10 Reasons Why Cats are better than Dogs!


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  • Cole and Marmalade
    Cole and Marmalade  11 months ago +246

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    • TheCatMaster Meow
      TheCatMaster Meow 29 days ago +1

      Cole and Marmalade
      1. Cats
      2. Cats
      I love cats I have FOUR cats at my house! Cats are the best animal anyone could have

    • TheCatMaster Meow
      TheCatMaster Meow 29 days ago +1

      Dogs Of GOD nah cats are better

    • TheCatMaster Meow
      TheCatMaster Meow 29 days ago +1

      Matthias Dubisar yeah I know right cats are like the best

    • TheCatMaster Meow
      TheCatMaster Meow 29 days ago +1


    • TheCatMaster Meow
      TheCatMaster Meow 29 days ago +1

      Fish house!!! and two cats! DOGS ARE WEAK

  • Qiska And Chara
    Qiska And Chara 19 hours ago

    Dogs aren't that weak or bad cuz some of them are cute and listens to you but I love cats and I like dogs. They are both good but these people won't stop arguing and I am tired of it

  • Abimations
    Abimations 20 hours ago

    I’m sitting with my German Shepard and he does not appreciate this 😂
    Just kidding, I’m an all round animal lover (might be a little bit biased because of my dog but I’ve owned a cat before) but to each their own, we shouldn’t fight over this because everyone has their opinions. Fighting over something that’s purely opinion based is just a waste of time

  • Shook Kitty
    Shook Kitty Day ago

    cats will always win my heart

  • The lord Thor Singh

    I like dogs better and dogs do more tricks they are more useful than useless cats they are more cute and better pets I think dogs are waaaaaaaaay better than cats and it’s my opinion and you can’t change it

  • Evelyn J
    Evelyn J 2 days ago

    Tbh i love cats because they are relaxed and don’t go in your face as much as dogs and gives you place but have their moments when they are very sweet :)

  • al meknassi
    al meknassi 2 days ago +1

    stop fighting on which is better cats and dogs are both great pets

  • groovin tunes
    groovin tunes 2 days ago +1

    I believe dogs are the clearly better, the reason I believe this is because cats are the one main reason that millions of song birds die each year... Also if your cat is free range i would heavily suggest turning he/she into a house cat it will save a lot of song birds lives in your area. also cats actually don't kill many mice, I would suggest getting a terrier way better for getting the rats and mice

  • FinNote
    FinNote 3 days ago

    Dogs aren't

  • Galaxy Queen
    Galaxy Queen 3 days ago +2

    2 dogs killed a kitten i had. Its a good reason for me to hate dogs

    • Galaxy Queen
      Galaxy Queen 2 days ago

      +Tew Stronge well i hate those who kill cats

    • Tew Stronge
      Tew Stronge 3 days ago +1

      Galaxy Queen that’s just bad dogs it doesn’t mean all are bad

  • LionVenom
    LionVenom 4 days ago

    I hate literally all dogs except for 2, My first dog Charlie 2006 - 2011 and my aunts dog Sydney 2003 ----
    I like only those 2 because they like me and they are the only dogs I've met that HAVEN'T BITTEN ME, I have 3 scars on my face from an Akita bite, and 2 on my left leg from an angry Chihuahua, cats are nice and I'm a cat person, I like all animals except for dogs.

    • LionVenom
      LionVenom 3 days ago

      +Tew Stronge how am I dumb? I stated a fact that every dog I've met has bitten me and that's the truth, you can't call me dumb for that.

    • Tew Stronge
      Tew Stronge 3 days ago

      LionVenom dummy

    CIA 4GENT 4 days ago +1

    Even in islam cats are better and cleaner only use dogs to guard your house from outside.

    • Qiska And Chara
      Qiska And Chara 19 hours ago

      In Islam, they're rule is also not to touch dogs

    HIZZLE X 5 days ago


    HIZZLE X 5 days ago


  • Rational America
    Rational America 6 days ago


  • Tom A.
    Tom A. 6 days ago

    Dogs are more loyal! I love my kitty but my beagle awesome

  • Fire Kitty Anna banana
    Fire Kitty Anna banana 6 days ago +1

    I hate dogs so much they are so gross and I’m watching this becuz I was making my perfect slime and there was paper on my floor cause the dog peed and the paper was there still but anyways my puppy just HAD to show up at this exact time and I had to get him out so I had to hold my very droopy slime and pull the dog by the collar out the room but then I was ALMOST OUT of my room then had to swing my hand becuz my dog tried to eat the slime then the slime landed straight on the paper!!! And then my slime was ruined!!! I’m officially scared for life!!!! Ughhh!!! Cats rule dogs drool!!! 😼😼😼😼😼😼

    • Sabrina Star
      Sabrina Star 3 days ago

      I HATE DOGS!!!! They broke a kittens leg! Luckily it healed...

    • Galaxy Queen
      Galaxy Queen 3 days ago +2

      Fire Kitty Anna banana I had a kitten in my yard it was sick i healed it, it was playing and so happy. One night 2 dogs came to my yard and chased it. I am sure they killed my kitten. I hate dogs

  • Olivia M
    Olivia M 8 days ago

    Dogs are to crazy for me. I prefer cats. They are quieter and more peaceful in my opinion. But I love all animals.

  • Stella Steppling
    Stella Steppling 8 days ago

    I am crying I am sorry but I love dogs🐶

  • Parker Heinze
    Parker Heinze 9 days ago

    I love both, but cats are the best!

  • Trouts of Insanity
    Trouts of Insanity 9 days ago

    Cats definitely don’t treat guests politely. I was at my friend’s house and the cat kept starring into my soul and hissing when I wasn’t even making contact

  • atheistbanerjee008
    atheistbanerjee008 9 days ago +1

    my kitties, my life...I can't think a single day without my white fluffballs...!!!

  • Jon the Wolf
    Jon the Wolf 9 days ago +1

    2:00 lol the cat with those eyes like "you think i'm a dog!?"

  • Mimi Lokuku
    Mimi Lokuku 10 days ago

    I hate all animal on earth

    • Qiska And Chara
      Qiska And Chara 19 hours ago

      That means you hate God's creation of animals so go to hell

  • Nathan TSP
    Nathan TSP 10 days ago +1

    I like both cats and dogs, because I have a dog, but maybe I like cats a little bit more.
    Yeah, I like cats more, IM SO SORRY MY DOGGOS T~T

    • groovin tunes
      groovin tunes 2 days ago

      www.businessinsider.com/cats-kill-billions-of-birds-and-mammals-each-year-2014-12 hopefully this helps you like dogs more

  • 백 요한Jush
    백 요한Jush 10 days ago

    I believe cats are better because you don’t cry as much when they die

    I’m sorry

  • Sawsan Kevarkis
    Sawsan Kevarkis 11 days ago

    No dogs are better

  • Dwight Turner
    Dwight Turner 12 days ago +1

    In the thumbnail, Marmalade was smiling for the camera. So cute.

    xXWOLF KINGDOMXx 12 days ago


  • Abdullah Pukunum
    Abdullah Pukunum 13 days ago


  • chubby instagram button

    So true

    Aand my cat broke into my room and meowed loudly as ı was about to pet him he ran away while i was writing this comment

  • Blueberry
    Blueberry 14 days ago

    Wow the last one made my day

  • Dinairis Fernandez
    Dinairis Fernandez 15 days ago

    Cats are not better than dog's they are both cute. You are dumb.you make me sad.😢

  • Read My About Page PLS

    Cats rule! I love cats so much. Dogs. Meh. Loud and weird. I have a cat and love my cat. (His name is Cash because he's black, if you get were the name comes from it's a famous musician.)

  • stewart97ful
    stewart97ful 16 days ago

    I like cats becuz I'm allergic to dogs.

    SHICHIBUKAIPX4 16 days ago +3

    Cat Owners: I love cats and love dogs too but prefer a cat.
    Dog Owners: Dogs are the besssstt! cats are fucking spawn of satans!

  • RedWolf & More
    RedWolf & More 17 days ago +1

    No pet is the best. Both are amazing. I don't understand people sometimes.

    • Abimations
      Abimations 19 hours ago

      Same I love both pets, I’ve owned both before

  • ashok newa
    ashok newa 17 days ago +1

    Dogs are WAY MORE better than cats


  • Zaynah Dad
    Zaynah Dad 17 days ago

    cats are funnier cuz they dumb

  • Zaynah Dad
    Zaynah Dad 17 days ago

    are u dumb dogs better they bark at the door cuz there more protectful than cats
    they think it intruder

  • Cellini Rolex
    Cellini Rolex 17 days ago

    The is no room for even comparison, certainly cats are the best

  • Cristy Smith
    Cristy Smith 18 days ago

    The only dog I like is a husky. Cats are better

  • Aajah, Gates
    Aajah, Gates 18 days ago

    People is saying dog people need to die and I don’t want to die and I’m not mean

  • Julius Witter
    Julius Witter 18 days ago

    I think cats and dogs are both just as good, but cats are very cute 🐱

  • Wølfie Gaming :3
    Wølfie Gaming :3 18 days ago

    I dissagree

  • adri villagran
    adri villagran 19 days ago


  • Devin Sidhu
    Devin Sidhu 19 days ago

    Cats ignore guests.. Dogs greet guests.
    Cats have good survival instincts but insufficient intelligence to process information and learn from experience like dogs can. Basically dogs are smarter than cats.
    You will never know mutual love with a pet until you own a dog.
    Dogs are more functional and can do much more things than cats, be it sniffing out drugs or guiding the blind.
    Dogs are pack animals and are used to working in teams.
    Dogs value their owners wellbeing above all else
    Which is why, in my opinion, dogs are better than cats

  • réalta
    réalta 19 days ago

    I used to prefer dogs. Then I got a dog. It sucked.

  • Depressed Human
    Depressed Human 20 days ago

    Hey guys. I love dogs more but the owner Made this video for his Opinion. Dogs are Great too and also cats. The owner of the video just Did this because u wants To show his opinion. So Chill out crazy people.

  • HomieMarkAndAdrianBroAndCaillouYesDoraNo Vondruška


  • Adam Marius Serna
    Adam Marius Serna 20 days ago

    Dogs are more memey and cats are cute...
    which one would you choose?
    Dog or Cat

  • inky! sans
    inky! sans 21 day ago

    I dont like reading the comments seeing dogs are better or whatever really it doesn't matter who's better just imagine this guy making a random video then seeing 21k comments of ppl saying there opinion about cats and dogs that must be annoying so if someone says I like cats I think cats a better or whatever just dont hate about it that's there opinion when I was little I use to rage alot about ppl opinion then I realize that's so ridiculous so that's there opinion then that's there opinion *FOR MY OPINION* I'm crazy with cats I love cats I'm actually kinda scared of dogs ok? Thank u for wasting your time reading this

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo 22 days ago


  • Tatyana Divino
    Tatyana Divino 23 days ago

    Felidae means cat family I love felidae

  • Ryan  RC
    Ryan RC 23 days ago +1

    Dogs are better in my opinion. Cats are affectionate and nice most of the time, but they kill all the wild animals, especially birds. And they poop all over peoples lawns.

  • Terry Mellor
    Terry Mellor 23 days ago

    My cat plays with a ball

  • harvest00210
    harvest00210 24 days ago

    I absolutely love love love love cats😻. But I acquired a dog because my husband loves dogs(me not so much, but he’s still one of God’s creatures, so I treat him kind, but I love my cats) and terribly allergic to cats,That should tell you that I love my husband very much to talks on such a responsibility that I didn’t want. I’ll never have a cat again😢

  • Penny Worthington
    Penny Worthington 24 days ago

    Cats are way better my best friend yust to love cats now she like only shit dogs

  • Slimations Slime, Drawing, and more!

    I like cats a lot, but I never would want to have one bc they are quite messy. And before you comment, I never said I have dogs so don't say 'BUT DOGS ARE MESSY TOO'

  • Shadow Freddy
    Shadow Freddy 25 days ago


  • Madeline Rogegespara
    Madeline Rogegespara 25 days ago

    I mean both sorry

  • Madeline Rogegespara
    Madeline Rogegespara 25 days ago

    Everyone this starts a war in the comments
    So instead do this I love nother dog and cats 🐶🐱 sorry to spend bossy but it kinda true

  • Gigi.Grace
    Gigi.Grace 25 days ago

    Sending this to all of my friends who hate cats😭

  • Jess ica
    Jess ica 25 days ago

    I agree 😺

  • Im no allowee a name anymore

    1.they,re a cat
    2. Its a cat
    3. Everyone loves cats sorry adores cats
    4. They are adorable
    5. They can help with stress
    Thats all i have

  • SilentNight Owl
    SilentNight Owl 26 days ago


  • anthony duenas
    anthony duenas 26 days ago

    I'm sorry dog or better but I have to get out of this video right now😡

  • anthony duenas
    anthony duenas 26 days ago

    You hurt my feelings💔💔💔💔😡👎

  • anthony duenas
    anthony duenas 26 days ago

    Can we stop ask cats are awesome dogs are awesome and Dog hate and cats or hate stop asking those words💔

  • Lucina S.
    Lucina S. 26 days ago

    1 Reason Cats Are Better Than Dogs 1: They're Just Better

  • AshDaKitten
    AshDaKitten 26 days ago

    I want a cat now
    I had One but They died Q-Q

  • my destiny mizan
    my destiny mizan 26 days ago

    Dog take drugs while cat take happiness

  • anthony duenas
    anthony duenas 27 days ago +1


  • anthony duenas
    anthony duenas 27 days ago

    I hope this morn don't like in this video

  • anthony duenas
    anthony duenas 27 days ago


  • MysticWolf2008
    MysticWolf2008 27 days ago +1

    My dog chases the laser pointer...Is she alright?she never barks! And oh,
    I am a dog person,and you hurt my feelings...
    Oh damn,I just opened the description 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • anthony duenas
    anthony duenas 27 days ago


  • anthony duenas
    anthony duenas 27 days ago

    You know dogs or better because dogs are cute and dogs can run🤣🤣

  • anthony duenas
    anthony duenas 27 days ago

    I don't care my brother and my dad said dogs are better than cats I don't care😡🤗🤐🤗

  • Trena Picou
    Trena Picou 28 days ago +1

    F cats dogs are better

  • ajburgdorf
    ajburgdorf 28 days ago

    My cat plays fetch! I’m not lying!

  • ajburgdorf
    ajburgdorf 28 days ago

    I found my true fam :,)

  • Salma Yasser
    Salma Yasser 28 days ago


  • Salma Yasser
    Salma Yasser 28 days ago

    Awwwww yes

  • anthony duenas
    anthony duenas 29 days ago +1


  • Taniya C . Sekaran
    Taniya C . Sekaran 29 days ago +2

    Excuse me , what ?

  • Melani Nikolic
    Melani Nikolic Month ago

    i love dogs more than fu ck in cats!

  • Lord Dramookie
    Lord Dramookie Month ago

    It’s really just your choice

  • toxicwaste920
    toxicwaste920 Month ago

    The cat trains you, but have the train your dog.

  • Abi TheTrash
    Abi TheTrash Month ago

    I strongly disagree with this video. I have had my pet rock for about 3 months now and it hasnt bitten me, hasnt scratched me and hardly ever makes a sound. I dont need to walk it, feed it or get a large cage as it simple takes care of itself. #teamrocks

  • Agent
    Agent Month ago

    Their points aren't valid, and they can be changed if you wanted them to be changed, also the only reason this video was made was because it was sponsored, he wanted the money

  • Nigel Skeet
    Nigel Skeet Month ago

    Cats won

  • Csanád Kilián Papp

    yeah! dogs are weak! (expect when a robber comes and the dog starts to chase him)

  • SilkePlayz
    SilkePlayz Month ago

    No! They are both good!

  • Wilma Lamone
    Wilma Lamone Month ago

    Cats can protect you :)

  • Aiko Hanako
    Aiko Hanako Month ago +1

    This video is very rude, and untrue.