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  • Published on Jun 1, 2018
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Comments • 321

  • PumpkinEskobarr
    PumpkinEskobarr 2 days ago

    I honestly thought that first dog was about to head over a cliff.

  • Sue Edwards
    Sue Edwards 3 days ago

    should never give chooks noodles...they get stuck in their gullet and can kill them

  • Maria D'Amelio
    Maria D'Amelio 5 days ago

    Don't hurt any animal, even if
    you are a child

  • Karl Hernandez
    Karl Hernandez 6 days ago

    Most of these are not funny. @Dogs Community is right, this is just cruel

  • Eckels
    Eckels 9 days ago +1

    More proof that all life is sacred

  • Max Galer
    Max Galer 16 days ago

    Helloo Furfriends

  • T Sommers
    T Sommers 17 days ago +1

    Does that lady just allow her kid to slap animals on a regular basis or are those chickens just the lucky ones?
    Also, 11:41 was that a dog or a deer?

  • Phoebe Blaze
    Phoebe Blaze 18 days ago +1

    But did that cute doggo get that piece of salami? And what was in Maggie's mouth? This show has too many plot holes.

  • JustEKSDI
    JustEKSDI 19 days ago

    O 4 rano przed jebana matura oglądam pieski i kotki. Coś kurwa ze mną nietak

  • Amanda Phillips
    Amanda Phillips 22 days ago

    1:05 hasa look of "ima murder u VERY soon "🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ginger Bread
    Ginger Bread 25 days ago

    Love your videos. I just subscribed to you.

  • Shane Denlinger
    Shane Denlinger 25 days ago

    of course a Dalmatian needs a life vest

  • Crystal Cristina
    Crystal Cristina 26 days ago

    7:21 I don't think he was a Colts fan

  • Sabisch TruePain
    Sabisch TruePain 26 days ago

    Nooooo.. this is not good..some clips are hateful...

  • Sara Coulson
    Sara Coulson 27 days ago +1

    The dog running to the beach! I love it!

  • Lora
    Lora 28 days ago

    Oh yeah the lady who yelled at her dog as he was climbing the branch causing him to fall from that distance should have the same thing done to her...push her off the tree so she can fall onto another tree trunk. Stupid lady.. you should have your dog taken away from you or at the least charged with felony animal abuse.

  • Lora
    Lora 28 days ago

    The parents that think its ok/funny to let the babies interact with non-domesticated animals (and even some domesticated animals)are stupid. Babies do not understand how dangerous/unpredictable those animals can be. Then when the animals do what animals do leading to possible serious harm to the baby the parents get upset with the animal. The parents should be the ones punished not the animals.

  • Dee Wasielewska
    Dee Wasielewska 29 days ago

    25:55 lol

  • Leni Schneider
    Leni Schneider Month ago

    Wie heißt die Rasse bei 5:36? Könnt ihr mir das bitte sagen?

  • Wes
    Wes Month ago

    V V V V V V V Way too many over emotional people. Abuse? Torture? Give ma a break. I suppose your kids and pets are walking around with helmets on.

  • Audrey Stamm
    Audrey Stamm Month ago

    Who thinks that 29:18 is child abuse by neglect? What person let's there baby around goats with horns?

  • Woof Woof
    Woof Woof Month ago

    so cute

  • Megane Sergerie
    Megane Sergerie Month ago

    J’ai vraiment Aimé toute la vidéo!! Mais le départ avec le lion c’est trop cool!!!

  • DogCat Party
    DogCat Party Month ago

    Not funny at all when dog slips on top of sofa, he could have broken some ribs, etc. April 2019

  • kikinho Carioca
    kikinho Carioca Month ago

    People who lives with animals are happier CHECK

  • Snooshies
    Snooshies Month ago

    ~ Animals can definitely have their funny moments And at 17:39/17:40 sounds like the pup is saying "I don't know" lol

    IAREBELOST Month ago

    Damn people, teach your kids not to harass animals

  • Anthony Steele
    Anthony Steele Month ago

    The crab was the best

  • Simple Drawings
    Simple Drawings Month ago

    funny video compilations. I enjoy this kind of videos.

  • Star Wars Chronicler
    Star Wars Chronicler Month ago +2

    These parents are so dumb, just dumb. Great way to teach your kids, wonder how they're gonna grow up?

  • Rex Hy
    Rex Hy Month ago

    whats the dog breed at 10:19
    its so cute

  • Damian
    Damian 2 months ago

    7:30 i lost it

  • Susan W Uehara
    Susan W Uehara 2 months ago +3

    I think animals are catching up to our intelligence. Never noticed until now

  • Moreen Hailche
    Moreen Hailche 2 months ago

    Not so much funny pets as stupid people.

  • Totally Stellar
    Totally Stellar 3 months ago

    14:28 he deserved it wassup 💀

  • piffdaddy420
    piffdaddy420 4 months ago

    lol i must have backed up the video and watched the little white dog ringing the bell to get his treats over 10 times over and over. was so cute. lol he was so inpacient for his next treat!! lmao. im gonna train my cat to do this!

  • piffdaddy420
    piffdaddy420 4 months ago

    y was the guy blowing the raccoon??

  • Alyssa Percz
    Alyssa Percz 4 months ago

    Dog:"The wind and sea."

  • Alyssa Percz
    Alyssa Percz 4 months ago

    Pug:"I can barely move."

  • Alyssa Percz
    Alyssa Percz 4 months ago

    Dog:"I need to get in my office!"

  • Alyssa Percz
    Alyssa Percz 4 months ago

    Racoon and human:"mm,mm,mm,mm,mm,mm,mm!"

  • Alyssa Percz
    Alyssa Percz 4 months ago


  • Alyssa Percz
    Alyssa Percz 4 months ago

    Black dog:Ah,that's soothing.

  • MadCypress
    MadCypress 4 months ago

    1:30 omg what a cute cat! 😍

  • tracie marsh
    tracie marsh 4 months ago

    why have animals if you gonna gate them off 1 side of the room?

  • tracie marsh
    tracie marsh 4 months ago

    the girl with bird on head pathetic dramatic fake laugh

  • tracie marsh
    tracie marsh 4 months ago

    not damn funny they all could of been hurt and idiots are laughing?? give me a break those poor babies

  • leah olsson
    leah olsson 4 months ago

    Who the hells lets a toddler waddle up to a mean ass goat?

  • CoolChick1968
    CoolChick1968 4 months ago



    some of these parents are UNBELIEVABLY stupid

  • mdh6977
    mdh6977 4 months ago

    6:57 give the dog some fresh water asshole

  • Lana
    Lana 5 months ago

    So glad there wasn't quirky or irritating music attached like in so many other videos.

  • Sa Tan
    Sa Tan 5 months ago +1

    im glad most of these comments are negative because this compilation is bad
    youre not in nature youre not a wildlife photographer, INTERVENE IF THERE IS DANGER DUMMY

  • Jutta Maier
    Jutta Maier 5 months ago

    The hamster at the end is not funny at all

  • Joan Osika
    Joan Osika 5 months ago

    Love the dog ringing the bell.

  • Infinite Flow
    Infinite Flow 5 months ago

    10:32 I was afraid that bird was going to take a massive shit

  • J McClain
    J McClain 5 months ago

    If you ever come across someone who doesn't like animals, run. They are probably a serial killer or some other kind of weirdo.

  • chapmanmerchant
    chapmanmerchant 5 months ago

    I think that you should try and fit more ads in!

  • Free Dog Care
    Free Dog Care 5 months ago


  • Tammie A
    Tammie A 5 months ago

    I'm sorry but some of these people are idiots, especially the one who let that dog climb up that fallen tree and then call the dog's name so the dog falls. That dog probably broke a rib

  • Larisa Pearson
    Larisa Pearson 5 months ago

    That puppy is a safe Rider in his carseat

  • Brandon Toad
    Brandon Toad 5 months ago

    Way too many god damn ads. 👎

  • Max Ime
    Max Ime 5 months ago

    at 17:39 min the Puppy says ( I don't know )!

  • Gail Greenberg
    Gail Greenberg 5 months ago

    I think it's cruel to put those ridiculous outfits on dogs and cats. They certainly don't look too happy about it!

  • Nae Nae
    Nae Nae 5 months ago

    17:35 did the dog say I don’t know?😂😂😂

  • Peter Babczuk
    Peter Babczuk 5 months ago

    humans kind of suck

  • Magomed776
    Magomed776 5 months ago

    20:24 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Mahnoor Ayyub
    Mahnoor Ayyub 5 months ago


  • nickthefox72
    nickthefox72 5 months ago +1

    14:26 that parent is shit. Let’s hit hit chicken and thinks it’s funny then “oh no!” When chicken hits back....🤦‍♂️

  • Frank Barone
    Frank Barone 6 months ago

    I don't understand the whole human and animal relationship thing. They poop and drool in your car, tear up the screens around the house, leave their hair all over the place, and smell bad too.
    Vet bills are just as expensive as human medical bills, and most don't live too long.
    I find most humans who have pets, also have emotional or some kind of self-esteem issue in that they need to feel loved by animals. Not to mention all the laws and money needed to protect and shelter animals. Homeless people wish they had so good. This video isn't funny, its stupid!

  • gj Beaudry
    gj Beaudry 6 months ago

    If you don't smile you're not my friend!!!

  • Robert Olejniczak
    Robert Olejniczak 6 months ago


  • Suzanne
    Suzanne 6 months ago

    14:25 I would REALLY LIKE TO Slap the FUCK out that mom that is laughing trying to say, "For Some reason he is mad at the chicken"...While her little brat is hitting the chickens. What the hell is wrong with you LADY? You teach your kid to NOT hit animals you moron and they won't get hurt by them. Stupid people. Then the little girl right after that with an attitude. That goat couldn't have butted her at a more perfect time. Right when her attitude was going to be vocalized.

  • Taranis Esus Toutatis
    Taranis Esus Toutatis 6 months ago

    Lazy pjus ,pjus

  • kylee Gifford
    kylee Gifford 6 months ago

    what the fuck in the one with the dog and monkey the dogs are flashed a green light

  • sabrina gian
    sabrina gian 6 months ago

    Una parola "meravigliosi"

  • Martin G
    Martin G 6 months ago

    Stunningly gorgeous blue eyes alert at: 23:23 and 25:55.

  • Jake Frost
    Jake Frost 6 months ago

    0:58 - *_"YOU. ARE. GOING. TO. DIE. TONIGHT."_*

  • Mrrreell S2
    Mrrreell S2 6 months ago

    Most of these were decent. But the assnine people that do stupid things to their animals - have someone do it to you or do it yourself and see how you like it. Parents need to keep a better watch on the little cause they can get hurt.

  • Loyalist Rose
    Loyalist Rose 6 months ago

    When idiot adults do not teach children to respect animals, then don't blame the helpless animals for defending themselves. Put down the camera and teach your children how to be kind to all.

  • Rebecca Moberly
    Rebecca Moberly 6 months ago +1

    Parents that allow their children to chase geese, hit chickens, pugs goats, and approach non- pets should be charged with child endangerment.

  • Georgia Armstrong
    Georgia Armstrong 7 months ago

    People need to know the difference between funny and cruel 😔

  • Dave Bernstein
    Dave Bernstein 7 months ago


  • MsJinkerson
    MsJinkerson 7 months ago

    a pig as a pet really

  • Ha1luciNate
    Ha1luciNate 7 months ago

    Why do you fucking have an animatronic Triceratops?

  • Shanti Shanti
    Shanti Shanti 7 months ago

    22:41 WTF did I just watch moment.

  • David Hammond
    David Hammond 7 months ago

    Dogs are the cats meow

  • Nokle
    Nokle 7 months ago

    Yo some of these vids are animal abuse and others are child abuse
    For instance whatd that dumb ass think was gonna happen if they let their baby near thise goats

  • Mary McKinney
    Mary McKinney 7 months ago

    what's wrong with the kid squeezing the dog's ass then slapping it to get a wake up reaction.

  • forist1
    forist1 7 months ago

    29:20 Listen Brian Cox the earth is flat OK , even your cat knows this ….. lol .

  • WegZurHölle
    WegZurHölle 7 months ago +2

    7:30 dog: "WTF Girl! That is sexual harrasement!"

    • T Sommers
      T Sommers 17 days ago

      I know! I'm glad someone else saw that! Immediately I was grossed out when I saw that.

  • UTubeGlennAR
    UTubeGlennAR 7 months ago

    >^..^< Only made it to 5:31, just to many commercials it reminded me of watching TV........

  • The chloroform Pterodactyl


  • Ambro s
    Ambro s 7 months ago

    The first clip... so awesome. That is a happy dog.

  • Marilyn Unlisted
    Marilyn Unlisted 7 months ago +1

    It's not a good idea to allow a child to abuse a cat with a hair dryer...that's not funny, just plain abuse.

  • gregg4164
    gregg4164 7 months ago

    These video's only prove that most people with kids these days, should not have kids. They should not even be allowed to breed.

  • Astrid Strasser
    Astrid Strasser 7 months ago

    Down vote for all the damn adds. Greedy people like you are ruining youtube

  • shawna valley
    shawna valley 7 months ago +2

    Breathing hard into an animals nose ...takes a real sadist to risk hurting it like that for a "funny" video. Did he know that wouldnt be too much pressure for its lungs? Is he a pressure gauge? No. Just no. Eeesh.

  • Martin Whalley
    Martin Whalley 7 months ago

    My JRT loves it when i bring out his brush. He is the long hair variety and he would sit perfectly and arch his back and then lay down so his manly chest can be brushed. He is my bestest buddy.

  • Yosen B. Mamma
    Yosen B. Mamma 7 months ago +1

    There are *_SO_* many examples of *Bad Parenting* in the video, it's disgusting. 30:05 - The girl plans to hit a chicken with a stick. Fortunately, the chicken _get the drop_ on her, turns the table, and starts chasing her. Where are the parents thru all this?