No More Lies

  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673
    Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
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  • James Charles
    James Charles  Month ago +188868

    1) Yes, this response is "planned". I said in the first few minutes of the video that I had an outline of points I needed to hit and I practiced my speaking too. Not trying to hide anything, just had a lot of things to get into one video.
    2) I started taking screenshots of everything when I was in Australia, but I missed a few, and had take a few when I was back in LA. The time zones are 17 hours apart and I tried to make sure I noted every time there was a change but it looks like I missed a timestamp note in the convo with Sam. None of these screenshots are edited. Why would I risk editing a screenshot when the other party could come forward and prove me wrong? All screenshots are in chronological order.
    3) I blink a lot always. This video is no different.
    4) This video is not monetized, in fact, it actually got copyright claimed. Some people are seeing an ad for some reason, I'm sorry I'm really not sure why.
    I appreciate the comments but I don't need #TeamJames. I want to heal and move on from this situation, and I want everyone else involved to be able to do the same. The internet has seen enough negativity over the past few weeks, let's all be respectful please.

  • Brandon 3774&4&;&;&
    Brandon 3774&4&;&;& 3 hours ago

    No one likes you

  • Little_Winter 978
    Little_Winter 978 4 hours ago

    I watched this when it came out. I'm watching it again because he's taking a break

  • Getzee
    Getzee 4 hours ago

    The second you transitioned into no makeup made me think ur DanTDM

  • Maya Parkes
    Maya Parkes 4 hours ago +1

    I've watched this video several times; all I can say is that I am so proud of you for being able to provide proof to back yourself up. This makes me so happy. Thank you for being amazing❤

  • Elena Trotter
    Elena Trotter 4 hours ago

    When my friend and I watched Tati’s video, we thought it was all bs. We stood behind you the entire time, and we love you. Honestly you are such a role model and we wish the best for you always.

  • Alexia King
    Alexia King 5 hours ago

    7:42 the text was literally ALL about how it would hurt “her” business. Wow, way to be selfish

  • Stephanie Arellano
    Stephanie Arellano 5 hours ago

    *james: i’m turning 20...grOss*

  • Sandra Yang
    Sandra Yang 5 hours ago

    why did it have to be such a big deal tho?

  • LayLay Waffles
    LayLay Waffles 5 hours ago +1

    I just realized that we care so much about Internet Drama and completely foreshadow serious problems with the outside world.


  • Fergabu Uncos
    Fergabu Uncos 5 hours ago +2

    Sos igual a una cantante Argentina Lali Esposito

  • ROBLOX Love
    ROBLOX Love 5 hours ago

    I am not a sister already.

  • Disney gatcha life
    Disney gatcha life 6 hours ago +1

    James I love your video and you are amazing and I forgave you ok and if I am the only person to stay here I will be here I promise ok😊

  • if BTS can make D.O laugh then fanwars need to stop

    Logan n laura take notes

  • secret_was_sss
    secret_was_sss 6 hours ago +2

    If u respond to me -james Charles I'll give u 1000 dollars as a donation

  • ryan
    ryan 6 hours ago

    “Alright...note taken 😒” that had me weak

  • Auguste Mukwanga
    Auguste Mukwanga 6 hours ago

    Sometimes I forget James is a boy 😅

  • Kailey Anderson
    Kailey Anderson 6 hours ago +1

    OMG James,this was an AMAZING video,this video made me cry SO much.i get you I’ve been going through lots of PAINFUL stuff,Thank you for share this with us,I was ALWAYS a sister,and I will NEVER leave the sister squad!!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 ~Kailey Anderson :)

  • G O N E
    G O N E 7 hours ago

    *Damn son.*

  • Aaliyah Miller
    Aaliyah Miller 7 hours ago

    I never paid the situation any mind I love you regardless idc❤️💯

    CLORETO DE SÓ ÓDIO 7 hours ago

    I caaaaaan't u r so beautiful qwq

  • Briana_ Boo
    Briana_ Boo 7 hours ago

    I believe James🤷‍♀️❤️

  • Camryn Eventing
    Camryn Eventing 7 hours ago

    Ok sorry but I like both Jeffrey & James please no hate every one has mistakes, 😣

  • Szelingo J
    Szelingo J 8 hours ago

    I hate your face

  • Chimp Hardy
    Chimp Hardy 8 hours ago

    You are young and can be as sexual as you want -- you can talk about boys. you can flirt with boys. it's 100% ok. Don't let anyone shame you for that. Heterosexuals do that ALL THE TIME and don't have to justify it. Neither should you. Stay strong, sis!

  • I’m a sweaty Try hard

    Where’s the bleach

  • We love Cats
    We love Cats 8 hours ago


  • Curious Kaylee
    Curious Kaylee 8 hours ago +1

    Wow he even deleted his pity video 🙄

  • GachaWolf :3
    GachaWolf :3 8 hours ago

    Drama in the beauty community: 40M views
    Global warming: 40K views

  • Kimia Roshani
    Kimia Roshani 9 hours ago

    watching James videos are actually waisting time

  • Hamna Adnan
    Hamna Adnan 10 hours ago

    I have finals tomorrow.

  • Naomi Lynn
    Naomi Lynn 10 hours ago

    I think it’s safe to say Sister James officially snapped👑👑👑

  • keyana oloughlin
    keyana oloughlin 10 hours ago

    I can’t stand Jeffrey either, both grown ass people who are cry baby bitches

    BLAH BLAH 10 hours ago

    Tatis face is so dumb looking and annoying esp after the shitshow she created🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Nika Vukić
    Nika Vukić 11 hours ago

    Congrats on 44. Million views🥳

  • hels M
    hels M 11 hours ago

    well said james!

  • Kathryn Sturguess now Frasher

    I just want to say. You just be yourself. Because that is who your are. I dont think it is anyone job to judge others. As for the whole situation that y'all got yourselves into. I don't think that the media should have been involved in the first place. By the way I just subscribed to your Channel. Because I like your ideas with the makeup. I do know that this is the first time I've ever actually watched your stuff but I've seen your makeup. You have a lovely day God bless hope you post more of you doing the makeup

  • Daisy Alvarez
    Daisy Alvarez 12 hours ago

    You go James!!!!

  • dionisis dimou
    dionisis dimou 12 hours ago

    James I love you and wish you the best for the future

  • milla mae
    milla mae 12 hours ago

    this is the type of shit people used to do back in 7th grade oof

  • Sarah McKilliam
    Sarah McKilliam 13 hours ago

    Even though this whole situation is really crazy and unexpected I definitely think you did the right thing ❤️👍 :)
    Also btw your makeup was slayy

  • Ceann
    Ceann 13 hours ago

    it is very obvious that you are far from a genuine person

  • demis world
    demis world 14 hours ago

    Once a sister always a sister 💗💗💗💙💙💙💚💚💚

  • gone forever
    gone forever 14 hours ago

    this is the perfect example of judging a book by its cover and jumping to conclusions. thank you james for spreading positivity and uncovering the truth of the toxic beauty community. you truly are an inspiration and we love you sister.

  • Tarah Oglesby
    Tarah Oglesby 15 hours ago +1

    Pewdiepie sent me here 😂

  • Junior Mzimela
    Junior Mzimela 15 hours ago

    Thank you for clarifying everything and spilling the tea

  • Ashanti Rubio
    Ashanti Rubio 15 hours ago +1

    so we’re not talking about how good james looks in this video?!?

  • アリヤナ.
    アリヤナ. 15 hours ago +1

    honestly, I’m not on no sides but this is literally a 30 year old beefing with a 18 year old? 😂

  • Arelis Seavey
    Arelis Seavey 17 hours ago

    I never doubted u live u sister

  • Tango Gaming
    Tango Gaming 17 hours ago

    I mean gg not gh

  • Selina Hall
    Selina Hall 17 hours ago

    This video is like earth's biggest uno reverse card

  • bryan brayn
    bryan brayn 17 hours ago

    1:04 damn he looks a bit normal

  • Iris Sarmiento
    Iris Sarmiento 17 hours ago +1

    LMAO look at the description 😂😂😂

  • Madison McMillen
    Madison McMillen 17 hours ago

    I really don't care for your explanation you are just creating drama

  • bottle flip m
    bottle flip m 17 hours ago


  • NOMAD_Misfit *_*
    NOMAD_Misfit *_* 18 hours ago

    Most people have been here since 10 mil I have been since 16 mil

  • Louie LoPresto
    Louie LoPresto 18 hours ago

    This was an epic win. Well played sir

  • MrMummy
    MrMummy 18 hours ago +2

    Why are people still watching this?

  • Izabella Marshall
    Izabella Marshall 18 hours ago

    I'm so sorry james. That you have gone through this craziness. You are a amazing person. I hope you recover. Love you and your videos. You are gorgeous ❤❤

  • Jacob Shilman
    Jacob Shilman 19 hours ago

    I’m not even a fan of either of these people nor do I care about the drama but I still find myself drawn to the TEA

  • maroon Forsyth
    maroon Forsyth 19 hours ago

    I just wanna know what lipsticks you use. I want them alll

  • Milai López
    Milai López 19 hours ago

    I said that i was only going to watch half of the video because is very late but i finished up watching it all complete haha

  • Hidden In disguise
    Hidden In disguise 19 hours ago +1

    This is the biggest uno fucking reverse card EVER

    • Mösyö Mimikyu
      Mösyö Mimikyu 18 hours ago

      and this is the comment i searching for my life

  • tori davis
    tori davis 19 hours ago


  • PrankMaster89
    PrankMaster89 19 hours ago

    This is all about a make up-product bruh 😂

  • Psycho - Fortnite
    Psycho - Fortnite 19 hours ago +2

    James pulled the *reverse card*

  • Nicole Lynch
    Nicole Lynch 19 hours ago

    I’m turning 20... gross.

  • ITz.Essence Gatcha
    ITz.Essence Gatcha 19 hours ago

    *Damn.. 44M views 🥶*

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez 20 hours ago

    Gtfo i am not watching 45 minutes of this bullshit

  • abby pallotta
    abby pallotta 20 hours ago +1

    say what you want about James, but he handled this SO well. never once did he act in rage, insult anyone, or be immature. he handled it perfectly.

  • Lovely Lolly
    Lovely Lolly 20 hours ago +1

    I just notice he never swears no bad words

  • Tiffany D
    Tiffany D 20 hours ago +1

    This situation is a good example of how social media can be a dangerous weapon. That was all team too much!

  • mayelin cepeda
    mayelin cepeda 20 hours ago

    You speak spanish

  • Skye Norwood
    Skye Norwood 20 hours ago +2

    So I'm like a month late to the tea party, but...

    James, I commend you for standing up for yourself with such grace and maturity. I'm so sorry you've had to go through this with people you trusted and considered mentors.

    I never really watched beauty vlogging videos until recently and actually discovered your channel because of all the media surrounding the drama, but you've definitely got a new fan here. Keep your chin up, sister, because you brought the truth to the table with the proof to back it up.

  • Kim Alexis
    Kim Alexis 20 hours ago

    I feel for you, James. People are vile. Please do your best to protect yourself and try not to build a huge wall around yourself. One day you will find the perfect boy, just for you. Good luck
    It’s painfully obvious you’re surrounded by nothing but users and abusers

  • Amanda vs Manda
    Amanda vs Manda 20 hours ago

    Hey 👋

  • گــمـركــمم ءء

    هونته تنيج ههههه

  • Nicholas Koltunovich
    Nicholas Koltunovich 20 hours ago

    Is that a dude?

  • Midnight Star
    Midnight Star 20 hours ago

    Stop -.-

  • WeirdoChald
    WeirdoChald 21 hour ago

    Man I still dislike him 🙃😤

  • Taylor In real life
    Taylor In real life 21 hour ago

    I am very sorry about anything I ever thought about you and I am totally on team James so sorry thx for understanding luv ya

  • Rashamel Johnson
    Rashamel Johnson 21 hour ago

    Give me dat cok

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic 21 hour ago

    *Innocence intensifies*

  • Yleana Mercedes Mendoza Quintero

    Bye sister

  • Sara Elezi
    Sara Elezi 21 hour ago

    If somebody where to make a video of about the amount of times James moving\touching his hands, Ohhhhhh boy that video would be long

  • Arctic Vector
    Arctic Vector 22 hours ago

    WHY DID YOU LICK HOTNIES LIKE THAT, thats just weird m8

  • Tiffany Griffith
    Tiffany Griffith 22 hours ago

    41:33 Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Creative Ava
    Creative Ava 22 hours ago

    All this for some gummies wow

  • Bloopgamer Gatcha
    Bloopgamer Gatcha 22 hours ago

    Who else is worried

  • Mochi 7u7
    Mochi 7u7 22 hours ago

    No entiendo ni vrg xd

  • mxriand m
    mxriand m 22 hours ago

    I can't understand, I speak spanish so I think he's making a "trabalenguas"
    Me mamé

  • Serina & Mikayla Vlogs
    Serina & Mikayla Vlogs 22 hours ago +1

    41:34 you’re welcome

  • 《 Itz Marga
    《 Itz Marga 23 hours ago +2

    When you know you put a hate comment of James
    *but you don’t know what video was it*

  • freeBREE K
    freeBREE K 23 hours ago

    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾well done

  • Owen Wheater
    Owen Wheater 23 hours ago +2

    Delete your TVclip channel

  • ariana
    ariana 23 hours ago +1

    the twins are so sweet❤️🥺

  • imjuzttoochubby
    imjuzttoochubby 23 hours ago +1

    Your homo

  • milton belton
    milton belton 23 hours ago

    Yes sister

  • Talor Estelle
    Talor Estelle 23 hours ago +1

    James Pooh you look tf good 😣🤤❤️

  • Brianna Salazar
    Brianna Salazar 23 hours ago

    I love ur vids sister