This Fake Jello Expands 100 Times in Water • This Could Be Awesome #2

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
  • This week the Vat19 crew was challenged to build a giant slip n slide without using any water!
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    While our colorful Vat19 Qubes resemble jello, we do not recommend eating them! We would, however, recommend putting them on a tarp and sliding on them! What do you think of our giant Qube slide?
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Comments • 3 969

  • Vat19
    Vat19  Month ago +295

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  • [IGSN] iDrowsy
    [IGSN] iDrowsy 3 hours ago

    Joey can RUN

  • Joice Mou
    Joice Mou 8 hours ago


  • CallMeGarrison 2
    CallMeGarrison 2 10 hours ago

    I baught these and left them on the side to expand... my brother ate them and shouted "THE JELLO IS ROTTEN"
    I was laughing

  • Audii-Kun
    Audii-Kun 11 hours ago

    Congrats, you made the Spitballs' cousins.

  • IntroverThorn -I’m just a random girl here xD

    “They’re jello guys!”
    “They’re *not* jello...”

  • Cam Plays
    Cam Plays 15 hours ago +1

    what if a kid eats that 😟

  • Zinah AlhajAli
    Zinah AlhajAli 22 hours ago

    they need to make a swimming pool out if the cubes



  • Annabelle's Art
    Annabelle's Art Day ago

    They showed their license plate! AB6 C6C! That’s not smart.

  • MerokoGames
    MerokoGames 2 days ago

    Bruh deadass next thing u know ima be on the floor dead cause i ate too much of these

    JAKRAPAT NIYOMRAT 2 days ago


  • Wes Allen
    Wes Allen 2 days ago

    9:04 to 9:06 it's starting to look a bit like Superman icecream...

  • Epic Doge
    Epic Doge 2 days ago +1

    If tide made orbeez this is what it would be

  • Basey Bally
    Basey Bally 2 days ago

    You should make an entire pool out of these

  • Jockin
    Jockin 3 days ago

    How to solve world hunger:

  • Chris Samayoa
    Chris Samayoa 3 days ago

    It looked like adam kissed the bear

  • Danny Boi
    Danny Boi 3 days ago

    Who else wants to work here?

  • Mandy Feehan
    Mandy Feehan 4 days ago

    Is jello edabull

  • CandyKat
    CandyKat 4 days ago

    Their weird is my normal

  • wesley stanton
    wesley stanton 4 days ago

    U should sell these 10/10 would buy

  • Aidan Pena
    Aidan Pena 4 days ago

    What music is this 10:04

  • carter reaume
    carter reaume 4 days ago +1

    you should fill a bath tub

  • Wolfymate
    Wolfymate 4 days ago +2

    Summer 🤗
    Sum 😐
    I don't like school at all... Like if you agree 👍

  • Gacha Gamer Girl
    Gacha Gamer Girl 5 days ago

    Are Jamie and joey related?? Just me?

    BEAT NATION 5 days ago

    But they are really fun to play with

    BEAT NATION 5 days ago

    They are sometimes dangerous

  • Kaitlyn Kok
    Kaitlyn Kok 5 days ago

    3:07 ASMR VIDEO :>

  • BananaStand -
    BananaStand - 5 days ago

    So how disgustingly toxic and harmful are those for the environment?

  • AtomicSwade
    AtomicSwade 5 days ago

    Mommy, why is my stomach expanding?!

  • Ima wolf Boo
    Ima wolf Boo 5 days ago

    Wait would it be now?

  • Edelhardt Earnhardt
    Edelhardt Earnhardt 5 days ago

    5:49 sounds different

  • Tina Davies
    Tina Davies 5 days ago

    Are these able to be recycled?

  • Tman The gamer
    Tman The gamer 5 days ago

    Who els thinks that your weird is our normal should be there slogan

  • Planet Wooky
    Planet Wooky 5 days ago

    imagine see this on google earth

  • Derpy Poop
    Derpy Poop 5 days ago

    sooooo... the cubes are technically square orbezes

  • Big Man
    Big Man 5 days ago

    I love buying safety hazards for kids

  • Ella Graham
    Ella Graham 5 days ago

    Don’t eat that jello video wus awsome.

  • Geometry Dash Arcticat

    Minecraft Slimes be like...

  • It’s Evan
    It’s Evan 6 days ago

    This product will discontinue

  • Amiya Moutray
    Amiya Moutray 6 days ago

    You can take a bath in the cubes

  • jace_gm
    jace_gm 6 days ago

    Anyone know the music at 8:03?

  • how bad me be
    how bad me be 6 days ago

    i wish i could work there :o(

  • animalsandiphones
    animalsandiphones 6 days ago

    This is dangerous even for me I would want to eat this and I’m a grown adult

  • M o c h 1
    M o c h 1 6 days ago

    "Vat19, You're Weird, Is Our Normal"

  • M o c h 1
    M o c h 1 6 days ago

    Honey Chicken

  • Carmen Fox
    Carmen Fox 6 days ago

    1:45 “They look just like jello!”
    “They’re jello.”
    *takes bite*

    *spits out* “They’re not jello.” 😂😂😂

  • Graham Harries
    Graham Harries 6 days ago

    Maybe you guys can do a challenge where you swim in theses like fill them in a pool then swim in it.

  • PewDiePie Fan
    PewDiePie Fan 6 days ago

    What you should've done is that first you make the cubes more bigger in water, then you freeze the water with cube and last put it outside. The reason why I said to freeze it because if you had a hot day then it will cool you down and if you want it to last long, then the ice will cool the cubes and slip more.

  • Gerby Moraga
    Gerby Moraga 6 days ago

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  • JuiceThePolarbear
    JuiceThePolarbear 6 days ago

    *eric is missing out some fun*

  • Annemarie Henry Thiem
    Annemarie Henry Thiem 6 days ago +1

    Put Joey in it

  • Woolfy -chan
    Woolfy -chan 6 days ago

    Couldve used milk and dish soap ya know

  • Colton Hipp
    Colton Hipp 6 days ago

    use babby oil instead

  • kleb kleb
    kleb kleb 6 days ago

    me thinking how much better this would be with oil after thier squished

  • Taj Kader
    Taj Kader 6 days ago

    I wish Eric were there to see that 🤭😢

  • BallBlaster 3726
    BallBlaster 3726 6 days ago

    Press this button to be weirded out 8:33

  • Maria Maldonado
    Maria Maldonado 6 days ago

    5:55 my ear: 😵😵😵

  • Helen Hernandez Reyes

    Jamie: Who knew water was so heavy

    Joey : It’s cuz you’re doing it wrong


  • Allison Gerving
    Allison Gerving 6 days ago

    Didn’t he say with no water?
    did they not use water to make the cubes bigger?
    Cool video