• Published on Aug 16, 2019
    A lot of people do the same weird things and have a lot in common. This video is full of funny moments that you will love. If you thought that only you have some strange habits, it’s not true. Sometimes you might forget is you put on the deodorant or simply need to check if you smell or not. And you check the smell with your hand. How many times a day you do this? We all love to copy scenes from favorite movies. I bet you have your cat or dog played the role of Simba or another favorite character. Do you usually listen when somebody is talking on the phone near you? Yes, we all do :( One more crazy thing we all do is singing in the douche. I usually have a whole concert full of my fans and applauds. How many times do you check the fridge to find something to eat? Or to check if any delicious food magically appeared. If you are relaxing at home, every strange sound looks like someone broke into your home. In reality, a spoon fell to the floor in the kitchen. Check out another collection of awkward moments every girl can relate to. It’s a real fail when you use car window as a mirror and it suddenly opens. Embarrassing situation! Even if the bag is very small, every girl knows how it’s difficult to find anything inside it. Ugh! You have shaved your legs in the morning and the most annoying thing is that hair appear suddenly again in a most inappropriate moment!
    00:09 Weird things we all do
    03:20 Funny moments every girl knows
    04:00 Eyeliner tragedy
    08:12 Sharing is caring
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