

    You added your own laugh tracks. That shows how much you have to try now to make people laugh

  • Fawk You mean
    Fawk You mean 19 days ago +3

    Yo wtf this comment section it has so much negative energy why do y'all consist on leaving negative comments if you don't like the video like just leave instead of bringing down someone y'all mf really got issues

  • This rabbit Is my friend ;-;

    "You know what problem is Mr. Phil?"
    "Dr. Phil."
    "Are you medical doctor?"
    "Ya Okay. You know what problem is Mr. Phil cuz you always bloody putting me down!"
    Btw I am a British Indian and I find this too funny!!

  • elvia Giron
    elvia Giron 19 days ago

    Qué lástima por ti hija qué no te valoras

  • naesha ria
    naesha ria 19 days ago

    Haters ➳ Motivators , for all of yall saying her videos arent funny anymore .

  • Just Julian
    Just Julian 20 days ago

    Yo this was mad funny cause I think Lily really does this in almost all her political/controversial skits 😂😂😂 earned a like from me.

  • Jae Cee
    Jae Cee 20 days ago

    Her switching accent is osm

  • Gayman2000
    Gayman2000 21 day ago

    this is "comedy" "gold"

  • TheBoredQueen
    TheBoredQueen 21 day ago

    That twist though

  • Keren
    Keren 21 day ago +1

    Make a part 2!!!!! I wish this was longerrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Nitro Fox
    Nitro Fox 21 day ago

    I don’t get the video???

  • SpillThe Tea
    SpillThe Tea 21 day ago

    I barley ever say someone changed but she did...this is almost lele Pons or Hannah stocking "funny" and if you dont understand,this ain't funny

    CLARE OSBORNE 21 day ago +1


  • Nivek G
    Nivek G 22 days ago

    Did Lilly say eggs at the end? lol

  • Iris Scanner
    Iris Scanner 22 days ago

    Lily slayed Dr Phil.

  • Naveen Kumar
    Naveen Kumar 22 days ago

    Why is everyone being so rude to her? If you don’t have anything good to say then don’t. And if it’s really that important, at least say it in a nice way with some respect and support! I thought this was great. Not everything goes by plan. I bet y’all got stuck in some project at school. BUT, you finally did it. Which is same as lily rn. I am not saying just y’all were stuck, even I was. Get some respect for her work.

    haters gonna hateeeeee

  • Lila Connaire
    Lila Connaire 22 days ago

    That last 3 seconds was the best part

  • mellikaaa
    mellikaaa 22 days ago

    Only a legend like Lilly would be able to get Dr Phil to do a video with her

  • Ami.
    Ami. 22 days ago

    Damn you guys take it easy!!

  • 88thill's World
    88thill's World 23 days ago +1

    Omg they reference ‘Baggage’ I love that show!!!

  • Guy Campbell
    Guy Campbell 23 days ago

    Great one Lilly

  • Supergeek 110
    Supergeek 110 23 days ago

    Why is everyone so angry? I thought it was funny and her way of showing why she does the things she does. Damn, why does everyone hate on her?

  • Pokadots andWhatnots
    Pokadots andWhatnots 23 days ago

    I like how deep this got. This should be the direction her content goes in. Her audience is getting older, shes gotta grow with them. She should talk abt these things more often. Like, mental health i mean. N like, how her childhood *actually* was. I also think she should travel n talk 2 her fans in other countries n ask them what direction they think her channel should go in. Like, i want her 2 make raw honest content again. Like if you agree.

  • Andre Swilley
    Andre Swilley 23 days ago +1

    LMAOOOO 💀💀💀💀

  • Imogen McCrory
    Imogen McCrory 23 days ago +2

    Never cringed so much in my life

  • Ilayda Beyhive
    Ilayda Beyhive 23 days ago


  • Lady Caca fans yepyepYEP!

    Lol she's cringey.

  • Bi- Han
    Bi- Han 24 days ago


  • Marieke van Essen
    Marieke van Essen 24 days ago

    great video!

  • DABBER_9 Playz
    DABBER_9 Playz 24 days ago +1

    Prabu deva fans?

  • Gearshifter G
    Gearshifter G 24 days ago

    I must need a little couch time....
    I can remember when the word comedy was used to describe something as being funny, humorous, laughable, or otherwise entertaining.

  • Lizette Rosa
    Lizette Rosa 24 days ago +2

    This is as funny as lele pons videos tbh

  • heyyoo72
    heyyoo72 24 days ago

    can’t stop laughing

  • Chrysochous
    Chrysochous 24 days ago +1

    Is this supposed to be funny?

  • Just KiddingTM
    Just KiddingTM 25 days ago

  • Alex X
    Alex X 25 days ago

    This is what makes me hate indians.

  • Suresh Kota
    Suresh Kota 25 days ago

    Why is there so much hate?? I loved the video

  • Mizzy UK
    Mizzy UK 25 days ago

    Lmfao hahahah she fully deserved this grilling from Dr Philly 😂😂😂😂👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Sadie D.
    Sadie D. 25 days ago +1

    This was deep. Dr. Phill actually pointed out the truth. The awakened ones see the truth, this was no joke.

  • Kim Seokjin's 아낙네

    That manjeet mumbling *muqabla* tho shshs

  • Isha Pawar
    Isha Pawar 25 days ago

    Dr Phil went ham on this case, boiiiii

  • Maahi Banerjee
    Maahi Banerjee 26 days ago

    Why so much hatred?

  • Zigzag
    Zigzag 26 days ago

    Dr Phil... This is so true about Lily...

  • Daisy140
    Daisy140 26 days ago


  • Ghost Boy
    Ghost Boy 26 days ago

    This is amazing! Love this😂

  • WeHavePi
    WeHavePi 26 days ago +1

    2:27 he's trying so hard not to laugh 😂

  • Sneak Chamber
    Sneak Chamber 26 days ago

    i appreciate the canned laughter to let me know when i am supposed to laugh.

  • some body touched ma spaghet 01

    Lilly is actu ally really annoying

  • Rajiv Singh
    Rajiv Singh 26 days ago +1


  • Kaitlyn Munro
    Kaitlyn Munro 26 days ago

    Omg this was so funny😂😂

  • Gabrielle Chitamu
    Gabrielle Chitamu 26 days ago

    lowkey deep

  • bossgirlll
    bossgirlll 26 days ago +1

    this skit could have been so much more comedier but u decided to make it go wrong wowowo no man whyyy???????????//