'Surviving R. Kelly' doc sparks investigation into abuse allegations

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • "Nightline" takes a look at how the series documented allegations of sexual abuse against the singer, and the ripple effect it has caused.

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  • Barbara Serrano
    Barbara Serrano Month ago

    Every single adult needs to go to jail there is NO ONE on this earth that could keep my kid hostage..... I would be in jail for home invading

  • Lion of Zion
    Lion of Zion 2 months ago

    Black girls don't matter in enough. Whites and pale skins set the beauty standard. If the girls were white R Kelly would be history.

  • Tamara lovett
    Tamara lovett 2 months ago

    calling for national black out may 4th no lifetime viewers

  • Mohabir Jonathan
    Mohabir Jonathan 3 months ago

    Feminists always stirr up shit,first tiger woods,let me shut up ...let the backlash begin

  • Sabina Sajed
    Sabina Sajed 4 months ago

    have fun with 6ix9ine in jail

  • faber tales
    faber tales 4 months ago

    Real bs none the girls were held by there own free will
    Only ignorant people believe these girls who want money
    Lol innocent teenagers i remember them innocent teenagers growing up in 80s. Iam sure none them were virgins and smart enuf try to get that money

  • Iris Pect
    Iris Pect 4 months ago

    castrato-male singers who were castrated in order to preserve their high, pure voices. I think he needs a higher voice, one that resembles those he silenced!

  • Eva Eagle
    Eva Eagle 4 months ago

    These woman are lying for the money💰Lets participate on a documentary on R.Kelly and make profits😂..yep thats what they are doing..Do your research people..the Tea is good on youtube

  • vibewmia
    vibewmia 4 months ago

    If r.kelly is so sure he can fly, why can't he up and fly away??🤔🤔

  • Anthony Pena
    Anthony Pena 4 months ago

    Do you like teenage girls? How old we talking? What a dumb and ignorant ass!!

  • R2D2 SL
    R2D2 SL 4 months ago

    R Kelly leyend?

  • Latoya Bailey
    Latoya Bailey 4 months ago +2

    He going to hell in brimstone

  • Doe Fam
    Doe Fam 4 months ago

    His ex wife lol 13 long hard years Lolol that’s what R Kelly said Lolol

  • Edgar Reyes
    Edgar Reyes 4 months ago

    Faith Rogers never watched the Boondocks lol or she never heard jokes about R Kelly being a rapist? Shes not that old I too am in my early 20's.

  • Donna Ryland
    Donna Ryland 4 months ago

    Jada, its predominantly blacks buying his music so how the hell you can say : it's because the girls are black " !!! Stop fking make this a racist matter, it's because Kelly bought his way out! Get mad at Kelly not white people damnit! That sick sob got out of jail he went straight to his favorite add pot to reach young teens . He was in Macdonald's for several hours!!! He had to be taken away from our children!

  • Lori Dillon
    Lori Dillon 4 months ago

    I pray each victim gets justice

  • 4 ever
    4 ever 4 months ago

    R kelly is a pedophile. Lock him up.
    JESUS is about to return and R kelly gona hit hell wide open. After he suffers for 7 years. WHAT !!!!!l

  • D ChrisJr
    D ChrisJr 4 months ago

    Only here trying to get to the full interview 👍

  • Gerardo Florez
    Gerardo Florez 4 months ago

    That's so funny it was consensual?! But it was based on intimidation keyword consensual! And I avoided the iPad stop playing victim

  • eqlzr2
    eqlzr2 4 months ago

    This is allowed to continue because it profits people and organizations, including ABC.

  • Vince T
    Vince T 4 months ago

    God raised Jesus Christ from the dead. Amen

  • miliboy0522
    miliboy0522 4 months ago

    This right here shows the dishonesty in the #Metoo movement and the judicial system. People should be furious on how allegations can have this effect.

  • Belial Azul
    Belial Azul 5 months ago

    Black History Month is quite good this year.

  • Special ED Andrew
    Special ED Andrew 5 months ago

    8:25 omg whatever it’s abuse if you don’t get certain purse

  • Special ED Andrew
    Special ED Andrew 5 months ago

    All these women willing go his house and blow him off now their the victim

  • Yvonne Mcgee
    Yvonne Mcgee 5 months ago

    He didn’t rape no one they could have left what the f

  • Phindile Mgobozi
    Phindile Mgobozi 5 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Andrea looks like a brat doll 😂?

  • Sheila Macias
    Sheila Macias 5 months ago

    They all are victims, I feel sorry for them they were abused and treated like dogs. I hope they get every dime he has left to his name. They were kids.

  • Lisa Ross
    Lisa Ross 5 months ago

    If not guilty why pay people of that's for 1. 2 why was some of these young girls lessoning to his music that for grown ups 3 yes money can do alot for those that don't have any kids can get brain washed that is true. Why Cosby in jail because he did not pay people off he face his karma

  • Queen Noochie
    Queen Noochie 5 months ago +1

    He's a controlling abusive pervert. Because he's famous and rich gets away with it. It's not about black or white he had power.... now he gonna pay for it. Shame on him. It's called Karma

  • Letonya Streety
    Letonya Streety 5 months ago

    I see a lot of people think the women on surviving R. Kelly maybe lying. Let them take a lie detector test then BOOM there you have it.

  • Phil Mutukwa
    Phil Mutukwa 5 months ago

    his alleged imperfections notwithstanding, i unapologetically remain a fan of kelly, he is the best rnb artist of all time..

  • G GG
    G GG 6 months ago

    R Kelly is a sick demonic bastaurd God is gonna weed him out. Never support him NO WaY,No HOw. He's demonic. 😗

  • General King
    General King 6 months ago

    Really? Why wait so long to report?That's all I'm asking.

  • Djsmooveal
    Djsmooveal 6 months ago

    Has anyone ever bother to question the things that are happening to R. Kelly. So if you are a Kellz fan past or present, or not anymore based on the docu-series. In 1994 did you see the infamous tape? Did you know about Ailyah? If you didn't you lived under a rock. So how is it that he was celebrated throughout the years. Now the same people are condemning him and screaming mute R. Kelly. Why? Lady GaGa freaky ass knew what he was about just as everyone else did. I don't agree with abuse of young victims, but we are all to blame. He was successful because the mass majority supported him and many people became wealthy and benefited from being associated with him. Question: Where is the money from his spiked sales and streaming going. Who owns the masters now? His music is great as well as his talent. I will not erase a decade of good music and a legacy because of people feeling he is soooo bad all of a sudden. The man is 52 now I think if all this shit was going on someone would have called the cops and filed some sort of charges. Be careful of the media they can fuck your head up whenever they want all while cashing big checks.
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  • Sly Ny
    Sly Ny 6 months ago +1

    These bitches sure do like to cry wolf for money. Better stop while u can cause men don’t believe your dumb ass anymore.

  • Royal Power
    Royal Power 6 months ago

    How old.. WTF... and go get your daughters.. this Monster can’t even answer a question about the age that most of us- adult Men- know young girls are innocent, immature and not ready to be Peeweed on.. at 14 years old.. Surviving Peewee.. coming Soon 🤮WoW Sexual Fame what did you Gain..? I’m gonna have a Bath.. now I have to explain what R-jelly means to my daughter... Strangers is not all She has to be aware of .. No more music by this monster.. I believe i can fly.. bet you do 🤡

  • Royal Power
    Royal Power 6 months ago

    I bet you Wish your ass could Fly...Now.... but not for your reasons Black girls matter.. well... to some parents 🤮

  • Pete Lugosiano
    Pete Lugosiano 6 months ago

    I believe he should get 90 days in County jail six months sex addiction rehab a year probation and a $5,000 fine and an apology, if you think I'm being too harsh he should have thought of this before he committed these crimes

  • Diego Alarcon
    Diego Alarcon 6 months ago

    This day and age is the peak of most sexual assault/ harassment crimes getting attention. Thats why this is barely being made. OUR PRESIDENT HAS GROPED MANY WOMEN INCLUDING HIS OWN DAUGHTER, so why is it that they dont make a docu-series about trump? This guy is in charge of the damn country.

  • None None
    None None 6 months ago


  • MrsStrawberryLuv1
    MrsStrawberryLuv1 6 months ago

    Girl get outta 🙅‍♀️here lying 🤬yall have ruined this man you will weap it ..you no damn well that didn't do nothing you didnt allow you stayed when you could walk away but you didnt this whole mute Rkelly is bunch of BS🙍‍♀️🙅‍♀️

  • Angy D
    Angy D 6 months ago

    Something is not adding up why didn’t the parents call the police when they notice they’re daughters not coming home? Were the parents being paid off? I don’t get it why not call the police? Why did the parents not take action sooner?

  • ti inu
    ti inu 6 months ago

    Man I felt sick after watching that series. Kelly is a sick freak needs to be locked up for life!

  • Mr. Scrooge.
    Mr. Scrooge. 6 months ago

    Black girls getting more publicity than Harvey Weinstein victims and they still complain about race..

  • Fatima Ahmed
    Fatima Ahmed 6 months ago


  • HB 7
    HB 7 6 months ago

    To many people who know absolutely nothing personally about Mr. Kelly or any of his accusers are quick to jump on social media with opinions its been said everyone has 2 things in common an opinion and an ass whole. People do you get it? Everyone needs to step back take a breath put on your big boy or girl pants and as it says in 1peter 4:15 mind your own business!!!

  • celow banks
    celow banks 6 months ago

    These hoes are victimizing hoe Behavior and weaponizing it

  • celow banks
    celow banks 6 months ago

    Nothing wrong with dating or fucking a 19 your old or 18 most women in porn are that age don't here u bitches saying shit about that

  • Candise Ellis
    Candise Ellis 6 months ago

    Kelly should have been in prison years ago along with gis team..his alleged victim Lisa..and all others who knew and participated in the rape of the 14 yr old...but when her parent take the stand and say its not thier daughter and have the child say the same...well... here comes the acquittal....The fans..the black community continued to embrace him afterwards knowing who he was..allowing thier young women to be mentored by Kelly...im not claiming Kelly did not abuse these women...however i think many endured it looking for the come up and when it did not turn out as expected...BAM..docuseries...books..interviews...lawsuits...why did not one of these women press criminal charges? But will file a civil suit for monetary gain...Kelly is not the only perpetrator here....WAKE UP

  • Diana Ramirez
    Diana Ramirez 6 months ago

    They knew what they were doing 🤨 not like they were 10 or 12 for goodness sake. They wanted to be with him at the time

  • aime luviki
    aime luviki 6 months ago

    Let's go find Donald Trump for this case

  • AfroTurft
    AfroTurft 6 months ago


  • Gaby Davila
    Gaby Davila 6 months ago

    5:10 are you serious???

  • Christian Rodrigues
    Christian Rodrigues 6 months ago

    He's innocent, it was just bed room talk and behavior. It's like trumps locker room talk. If a girl lets herself get peed on then there's no harm

  • sam antha
    sam antha 6 months ago

    aaliyah's album was even called Age ain't Nothin But A Number ! Wtf!!!

  • Mia Xo
    Mia Xo 6 months ago

    He’s still selling albums because some people know how to separate the artists from the music.

  • hamza younis
    hamza younis 6 months ago +1

    Why r pedophiles like r kelly not locked up when they been doing these horrific acts for years but legendary rappers like tupac never did anything like this but he stood up for his people and the black females because his role model was his mum hence he made a song dedicated dear mamma yet not only did he get accused but he went to jail falsely and his life pritty much ended a year later after he went prison but predators like r kelly who abuse women and take advantage of them are still free and using there name to carry on perusing women.

  • kiki lopez
    kiki lopez 6 months ago

    Sad how some bad eggs in the set who took money to keep quiet (payed off) cause all these other women not to be heard and be judged

  • Stewart Bryant
    Stewart Bryant 6 months ago

    You let her go on stage with him shame on you

  • Maureen Nowell
    Maureen Nowell 6 months ago +3

    R.Kelly is not worth being called a MAN or a HUMAN BEING

  • Maureen Nowell
    Maureen Nowell 6 months ago +1


  • Aircheekz
    Aircheekz 6 months ago

    Bruh, I know this is NOT a laughing matter but when they show the clip where Toree is asking him if he likes teenage girls, I can’t help but laught at his facial expression because you could see it in Toree face that he was like “nigga what? Why you playing games R. Kelly?” 🙄

  • Rye Rose
    Rye Rose 6 months ago

    I want to see all of these men brought to Justice not just R.Kelly I want to see Ronald Reagan I want to see Jeb Bush I want to see Hillary Clinton I want to see all of the Kennedys I want to see everybody brought to Justice I'm not on our Kelly Side by any means by no means and by all means you should understand that not because I'm a woman not because I'm black but because I'm human and I understand what it's like to be taken advantage of it won't stop until everyone who is an offender is brought to Justice my name personally has been wrecked by someone who took me away from my home I made me who I am worthless to society if you were wondering I can't get a job if I go to school I still have lower expectation and lower pay and lower everything and I mean everything because someone will read through my personal files and realize I've been charged with solicitation when at the age of 18 I was stolen from my home made to perform it was quiet about it because at that time I could help my family with the money that was helping me to get over what I could never get over me too I'm also here me too
    Excuse the typos

  • Janina Lee Del Rio
    Janina Lee Del Rio 6 months ago

    What about Trump? The president of the United States of America have done to women. It's about race and money!

  • Phyllisha Hart
    Phyllisha Hart 6 months ago

    How young we talking? Wtf

  • alen Parra
    alen Parra 6 months ago

    At 07:00, the girl says "none of that is true, that's false AggRavAtiOn"!!! lol

  • India Mitchell
    India Mitchell 6 months ago

    Why is this surprising to people when they already knew he been doing this.

  • Neo Malapane
    Neo Malapane 6 months ago

    You can never mute R.Kelly... It's impossible

  • Ghostt Ronde
    Ghostt Ronde 6 months ago

    Surviving Weinstein’s next up ?

  • tabon carroll
    tabon carroll 6 months ago

    what star in hollyweird are wherever they live don't fuck a whole lot of groupies. these hoes are broke and always need attention. that's why they love stars.

  • Kevin Wilson
    Kevin Wilson 6 months ago

    Kelly did some fukd up shit.
    But to throw the entire black group under the bus...
    Bitch gtfoh.
    A lot you 403's treat the black man like fukin shit.
    Black women are so gotdamn quick to hold a bro to a standard that they themselves aren't willing to live up to themselves.
    Mufukas wasn't saying shit long as they was getting money with the dick.
    Self hatin asses.
    Ya damn hair is like The Most High, but you want oppressor dog hair, horse mane, porcupine fur and other bullshit.

  • Mrs.Heavenbound
    Mrs.Heavenbound 6 months ago

    Why is this still going on? All these woman coming forward and telling their story. This man needs to be put away deep in prison. I saw the tape years ago and it is clearly him. Tons and tons of people talking but the system isn’t doing a damn thing. If he’s not put away it will make other men out there think this crap is okay. Cosby has his day, OJ has his day and he’s will have his. God, have no mercy on his soul.

  • Kevin Wilson
    Kevin Wilson 6 months ago

    Jada Pinkett?
    How is she gonna pimp out her own fukd up kids... with her husband.

  • Rosetta Taylor
    Rosetta Taylor 6 months ago +2

    R Kelly’s Art (Music) will live on forever!

  • Cinsuallove
    Cinsuallove 6 months ago


  • Capt. Smeralda
    Capt. Smeralda 6 months ago

    These Sluts acting like victims, silly bitches knew what the fuck was happening fucking hoes

  • Business Manager
    Business Manager 6 months ago

    Clifford Powell is A rapist....investigate that shit

  • destini miss
    destini miss 6 months ago

    I do think, if they were white girls and women, the police and the justice would have done something,also he had and has money help him a lot.Mute r kelly and judge him in court

  • Ben Snider
    Ben Snider 6 months ago

    Stop wit the shit I’d because they’re black tgatveveryone ignored , so why is there not one story about all the kids in Hollywood

  • Ben Snider
    Ben Snider 6 months ago

    No not because ur black was it ignored but because he’s a hollyweird liberal liar , now r jelly isn’t valuable to handlers anymore ! Fame equals oerversion

  • Sandy Luis
    Sandy Luis 6 months ago

    BLACK PEOPLE when are WE going to wake up and see whats really going on.
    Why NOW is WHITE MEDIA TARGETING R KELLY? The same reasons they targeted Bill Cosby, Michael Jackson, Prince, & any other BLACK MAN who was trying to ACCOMPLISH something big. Trust & believe, white people don't care about the well being of black kids but BLACK PEOPLE do & they know this. WHITE PEOPLE would've castrated R Kelly the moment a rumor would've started with him sleeping with white girls. The destruction of BLACK PEOPLE is BLACK PEOPLE with white people at the helms. They feed us a story & we run with it. We condemn our own without proven facts. You see everyday how the media can distort videos to make us see what we want. WHITE PEOPLE CONTROL WHITE MEDIA/TELEVISION. Anytime Black people start standing up for themselves, the powers of be steps in to contain the situation. Remind yourselves of Dave Chapelle, Katt Williams, & DMX. When these men started speaking truth...they deemed them crazy and we ran with it. No other race turns on their own people even if the alleged allegations are true. BLACK PEOPLE WAKE UP!!! DIVIDE+CONQUER=DESTRUCTION of BLACK PEOPLE. They have infiltrated our communities, churches, and school with drugs infestations, incarcerated of black men, senseless killings of black people, & now this lgbt movement. This is a distraction to cause discord & mistrust and what better way in doing that...turn black people against each other by the very thing we value the most...OUR CHILDREN. WHITE PEOPLE been using blacks against each other the moment they enslaved our ancestors and brought them to this racist country. BLACK People WE HAVE TO DO BETTER. They use us & our information that we put on social media to keep us divided and in chaos. White people been raping and sleeping with children with all their perversions. Catholic churches & politicians been raping, molesting, and sleeping with children & NO DAMN LIFETIME MOVIED. Lo behold, lets put this out regarding R Kelly and tear this black man down. Lets destroy him so that ALL BLACK MAN know their place.
    Wake up black America they are finding ways to tear us down & keeping us there. Black Women we NEED to UNIFY together & with BLACK MEN.

  • Polkadot Suzanne
    Polkadot Suzanne 6 months ago


  • El Gallo
    El Gallo 6 months ago

    Stfu with black girls dont matter speak up wen it happends dont wait 20yrs

  • El Gallo
    El Gallo 6 months ago

    Lol when everybody wait 20yrs to tell there rape stories

  • Tyson B
    Tyson B 6 months ago

    Hes such a piece of shit! Can't wait until they throw this scumbag in the clink and his ass becomes a turnstile! Hopefully they'll do him like Dahmer got it, with a broomstick!

  • Eastrr McDaniel
    Eastrr McDaniel 6 months ago

    Have anyone notice every time a black man is accused of a crime, You will see Gloria Allred or her daughter Lisa Bloom representing them. Both are Racist. what about the white men's, go after them.

  • kingsufian07
    kingsufian07 6 months ago

    I got to applaud the entire crew and ladies who have come forward. And i hope, that teen who was in the sex tape by now should be an adult would come forward and brave enough o put this man behind bars. Probably only then, the groomed ladies who turned slave would have a chance to escape and reunite with family eh. sigh.

  • S W
    S W 6 months ago

    Couldnt be my child. He would be a dead man and I'd go to jail happy.

  • S W
    S W 6 months ago

    He's a sick pervert pedophile.

  • De Dontobeli
    De Dontobeli 6 months ago

    I dont get what were al dem girls doin with #him al the #time? U mix wit a star in a studio instead of being @ college? C'mon, all the parents of these girls could #purely be accused of being #irresponsible

  • De Dontobeli
    De Dontobeli 6 months ago

    What a hec.. why didnt they come out #BEFORE? Was he payin dem accounts back door and no more cash-outs until of recent? I dont buy paid innitial silent expose wen cash-outs goes cold

  • Tomás João Maropa
    Tomás João Maropa 6 months ago

    innocent until proven guilty

  • Wally 1970
    Wally 1970 6 months ago

    " all of dat is false aggravations " .... WTF 🤣😂🤫🤫 don't talk anymore in public !

  • Liquid Cobra
    Liquid Cobra 6 months ago

    You fucking sheep make me sick. Everybody knew that nigga was fucking Aaliyah back in the day and said nothing. You all knew that nigga was fucking with teens after the piss tape came out and now the white man made a fucking documentary on the shit you niggas want to get on your high horse about the shit you ol hoe ass nigga. You ol faggot ass Terry Cruz MeToo ass nigga. White man came out with a documentary you niggas acting brand new like you ain't know shit. FUCK OUTTA HERE. You niggas worse than crackers with that bullshit. It's a Got damn SHAME. White man tell you dumb ass niggas who to listen to and you go right along with it like twitter hoes. You fucking clown ass sheep not gone tell me who to listen to and who to support cause you dumb niggas raised THOTS to be THOTS and surprised they out here getting FUCKED. Pussy ass faggot ass MeToo ass niggas.

  • bird schulba
    bird schulba 6 months ago

    False aggravations, that’s a new one. Wtf she was a college student? Letting R kelly Mentor your under age daughter is like letting MJ baby sit? Fuck outa here

  • b ch
    b ch 6 months ago


  • 747hitman
    747hitman 6 months ago

    it makes me wonder about his ex -wife if he beat you and treat you so bad why would you still carry his last name why not carry your maiden name if you wanted nothing to do with him. just food for thought

  • Brandy Lea
    Brandy Lea 6 months ago +1

    Why didn't y'all use some of his CREEPIEST lyrics like, "I know you're young but I think you are ready....ready to go all the way.". How many songs did he write about seducing young girls.....WHY THE HELL Y'ALL USE IGNITION?

  • miss88ssim
    miss88ssim 6 months ago

    This is just like the Gloria Trevi case. Everyone, please look up on that case. It will give you all the answers you are looking for. And R Kelly (I don't like even saying his name) should be in jail. I mean, there's evidence, proof, a tape for sake. He was caught in the act. Just like when murderers get recorded and robbers too, IT'S CAUGHT ON CAMERA. Doesn't matter if people deny it, say it wasn't them, or is lying about their age, IT'S ON CAMERA, and they are facts.