Ultimate Animal Reactions & Bloopers of May 2018 | Funny Pet Videos


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  • chapmanmerchant
    chapmanmerchant 4 days ago

    I think that you should try and fit more ads in!

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  • Tammie A
    Tammie A 6 days ago

    I'm sorry but some of these people are idiots, especially the one who let that dog climb up that fallen tree and then call the dog's name so the dog falls. That dog probably broke a rib

  • Larisa Pearson
    Larisa Pearson 7 days ago

    That puppy is a safe Rider in his carseat

  • Brandon Toad
    Brandon Toad 10 days ago

    Way too many god damn ads. 👎

  • Max Ime
    Max Ime 11 days ago

    at 17:39 min the Puppy says ( I don't know )!

  • Gail Greenberg
    Gail Greenberg 12 days ago

    I think it's cruel to put those ridiculous outfits on dogs and cats. They certainly don't look too happy about it!

  • Nae Nae
    Nae Nae 17 days ago

    17:35 did the dog say I don’t know?😂😂😂

  • Peter Babczuk
    Peter Babczuk 19 days ago

    humans kind of suck

  • Magomed776
    Magomed776 19 days ago

    20:24 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Mahnoor Ayyub
    Mahnoor Ayyub 21 day ago


  • nickthefox72
    nickthefox72 21 day ago

    14:26 that parent is shit. Let’s hit hit chicken and thinks it’s funny then “oh no!” When chicken hits back....🤦‍♂️

  • Frank Barone
    Frank Barone 23 days ago

    I don't understand the whole human and animal relationship thing. They poop and drool in your car, tear up the screens around the house, leave their hair all over the place, and smell bad too.
    Vet bills are just as expensive as human medical bills, and most don't live too long.
    I find most humans who have pets, also have emotional or some kind of self-esteem issue in that they need to feel loved by animals. Not to mention all the laws and money needed to protect and shelter animals. Homeless people wish they had so good. This video isn't funny, its stupid!

  • gj Beaudry
    gj Beaudry 24 days ago

    If you don't smile you're not my friend!!!

  • Robert Olejniczak
    Robert Olejniczak 25 days ago


  • Suzanne
    Suzanne 25 days ago

    14:25 I would REALLY LIKE TO Slap the FUCK out that mom that is laughing trying to say, "For Some reason he is mad at the chicken"...While her little brat is hitting the chickens. What the hell is wrong with you LADY? You teach your kid to NOT hit animals you moron and they won't get hurt by them. Stupid people. Then the little girl right after that with an attitude. That goat couldn't have butted her at a more perfect time. Right when her attitude was going to be vocalized.


    Lazy pjus ,pjus

  • kylee Gifford
    kylee Gifford Month ago

    what the fuck in the one with the dog and monkey the dogs are flashed a green light

  • sabrina gian
    sabrina gian Month ago

    Una parola "meravigliosi"

  • Martin G
    Martin G Month ago

    Stunningly gorgeous blue eyes alert at: 23:23 and 25:55.

  • Jake Frost
    Jake Frost Month ago

    0:58 - *_"YOU. ARE. GOING. TO. DIE. TONIGHT."_*

  • Mrrreell S2
    Mrrreell S2 Month ago

    Most of these were decent. But the assnine people that do stupid things to their animals - have someone do it to you or do it yourself and see how you like it. Parents need to keep a better watch on the little cause they can get hurt.

  • Loyalist Rose
    Loyalist Rose Month ago

    When idiot adults do not teach children to respect animals, then don't blame the helpless animals for defending themselves. Put down the camera and teach your children how to be kind to all.

  • Rebecca Moberly
    Rebecca Moberly Month ago

    Parents that allow their children to chase geese, hit chickens, pugs goats, and approach non- pets should be charged with child endangerment.

  • Georgia Armstrong
    Georgia Armstrong Month ago

    People need to know the difference between funny and cruel 😔

  • Dave Bernstein
    Dave Bernstein Month ago


  • MsJinkerson
    MsJinkerson Month ago

    a pig as a pet really

  • Ha1luciNate
    Ha1luciNate Month ago

    Why do you fucking have an animatronic Triceratops?

  • Shanti Shanti
    Shanti Shanti Month ago

    22:41 WTF did I just watch moment.

  • David Hammond
    David Hammond 2 months ago

    Dogs are the cats meow

  • Nokle
    Nokle 2 months ago

    Yo some of these vids are animal abuse and others are child abuse
    For instance whatd that dumb ass think was gonna happen if they let their baby near thise goats

  • Mary McKinney
    Mary McKinney 2 months ago

    what's wrong with the kid squeezing the dog's ass then slapping it to get a wake up reaction.

  • forist1
    forist1 2 months ago

    29:20 Listen Brian Cox the earth is flat OK , even your cat knows this ….. lol .

  • WegZurHölle
    WegZurHölle 2 months ago

    7:30 dog: "WTF Girl! That is sexual harrasement!"

  • UTubeGlennAR
    UTubeGlennAR 2 months ago

    >^..^< Only made it to 5:31, just to many commercials it reminded me of watching TV........

  • Ps4IfYouWill_ streamz
    Ps4IfYouWill_ streamz 2 months ago


  • Ambro s
    Ambro s 2 months ago

    The first clip... so awesome. That is a happy dog.

  • MySmart Device
    MySmart Device 2 months ago

    16:43 Pavlov reversal right there. Who owns who at that point, know what I'm saying?

  • MySmart Device
    MySmart Device 2 months ago

    13:03 Bringing a new meaning to chicken slider.

  • Marilyn Unlisted
    Marilyn Unlisted 2 months ago

    It's not a good idea to allow a child to abuse a cat with a hair dryer...that's not funny, just plain abuse.

  • gregg4164
    gregg4164 2 months ago

    These video's only prove that most people with kids these days, should not have kids. They should not even be allowed to breed.

  • Astrid Strasser
    Astrid Strasser 2 months ago

    Down vote for all the damn adds. Greedy people like you are ruining youtube

  • shawna valley
    shawna valley 2 months ago

    Breathing hard into an animals nose ...takes a real sadist to risk hurting it like that for a "funny" video. Did he know that wouldnt be too much pressure for its lungs? Is he a pressure gauge? No. Just no. Eeesh.

  • Martin Whalley
    Martin Whalley 2 months ago

    My JRT loves it when i bring out his brush. He is the long hair variety and he would sit perfectly and arch his back and then lay down so his manly chest can be brushed. He is my bestest buddy.

  • Yosen B. Mamma
    Yosen B. Mamma 2 months ago

    There are *_SO_* many examples of *Bad Parenting* in the video, it's disgusting. 30:05 - The girl plans to hit a chicken with a stick. Fortunately, the chicken _get the drop_ on her, turns the table, and starts chasing her. Where are the parents thru all this?

  • Shrapnel
    Shrapnel 2 months ago

    2:12 nasty MFer

  • Prolinium
    Prolinium 2 months ago

    33:42 Hairdryer on the cat. That parent deserves a few loud words for allowing their child to do that. I'm also totally amazed at how 'cute' some of the parents find it when animals hurt themselves and / or allow their kids to act stupidly with animals. Education in care and respect is the prime requirement with this lot.

  • RobbyOnTheWay
    RobbyOnTheWay 2 months ago +1

    Most of them are just stupid!

  • Goosey Gander
    Goosey Gander 2 months ago

    5:17 Daaaahlink are we almost there yet?

  • Tanya S
    Tanya S 2 months ago

    Comes to comments just to see the usual bitter people who apparently have never played with animals their entire life.

  • nickthefox72
    nickthefox72 2 months ago +2

    33:30 that kid needs a punch in the face

  • Agnieszka Macioszek
    Agnieszka Macioszek 2 months ago


  • Brent Slensker
    Brent Slensker 2 months ago

    Animals getting hurt because some assholes think it's funny.

  • Patsy Bali
    Patsy Bali 2 months ago

    @523 it looks like he is a human hahahaaa

  • andy walravens
    andy walravens 2 months ago

    Unfollow & dislike
    To many adds

  • Rhena Chase
    Rhena Chase 2 months ago

    Except the pit mixes

  • vännen victor
    vännen victor 2 months ago


  • vännen victor
    vännen victor 2 months ago

    The couple laughing when there son got that headbut from the giraffe are two GROSS parents you can tell they are filth fucking sadist fuck what dad laughs when that shit happens i wanna kick that black guy in the balls fuckin fat fuck

  • G. Monte
    G. Monte 2 months ago +8

    Cmon how can you still be that dumb and don't teach or toddlers how to approach animals. Goats, sheeps, chickens... Yes they're cute and yes you can pet em but you do it gentle and carefull! You don't just go on them and touch them from out of nowhere. This should be bsaic knowledge right?

    • Mario Cabrera
      Mario Cabrera Month ago


    • MySmart Device
      MySmart Device 2 months ago

      I for one was never taught how to approach chickens or goats. I turned out alright.

  • Jack Armstrong
    Jack Armstrong 2 months ago

    to many ads

  • Daily Drama
    Daily Drama 2 months ago +6

    A LOT of these ARE NOT funny or cute...they're mean and some can even be animal abuse. Parents, TEACH your children to RESPECT other living creatures....not torment them! It's amazing how some of the people video taping these kids purposely tormenting an animal and then acted shocked when the poor creature reacts trying to protect itself. The poor cat and the blow dryer.....those people, along with quite a few others in this video should not even own an animal!

  • — Paladin —
    — Paladin — 2 months ago +1

    My Jack Russell loved to ride the jet ski. He played a game of racing the birds we’d jump up from trees while going up and down the river. Bark until we pulled ahead then it was back to scanning for the next. He would drag his life jacket up from below and drop it at my feet. Back up and 3 barks, I guess it was let’s go ride. I miss him, he died on the boat at my feet while I held his paw. He had a terrific and long life. He was16.

    • Karen Poling
      Karen Poling 2 months ago

      I'm sorry for your loss, Paladin. Dogs are such great companions.

  • HV sept
    HV sept 3 months ago

    I see animals always worthy, but humans ridiculous, especially when they want to change their pets in babies ...
    I'm french, sorry for my bad language.

  • Fox1nDen
    Fox1nDen 3 months ago +6

    do not put the nose of any animal into your mouth--that is a good way to catch parasites

  • VolgaZap
    VolgaZap 3 months ago

    28:44 mother fucker

  • Papaja Valeri
    Papaja Valeri 3 months ago

    3:04 damn, she actually cares about the dog she was filming, what a change from idiots who let their babies get hurt while making these.

  • Rae Nebola
    Rae Nebola 3 months ago

    Thanks for sharing this!!! Made my day!
    By far one of the best let videos ever made...

  • tootz1950
    tootz1950 3 months ago +2

    Is it really necessary to upload cruelty to animal videos?

  • Jeff Goode
    Jeff Goode 3 months ago

    To bad the chicken didn't peck that little bastard for hitting him.

  • charles scott
    charles scott 3 months ago


  • ace b
    ace b 3 months ago

    5:41 earthquake

  • Celestine Dunn
    Celestine Dunn 3 months ago +1

    I can't help but smile at some of the clips! At the same time I'm horrified at the clips of children interacting with farm animals! Chickens and goats don't care that your precious bundle is a child. Geese, swans & ducks will not only chase you; they'll nip you too! Evidently, some of the family pets don't care that it's a child either.

    • Celestine Dunn
      Celestine Dunn 3 months ago

      +Kelley Hello Kelley. Thank you for writing to me. You're right about the laughter. I hope they did console their children and pets! I also hope they (children and pets) aren't traumatized.

    • Kelley
      Kelley 3 months ago +2

      Celestine: The parents are more concerned about the photo op, and getting in a good laugh. They are disconnected from the potential harm that could happen to their little darlings. I can't believe how much laughter I heard--like it is all a big joke. Maybe they expressed concern after they got the video they wanted and laid the camera down.

  • Lacey Wells
    Lacey Wells 3 months ago

    Hey, my daughter is in this!! I'm not mad at all, it's hilarious! I just want to know how she got in this video!

    • Kelley
      Kelley 3 months ago

      Lacey: Not an asshole child, but a foolish/irresponsible parent. Young children are still developing the understanding between right and wrong, so do not denigrate the child. Parent - look in the mirror at yourself. It takes some years. experiences and parental instruction for children to come into understanding the outcome of harmful behavior. However, parents who are there filming. always looking for a "funny" photo op, and not instructing their child is a real concern. Having raised two children, I know that "all" young children do stupid things; at times funny things; at times things that cause parents real concern; so no child is exempt from doing something that could be potentially dangerous. When they were home, it was my job to instruct them; to show them how throwing a rock at a geese, or hitting an animal was wrong, and that it could make the animal mad and bite them. I was not busy laughing when they did things like this--thinking it was funny or hilarious. We will be instructing our children until they finally leave home, for it is our job to prepare them for adulthood. Granted in this day it is a real challenge, for many of today's kids are disrespectful, demanding and disobedient to the max, however, the role of a parent has not changed. Methods may change, but necessity is still the same.

    • Lacey Wells
      Lacey Wells 3 months ago

      And she's the one with a chick on her head. Not an asshole child who hits animals.

  • Dik Tracy
    Dik Tracy 3 months ago +1

    This is a bunch of videos of kids being aholes to animals and people clearly just waiting for their pets to fall as well as their rug rats getting hurt, while they are taping.

  • Globalist Juice
    Globalist Juice 3 months ago

    3:11 "you know those shoes you love so much. . . expect to find some dog shit in them in the morning, asshole."

  • dash1dash2
    dash1dash2 3 months ago

    22:22 who the fuck puts a birthday cake on the ground for a birthday

  • Andrew Thompson
    Andrew Thompson 3 months ago

    13:05 slick af

  • Crystal Blacke
    Crystal Blacke 3 months ago

    And I am now looking for that triceratops!

  • Dogs Community
    Dogs Community 3 months ago

    Really who let's their child under the age of 5 or 6 go in with goats or any other animal without being right beside them I love these types of videos but things like letting your baby go near goats by themselves and roosters, ducks geese any animals such as..smh seriously unreal I mean even first time mom's should no better i hope the one in the diaper was ok because that was a pretty hefty butt

  • Dogs Community
    Dogs Community 3 months ago +6

    Cute except when people while their animals fall off something and chance getting hurt. Also the little kid hitting the chicken - what ignorant parent stands and watches that instead of teaching their kid that it's wrong? Filming cruelty is not OK.

  • Bárbara R
    Bárbara R 3 months ago

    31:20 If you like your cat at all, do not allow that.

  • Angela Falsetta
    Angela Falsetta 3 months ago +1

    These videos are funny for the inhumans that make them!!!!...Not the Animals! The videos are Inhumane for these ANIMALS!!! WHERE IS THE HUMANE SOCIETY NOW??? Are they seeing this???...OR NOT???? NEEDS TO BE REPORTED/INVESTIGATED!!!! COME ON NOW!!!

  • Master of Reality
    Master of Reality 3 months ago

    Oh no. I really am starting to think Ive given up on humanity. Like, to the point where I hate everyone I look at. I’ve never felt this way before but the feeling is just sad. Even the sweetest young ladies I just look at them like ew.. I wonder how fake this one is.. I wonder when if she hasn’t yet decided to ruin herself.. because all my loved ones eventually say “fuck it”. I want to trust and love people as I do animals, but they’re just too too cold and too addicted to sex, or even too “smart” for their own good. I’m about ready to kill myself but I can’t because I have such a large family. God I just want love, I’m so tired of being judged and pushed off to the side while people focus on their stupid desires like sex and alcohol. I’m tired of trying, not while all these insensitive ass holes taint each other around me. I can’t do it anymore I would rather die than light up this dark dark world. If I could have found even just 1 girl who didn’t lie or cheat on me I would at least have something to fight for. I hate people God I hate them all! God help me I’m tired of trusting and being lied to and abused over and over and over. All people want is money and desire. FUCK!!!!!!! I’m apparently loved by friends and family but they only have time for me every now and again. The rest of the time they are all with the people they actually love. The people I love love me because they feel obligated by potty, but in reality can’t stand me for an hour before they’re done. I am always told to accept myself and be myself, and as much as I try to do that, and as much as I try to respect other people, in the end they all hate me. Idk what happened but the world has rejected me and I’m just done .

  • Mei Yang
    Mei Yang 3 months ago

    those parents are f.... idiots

  • Mimi Shella
    Mimi Shella 3 months ago

    So I hear him say "NO!" in the background when the Jack Russell was on the vibrating thing. I think that happens a lot with these stupid and CRUEL animal videos. Enough with tormenting your animals you nasty people. He didn't look happy. Let's do that to you and see how you like it. He's a dog, not a toy.

  • Himself Lee
    Himself Lee 3 months ago +3

    I question the mentality of some of the parents who put their children in danger and seem to think it is cute. It is not cute. In the case of the goats that billy goat could easily have killed that little child. Shame, double shame on the adults.

  • Rona Arjomand
    Rona Arjomand 3 months ago +4

    not funny. Kind of cruel.Goat will teach your child a listen if you don't.

  • Diana Love
    Diana Love 3 months ago

    at 29:20 that parent should be charged with neglect hope that baby is ok

  • marymonk
    marymonk 3 months ago +21

    Several of these are just awful! :(

    • MySmart Device
      MySmart Device 2 months ago

      And you haven't even seen the blooper reel.

  • Fox1nDen
    Fox1nDen 3 months ago +1

    my dog Wolf used to run to the mirror to kiss himself.

  • Fox1nDen
    Fox1nDen 3 months ago


  • sham421
    sham421 3 months ago +4

    Please don't encourage your pets to attack chickens, even with a window between them because eventually there wont be a window and subsequently, no chicken.

    • MySmart Device
      MySmart Device 2 months ago

      Because subtracting window means subtracting chicken. You, sir/madam are a genius at higher bird fenestrative mathematics.

  • reel fishn fools
    reel fishn fools 4 months ago

    The first one was funny AF!

  • Polly g
    Polly g 4 months ago


  • M Mac
    M Mac 4 months ago +11

    Some of these vids are pretty cruel.

    • MySmart Device
      MySmart Device 2 months ago

      A lot of life is cruel, that's why we don't live in Candyplayfunland.

  • travis11
    travis11 4 months ago

    Great video but a million ads are not...

  • flounder2760
    flounder2760 4 months ago +1

    lol the horse using the pig as a face scratch post lol

  • WhimCycle
    WhimCycle 4 months ago +32

    some of these films , tapes, are just seer abuse. do you not edit them.....they are not funny.

    • Snakefinger1000
      Snakefinger1000 2 months ago +1

      Yeah, the one where the cat has a banana skin draped over his head isn't funny. Our pets have feelings and humiliating them like that just isn't funny

    • Rita Kleiner
      Rita Kleiner 2 months ago +1

      the most stupid one is the part 33.43, the girl who blows the haidryer on the cat.

    • MySmart Device
      MySmart Device 2 months ago +2

      Live a little.

    • la pace sia con voi
      la pace sia con voi 2 months ago +1

      6:37 is probably best scene

    • Maureen Awty
      Maureen Awty 2 months ago +2

      WhimCycle Totally agree with you ☹👍

  • Vickie Lall
    Vickie Lall 4 months ago

    I"m a Registered Nurse and I Hate to ruin your fun, but allowing an animal to lick, or put it's nose, beak in your mouth is VERY unclean. Wild animals can carry deadly bacteria....dogs lick their buts and will even eat another animals poop in the grass, dead animals that are buried outside, etc. ESPECIALLY babies, children and adults can have immune systems that are NOT strong enough to fight off infections from the bacteria.....It's cute and even funny, but when a person gets sick from an unknown organism can be deadly !!!! Be wise, we only have one life

  • Lahari Bhattacharyya
    Lahari Bhattacharyya 4 months ago +3

    Why is that child pulling the goat with the rope..it us not funny..its torture