T.I. SHUTS DOWN Candace Owens

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • T.I. asked Candace Owens to elaborate on when she thought America was great.
    Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: tyt.com/trial

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    "Candace Owens Was Defending Donald Trump & T.I Wasn’t Having it”

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  • The Young Turks
    The Young Turks  Month ago +742

    Is there anything Candace Owen’s won’t do for a paycheck? Leave a comment below!

    • Phil Smith
      Phil Smith 23 days ago

      You losers are pathetic. No one watches your shows and only
      .00001 of the population actually listens and agrees with you.

    • Saint
      Saint 29 days ago

      @Semper Fidelis He sure will.
      Especially when you have nothing but POS's for Democratic candidates running lol

    • Saint
      Saint 29 days ago

      @Mind Freshener ikr

    • First Last
      First Last 29 days ago

      @Mind Freshener We are slaves in America they just choose to refer to us as "employees" it sounds better.

    • Ludvigsen Nick
      Ludvigsen Nick 29 days ago

      TYT is straight propaganda now... this video is traaaaash

  • Edward Mascorro
    Edward Mascorro 3 hours ago

    T.i has no knowledge of truth,He cannot comprehend the facts of the president's accomplishments...I can tell you right now,T.I is not gonna help anyone in this country Period...Fake ass punk,sell out...Trump will win again in 2020...The End

  • John Smith
    John Smith 5 hours ago

    T.I. Did not shut her down. Candace Owens is much too intelligent to be on this panel.

  • 48petey
    48petey 5 hours ago

    In with u Eric they kept shouting her down because they don't like her let her talk dam it..

  • 48petey
    48petey 5 hours ago

    Ti knows nothing he won't let her talk Candace is stupid Democrips are gangsters Rebloodlican are dishonest and crazy..neither groups support Blacks I hear these liberals and progressive talking but they never have 5hr talks about like the Democraps had for LBGTQ and Women summits. So both groups are phoneys and disingenuous when it comes to black issues..

  • Our changing times colon


  • Hill Side
    Hill Side 11 hours ago

    its a broad statement in it self make america great again that means simply getting rid of/ changing policies that are making america bad. which trump has explained a million times. idiots. duh always playing race card

  • Tanner Elliott
    Tanner Elliott 20 hours ago

    Candace needs to go drive around Missouri it’ll only take a couple days before you get pulled over and learn what it’s like to be treated like a nigga

  • Natural Suntan
    Natural Suntan Day ago

    The dumbest black person I never met

  • Your Moms Best Friend

    He not even lettin her respond though...

  • Tekboy 808
    Tekboy 808 Day ago

    shuts down Candace owens? more like showed his stupidity and ignorance while talking over her. like a typical democrat fascist socialist idiot does. in a controlled debate, where talking over someone isn't permitted, she would tear him apart with ease. i wanna see how smart this dude is in a normal debate. debate candace on a legit platform and let's see what happens. she would mop the floor with this brain dead sheep. he might have fooled his idiot supporters, but my IQ is much higher than 80 so i was able to see the delusion and stupidity despite him trying his best to talk over her everytime she said something. when this woman is allowed to speak without being yelled over, she destroys democrats that are smarter than this moron. this fool wouldn't even know what hit him in a real debate.

  • a bookhoarder
    a bookhoarder Day ago

    Yeah Black people. Keep allowing uneducated, druggies to influence your opinions. He is nothing but a big bully, but that's okay because he's anti-Trump.

  • Collected. Eve
    Collected. Eve Day ago +2

    Candace has great points, is well versed & y'all know it.
    So, you caught a moment where she was being talked over & yelled at & she didn't directly answer.
    She wasn't given time to.
    If TI would've shut his mouth, she would've given her answer, as she always does.
    TYT....so far I've only seen you guys knit picking & twisting.

  • 3 dumb
    3 dumb Day ago

    Bet she doesn't get paid as much as tyt does by communist TVclip oh and slave owning Saudis. Propagandists through and through or at least useful idiots

  • Glenn Falzo
    Glenn Falzo Day ago

    You 2 get a LOT OF MONEY to be ASSHOLES ON AIR!!!

  • Glenn Falzo
    Glenn Falzo Day ago

    Why don't you have her on your show? Are you afraid?

    • John Smith
      John Smith 5 hours ago

      Glenn Falzo I think they are afraid.

  • Glenn Falzo
    Glenn Falzo Day ago


  • Tony Quick
    Tony Quick Day ago


  • Rodney Dodson
    Rodney Dodson Day ago +4

    He doesn’t shut her down. He just won’t shut his mouth and let her speak. Along with the rude crowd. No couth

  • Bruner Chan
    Bruner Chan 2 days ago

    hmmm you should know what I'm talking about... By this you should know exactly where I'm going with this... Nevertheless let's stop the madness and just because she supports him you shouldn't HATE HER OR ME!! How about research the things she's saying and see where she coming from it might make sense to u

  • Bruner Chan
    Bruner Chan 2 days ago

    And when he said " Since you so smart" it took me to another level!!! I literally turned the TV and slammed the remote down... The way he treated her was horrible and if a man treat his daughters like that he'd be ready to hurt them... The way he was screaming at her and smacking his lips and etc was just terrible.... What's worse is how so many think it's amazing what he did!! This AMERICA is so sick!!! YUCK!!! We embarrass the whole Damn country by doing this and altho you can't stand your parents and while at home your mom n dad gets on your nerves BUT you'd never allow the outside to see it nor will you allow outsiders to be disrespectfully rude towards them... 🤔🤔
    hmmm you should know what I'm talking about... By this you should know exactly where I'm going with this... Nevertheless let's stop the madness and just because she supports him you shouldn't HATE HER OR ME!! How about research the things she's saying and see where she coming from it might make sense to u

  • Bruner Chan
    Bruner Chan 2 days ago

    Lol wait!! No way!! He did WHAT?

  • Christopher bell
    Christopher bell 2 days ago

    You sent your African American to War, 2.WW, Vietnam, etc. etc. But treated them like Shit, a lot of Americans are still racists, I maybe white English, but I treat everyone the same. Chris London England.

  • Elmet Ford
    Elmet Ford 2 days ago

    Idiot you can't answer the question truthfully, she needs to go back to fox the the no facts propaganda machine, where things you say don't have to be accountable for,

  • Dorothy Anderson
    Dorothy Anderson 2 days ago +1

    Ti sold out a long time go

  • Jerry Livingston
    Jerry Livingston 2 days ago +1

    You get paid alot to talk so what are you saying

  • Civtex
    Civtex 2 days ago +6

    I watched the revolt..the entire show..and TI did not destroy anything..

    • John Smith
      John Smith 5 hours ago

      Civtex exactly!!!!

    • chillchi
      chillchi 23 hours ago

      @Tekboy 808 how can America be great now when we have a racist criminal president that says he will make it great again......MORON.

    • Tekboy 808
      Tekboy 808 Day ago

      @JaiDarrius Monroe America is great now you ignorant moron. that's what she was trying to say before dumbass started squealing over her like a pig. if he allowed her to speak, she was trying to say how sick she is of black people crying victimhood for something that happened to their ancestors long ago. we do not have laws in congress that say if you are black, you are not allowed success and freedom. there is no sytematic racism in America. there are a few racist individuals sure, but it isn't nearly as big of a problem as democrats make it out to be. i know a ton of black people who are rich and succesful, how is the possible if there is so much racism? you people need to learn to think for yourselves instead of watching clueless idiots like TI scream over people thinking they won a debate. he didn't. never got a chance to see a real debate thanks to that idiot. America is great now, and if it isn't for you and the yelling moron here, feel free to leave. simple as that.

    • JaiDarrius Monroe
      JaiDarrius Monroe Day ago

      Civtex Then when was America great?

  • Naomi Burn
    Naomi Burn 2 days ago

    @TYT -
    Please post a link to the unedited complete recording ( or name / date of the event) TIA

  • Naomi Burn
    Naomi Burn 2 days ago +7

    “Candace Owens Can’t Explain What MAGA Means?”
    “Candace Not Allowed to Explain What MAGA Means.”

  • Naomi Burn
    Naomi Burn 2 days ago +1

    He didn’t shut her down.
    He SHOUTED her down.
    A coward’s approach.
    And TYT furthered it by not playing her response.
    Candace can back up her arguments with facts any time.

  • Mz Mika💋
    Mz Mika💋 2 days ago

    She answered! She said Slavery

    • chillchi
      chillchi 23 hours ago

      How is slavery an answer to when was America great.

  • Stanley Nolly
    Stanley Nolly 3 days ago

    B**** obviously outmatched

    • Tekboy 808
      Tekboy 808 Day ago

      outmatched in ignorance and stupidity , yes. you would be same if you tried to debate Candace owens on legit platform. she would straight up destroy you and this screaming idiot in seconds.

  • Prometheus Prometheus
    Prometheus Prometheus 3 days ago +1

    Cenk. You are a liar or an idiot. You decide. America passed legislation to ban slavery in 1808. After Denmark 1803 and Brittan 1808. Spain, Portugal Sweden France. all followed. You count on people not checking your idiotic statements but some of us see for ourselves. Your a liar. And Anna as much as I’d like to motorboat her. I’m sure she’s a liar and a fake too

    • Stanley Nolly
      Stanley Nolly 3 days ago


  • Tierra Lloyd
    Tierra Lloyd 3 days ago +10

    They freed the slaves only to oppress them still....to this day.

  • pure Love Elias
    pure Love Elias 3 days ago +1

    What a jackass candace is, she could not answer TI questions, because America is better now than it ever was in it's past. However, Black people are still targets by white supremacist and other racist M F*****. . The reCONS can keep Candace and all the other Black people like her.

  • pure Love Elias
    pure Love Elias 3 days ago +1

    i ALWAYS KNEW SHE WAS a jackass, and very ignorant. now she gets taking down by a rapper

  • Jim Beam
    Jim Beam 4 days ago +11

    I hate when I ask a direct question and someone can't reply with a direct answer.

  • Jack Duncan
    Jack Duncan 4 days ago

    Post WW2 era was a great time for the country. But I think multi culturalism just can't work, it has never worked and I don't think it will.

  • Jack Duncan
    Jack Duncan 4 days ago

    Sit down Trump stooge.

  • Steve Martin
    Steve Martin 4 days ago

    Shithead brother needs to let her talk. Just yell all over her and yes American is great again under Trump. Remember Odumba wanted to be like Trump .........

    • Robert Butler
      Robert Butler Day ago

      Steve Dumbass:
      You're Lying, TI asked her the same question several times which was when America was great and Candace refused to answer.
      TI also listed several reasons why america wasn't great like the brutal Lynching of the black race.
      She was in over her head and made herself look like an idiot that is what I saw.
      He also refuted her history of lying and non factual claims.
      You are pissed because she was exposed as a con artist, lying as much as Donald Rump.

  • Matthew Kelly
    Matthew Kelly 4 days ago +7

    That guy just yelled louder. Why does the Left parade this as "winning." This is a guy beating up a girl and saying he won. The guy used absolutely no logical thought. We saw nothing here. This is it looks like to Democrats to "win?" You guys are pathetic. Use your minds instead of yelling loud and acting like you won.

    • Collected. Eve
      Collected. Eve 9 hours ago

      The slogan 'Make America Great Again' is about morale. There have been several times in history where people from different ethnic backgrounds & social classes have worked together towards common goals.
      It's about middle class success. Donald Trump spoke about when he was a boy, middle class was thriving. Black people, white people, Mexican, whomever, could get a factory job & make enough to support their family. That was a short lived period of time, but it existed.
      That slogan is about the successes we have had as a nation.
      I really wish that people could easily see that America has had many great moments & that the Maga slogan isn't about a solid "point in time" but several times, whether long or short.
      It isn't about perfection, it isn't saying there haven't been tremendous failures & flaws. Maga is about recognizing the moments that were genuine, that were good, that were a success & striving to live that way once again.

    • chillchi
      chillchi 23 hours ago

      @Collected. Eve say which period of time America was great or shut the hell up.

    • Aaron Criswell
      Aaron Criswell Day ago

      "Use your minds instead of yelling and acting like you won" I'm fairly certain your whole statement can be directly applied to Donald Trump and his behavior.....and that's the whole problem. Hypocrisy has a foul stench

    • Collected. Eve
      Collected. Eve Day ago +2

      Typical. Talk louder, keep interrupting & don't give time enough for an answer.
      I see it over & over from Left.

    • Inoge Maya
      Inoge Maya 2 days ago +2

      Then explain on her behalf, which period was america great?

  • IamtheKendrickjohnson Mr. ChampLife

    Owned? How so? He just yelled.

    • IamtheKendrickjohnson Mr. ChampLife
      IamtheKendrickjohnson Mr. ChampLife 14 hours ago

      @Dwight Davidson sure buddy.

    • Dwight Davidson
      Dwight Davidson 14 hours ago

      @IamtheKendrickjohnson Mr. ChampLife She had no answer. That is the bottom line. She still has not offered an answer on any of her social media. She is a sold out traitor wh ok was exposed. She suffers from anorexia because she was called the N word in high school and her family sued the school district. However, now she is such a sell out that she testifies before Congress that white nationalism is NOT a problem. What a sell out for money.

    • IamtheKendrickjohnson Mr. ChampLife
      IamtheKendrickjohnson Mr. ChampLife 20 hours ago

      @Dwight Davidson she kept overtalkong her and would let her finish. That a tool used to make people look bad. I'm smart enough to know that it doesn't work.

    • Dwight Davidson
      Dwight Davidson 21 hour ago

      How? She could only stutter and had no answer. The only answer she might have tried was the 10 year reconstruction period that was ended by the back stabbing Republicans who she represents because they were tired of supporting progress for freed slaves and they made a deal to get their boy Rutherford Hays into the white house in exchange for turning us over to the KKK. SO,SHE WAS OWNED!!!

  • Mandems96
    Mandems96 4 days ago +1

    I think if you watch the whole thing in it’s entirety, candace was outnumbered and fantastically responded to everything

  • G-notes Johnson
    G-notes Johnson 4 days ago +1

    But killer Mike put Ti in place right after

  • Erica Lawrence
    Erica Lawrence 5 days ago

    Candace Owen's and Stacy Dash must be Sisters

  • Ricky Richardson
    Ricky Richardson 5 days ago


  • Atonement 2018-2028
    Atonement 2018-2028 5 days ago

    TI is an indoctrinated Leftist douche, big deal

  • wpou007
    wpou007 5 days ago

    Lolzzz..😂 😂 😂

  • leya wesley
    leya wesley 5 days ago

    So the young Turks are going to tell us what she “said”.. instead of playing the whole clip. Meanwhile all T I did was shout over her so she couldn’t fully complete a sentence.. oh and yea T.i is a real good choice of political views while on the side him and his while are allegedly buying prostitutes and giving them molly and ecstasy to somehow please themselves. What a great choice of an outstanding person to get into a debate with. You guys are a bunch of jokes. Candace Owens didn’t fail to give an answer. You failed to show it.

    • Brotha Reed
      Brotha Reed 4 days ago

      Failed again at 1:44

    • Brotha Reed
      Brotha Reed 4 days ago

      Candace had quite a few chances to knock the ball out the park.
      1. 0:11- failed
      2.0:44- failed
      3.1:04 - "What?"
      Again at 1:11
      Most of the times it's better to say "I don't know." Instead of dancing around the question,all she had to say was "I don't know." Whatever
      TI does off camera has nothing to do with the fact that Candace failed miserably in trying to answer the question. What about politician's? All of them are corrupt ,far worst than TI. The presidents, mayor's, governors, senators,representatives, all corrupt thugs wearing suits and ties,just a band of crooks calling themselves Republicans and Democrats. Drug dealers and prostitutes have more descency and integrity than politician's.

  • John Whitworth
    John Whitworth 5 days ago


    • Kelvin Barber
      Kelvin Barber 3 days ago

      John Whitworth they came on there own volition. The weren't transported in chain and forced to be slaves.

  • Gary White
    Gary White 5 days ago

    On the day of Resurrection that b**** will be the first to go

  • Gary White
    Gary White 5 days ago

    Right on TI

  • Terrance Evans
    Terrance Evans 5 days ago +2

    We don't need TI to speak for the black people. Candace Owens been talkin this talk

  • Alex The Ronan
    Alex The Ronan 5 days ago +3

    Tyrone’s like this guy are the plague and the problem.

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense 5 days ago

    •TI sold crack to his community. 👏🏻
    •TI made music glorifying selling crack in trap houses. Even claims he made trap house music genre 👏🏻
    • TI gets catches a huge case for possession of assault weapons. 👏🏻
    •TI cheats on his wife 👏🏻
    •TI snitch👏🏻
    Hey Young Turds try vetting people before u go running your mouth.

  • Jennifer Flower
    Jennifer Flower 5 days ago +1

    T.I shouldnt have been there. He has zero clue whats going on! Candace buried him just like she always does! Love that girl

  • Dàsarae Power
    Dàsarae Power 5 days ago +1

    I guess Trump Won't win. Ha Ha. She's dumb.

  • Feed Monkey Now
    Feed Monkey Now 5 days ago

    Nigga need to let her speak

  • Rich Gouette
    Rich Gouette 5 days ago

    She's got more smarts in her little finger than this entire panel of wanna be's. What a joke. These guys are so jealous of her: they need to get a worldview. I've seen this Turk guy in action, and he's so despicable, it's off the chart

    • Rich Gouette
      Rich Gouette 5 days ago

      @Carlene Robinson Exactly on what point(s) does she seek to deceive?

    • Carlene Robinson
      Carlene Robinson 5 days ago

      If you like distorted facts sure, yes, she's smart, however She's getting paid really well to deceive people. Truly in need of real history lessons.( Just because she say things that sound smart, you must research for yourself, she's very deceitful and that is the agenda to manipulate the facts for people that are gullible.JS

    • Rich Gouette
      Rich Gouette 5 days ago

      @Carlene Robinson I was harsh with my comment. That said, I challenge anyone to refute her points(not that she got to make any)

    • Carlene Robinson
      Carlene Robinson 5 days ago +1

      You are delusional, please go read a real book and study it.