Lindsey Stirling - "Hold My Heart" feat. ZZ Ward

  • Published on Nov 16, 2016
  • Lindsey's album Brave Enough out worldwide featuring "Hold My Heart" w/ ZZ Ward!
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  • Amy lou Rogers
    Amy lou Rogers Day ago +1

    He looked like a ken doll in my opinion

  • Ayskel Jaramillo

    Mi vídeo Favorito... vestuario, música y el baile... lo amo.

  • LPSSavyCatGaming
    LPSSavyCatGaming 4 days ago

    When the first minute passed I was like "ooh! Alice and Wonderland Genderbend!"

  • lololo lolol
    lololo lolol 5 days ago

    Alice in wonderland gender swap

  • WonderfulWoman 12207


  • Maricuchita Briceño
    Maricuchita Briceño 10 days ago

    I love you lindsey

  • GalacticPawz
    GalacticPawz 10 days ago

    Genderbend for Alice in Wonderland

  • Perpetua Otene
    Perpetua Otene 11 days ago

    Am I the only one that can hear a hint of the "Lost Girls" melody in this?? I still love it, but I just cant get over it.

  • Mark Matias
    Mark Matias 12 days ago +1

    Straight Jezzabel

  • Paweł Kowalczyk
    Paweł Kowalczyk 12 days ago

    Perfect with LSD.

  • I like Wolves
    I like Wolves 13 days ago

    13.019.385 views. 40% was me.

  • Musical LOL's Channel of random crap

    Song was good. The video made me question my sanity.

  • Daniella Auguste
    Daniella Auguste 15 days ago

    So creative

  • Kawaiipotatosister 7209

    This is like a genderbend Alice in Wonderland.

  • Darren Milne
    Darren Milne 15 days ago

    I love you Lindsey

  • Amilcar Barillas
    Amilcar Barillas 17 days ago

    10,000000000000000000000000000000% asome

  • Enjoy Life with Me
    Enjoy Life with Me 18 days ago

    3:05 did she just twerk on him?

  • lauracox sitz
    lauracox sitz 19 days ago

    my son showed me a video Skyrim and I liked it Thank You son.

  • katanyash
    katanyash 20 days ago

    У НЕЁ ХУЙ!

  • Kat Chartrand
    Kat Chartrand 20 days ago

    I love Lindsey's make up

  • Ilderan Santos
    Ilderan Santos 22 days ago

    Lindsey Stirling with Daniel cloud duo perfect in hold my heart happy BIRD

  • tsundere Chan
    tsundere Chan 22 days ago +1

    Were missing da mad hatter and alice and chesire cat. We already have da white rabbit and da queen of hearts

  • Cocomaym Termors
    Cocomaym Termors 22 days ago

    I swear that guy had contour done cause those cheek bones be POPING!!!

  • Tiara Smith actress
    Tiara Smith actress 22 days ago

    This is awesome

  • Jacek Rużyczka
    Jacek Rużyczka 22 days ago

    Lindsey in the Land of Oneiroids

  • Константин Эрнст

    Lindsey, yo a best)))

  • joseline ramirez monserraat

    You Sing and Play Beautiful 👏❤️🎻🎻🎻

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger 24 days ago

    Alice in Wonderland vibes here.

  • Владимир Захаров

    Ты прекрасна

  • Riss728
    Riss728 26 days ago

    I thought Rosanna Pansino had a part in this is there another version

  • martazajac39
    martazajac39 27 days ago

    its alan in wonder land starring lindsey bunny and alan

  • nebula
    nebula 27 days ago

    Ive been listening to Lindsey songs for so long and right now I'm so angry that ive JUST discovered this! Can't believe I'd missed this

  • Cecilia Ledesma
    Cecilia Ledesma Month ago

    i love your songs

  • mike thompson
    mike thompson Month ago

    I am you're #1 Fan I love dis song :)

  • Daniel M.
    Daniel M. Month ago

    Some of the dance moves seem a bit sexual/seducing. I know you are better than this!!!

  • Uleule
    Uleule Month ago

    Dont need a man to hold ma hand i just need one to hold my HAT !

  • Jacob Egts
    Jacob Egts Month ago

    I love this piece and I usually watch it after lost girls and dance of the sugar plum fairy

  • nicole tichenor
    nicole tichenor Month ago

    linsey you are the best were do you live i love how you dance can you come to my house and do this i live in to home's st. paul

  • BardInBlue
    BardInBlue Month ago

    White Rabbit and Mad Hatter in one! Very nice!

  • Dora Zamarripa
    Dora Zamarripa Month ago +1

    WOW that's awesome, Finally a male version of wonder land. It's was outstanding fictional and amazing to watch,very creative. Love it ! song was right on😀😀😀😀😀

  • ImmersiveAs Fuck
    ImmersiveAs Fuck Month ago

    Lindsey did well as the white rabbit. And zz ward as the heart/red queen.

  • Jessica Pahwa
    Jessica Pahwa Month ago

    This is gold!!!

  • Daniela Melara
    Daniela Melara Month ago +1

    LOVE M.... MALE

  • Rosa Benitez Amorim

    Love love

  • Ken Henry
    Ken Henry Month ago

    That's a Beautiful bunny honey.

  • Angie Rojas
    Angie Rojas Month ago

    You are verry talented

  • Angie Rojas
    Angie Rojas Month ago

    I love the violín

  • sonny greenley
    sonny greenley Month ago

    Alice in Wonderland on even more drugs.

  • Felipe Tourinho
    Felipe Tourinho Month ago

    Does anyone know from where the begining of the song is? I'm almost certain there's a famous composition that starts just like that.

  • Salma Alam
    Salma Alam Month ago

    Hey, there any Crybabies out there! #CrybabyForLife♥

  • Pack-A-Productions
    Pack-A-Productions Month ago

    Woah Lindsey!
    Not sure thats appropriate... 3:05

  • Sharon Urquhart-gilbert

    You are my favorite and my grandma loves your music and you are talented

  • Carina Maria G.
    Carina Maria G. Month ago

    I love this music!It's full of life,it's wonderful,and,the talent of Lindsey and the vocals of ZZ combined total a wonderful and great music and scene!I listen it every hour!And...right now I'm listening to it!This music should be already on TV and at the radio!I love it so much!Keep going,Lindsey!You're awesome!!

  • The Black Dog
    The Black Dog 2 months ago

    I would love to see Lindsey collaborate with Haley Reinhart.

  • Daniela Melara
    Daniela Melara 2 months ago

    Love lalalalalihapyy.😀

  • SkyLight Gameuse
    SkyLight Gameuse 2 months ago +1

    Alec in Wonderland

  • Cheshire cat
    Cheshire cat 2 months ago

    When will you come home to utah? I want to go to ur show

  • Tiana Ewing
    Tiana Ewing 2 months ago

    This is my favourite music video of Linseys, it's so fun to watch

  • Дарина Галицька

    Мені дуже сподобалось і оформлення і сама пісня

  • perrinooo
    perrinooo 2 months ago

    Retired military here. Love your music Lindsey. Was at the Military Exchange (department store-like store) this past weekend and heard this song playing over the music system in the store.Thought that was pretty cool.

  • Regina Violin
    Regina Violin 2 months ago

    La verdad él vídeo se me hizo algo raro, pero hay que admitirlo, todos los vídeos musicales de Lindsey son muy buenos

  • Sparklingmoon Aj
    Sparklingmoon Aj 2 months ago +1

    He must be scared of girls now XD

  • Pika PikaPi
    Pika PikaPi 2 months ago

    She only used violin to play different genres ..
    It's so amazing ..

  • hello happy
    hello happy 2 months ago

    immerse myself in your music like when everything goes wrong and just a pure happiness

  • MasterMech77
    MasterMech77 2 months ago

    Best looking white rabbit ever!!!

  • Borland _240
    Borland _240 2 months ago

    As I understand it, playing and dancing Lindsey Stirling and sings ZZ Ward. In any case, this "Alice in Wonderland" I liked it.

  • Reina Moreira
    Reina Moreira 2 months ago

    2:54, SEND HELP!!!!!

  • Moon Kitty
    Moon Kitty 2 months ago +1

    QUEEN! <3

  • Luciferrari
    Luciferrari 2 months ago

    Yeah, this is super awesome!

  • Sandy186
    Sandy186 2 months ago +1

    This song is best ❤️❤️

  • Alexis Bidwill
    Alexis Bidwill 2 months ago

    your gana win dancing with the stars glad you feel better

  • Missy S
    Missy S 2 months ago

    Alex in wonderland!

  • lorenia ortega paredes
    lorenia ortega paredes 2 months ago

    It`s great

  • Mona Lisa
    Mona Lisa 2 months ago


  • Kamila Camila
    Kamila Camila 2 months ago


  • Aman Patra
    Aman Patra 2 months ago


  • LESTAT853
    LESTAT853 2 months ago

    Знаешь Линдсей, когда скрипка не ограничивает твой танец, он выглядит ещё лучше. Пожалуйста, чаще радуй нас танцем, без инструмента.

  • RubyRainbowCat :3
    RubyRainbowCat :3 2 months ago

    Reverse Alice in wonderland ... nice 👌🏻

  • Sharon Urquhart-gilbert


  • Sharon Urquhart-gilbert

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤😄😄😘😄❤😄😘😄❤😘😄😄❤😄😘❤😘❤😄😄😘😄❤

  • Dark Absol
    Dark Absol 2 months ago

    Lindsey looks like she’s wearing one of those Snapchat filters XD
    Nonetheless, she looks AMAZING

  • David Jennings
    David Jennings 2 months ago

    THANK YOU MADE llife more loved sorry about the cap im hhaving trouble

  • Douglas Amaral Carvalho


  • Flamehopes
    Flamehopes 2 months ago

    Whenever I see the guy who played "Alex" in this music video, he reminds me of Newt Scamander.

  • VerticAlign Posture Coaching

    I just love this and all your videos!

  • SmartyPants1542 J
    SmartyPants1542 J 2 months ago

    "Dance not you! Dang rabbit!!" Good job Lin

  • CAEB YT06 YT06
    CAEB YT06 YT06 3 months ago

    o more music i love your music

  • Ensiyeh Khansari
    Ensiyeh Khansari 3 months ago

    She is so good at the violin!

  • Lothar Behne
    Lothar Behne 3 months ago


  • Mei Kazuki
    Mei Kazuki 3 months ago

    Waw so nice performance Lindsey

  • Элизабэт Star
    Элизабэт Star 3 months ago

    класс , супер я тоже учусь на скрипке играть

  • Jack Blankenship
    Jack Blankenship 3 months ago

    Lindsey, Pure Talent! Keep doing what you are doing my Sister-In-THE LORD! 4ProofOfGod.Com
    Please let me know if you ever come to Fresno California or the area. I would love to see a live show.
    Your the best! 559ChristianEvents.Com, I'll promote your event for free! (Just started this service. You were/are my inspiration!)

  • Ari Kirisaki
    Ari Kirisaki 3 months ago

    Is it me or the music matches a lot with the Lost Girls music video?

  • Darren Milne
    Darren Milne 3 months ago

    Amazing as always I Love you Lindsey

  • Jack Tellner
    Jack Tellner 3 months ago

    "This song features vocals by bluesy songstress ZZ Ward. 'I came into the session saying, "I don't want a man to hold my hand. I just want one to hold my heart,"' Stirling recalled. ''That's the tagline of the song. I knew the feeling for the music and ZZ and I wrote the lyrics together.'"

  • Pink Fairy
    Pink Fairy 3 months ago

    There are sooooo many sexual undertones in this video; coming from somone who's a big Lindsey Stirling fan, it's really weird to see her being provocative. But the song itself is great!

  • Franny Becker
    Franny Becker 3 months ago

    Top D+++++ este canal ganhou mais uma inscrita ✨🌷💖🌷✨
    Love you ✨🌷🇧🇷🌷✨

  • Are Kant
    Are Kant 3 months ago

    Love it

  • Pattitra 123
    Pattitra 123 3 months ago +1

    This should be a movie
    I mean the music, the singing, the dancing and the acting is AMAZING

  • the the the the THE GRINCH

    Please don't turn Alice in Wonderland into a misandry icon😒