How plastic bottles are paying for lessons in Nigeria - BBC News

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019
  • A school in Nigeria is accepting empty plastic bottles from parents and guardians in exchange for payment of their children's school fees. Organisations African Clean Up Initiative and WeCyclers are working with Morit International School in Ajegunle, Lagos, for the Recycle Pay project.
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  • Sebastian Altman
    Sebastian Altman 29 days ago


  • Gabriel Thorn
    Gabriel Thorn Month ago

    Wakanda looks good.

  • Canaan Mataniciva
    Canaan Mataniciva Month ago

    These parents in Nigeria who are reluctant to see their children excel academically. GOD BLESS YOU!! parents and your spiritual heritage. Psalms 127:3 Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.

  • jamal khattak
    jamal khattak Month ago

    The question is why are the children paying school fees. Children from poor families like these should not have to pay fees to go to school.

  • Imma Khunt
    Imma Khunt Month ago +1

    BBC ‘Protector of Pedo’s’

  • j c
    j c Month ago +1

    School and the bbc dont mix....
    Ask gary glitter or saville

  • Ellen Barnette
    Ellen Barnette Month ago +1

    Thy need to show them how to use a condom

  • Schitzy Fitzy
    Schitzy Fitzy Month ago

    All of those “new Irish “ in Nigeria waiting to come here for their free house , it’s a pity they can’t collect rubbish when they get here instead of sitting on their ass waiting for handouts.

  • Sujjad Meer
    Sujjad Meer Month ago +2

    European and American industrialisation has screwed environmental everywhere in globe

  • justin Indian
    justin Indian Month ago

    We surely evolved from 🐒

  • Jim Marquez-Medina
    Jim Marquez-Medina Month ago

    What do they do with the plastic 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • GXR4T 263
      GXR4T 263 Month ago

      they make roof tiles for their mud huts.

  • GXR4T 263
    GXR4T 263 Month ago

    lets dump all our plastic in africa they love it.

  • Grey Chip
    Grey Chip Month ago

    So where's all the billions in foreign aid gone to pay things like this? Or that's right it's a scam.

  • Ant Nam
    Ant Nam Month ago

    Nice one guys! keep it up.

  • Raymond Payette
    Raymond Payette Month ago

    The problem is that many governments do not properly manage waste and that leads to abuse.

  • IsraelDiegorivera Eugeniolucientesgenius

    Ban the BBC, a bunch of peados who prey on the poor and elderly through the license fee.

  • Marvi Sharma
    Marvi Sharma Month ago +1

    This should have been done by the Nigerian Government . Because the government is hardly doing anything except from consuming money and resources. Any change that has come in Africa is either due to international help or solutions by the hard work of such poor people who do not deserve the wastage of their time. The people who are really responsible are doing nothing. The government is powerful and rich, but do not distribute their wealth. Really sad and abhorrent.

    RAJEEV KUMAR Month ago

    Good Insitive, in world Wide more taxes on plastic bottle manufacturers and give relief those who collecte or recycled

  • Osama Bhutta
    Osama Bhutta Month ago

    Very good, but sad to see poor parents having to pay to get their young kids educated

  • astroboirap
    astroboirap Month ago

    still looks like a shit hole

  • James Atkinson
    James Atkinson Month ago

  • Valerie Warrick
    Valerie Warrick Month ago

    Excellent idea, investing in the children's education 👍

  • vjab1108
    vjab1108 Month ago +1


  • ananthu vs
    ananthu vs Month ago

    loved it!!!!

  • Péter Kiss
    Péter Kiss Month ago +5


  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame Month ago +1

    Good for them. Maybe now UK can use plastics to pay for services, supports & life changing treatments or life saving medications for #Disabled #Terminallyill & #Specialneeds people

    • Anuradha Aravind
      Anuradha Aravind Month ago

      @Sheeple are Lame
      This is ridiculous, are you putting the onus upon yourself to set a global order, it's not that easy, BTW, plastics should be banned, this lady is a hawker who is probably into recycling plastic bottles, I see hawkers in India sift through a mound of rubbish for all types of things, don't know how they manage it.
      UK has social security system that just takes money from BoE and gives it to the needy

    • Sheeple are Lame
      Sheeple are Lame Month ago

      @Anuradha Aravind If recycling plastics is profitable, why ain't UK not doing it? To help societies least well off seeing how The Royals, Media & "SHEEPLE" rather throw #Specialneeds #Disabled & #Terminallyill people under a bus. Which those crimes, scandals & injustices are more important & bigger news story than this

    • Anuradha Aravind
      Anuradha Aravind Month ago +1

      I guess you're the sort who kicks his parents out of the house because they fell ill.

    • Anuradha Aravind
      Anuradha Aravind Month ago +1

      @Sheeple are Lame
      I felt your opinion, rather crude and rude.... You're ID more cruder making fun off les desirables, who happen to be caught up in unpleasant circumstances,not of their making.

  • THE Smith.
    THE Smith. Month ago

    Can't have that, Climate Change, remember. Screw those Nigerians. CLIMATE CHANGE, PLASTIC BAD, STRAWS KILL AAAAHHHHHHHHH!

  • mr fuckwit
    mr fuckwit Month ago

    Bbc bulling the over 75 .our dear JIMMY will be turning in his grave


    Thats why all africans want to come to Europe

  • Anuradha Aravind
    Anuradha Aravind Month ago +10

    That's a good bargain, a win-win proposition :-D

  • Starlight Sun
    Starlight Sun Month ago

    I was thinking about Recycling the other day, I seen a documentary that shows people in other countries going through America trash getting Shoes clothes shampoo toothpaste , but they tell us to recycle so the people in other countries can’t profit off our trash..

  • jack black
    jack black Month ago

    Just stay away from the USA there are enough lawless stupid immigrants there.

  • BiggWill NYC
    BiggWill NYC Month ago +6

    Wait a second, isn't Nigeria the 5th largest oil producer in the world ? And they must collect plastic bottles to offset school tuitions ? Somethings wrong with that picture.

    • BiggWill NYC
      BiggWill NYC Month ago

      @D Harry , sir if you and i know that oil money given to the country's leaders are not spent on the people and their infrastructure don't you think the oil companies also know this ? Yet they continue to status quo. Plus the fact that the leaders are specifically picked that will allow this to happen. There are activists there that want the money to go to the people but they are demonized. What about the Niger Delta ? Who cleans that up ? If you give money to tyrants who hides it in off shore accounts you are part of the problem. The Nigerian government imports oil for its people. Incredible.

    • Anuradha Aravind
      Anuradha Aravind Month ago

      This huge economic disparity is bewildering.

    • Anuradha Aravind
      Anuradha Aravind Month ago

      Nigeria is a African country and all Africans are sold out slaves for the imperialists, it's really sad with all the oil wealth being siphoned off. As the adage goes one swallow can't make a summer.

    • D Harry
      D Harry Month ago

      BiggWill NYC That isn’t how it works. They are given money for their area to for example build a road however instead they keep that money. Budgets allocated to them to better Nigeria goes into their foreign bank accounts

    • BiggWill NYC
      BiggWill NYC Month ago

      @D Harry, I agree with you about corruption. However both parties are equally guilty. Those who recieve the money AND those that pay out the money.

  • nwafenna paul
    nwafenna paul Month ago

    Why can't you have a place to store it, must it be were children are taking lesson? ?

  • Olivia
    Olivia Month ago

    Very encouraging that the children are able to be kept in school because of an initiative like this, however the real tragedy is that the parents struggle in the first place to meet this most basic need for their children, and that there's so many plastic bottles in circulation too! What would happen if (hopefully) disposable plastics are phased out in the near future? Still, small steps I guess...

  • Ambrose Olowo
    Ambrose Olowo Month ago

    Wonderful innovation!

  • Blazed and Confused
    Blazed and Confused Month ago +2

    You heard it here first, folks. Throw all your empty bottles into the ocean.

    • GXR4T 263
      GXR4T 263 Month ago

      it honestly would not be hard for the west to get rid of plastic you could just melt it down and shape it into banana boats for africans to fish in.

    • mr fuckwit
      mr fuckwit Month ago

      Governments justed send it to asian country's. Then they send it back lmao

  • Jayalakshmi Yr
    Jayalakshmi Yr Month ago +11

    The initiative is a true inspiration, benefitting the ward, the caretakers and the environment.
    Kudos from India

  • Vishal K
    Vishal K Month ago

    Love 💖 from India 🇮🇳 keep it up

  • arjaygee
    arjaygee Month ago

    Great idea!

  • Avdesh Alvaraz
    Avdesh Alvaraz Month ago

    British looted trillions of dollars from nigeria. Now look at poor nigerians 😢😢. They don’t even have food l.

    • D Harry
      D Harry Month ago

      Oratio G There are Refineries in Nigeria

    • Oratio G
      Oratio G Month ago

      Nigeria has got a lot of oil. They are not managing it well and has no refinery so they import their petrol. Nigeria has got the biggest economy in Africa. Unfortunately they have a major Islam problem in the North. They are quite corrupt.
      Their comes a time when you have to stop looking back at yesteryear.

    • Ellen Barnette
      Ellen Barnette Month ago

      Thy have Pepsi

  • Guillermo Bernal
    Guillermo Bernal Month ago

    Stop corruption ,Stop making plastic,

  • BlackEmpress
    BlackEmpress Month ago

    This is great!

  • gilkesisking
    gilkesisking Month ago +1

    Coming soon to a British school near you. Might just cover a meal for kids or a few quid off the BBC Licence TAX.

  • Toyin Oladimeji
    Toyin Oladimeji Month ago +4

    Encouraging and empowering to both schools, parents children and the clean up of the environment. Amazing initiative. Kudos to organisers. It's happening right there by Lagosians NG. However, decent jobs and pay of minimum wages of 100,000 naira for parents according to #AAC party #SPICERHEAT Manifesto policy programs would be more effective

    • Anuradha Aravind
      Anuradha Aravind Month ago

      So it's just OK for kids to make some cash.... I believe this earning money thing should not happen before 18.Nowadays you have kids doing all sorts of things, don't know how they are exploited

    • Anuradha Aravind
      Anuradha Aravind Month ago

      @Toyin Oladimeji
      Not at all, you're completely mistaken, that shows your lack of judgment in the scheme of things.

    • Toyin Oladimeji
      Toyin Oladimeji Month ago

      Better still free education

    • Anuradha Aravind
      Anuradha Aravind Month ago

      Here my child has 100% attendance, not a single day absent, yet she's given 75% attendance...... Something is wrong with the system... It happens at a very basic level.

    • Anuradha Aravind
      Anuradha Aravind Month ago

      It's even more bizzare, you don't have attendence in college and you can sit for the exams.......

  • Coeus 2.0
    Coeus 2.0 Month ago

    So plastic bottles are good now because they are helping people ?! What happens when all the plastic bottles go?

    • Joe Cramp
      Joe Cramp Month ago

      @Olivia I agree sort of, glass would be much better than plastic for bottles if it was always recycled like it used to be. However plastic has lots of good uses and can be recycled quite easily, plastic uses up a lot less energy to make compared to paper and glass, ideally I think single use plastic all together should be banned, but plastic has many good uses and a is necessary in the modern world. For instance all tech requires plastic.

    • Olivia
      Olivia Month ago

      @Joe Cramp in theory some (not all) plastic can be recycled, but in reality it's not a sustainable material. It takes a lot of energy to break down and with all the ill effects linked to the leeching of plastic fibres, I think it's definitely a material that it's better we get rid of sooner rather than later

    • Joe Cramp
      Joe Cramp Month ago

      They can be recycled

    KEVIN HESKETH Month ago +1

    Scrap the BBC license fee let it die.What don't they understand about manufactured artificial frequencies and the use on a British rail employee against his will.End it and he leaves and leaves the town were he lives.In the 50 years of life the manufactured schizophrenia rapist and the television civil harassment campaign have stolen by manufactured mental illness 15 of those years.Why would a family collaborate with the BBC and those others involved.They could of had a sister in law and nephews or niece loving them on Christmas and Easter visits.Thats not a joke.Never bring a television company into a mans life.Its court obviously.Who or what Its court.You disgusting people have tortured and stolen a mans life.He's dad was dead at 51.I can't stand you.

  • AWResistance
    AWResistance Month ago +14

    Keep Wakanda Tidy.

    • GXR4T 263
      GXR4T 263 Month ago

      na they need a mystery barrel for money program so we can get rid of all our nuclear and toxic waste in the west, ignorance is bliss just burry the mystery barrells.

  • Omar
    Omar Month ago +2

    Perhaps the *CARTWUAN* aswell

  • fidel catsro
    fidel catsro Month ago

    Viva Nigeria!

  • Mark Bagshot
    Mark Bagshot Month ago +10

    Ways to cut down on plastic and other waste :
    1. Go back to GLASS bottles which are easily recyclable.
    2. Use SOAP not handwash in plastic pump dispensers ; soap cleans BETTER and you can make the package paper-based. A bar of soap also lasts longer than a bottle of handwash.
    3. Ban the use of Tetrabrick bottles as most places do not recycle.
    4. Ban useless, cheap Chinese goods, such as solar lights that barely last for the summer before breaking.
    5. Make it compulsory for electrical goods ( and others ) to last a MINIMUM life span before wearing out.

    • Harold Remi
      Harold Remi Month ago

      @Karl Pilkington thanks Karl, big fan... And then another one for the third member of my household and then another one and then another one. And then a few more for guests and then times that by the number of kitchen or bathrooms in the house and then have a couple as backup in case I get dog poo on my hands and need to throw a whole bar out because there's now shit on it, and then get one for my dog....

    • Karl Pilkington
      Karl Pilkington Month ago

      Harold Remi Get two bars then. Genius.

    • Harold Remi
      Harold Remi Month ago

      @Kay Oss so did not washing hands at all, not bathing, not brushing teeth, and no knowledge of healthy diets. Now that we have this information we should use it ;)

    • Kay Oss
      Kay Oss Month ago +1

      @Harold Remi how do you think people survived for the vast majority of history, when people didn't have plastic bottles of hand wash? Bars of soap worked perfectly well before.

    • Harold Remi
      Harold Remi Month ago +2

      I would agree with most of that, except for bar soap - yucky yucky. Somebody else's penis germs on my hands? No thanks.

  • Adam Zahari
    Adam Zahari Month ago +6


    • Adam Zahari
      Adam Zahari Month ago

      @Anuradha Aravind even IF i spread fake news,at least i encourage ppl to do positive things so tht ppl like u can extinct

    • Anuradha Aravind
      Anuradha Aravind Month ago

      Fake news, you're a hatemonger who sells fake news.

  • upunya basumatary
    upunya basumatary Month ago +3

    It feels good to see smile on...

  • Notorious Kushal
    Notorious Kushal Month ago +2

    Awesome...this plan is amazing..humans saving environment is next level stuff..
    Normal people cant do this..if we do this India..parents will tell their kids that education is useless..for the only reason..they are too prejudiced to pick and collect the plastic...they neither know how plastic is harmful for the environment and how saving environment is needed for life on the planet...
    Please promote these ideas where this type of ideas can helpful..SAVING BOTH HUMANITY & NATURE AT THE SAME TIME

  • Eye Ball
    Eye Ball Month ago

    What about the islamic terrorist attacks in Somalia & Lebanon & DR Congo BBC ?? ..why no news on the cowardly murderers of innocent people yet again by islamists ?!?! .. wonder why you don’t report on them ?? 🤔

  • B T
    B T Month ago +2


    ZHK LOVE Month ago

    Ok subscribe

  • Ja men Hej!
    Ja men Hej! Month ago +7

    It could be better... Schools could be free and mommies and daddies could have jobs and pay taxes

    • D Harry
      D Harry Month ago

      Ja men Hej! When school is free people tend take it for granted and jobs aren’t the easiest to get in Nigeria even if you have a university degree

    • Kikuyu Kiiru
      Kikuyu Kiiru Month ago

      I don’t think you understand how dysfunctional subsaharan Africa is.

  • dulce golondrina77
    dulce golondrina77 Month ago

    Why they don’t squash the bottles so inside of the bag they can get the doble in amount , and much easy to carry .

    • dulce golondrina77
      dulce golondrina77 Month ago

      Comic Book Guy yes probably you’re right , but at the same time with one journey they carry the lot an very much easy

    • Comic Book Guy
      Comic Book Guy Month ago

      though it will be twice as heavy

    • Luisa H
      Luisa H Month ago

      Because Nigerians learn something about recycling for the first time

  • Beyond Redemption
    Beyond Redemption Month ago

    Make a video about a russian anti-corruption journalist, Ivan Golunov, that has been arrested in the capital Moscow and charged with trying to illegally sell drugs. He is innocent, journalists in Russia are under attack. Nigeria is important, every part of the world is, but come on - your fellow journalist needs help. He can be jailed for 20 years.

    • Himanshu
      Himanshu Month ago

      @BeyondRedemption: Actually Ivan can be killed too. I'm not russian but the way he was detained and beaten, it seems like he unraveled something in his investigation against dominant government.

  • Rubber Dub
    Rubber Dub Month ago +3

    Birth control would be a better cause I would have thought , more BBC propaganda don't pay the evil BBC beast ...

    • Comic Book Guy
      Comic Book Guy Month ago

      @Damien Leggatt They have a right to have children, but not a right for the African population growth to be artificially sustained by the west

    • Damien Leggatt
      Damien Leggatt Month ago

      Why would birth control be better? These people have as much right to have children than anyone else.
      They are trying to give their children a good start in life.

    • Gordon Pattison
      Gordon Pattison Month ago

      Get a life

  • Bayzid Hossain
    Bayzid Hossain Month ago +6

    It's a great idea

  • Olumide Gbenro
    Olumide Gbenro Month ago +4

    Note, we don't say "third world" anymore, it's demeaning. It's best accepted to say "Developing Nation"

    • Olumide Gbenro
      Olumide Gbenro Month ago

      @Comic Book Guy perfect thanks for sharing! :)

    • Comic Book Guy
      Comic Book Guy Month ago

      @Olumide Gbenro Just google it and you'll see that the "3rd world" originally referred to neutral nations in the cold war. It's true that "3rd world" is synonymous with African nations and may be used as a derogatory term but is, for example, "terribly poor" or "undeveloped Africa" better than "3rd world Africa"? I think your problem is with ANY term that refers to the collective of poor, undeveloped African nations.

    • Olumide Gbenro
      Olumide Gbenro Month ago

      @Comic Book Guy it's still offensive to many and has been used in derogatory way, I don't think that can be argued. It's about perspective. Also can you send the reference for that? I'm thankful for the note and would love to research more.

    • Comic Book Guy
      Comic Book Guy Month ago

      @Debbie Marquis There wouldn't even be any value in Nigerian resources if the white man never existed, and Nigerians wouldn't even know the value of their resources.

    • Comic Book Guy
      Comic Book Guy Month ago +1

      "3rd world" doesn't mean 3rd in quality or ability. Africa (and other places) are known as the 3rd world because they were neutral in the cold war... The west = the 1st world, the soviet union = the 2nd world...

  • Bwenyele Tep
    Bwenyele Tep Month ago +22

    Awesome way of paying fees.. Saving the environment too

    • ,jgvfyufcgvk'
      ,jgvfyufcgvk' Month ago

      Nothing on the young white couple murdered for being white tho'.

    • Thomas Bennett
      Thomas Bennett Month ago +1

      @Goldfinga Sliverfinga Elaborate on how it brainwashes people.

    • Goldfinga Sliverfinga
      Goldfinga Sliverfinga Month ago +3

      Yes stop paying bbc TV licence so bbc can stop brain washing ppl

  • Mohamed Amin
    Mohamed Amin Month ago +1

    Who want to support them

  • Edlawit Abera
    Edlawit Abera Month ago

    Good option

  • Bryce Cheng
    Bryce Cheng Month ago +2

    It must be very interesting things that happened in a third world country. I kind of want to visit one just to see what it's like

    • Maximilien Robespierre
      Maximilien Robespierre Month ago

      Olumide Gbenro ‘Developing’ would be appropriate if Nigeria was actually developing

    • Bryce Cheng
      Bryce Cheng Month ago +2

      Olumide Gbenro ok seriously, I know you're just joking. Nobody is that sensitive. I know who people on the left are huge bunch of sissies these days but there's no way this is true.

    • Olumide Gbenro
      Olumide Gbenro Month ago +3

      We don't say "third world" anymore, it's demeaning. It's best accepted to say "Developing Nation"

  • The Patriot
    The Patriot Month ago +5


  • Christopher Walker
    Christopher Walker Month ago

    Good idea