• Published on Jun 9, 2019
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    I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.
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  • T Randell
    T Randell 7 minutes ago

    i so happy that you did not do it and is he ok love you for you and dont change keep being your self and im 7 your so tough

  • Necati Dinc
    Necati Dinc 46 minutes ago

    Omg in 13:28 he’s normaal but in 14:52 he’s head on the left side is red😱😱

    STRAWBERRY 52 minutes ago

    doooooo ittttt

  • Relateer
    Relateer Hour ago

    You should fly zircon back

  • Hidden Jemmies
    Hidden Jemmies Hour ago

    lmao this is so fake

  • samir Mussa
    samir Mussa Hour ago

    You're just a pussy bro. U just scared to get hit like that. Good slap tho but I seen better

  • sup T.J
    sup T.J Hour ago +1


  • Colt Pata
    Colt Pata Hour ago

    You messed him up

  • Croatian Slime
    Croatian Slime Hour ago


  • Giga Frost
    Giga Frost Hour ago


  • RC DMC
    RC DMC 2 hours ago

    انيج اعراضكم 😐

  • Hubert Jankowski
    Hubert Jankowski 2 hours ago

    It is all about You You. He did let you slap him... He is down... consequences.. I do understand a bit. Being a celebrity and everything. But I believe You supposed to be 100 % sure before you have hit this guy. If You are on You are on.... Do not back off...Treating him as an training object did not look too spectacular... On the other hand I hope that You have set all this up...him being unconscious and that You were just scared of the stupidness of the whole contest..... Still - win --- I did watch the whole episode ; ) ( And You had some good training sessions) All the best to Mom and the crew.

  • Fred Asalya
    Fred Asalya 3 hours ago

    This kind of crap is whoever hits first wins. End of story.

  • hemang khullar
    hemang khullar 4 hours ago

    Ye indian teachers ko jante nhi kya

  • DJ-CHRIS 12
    DJ-CHRIS 12 4 hours ago

    Y the ass

  • killer58 aiden
    killer58 aiden 5 hours ago

    If I was logan I'd give the guy around 40k I'm so sad he put so much power into that

  • atharva1234567890
    atharva1234567890 5 hours ago

    17:00 the guy sitting next to Logan is definitely coked up man look at him fidgeting around

  • Kyle Isbelle
    Kyle Isbelle 5 hours ago

    This has to be fake fr

  • jacobsirons
    jacobsirons 5 hours ago

    Why is Logan Paul wearing a James chreales tea shirt lmao

  • kierjedh rebite
    kierjedh rebite 5 hours ago +1

    i fill so sad to him :(

  • Ali Al Korbi
    Ali Al Korbi 7 hours ago

    Damn What a Slap

  • Ava Frye
    Ava Frye 7 hours ago

    If you do it on subscribing to on follow you on Instagram don’t do it

  • June Tabanud
    June Tabanud 8 hours ago

    Does anyone see the chick that was recording

  • dayhtondoesstuff 114
    dayhtondoesstuff 114 8 hours ago

    That video with him and the guy were he one shoots him is staged

  • Miguel Anguel
    Miguel Anguel 8 hours ago +1

    Pon like si ablas español

  • JTV
    JTV 8 hours ago

    That booty though HAHAHA

  • Teresa Johncock
    Teresa Johncock 9 hours ago

    Logan you should have done it this is why I’m a Logan pauler

  • Teresa Johncock
    Teresa Johncock 9 hours ago

    Liven you should have done it

  • Teresa Johncock
    Teresa Johncock 9 hours ago +2

    You can do this Logan I’m a jake pauler though

  • Tibba Cramblitt
    Tibba Cramblitt 9 hours ago +1

    why did u do that .....but i love u anyway

  • Bertita Luna
    Bertita Luna 9 hours ago

    Logan why do you have to be like that

  • God of Gaming Studios
    God of Gaming Studios 9 hours ago +1

    Is this clickbait

  • Kaide Martin
    Kaide Martin 10 hours ago


  • Cynthia Lankford
    Cynthia Lankford 10 hours ago

    I bet logan felt sooooo bad

  • Su kun
    Su kun 10 hours ago

    where's brandon???

  • Dave H
    Dave H 11 hours ago


  • Soderberg5 Sod
    Soderberg5 Sod 11 hours ago

    This is how many dicks Logan Paul has sucked

  • Cyber Blyat
    Cyber Blyat 11 hours ago

    I made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgement

  • Dylan
    Dylan 12 hours ago

    i feel like he staged everything in this video

  • LegendKiller YT
    LegendKiller YT 12 hours ago

    I slap harder than Logan Paul....🤨wtf

  • Dylan
    Dylan 12 hours ago

    why dis nigga chew his yogurt

  • Nuk Animator
    Nuk Animator 13 hours ago

    14:04 if u wanna see da slap.

  • Nuk Animator
    Nuk Animator 13 hours ago


  • kevin sam
    kevin sam 15 hours ago

    Jake this is a great video wanna see you do it again lol

    RSHMELLOW MA 15 hours ago


  • Kevin Chavez
    Kevin Chavez 16 hours ago


  • efchoe1105
    efchoe1105 17 hours ago

    Don’t Ksi needs to bop you first

  • Jorge Cavanna
    Jorge Cavanna 17 hours ago

    Wtf is this ? People are so stupid to be entertained by this shot

  • hellokitty8471
    hellokitty8471 17 hours ago

    "Any body got woita woita get woita

  • Chayse Snyder
    Chayse Snyder 18 hours ago


  • liyah Edwards
    liyah Edwards 18 hours ago +1

    So no one is going to talk about how Logan slapped the shit out of a girls ass in slow mo

  • Yozhura Atack
    Yozhura Atack 18 hours ago

    wow men u are crazy

  • alexander house
    alexander house 19 hours ago

    Wow, so he staged a knockout with the big guy, so that he could save face by cowardly dropping out of the competition. Slick.

  • Ryler Sammut
    Ryler Sammut 19 hours ago

    Lol Logan I love your crazy stuff but OMG

  • Jakeanator
    Jakeanator 19 hours ago

    When a person slaps you at school and you dont get time to hit them back 2:57

  • Mohamad Slama
    Mohamad Slama 19 hours ago

    love your videos but be careful

  • Timon NoticeMeSenpai
    Timon NoticeMeSenpai 19 hours ago

    sooo fucking fake jesus

  • FigFruit
    FigFruit 20 hours ago

    Honestly, if this was Logan 2 years ago, I would have believed it. Nice story tho, would watch if it was a movie

  • XxJavielo1980xX _
    XxJavielo1980xX _ 20 hours ago

    Guy even lost memory XD

  • Blayze Sneeze
    Blayze Sneeze 20 hours ago


  • Blayze Sneeze
    Blayze Sneeze 20 hours ago


  • Luckyna Thach
    Luckyna Thach 21 hour ago

    the part he slap that ass tho🤣😂🤣😂

  • EFE Kocabaş
    EFE Kocabaş 22 hours ago +1

    Türkler her yerdeler

  • hagos mesgoun
    hagos mesgoun 22 hours ago

    I thought they were pranking Paul after the slap 👋

  • Kennedi Gray
    Kennedi Gray 23 hours ago

    Is .net ok the wiped out guy and i feel bad logan shud get slap first still im feel the best .org .net i feel very bad for both so im done whith my comment

  • Amanda Daily
    Amanda Daily 23 hours ago

    Do iitt

  • mamvru tm
    mamvru tm Day ago

    wacho lo re puso al pelado

  • Erik Holmok
    Erik Holmok Day ago

    Dont do it!