Frozen Theory: Hans Is A Mirror


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  • The1975 incognito
    The1975 incognito 2 days ago

    Hans is Logan Paul 😑

  • Ellie Hindman
    Ellie Hindman 2 days ago

    They were actually making Frozen and then realized how similar it was to The Snow Queen and decided to bace the rest of it off

  • Duncan Clarke
    Duncan Clarke 3 days ago

    ahhhh that was mind blowing . The part when you said the song was warning you about hans.

  • Kaitlyn Brown
    Kaitlyn Brown 5 days ago

    Do a why dose Aberforth like goats video

  • Layla Lopez
    Layla Lopez 5 days ago

    He might be the mirror in snow white

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    So the theory is Hans is a sociopath

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  • TheAzorg
    TheAzorg 6 days ago

    I'm like Hans... i don't feel any emotions since my birthday... i just don't mirror anyone

  • Adorable Alien XOXO
    Adorable Alien XOXO 6 days ago

    i don't think he is a mirror... he is just a sociopath

  • Ms. Ameyla Horrors
    Ms. Ameyla Horrors 7 days ago

    Weird theory i thought of - what if Hans is not a true prince, but a mirror of a prince who died in the frozen lake?
    There are alot of myths surrounding elementals who can take a human form and try to attain power.
    It could have also killed the parents of the other guy ( bad memory ) and maybe even be the reason he dislikes the guy from the start, as if he suspects something.
    Like an ice being or something.

  • Pookabelle
    Pookabelle 7 days ago

    I just realized what the mirror in the show "Once Upon A Time" is for in the season with anna and elsa! They did the same thing from the fairytale where the glass went in their eyes and they saw everything as very very terrible. Now I get it.

  • Ella Aguilar
    Ella Aguilar 9 days ago

    "Did we miss any reflections..?"
    Well done, buddy... Well done... 😂

  • giant potato
    giant potato 9 days ago

    Frozen Theory: Hans Is Me... Oh :'(

  • Ciara Cosgrove
    Ciara Cosgrove 9 days ago

    Hans sounds more like a sociopath than a mirror

  • Les Marió
    Les Marió 9 days ago

    Fact: Hans was a psycopath

  • Filmer Studio
    Filmer Studio 20 days ago

    yes he is a mirrora!

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  • Steffanie Olsson
    Steffanie Olsson 23 days ago

    Gløg or glog is wine that gets heated (right before boiling) and then you add raisins and almonds, commonly drinked when it’s cold.

  • Steffanie Olsson
    Steffanie Olsson 23 days ago

    Ive heard this... Well Im danish!

  • Andrea Chalfan
    Andrea Chalfan 25 days ago

    Or he is a psychopath. If you want to research psychopaths I recommend the second episode of Shane Dawson’s 2nd episode of the mind of jake Paul. Psychopaths reflect the emotions of others because they have none.

  • Nathaniel Malik Gan
    Nathaniel Malik Gan 25 days ago

    Or maybe ... the shards of the mirror got in his eyes when he starts becoming evil

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  • Haylernise
    Haylernise 27 days ago

    Hans with glove = a mirror
    Hans without = ugly personality

  • Laura Slæger
    Laura Slæger 29 days ago

    H. C. Andersen is the best dane ever! Go Hans!!!! #TeamDK

  • Alpha
    Alpha Month ago

    The actual book is actually made into an ever after high season

  • Karoline Noer Rasmussen

    00:37 - My Danish heart has been deeply hurt by this statement :(

  • Hanka Janíčková
    Hanka Janíčková Month ago

    Now I understand why there was the thing with the mirror in Once Upon a Time :D

  • Janet Jongebloed
    Janet Jongebloed Month ago

    One of the tricks a lot of manipulators use is mirroring.

  • Emily Schlei
    Emily Schlei Month ago

    I agree

  • Krazy Kariann
    Krazy Kariann Month ago

    The book Breadcrumbs is also based off this fairytale and it’s really good.

  • Speed Zebra
    Speed Zebra Month ago

    Why do you call the comment section the towel section?

  • DeloresCostello
    DeloresCostello Month ago

    “Its not that interesting, and Frozen is way better and more entertaining.......” 😮

  • Tiara Uchner
    Tiara Uchner Month ago +1

    first of all...shame on you for saying the original story "isn't that interesting" cause that has me a million percent convinced you never read it or have read a watered down version at best cause the original is a lot more adventurous and would laugh at frozen for how light hearted it is in comparison.
    secondly the full mirror has literally no rule in the entire story therefore it makes no sense to even be in a movie. it's a plot device to turn Kay (the original character represented by Elsa) away from Gerda (the original character represented by Anna) and eventually foll the snow queen. All the did was replacing the snow queen character with Elsa's powers so Elsa can be Kay and follow "her powers". The piece of the mirror in his eye (her frozen heart) only vanishes when he realizes how much he means to Gerda (when Elsa realizes how much she means to Anna and how much Anna means to her).
    Therefore they literally didn't change a single aspect of the main plot and just made the sidd plots a million times less interesting. @ me next time when you're gonna insult a greay story for a half assed disney movie.

  • Madeline Gutierrez
    Madeline Gutierrez Month ago

    I enjoyed how you brought it back to the opening song.. which I just took as Disney mood setting before...

  • Sgt Palooggoo
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    The reason he turned bad guy is because they wrote it into the script late.

  • Aaron Byun
    Aaron Byun Month ago

    6:00 wow... that never happened to me before

  • Jack Dog
    Jack Dog Month ago

    Wait... is this what Celeste was going for with the part of you coming out of the mirror??

  • Sebastian Rossouw
    Sebastian Rossouw Month ago

    Troll memory wipe or manipulation

  • KhoaiTae
    KhoaiTae Month ago

    theory: hans is manny mua

  • AceStuckinLimbo
    AceStuckinLimbo Month ago

    Heresy! The Snow Queen is seriously one of my favorite fairy tales. XD

  • the Neesah
    the Neesah Month ago

    This is a great theory!
    I actually have a hypothesis that quite a few antagonists end up mirroring something about the protagonists at some point in the story, and that's usually their biggest problem. Also the cause of the "Not so different" trope. So, in a way, antagonists are pretty useful.

  • Alex Griego
    Alex Griego Month ago

    if any one watching this who watches ever after high then the epic winter movie makes sense because something got in the snow king and queens eye and they see stuff wrong

  • A Lil Niffler
    A Lil Niffler Month ago

    When I read the title, I was convinced that SuperCarlinBrothers has lost their minds but this actually makes sense holy shit

  • WaterRose Seven
    WaterRose Seven Month ago +1

    What if the trolls cursed him to be like a mirror. I’m sticking with the theory that trolls are the true bad guys. They wear green and have purple magic!!!!!!! Most villain colors in Disney are purple and green. Also in the original story the Snow Queen the villain kidnaps kids, the trolls do what in the beginning of frozen??? Kidnap a child! The trolls could be the true villain guys. In the story the mirror alters people’s minds, the trolls can alter people’s minds with they’re evil purple magic. Hans is possibly a puppet of the trolls.

  • George Wang
    George Wang Month ago

    When will my reflection show, who I am inside...

  • Bryce Boyer
    Bryce Boyer Month ago

    He’s a sociopath who has to mirror behavior to appear normal. Only when he feels that his goal is within his reach does he remove the gloves and show his true voice. A modern twist, to the classic tale!

  • Emmie Mouse
    Emmie Mouse Month ago

    this terrified me

  • Slushie Gamer200
    Slushie Gamer200 Month ago

    Ok what

  • MissVasques
    MissVasques Month ago

    That mirror shatter story lets me know where Once upon a time got their idea

  • Emma Petersen
    Emma Petersen Month ago

    Glock is properly Danish gløgg XD

  • Beanie Boo Playtime

    No one Elsa could make videos as good as this. Get it?

  • Kawaii Dere
    Kawaii Dere Month ago

    3:03, *sheets slowly rise...*

  • ok ok
    ok ok Month ago

    Who’s seen the play version of that fairy tale

  • ok ok
    ok ok Month ago

    Maybe he’s smiling because his plan is coming together

    • A Lil Niffler
      A Lil Niffler Month ago

      But that looks like a goofy, sweet smile. Not an evil one.

  • JmeRoehm
    JmeRoehm Month ago

    Ever After High!

  • Heidi
    Heidi Month ago

    Omg •epiphany•
    I should seriously have thought about this before...I mean I've watched the movie a million times, but never thought about it before 😂 And I'm from Denmark hashtag facepalm 😂
    I suppose I never caught on before, because he say's "hot glog", which means absolutely nothing
    But then I just thought "omg what if it's just an American person who don't know how to pronounce gløg"
    Well gløg (not glog) is a hot drink which is usually drunk around Christmas, I've never made it myself, but I've tasted it many times, and what I think it is, based on the taste, is heated red wine and I definitely know that there is almonds and raisins in it too, I think there is some spices as well, like cinnamon (maybe?)
    I don't like it much, the taste that is, but it gives a nice warm feeling inside 😊

  • ben byas
    ben byas 2 months ago

    this theory was so cool

  • Sophie Quinn
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    Random fact: we pronounce mirror like mur

  • Daniel Holm
    Daniel Holm 2 months ago

    Glög is mulled wine.

  • justmerc
    justmerc 2 months ago

    best theory i've seen on this channel

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  • ki-adi -mundi
    ki-adi -mundi 2 months ago

    Glog = a bowl of brown

  • My name Is Olivia
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    Hans Kristoff Anna Sven

  • Olivia Roters
    Olivia Roters 2 months ago

    Could you do a theory on Disney Descendants? Such as the VKs parents or the fact that there are so many historical references? Thank you! 😁🐍

  • Olivia Roters
    Olivia Roters 2 months ago

    Why does this episode remind me of Snow White? Specifically Queen Grimhilde?

  • kiya workman
    kiya workman 2 months ago

    They fixed the mirror problem in Once Upon A Time. When Elsa goes to story Brook thru the portal that Emma and hook open to get back from the enchanted Forest. Emma's foster mom turns out to be Ingrid Elsa's mom's sister who had been looking for the perfect two girls to replace her sisters. To try and get Emma and Elsa on her side she uses a mirror to cast the spell of shattered sight. Once the glass comes in contact with the eyes of the people of story Brooke all hell breaks loose and even Snow white and Prince charming (Emma swans parents) can't break the spell. Emma and Elsa manage to get the ice witch to have a change of heart and she reverses the curse before dying.

  • Laura Leon
    Laura Leon 2 months ago

    Wow! Hans is a true Narcisse. Mirroring others to get what he wants

  • Alicia Gamble
    Alicia Gamble 2 months ago

    The fact that hans is the reason that elsa goes awol and that he is the "mirror" is the same as the snow queen as the mirror is the reason she goes crazy and hans is the reason elsa goes crazy.

  • Speems
    Speems 2 months ago

    Look just because i called him ugly and you thought he was hot you didn't have to do this

  • Why do you Guys care??
    Why do you Guys care?? 2 months ago +1

    Wow. Frozen shouldn’t be made for kids. It should’ve been made to use for analysis in a lesson/subject cause it is deep and confusing

  • virginiaclemmpoe
    virginiaclemmpoe 2 months ago +1

    Speaking as someone who loved The Snow Queen before seeing Frozen, I was surprised at just how much from the original story appeared; they clearly combined the characters of Kaj (or Kay or Kai, however you wanna spell it) and the Snow Queen herself (well....minus the terribly cold personality, because Elsa is NOTHING like her and doesn't even seem to have any internalized badness whatsoever)- literally combining the victim with their captor kinda served to make Elsa as relatable as she is. And yeah, Anna is named Anna, but she has Gerda's spirit to a tee and they kept the original message that love can overcome winter. Gerda and Kai are close, dear friends, but Gerda describes Kai as being like her brother in the story; they were able to present the same message in a way that was even more effective by making the protagonists actual siblings.
    I love The Snow Queen, and it would have been...interesting, for sure, to see a more faithful adaptation. But the things I love about this story were all included in Frozen, without the odd prose or too-dark-for-children-by-far moments, or even- and I don't like to say this, because I love his writing- even the occasional racism and Christian propaganda that the original tale had, and frankly I think the story is better without those things in a visual medium. I think Frozen is a really solid adaptation, but I really did like the mirror element from the original story (it's the entire catalyst for everything, after all) so I was really glad when I saw the title of this- I knew what you were referencing right away. You guys are so cool!
    Also thank you for confronting the dumb smile under the boat- it's always driven me up a tree.

  • Meowza Nautical
    Meowza Nautical 2 months ago

    You missed that Disney's favorite color for evil is lime. What color are the ice brewer's lights?

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  • Kitsunekun2
    Kitsunekun2 2 months ago

    So you're saying Hans has Borderline Personality Disorder?

  • Bob Moana
    Bob Moana 2 months ago

    It's called being bipolar not a mirror

  • Sailor Cat
    Sailor Cat 2 months ago

    Wow, that symbolism... It's so amazing! I love this theory, it really fits!

  • Alondra Serna
    Alondra Serna 2 months ago

    So the gloves represent showing your true self. And I think since his brothers never liked him he thought since a child if I act like them since they like themselves they would like me to. So he became a mirror in order for people to like him mostly his brothers. And I have seen this happen to actual people so it's possible.

  • Elena Marie
    Elena Marie 2 months ago +1

    The story in the beginning is the one used in OUAT

  • Warriorseamonkey16
    Warriorseamonkey16 2 months ago

    Does anyone here know that glock means

  • Multiple Fandom Lover
    Multiple Fandom Lover 2 months ago

    This makes Frozen make so much more sense!!!

  • Jazzy da dj With family


  • Infinite the Jackal
    Infinite the Jackal 2 months ago

    Wow I had no idea Hans was a mirror! That's amazing!

  • reverse champ
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    If he was a mirror he would break if he saw my sister

  • kayisfish
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    Woah man.

  • Snazzy Nini
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    Video title “Hans is a mirror” Me *Okay then*

  • Eden Isabelle
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    He's a mirror

  • Lion Bryce
    Lion Bryce 2 months ago

    Metaphorical mirror*

  • The Sky is Blue
    The Sky is Blue 2 months ago

    The title made no sense I was so confused 🤣

    • Snazzy Nini
      Snazzy Nini 2 months ago +2

      The Sky is Blue lol same😂

  • Aterah TM
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    Hans Is A Physico Genius He is smart for his time he uses physology to manipulate people and to gain ther trust and trust is a powerful weapon you can harm your "weapon" or others and use it to gain stuff understand

  • B&B Games
    B&B Games 2 months ago

    I saw this video, and clicked on it because I thought this would be the moment that the super carlin bros. lost their minds like poor Carl Fredrickson, but nope, they're just kind of crazy.

  • StoryCorns
    StoryCorns 2 months ago

    "Leave your thoughts in the towel section down below"

  • Dx Tuber
    Dx Tuber 2 months ago

    No Hans is not, I say that in fact that it could just be good acting. In kids with autism its commonly done. IF someone is laughing, they'll join in, not even understanding why there laughing. So I'm not saying Hans has autism, as he has no other signs, but he could just be acting to fit a specific position, depending on the situation.

  • R.K. Force Guy
    R.K. Force Guy 2 months ago

    Sorry, but I'm scandinavian. Glögg s a hot drink that can be drinked with alcoghol or without, it is canel in it and it exists many tastes, like apple.

  • brofest1
    brofest1 2 months ago

    Glögg/gløg/glog is a red wine that you heat up and often put raisins and/or almonds in. It is very common to drink it during the christmas holidays in sweden/norway/danmark. I think another word for it is mulled in english?

  • Andrew Faraday
    Andrew Faraday 2 months ago

    This theory makes more sense than Frozen itself.

  • Anna Simon
    Anna Simon 2 months ago

    it was rude when you made fun of "the snow queen" :(

  • itsCindy YT
    itsCindy YT 2 months ago

    Oh my god you are right!