Doing This Will Make Your Car's Cooling System Last Forever

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • Doing This Will Make Your Car's Cooling System Last Forever, DIY life hack and car repair with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Car life hacks. How to save thousands of dollars by not having to go to an auto mechanic for car cooling system repairs. Expensive cooling system repairs. Car hacks that will save you thousands in cooling system repairs. 5 minute life hacks to make your cooling system last as long as possible. Make your car's cooling system last forever. Cooling system maintenance tips. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.
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  • Scotty Kilmer
    Scotty Kilmer  2 months ago +58

    ⬇️ Things used in this video:
    1. AT 205 Reseal:
    2. Temperature Sensor:
    3. Common Sense
    4. 4k Camera:
    5. Camera Microphone:
    6. Camera Tripod:
    7. My computer for editing / uploading:

    ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools:
    1. Bluetooth Scan Tool:
    2. Cheap Scan Tool:
    3. Basic Mechanic Tool Set:
    4. Professional Socket Set:
    5. Ratcheting Wrench Set:
    6. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter:
    7. Battery Pack Car Jump Starter:

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    • Gary Jones
      Gary Jones 4 days ago

      What about additives like water wetter or redline ?

    • evorn Tatum
      evorn Tatum 4 days ago


    • Kim Townsel
      Kim Townsel 6 days ago

      Thank you!

    • James69
      James69 11 days ago

      Hey scotty, my fan motor cuts on and off, is that bad?

    • Travelair2000
      Travelair2000 Month ago

      Mike $3200 is too much. If it were mine, I would buy the lowest mile junkyard transmission ($600) and do it myself. You could probably find a mechanic to swap it for ~$500 or so.

  • Ken Logsdon
    Ken Logsdon Hour ago

    What if you just remove the thermostat? What effect would that have?

  • brad h
    brad h Day ago

    Scotty, what do you do to stay so young and healthy looking?

  • Kennth Bennett
    Kennth Bennett Day ago

    I bought a Chevy sonic to drive back and forth to work and the water pump went out at 50k! I've never had a water pump fail. I had a Mitsubishi that had 200k no problems!

  • fr shibane
    fr shibane Day ago

    ممكن حد يترجم ماذا يقول😁

  • Cool Hand
    Cool Hand Day ago

    There are thermostats that are designed to stick open as well.I would recommend them. You won’t have heat in the cold weather but you’ll have a motor.


    Finally, someone with a messier and more disorganized garage than mine....

  • Brainiac
    Brainiac Day ago

    Pay attention kids, the price of cars is only going up!

  • Prime Automotive

    So a Chinese radiator is fine but not a radiator cap 🤔

    • Prime Automotive
      Prime Automotive 59 minutes ago

      JackTannehillPromoter he might have said thermostat also i don’t remember

    • JackTannehillPromoter
      JackTannehillPromoter Hour ago

      Did he say not a radiator cap? I thought he said not a thermostat...🤔

  • Richreap
    Richreap Day ago

    Thank you

  • Felix Mounsey
    Felix Mounsey Day ago

    The thermostat on my car was stuck open, so the engine took longer to heat up, then it would run for half an hour at correct temperature then start to overheat. Didn’t buy OEM thermostat oops

  • Daryl Villaescusa
    Daryl Villaescusa 2 days ago

    What do you think of hoat coolant vs conventional coolant

  • Steve LaBuhn
    Steve LaBuhn 2 days ago

    Hey Scotty, can you use the AT-205 on your belts?

  • David Beaulieu
    David Beaulieu 2 days ago

    How to make your cooling system last. NEVER USE DEXCOOL

  • Joe Dirt
    Joe Dirt 2 days ago

    Air cooled engines use.,.......wait for it...... Air to cool it.
    The oil cooler on your motorcycle cools the oil for the transmission/gearbox.
    Contradictory statements like keeping the bugs off the front and then slipping in "corrosion" should let you know that you need to find a better mechanic than Scotty. I don't think he's stupid, I simply don't trust him.

  • Mr71chevyvan
    Mr71chevyvan 3 days ago +1

    when making your own 50/50 mix of coolant only use distilled water never tap water with its minerals etc.

  • BionicMerlin
    BionicMerlin 3 days ago

    Buy a new water inlet while you're at it. It's either cheap pot metal or plastic and it's very easy to break. Aftermarket water inlets for older cars are usually cast iron. :)

  • Umaxen 00
    Umaxen 00 3 days ago

    The biggest scam in modern cars? The entire car...

  • Umaxen 00
    Umaxen 00 3 days ago

    Can I use that spray rejuvinator on my wife?

  • jhonny joint
    jhonny joint 3 days ago

    Auto-hacks die u duizenden besparen op reparaties van koelsystemen. wat rij je dan gouden auto?
    meet grootte bullshit filmje in tijden hier

  • mohd irfan khan
    mohd irfan khan 3 days ago +1

    Now its picture quality is very better before I watch
    I'm thinking your brought new camera congratulation
    Thank you very much for information

  • Ooygin Jardl
    Ooygin Jardl 3 days ago

    We’ll know fact: If your thermostat gets stuck closed your engine will overheat. Little known fact: If your thermostat gets stuck open, your engine will overheat.

  • VIsubby
    VIsubby 3 days ago

    Changing your coolant every 1-2 years makes your thermostat last longer makes your rad less prone to leaks and costly repairs makes hoses last extra long.

  • Cody Wilson
    Cody Wilson 4 days ago

    I have a 2000 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder it's overheating. It started only when driving in city traffic not on the interstate. I tried to flush my coolant and change my thermostat. Radiator must have had water in it because it was corroded very badly. I'm still getting hot air through my heater core most of the time when my foot is on the gas. When I slow down it starts getting cool do you think it's my radiator or should I flush my heater core also. Which is the inlet and outlet on the heater core!?

  • AnimeHyperDimention
    AnimeHyperDimention 4 days ago

    And if overheat.. you can turn on calefaction to max, and don't forget open the windows.

  • Dr Din
    Dr Din 4 days ago

    My dad says blown the same way he says blowing.

  • Shawn P
    Shawn P 5 days ago +1

    AT205.. Same idea as 303.
    I put "303 Protectant" on tires that were starting to get small surface cracks from sitting years. The tires look like new now.
    Just don't breath it in or get it on yourself. It doesn't smell toxic but supposedly is toxic.

  • Tom Rice
    Tom Rice 6 days ago

    Are modern radiators as good as old ones for use as a condenser in a liquor still?

    • Tom Rice
      Tom Rice 4 days ago

      @jeff wade I know that's a concern for a lot of people. But, it's really not so dangerous. I've only gone blind in one eye. I can still see out the other, although things are kind of blurry. I'll have to admit, though, the kidney transplant was kind of a hassle. Now, 'scuse me while I go take another slash of shine.

    • jeff wade
      jeff wade 4 days ago

      not as good as lead poisoning !

  • Father and son gaming Ibarra

    Cry 😭 sler ?

  • Kuntay Yiğit
    Kuntay Yiğit 8 days ago

    Türkçe Altyazı olsa çok iyi olurdu. Anlayamıyorum :(

  • James McGinn
    James McGinn 9 days ago

    Some vehicles, like a Hemi, you can still get a 160 degree stat for. Get the 160 milodon stat, get a diablo tuner T2, get a big all aluminum radiator. Especially in the South, your vehicle will last far longer! Yes I love AT205 great stuff. Love my IR thermometer too.

  • michael byrnes
    michael byrnes 9 days ago

    I only buy the thermostats that fail open. Extra few $ but they fail open!

  • Dominic Daley
    Dominic Daley 9 days ago

    I run no thermostat lol

  • محمد الشهري
    محمد الشهري 10 days ago

    Thank you from saudi arabi

  • nathan castellano
    nathan castellano 10 days ago

    Love your videos!!! Thank you for sharing all your knowledge! I watch them just to know. Very cool! Thanks again!

  • ابو عبدالله
    ابو عبدالله 11 days ago

    والله مدري وش قال
    حنا عرب ياللي منزل المقطع👎

  • T J
    T J 11 days ago +1

    403 people don’t like maintaining they’re cooling systems

  • Steve 900SPG
    Steve 900SPG 11 days ago

    Hey Scotty, why is clutch pack clearance important, and why does it matter?

  • Victor Robles
    Victor Robles 12 days ago

    Maybe somebody ask this already by accident I dropped a quarter into the stick shifter can this cause el problem ?

  • Mark G. Bass
    Mark G. Bass 12 days ago

    Why not just drill a hole in that chepa thermostat and have it run 24/7 heat be damned lol

  • Steven Huynh
    Steven Huynh 13 days ago

    Question: is it good to run the AC or heater while parking or idle for hours to take a nap?

    • Elle Brown
      Elle Brown 12 days ago

      @Steven Huynh No problem ♥️ be careful out there

    • Steven Huynh
      Steven Huynh 12 days ago

      @Elle Brown Thanks for the warning. It's because am I an Uber driver. At times, I thought driving home sleepy was dangerous. Then, u tell me about the danger of using the AC in the summer idling, or the heater in the winter idling. Thanks...

    • Elle Brown
      Elle Brown 13 days ago +1

      @Steven Huynh rather hot or cold its NEVER good idea sitting in idling vehicle with windows shut, especially napping. Exhaust would kill u if it malfunctioned 👀 Radiator debris also exudes thru dashboard vents. U mean to tell me you've never heard of these dangers? Wow I just saved your life

    • Steven Huynh
      Steven Huynh 13 days ago

      @Elle Brown hmm. Why? It's 2 hot here in Texas

    • Elle Brown
      Elle Brown 13 days ago

      better keep drivers window open

  • Jamaican Bacon
    Jamaican Bacon 13 days ago +1

    I have a 2009 wrangler! Makes noise wen I excelerate. Ticking a video... is it my lifts?

  • Jamaican Bacon
    Jamaican Bacon 13 days ago +1

    I have a 2009 wrangler! Makes noise wen I excelerate. Ticking a video... is it my lifts?

  • robert adams
    robert adams 13 days ago

    Do you recommend the stop leak powder when the radiator has a small crack?

  • Mike Secondo
    Mike Secondo 15 days ago +1

    1968 vw bug....can't find the radiator!!(LOL)

  • Arnoldo Amaya
    Arnoldo Amaya 15 days ago +1

    Thank you, Friend.
    Very important.

  • فيصل الغامدي


  • M A
    M A 15 days ago

    Rich with knowledge!

  • Eric Stewart
    Eric Stewart 15 days ago

    Good info to manage Heat
    For bugs
    Get a 'DBS' ~ 'De-Bug Screen'

  • Sammy James
    Sammy James 16 days ago

    3:45 classic🤣

  • David Clough
    David Clough 16 days ago

    One big tip to make sure your cooling system works properly. If you ever have to remove a serpentine belt to work on your vehicle, make sure it goes back on the.correct way. A friend of mine couldn't figure out why the heater wouldn't blow hot air yet the engine heated up fast. Loomed at the belt diagram for the vehicle and the belt was on wrong and spinning the waterfall the wrong direction.

  • David Clough
    David Clough 16 days ago

    My first car the thermostat stuck closed. Could tell cause the transmission fluid started leaking out faster. And it was a weird looking thermostat. Had the GM part number on it, so figured it might have been the one that originally came with the car. My second car the fan motor wasn't working and the car was only 3 hears old. One auto parts store wanted 28 dollars for one, but had to order it and I wanted to change it that day. Went to a place that sold acdelco parts and they wanted almost 100 dollars for one. I told them I could order one for 28 from the other place. They said but ours is the official GM part. I said that's what's on there now and it doesn't work. So I went to a different auto parts store and they had one in stock for 31 dollars. So I put that on and it worked for all the years I had the vehicle.

  • Rodney Frey
    Rodney Frey 17 days ago

    Hi Scotty - I;ve always replaced thermostats with the Failsafe type . Saved me from a few overheats over the last 30 years :) BTW - you make some kool videos :)

  • Lion Heart
    Lion Heart 17 days ago

    Me n my wife bought a car from Nissan Manukau motors last month. And now the gear is not working... But this channel make me feel I can fixed...

  • Dillon Hamrick
    Dillon Hamrick 17 days ago

    Scotty, PLEASE do a video on Interference motors! What they are & common cars they are on & how to care for them

  • K v
    K v 19 days ago

    Lol or the thermostat in a Toyota minivan . You practically need a set of mirrors so you can see what you're doing

  • Storm chasing CNY
    Storm chasing CNY 19 days ago

    okay so i bought a 2006 chevy monte carlo and it was overheating and there was no heat so my first thought was the thremostat, so i changed it and the car didn't over heat til the next day i literly need some help asap!

  • JoJoZep ofthejungle
    JoJoZep ofthejungle 20 days ago

    My fan doesn't turn off, had to bipass it and put in a switch, I didn't know how to fix it any other way but learning quick with these videos.

    • Old Man Jim
      Old Man Jim 19 days ago +1

      Could be a bad relay in the circuit. They are cheap to replace, so if you change it out and it wasn't the problem, no biggie, you're out 5 bucks, but you have a spare now.

  • Rosh Brennen
    Rosh Brennen 20 days ago

    Screw these stupid combustion engines for over 130 years is the exact same crap and the electric engine was invented 1890 in Europe. GM made 1200 EV1 electric cars in 1999 and after leasing them out for 3 years they recalled all of them and crushed them. With police guards. Ya. GM was number one. Cant fix stupid.

  • Pete Blazer
    Pete Blazer 22 days ago +1

    I have an 05 Mitsubishi eclipse, I have no thermostat.
    My cooling system was out, when I put it on the car over heat. But took it out it doesn't overheat.

    • Samuel Giacinto
      Samuel Giacinto 19 days ago +1

      Pete Blazer Could be a bubble of air, if the bubble gathers around the thermostat coil, it will prevent it from opening. Try a flush/burp with the front wheels elevated to get as many bubbles out as you can! Happened with my Subaru once, overheated/struggled to cool itself off with the T-stat and worked fine without it until I flushed/burped it ☺️

  • Vinny V
    Vinny V 22 days ago +4

    I had a dream where my Uber driver was Scotty driving a dark blue Toyota Celica.

  • Darren Kiggins
    Darren Kiggins 24 days ago

    Rubber softener is a must if you have a convertable with a hard top. I drive a Focus CC and lubricate the roof rubber two or three times a year. The result is the roof is very much less likely to leak.

  • Dencil Dean
    Dencil Dean 24 days ago

    But scotty how do you know these days what is a OEM product ?
    I bought a water pump cheap one figured it was the problem
    so i said i am going AMERICAN this time YESSIREE
    GATES spend one hellava $ too got it read the fine you know it ( MADE IN CHINA )
    my 1999 chevy 1500 silverado LS truck is ( MADE IN MEXICO ) not DETROIT
    nassau, bahamas

  • Daniel Kleinmeier
    Daniel Kleinmeier 24 days ago

    Great guy....

  • Gary Mackin
    Gary Mackin 26 days ago

    You are bloody magnificent, but being English all I can see is cupid stunt pmsl

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 26 days ago

    Should I buy a new sensor or thermostat first for my Saturn SL2.

  • Billy Sastard
    Billy Sastard 27 days ago

    5:22 check the fan with your fingers

  • anthony costa
    anthony costa 27 days ago +2

    Scotty your the best thing on you tube. I have gained so much knowledge from you. Thanks bud.

  • Randy Ledford
    Randy Ledford 27 days ago +1

    I would hate to hear him talk to long, I would lose my mind..

  • Rob
    Rob 27 days ago

    OK ... I’m hooked on your videos, very good useful modern information mixed with old school common sense 👍

  • Galactic Rangers
    Galactic Rangers 27 days ago

    didn't scotty say he bought that car for 350 bucks ? lol no woder he bought it 14 years ago,, is this guy stoned or what?

  • Gary K
    Gary K 28 days ago +2

    Hey Scotty, is it a good idea to spray AT205 rejuvenator on CV boots?

    • Michael Fitton
      Michael Fitton 7 days ago

      Yep, and your bushings, rod-ends and strut mounts too.

  • rronmar
    rronmar 28 days ago

    Carefull using water. A high velocity straight stream from a garden hose nozzle will bend condenser and radiator fins...

  • diggles27
    diggles27 28 days ago

    I love it, he's like Ron Swanson's coked-up cousin for cars

  • Ron White
    Ron White 29 days ago

    I’m sure this video is about to save me a whole lot of money 💰

  • Not Lot
    Not Lot 29 days ago

    Thanks bro

  • Khadar Ahmed
    Khadar Ahmed Month ago

    What if I remove the radiator valve?

    KR RODRIGUEZ Month ago

    Good video I love your videos hey I buy a Chevy Malibu 2011 and a lot water in the passager side floor how can I fix that right now I’m a little short of money but I want to know how to check that please and how to turn off inside light omg when you open the door they turn on always thank you

  • fakiirification
    fakiirification Month ago

    i always buy the failsafe type thermostats that stick open if the wax motor leaks etc. not OEM, but a bit better piece of mind knowing that the result of a failed thermostat is an engine running a bit too cool.

    • L3G1T
      L3G1T 29 days ago

      Yeah, harder start vs overheating. Definitely prefer the first.

  • Michael Weskamp
    Michael Weskamp Month ago +3

    Be careful with the pressure cleaner on the radiator. You might bend the small lamellae on it and that deminishes the cooling ability.

  • Michael Weskamp
    Michael Weskamp Month ago +1

    Happened to me once with a 1974 Golf 14 years old. Its does not seem to be a big problem to me.

  • Juanf Gonzalez
    Juanf Gonzalez Month ago +2

    Remember drill small hole in the thermostat for safety 😉

    • Billy Sastard
      Billy Sastard 27 days ago

      Remember to remove thermostat for extra safety

  • Antonio Ferreira
    Antonio Ferreira Month ago

    just trow off the termostat, it is a stupid feature .

  • GrowLLLTigeRRR
    GrowLLLTigeRRR Month ago

    I used to change out my thermostats. I remember having to check to see if they would open and close properly before installing them by putting them in a pot of water over the stove.

  • atom608
    atom608 Month ago

    iv bought 2 used cars with fucked thermostats, honestly a fucked thermostat *a part that costs like $25* can literally melt your engine or blow your rad if its rusted shut. the importance of having a thermostat that actually closes and opens is so important people dont realize it i swear

  • Odis Jones
    Odis Jones Month ago

    Dude you're a lifesaver

  • Shane
    Shane Month ago

    Anyone know a product equivalent to AT 205 Reseal that you can get in europe? 30 Euros Shipping and the possibility that it gets knacked by customs because there is some shitty EU decree not allowing some of its contents complicates my efforts on that.

  • Knight-Time
    Knight-Time Month ago

    I love you buddy but taking a pressure washer to a radiator is a really bad idea.

  • Holly Ferguson
    Holly Ferguson Month ago

    If you want to make a radiator last a long time,just ground the aluminum or metal core.This will stop all galvanic erosion on all metal parts in the cooling system.Try it ,it won't cost you anything.P.N.

  • Iwe Zarkonie
    Iwe Zarkonie Month ago

    Banyak ngomong niih orang, nggak bener tuuh tiorinya....ngawur.

  • Tacticool Millenial

    Best thermostate ever is the failsafe. It fails open.

  • Toddy twotones
    Toddy twotones Month ago

    Any car or anything in car Scotty that isn’t stupid?

  • 2fast4you2
    2fast4you2 Month ago

    In hot countries i just take them off. Dont need them if its not hot. Never had a problem taking them off.

  • E S
    E S Month ago

    lol Love the Mugen Radiator Cap pic 🤣

  • Paw95
    Paw95 Month ago

    I chance coolant as often as I change women every few years.

  • nerungo
    nerungo Month ago

    You forgot. The radiator rubber mounts. They go bad.

  • Model Jet Juggernaut

    Scotty, you rock!!

  • ralph seifer
    ralph seifer Month ago

    Scotty--I make a practice of turning on the heater at least once a week, even in the summer, to circulate the coolant that's stashed in the heater circuit. I recently lost the plastic radiator on my 2001 Lexus IS300, but have not otherwise had any heating/cooling incidents in the 96,000 miles I have on the car. Ralph L. Seifer, Long Beach, California.

  • redbaron297
    redbaron297 Month ago

    So my 2001 honda has the same pump, and thermostat. Should I still change it, for piece of mind?

  • Susan Hughey
    Susan Hughey Month ago

    Is this thermostat a one size fits all?