25-Year-Old INSPIRING Artist Paints Pics From Instagram

  • Published on Apr 17, 2019
  • Meet Dezmond aka Dezmundo, one of the most TALENTED young artists around!
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Comments • 43

  • Whistle
    Whistle  Month ago +6

    COMMENT with someone you wanna see on Creative Drive next!

    • Hamzahcubes
      Hamzahcubes Month ago

      Whistle are you guys going to make a vid about it

    • Susan Di Laudo
      Susan Di Laudo Month ago +1


    • Whistle
      Whistle  Month ago +1

      @Hamzahcubes Thanks for the suggestion! So cool!

    • Hamzahcubes
      Hamzahcubes Month ago +1

      Whistle look at this artist leenabaker.com

  • Doddsy
    Doddsy Month ago

    wow, that is amazing

  • Colleen Chambers
    Colleen Chambers Month ago

    amazing! it was a pop-up ad, and it’s the happiest I’ve ever been to get one! this artist creates such brilliant portraits. does anyone know his name/where to follow his work?

  • Pasta lover123
    Pasta lover123 Month ago +1

    Imagine him trying to paint a Snapchat pic! 😂 Those pics stay up for like a second!

  • Daethenix
    Daethenix Month ago

    Those Doflamingo glasses tho

  • Jenna Rogan
    Jenna Rogan Month ago

    I love his work!! This video is awesome!

  • My Darling
    My Darling Month ago +1

    though he was at leat 40 yo

  • phoenix nibba
    phoenix nibba Month ago +2

    Respect from someone who grew up in Westgate. Insane talent to come from that type of area (Inglewood)

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago +6

    You are a very concious person! I'm loving your inspiring wisdom!

  • extreme dee
    extreme dee Month ago

    Yeah that's color on your face looks bad.

  • Heat
    Heat Month ago +6

    Love those donflamingo glasses

  • itachi uchiha
    itachi uchiha Month ago +9

    Doflomingo glasses are raw

  • Alex Strauss
    Alex Strauss Month ago +3

    what's his insta handle? I want to follow that guy!

    • Whistle
      Whistle  Month ago

      Follow him here! instagram.com/_dezmundo_/

  • Fred'az
    Fred'az Month ago +7

    Before I clicked I knew it would be great

  • King Almak
    King Almak Month ago +11

    Actually dope, this dude deserves massive support

  • thatboy dre
    thatboy dre Month ago +1

    More like the 35 year old artist

  • MWL Wiffleball
    MWL Wiffleball Month ago +7


    • MWL Wiffleball
      MWL Wiffleball Month ago +1

      @Whistle My dad was an artist of painting and he sold all of his art painting. My dad was very great artist. This man should be in the talent show. Like if u agree

    • Whistle
      Whistle  Month ago +1

      Insanely talented!

  • Please don’t roast Me

    11th fools

  • Danny Sheehan
    Danny Sheehan Month ago +6

    Whisltle back at with the great vid 👍 👍

  • Jocelyn Lincoln
    Jocelyn Lincoln Month ago +1


  • Becky Leandro
    Becky Leandro Month ago +2

    I love ur vids

  • Anderson Payne
    Anderson Payne Month ago +1


  • Fire Dragon 31
    Fire Dragon 31 Month ago +1


  • Trickshots with Jakey
    Trickshots with Jakey Month ago +2

    I wish I was a artist

  • DJ Oehm
    DJ Oehm Month ago +1