Gordon Ramsay's WORST First Impressions on Hotel Hell


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  • Kenneth Kennethson
    Kenneth Kennethson 15 hours ago

    I wouldnt feel safe in the presence of the second woman

  • Bleh is my name
    Bleh is my name 19 hours ago

    im having an allergic reaction to dust just looking at this

  • Grace Britz
    Grace Britz Day ago

    r these people all on drugs

  • Virginity Ranger
    Virginity Ranger Day ago +1

    7:59 me in school everyday

  • Melody Hernandez

    i always laugh when he smells something and sticks his tongue out ! 😂😂👏🏻

  • Wallapee12
    Wallapee12 Day ago

    oof, that last place with the bullet holes is in my town. place was super expensive for average ass food last time I went there

  • Libby Stendah
    Libby Stendah Day ago

    You can tell this creature is distressed by the way their neck cocks and their upsetting quick twitching nods.

  • OfficialMotionR
    OfficialMotionR Day ago

    LMAO who's buys this?

  • shooktotheground
    shooktotheground 2 days ago

    ‘ you’re gonna put her on the table? kinda scandalous ‘ LMAOO

  • Chris McMillen
    Chris McMillen 2 days ago

    Looks like an out of business thrift shop turned into a gypsies house who rents it out as a hotel to the weird random people that end up there.

  • Paulie Tonoro
    Paulie Tonoro 3 days ago

    1:01 found that big neck guy from those memes girlfriend

  • Emily Webb
    Emily Webb 3 days ago

    It always cracks me up how much the employees on these shows enjoy Ramsay’s criticism. I know I would love to watch every boss I’ve ever had eat the words of a higher up with the same shit I’d been bitching about for months.

  • Bryant
    Bryant 4 days ago

    The mug on the edge of the shelf at 4:08 bothered me so fucking much until Gordon grabbed it.
    Right on the edge, about to fall.

  • Tia Deakin
    Tia Deakin 4 days ago

    These videos make me itch but i can’t stop clicking

  • _seejanesart_
    _seejanesart_ 5 days ago

    Gordon just putting on all the hats 🤣🤣🤣

  • Prevara
    Prevara 5 days ago

    This bitch thinks being Austrian and polish is exotic she must think milk is spicy too

  • TadasBlinda
    TadasBlinda 5 days ago

    2:16 When you bout to eat that pussy and she havent showered.

  • Rebekah Scott
    Rebekah Scott 5 days ago

    Has anyone been to the Monticello hotel recently? It got a new owner and everything

  • Chanel Charlotte
    Chanel Charlotte 6 days ago

    "...after I lost my mind..."

  • Big Moose
    Big Moose 6 days ago

    Imagine that woman being your therapist.

  • Melly Moo Plays
    Melly Moo Plays 6 days ago

    The story about the cat taxidermy is fake, I have that Halloween decoration at home ^^

  • olfan92
    olfan92 7 days ago

    If u have to wash it before u use it then it is secondhand. lol.

  • Evangeline Allen
    Evangeline Allen 8 days ago

    Gordon “who’s that?”
    Lady “a Prussian family OF COURSE

  • FredMonster
    FredMonster 8 days ago

    9:17 that guy needs a dentist.

  • Sally & Maddy
    Sally & Maddy 9 days ago +3

    I swear half the people on this show are witches

  • theclayishone
    theclayishone 9 days ago

    6:07 That first impression isn't so bad.

  • Paxus
    Paxus 9 days ago

    3:40 she is a liar

  • ConnorHazzy201
    ConnorHazzy201 10 days ago

    That women must be a witch

  • googlegiggler
    googlegiggler 10 days ago

    1:28 the sound effect
    Reminds me of jaidens vid

  • Lauren T
    Lauren T 10 days ago

    The second hotel, don't sit in a seat too long as I think the owner would sell you, it seems she sells anything that is in the room lol.
    Gordon : these mugs are dusty
    Owner: well you got to wash em before you use em

  • Katherine Hayes
    Katherine Hayes 10 days ago

    The "jock-strap" though... 😂😂

  • BritishGandalf
    BritishGandalf 10 days ago

    Ramsay you fucking unit.

  • lylici
    lylici 10 days ago

    This hotel is still like this

  • Deemememe
    Deemememe 10 days ago

    I liked the lady with the stuffed cat. She’s weird.

  • spook show
    spook show 11 days ago

    He actually really turned this place around. This woman looked great, and was really happy at the end.

  • Jax
    Jax 11 days ago

    Come in a rips the wallpaper off the wall like a fucking gangster 😄

  • Jax
    Jax 11 days ago

    U would think people would clean up a little before GORDON FUCKING RAMSEY comes lmao

  • Jax
    Jax 11 days ago +1

    Anyone else watching this procrastinating getting in the shower even tho its inevitable just cuz they are lazy today?? Hi🙋‍♀️

  • jailbird61
    jailbird61 11 days ago

    That woman is sooooooooo creepy!!!

  • GeekProphet
    GeekProphet 11 days ago

    I live in this town my whole life and right now happy for the new owners of the new hotel. its wonderful now and the food is amazing

  • Rose
    Rose 11 days ago

    Damn that last lady was really trying to hit on Gordon, but she has nothing on Tana tbh.

  • granny frost
    granny frost 11 days ago



  • Banjo Jo
    Banjo Jo 11 days ago

    6:23 Went from good looking to yucky.

  • Ilze Grina
    Ilze Grina 11 days ago

    I do not consider myself a messy person, but I wouldn't want him in my kitchen.

  • Andrew Sampson
    Andrew Sampson 11 days ago

    Fuck Gordon Ramsey he’s a faggot🖕🏼

  • Charles Cain
    Charles Cain 12 days ago

    Ha! Gotty! The third clip reminds me of my aunt. Her boyfriend is an AUSTRIAN CHEF named Fronz!

  • Majid Ali Mirza
    Majid Ali Mirza 12 days ago

    2.01 its just look like Freddy Kruger Hat :D

  • Jonatan Hejdebäck
    Jonatan Hejdebäck 12 days ago


  • Forrestgump gamer
    Forrestgump gamer 12 days ago +2


  • MMaya
    MMaya 12 days ago

    I feel so sorry for people who work there and have to show these rooms to people and settle them in, so embarrassing!

  • Christina Singleton
    Christina Singleton 12 days ago

    7:41 Gordon came to have a good time..And honestly he seems so attacked...

  • D. Chavez
    D. Chavez 12 days ago

    I wish the US version wasn't so overproduced.

  • Tala B
    Tala B 12 days ago

    Why does he touch this stuff with his bare hands? Honestly that’s the grossest part about half of this. I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole!

  • Average Aussie
    Average Aussie 12 days ago +1

    2:14 Gordon probably got Ebola from wearing that,

    • granny frost
      granny frost 11 days ago

      2:31 the gods of west virginia healed him immediately.

  • pizza time
    pizza time 12 days ago

    He didn’t have to be a wise ass to the sweet 2nd lady

  • DigitalGidget
    DigitalGidget 12 days ago +4

    That girl at 7:40 looks like she's hitting on or Trying to seduce Gordon LMAO it's weird af

  • Samuel Reiser
    Samuel Reiser 12 days ago

    Dude the 3rd Lady is a nut case

  • mickeypoo305
    mickeypoo305 13 days ago

    The employees stay snitchin on their bosses

  • Justaburgscuzzin
    Justaburgscuzzin 13 days ago

    She looks like the witch from Brave

  • Whispered chanel
    Whispered chanel 13 days ago

    I love the part where he just rips the wallpaper off the wall without a second thought

  • Sharon Valentine
    Sharon Valentine 13 days ago

    Those holes in the wall look like bullet holes to me probably from dissatisfied customers

  • John Smith
    John Smith 13 days ago

    Does it really matter if the violin is from a dead man? If you don't wanna look at a violin on the table then fair enough but going on and on about its _previous_ owner not being alive anymore, as if that actually plays into anything, like cmon. if you're going to review a place and your complain is a _dead man's_ violin, you're just coming up with stuff to complain about.

  • t smith
    t smith 13 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay, Simon cowell they’re twins

  • William Smith
    William Smith 13 days ago


  • Samantha Bond
    Samantha Bond 13 days ago

    That poor cat..

  • Music 4 Dance
    Music 4 Dance 13 days ago

    “They’re little hats for little children that I boil in my cauldron for dinner”

  • Mary A
    Mary A 13 days ago

    she was hitting on him but im not sure if she realises or not 😲
    Even worst later he found out this hotel contained swingers

  • J9 Bass
    J9 Bass 13 days ago

    Gordon: * sees something filthy *
    Gordon: * touches it *
    Gordon: That’s fucking filthy

  • OneRoachyBoi
    OneRoachyBoi 13 days ago

    I live about 10 minutes away from the first place and I honestly thought it was closed down

  • AdventurerTom
    AdventurerTom 13 days ago

    The way he grabbed the dead cats tail had me dying shit was soo funny.

  • ChimChim_NoJams
    ChimChim_NoJams 13 days ago +5

    Gordon: ''Whats this?''
    Old Lady: ''A journal.''
    Gordon: *precedes to look through it*

  • Zer0
    Zer0 14 days ago +3

    "Do you look like i drink"

  • Caleb Y
    Caleb Y 14 days ago +26

    Dude don't care. Just looking all throughout Sarah's journal and whatnot.

    MEGHAN KAMM 14 days ago

    Her: Oh, that's a special one!, West Virginia!

  • lolololol
    lolololol 14 days ago +3

    "i am so fucking confused"
    me 2 honestly

  • I Do Monologues
    I Do Monologues 14 days ago +4

    7:17 *European. Native Americans are American.

    • Norm Rayos
      Norm Rayos 14 days ago +1

      Thank you for saying it 🙏

  • I Do Monologues
    I Do Monologues 14 days ago

    The second hotel's owner seemed genuinely lovely.

    • I Do Monologues
      I Do Monologues 14 days ago

      I'm not taking the piss by the way with that comment, she genuinely strikes me as a really lovely person.

  • The Spy
    The Spy 14 days ago

    Almost heaven... west virginia

  • HannahRose Holland
    HannahRose Holland 14 days ago

    It the lady who didn’t clean up he shit

  • Jayden Anderson
    Jayden Anderson 14 days ago +2

    Gordan Ramsey: "Ugh.. What in the Fuck"

  • Matt Rose
    Matt Rose 14 days ago +10

    Why do these people sound like NPCs from a Bethesda game? 😂

  • Ramiro Elgueta
    Ramiro Elgueta 14 days ago

    It was so dusty in the second hotel I started coughing through the screen!

  • Justin Y. Jr
    Justin Y. Jr 14 days ago +1

    therapist for children she needs the therapist

  • poppyexists
    poppyexists 14 days ago +2

    Idk dead man’s violin is kind of cool

  • King Pluto
    King Pluto 14 days ago

    Not here to watch ads. Mass murder, attention granted?

  • Cobra Cody
    Cobra Cody 14 days ago

    I’m from Longview Washington where the Monticello hotel in this video is. I can tell you that place is complete shit.

    • Norm Rayos
      Norm Rayos 13 days ago

      +Cobra Cody Damn, what a shame. Thanks for the update tho!

    • Cobra Cody
      Cobra Cody 13 days ago

      Norm Rayos yes but they have mainly switched the whole place into apartments for rent. Studios and one bedrooms stuff like that. I moved away three years ago and but from what I am told by friends and family this is all the hotel consists of. It’s a shame the hotel has turned into such garbage. The town has a lot of history in it and it’s a shame this building doesn’t uphold the history like our post office, library and all of downtown.

    • Norm Rayos
      Norm Rayos 14 days ago

      Still open?

  • Sunprism
    Sunprism 14 days ago +6

    He just ripped the wallpaper down, that was fantastic!

  • Ellie Ortiz
    Ellie Ortiz 15 days ago +2

    If you could please climb into the oven.

  • jennifer b.awesome
    jennifer b.awesome 15 days ago +1

    That old lady with the tits hanging out is so fucking cringe, he had to mention his wife three times to get her desperate ass to back off

  • Khanskaya Glukovski
    Khanskaya Glukovski 15 days ago

    3:37 Gordon should have kept that hat

  • Random Liam
    Random Liam 15 days ago

    Oh Gordon you make me laugh 😂😂

  • JealousMoose
    JealousMoose 15 days ago

    Is it just me or does the "dead mans violin" move on its own at 8:05

  • Luis Vega
    Luis Vega 15 days ago +9

    Why does she sound so creepy every time she says for the children?

    • Gardolind
      Gardolind 8 days ago

      she sounds creepy every time she says anything, the fuck you talking about?

  • Luis Vega
    Luis Vega 15 days ago

    4:41 Cherry on top! HAHAHAHA!

  • Fata Ehyimaz
    Fata Ehyimaz 15 days ago


  • Black XIII
    Black XIII 15 days ago

    I mean, yeah, I wouldn't decorate a dining table with a musical instrument but if he moaned about it being a "dead man's violin" one more time I was gonna lose it.

  • sprayarm
    sprayarm 16 days ago

    How are these unbleeped?

  • Jessica Roberts
    Jessica Roberts 16 days ago

    Absolute legend

  • Deformed Ape Sweat
    Deformed Ape Sweat 16 days ago +4

    I love it when he's inspecting things and the owner/employee is looking at him like "NO dOnt touch that!!" " Put it DOWN!"

  • Itz MitchMitch
    Itz MitchMitch 16 days ago

    It’s sad because so many of these place have a lot of potential.