Tati's Side of the Story ‘Sneak Peek’ | Black Ink Crew

  • Published on May 1, 2019
  • Teddy visits Tati to work through their animosity, and she lays out the history of their relationship from her perspective to get him to understand how much he hurt her.
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    Black Ink Crew chronicles the daily operations and staff drama of an expanding Harlem tattoo empire -- now with a shop in Atlanta -- that serves a growing celebrity clientele. The diverse cast includes Ceaser, owner and creator of the Black Ink brand; quick-witted and fiery receptionist Sky; shop manager and Ceaser's cousin Ted; and tattoo artists Donna, Young Bae and O'S**t.
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    Tati's Side of the Story ‘Sneak Peek’ | Black Ink Crew tvclip.biz/user/VH1
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Comments • 608

  • Irecy Bowden
    Irecy Bowden 14 days ago

    They did touch bae and them caught Krystal and ted hug

  • Crystal Manzo
    Crystal Manzo 14 days ago

    “ I would never do that to somebody that I love... im just a sucker i guess” I Felt that🗣

  • Kashmere Fraser
    Kashmere Fraser 24 days ago

    That's the same thing that she did when Jadah was with Teddy. She was playing the side and fighting with Jadah. Good! What goes around comes around.

  • precious jones
    precious jones 26 days ago

    Tati wouldve been wrong had teddy been forward. Men please understand that even if yk your right(or think that), women arent mind readers. Let us know whats up and talk, stop being prideful.

  • Nedima Bozor
    Nedima Bozor Month ago


  • mixxedmamii90
    mixxedmamii90 Month ago

    I don’t know why Tati felt like she was special She seen what he did to Jada and she thought that when another pretty girl come around it wasn’t going to happen to her

  • Ho-seok Jeihope
    Ho-seok Jeihope Month ago

    Okay so did anybody notice her fake reading that book? Trying to look smart😑

  • J. Henderson
    J. Henderson Month ago

    Teddy is....ew

  • r wood
    r wood Month ago +1


  • Shazia Haider
    Shazia Haider Month ago

    Tati is trash

  • Scur41
    Scur41 Month ago

    Tati face is annoying af, she is just annoying af

  • LaPinchiiBonitaa
    LaPinchiiBonitaa Month ago

    Ted looks like he can't even count to 100 while all these women breaking down over him😭🤦🤦

  • Stacy Vaughan
    Stacy Vaughan Month ago

    They work together?? They dont do nothing on here that involves tattoos.. I guess all they do is drink, party, fight.. Is that working...?? Teddy am lost...

  • Nyeka Page
    Nyeka Page Month ago

    This show is trash

  • limited access
    limited access Month ago

    Teddy is nowhere near attractive! I will never understand!

  • Manella Blaze
    Manella Blaze Month ago

    teddy beard look like glued hair

  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez Month ago

    😝😝😝😵😵😵ugh shut up.

  • Jessica Benton
    Jessica Benton Month ago

    Teddy got that teddy love .

  • Ackelia Mckay
    Ackelia Mckay Month ago

    Jada is somewhere dying😂😂😂😂

    ZSAZSA RODEO Month ago +1


  • MissBeeMarie
    MissBeeMarie Month ago

    Oh GOD! Why is she so torn up? She know Teddy’s a hoe 🙄 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Janelle Morris
    Janelle Morris Month ago

    Jada must be smiling watching this mess. Call it karma

  • Theresa Boggess
    Theresa Boggess Month ago

    Her mistake was falling in love with him. He treats all the women like trash when they fall for him. She thought she was gonna be the one to change that. Girl please that fool got to change his self. No amount of crying, talking sense is gonna change that. Just put on your shield and push through. Treat him like the ass he is.

  • Marcello Jackson
    Marcello Jackson Month ago

    This Tati fault she was jealous of Krystal for no reason

  • Kiara Cumby
    Kiara Cumby Month ago

    What do these women see in Teddy?! He needs to get a STD check

  • Rachel M
    Rachel M Month ago

    I have been there Tati and walking away was the best decision I did. I fall in love with my self and once your know your worth you will never be in that position.

  • Johanna Rios
    Johanna Rios Month ago

    Teddy coo and all but tati deserves better😍😪

  • taylor hawkins
    taylor hawkins Month ago

    Oh my gosh not this bad busted relationship

  • Margaret Sitali
    Margaret Sitali Month ago

    I hate this guy en his Couzin

  • D The Man
    D The Man Month ago


  • Kirsten ware
    Kirsten ware Month ago

    Girlllllleave his ass alone

  • J Ramos
    J Ramos Month ago

    He just realize theother one wasn fallin for his b******* so he just went back to her and apologize to save face

  • Shawn&Jessica Jordan
    Shawn&Jessica Jordan Month ago +1

    I can’t stand Teddy!!!!!!!!!

  • Al Blake
    Al Blake Month ago

    This last episode made me feel some type of way I learned that dont hold grudges move forward

  • Abby_ T
    Abby_ T Month ago

    Get u a real teddy bear that one is knock off and it don't work well sweety

  • Al Blake
    Al Blake Month ago

    She must have forgot on like the 3rd episode she left the shop with another guy FDB

  • Mariyah P
    Mariyah P Month ago +1

    I'm tired of this wack ass teddy and tati storyline.🙄

  • Jesaaelys La Caballota

    She can take that Afro Latina shirt off nothing about her scream AFRO that shirt was simply for Afro Latinos

  • Malibu’s Most Wanted

    In Soulja Boy’s voice : “LOVE?!”

  • Aleisa Kendrick
    Aleisa Kendrick Month ago

    Tati is too goos for him . Even though she was wrong for taking her anger out on the people in the shop, I see why she was in her feelings. It’s no excuse but some girls should understand what she coming from . When a dude you really like play you , you be in your feelings sometimes act out

  • jamaal ware
    jamaal ware Month ago

    She cheated on him for no reason...y’all forget that she did this to her self

  • Yvette Archer
    Yvette Archer Month ago

    Teddy is not my idea of a decent guy tati seems like she fell weak for the wrong guy

  • RARA Tv
    RARA Tv Month ago

    So u want sympathy lol

  • Slim Dunk'n
    Slim Dunk'n Month ago

    She's blaming Teddy because she can't control herself...she knew better smh...ain't no way i can feel bad cause what season is this again?!, we know how Teddy coming

  • Mya Alisha
    Mya Alisha Month ago

    Ted looks like he used to snitch in elementary school. I wouldn’t trust him 👀👀

    DYLANAIRE Month ago

    Gotta be the money. Because this mf pulling 10s and I’m single lmao foh

  • Erica Ivery
    Erica Ivery Month ago

    What did you expect have you not seen all the women prior don’t feel bad 😔

  • Jessica castro
    Jessica castro Month ago

    Teddy: we never kiss touch anything
    The touch part was a lie 😂😂 I seen Teddy touch that gurl 💯

  • Louie Edwards
    Louie Edwards Month ago

    Teddy is so corny.

  • Vic Mwansa
    Vic Mwansa Month ago

    Have some Pride! Don't expect Teddy to help u with ur insecurities. The greatest love of all is loving yourself! ✊👍💪💜

  • chip killa
    chip killa Month ago

    That orange dress on Tati is NOT flattering for her body type.

  • missjoshlee
    missjoshlee Month ago


  • Is It Any Wonder
    Is It Any Wonder Month ago

    She went right to VICTIM MODE bc 😒Teddy IS A BUSTER.... HE IS BLEAK😔.... A pitiful picture of a SUCKA😔 That's what worked in the beginning, thats how tati played you in the onset~YA BIG DUMMY!!! 😒😒😒

  • Rain Coleman
    Rain Coleman Month ago

    So happy they didn't get married for real. The only reason why I'm back watching the show it's because of Puma I don't care for Caesar and the show is really whack and lame Puma brings something to the show

    SO RAnDOm SQUAD Month ago

    Oh wait he’s having a CONVERSATION with an attractive girl what about TRUST boo? Bruh how would u feel if u getting called out and being violated for talking to someone’s that attractive … bruh that’s wack … and that also belittle the gurl cause u saying she is nth else beyond her looks

  • Jamiaya Bailey
    Jamiaya Bailey Month ago

    I’m sorry tati is really not a pretty girl to me 🤷🏽‍♀️ she’s ok, alright, straight

  • Asia Williamson
    Asia Williamson Month ago

    Shes Rude,Bitter and Disrespectful

  • Keyonna Davis
    Keyonna Davis Month ago

    Poor teddy and all the poor dumb girls that be wanting they 15 minutes in the spot light on the show

  • Crystal Maldonado
    Crystal Maldonado Month ago

    He's a homie hopper.

  • Weird Vibes
    Weird Vibes Month ago

    Tati always looks like a strict ass mom 💀

    Or a rude ass principal

  • yass nnej
    yass nnej Month ago

    New Black Ink Policy: If Teddy, part owner/employee/family member to the owner sleeps with anymore associates he's terminated. He's the common denominator in all these employees going bad. WTH!!

  • Latoya Hale
    Latoya Hale Month ago

    Now tati needs to apologize to Krystal, PERIODT

  • Nikki W
    Nikki W Month ago

    Tati thought she could tame the beast known as Ted 😆..Many have tried but none have suceeded..Tati You just made the list sis..Just take the "L" & keep it pushin. : Note to the next new female cast member STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM TED 🚷 🙅 😂

  • Liz
    Liz Month ago

    everybody coming at teddy but he really didn't do nothing wrong, she started bugging....

  • Madison Lawrence
    Madison Lawrence Month ago

    Honestly I would be with Walt not ted because think about it when was he cheating on someone

  • Shawana Ward
    Shawana Ward Month ago

    Teddy is a repeat offender smh


    Ceasar puppet on the string TEDDY 🤫 sorry Tatti 🤷‍♀️

  • Aniyahmari
    Aniyahmari Month ago

    It’s so dumb how he wanted to clear the air with Tati but not Jada🙄🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Trinity Saintvil
    Trinity Saintvil Month ago +1

    I really do understand what Tati is going through, hopefully everyone understands as well a forgive her.

  • Rashad Hopson
    Rashad Hopson Month ago

    What is his job?

  • Jojo Saylor
    Jojo Saylor Month ago

    She doesn't deserve sympathy she attacks everyone

  • Zayveon brown
    Zayveon brown Month ago

    Feminists in the comment section I GOT TO GO

  • Shayla Washington
    Shayla Washington Month ago

    Oh Tati move on , Teddy- stop messing with your coworkers but at least they finally had a conversation like two grown adults

  • Rhaven Jackson
    Rhaven Jackson Month ago

    Teddy is
    Just a plain Hoe he to girl after girl, why do people care about him so much?!?!

  • efrain hernandez
    efrain hernandez Month ago

    Lol every girl falls in love WITH him lol

  • Shemeka Watkins
    Shemeka Watkins Month ago

    Why would any woman, who has ever watched the show, fall in love with Teddy?!?! That's dumb as hell!!!🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Edwin Barrios
    Edwin Barrios Month ago

    Damn didn’t know that working was sitting on that couch the whole season 🤭

  • Ahboriginal Ahbadah

    Totti is so MARY CONTRARY. She acts like she owns, Ted and then plays a victim wanting sympathy for being a crazy conquistadora monkey. THATS POPULAR THESE DAYS...Ted dont want her back, and REJECTED her, so she mad. Ted is weak and should have never fd with her anyway cuz the other chic is wayyy more attractive and has a wayyy better attitude too. Ted needs BW, PERIOD!

  • Daustyna A
    Daustyna A Month ago

    Firstly, If someone shows you who they are listen.Secondly, You are sometimes responsible for the way people treat you, especially if you allowed it.Thirdly, learn who you are, then you’ll learn what you want in life. Your insecurities comes from you not knowing, date yourself firsts and foremost.

  • L01 J
    L01 J Month ago

    Teddy is so colorist. Why couldn't he have that same conversation with Jada?

  • rgktt
    rgktt Month ago

    Teddy not even cute and neither is Ceaser 🤢🤢🤢

  • Quay  Robinson
    Quay Robinson Month ago

    Teddy is a b*tch. Period. Im not sorry. It is what it is. ✌

    • Quay  Robinson
      Quay Robinson Month ago

      Sorry excuse for a man. He jumped Alex and discarded Tati bc she stood up and said it to his face- respectfully snd out of love I might add. All I can say is that~ I hope that these are fake storylines and that this man is not as sorry as he seems to be. 🙍🤷

  • Robbie 2.0
    Robbie 2.0 Month ago

    He can apologize to tati but not Jadah? I’m confused.

  • Ashleigh Baez
    Ashleigh Baez Month ago

    Ted is the kind of guy that shouldn't be in relationships. He gets bored quickly, doesn't care about anyone else's feelings being hurt, and looks for any sign so he can break up and be single again.

  • Alyssa Roo
    Alyssa Roo Month ago

    And he couldnt talk to jadah like this becausseeeeeee ?

  • Brit Brit
    Brit Brit Month ago

    Eww who would even want Ted on top of them he shapes like a baby. 😖

  • Asiya -ah seeya Muhammad

    But Teddy's not even addressing the night she left the shop with dude though

  • Leslie Williams
    Leslie Williams Month ago

    Team doing too much they deserve each other dumb and dumber

  • Gia Fleming
    Gia Fleming Month ago

    Oh teddy is getting big

  • Dd_lovely
    Dd_lovely Month ago

    Teddy ain’t shhh and she ain’t either, didn’t she leave the party with another dude🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Racqual Chanel
    Racqual Chanel Month ago

    Camera Time Teddy

  • dropaholic318
    dropaholic318 Month ago

    🤣 he never did anything with the other chick as he smirks as he says it 🤣🤣🤣

  • Fuad Ahmed
    Fuad Ahmed Month ago

    BAD BOY with options, That's Ted and that's why women want him coz he is chased not the chaser as Beta males do BTW

  • Demondtae Linton
    Demondtae Linton Month ago

    Was she reading the book or the prologue? 😂

  • Tangerinka Gaines
    Tangerinka Gaines Month ago

    Every Diq you ride or Suck is not Your Man stop getting Emotional abt ever little thing You will run up on the RT one and Get your Feelings Hurt Real Talk.

  • Arishamar Johnson
    Arishamar Johnson Month ago

    Tati looks so pretty right here. She just has to mature with how she interacts with men, everyone isn't taught.

  • dem0nven0m
    dem0nven0m Month ago

    Why do girls be so dumb to fall and get into a relationship with Teddy..like damn😷

  • Shaishai Gabor
    Shaishai Gabor Month ago

    She looking OLD 👀 🗣BIHHH he don’t love you and you don’t love yourself. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Susie Says So
    Susie Says So Month ago +1

    Wow so Latina Tati can turn up on everybody but Dark skin Jayda was fired... Y'all swear colorism is some urban legend😒

  • ishmel graves
    ishmel graves Month ago

    You just another Jadah boo 🤷🏾‍♂️