The Best Laugh

  • Published on Aug 18, 2008
  • There's no doubt that hyaenas are the best at laughing. And it's not surprising they're laughing when even the females have one just like the males. A typical greeting turns into a hilarious laughing match as a male pleads for mercy while the big mammas throw their weight around.
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  • النورضحيه النور يعقوب

    تزاوج الضباع

  • Silvia Bordallo
    Silvia Bordallo 2 months ago +1

    I thought they were grey and black.

  • The Female Mark Hamill Joker Impressionist

    That poor male hyena is clearly stressed out

  • Cuoc doi Vo thuong
    Cuoc doi Vo thuong 7 months ago

    Is that the ones has the pennis hangover was a female?

  • Tony Sugar Rude
    Tony Sugar Rude 9 months ago +1

    Weird fact, my mom says i laugh like a hyena, and then i notice that i true.

  • Kelp will Help
    Kelp will Help 3 years ago +1

    I'd rather see the pit bull try to survive in the wild because hyenas do not get their food handed to them in a dish. Put the pit bull out there and see how long it survives.

  • Elizabeth Barron
    Elizabeth Barron 4 years ago


  • Soccercrazyigboman
    Soccercrazyigboman 4 years ago +12

    Its not funny Ed

  • Sophie Vestin
    Sophie Vestin 4 years ago

    Is it reall

    YOUNG MILLZ 4 years ago

    Smh this is so great I get to comment on another idiot first blacks don't sound like that stupid watch Ya mouth but then again your white so I guess YALL get to talk like that only behind a keyboard smh

  • Ian Wallace Robertson
    Ian Wallace Robertson 4 years ago +13

    They sound fun, but those things are vicious killers. At the zoo in person they were probably the scariest animal I've ever seen. It was feeding time and they got a whole horse head, the two of them ripped it to shreds in seconds.

  • KadeKorpse
    KadeKorpse 4 years ago

    it sounds like chickens and cows

  • It’s Kiki
    It’s Kiki 4 years ago

    So this what a hyena sounds like 😂😂

  • Moa Söderlund
    Moa Söderlund 4 years ago +1

    1:06 that laugh though

  • Moa Söderlund
    Moa Söderlund 4 years ago +8

    The hyenas from Lion KING!!!

  • Gyara
    Gyara 4 years ago +7

    I can't help but laugh.

    I love the sounds hyenas make.

  • Gray Au
    Gray Au 4 years ago

    @Snow WolfAJ projecting

  • Evelyn Sim4
    Evelyn Sim4 4 years ago +1

    People are commenting on Hyenas "dicks". If your drawn to look at em, you are probably thinking of porn. I mean, these aren't slutty creatures. That's how there made. And also your not looking at a dick. That's a girl. Female Hyenas are dominant and need something to show that. It is very easy to show a female to a male, just swap it the other way round for humans. Male hyenas have dicks. Like all male land creatures. I find it dirty that people are drawn to look at them. Is it the same for lions balls for you?! Your still a pervert, looking at another creatures vagina/dick!

  • Howard Hamilton
    Howard Hamilton 4 years ago


    • Wyatt Thacker
      Wyatt Thacker 4 years ago

      @mathew davis Yeah they're not "fixes"

    • kumada84
      kumada84 4 years ago

      @mathew davis
      "Geez that was so long ago. And they aren't fixes dumbass" He didn't say they were.

    • Immortal
      Immortal 4 years ago +1

      Geez that was so long ago. And they aren't fixes dumbass

  • JacksMagicBean
    JacksMagicBean 4 years ago +11

    They sound like black people

    • Black
      Black 4 years ago +1

      @JacksMagicBean wasn't pissed off in the slightest. I was just hoping to help cure this world of some ignorance. but really if what you say is true, I feel sorry that your life is that boing and uneventful that, that is how you get your amusement. get out more sir/madam lol

    • JacksMagicBean
      JacksMagicBean 4 years ago

      The fact that you're replying automatically makes you an idiot. Because if you were an inteligent person, youo would know that I am simply trolling to get a reaction from people. By writing this reponse you are granting me amusement. I serioulsy don't give a flying fuck if you agree that they sound like black people or not. I'mjust happy I got to piss you off. Thanks for being so easy to manipulate sir. LOL @Tom Foolery

    • Wyatt Thacker
      Wyatt Thacker 4 years ago

      @JacksMagicBean Ahahahahaha

    • JacksMagicBean
      JacksMagicBean 4 years ago +1

      The fact that you're replying automatically makes you an idiot. Because if you were an inteligent person, youo would know that I am simply trolling to get a reaction from people. By writing this reponse you are granting me amusement. I serioulsy don't give a flying fuck if you agree that they sound like black people or not. I'mjust happy I got to piss you off. Thanks for being so easy to manipulate sir. LOL

    • kumada84
      kumada84 4 years ago +1

      @JacksMagicBean "Law is all about using logic to back up your arguments which you clearly have no concept of."
      Law is not about using "logic" to back up your arguments. Law is about about using "laws" to back up your arguments. That's why they call it "law".
      "You say I'm retarded for stating my opinion"
      I never used that word, but it's interesting that you did.
      I stand by my belief that you mistook a group of actual hyenas for black people (I imagine you find it difficult to tell them apart) and that that's the reason you've formed this opinion. Feel free to use "logic" to prove that I'm wrong.

  • Lexi Clifford
    Lexi Clifford 4 years ago


  • Hemley1
    Hemley1 4 years ago +1

    +Andy Green You're right.

  • thumperdude
    thumperdude 4 years ago

    lol its so creepy...

    IVEMER 5 years ago +6

    I feel like im watching a porn video LOL

  • MrJb713
    MrJb713 5 years ago +1

    That shit's from hell

  • pablo loquencio
    pablo loquencio 5 years ago +2

    that large clitoris omg, and they give birth out there ouch, it sucks to be a female hyena

  • Brenda Galvez
    Brenda Galvez 5 years ago

    My laugh xD xD

  • Fortnite Vault - Archives

    *that shits creepy*

  • Crusades Nuclear Bombs
    Crusades Nuclear Bombs 5 years ago +2

    Came here because I know someone that laughs like this

  • inez yard
    inez yard 5 years ago

    Reminds me of some one I heard laughing over the phone and on Skype. I would recognize that laugh anywhere.

    • inez yard
      inez yard 5 years ago


  • Slavic Affairs
    Slavic Affairs 5 years ago +3

    I'd have Hyena as a pet :D

  • IanSucks
    IanSucks 5 years ago +4

    Now I know why they laugh..
    They got bigger schlongs than lions.

  • Jean Silva
    Jean Silva 5 years ago

    i bet their sounds irritate the heck out of all the other wildlife. i would hate hearing this all day lol. its awesome though. thanks for uploading/recording/sharing!

    IRUNASSAULT 5 years ago +23

    Was anyone else for some reason drawn to look at the dicks?

    • AnimeJunkie56
      AnimeJunkie56 4 years ago

      well, if I wasn't before, I am now.

    • kumada84
      kumada84 4 years ago

      @Eric Blair "Female spotted hyenas do not have a penis." sorry, Jack Hanna, but I guess I have to clarify for you --
      a) the poster didn't say "penis", he said "d*ck",
      b) he said "Was anyone else for some reason drawn to look at the d*cks?", which is ironic since that's _literally_ the point of the entire video
      c) I was intentionally echoing the descrption of the video, which says "'s not surprising they're laughing when even the females have one just like the males"
      Furthermore, just try and tell that "big mama" she doesn't have a d*ck and see what she says.

    • Moa Söderlund
      Moa Söderlund 4 years ago

      The long "penis" is not a penis, it's actually a females clitoris

    • E Blizzard
      E Blizzard 4 years ago +5

      @kumada84 Female spotted hyenas do not have a penis. It's actually her clitoris. Because of all the androgens in their breast milk, their clitoris is much larger than an animal of it's size would be. Their milk also contains the most protein in the animal kingdom. This is in order to build up their offsprings' large shoulder and mouth muscles.

    • kumada84
      kumada84 5 years ago +6

      well, you were supposed to - he was drawing attention to the fact that the female hyenas have them, too.

  • jmdude10
    jmdude10 5 years ago

    thats gay wtf? wait.... all are men?

    • Evelyn Sim4
      Evelyn Sim4 4 years ago

      Female Hyenas have vaginas that look like dicks. Male Hyenas have dicks too, :T

    • Joshua Hubbard
      Joshua Hubbard 5 years ago +2

      @Angie Marie lol stupid bitch where are you getting your facts from. It's scientifically proven that homosexuality is in over 4000 specifies. Go read a book.

    • Chiggins
      Chiggins 5 years ago +2

      @Angie Marie Ahahahahaha, oh Christ! XD No animal is gay? That is perhaps the most incorrect statement I have ever heard. On what actual evidence are you basing this "fact"? Considering homosexuality has been found in dogs, cats, bats, dolphins, penguins, ducks, elephants, foxes, giraffes, lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) as well as countless more, it leads me to believe that perhaps you've never actually seen an animal? Or know what one is?
      I implore you, gather some knowledge before you make wildly incorrect statements. Hell, don't even bother gathering knowledge yet, you need to get some common fucking sense first.

    • Vomitas13
      Vomitas13 5 years ago +1

      Homosexuality has been observed in many species.

    • Chiggins
      Chiggins 5 years ago

      It says in the video that they're female, but considering homosexuality is found in all mammals, I wouldn't be surprised if they were all male

  • rockanraver
    rockanraver 5 years ago +4

    How can they be beautiful when they killed mufasa

    • AuBurney Tuckerson
      AuBurney Tuckerson Year ago

      AlexDraco I hate step fathers because I've had both and both were a**es who picked on me. One of them ruined my childhood, and the other tried to ruin my teen year right before adulthood age. I'm 18 now, so I don't give a sh**. I have a step mother who loves me like her own, so for me, I have two mothers. I send them both something for mother's day.

    • AlexDraco
      AlexDraco 2 years ago +1

      Really now?
      That's one hell of an argument you got here, dude...
      Tell me, do you also...
      - Hate adult elephants because they made fun of Dumbo?
      - Hate Tigers because one tried to eat Mowgli?
      - Hate stepmothers because one tried to poison Snow White?
      - Hate Grand Viziers because one tried to usurpate the Sultan's throne in Aladdin?
      If anything, i guess i have to give you kudos for your sense of humor.

    • Ayeverb
      Ayeverb 5 years ago +1

      @catmink1 The hyenas killed Scar tho. There's no loyalty among animals of different species.

    • rockanraver
      rockanraver 5 years ago +2

      Yeah well, they facilitated his death

    • Diortelon
      Diortelon 5 years ago

      @Xiewin Boo, Joke breaker!

  • PsycoVision1
    PsycoVision1 5 years ago +1

    The villan's from The Lion King aren't so bad

  • JR Rodriguez
    JR Rodriguez 5 years ago

    I would love to fuck one of these

  • Matt Tych
    Matt Tych 5 years ago +10

    Just think of the Idea you are outside at night pitch black and you hear these animals laughing from all around you I would shit my pants

  • Hemley1
    Hemley1 5 years ago +2

    They are related to cats, mongooses and fossa.

    • The Female Mark Hamill Joker Impressionist
      The Female Mark Hamill Joker Impressionist 3 months ago

      I need to know how do hyenas thermoregulate? do they pant like dogs or do they have other ways?
      I can't find anything on the internet that says

    • Andy Green
      Andy Green 4 years ago +1

      Yes, they belong to the Feloidea subgroup of the Carnivora.

  • Noelle Bowles
    Noelle Bowles 5 years ago +10

    I think the noises are actually kinda cute.

  • Christophe Ze Mole
    Christophe Ze Mole 5 years ago +4

    At the beginning, this should've read, "Viewer's discretion advised"

  • ilikecheesesoupNEW
    ilikecheesesoupNEW 5 years ago


  • avestictradition
    avestictradition 5 years ago +1

    Funny how they laugh. These are cute animals, despite what many people think of 'em.

  • Dakota Coleman
    Dakota Coleman 5 years ago

    AWWWWW!!!! 1:43 SOUNDS LIKE A CAT :3

    • Quayhen
      Quayhen 3 months ago

      Dakota Coleman they are related to cats.

  • DeathstormX
    DeathstormX 5 years ago +30

    Wow right at the beginning is hilarious..
    "This is the typical Hyena greeting..."
    *Hyena pisses on other Hyenas face*

    • Lime Lives Matter
      Lime Lives Matter 4 years ago

      I Got So Pissed, Said The Hyena XD

    • wonder girl
      wonder girl 4 years ago +1

      It's not pissing xD Its letting the other hyena smell it so that they recognize them

  • shay mizrahi
    shay mizrahi 5 years ago

    Dafuq?!?!? Its hyena lorn!!!

  • Roman Katayama
    Roman Katayama 5 years ago +22

    they are so cute

    • spaide98
      spaide98 5 years ago +7

      @Daniel Fox You eat your prey alive, don't you?

    • spaide98
      spaide98 5 years ago +1

      @Daniel Fox And you fox?

    • spaide98
      spaide98 5 years ago

      Especially when they eat dead corps

  • T 25
    T 25 5 years ago

    holy hyena weina

  • Deanna Gorton
    Deanna Gorton 5 years ago +5

    oddly this is what i sound like

  • Har Q
    Har Q 5 years ago +6

    Shenzi, Banzai, & Ed xD

    • sweetener
      sweetener 5 years ago

      I was just gonna say that 😂

  • turtleLoC831
    turtleLoC831 5 years ago

    That's what I sound like haha

  • Gerald Meister
    Gerald Meister 5 years ago

    I sound like this when I laugh. It's weird and it sometimes annoys people.

  • K. CHAN
    K. CHAN 5 years ago

    Hyena's laugh....but


  • christian pires
    christian pires 5 years ago

    imagine at night pitch black

  • ShadowHyena Seymour
    ShadowHyena Seymour 6 years ago +1

    Trust me.. It's quite pleasurable. I'm a hyena myself so I know what it's like. :P

    DELXAC TVV 6 years ago

    Hyenas love 69

  • Anti Humanity
    Anti Humanity 6 years ago

    2:04 the best laugh ever

  • drake colice
    drake colice 6 years ago

    me and my buddy were just listening to a bunch of those stupid things outside of our community we thought they were a bunch of dogs fighting until I heard that laugh, gave me goosebumps all over my back

  • Brittany Nicole
    Brittany Nicole 6 years ago

    It's like..animal porn

  • Bull Zye
    Bull Zye 6 years ago +1

    Even better: female hyenas mate and GIVE BIRTH through their clitoris. The males have to practice from infancy to be able to get the angle just right, and almost 50% of first-time hyena mothers die in childbirth due to the extreme tearing of the clitoris from passing a 4-inch baby through that thing.
    Damn nature, you're fascinatingly weird.

  • Bull Zye
    Bull Zye 6 years ago +2

    The males are forced to lick the matriarch's giant clitoris as a sign of submission. If one refuses, she'll attack him, knock him down, and force it into his face until he does.
    No, I'm dead serious.

    • AuBurney Tuckerson
      AuBurney Tuckerson Year ago

      Bull Zye sorry, but it's hard to take those words seriously. (Laughs childishly like a hyena)

  • Casara Ford
    Casara Ford 6 years ago

    they said it was ed,edd and eddy on lion king

  • Napesy
    Napesy 6 years ago +1


  • Greg Tale
    Greg Tale 6 years ago +1

    Animals doing a 69 position while standing!

    LILLYWAYNA 6 years ago

    lol i thought you talked about their penis

  • Emily Horan
    Emily Horan 6 years ago +1

    No, the laugh makes me wanna throw a party with only that in the background. I love their laugh.

    LILLYWAYNA 6 years ago

    you're such a perv

  • Foo June Lian
    Foo June Lian 6 years ago

    they look wierder compared to Lion King

  • Lil Aerodactyl
    Lil Aerodactyl 6 years ago

    Such a cool sound... creepy aswell.. amazing creatures creepy and interesting

  • youngknicks7
    youngknicks7 6 years ago


  • Haaniyah Ali
    Haaniyah Ali 6 years ago

    Creepy... My name backwards is pronounced hyaena and that's how I greet my best friend :)

  • theCrpldOrphnPrjct
    theCrpldOrphnPrjct 6 years ago +1

    My friends and I greet like that too

  • Schoolgirl509
    Schoolgirl509 6 years ago

    Omg so funny

  • Lana Summers
    Lana Summers 6 years ago +1

    Are the female hyenas with the giant clitoris's getting eaten out by the male hyenas? Is that what I just saw? Hyena's have oral sex WTF?!