10 Reasons Why Cats are better than Dogs!


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  • Cole and Marmalade
    Cole and Marmalade  Year ago +265

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    • AyeZahAye
      AyeZahAye Month ago

      Both Are Better

    • TheCatMaster Meow
      TheCatMaster Meow 3 months ago +1

      Cole and Marmalade
      1. Cats
      2. Cats
      I love cats I have FOUR cats at my house! Cats are the best animal anyone could have

    • TheCatMaster Meow
      TheCatMaster Meow 3 months ago +1

      Dogs Of GOD nah cats are better

    • TheCatMaster Meow
      TheCatMaster Meow 3 months ago +1

      Matthias Dubisar yeah I know right cats are like the best

    • TheCatMaster Meow
      TheCatMaster Meow 3 months ago +1


    KEVIN 4 hours ago +1

    Here’s the position I’m in I like dogs because they are cute (some are), loyal and smart. I like cats because they are smart and playful (and you don’t have to chase and get dirty to play with them). My point is if all dogs and cats could live in the same house with out fighting I would have both but for now I have a cute golden retriever puppy and her name is Angel 😇

  • CottonCandy
    CottonCandy 7 hours ago

    Cats and dogs are useless and thats why i killed my cat when i was 5 i threw it out a window and it died and i laughed and my pet dog i threw a rock at it and it hit its head and now i have a bunny :3

  • SashaGamerplayz !
    SashaGamerplayz ! 15 hours ago

    i'm a wolf person, and i mean i love cats and dogs both but dogs a bit more, yes i have touched a cat, i have snuggled up with one and they're really cute i just don't like cat/dog lovers trying to say that the other is bad but i mostly only see cat lovers do it so basically i'm say'n "i hate people who always are saying dogs or cats are bad"

  • I love every youtuber
    I love every youtuber 20 hours ago +2

    10 reasons why dogs are better then cats
    1. Dogs protect you
    2. Dogs smell danger
    3. Dogs will entertain you if you entertain them
    4. Dogs can be trained
    5. Dogs get you outside because they need to pee(cat's just keep you inside)
    6. Dogs are a bodyguard for babies
    7. Dogs help you when you need help
    8. Dogs safe poeple if they are trapped under a Building
    9. Dogs can smell you feelings
    10. Dogs are loud because they are wolfs so that is why they are loud.

    Btw cats are cute and awsome too but I just like dogs vetter then cats....

  • green bean
    green bean Day ago

    best vid ever

  • Nevaeh
    Nevaeh Day ago

    You don't need to say one species is better than the other all animals our beautiful

  • Abigail Smith
    Abigail Smith 2 days ago

    I love you and your cats

  • Kitten Mitten
    Kitten Mitten 2 days ago

    Cats are better
    End of story

  • Kitten Mitten
    Kitten Mitten 2 days ago

    They bury their own poo

  • Meaghan Prue
    Meaghan Prue 2 days ago

    My dog loves the laser pointer

  • basia vincent
    basia vincent 3 days ago

    My friend said she hates cats and also said cats are stupid and dogs are better but cats are way better

  • Hazel Wazel
    Hazel Wazel 3 days ago


  • that dude gamer
    that dude gamer 3 days ago

    my cat hates people

  • Fewtoast
    Fewtoast 3 days ago

    Cats smell better then dogs arent true u just give both of them a bath.then they both smell good

  • Jennifer Woolridge
    Jennifer Woolridge 4 days ago

    I Am A Cat Person! 😻😍😊

  • Tree Whisker
    Tree Whisker 4 days ago +1

    I wish I could have a cat but my mom’s allergic to cats

  • Creative Crow
    Creative Crow 4 days ago +2

    #10 Cats poo in a box to make it easier for you to clean up

  • Audrey Dionne
    Audrey Dionne 5 days ago

    I love all animals

  • Soling106
    Soling106 5 days ago

    I love all animals, but I am definitely more of a “cat person”. The thing that gets me are people who go around saying they hate cats, never date someone who has a cat etc and people don’t bat an eyelash, but if someone says the same thing about dogs, people go apoplectic and say that there must be something wrong with that person. I had a severe childhood phobia of dogs. I’m pretty much over it, but I have just never been a “dog person”. It doesn’t mean I hate them or wish any harm on them, So please don’t judge me for saying that I am uncomfortable if your 3 big dogs come running at me, but then turn around and tell me how much you hate my cats.

  • Boku No Pico
    Boku No Pico 5 days ago +1

    the dislike coming from dog freak . Get lost , you dog freak .

  • Nadia&Sophie OllyNo!


    • MLBB And Roblox Is Trash
      MLBB And Roblox Is Trash 3 days ago

      Cats are way better kid They poop in a box so you clean them easily and they only use claws for weapons but dogs dont they poo everywhere attack guests bites so bad that can kill you

  • Shana Sweatt
    Shana Sweatt 7 days ago +2

    Dogs are ulgy

  • neko ni
    neko ni 7 days ago

    This video was made by a cat😁

  • E C
    E C 8 days ago

    I love both cats and dogs! But my dog will protect me better than my cat. My cats a scared one 😂

  • ProGamerGirl 980
    ProGamerGirl 980 8 days ago

    I’m a cat lover and a dog lover

  • Kiki Is here
    Kiki Is here 8 days ago

    One time my dog ate a moth

  • Phoenix xox
    Phoenix xox 8 days ago


  • Animation Boy 93
    Animation Boy 93 9 days ago

    100% true

  • Goran Jekic
    Goran Jekic 9 days ago

    Ily Cole and Marmalade ❤❤

  • Maryam Rathore
    Maryam Rathore 9 days ago

    No dogs are better

  • Creepy Pasta Girl Rockz 101


  • broken soul.
    broken soul. 11 days ago


  • Yosra Tounsi
    Yosra Tounsi 11 days ago

    I love cats that's why it's a good video

  • Ane Lindeland
    Ane Lindeland 11 days ago

    This is just so....right

  • Kawaii_ kitten
    Kawaii_ kitten 11 days ago +1

    More reasons: reason 1-if a owner loves the cat the dog is just jealous reasons cats are cuter that dogs!!

  • Pusheen Life
    Pusheen Life 12 days ago +1

    I freaking saw a dog eating a *cat!* It was sad. I LOVE cats. L-O-V-E!

  • LPS Matilda
    LPS Matilda 13 days ago

    Gases finally someone who loves cats more than dogs 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • D3rFloTv
    D3rFloTv 13 days ago

    I hate this 4 year old Childs, who fight for which is the best pet. I like cats more like dogs but i also like dogs. So when you don't respect my opinion then go fuck yourself. I have enough of this 4 year old that say that cats are maniacs or worse than dogs. This people would had'nt a cat. My Cat was loyal like a dog and i've seen many dogs that would sell their owner for food.

  • Lyla Mathews
    Lyla Mathews 14 days ago +1

    You jerk faces cats are better you suck you need to like cats

  • CrazyCupcakeGirl2004
    CrazyCupcakeGirl2004 14 days ago +1

    & Don't forget cats do their own thing & dogs just beg all the time

    • Jasmine
      Jasmine 10 days ago

      +MyLast 3Words Hmm, maybe because you aren't feeding them.. Dogs are attracted to raw meat, so it's healthy to give them that. And they won't come up to you just to do that, they're hungry..

    • MyLast 3Words
      MyLast 3Words 10 days ago +1

      If you are eating,dog’ll just want your food,cats will continue to lick theirselves. Dogs just want food,so they sit,and wait for you to give them food. As soon as you give them food,it’s like they forgot what you just did and then they want more.

    • Jasmine
      Jasmine 14 days ago

      That's the point of having a pet, dickhead. Dogs are better pets to have.

  • Pilvi Luimula
    Pilvi Luimula 14 days ago

    Are cats are afraid of bugs

  • James The Toad
    James The Toad 15 days ago

    Cats can put sand on their poops on safe places. Dogs poop randomly and they don't care.

  • Julia Leona Rose Hitchcock 112759

    I love cats and kittens!

  • Julia Leona Rose Hitchcock 112759

    Cats are better than dogs!

    • MLBB And Roblox Is Trash
      MLBB And Roblox Is Trash 2 days ago

      +Jasmine hmmm You have to walk youre fcking dog everyday cat doesnt scratch you for no reason dogs bite you for no reason and if youre cat poops in its sand there is no smell and dogs stink they try to rape everything doesnt care about you

    • Jasmine
      Jasmine 2 days ago

      +MLBB And Roblox Is Trash And also, you're such a hypocrite. I replied to their comment saying 'No, they aren't' and you replied saying "Yes they are" And when I explain why DOGS are better, you say 'that's only your opinion' like, tf? You're opinion basically saying "Yes they are, cats are better" doesn't mean you have to say your opinion as a fact. That's your opinion too dumbass, not mine.

    • Jasmine
      Jasmine 2 days ago

      +MLBB And Roblox Is Trash Cats sleep, dogs are healthy. Cats scratch you for no reason, dogs show their love and affection. Dogs are better pets, (in my opinion) Cats are just too boring for me and they sleep majority of their life span. Dogs are also smarter. Dogs don't shit everywhere, they're supposed to poop outside. Rather have my pet poop outside than inside. I don't want my house smelling like shit and piss, thank you :). Cats can be as loud as dogs. And thats why we have different breeds of dogs dumbass. (Another reason why I think they are better; they have more variety.)

    • MLBB And Roblox Is Trash
      MLBB And Roblox Is Trash 2 days ago

      +Jasmine Its only you're opinion kid dogs shit everywhere cats poop in box dogs are extremely loud and dangerous but cats are calm

    • Jasmine
      Jasmine 2 days ago

      +MLBB And Roblox Is Trash A person with at least 1 brain cell knows that a dog is a better pet to have. Prove me wrong.

  • Yasmin Nuhein
    Yasmin Nuhein 15 days ago

    Gogs like working(outhome)
    Cats like playing(home)

  • Pandora Storm
    Pandora Storm 15 days ago

    10 reasons I love dogs better than cats (it doesn’t mean I HATE cats, I just prefer dogs... I still watched this video for my three cats though since my mom and dad got them before I was born!!!)
    1: they are fun to play with! (Fetch, tug or war, wrestling....)
    2: they don’t have litter boxes they just go outside (which sounds a lot easier than cleaning up after a litter box)
    3: they love being around you! (My two dogs always wanna be around me, all my three cats just basically run away when I come near them 🥺)
    4: dogs are just cuter in general to me!
    5: they are loyal companions to trust and love
    6: there is a reason they call it man/ woman’s best friend
    7: dogs are very social so you can walk around with them outside and meet a lot of other dogs to become friends with!
    8: I know dogs bark, but it’s a good reason! They will tell you if a stranger is breaking in!
    9: they can also tell if you have a bad disease and try to tell you too!
    10: I love them and u should too! (If this has encouraged you)
    Also I like cats I guess, but from my experience with my cats they are just mean jerks!

  • Pandora Storm
    Pandora Storm 15 days ago

    I have three cats and they all hate playing, affection, cuteness, having fun but the thing they love is sleeping and being selfish
    Those are just my cats though... maybe other cats are better?

  • Deceit !
    Deceit ! 15 days ago


  • Danielle Lawrence
    Danielle Lawrence 17 days ago +1

    I loved this in evry way

  • Hurricane Chan
    Hurricane Chan 17 days ago +1

    Reptiles are still the best from all. Just saying. Just saying.

  • Lynda Lynda
    Lynda Lynda 17 days ago

    Cute Dogs !

  • Minecraft Adventures
    Minecraft Adventures 18 days ago +2

    Dogs poo 💩 more than cats!

  • Krysanthra Hedden
    Krysanthra Hedden 19 days ago

    My cat has literally smelt like pancakes since I got him. Five years running and he still smells like pancakes.

  • Jasmin
    Jasmin 19 days ago

    This video just made me laugh 😂 and dogs are ok I just hate cat haters

  • Caro4060
    Caro4060 19 days ago

    Dogs aren't as smart as cats that's why they do stuff humans tell them to do.

  • Elliana Shaffer
    Elliana Shaffer 19 days ago

    Why are you throwing shade to puppers?

  • Elliana Shaffer
    Elliana Shaffer 19 days ago +1

    I still like dogs that little bit more, but cats are also really great! ☺️

  • Elliana Shaffer
    Elliana Shaffer 19 days ago

    My dog loves the laser pointer

  • Akash Javaid
    Akash Javaid 19 days ago

    Cat is not loyal and faithfull animal but dog is very loyal and faithfull to his owner and he always protect them.......

    • Einarr Grettirsson
      Einarr Grettirsson 18 days ago

      More loyal than a dog is my: brain, knife and gun. Stop using dogs as cannon fodder, you useless twats! Animals are friends and family. Not munitions.

  • Henry PHL
    Henry PHL 21 day ago +1

    Go watch Denver the guilty dog then u love dogs

    SKELETOR 21 day ago +2

    Cats are just the best over all, the fact that they are related to tigers, lions, and panthers makes them even more badass. Cats also win the internet. They're so much easier to take care of and neater. They were also the first pets to exist and worshiped as gods. They're the best pets !

  • StephyR02
    StephyR02 22 days ago

    Ok my dog that recently passed away loved playing with the laser point

  • Minty Michelle
    Minty Michelle 22 days ago

    Cats are not more polite...and dogs are better in my opinion

  • ben perek
    ben perek 22 days ago

    Cats watch you die

  • ben perek
    ben perek 22 days ago

    Nope dogs are way better

  • Peter
    Peter 22 days ago +1

    Cats Rule! meow.....

  • 3b Katarina Knott Solberg


  • Midnight Playz
    Midnight Playz 22 days ago +1

    I love cats! I'm not saying that i hate dogs! I mean my dog bit me on my mouth. So can you guys stop fighting?!

  • king pet 285
    king pet 285 22 days ago

    What the heck! This video is trash. You say dog smells so you and cats smells! Dogs are wayyyyyy better than cats. This video must be opposite because cats are weak. This is true:a pitbull can finish a cat with one deadly bite! So now you think with your brain if you have brain. Dogs rule ! Well cats are a bit uselesss! Dogs are loyal and caring. They even help in jobs. Well cats do not have uses. So now you know dogs beat em, all! It is best you quit the internet bro and think straight!

    • king pet 285
      king pet 285 3 days ago

      +MLBB And Roblox Is Trash really? So bring a cat and fight with my pitbull. See who win! My whole family love dogs and hate cats and you smell like cat poop. I hate cat lover. They suck a lot and dogs beat cats in fight. Cat also poop every where. And if you have brain you stupid,you must try a Rottweiler vs cat you stupid,you cat poop,i hope one day you got attack by pitbull and remember me! My warning to you rottweiler will kill you. I hope so. You stupid human being. I hate cat lovers and cat. They smell like poop. Just like you sucker. Fuck your family and cats. Your parents suck and yeah dog rule!cats dumb! Dog rule!dog rule!🐶

    • MLBB And Roblox Is Trash
      MLBB And Roblox Is Trash 3 days ago

      Dogs are the worst attacking quests and pooping everywhere

    • michiko
      michiko 21 day ago +1

      The only trash here is you. And if you have humor, you good. But oh well, seems like you are just another pissed off dog lover.

  • TheLightningKing
    TheLightningKing 23 days ago +3

    Yay cats are way better then dogs!

  • Malaina Roe
    Malaina Roe 24 days ago

    Cats do listen my cat can sit and do high five and fetch

  • Arshi Maitra
    Arshi Maitra 24 days ago +1

    Cats also smell bad sometimes...yeah I admit it..being a cat person myself and having 3 crazy cats at home..And No. Cats don't listen to their owners much. They do so only when they feel like...and that's what makes them beautiful.

  • Kenwood kitten 5115
    Kenwood kitten 5115 24 days ago

    Why does everyone think dogs smell bad! Some dogs smell good even when wet! It just depends on the dog

  • AppleNoob Gamer
    AppleNoob Gamer 24 days ago +2

    Cats are the best

  • Sofia J
    Sofia J 25 days ago

    I still don't understand why someone needed to make a video about why cats are better than dogs. Why not make a video on why cats are awesome, instead of comparing them to dogs. I would also try comparing them to another animal since most people prefer dogs over cats...

  • Yina Rucker
    Yina Rucker 25 days ago

    1. Dogs treat you nice 2. Dogs small good 3. Dogs are funny 4. Dogs cach flies 5. Dogs play well 6. Dogs lick dogs are best!

  • Yina Rucker
    Yina Rucker 25 days ago

    Look, cats are scared of everything

  • ᴠɪ
    ᴠɪ 26 days ago +1

    also dogs want to hump people

  • Alpha Night Fury
    Alpha Night Fury 26 days ago +2

    I'm scared of dogs due to some stuff happend in the past with dogs and i love cats more because i had more experince with them..i love dogs but if they chase me even if they are playing or bark at me i'm hella scared.

    Edit: fish and birds lovers are so underratted i used to own birds and i trained them but i didn't take alot of care to them and died i was young but now i feel sorry for them....and my friend loves dogs so much he threw away a kitten used to come for us....because "i played with it so much" it was my first time playing with a cat sooooo

    • TheOddScribble
      TheOddScribble 15 days ago +2

      I understand completely. We are some of the few who've delt with some bad experiences with dogs. I'm terrified around big dogs now due to one nearly killing my small dog. Cats are definitely in my comfort zone...except strays.

  • Jae-Hwa겁없는
    Jae-Hwa겁없는 26 days ago

    I have a cat but i love dogs too but im scared of dogs :(
    Idk what im saying becuase im saying i love dogs but im scared of dogs wtf
    Maybe i love ALL ANIMALS!!

  • Wolfie Chan2010
    Wolfie Chan2010 26 days ago

    I don't like this your just disappointing dog lovers like me😓😼🐺.I am just saying that I'm not a hater it's just my opinion.every one has different opinions

  • Team Yellow Star
    Team Yellow Star 27 days ago

    I like cats but I like dogs too. They are both great pets, it depends on the owner. I like dogs but I prefer owning a cat as they are less maintence then dogs.

  • Random Monster
    Random Monster 27 days ago

    All these people are so dumb

  • koniec kanału jej
    koniec kanału jej 27 days ago +2

    If i get th3 dog i don't buy any toys for that!!! I want cat

  • Lina Laureckiene
    Lina Laureckiene 27 days ago


  • Izdet Nelson
    Izdet Nelson 28 days ago +1

    The dislikes are from the dog lovers

  • Sophia Gordon
    Sophia Gordon 28 days ago +1

    Dogs are uglier too

  • Sophia Gordon
    Sophia Gordon 28 days ago +1

    You forgot how dogs can be huge and cats are always small!

  • AG Love
    AG Love 28 days ago

    lets not be biased :-l

  • AG Love
    AG Love 28 days ago

    i like both catz n dogz sooooo yeah im not biased

  • yea boi
    yea boi 28 days ago

    I love both cats and dogs. I just think that cats can be a little more laid back than dogs, and that dogs are a little more active. Both are cute, and are great pets.

  • Hanca Meskic
    Hanca Meskic 29 days ago


  • Ayeee
    Ayeee Month ago

    Fuck cats and dogs. Dog just pissed on one of my couches and my cat just threw up on my brand new 500$ desk.

    • Ayeee
      Ayeee 25 days ago

      coco cola Alright so when I’m at work I am supposed to let my dogs out in the snow and push my cat off when I’m not in the room? Fucking dumbass

    • coco cola
      coco cola 25 days ago

      not their fault, your fault for not letting the dog outside and also your fault for not pushing the cat away before it threw up.

  • Tikki The kwami ;3
    Tikki The kwami ;3 Month ago

    Because their good at being butt wholes

  • koniec kanału jej
    koniec kanału jej Month ago +1

    I hate that fucking annoying idiot brutal fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking idiot brutal shitty ugly weird fucking barbatic dogs. Cats are gods😸🕶️

    • michiko
      michiko 21 day ago

      Cats are my little sassy children... i love em.

    • koniec kanału jej
      koniec kanału jej 27 days ago +1

      Cats vs dogs =🐶🔫😸🕶️

  • Let Me Explain
    Let Me Explain Month ago

    You shouldn't judge animals, both cats and dogs are unique in their own ways.....
    Being cute is natural to them
    But the attitude is artificial to whosoever raises them.
    So I'll say its a draw.
    I'm not a cat or dog person I appreciate all animals.

  • Miwix Jamaa
    Miwix Jamaa Month ago +1

    I love cats :)

  • Phoebe Black
    Phoebe Black Month ago

    This video made me subscribe :)