How To Replace a Ford Fuel Filter (homemade disconnect tool)

  • Published on Oct 30, 2015
  • Learn how to replace a Ford quick disconnect style fuel filter using a home-made quick disconnect tool made from a pen cap or using a store bought quick disconnect tool. This method will work on any Ford vehicles with a quick disconnect fuel filter. The vehicle I used is my 2001 Mazda Pickup (Ford Ranger).
    Inexpensive quick disconnect tool:
    Inexpensive Fuel Filter:
    Mechanic pick set:
    Fuel Pressure Test:
    GM Fuel Filter Replacement: COMING SOON
    300,000mi Fuel Filter Analysis:
    How to Replace a normal fuel filter:
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Comments • 700

  • Sergio GARZA
    Sergio GARZA 2 days ago

    Shit dont ficking work

  • Carlos Perez
    Carlos Perez Month ago +1

    Cursed 5.4 4x4 space at all

  • William Wynn
    William Wynn Month ago

    you made that look way to easy. Every time I work on my truck there is always some thing that does not want to cooperate. I changed out the coolant housing. It has two coolant sensors. Pull the clip out, pull out the old sensors, drop in the new and put the clip back in. Sounds simple, First off they sold me the wrong sensors. I tried to put the old one's back in. The two little clips Refused to go back in. After four hours of praying to swearing I said to the hell with it and used paper clips. So far it is working with no leaks. Had I gone to the Ford dealership and got the OEM parts I may have gotten the right parts and not have had to go through this torture.

  • Charlie Martin
    Charlie Martin Month ago

    simply brilliant

  • Robert G
    Robert G Month ago

    My saturn has a ford style filter but its a GM vehicle

  • Metro 369
    Metro 369 Month ago

    Didn't need the tool on my 2003 ranger and looks just like yours. Just push in on the colored clips and pull.

  • 3g Eclipse Mods
    3g Eclipse Mods 2 months ago

    Well I got a full tank😔 lol

  • Heather Cortes
    Heather Cortes 3 months ago

    I replaced my fuel filter last month. I did it according to what the manual said...sort of. Take off gas cap. Park on hill with engine pointing uphill. I drive with the tank mostly full all the time since I have lots of kids. Negative wire off the battery. I had bought the cheap plastic disconnector tool set. If you live in a place where they salt heavily those don't work. The filter was rusted in and, the plastic broke. For some reason there is a clip near the fuel lines. I clipped them up to keep from getting gas everywhere. There's a hole in the wheel well I use for the same reason to hang the brake line when changing calipers. (Don't ask. Just picture a couple of my sons taking the car one night while I was sleeping after seeing Fast and Furious. I almost killed them the next morning. ) I borrowed a scissor disconnector from a friend. Filter was off in three seconds. If you live some place they salt heavily make sure to check for other stuff while you're down there. I found some things that needed repair from rust while I was working. I don't go under too often since the neighborhood idiots always stop by with moronic comments about women or like to skid by to blow road dust in my face while I have my shoes poking out from underneath.

  • mitch ervin
    mitch ervin 3 months ago

    I got a miss I can't fill check the plugs and wires,,coils are good air filter is new..and it doesn't do it all time it's intermittent check engine light either..4.6 02 F-150.. also cleaned intake and throttle plates

  • mitch ervin
    mitch ervin 3 months ago

    smart man Chris I'm learning a lot.. thanks brother

  • Rick SC
    Rick SC 4 months ago +4

    I am going to change this without the quick disconnect tool because it reaches under the rubber gasket that seals the connection. If you just press in the release there is less chance of damage. Maybe not but that's how I see it. Thanks. Great video.

  • JB the Stoner
    JB the Stoner 4 months ago

    The Ford quick disconnect tool is useless, just pull out the clips with a screwdriver

  • sinan mahmood
    sinan mahmood 4 months ago

    Here in my country , I need to change the fuel filter every 500 Km 🙁

  • Pwrmic
    Pwrmic 5 months ago

    This video saved my a lot of trouble, thank you !

  • Joshua Highfield
    Joshua Highfield 5 months ago

    I just bought a ford ranger not to long ago I changed the fuel filter for the first time I think in 215000 miles and I can rub my finger on the filter and it will turn black

  • Cross Durazo
    Cross Durazo 5 months ago

    The retainer clips keep giving me trouble and won't go in I need help

  • ihategoogle+
    ihategoogle+ 6 months ago

    Slammed the crap outta that hood!

  • Roddy Riddle
    Roddy Riddle 6 months ago

    Thank you!

  • RealityIsTheNow
    RealityIsTheNow 7 months ago

    What if the quick disconnect tool can't fit around the fuel filter tube because there is only 1/4" exposed?

  • Roger Stibbins
    Roger Stibbins 7 months ago

    Can you do a k&N fuel filter on the mustang? Do a Dyno run before and after?

  • Miles Gonzales
    Miles Gonzales 7 months ago +1

    How much is the fuel filter tool ?

  • taconight2night
    taconight2night 8 months ago

    My truck died instantly when I took the fuel pump fuse out. It that normal/ok?

  • Marcusf250
    Marcusf250 9 months ago

    I found a set on ebay for $12.99. performance pros something .

  • Rozi Khan
    Rozi Khan 10 months ago

    Just removed my 2008 ford focus se fuel filter, and yes it can be done by hand, but i used a flathead everynow and then. Some advice i would give is to remove the clamp/clip that holds the brake lines and fuels lines so u can pull the fuel filter all the way down for easier access to the filter clips

    • Rozi Khan
      Rozi Khan 10 months ago

      Oh and the higher you jack the car the easier, i had mine jacked very low due to only having ramps available, i even gave up a couple times and took a break cuz it was straining my neck

  • Bronchee Mims
    Bronchee Mims 11 months ago

    Great video chris

  • Devin Loveridge
    Devin Loveridge Year ago

    Everything on that truck so far is the same as my 99 explorer, but the fuel filter is totally different for mine 😯, none the less bought a new filter and will replace when my fuel gets low

  • David Mclamore
    David Mclamore Year ago

    Please don’t forget earplugs, and if you don’t have any make shure you have about $50 on hand for the swear jar

  • Calvin Taylor
    Calvin Taylor Year ago

    That not a ford vehicle but thanks for the video

    • Jake Terch
      Jake Terch 4 months ago

      Mazda B Series is practically identical to Ford Ranger.

  • jon levesque sr
    jon levesque sr Year ago

    great vid...good close ups of the tool in action...and great improvisation

  • alexis c
    alexis c Year ago

    On my b4000 2009 not required tool just press color tab with finger!!!! And my gaz tank 1/4 empty small drip only thank for your vidéo!!

  • San Juan
    San Juan Year ago

    Could you explain the 3 lines on the filter please!

  • Jesus Duarte
    Jesus Duarte Year ago

    Do you know what maintenance we can do if our car does not have a gas filter? I have a ford scape 2010

  • john lukehart
    john lukehart Year ago


  • encryptor
    encryptor Year ago

    why not depressurize at the Schrader valve instead of pulling the fuse?

  • John Walker
    John Walker Year ago

    those connectors are easier than the ones on my 02 explorer,they have different plastic clips and they are too close together to make it easy to work on them.

    • John Walker
      John Walker Year ago

      you have to release the bottom lock tab and try to shove the plastic clip up to pull the hose off,not easy to do in a tight area.

  • John Walker
    John Walker Year ago

    that plastic cap will probably work better than those metal things

  • John Handcock
    John Handcock Year ago

    Why are you pulling the fuse?

  • mohammed idris
    mohammed idris Year ago +1

    great idea
    Thank you

  • Leighton Penn
    Leighton Penn Year ago

    You’re the man!! Been watching your videos for a long time and have learned most of my stuff by watching you! That pen cap tricked just helped me out a bunch. I’m tight on money and every little bit helps. Keep up the great videos!!

  • Mark Mendoza Hernandez

    I love watching these videos knowing well the car i have is beyond repair.

  • Zacaria Hunt
    Zacaria Hunt Year ago

    Nice vid-you saved me 20 bucks by using the pen lid trick

  • Whitcomb10026
    Whitcomb10026 Year ago

    What if it wont come off even if the quick disconnect is in?

  • Moments In Nature

    A scissors

  • Austin Crooks
    Austin Crooks Year ago

    Should you flush your fuel system before you do replacement or after? I would assume before would be better

  • Reza Grans
    Reza Grans Year ago

    noticed the writing in the quik disco tool: Ford truck fuel line us 1/2" i.d.? crazy thick

  • Reza Grans
    Reza Grans Year ago +2

    Heheeehe penCap tricK was sIk! ChrisFix* -ChrisFix [chant crowd] well done thanks bud

  • WYSIWYGpainter
    WYSIWYGpainter Year ago

    Your Channel is amazing. I have an 08 Ranger. It is great that almost every video of your truck you do, is so compatible to mine. Doing my Fuel Filter this weekend. Watched your belt episode, I did that yesterday. Watched your Idler Pulley episode, I changed that Yesterday. No more squeaks. Your Channel makes my truck run like a champ.

  • SlackersIndustry
    SlackersIndustry Year ago

    why did my plastic quick disconect bent with so much force and fuel line never gave way?

    • SlackersIndustry
      SlackersIndustry Year ago

      MR chrisfix thanks for the reply will give it another shot as soon as i get some metal quick disconnect tool, love them videos have helped me out a lot on other things, you do great work and inspire all of your loyal followers.

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  Year ago +1

      You might need to use some penetrating fluid because it’s seized.

  • Critical Knowledge
    Critical Knowledge Year ago +1

    Pen cap trick I like!

  • Piecrustyumyum
    Piecrustyumyum Year ago

    I did it! Got fuel all over me in the process...but did it none the less! It's a motorcraft filter so I'm assuming it's stock. My truck has 212,000 miles on it xD I've ordered brake kits for the front and back, caliper's, pads, rotors, drums, shoes, springs and hardware, and gonna do full brake fluid flush, looking forward to it!

  • WiD Sea
    WiD Sea Year ago

    Haven't heard "fanagling" in a long time. Lol Thank you for the video.

  • RC rcdell84
    RC rcdell84 Year ago

    Just changed my fuel filter on my 05 ranger edge. My fuel removal tool will remove 2 of the 3 lines. I remember watching the pen cap trick...worked perfectly. Thanks chrisfix...the cap is now a part of my toolbox.

  • Christopher ndegwa


  • Verboss Sounds
    Verboss Sounds Year ago

    surprisingly every ford chassis vehiclel and a ford vehicle has the filter above the frame rail

  • Chris
    Chris Year ago

    what would happen if you think you mixed up the small and big line on the fuel filter inlet lines? asking for a friend lol

  • Agustin Holub
    Agustin Holub Year ago

    Mf audi; removed the fuse and kept running

  • Dynagaming
    Dynagaming Year ago

    I was unaware there was a tool for these lines. Was replacing my fuel filter on my 07 Focus a few months ago, ended up breaking one of the clips (the ones they include with the filter don't fit and you have to shave them down). If you ever need to replace one of the clips with a new one, go to the store and look inside the boxes of the fuel filters, I cannot remember the company that makes it, but one of them has the line clips and they're a perfect fit. You can order them online, or just spend an extra $10 to get 2 clips instead of having to wait on shipping or have to replace the whole line.

  • Brian W
    Brian W Year ago

    Instructions not clear for pen cap trick. I cut my pinky off and the car lit on fire...
    I’m out a pinky and a car... don’t care about the pinky... got a backup one.
    All in all good video.

  • John Henry
    John Henry Year ago

    Does this work for Ford Explorer

  • __
    __ Year ago

    A pen cap???


  • s mays
    s mays Year ago

    Good job Chris - your repair videos are the best!

  • Sergio Vasquez
    Sergio Vasquez Year ago

    Hey chris .... so umm i tried the pen cap method but a piece broke off and i couldn't get the line off any recommendations to troubleshoot this???

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  Year ago

      +Sergio Vasquez use penetrating fluid (something that doesn't eat plastics) and get the proper tool (inexpensive and linked in the description). You can use a pliers to help force the tool in harder to decouple it.

  • Joseph Capra
    Joseph Capra Year ago

    I changed my 2000 Ford Rangers fuel filter and fuel pump and Im still having issues starting this truck. It originally started fine, until I changed the OEM fuel filter with over 200k miles on it. after that fuel filter change the truck wont start first try anymore. I know I did it properly because its the same exact process that I did on my 1999 ford ranger and that had absolutely no issues! what do you think it could be? maybe the fuel filter itself I put in there is bad?

  • 1badpete999
    1badpete999 2 years ago

    Some say that once the safety clip is removed its isnt good anymore the safety latch break off at the end you gotta buy another new safety latch ?

  • Hiwa M Amin
    Hiwa M Amin 2 years ago

    thanks for idea

  • Vertigo
    Vertigo 2 years ago

    you got off easy. you don't need that tool. if you had the other disconnects you wouldn't have gotten the lines off... they are VERY difficult to take off. I was hoping to see you try to take off the other quick connects... it would be a 30 minute edited video that was originally five hours of swearing at the Ford Gods.

  • Nexfero
    Nexfero 2 years ago

    Just replaced my fuel filter on my ford ranger at 130,000 miles thanks to this video, one the of the plastic u clamps was broken 2:34 (just stuck a hose clamp on it) and I used the pen cap trick.

  • Mark Wolf
    Mark Wolf 2 years ago

    I gave up after 3 hours and breaking the disconnect tool. lol Supid thing wont come off. Came off my F150 but I have same filter on my 03 explorer your mazda has and it just wouldn't let go.

  • Ino Torres
    Ino Torres 2 years ago

    can't find my filter under my car

  • Jose Domijan
    Jose Domijan 2 years ago

    Many thanks from Argentina, I have a Lifan X60 chinese SUV, great tool pen cap , I will change easier The filter now