iPhone 11 Pro - The Cycle Ends

  • Published on Sep 25, 2019
  • 5 days later on the iPhone 11 Pro. IMO the best camera smartphone right now.

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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  2 months ago +1947

    I know a lot of you are HUGE camera fans. Is this camera upgrade enough for you to pickup a new iPhone 11 this year?

    • Dividenden Hai
      Dividenden Hai 7 days ago

      Im switchting from a S7 Edge Samsung Device, and hella yes its worth the price. It has the best Efficient face unlock imho on the market and delivers a 7Nm chip which is new and will at least last for software for the next decade. Plus the design and software mix everything smooth

    • Mike Le
      Mike Le 15 days ago

      @Cheezzjus usb C is better charging. Macbooks actually use USB c cables. The tips are just modified for the ports.
      Simple google search will tell ya that.
      If you've been watching his reviews on laptops, you would have also seen that.

    • James Arnold
      James Arnold 25 days ago

      I love the camera but it’s not enough to upgrade this year. I’ll wait until the 2020 iPhone comes out next year.

    • Zombital
      Zombital 26 days ago

      Honestly yes, I have the iPhone 11 Pro, I love the AMOLED screen, the speakers are insane and the camera is the cherry on top. Sure it is lacking usb-C but the lighting cable feels more secure and I don’t really use any USB-C devices. RAM management on iOS is insanely good so that’s not an issue.

    • FLAME_Surfynugcity
      FLAME_Surfynugcity Month ago

      Yes because i am stuck with a iphone 5

  • Ryan K
    Ryan K Day ago +1

    it still shocks me that dave is standing in these videos

  • codenameXenos
    codenameXenos Day ago

    1:57 - 3:04 That's the exact thought I have every year about iPhone. I back that. I'll better wait for iPhone 12, rather not switching to 11 with 3 ugly looking cameras and lacking 5G.
    Note: I'm a long term Android user. And I must agree I'm very much impressed with the camera quality, but sadly not the design.

  • Jesse Thames
    Jesse Thames 2 days ago

    I have never seen someone try so hard to find things to hate about any phone ever😂 like those were some pretty far reaches to justify your dislike of this phone which without a shadow of a doubt is the best phone that has ever came to the market place😂 I guess he never got over apple switching to lightning😂

  • Nipun Katariya
    Nipun Katariya 4 days ago

    3:36 Everyone when Apple still uses lightning connector next year

  • SodiumhypoBromite
    SodiumhypoBromite 4 days ago +2

    Absolutely nobody:
    This guy: "Video length? 4:20"

  • just a random educated human

    1:07 I want that fork so bad...

  • Ash Geo
    Ash Geo 5 days ago

    The takeaway is that if you can’t hold on to your current phone any longer, better get the iPhone 11 Pro rather than the 11. The 11 and the Xr would really look odd when the next gen becomes common.

  • Malik Khaski
    Malik Khaski 5 days ago +2

    iPhone 11 Pro: I'm the best camera right now
    OnePlus 7T: Hold my beer

    • E-Vids
      E-Vids 4 days ago

      The 7T camera is kinda nuts

  • Bill Zipprich
    Bill Zipprich 5 days ago

    iPhone 11 Pro is clearly the best cellphone available. You would have to come up with bullshit reasons to say otherwise. Its ok to support other companies like Samsung, etc. but don’t try and say their stuff is as good as Apple...this cellphone cycle. It makes you look dumb.

  • MyStranger10
    MyStranger10 5 days ago

    I´m really sick of my HTC One M7 but I´m going to wait one more year for the iPhone 12.

  • Suhas HE
    Suhas HE 6 days ago

    Nobody cares about universal charging except youtubers or 0.001% of entire world population

  • Dividenden Hai
    Dividenden Hai 7 days ago

    What are they going to bring out next year? 11 Pro S and Pro max S ?

  • Dragon Gaming
    Dragon Gaming 8 days ago

    Yeah bro apples marketing sucks that's not fair

  • Prottoy Piash Mahmud

    you are an apple hater? doesn't seems so :v

  • Sheev Palpatine
    Sheev Palpatine 9 days ago +2

    Never buying a device that doesn't use Type-C.

  • Jon Fraser
    Jon Fraser 9 days ago

    I feel the same, still using the iPhone X and it's been good. Will wait for next year to upgrade.

  • wetti
    wetti 10 days ago

    It’s like how much more do you need from a phone? Unless ur some feature maniac the phone you get with any new iPhone is enough for most people lmao

  • Shola A.
    Shola A. 10 days ago

    Finally. Some honest conversation. great video mate. short, succinct, informative.

  • NoahHamdi
    NoahHamdi 14 days ago +1

    why is daves beard blue

  • Mohammed hussain
    Mohammed hussain 14 days ago +1

    4 minutes 20 seconds. Beautiful

  • Milan Pjevic
    Milan Pjevic 18 days ago

    I really love the review. Thank you.

  • Josh Neal
    Josh Neal 18 days ago

    Every apple cycle is the same. When the first one comes out. You shouldn’t get this because it’s a new kind of iPhone and it hasn’t been refined yet, wait till next year. Then the second one comes out. Ok this is good but you shouldn’t buy this because you already have last years model. Then the third one comes out and everyone is mad AF because they didn’t change enough. Wait til next year. Then repeat.

  • Christopher Yako
    Christopher Yako 19 days ago

    I am hoping 2020 is going to be a huge change. I have used Samsung phones since 2012. I want to get an iPhone but they don't seem impressive..

  • Ikram Hasan
    Ikram Hasan 21 day ago

    @Dave Lee loved the bicycle in the video. The outlook of the bike is awesome.

  • Lord Micheal
    Lord Micheal 24 days ago

    Give it to me

  • aakarsh chandranahu
    aakarsh chandranahu 24 days ago

    iPhones r worst.

  • Blake Walton
    Blake Walton 24 days ago

    Ima still get the 11 pro cuz I don’t feel like waiting

  • Jude Bautista
    Jude Bautista 24 days ago

    One of the best reviewers. Great aesthetics. 👍👍

  • Misbah Iqbal
    Misbah Iqbal 25 days ago

    Dave very less people in this world are organised like you are

  • Cortinablue1973
    Cortinablue1973 25 days ago

    dave, look how carefully you put the oneplus down "2:00", hahahahaha...

  • Acesuprol 2107
    Acesuprol 2107 25 days ago

    iPhone 12 is possibly the first apple phone ill buy. Just on 2 conditions. Needs to have a fingerprint scanner and they got to lose that horrible notch. Currently using Galaxy S10 and this phone is pretty much perfect. Went to apple store near by and played around with iphones, theyre simply inferior. But i wanna try out something different for a change and hope the iphone 12 is gonna be worthy.

  • TomahawkPrime
    TomahawkPrime 25 days ago

    1:57-3:03 perfectly sums up whats wrong with iphones these days

  • Aditya Bhardwaj
    Aditya Bhardwaj 25 days ago

    2:46 Let me stop you right there. All the features you mentioned will NOT take just a year to implement for any company, but Apple likes to polish their products, so it’s natural for them to take more time.

  • Siew Yong Li
    Siew Yong Li 26 days ago

    apple comes out with a new iphone.
    People criticize it for being ugly and not worth the money spec.
    Other companies proceed to copy it's design and produce phone with higher spec but somehow not as smooth as Iphone.

  • Xue Han Neo
    Xue Han Neo 26 days ago

    Caterpillar on box: This leaf feels and tastes weird...

  • TheDude
    TheDude 26 days ago

    Literally the only people I ever hear complain about Lightning cables are Tech TVcliprs. No person in real life I've encountered has had an issue with it. If anything the average iPhone user doesn't even know what USB-C is other than it's the "Android cable" as I've heard it referred as multiple times.

  • job3ztah
    job3ztah 26 days ago

    i think apple will make lighting port 2.0 that should beat usb c.

  • Hakim Zzz
    Hakim Zzz 27 days ago

    does anyone know where to get the wallpaper Dave uses on his iphone 11 pro? it's beautiful!

  • ItsPilotMasterMike
    ItsPilotMasterMike 27 days ago

    iPhone 5S: No more Old Home button
    iPhone 7: No more headphone jack
    iPhone X: No more home button
    iPhone 13: No More Screen
    iPhone 15: No more phone

  • Pere Ruaix
    Pere Ruaix 27 days ago

    I am waiting for iPhone 13 hoping for that notch removal and usb-c implementation (coming from Android so been using usb-c for a while and don't want to change to lighting port).
    If they don't actually redesign next year it'll be very annoying

  • Akino Awong
    Akino Awong 28 days ago

    I think the third year is the year of perfection that why i think i would be getting my first iphone . Samsung perfect there idea on the second year note 8 to note 9. The note 9 is still talked about because of the all round package.

  • khrom
    khrom 28 days ago

    no 90hz it's automatically shit

  • jakedizzle
    jakedizzle 29 days ago

    Still rocking my SE. Hoping they come out with an SE2 next year.

  • Quest4Truth
    Quest4Truth Month ago

    This will be the last phone before they go to 5g death machine so that’s why I’m gettin this one i refuse to support an purchase any 5g device that shit is going to fuck us all up

  • C Ort
    C Ort Month ago

    IPhone IOS needs to be the same as the new ipad os tbh if they want me to buy that phone

  • Aruna Solanki
    Aruna Solanki Month ago +14

    Dave with iPhone 11 pro in hand: I'm not buying this phone.

  • DeRun Ren
    DeRun Ren Month ago

    This guy is a clown to say apple has the best overall camera. Huawei tops everyone in the camera dept period.

  • Matt Buell
    Matt Buell Month ago

    Dave Lee likes to mtb? Lets go

  • sagaciousid
    sagaciousid Month ago

    Maybe you have a point.. But “not doing what others are doing RIGHT NOW” and being a trillion dollar company are two separate topics. Just because a company is worth a trillion dollars, it doesn’t mean they are capable of implementing everything in ONE YEAR. Samsung did it with their on screen finger print sensor. Google did it with Face ID; well technically it took more than a year. But look at what that got them.Things don’t work that way Dave.

  • gm16v149
    gm16v149 Month ago

    I just bought an 11 Pro after using a 6S for a few years. Things I like best: Face ID, improved battery life, quality of photos and video, and the video stabilisation is excellent. Big improvements on my old 6S that’s for sure.

  • Maximum Dank
    Maximum Dank Month ago

    Did you move to the burbs?

  • I know AppleOS
    I know AppleOS Month ago

    I have a iPhone 4s 😭

  • xeroone1
    xeroone1 Month ago

    These guys look for stuff to complain about. I don’t change my phone every year. My current iPhone is a 6 plus. I plan to upgrade next week. This will be a massive upgrade from my perspective. Complaining about refresh rates, charging ports and aesthetics is pointless to me. I just want an easy user experience and the Apple ecosystem to make my life easier.

  • Philip Capanas
    Philip Capanas Month ago +1

    Yass. Diglet slaying the modeling industry!

  • Kifter
    Kifter Month ago +6

    literally every year apple fans keep saying " just gonna wait for next years, heard it was going to be much better "
    There is no next year and every year is a disappointment

  • Garuda Revolution
    Garuda Revolution Month ago

    Are u Indonesian people?

  • Provuze
    Provuze Month ago

    What happened to the caterpillar

  • nestor daniel marin madrigal

    Lo podrías poner subtítulos en español
    Gracias !!!

  • Vermont Blues Player

    100% accurate... wait, or if you can’t wait, just get a Samsung !!!