Doing This Will Make Your Car's Cooling System Last Forever

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • Doing This Will Make Your Car's Cooling System Last Forever, DIY life hack and car repair with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Car life hacks. How to save thousands of dollars by not having to go to an auto mechanic for car cooling system repairs. Expensive cooling system repairs. Car hacks that will save you thousands in cooling system repairs. 5 minute life hacks to make your cooling system last as long as possible. Make your car's cooling system last forever. Cooling system maintenance tips. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.
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  • Scotty Kilmer
    Scotty Kilmer  4 months ago +66

    ⬇️ Things used in this video:
    1. AT 205 Reseal:
    2. Temperature Sensor:
    3. Common Sense
    4. 4k Camera:
    5. Camera Microphone:
    6. Camera Tripod:
    7. My computer for editing / uploading:

    ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools:
    1. Bluetooth Scan Tool:
    2. Cheap Scan Tool:
    3. Basic Mechanic Tool Set:
    4. Professional Socket Set:
    5. Ratcheting Wrench Set:
    6. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter:
    7. Battery Pack Car Jump Starter:

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    • Gary Jones
      Gary Jones 2 months ago

      What about additives like water wetter or redline ?

    • evorn Tatum
      evorn Tatum 2 months ago


    • Kim Townsel
      Kim Townsel 2 months ago

      Thank you!

    • Surreal69
      Surreal69 2 months ago

      Hey scotty, my fan motor cuts on and off, is that bad?

    • Travelair2000
      Travelair2000 3 months ago

      Mike $3200 is too much. If it were mine, I would buy the lowest mile junkyard transmission ($600) and do it myself. You could probably find a mechanic to swap it for ~$500 or so.

  • Mermer
    Mermer 9 hours ago

    Old man, you make a lot of sense! Tha ks for the advice! 👍

  • Ar Au
    Ar Au 3 days ago

    العنوان بل عربي ولخبير اجنبي تفو على هيك برامج

  • Wei Su
    Wei Su 4 days ago

    My Acura thermostat and rad cap are 13 years old and still rocking

  • Marinduque - The Heart of the Philippines

    Scotty, what about using AT 250 RESEAL on windshield wiper blades? Will this rubber rejuvenator make the rubber blades last longer, just like the golf club handles? Your respected opinion, please. 😄

  • Swagioso Brazy
    Swagioso Brazy 8 days ago

    Thanks man 👍 You're that dude !

  • John Gatliff
    John Gatliff 9 days ago

    Check the cooling fans!!!!!!!! $2000 in repairs!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I had viewed your channel before the damage, you will probably save me tens of thousands of dollars over my lifetime. Will try and watch every video you have made haha Thank you Scotty!

  • James Duke
    James Duke 10 days ago

    I thought you were going to say just leave it out if you live in a warm climate... it is very warm in south Florida

  • Jordan Daniel
    Jordan Daniel 10 days ago

    Hey scotty where are u I would like u as my mechanic some time . The ones where I live dont now crap I would love for you to work on my car I have a honda prelude that Im fixing that needs more love. Appreacate your work keep going man love the help.

  • Teeyah2
    Teeyah2 10 days ago

    Excellent advice Scotty....Thanks😄

  • Steve Larsen
    Steve Larsen 10 days ago

    I am now dumber after watching this guy and I will never get this 10 minutes back in my life

  • spectrumlocalb191
    spectrumlocalb191 10 days ago

    Scotty is there an email I can contact you at, I have a question about AT-205 resealer

  • angela nadeau
    angela nadeau 11 days ago

    You've always got great info👍Thanks for the help

  • TheBeingReal
    TheBeingReal 11 days ago

    I like to drill a 1/16” hole thru the flange of the thermostat. Prevents air lock.

  • Nicholas Johnson
    Nicholas Johnson 12 days ago +2

    Stupid this, stupid that, stupid design, had me in stitches. Love ya work Scotty !!!!!

  • Elisa Rodriguez
    Elisa Rodriguez 13 days ago

    Good to know... thanks Scotty!👍

  • Google Now
    Google Now 14 days ago +1

    You're perfect mechanic

  • Norma Austin
    Norma Austin 14 days ago +1

    Scotty, you are just tooooo, dam, gooood. Love your videos.

  • Timoteo Luna
    Timoteo Luna 14 days ago

    Hi Scotty, what do you think of adding stop leak type products into the radiator. I have a leak around the seal of the water pump on my 96 Ford Bronco. I always have to keep refilling but I was worried about putting that type of product into the radiator.

    • Lyn Dobla
      Lyn Dobla 14 days ago

      Thank you for informational videos like this, Scotty. I am thinking of becoming a mechanic from watching.😊

  • Tony Xavier
    Tony Xavier 14 days ago +1

    I'm surprised you didn't mention the importance of using distilled water in the cooling system.

  • Bolts Kush
    Bolts Kush 15 days ago

    Im from austrailia . Im 53 years of age . A good thing to know. Is put boiled water staight away in a class. With your new thermostat. To see if it works properly. Because three i put in cars over ten years. Were not operating. Did my head in working out the over heating proplem that still existed. It pays to test them it can happen.better to be safe than head plucked

  • arcticablue
    arcticablue 16 days ago

    I love your videos!

  • Solly Khan
    Solly Khan 17 days ago +5

    Looks like 565 people who thumbs downed, either didn't go to school, or they are deaf and devoid of a brain🤔.never mind, that's the law's of nature i guess! Keep up the good work scotty, the rest of us appreciate your effort.🙂

  • Rey Mendiola
    Rey Mendiola 22 days ago

    Is AT 205 safe on belts?

  • chinedu okonkwo
    chinedu okonkwo 23 days ago

    What happens when you remove the thermostat assuming you live in west Africa with temperate climate? Normally some people here remove theirs but i don't know why?

  • Jeff Hill
    Jeff Hill 24 days ago

    Drilled holes in my thermostat

  • arnie nelson
    arnie nelson 27 days ago

    I wonder if they can 3D print a new one, it's plastic...LOL

  • Hoseybosey
    Hoseybosey Month ago

    Is it true that a 2003 Nissan Altima has 2 thermostats?

  • Eric Albert
    Eric Albert Month ago


  • 252 boston
    252 boston Month ago

    You lost me v4 the video began lol

  • melzz montez
    melzz montez Month ago

    Here in the philipines we remove thermostant

  • horrnett
    horrnett Month ago +1

    non of these are available in India , we are being ripped off nicely by the manufacturers here by 10000km service or anything that comes knocking and say it will void warranty if third party is used 🙄

  • King Freedom
    King Freedom Month ago +4

    Dear Scotty you saved my behind the again I had taken my vehicle to the mechanic because I had a radiator leak after I took it to the mechanic to get a fuel line replaced 7 Days Later it started leaking radiator fluid. The man said it was my water pump while I have a 2000 Intrepid. The water pump is with the timing chain. And I have been pumping money into this car because I love this car come to find out all I had was a crack in the upper part of the radiator by the hose I almostjunked my car something told me to Trace the leak lo and behold I found it. This man try to screw me over $1,235. I even told him I have some knowledge about cars I just don't have the tools or the time. Bless you Scotty you keep up the good work🤜🤛

    • King Freedom
      King Freedom Month ago +1

      There was nothing wrong with the water pump

  • dgcmusi
    dgcmusi Month ago

    Very informative...thank you 🙏👏👏

  • toney ingram
    toney ingram Month ago

    When you see your car running hot stop it and let it cool off

  • EJ
    EJ Month ago

    This guy is a wealth of knowledge.

  • PH Geek
    PH Geek Month ago

    is it possible to use coolant even if I used water in radiator,?

    • Wellington James
      Wellington James Month ago

      SenpaiLouie yeah. Coolant with water. Atleast for my car.

  • darren drilon
    darren drilon Month ago

    Watching videos of Scotty I learned some important things that saved my Nissan Sunny 2012 for years (Japan Model) 😆 still alive till now I just replaced the alternator the rest is still intact and original parts.

  • Roebs cool
    Roebs cool Month ago

    What the hell Scotty !!!!!
    Start liking German engendering and stop liking all that Crap china toyotas and hondas
    Vucking hell

  • Michael Anthony Crum

    THANK YOU.... A couple of your videos have saved me a few grand by doing my own work !! 👍 Love your channel.

  • Neo J. Ssk
    Neo J. Ssk Month ago

    2:30 is not a Stupid design for them im sure $ $$$$$ $$$$$$$$$

  • Moto 99
    Moto 99 Month ago

    Thanks man this helped me out a lot

  • נתנאל חיים

    I once bought an original thermostart and it didnt even work once so i drived a while without a thermostat and after a month the thermostat i orderd from china arraived and its been 2 years and he is still working

  • Nori Hersan
    Nori Hersan Month ago

    Scotty you are soooo cool!

  • Andy Webb
    Andy Webb Month ago


  • Kirtorato Karotika
    Kirtorato Karotika Month ago

    God bless you scotty
    You are the best

  • Rick Zuniga
    Rick Zuniga Month ago

    Scotty you forgot about the Temperature Coolant Sensor it important to change that too.

  • Georgia Gale
    Georgia Gale Month ago

    What can I do about sqeeking shocks? Under front end of my f-150. Georgia

  • Peter Karel Kraus
    Peter Karel Kraus Month ago

    Get a Robert Shaw. More likely than not, the dealer will sell you a Robert Shaw in a box with the car maker's logos.

  • soupdragon12345
    soupdragon12345 Month ago

    Suddenly I’m into golfing! Omg I’m dying .

  • Rex Alvidera
    Rex Alvidera Month ago

    Mr. Scotty how about Dodge nitro 2008 model is this a good car? And how about the spare parts cost price is it wort it?

  • Trail Hiker
    Trail Hiker Month ago +7

    I like to piss in my rad! :) its free and looks like antifreeze.

  • Anthony Sanders
    Anthony Sanders Month ago

    Wish I had known you when I was a young teen... or live near you, the things I would learn from you....

  • Furat m.r
    Furat m.r Month ago +1

    If the weather temperature between 45 Celsius and 50
    What do you think 🤔 the engine cooling fluid will be with A/C running and stop with traffic for more than 15 minutes?
    In my cases the temperature reach to 105 Celsius is it normal?

  • Felix Agbeveade
    Felix Agbeveade Month ago +1

    Hi Scotty is it advisable to top up the coolant even if the level drops

  • Rev. David
    Rev. David Month ago

    Be very careful using any pressurized washer on cooling fins, they are soft and easily deformed.

  • girohead
    girohead Month ago

    Buy OEM and do it right, or don't and do it twice. I shop and often seek non-genuine, but then gotta do it over. I save by watching these videos, so I do it right and buy genuine parts. I'm now looking for a video to change fuel filter on my 2000 Corolla, I think it's in the fuel tank.

  • Stacy Berg
    Stacy Berg Month ago +2

    A pressure washer will bend the fins on your AC condenser. Garden hose only.

  • jay supreme_18
    jay supreme_18 Month ago

    Or just remove the thermostat forever

  • Ken Berscheit
    Ken Berscheit Month ago +2

    the 900.00 rad was made in china too , just a bigger markup from bmw

  • Leo Cline
    Leo Cline Month ago

    That is some good advice when but a preowned car I usually change the thermostat and the coolant and the hoses so I dont have a hose blow out on me

  • double g
    double g Month ago

    I have a peugeot 206 2001 and the temperature goes high even if the engine is cold and the coolant level is right

  • Elias Naser
    Elias Naser Month ago +1

    Scott, you are my automobile guru! Amazing knowledge that is applied!

  • J F
    J F Month ago

    Just remove the thermostat and allow the car to warm up for ten minutes before driving just like back in scotty's day.

    ED ABRAMS Month ago

    Great simple tricks -/ thanks

  • PPR Darryl
    PPR Darryl Month ago

    Try testing the so called "water pump" to see if it actually pumps coolant according to the specification. I take the heater hoses off run them both into a bucket of coolant then bleed the system and then pull the heater flow hose out and empty it into a container and then time the flow . All this is done at 500rpm. If the flow does not fill a 1 litre container in less than 10 seconds then you do not have a pump you have a stirrer.
    We have thousands of hours of testing to prove that when you install a proper pump amazing things happen like an increase in idle vacuum, amongst other changes. We also relocated the engine thermostat into the bottom hose,(like some Japanese engines) further improving coolant flow and control. Of course then you need an external bypass to suit .

  • Jonathon Jensen
    Jonathon Jensen Month ago

    Scotty, if your vehicle has a 185 degree thermostat and you are running an electric fan, what temp should you have it turning on/off?

    • Jonathon Jensen
      Jonathon Jensen Month ago +1

      Thank you, solid advice!

    • Mario Napalm
      Mario Napalm Month ago

      A fan should turn on as soon as the thermostat opens. So if it's meant to open at 185 degrees Fahrenheit, then the fan should turn on at that temperature, and also turn off when coolant is cooled down to a lower temperature. I have a problem where my thermostat or temperature sensor doesn't tell fan to turn on when it's supposed to turn on, it kicks in late. Should turn on at 194 degrees Fahrenheit, but it turns on at around 203 degrees Fahrenheit. Advice: Don't buy modern cars, much more difficult to diagnose a problem and repair.

  • David Parkinson
    David Parkinson Month ago

    Just throw it away if in hot area area

  • batone76 sanchez
    batone76 sanchez Month ago

    Any idea why my radiator looses coolant every couple of days , but I see nothing on the ground and it's doesn't over heat or anything like that.

  • Rogers Kiprotich
    Rogers Kiprotich Month ago

    It help ful

  • Rogers Kiprotich
    Rogers Kiprotich Month ago

    It help ful

  • Curtis Shaffer
    Curtis Shaffer Month ago

    I always use a failsafe t stat same oem temp rating oems are not always the best

  • John Lopez
    John Lopez Month ago


  • Reza Rajub
    Reza Rajub Month ago

    Its better to remove the thermostat ha. It will remain the engine cool.

  • hornmonk3zit
    hornmonk3zit Month ago

    Best thing about my old Pontiac is the thermostat is right under the radiator cap so you gotta take it out every time you fill up the radiator. Literally can't avoid inspecting it every time you check your coolant, which I had to do a lot because the radiator drained a quart of coolant by the time you got the cap screwed back on.