• Published on Jul 28, 2017
  • Ultimate Nerf Loadout! If you like Nerf Guns and lots of them this is the video for you! Today GunVsGun is giving you the Ultimate Nerf Loadout! Whether you'll be fighting people or zombies, watch and see which Nerf Blaster would be your best choice of survival in an Ultimate Nerf War. Bros give Ultimate Nerf Loadout by Danny this time!
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    ULTIMATE NERF LOADOUT!! | tvclip.biz/video/uEiby0wESkA/video.html
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    About GunVsGun Nerf War Videos:
    We are the craziest and deadliest Nerf video channel on TVclip. If you love action and Nerf guns, you will love GunVsGun. Our Nerf wars are epic. We have a huge Nerf arsenal which makes our battles always interesting.
    We use the epic Nerf Gun Mod which makes our foam blasters deadlier than airsoft guns... or real machine guns for that matter.
    We don't stick strictly to Nerf guns though... Hasbro doesn't pay us so we're free to use Boomco blasters, X-shot guns, BuzzBee guns, you name it.
    Heck we even made a Lego gun once!
    How big is your Nerf Arsenal?
    We lost count. Too many blasters than is healthy. We got everything from the old school stuff to the N-Strike Elite line (Rapidstrike, Strongarm, etc), to the Nerf Zombie guns, to the Mega line like the Centurion, to the Nerf Rival line for adults.
    Should I learn how to mod a Nerf gun?
    No, It's too dangerous. Don't try this at home.
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    Social Media:
    Tommy: rockercyborg
    Danny: machinegundan
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  • GunVsGun
    GunVsGun  2 years ago +2007

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  • John Green
    John Green 18 hours ago

    Bro you not chosing the good guns bro come on

  • The Locco
    The Locco Day ago

    I've got a shock

  • slipshodpluto
    slipshodpluto 2 days ago

    if i was doing cqb:
    modded stryfes, rewired with LiPos (primary)
    Jupiter (secondary)
    heavy mode:
    2x hyperfire modded

  • Arthur Nascimento
    Arthur Nascimento 2 days ago +1

    Arthur quer metralia

  • Tyler Millay
    Tyler Millay 10 days ago

    Does anyone know what the nerf gun at 2:00 is called

  • alvin mcarthur
    alvin mcarthur 18 days ago

    Primary Nemesis Sidearm Khaos Backup Zeus

  • alvin mcarthur
    alvin mcarthur 18 days ago

    The Nerf Rivals The Nemesis Khaos Zeus

  • Jamal Patrick
    Jamal Patrick 20 days ago

    You're just using your own brother for money

  • Nerf war king
    Nerf war king 21 day ago


  • John Ente
    John Ente 26 days ago

    Can i have 2weapons Form your Armee please

    NERF WARRIOR 29 days ago

    Danny your not as cool as tommy

  • Antun Bašić
    Antun Bašić Month ago

    Tisi nubara

  • Nerf war king
    Nerf war king Month ago


  • Johnthan Plante
    Johnthan Plante Month ago +1

    #Hashtag loadout

  • Raeda Barhoush
    Raeda Barhoush Month ago

    سبب>#؛«•'ؤ😑😅😅ءى ن ب نئ ل ن سن

  • elijah paquin
    elijah paquin Month ago

    mybe its your aem

  • heena Lakhisrani
    heena Lakhisrani Month ago

    There was no need brainsaw

  • Brittny Dillon
    Brittny Dillon Month ago

    Danny, your moding is shit

  • thomas allen
    thomas allen Month ago +1

    Deploy CS-6 was my first modded weapon and always my favorite

  • Lightning gods
    Lightning gods Month ago +1

    What is the name of the 5 gun

  • Joseph Petty
    Joseph Petty 2 months ago

    I'll have that nerf gun

  • gamer cate555
    gamer cate555 2 months ago +1

    Acuanto la del 9:41

  • gamer cate555
    gamer cate555 2 months ago +1

    Regalence la del 8:43

  • gamer cate555
    gamer cate555 2 months ago +1

    Acuanto la del 7:54

  • gamer cate555
    gamer cate555 2 months ago +1

    Y la del 7:17

  • gamer cate555
    gamer cate555 2 months ago +1

    Acuanto la del 6:52

  • gamer cate555
    gamer cate555 2 months ago +1

    Acuanto la del 6:33

  • gamer cate555
    gamer cate555 2 months ago +1

    Acuanto la que aparece en el minuto 6:03

  • gamer cate555
    gamer cate555 2 months ago +1

    Acuanto la que aparece en el minuto 4:55

  • gamer cate555
    gamer cate555 2 months ago +1

    Acuanto me bendes la pistola que aparece en el minuto 4:45

  • kickboxer 1410
    kickboxer 1410 2 months ago

    Primary Mega mastodon Side arm jolt

  • Taylor Productions
    Taylor Productions 2 months ago +1

    Whrn he said no to zombie sling fire I was like TRIGGERED

  • George Moose Liantziris

    How you have a stack of cash in your pocket

  • Tamarcus Alexander
    Tamarcus Alexander 2 months ago +1

    Deer gun versus gun I'm a big fan of you this is FROM TJ. KGB DJ Ltd KFC DJ Ltd Kiev EU Ltd Ltd DJ Kief

  • Tamarcus Alexander
    Tamarcus Alexander 2 months ago +1

    Jeez dry Kiev misc FROM TJ. Kev Erik Kief Kurds FM Kiev EU moress

  • TheGamingDinosaur !!!
    TheGamingDinosaur !!! 2 months ago +1

    Although Danny understands nerf I don't think he understands that semi in some cases such as rate of ammo loss is better

  • SaintyStarfishYT
    SaintyStarfishYT 2 months ago

    you sound like nomad from call of duty black ops 3/4

  • orinia hylton
    orinia hylton 2 months ago

    HI Danny and Tommy

  • Kevin Martinez
    Kevin Martinez 3 months ago

    I HeyI gotThat. gun

  • Ethan Foster
    Ethan Foster 3 months ago

    Sidearm: Rapidstrike CS-18
    Backup:Longshot CS6

  • Rocio Tolentino
    Rocio Tolentino 3 months ago

    Nerf war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!is in the hishouse

  • Thihami Deadly48
    Thihami Deadly48 3 months ago

    Duplicate hair.?

  • Adrian Martinez
    Adrian Martinez 3 months ago

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    ?b??n!!n!n!!n!!!b!!n!! no longer in service to our office hours Mon Mar del Mar

  • Adrian Martinez
    Adrian Martinez 3 months ago

    Kkkkkfkvkmbmvmjvkvkkvkkvkvkvkkvkvv!v!lvkbkkbldlbkkbkbkkbkkbkbkkkb!b!!b!bkkbkkhkkhkhkkhkkhkhkkhkhkkhkhkkhkhkkh!b!b!!lvkbkkbldlbkkbkbkkbkkbkbkkkb kk !b!!b!!b!!b!! but the best way is a good idea of a new job in! If there was an amazing day at a later stage I grade is not in my life with a good day please let the

  • Corny Beneke
    Corny Beneke 3 months ago

    I like the haiper fire gun love it guys😂😂

  • moumita saha
    moumita saha 3 months ago

    Primary- Nemesis (Rival)
    Side Arm - Hyperfire
    Backup- Roughcut 9000, Jolt

  • Aron Kieu
    Aron Kieu 4 months ago +1

    My arsenal
    Primary: dual barrel break
    Sidearm: stryfe
    Backup: longstrike
    Back up to the back up: mastodon

    • Jacob Delman
      Jacob Delman 4 months ago +1

      @Andrew Bogard why do you think that way?

    • Andrew Bogard
      Andrew Bogard 4 months ago +1

      Barrel break would not be a good primary, maybe a good back up or sidearm even

    • Jacob Delman
      Jacob Delman 4 months ago +1

      Is that your four choices for your arsenal?

  • Bib's Youtube
    Bib's Youtube 4 months ago +1

    Danny only care about the blasters looks

  • Vertex Gaming
    Vertex Gaming 4 months ago +12

    Primary : Nemesis (Rival)
    Side : Twin Shock (Mega)
    Back up : Flip Fury (Zombie Strike)
    Back up sub : Triad (Elite)

  • Yash Rele
    Yash Rele 4 months ago +1

    Rhino fire infamous mega mastodon

  • Yash Rele
    Yash Rele 4 months ago

    Infinite meaning of fire

  • stalasila
    stalasila 4 months ago

    Danny and tommy you gays are cool 😎

  • TheGamingDinosaur !!!
    TheGamingDinosaur !!! 5 months ago

    Danny Gun I'm not looking for accuracy....
    explains why his aim is so bad

  • Charon Official
    Charon Official 5 months ago +1

    Primary: Dominator Secondary: rough cut back up: duel mavericks

  • John bobridge
    John bobridge 5 months ago +4

    Primary mastodon
    Side hyperfire
    Backup strongarm
    Backup jolt

  • Lucas Duncan-Samuels
    Lucas Duncan-Samuels 5 months ago


  • Matthew Merrera
    Matthew Merrera 5 months ago +1

    the alphahawk is accurate

  • Matthew Merrera
    Matthew Merrera 5 months ago +1

    danny u suck

  • Aldred Gibson
    Aldred Gibson 5 months ago

    Stryfe main side arm strongarm and back up doublestrike