10 Reasons Why Cats are better than Dogs!

  • Published on Sep 1, 2014
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    CATS VS DOGS! … Are cats better than dogs or do you think it's the other way around? Let us know in the comments section!
    *This video is all for fun I love dogs too! :)
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    I love cats! Cole and Marmalade are both rescued cats, I've been making cat videos since 2008, we do our best to entertain as well as educate... We aim to make a pawsitive difference in the world, we hope you can follow us on this purrfect journey :)
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Comments • 21 629

  • Cole and Marmalade
    Cole and Marmalade  Year ago +285

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    • OffTheStory
      OffTheStory 20 days ago

      Sounds like something a cat would say

    • DanSuckzatGaming
      DanSuckzatGaming Month ago

      Cole and Marmalade u r gay cats are shit they hate me and bite me every time I go near one dogs walk up to me and lick me that’s it

    • TheCatMaster Meow
      TheCatMaster Meow Month ago


    • Kayden Agustin
      Kayden Agustin Month ago

      Dogs Of GOD .dc

    • TheCatMaster Meow
      TheCatMaster Meow Month ago


  • Kate LPS Back up
    Kate LPS Back up 5 hours ago

    Actually my aunt her dog eats bugs

  • Eashwar G.K
    Eashwar G.K Day ago

    Who love cats? comment below!!

  • Christopher Michael
    Christopher Michael 2 days ago

    My cats have fetched better than dogs. Also, dogs annoy neighbors SO MUCH, but cats? Rarely. You hear dogs through the whole neighborhood which causes a chain reaction, setting off other dogs barking for miles. Not cats. Also dogs can be dangerous, more likely to hurt someone when untrained than an untrained cat. Cats are just better imo completely. I like some dogs but would never have one again.

  • X_Hyped Pup_X YT
    X_Hyped Pup_X YT 2 days ago

    This is alll wrong ,

    I dont think you have feelings for dogs,but they are really playful,they save people from trouble,they need help,but instead this,i cant believe you can do this.
    My dog,he always loves to play with me he sneaks into the house sometimes and always comes into my room every time i come outside he always wants a belly rub.,i take him out for walks he goes down the slide😂 so i think this is wrong but i do like cats as much as dogs but i do think that this is wrong..

    And at 0:27 that is wrong,they need to know those people first.


  • Mark Bigeloe
    Mark Bigeloe 4 days ago

    True. Dogs are evil and a waste of time. And that tail wagging...so annoying!😂💖💖

    • BlueMinion Arts
      BlueMinion Arts 2 days ago

      Mark Bigeloe your annoying, why would they be so evil?!?!? Stfu

  • 慧芬蘇
    慧芬蘇 4 days ago

    No hay better porque cada uno es hermoso a su manera

  • Dubstep It Up
    Dubstep It Up 4 days ago +1

    cats are shit and that’s why ur an irrelevant bitch with no views

    1. Dogs bark like that when there’s a guest because they think it’s a criminal so what if a criminal was breaking in? You wouldn’t know.
    2. Wtf u weirdo who the fuck smells them that’s kinda gay
    3. Cats are idiots with less of a brain than dogs
    4. Wtf I could just get a paper towel and grab him. It’s pretty easy you fat lazy guy
    5. As you can see the cat doesn’t need excercise because it’s fat, dogs are more buff
    6. That isn’t much of entertainment
    7. Who cares? Do you sip some kind of tea like squidward??? Do some painting? Play an instrument really bad? wtf
    8. That means they are more defensive and can stop a guy that can try to harm you.
    9. I hear no snoring it must be quiet. Purring you can hear it and that’s kinda annoying it will get in ur head
    10. Yep that’s right. Also I hope you like 0/10 because I have just proved you wrong!
    Hope this changes your mind so like this comment and dislike this video!

    • A. K.
      A. K. 3 days ago

      Chill out it's just an his opinion no need to get defensive

  • tjf4375
    tjf4375 4 days ago +5

    Cats do listen to you, they just don't care what you're saying! :)

  • Melo Melo
    Melo Melo 4 days ago +1

    I agree at ALL PIONTS!!

  • Rajib Ahmed
    Rajib Ahmed 5 days ago +1

    All the dislikes are dog lovers 🙂🙂

  • KittenKing
    KittenKing 5 days ago

    1:28-1:29 WHAT WAS THAT?

  • tide pods
    tide pods 6 days ago

    Cats rule dogs drool.

    • kiara narvaez
      kiara narvaez 5 days ago

      +tide pods Chance: dogs rule and cats drool!

    • kiara narvaez
      kiara narvaez 5 days ago

      +tide pods I know but those are facts :D dogs do amazing things.

    • tide pods
      tide pods 5 days ago

      +kiara narvaez (cats rule dogs drool is a line from an old movie, just fyi)

    • tide pods
      tide pods 5 days ago

      +kiara narvaez next time, save the dissertation, and simply say "I disagree". Ain't nobody got time fo that!

    • kiara narvaez
      kiara narvaez 5 days ago

      Created from my dog lover friend. Every time I try to get them to like dogs, they reply back to me with the lamest, dumbest excuses and myths ever heard of. cat lovers, you need to live up to a different potential, and see the fault in what you say, not what dog lovers say.
      Here are some examples:
      "Cats clean themselves"
      Ok.. first of all, dogs clean themselves too, whether you realize it or not. And next, that is.. really gross. I don't want to pet an animal that is drenched in its own saliva! Cats are WAY dirtier than you think. They dig.. IN THEIR LITTER BOX and walk all over your counter tops and tables, etc! They spit in your face and spray all over the place. That's gross!
      "cats don't need to be taken on walks"
      Ok.. are you a person who can't get off of your couch?? Are you that lazy?? Giving dogs a walk gives you pleasant, bonding, fun exercise! Cats are too lazy for anyone!
      "cats are less vocal/more quiet"
      And.. who ever said that they cannot be freakin LOUD?? You should hear cats mating, fighting, and greeting. Plug your ears!! Who ever said that dogs can't be quiet?? The basenji makes no sound! As long as no one is at the door, dogs are relatively silent.
      "cats are easier to maintain because of independence”
      First of all, who says there aren't independent dogs? Next, cats are so independent that you see them except at dinner time... for them.
      Dogs actually love you and stick by your side and don't run away!
      Who says cats can’t hard to care for and that dogs are easier? A dog can be much easier to care for.

      "cats are smarter than dogs because they don't respond to commands while dogs do it like brainless drones"
      Wow. VERY low. Responding to commands is only proof of a dog's extraordinary social intelligence! Cats don't respond because they have no Idea what you are saying! Dogs aren't brainless drones! They love their owners and are following their instructions!
      - cats runs into the road - foo foo! Come back! - cat doesn't respond and ends up getting hit by a car -
      _ dog runs into the road - Buster! Come here! - dog listens and stays alive! "Dogs are SO needy"
      Dogs are NOT that needy. If anything, cats are more needy than dogs, wanting a cat jungle gym/house, toys, and too much petting. Dogs like to play, etc., but only on your terms. Cats simply don't care! What they will do is they will come up to you and beg for food even if they do not want any. It is so weird!!

      “cats were once worshiped as gods”
      OK, for one, dogs were worshiped too; the god Anubis is only proof of this. And second, where are these worshiped cats and great cat worshipers now?

      “cats are so much smarter than dogs”
      THAT is a HUGE insult. A dog has amazing brain capacity, as I have said before. Dogs have a social intelligence that no other animals, not even apes, have. You also have no proof that cats are even smart at all.

      “cats are better than dogs because they catch mice, while dogs fetch balls like control freaks”
      Dogs and dog lovers are NOT control freaks. I have heard this from all too many of you. Ok.. cats catching mice and leaving it at your door step is PUTRID. I am not going to pick up a dirty, bloody mouse carcass up off of anything. Dogs fetching balls is: 1.) good exercise
      2.) More clean
      3.) More friendly and fun.
      And… DOGS CATCH MICE, TOO!!! Terriers were/are bred to catch rodents and small quarry. Yorkshire terriers kept the mice in check on ships.

      “Dogs are too happy”
      Ok.. Seriously? That is all that you can come up with?? That’s the weakest attempt at a rebuttal I have ever seen. There is no such thing as being TOO happy. Having a happy dog is better than having a happy person - or cat for that matter. Who doesn’t want to come home to a wagging tail?
      “cats rule, dogs drool”
      That is also a pretty weak attempt at trying to prove anything. It only makes dog lovers madder.
      dogs do NOT drool, they do so if they are sick or hot. My lab and Chihuahuas don’t drool; we have a perfectly clean house.
      Cats drool; and I only have proof.

      “Dogs kill people and are mean and dogs bite people while a cat wouldn’t do a such thing”
      First of all, cats do a LOT of damage when scratching and biting, and second, dogs only bite people if they are told to or if they have rabies. They cannot help that. I have heard this all too often. Cat lovers believe that because they haven’t been loved by a dog that dogs are mean and vicious. Dogs are waggly - tailed, huggable buddies. Cats are at the other end of the spectrum, and are actually meaner than dogs- especially if they don’t get their way!

      “cats treat guests politely, dogs don’t”
      OK... A dog will bark when they hear a knock, but after that, they are licking a guest’s hand, or laying at your feet.
      A cat hides under the bed, or comes out and hisses at you.

  • Karmen Friars
    Karmen Friars 7 days ago

    My dog does all of these yes he eats bugs

  • 10.000 Subs with no videos.

    Dogs smarter than cats

  • Clint Lacewell
    Clint Lacewell 8 days ago

    I love cats better than dogs

  • Nathan Cox
    Nathan Cox 8 days ago +1

    Team cat 🐈

  • SummerSun Xox
    SummerSun Xox 9 days ago

    I love dogs not cats

  • KDuckly - korab6
    KDuckly - korab6 10 days ago +1

    i love cats more than dogs but i dont think its a great idea to adopt a dog or a cat or a hamster

  • Jeremy Walker
    Jeremy Walker 10 days ago

    Cats are furry little shits, I wish I could grab one and throw it in the front of a moving truck. Its so enertaining when I see cats squashed cats on the side of the road. I would even curve stomp there furry ass!! If i ever get a cat I am gonna take it to the kennel so it can be put down! HOW FUNNY WILL THAT BE😂😂 😺🔫

  • gamer foxy 12333
    gamer foxy 12333 11 days ago

    dude! wat is wrong with u!? cat and dog can be better? the hell?!

  • jancy vidya
    jancy vidya 11 days ago


  • DR Lara
    DR Lara 12 days ago +1

    I love cats

  • Marcus Alystair Ocampo

    How dare u judge dogs like that dogs save lives protect u from being robbed
    :( why not dogs? I got a 100 reasons why dogs are better than cats for yah

  • Yasmin nuhein
    Yasmin nuhein 13 days ago

    dog dirty lots bacteria

  • Yasmin nuhein
    Yasmin nuhein 13 days ago +1

    cat cleaner 😍😍😍

  • big bubba
    big bubba 13 days ago

    I think cats are nasty they take poop in a box that they walk in then climb on tables and furniture

  • Matt Newbould
    Matt Newbould 14 days ago +1

    On the last one, the cat definitely heard you, it just refused

  • Liban Abduqader Ali
    Liban Abduqader Ali 14 days ago +1

    For me i love cat

  • just an avarage artist

    Every single thing you said that is good for cats is why I hate 'em plus million more stuff.It depends from person to person so goodbyeeee.And yeah,I have a bunch of JRT too.They are crazy for lasers.

  • lariza_playz yt
    lariza_playz yt 15 days ago +2

    Awww realy LOVES CATSSS omg i think im ganna die when seing them soooooo cuteeee

  • Dog lover
    Dog lover 15 days ago

    Cats and dogs have similar smells ( my opinion )
    Dogs are guards
    Dogs are playful
    It depends on the cat's smell, attitude or personality

  • giduthuri jyothi swaroop

    Why are you showing the same dog each and every time. The dogs are more better than cats when they are well trained. They are lot of intelligent dog breeds in world

  • LegalChannel 2000
    LegalChannel 2000 15 days ago +1

    Legend says dog lovers disliked this video lol cats are cute

  • TheWorlds Greatest
    TheWorlds Greatest 15 days ago

    At least dogs can protect you from a break ins,save you from drowning,do more than just hop on counters,do tricks,🐶

  • dog lovers will save lives so

    When will the fight end

  • fluffy marshmallow
    fluffy marshmallow 16 days ago +9

    Cat persons: got a dog once but is was a mess and decided to get a cat and it was wonderful
    Dog persons: only got a dog and assume that cats are from hell

    • Panda the dog
      Panda the dog 2 days ago

      well it depends a bit in my opinion its easier to have a cat because it doesnt need so much care and its harder to own a dog because it needs a lot of care but i like dogs more because most of the dogs are more social and loyal than cats but ofcourse not all but most

    • Midori GURINU
      Midori GURINU 6 days ago

      ME about Dog Person : Are U Blind, it forbidden for me

    • Kaydra C.
      Kaydra C. 14 days ago +1

      fluffy marshmallow Exactly. They lack common sense.

  • Wisteria
    Wisteria 16 days ago

    I need allergen shots :/ dogs never listen no matter what.

  • ur mom yes
    ur mom yes 17 days ago

    10 reasons why this video proves that cats are spoiled and dogs are better

  • Uni Playz
    Uni Playz 18 days ago

    Reply to me if you like both cats and dogs

  • Susheel Ahuja
    Susheel Ahuja 19 days ago

    I like this video but I am still not quite convinced. (It is still good 😉)

  • Maria teresa Normand
    Maria teresa Normand 20 days ago

    1:dogs will be loving to ur guests, cats will hide
    3:my dog steals socks and puts bees in her nose
    4:what if u want to be nice to bugs
    5:walking ur dog is super fun and great 4 bonding
    6:dogs+balls=more entertainment and bond
    7:dogs barks r like alarms and help to guard and communicate
    8:dogs can play with anything and love it until it breaks
    9:at least it doesn't bother u
    10:JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA dogs just support u always and that is why thy r better emotional support animals

    • Mandi Broadfoot
      Mandi Broadfoot 19 days ago +1

      Ok so
      1: dogs are loving but they most likely annoy guests not so much enjoy it
      2: just stop acting like crap
      3: o-Kay?
      4: cats don’t get so big so you can just nudge them away and take care of it
      5: rain...wind...sTiLl gOtA WaLk eM!!
      6: not really...if they destroy it and run away with it it’s not very satisfying
      One quick not you keep saying mOrE bOnD as if it’s some sort of video game
      7: no...just no...they want to either be pet...or they want food... very small amounts of dogs actually “defend”
      8: I know you are probably a teen or kid, and once they destroy it it’s very unlikely you will want to spend your money on another one
      9: just not true
      10: cats are also support animals...you do realize that

  • Maria teresa Normand
    Maria teresa Normand 20 days ago

    Dogs r waaaaaaaaaay better cats just like sometimes it's more usual to have a better bond with a dog

    • Smol Bean
      Smol Bean 18 days ago

      Maria teresa Normand You can also have a great bond with your cat. I have dogs because of my parents, I love them but our bond is not that great I get annoyed by them and I have my reasons.

  • Zuzka Olejniczak
    Zuzka Olejniczak 20 days ago +4

    Cats are better 😻

  • törppö's toxic waste

    1:30 ball protec
    He attac
    I am bored out of my ac

  • Adam Gomma
    Adam Gomma 23 days ago

    They are both good. It is just an opinion

  • Maila Jennelle Magnait

    F*ck diz video 😠😠😠 such a bullshitttt

  • Dogs and cats Awesome
    Dogs and cats Awesome 24 days ago

    Stop fighting! Jeez also is this a joke it seems like a joke

  • Kindred.
    Kindred. 25 days ago

    Oh dear that clip when Cole was just a little worm melts me

  • RangoAnimations
    RangoAnimations 25 days ago +1

    I like both now can we all stop fighting?

  • RangoAnimations
    RangoAnimations 25 days ago

    I equally love them both

  • Andrew1552
    Andrew1552 26 days ago

    You can train cats! I taught mine fetch, hide and seek, sit, rollover, and many more! I even taught it a series of hand signals and finger snaps for when I want it to jump, stay, come, and go to the location I point to. They are smart animals, just depends how devoted to you they are.

  • Emily Beckett
    Emily Beckett 27 days ago +2

    Cats rule dogs drool

  • Izdet Nelson
    Izdet Nelson 28 days ago +1

    Dislikes are from cat hater that love dogs I LOVE CATS SO MUCH:D

  • AJ
    AJ 29 days ago

    I dont own a cat.

    My cat owns me.

    ALSO dogs save lives by sniffing out bombs, drugs, and weapons at the airport. There are stories where dogs saves owners and guard houses
    There are serious benifets to. In times of war dogs save soilders they even made a movie about it

    EDIT: here are some benefits www.purina.co.uk/dogs/getting-a-new-dog/finding-the-right-dog-for-me/why-dogs-make-good-pets

    But to be honest i love both lets just love both

  • LM Crayber
    LM Crayber 29 days ago

    Long story short DOGS ARE THE BEST FUCK CATS

  • Marharyta Holchuk
    Marharyta Holchuk 29 days ago

    Cats r the best!

  • ninja king what a mess

    Dogs are way better than stupid cats

  • guadalupe jimenez
    guadalupe jimenez Month ago


  • Challenge Time
    Challenge Time Month ago +1

    *All the dislikes are from dog lovers 😂😂😂*

    • Midori GURINU
      Midori GURINU 6 days ago

      or Cat Hater (they're different between Dog Lover or Cat Hater)

  • Dennis
    Dennis Month ago

    I disliked all the kids comment about their opinions, like oh my god cats are way better dogs sux, and they never experience from being a dog owner, they only see it on the internet and cats they only see it on the internet, kids this days.

    • Midori GURINU
      Midori GURINU 6 days ago

      Imo , Dog are forbidden for me because I'm Muslim

  • Lana Motaz
    Lana Motaz Month ago


  • Tropic_Sketches
    Tropic_Sketches Month ago +1

    I love cats a lot, bc they are calm but I like dogs too just not as much.

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine Month ago

    I honestly disagree.. Dogs are better pets to have. This all reffers to cat traits

  • Noa Williams
    Noa Williams Month ago

    Not true

  • Sam H
    Sam H Month ago

    I love all animals! I don't have a preference.

  • Jojorunn Animations

    Bc widE dOg is uGly and fAt

  • Александра Studios

    Wow. Just wow. I mean if it’s like that then cats aren’t the ones who gon safe you from a fucking robber. It’s how you train them and dogs are trained faster than cats. Are you mentally disordered? Just asking

  • •Lina Kocchi•
    •Lina Kocchi• Month ago

    I prefer dogs that is like chihuahua but since i am muslim i choose cats because cats are cute, same as dogs! :D

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones Month ago

    Hell yeah cats are better.

  • Steevey Bob
    Steevey Bob Month ago

    did you know, cats are easier to train, you dont even really need to train cats at all!

  • tripat8963
    tripat8963 Month ago

    Uhhh dog spelled backwards is God so dogs are very special and important more than cats

    • ABodSA21
      ABodSA21 Month ago

      Stack of emerald 64

  • tripat8963
    tripat8963 Month ago


    • ABodSA21
      ABodSA21 Month ago

      In America dogs are K9
      In china dogs ar E10

  • tripat8963
    tripat8963 Month ago

    Bro, your cat sounds like a motorcycle. And dogs don't snore!

  • tripat8963
    tripat8963 Month ago

    Cats only chase lasers because of their vision

  • tripat8963
    tripat8963 Month ago

    Birch my dog ain't trained to take walks

  • tripat8963
    tripat8963 Month ago

    0:40 why does dis have to do with this video.
    Reply if you see more dog memes than cat memes

  • tripat8963
    tripat8963 Month ago

    My dog treats guests politely bitch. When he barks he's exited fucking asshole

  • tripat8963
    tripat8963 Month ago

    This video offended me with any cats are better

  • tripat8963
    tripat8963 Month ago

    Uhh cats are bitches, they piss everywhere and it smells, they barf in your backyard and house, they get lost, they scratch you.

  • tripat8963
    tripat8963 Month ago

    Still love dogs

  • Haunted Warlock
    Haunted Warlock Month ago

    this video is bullshit. and the owners are shit.

  • hemn kamal
    hemn kamal Month ago

    Cats are the best

  • consciousnick -
    consciousnick - Month ago

    That's it? I can come up with a lot more reasons than this.

  • Mister Whatever
    Mister Whatever Month ago

    Cats don’t listen , they go outside without any permission and get ran over. Dogs don’t stink they don’t destroy toys in five minutes.

  • Harlem Mashack
    Harlem Mashack Month ago

    Well dogs are actually 2 times smarter than cats

  • flora meawy pet meaw

    Those dislike are dogs
    And cat haters

  • Indominus Spinosaurus123

    I love both

  • komang ayu
    komang ayu Month ago

    Seriously?.. why do people always judge animals? Especially cats and dogs..some of these facts are not even true! It depends on what kind of breed they are! Not every dogs are stupid and not every cats are nice! I love them both! Because they’re just the same..they need food,care and other things..making videos like this makes me heartbroken..and if you ask “then why are you watching this vid?” Well..it’s because I want to tell someone that dogs aren’t this bad! seriously..if you hate this comment or anything spam me,say bad words..I don’t care..you don’t have to like this comment or anything..really..I just want you to know that cats and dogs are just the same and should not be treated badly! I hope you understand ❤️

  • Kitten Kun
    Kitten Kun Month ago

    Waif if dogs are weak
    And i'm a cat person
    That means i'm strong :0
    *but still a crybaby xD*

      GALAXY MILKSHAKE Month ago

      Kitten Kun they are both strong well actually it depends on the breed of cat or dog

  • yourbestpotato
    yourbestpotato Month ago

    my fatass cat acted sorta like a dog

  • Øreo katz
    Øreo katz Month ago

    I love cats they are adorable

  • xAeonMagic
    xAeonMagic Month ago +1

    This is 100 per cent not true!! I'm gonna dis like this video

    • bleach
      bleach Month ago +1

      Wooow i think they are going to die from a wrong statement

  • It's Galaxia galaxy

    I like cats not dogs

  • Lauryn Iti
    Lauryn Iti Month ago

    Dont even need reasons they just are

  • Little_Miss_Sunshine 687

    Excuse me cats are not better than dogs infact you are a hypocrite no animal is more superior than the other and any white knights out there heres my write up for you. I use to love a male Siamese cat called coco he was the most patient and loving cat i use to pet him on the way to school / collage...years later before i moved into my friends house with her mum and brother, I felt same like towards a black cat,So anyways, we needed a cat to chase rats and mice away , but instead shes a cunt this cat was called taz she had black and brown patches , I can see why she was given away for free (for reasons im about to state) , all she does is bitch and moan sooo like shes fed , her litter tray gets cleaned every day , she has toys and a scratch pole. Yet she claws the walls and doors , meows almost none stop , trys to eat the dogs food etc im pretty sure im only gonna like few cats out of a million i do prefer dogs for many more reasons but its just my opinion you butthurt teenagers

  • Creator-Chan
    Creator-Chan Month ago +1

    You know what, Im sick of all this shit saying "CATS ARE THE SPAWN OF SATAN" or "DOGS ARE UGLY", Im sick of this bullshit, okay? I know, I know, the vid doesn't show any hate to any dogs or cats but I'm talking about the fucking *COMMENTS!* PEOPLE HAVE FUCKING OPINIONS YOU BULLSHITS, AND IF I SEE EVEN ONE FUCKING REPLY SAYING "But its true!"... Okay I won't keep stomping on you guys, yes, you guys have your opinions, honestly, I like cats better than dogs but I have *NEVER* hated on a dog, I like both of them but I'm more with cats, back to the topic, your opinions matter to me but all I'm trying to say is to stop fighting over whats better (cats or dogs), its immature and bullshit -_- (I know, you wouldn't be expecting this comment from a 9 year old who likes Gacha 😂)

  • Subscribe To T-Series

    My cat ran away the first week I had it

  • Olegas Litovkinas
    Olegas Litovkinas Month ago +1

    I agree cats are better

  • alyssa clark
    alyssa clark Month ago

    my cats will come to me when i say to and they don’t come to anyone else