Our Favorite Products of 2018 • Jazz and Lindsay

  • Published on Dec 16, 2018
  • *tries to be zoella*
    Get their looks here:
    Pistache Skincare Pistachio Body Butter: bzfd.it/2LizDmj
    Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain
    Violet Vertigo: bzfd.it/2LieGrH
    Night Bird: bzfd.it/2EmnefC
    Always Red: bzfd.it/2BxnIN5
    Dolls Kill Ace of Spades Pleated Leather Skirt: bzfd.it/2Eyf2JX
    Asos Tiger Bike Shorts: bzfd.it/2SQRYsZ
    Modcloth Cat Skirt: bzfd.it/2BkZPrL
    Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club: bzfd.it/2GlDXSR
    Nike Air Force 1s: bzfd.it/2LknTiZ
    Balancing Force Controlling Toner Ole Henriksen: bzfd.it/2Chrk7h
    NYX Dose of Dew: bzfd.it/2QUKoQZ
    Tarte Twinkle Stick: bzfd.it/2zZZ4oa
    I AM GIA Cobain Pant: bzfd.it/2Es06MX
    Bath and Body Works Marshmallow Fireside: bzfd.it/2S2sVTP
    Buffalo London Classic White Leather: bzfd.it/2EwMkJC
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Comments • 374

  • As/Is
    As/Is  6 months ago +121

    Get their looks here:
    Pistache Skincare Pistachio Body Butter: bzfd.it/2A0g1ip
    Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain
    Violet Vertigo: bzfd.it/2Qy7q0p
    Night Bird: bzfd.it/2Cevpcq
    Always Red: bzfd.it/2EnJdmf
    Dolls Kill Ace of Spades Pleated Leather Skirt: bzfd.it/2RYPr04
    Asos Tiger Bike Shorts: bzfd.it/2GkKw87
    Modcloth Cat Skirt: bzfd.it/2ExaIee
    Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club: bzfd.it/2PG7p5w
    Nike Air Force 1s: bzfd.it/2BmGYMV

    Balancing Force Controlling Toner Ole Henriksen: bzfd.it/2Cf6Mw2
    NYX Dose of Dew: bzfd.it/2QD2V57
    Tarte Twinkle Stick: bzfd.it/2PEztpW
    I AM GIA Cobain Pant: bzfd.it/2GhpgQN
    Bath and Body Works Marshmallow Fireside: bzfd.it/2rD00Kr
    Buffalo London Classic White Leather: bzfd.it/2Ezwn5B
    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

    • Tenneh Krah
      Tenneh Krah 16 days ago

      Lindsay were did you get that sweater from I love it

    • Diva380
      Diva380 6 months ago

      Any chance you'll unlist/reupload the live video that Jazz & Lindsay did this week? I didn't have time to watch it...

    • G
      G 6 months ago

      Lol nobody outside of California and NYC dresses like this!

    • Marrisha Andreena
      Marrisha Andreena 6 months ago


  • Sara Rodriguez
    Sara Rodriguez 6 days ago

    Me and jazz have the same zodiac sign and I am so happy

  • Maria Hayes
    Maria Hayes 14 days ago

    Ya like Jazz ?? 🐝

  • dianadannydeebabii
    dianadannydeebabii 23 days ago

    I bought that pistache lotion lol please make more of these videos💙

  • :/\_-__-_/
    :/\_-__-_/ 24 days ago

    "so now im PISSED, because i've never met OnE lesbian who's worn this other than myself... *looks around herself and remembers* and my dad, WHOS NOT A LESBIAN."
    best quote of the video, hands dowm.

  • Emma Gomez
    Emma Gomez Month ago

    the candle argument is like me and my bff fighting about stupid crap all the time for no reason whatsoever

  • Rachel Tate
    Rachel Tate Month ago

    Random Arizona town = The town with Arizona State's massive campus llmmmmaaaoooo

  • Vanessa Valentina
    Vanessa Valentina 2 months ago

    I’d love to see jazz do her eyebrows so they can match her pretty eyes

  • skylar hulon
    skylar hulon 2 months ago

    I have never met another lesbian who wears this besides me... And my dad but he's not a lesbian - Jazz 2018

  • Ellie Bee
    Ellie Bee 2 months ago

    I'm SHOOK that they didn't know what Tempe was--literally having been at the UA for the last few years this is AMAZING.

  • Goth Beauty
    Goth Beauty 3 months ago

    I just had to share this . So my son and I were watching this video and he said “mom that woman is so beautiful I love her hair” I told him her name is jazz he reacted by greeting the tv and saying hi . And said you’re so cute jazzy . I thought that my story would brighten up your day .

  • Crystal Price
    Crystal Price 3 months ago

    Tempe is college party town lol. Calm down girls

  • Lexi Ventura
    Lexi Ventura 3 months ago

    Jazz, girl I’m a proud libra too and oh boy I was relating with you this entire video even tho half of it wasn’t relatable at all 😂

  • Sierra Marie
    Sierra Marie 3 months ago

    i am a libra too #twining

  • Winter husky 350
    Winter husky 350 3 months ago

    Jazz I’m a Libra ♎️ too

  • h0neyb0nes
    h0neyb0nes 4 months ago +1

    Keeps repeating "SOME RANDOM ARIZONA TOWN"
    Me: ....... yeah that would be my home town, lmfao

  • Adrian Bailey
    Adrian Bailey 4 months ago

    Jazz being a libra explains so much❤️

  • Mariagiulia Costalli
    Mariagiulia Costalli 4 months ago

    Best duo ever bye

  • eva broich
    eva broich 4 months ago

    Where’s Lindsey’s yellow sweatshirt from !??! I need

  • Beatrice Allen
    Beatrice Allen 4 months ago

    “And now I’m pissed, because I’ve never met another lesbian that wears this. Other than my dad... who is not a lesbian”

  • mossattacks
    mossattacks 4 months ago

    Jazz I’m a huge lesbian and Jazz Club is my go to scent for a night on the town!! Beach Walk is also nice for the summer but it doesn’t have big Dyke energy like jazz club does

  • Kathie Crocker
    Kathie Crocker 4 months ago

    I ship Jazzmyne and Lindsay

  • Ava Azzano
    Ava Azzano 5 months ago

    Can you guys come back to New Orleans?

  • Mollie Heil
    Mollie Heil 5 months ago

    Air force ones are retro now?

  • Meghan Lane
    Meghan Lane 5 months ago

    and my dad whos not a lesbian lololololo

  • GammaG
    GammaG 5 months ago

    These chicks are pretty annoying. Can’t we dump these two

  • Bri Anna
    Bri Anna 5 months ago

    You guys together is THE BEST!!!

  • CartoonBeast
    CartoonBeast 5 months ago


  • Anna Saya
    Anna Saya 5 months ago

    Jazzmyne actually pronounced Pistache right😂

  • Grace Steiniger
    Grace Steiniger 5 months ago

    My sister got that same candle for Christmas

  • Puck Bryn
    Puck Bryn 5 months ago

    Is that ever some hair inspo. Jazz, always a style n attitude icon

  • TheicMoggy
    TheicMoggy 5 months ago +1

    These two bullies tho lol

  • Brianna Gutierrez
    Brianna Gutierrez 5 months ago

    I work at bath and body works and that scent is super sweet and is currently on sale

  • Iben Laier
    Iben Laier 5 months ago

    When you are a Dane and you hear people pronouncing danish words wrong and they are being like “yeah I know how to pronounce it” we get kinda pissed and we just scream the word inside our heads 😂 am I right Danes? Or is it just me and my friends?

  • ReyBeltane
    ReyBeltane 5 months ago +2

    That intro was everything. But how DARE Lindsey steal my hair look from my eighth grade yearbook photo. Seriously only missing the braces. :-p Also damn it's hard being an American living in the UK everytime anyone mentions Sephora or Bath & Bodyworks.

  • Stace D
    Stace D 5 months ago

    I love them doing this video together because their styles are so opposite, but they are still so compatible 💜💜

  • E. Wickline
    E. Wickline 5 months ago +1

    Gawd I LOVE Libras and Gemini friendships!

  • Lucy
    Lucy 5 months ago

    I love this duo, we need more videoss🙌🏻

  • Khadijah Khan
    Khadijah Khan 5 months ago +1

    OMG being indecisive as a Libra is an actual conspiracy! It’s one of the things that makes me believe in Astrology birthday signs and their traits! It’s honestly annoying yet amazing !

  • Rosy Marbles
    Rosy Marbles 5 months ago

    Fave Skincare item: Clean and Clear acne wash
    Fave Scent: Sea Salt Coconut (I think) by Bath and Body Works
    Fave Shoes: my black and blue vans
    Fave clothing item: My jeans with embroidered flowers
    Fave Makeup Item: The Smokey Naked Palette (only because the packaging is super cute)
    Fave Accomplishment: I made more friends (and i met with a state representative and sang in front of an audience)

  • Yvonne
    Yvonne 5 months ago

    My fav scent is Fireplace from Maison Margiela!!!

  • Carleigh Milburn
    Carleigh Milburn 5 months ago

    Does anyone know where Jazzmyne got her chunky-glittery-sequence-multicoloured cardigan? It's not in this video but completely obsessed with it.

  • Mackenzie Schardan-Ouchie

    I love in arizona man i could have met you :(

  • Jaz
    Jaz 5 months ago

    lindsay, what foundation are you wearing?

  • Average Potatoes
    Average Potatoes 5 months ago

    Omg libra squaddddd

  • Kayleigh Noelle
    Kayleigh Noelle 5 months ago +1

    I want a friendship like theirs!!!

  • maggie leppert
    maggie leppert 5 months ago

    I love jazzmyne so much she is a kween

  • bby m
    bby m 5 months ago

    I don’t understand why they purposely try to make their hair look bad lol

  • Lydia Skinner-noble
    Lydia Skinner-noble 5 months ago

    "and my dad, hes not a lesbian" jazz, we love you!

  • Karen Fairholm
    Karen Fairholm 5 months ago

    Pistache skin care is cruelty free! Not tested on animals

  • Savida Govindasami
    Savida Govindasami 5 months ago

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year beautifuls! 🎉🎉

  • Lightz _
    Lightz _ 5 months ago

    I’m a Libra

  • Lindsey Dunbar
    Lindsey Dunbar 5 months ago

    My name is lindsEy

  • All Hail Queen Lyla The Cat :3

    my 2018 favs are my cat pictures and my cat

  • 普通ではない
    普通ではない 6 months ago +1

    *2018 dies*

    *2019 is in belly*

    *(not for long)*

  • some105
    some105 6 months ago

    Replica is DA SHYYYYT

  • Samantha Miller
    Samantha Miller 6 months ago

    Ole is actually pronounced oolah 🤗
    Love that product too

  • Natasha Halliday
    Natasha Halliday 6 months ago

    totes UNDERSTAND! Libra's really are indecisive, about EVERYTHING!!

  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog 6 months ago

    I love their styles so much

  • taylor boo
    taylor boo 6 months ago

    my fav duo

  • reut idk
    reut idk 6 months ago +2

    I love Jazz's black liquid lipstick
    She is rocking it!

  • PrettyGreenGoat
    PrettyGreenGoat 6 months ago +3

    Would be nice if they could talk about some more affordable products.....not all of us are "influencers" who can casually drop $28 on some lotion.

  • Jalisa Morgan
    Jalisa Morgan 6 months ago

    Omg me and Jazz are both Libra’s which like makes my life complete because I love her.
    Love u Jazz 💗

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom 6 months ago

    Jazz gives me life

  • Marko Spaić
    Marko Spaić 6 months ago

    What a useless people god dammit!

  • Matthew Reyes
    Matthew Reyes 6 months ago

    “I used to work for Sephora”. Still pronounces “Ole” incorrectly...

  • nyer
    nyer 6 months ago

    i love jazzmyne so much for that intro lmfao

  • Christina Haswood
    Christina Haswood 6 months ago

    Tempe ❤️ El Hefe 💛

  • kimberYEET
    kimberYEET 6 months ago

    Can someone PLEASE link me jazz’s shirt she’s wearing in this video

  • laila atta
    laila atta 6 months ago

    You guys are AMAZING ❤️

  • Lia Altpeter
    Lia Altpeter 6 months ago +1

    Lady like has to do this again

  • lexi rogers
    lexi rogers 6 months ago

    two favs💖

    ANNABEL RODRIGUEZ 6 months ago

    You guys are the dream team

  • alex lawless
    alex lawless 6 months ago

    don’t like them since they made fun of sad

  • Beth Adams
    Beth Adams 6 months ago +1

    LOL Jazz Club is my favorite scent too! I wear it all the time. I'm not a lesbian but, I mean, I love the scent on myself and I'm sure it smells amazing on other women too.

  • marshelleey
    marshelleey 6 months ago +1

    JAZZMYNE IS A LIBRA HOW COME I JUST REALIZE THAT NOW. No wonder i feel so related to her 😭😭❤️

  • M Corleone
    M Corleone 6 months ago

    I love that candle

  • elisa brown
    elisa brown 6 months ago


  • Samantha Koester
    Samantha Koester 6 months ago

    As someone from Tempe loved that you keep calling it some random Arizona "town" 😂

  • Jordyn Ginter
    Jordyn Ginter 6 months ago

    I love Marshmallow Fireside!!! I buy two every year!!

  • CandyCthulhu
    CandyCthulhu 6 months ago

    These two are such fashion inspirations I wish I had the confidence and money to dress like them but idk how to dress myself.

  • Sydney Druteika
    Sydney Druteika 6 months ago

    Lindsay's shirt is my mood.... like all the time.

  • Lorena V
    Lorena V 6 months ago

    I loooove the both If them! 💜💜

  • Joe Wtmn
    Joe Wtmn 6 months ago

    I love their chemistry and friendship. It doesn't hurt that we can see pure excitement for these products. Love.

  • Grace T
    Grace T 6 months ago

    Omgosh I use the replica fireplace perfume and it's my favorite

  • amelia pozzi
    amelia pozzi 6 months ago

    used to think sephora was a clothes shop

  • Elsa Hubbard-Lemay
    Elsa Hubbard-Lemay 6 months ago +1

    Jazzmyne rocks that black lipstick

  • Whitney Dellinger
    Whitney Dellinger 6 months ago +2

    As soon as you said favorite scent I was thinking...”what if she said marshmallow fireside” and she said it!! It’s my favorite scent too girl.

  • wot divas
    wot divas 6 months ago


  • Aynur Tümbek
    Aynur Tümbek 6 months ago

    hahhahhah love them

  • Minjin Chung
    Minjin Chung 6 months ago +2

    Why doesn’t jazzmyne and lindsay have their own show already

  • Makayla Johnson
    Makayla Johnson 6 months ago

    Thanks 2018! Next

  • Unique Antoinette
    Unique Antoinette 6 months ago

    This was cute!! Makes me excited for the next yearwow

  • Geena Malachi
    Geena Malachi 6 months ago

    I feel like Jazz literally is my unknowing best friend lol Just watching her this year has shown me so much and She is just so awesome :) I hope to meet her one day

    PTX JUNKIE 6 months ago

    My favorite in 2018 was being more confident wearing bold makeup

  • Amanda Rose
    Amanda Rose 6 months ago

    This was so cute

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 6 months ago

    I have the same candle as Lindsay and can say I love it

  • A. Greene
    A. Greene 6 months ago

    Yankee Candle is way better. (But I'll always love B&BW)

  • Dan Howard
    Dan Howard 6 months ago

    Lord jasmines hairb

  • maria
    maria 6 months ago

    Sowwy but my 2018 faves were Jello and TFB :)