Frozen Theory: Hans Is A Mirror


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  • regina simpson
    regina simpson 2 days ago

  • Evelyn Anderson
    Evelyn Anderson 7 days ago

    Hans Kristoff Annasven!

  • Team VLCN
    Team VLCN 9 days ago

    I, unfortunately, had Hans' true plans spoiled for me before I saw the movie. It's my own fault, though, I looked at the wiki page of his character. However, the first time I saw the movie, the reveal was performed so expertly that I heard people gasp in the audience.

  • Braxton Westberry
    Braxton Westberry 9 days ago

    Wow you guys are good!

  • Samantha Jenkins
    Samantha Jenkins 9 days ago

    Okay. But what if Hans suffers from split personality disorder?? Hear me out. This disorder usually occurs when someone has a troubling start in their youth, such as home life. Hans obviously has jealousy issues being not the next heir as well as having all those brothers. And them ignoring him for years as well? Idk this would all be some hard stuff to deal with. Now, literally most of the people in your family (brothers) pretend you don’t exist for a couple of years. Wouldn’t you make up imaginary friends? Or even, when you’re feeling your worse, create a new person for yourself because you didn’t feel good as you are? And the new personality is also a use for protection against things he shouldn’t be dealing with at this young of an age, feeling absolutely worthless, rejected, pretended you don’t exist for years, not the family favourite, wouldn’t that just leave you in an ultimate depression at such a young age? It would make sense for a personality protector to come to your aid. And that would explain it, maybe with Anna he was his true self, when a threat came a new personality came out and made new decisions. If this was the case, it makes complete sense if that was why he so suddenly changed his complete view on things! It was because it was a different personality viewing them...

  • Rayumi
    Rayumi 13 days ago +1

    *Sees title* wut how? no way.
    *Hears the intro* WUT HE'S A MIRROR OMG *mind is blown*

  • Kyle
    Kyle 13 days ago

    Waiting for Shane to make an 8 part series talking about if Hans is a sociopath....🤧

  • Haley Blue Sklar Isbell

    Oh come on the Snow Queen is actually a great story, and without it Frozen wouldn’t exist. Why do you have to stomp on it like that? Cause it’s not the sickly sweet tune of Disney’s happily ever after? 😂 Whatever... I like the theory though of Hans being the mirror. Interesting.

  • Raquel Ruiz
    Raquel Ruiz 15 days ago

    English teachers would be proud of you. This is literally one of the most intelligent videos I've seen about symbolism in Disney movies or any movie at all.

  • Sista Marina
    Sista Marina 16 days ago

    A. Mirror??😱 ok

    LEE DANIELS 16 days ago

    Listen to the iceworkers song in russian. U wont regret it

  • JjApplepie
    JjApplepie 17 days ago

    To anyone who has watched Jacksepticeye, does he not look like him in this episode???

  • Darcy MM
    Darcy MM 18 days ago

    Maybe the 'beware the frozen heart song' was because they heard stories about a child who got the shard in his eye and they were saying how 'ice and magic can't be controlled' relating back to the old story SO maybe Hans is a descendent of the little kid OR one of the other shards were sent across the world hitting Hans which probably caused his brothers to ice him out so maybe he became like the young child. When you look into someone else eyes you can actually see the reflection of yourself so when Anna looked at Hans he immediately became the mirror since the shard was in his eye.He also resembled Annas frozen heart tho hers was actually freezing

  • Kitten Bell
    Kitten Bell 19 days ago

    It’s still just a metaphorical mirror. There’s not a real mirror. Also, based on your points, Hans is functioning as a literal figurative mirror; not a magic figurative mirror that shows people their flaws. Not the best built argument on this channel.

  • Jarin Quintuña
    Jarin Quintuña 20 days ago

    Its 2018, you can be a boy, a girl, heck you can even be a lawn mower!

  • C Ewing
    C Ewing 21 day ago

    I agree Frozen is awesome in its own right and has nearly nothing to do with the original 'Snow Queen' but that story is actually EPIC. How is a massive quest story involving a little girl saving her best buddy, several types of witches, talking ravens and reindeer, a badass little brigand girl and a cool princess/prince side-story 'not entertaining'?

  • Alicia Nuccio
    Alicia Nuccio 23 days ago

    Hans a sociopath.

  • Tooplaynator
    Tooplaynator 24 days ago


  • plea6365
    plea6365 24 days ago

    Reflections. That's a good one! 😂😉😂😉😆😆😝

  • plea6365
    plea6365 24 days ago

    That is interesting. The Hans Kristoff Anna Sven thing, that is. I think that is REALLY FUNNY how that all fits together!

  • Lindsay M Schlonies
    Lindsay M Schlonies 24 days ago

    At school I'm reading a book called "Breadcrumbs" and it describes the snow Queen because there's a mirror and it shatters and gets in someone's eye and its magic (plus in it they describe the snow Queen)

  • amazing_dude
    amazing_dude 24 days ago

    Glögi, also called Glühwein or mulled wine, is a spiced, usually alcoholic drink, served warm. The original form of Glögi, a spiced liquor, was used to revive messengers and postmen who travelled on horseback or skis in cold weather in Scandinavia.

  • amazing_dude
    amazing_dude 25 days ago

    im a glass

  • Messed Up Mykie
    Messed Up Mykie 25 days ago

    Mirror moment may have kinda been mentioned.
    Weasletown guy: “The princess may be conspiring against us with the monster” (or something like that)
    Hans: “Dont question the princess, I’ll protect this place from treason”
    Though they werent directly related, both said forms of treason. Weasle guy just described it and hans said it

  • Lucas Vander Elst
    Lucas Vander Elst 25 days ago

    This is nice

  • Stephanie Flores
    Stephanie Flores 28 days ago

    Try reading the frozen book it gives a lil background on hans

  • bang chan’s dimples
    bang chan’s dimples 29 days ago

    The fact that a mirror is such a huge part of the original is what convinced me tbh. That IS what everything else hinges on 🤷‍♀️

  • Haley Wilson
    Haley Wilson 29 days ago

    Ssoooo basically he is a sociopath

  • Hannah Tucker
    Hannah Tucker 29 days ago

    i totally believe this now

  • Heth Williams
    Heth Williams 29 days ago

    It's a neat theory, but people tend to adjust their behaviour to match the situation/people they are with, and Hans doing so doesn't make him different.
    Personally, I prefer the theory that he is genuine but is cursed by the trolls.

  • Ludvig Norén
    Ludvig Norén Month ago

    ”Glagg” probobly means glögg, a swedish drink that we drink in christmas.

  • Nexy Cazares
    Nexy Cazares Month ago +1

    Hans is a Sociopath 😱

  • Lavender Brown
    Lavender Brown Month ago

    “Glögi” ( hot glog ) is apparently mulled wine. Hans tryna get the village tipsy

  • Jehehjwru Iditdtivu

    From what I’ve learnt from Shane’s series, this would make Hans a sociopath

  • Bianca C da Kitteee

    Hans is just a fake punk. He was a "sneaky little brown noser with a hidden agenda" he ALWAYS had a hidden agenda. It's not uncommon for a fake person to come off as charming and fool the person into believing they mean well, but really in the back of their mind they ALWAYS keep in mind their true goal. I wouldn't necessarily call him a "mirror" I would have just said he's manipulative and evil straight up. Just telling a person what they want to hear to buy their affection and trust only to stab them in the back later on. A SNAKE is the perfect term to call Hans

    SUHGNOA RELLIM Month ago

    i thought is said minor

  • Beastykiller117
    Beastykiller117 Month ago

    Could he be a socialpath

  • EJ____
    EJ____ Month ago

    As you describe the original it seemed so familiar then I realised I’ve read that before in a shortened fairy tales book when I was a kid

  • Jennifer Castro
    Jennifer Castro Month ago

    Is this the same person I’ve been seeing omg

  • Paige Lindsay
    Paige Lindsay Month ago

    Wow I never noticed that!

  • Nicole Bautista
    Nicole Bautista Month ago

    Hans is a psychopath like come on he has no feelings and just copies other people’s feelings that is a complete psychopath

  • lyhtypoika
    lyhtypoika Month ago

    Glog is like hot juice, but with more spices.

  • Avery Axford
    Avery Axford Month ago

    Oh my god Disney has their first character that is a sociopath 😱

  • Nexxy Van Note
    Nexxy Van Note Month ago

    Hans is a sociopath

  • Roxyeeyee _
    Roxyeeyee _ Month ago

    Glog is a winter drink served super hot in Scandinavia. :)

  • thezmaster505
    thezmaster505 Month ago

    The mirror was in Once Upon a Time

  • ******* *******
    ******* ******* Month ago

    Well I guess Hans is a psychopath

  • Boba Fett55
    Boba Fett55 Month ago

    I just got “Towel Section” it is in reference to the phrase “Throwing in my towel”

  • Amani Njeru
    Amani Njeru Month ago

    0:14 the best part of this and every video

  • Gamer Goose
    Gamer Goose Month ago

    god... you theorists make villains and movies better than they originally were

  • Ella Bronkema
    Ella Bronkema Month ago

    If Disney did do this on purpose and was trying to make a subtle reference to the original fairy tale, then that's really cool! But it seems like something I would do when writing a story. Like I would think I was being really clever with a reference, but not many people get it and so it's just weird. If Disney didn't do it on purpose, then the mirror isn't in the movie, so we can re-categorize the movie from "Disney version of a fairy tale" to "Inspired by a fairy tale".

  • jords higs
    jords higs Month ago

    So Hans is a sociopath

  • Adriana Is Me
    Adriana Is Me Month ago

    *R E C I P R O C A T I O N*
    _👏 THE 👏 #1 👏 BIGGEST 👏 FLIRTING 👏 TACTIC 👏_

  • JoDawna Smith
    JoDawna Smith Month ago

    You forgot the crowning seromony
    Anna smiled at Hans and then he reflected and smiled back exactly the
    same way

  • JoJo Lee
    JoJo Lee Month ago


    (they’re multiplying)

  • tealawney
    tealawney Month ago

    I like this theory, but I think he might just be a sociopath. Like you said, he seems empathetic, but he is just acting like other people.

  • gabi childers
    gabi childers Month ago

    That's explains the mirror in once upon a time omg

  • Emily Johnson
    Emily Johnson Month ago

    I *just* love how sexist your intro is...

  • MilkyMusic101 ;3
    MilkyMusic101 ;3 Month ago


  • kaddy bee
    kaddy bee Month ago


  • The1975 incognito
    The1975 incognito Month ago

    Hans is Logan Paul 😑

  • Ellie Hindman
    Ellie Hindman Month ago

    They were actually making Frozen and then realized how similar it was to The Snow Queen and decided to bace the rest of it off

  • Duncan Clarke
    Duncan Clarke Month ago

    ahhhh that was mind blowing . The part when you said the song was warning you about hans.

  • Kaitlyn Brown
    Kaitlyn Brown 2 months ago

    Do a why dose Aberforth like goats video

  • Emma Love Johnson
    Emma Love Johnson 2 months ago

    He might be the mirror in snow white

  • bbria28
    bbria28 2 months ago +2

    So the theory is Hans is a sociopath

  • evil child
    evil child 2 months ago +2


  • TheAzorg
    TheAzorg 2 months ago

    I'm like Hans... i don't feel any emotions since my birthday... i just don't mirror anyone

  • Adorable Alien XOXO
    Adorable Alien XOXO 2 months ago

    i don't think he is a mirror... he is just a sociopath

  • Ms. Ameyla Horrors
    Ms. Ameyla Horrors 2 months ago

    Weird theory i thought of - what if Hans is not a true prince, but a mirror of a prince who died in the frozen lake?
    There are alot of myths surrounding elementals who can take a human form and try to attain power.
    It could have also killed the parents of the other guy ( bad memory ) and maybe even be the reason he dislikes the guy from the start, as if he suspects something.
    Like an ice being or something.

  • Pookabelle
    Pookabelle 2 months ago

    I just realized what the mirror in the show "Once Upon A Time" is for in the season with anna and elsa! They did the same thing from the fairytale where the glass went in their eyes and they saw everything as very very terrible. Now I get it.

  • Ella Aguilar
    Ella Aguilar 2 months ago

    "Did we miss any reflections..?"
    Well done, buddy... Well done... 😂

  • giant potato
    giant potato 2 months ago

    Frozen Theory: Hans Is Me... Oh :'(

  • Ciara Cosgrove
    Ciara Cosgrove 2 months ago

    Hans sounds more like a sociopath than a mirror

  • Les Marió
    Les Marió 2 months ago

    Fact: Hans was a psycopath

  • Filmer Studio
    Filmer Studio 2 months ago

    yes he is a mirrora!

  • HappyFellowship Mc
    HappyFellowship Mc 2 months ago


  • Steffanie Olsson
    Steffanie Olsson 2 months ago

    Gløg or glog is wine that gets heated (right before boiling) and then you add raisins and almonds, commonly drinked when it’s cold.

  • Steffanie Olsson
    Steffanie Olsson 2 months ago

    Ive heard this... Well Im danish!

  • Andrea Chalfan
    Andrea Chalfan 2 months ago

    Or he is a psychopath. If you want to research psychopaths I recommend the second episode of Shane Dawson’s 2nd episode of the mind of jake Paul. Psychopaths reflect the emotions of others because they have none.

  • Nathaniel Malik Gan
    Nathaniel Malik Gan 2 months ago

    Or maybe ... the shards of the mirror got in his eyes when he starts becoming evil

  • Chaelisa's Baby girl, Jennie


  • Haylernise
    Haylernise 2 months ago

    Hans with glove = a mirror
    Hans without = ugly personality

  • Laura Slæger
    Laura Slæger 2 months ago

    H. C. Andersen is the best dane ever! Go Hans!!!! #TeamDK

  • Alpha
    Alpha 2 months ago

    The actual book is actually made into an ever after high season

  • Karoline Noer Rasmussen

    00:37 - My Danish heart has been deeply hurt by this statement :(

  • Hanka Janíčková
    Hanka Janíčková 2 months ago

    Now I understand why there was the thing with the mirror in Once Upon a Time :D

  • Janet Jongebloed
    Janet Jongebloed 2 months ago

    One of the tricks a lot of manipulators use is mirroring.

  • Emily Schlei
    Emily Schlei 3 months ago

    I agree

  • Kariann Thaut
    Kariann Thaut 3 months ago

    The book Breadcrumbs is also based off this fairytale and it’s really good.

  • Speed Zebra
    Speed Zebra 3 months ago

    Why do you call the comment section the towel section?

  • DeloresCostello
    DeloresCostello 3 months ago

    “Its not that interesting, and Frozen is way better and more entertaining.......” 😮

  • Tiara Uchner
    Tiara Uchner 3 months ago +1

    first of all...shame on you for saying the original story "isn't that interesting" cause that has me a million percent convinced you never read it or have read a watered down version at best cause the original is a lot more adventurous and would laugh at frozen for how light hearted it is in comparison.
    secondly the full mirror has literally no rule in the entire story therefore it makes no sense to even be in a movie. it's a plot device to turn Kay (the original character represented by Elsa) away from Gerda (the original character represented by Anna) and eventually foll the snow queen. All the did was replacing the snow queen character with Elsa's powers so Elsa can be Kay and follow "her powers". The piece of the mirror in his eye (her frozen heart) only vanishes when he realizes how much he means to Gerda (when Elsa realizes how much she means to Anna and how much Anna means to her).
    Therefore they literally didn't change a single aspect of the main plot and just made the sidd plots a million times less interesting. @ me next time when you're gonna insult a greay story for a half assed disney movie.

  • Madeline Gutierrez
    Madeline Gutierrez 3 months ago

    I enjoyed how you brought it back to the opening song.. which I just took as Disney mood setting before...

  • Sgt Palooggoo
    Sgt Palooggoo 3 months ago +1

    The reason he turned bad guy is because they wrote it into the script late.

  • Aaron Byun
    Aaron Byun 3 months ago

    6:00 wow... that never happened to me before

  • Jack Dog
    Jack Dog 3 months ago

    Wait... is this what Celeste was going for with the part of you coming out of the mirror??

  • Sebastian Rossouw
    Sebastian Rossouw 3 months ago

    Troll memory wipe or manipulation

  • KhoaiTae
    KhoaiTae 3 months ago

    theory: hans is manny mua