Frozen Theory: Hans Is A Mirror

  • Published on Oct 13, 2016
  • Today Ben continues his love of Disney's Frozen with a new Frozen Theory that reveals how Hans is actually a mirror!
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Comments • 7 496

  • BM 7
    BM 7 51 minute ago

    the fire not he fire

  • BM 7
    BM 7 51 minute ago

    I'm convinced. I think he shows his mirror when he talks to the counsil after putting out he fire keeping Anna warm

  • Roman Doust
    Roman Doust 12 hours ago

    So Hans is a sociopath? Great

  • Lorinda Brooks
    Lorinda Brooks 2 days ago

    Let’s take a moment to reflect on this theory...

  • Steph Beach
    Steph Beach 2 days ago +1

    AH Hans is a Psychopath.

  • Help me get 10,000 subs with no videos

    Do one on how Elsa is actually a table

  • Zoe Elkington
    Zoe Elkington 5 days ago

    I have watched your theories of Harry Potter for a little over a week and this is making me feel weird I’m gonna watch and read more Harry Potter and things about Harry Potter after this

    • Zoe Elkington
      Zoe Elkington 5 days ago

      Please help I have a serious problem I have only watched two other movies that wasn’t Harry Potter in a few months and that was because they were being played on my Nana’s tv and I was reading Harry Potter as I was watching them and I haven’t seen another book in months

  • Caretaker Nick
    Caretaker Nick 5 days ago

    Little game of Copycat

  • Samantha Herb
    Samantha Herb 5 days ago +1

    HANS IS A SOCIOPATH #shanedawson

  • Wes 49
    Wes 49 5 days ago

    I love this theory it totally makes sense

  • Rachel Falk
    Rachel Falk 7 days ago

    Now we just have to wait and see what happens in frozen 2...

  • Ben Southwell
    Ben Southwell 9 days ago

    Hans kristoff Anna Sven that’s my favourite bit of the video

  • Simon opdebeeck
    Simon opdebeeck 10 days ago

    I think Frozen is just about the least faithfull adaptations to the original fairy tale, that Disney ever made

  • the_Enderpearl_dragon Enderdragon_girl

    First f*** the commits for puns
    Second the fuok
    Third a mirror really the f***

  • Levi Nacua
    Levi Nacua 14 days ago

    0:14 0.75* Try it


    This makes me understand Frozen more. I couldn’t understand how he fell in love, and then from one mistake Anna does, he turns cold-hearted. I couldn’t understand how someone can change that fast. But this makes sense, he mirrors the characters.

  • Gaius Wyrden
    Gaius Wyrden 16 days ago

    You cant say the movie is way more better than the fairy when the movie *came* *from* it. The fairy is very deep and dark, it is a matter of taste if you like that more or a light-hearted movie.

  • Victoria Love
    Victoria Love 18 days ago

    Hey doesn’t this whole mirror thing sounds like what’s happens in once upon with the Ice Queen

  • Potato Lamb
    Potato Lamb 18 days ago +1

    Frozen 2 is coming out in August!

  • Lady Unicon
    Lady Unicon 21 day ago

    Why is he smiling? Is he smiling at the horse!?

  • Edward Bouchard
    Edward Bouchard 23 days ago

    SCB intro should be the next Alia intro

  • Ahlyana Seaman
    Ahlyana Seaman 24 days ago

    what the mirror supposed to make everything negative and he didn't and honestly if you asked me I never thought he was actually evil it kind of seems like they decide to do that halfway through but whatever Honda's complicated but now I don't think he's a mirror

  • Bilal Zaheer
    Bilal Zaheer 25 days ago +1

    When I read the title I was thinking:

    Is he made of glass🤔?

    • Ahlyana Seaman
      Ahlyana Seaman 24 days ago

      If he were it'd be a lot easier to see through him wouldn't it

  • Dora Malik
    Dora Malik 29 days ago

    Why do you "entertainers" see the need to behave kind of hyperactive?

  • Slytherinzenn Ship Jerine and Rayneth

    What's a glog?

    Did I spell it right?

  • Miriam Cervantes
    Miriam Cervantes Month ago

    I personally very much enjoy The Snow Queen, heck I even bought it!

  • Peter Van Vugt
    Peter Van Vugt Month ago

    Mirroring is a trade most psychopath use. becous thay have no emotions theme self. So thay mirror the people around them.

  • Nanna Tronier
    Nanna Tronier Month ago

    M.I.N.D. B.L.O.W.N.!!

  • Kaili Chapman
    Kaili Chapman Month ago

    kinda creepy but i'll take it into consideration

  • Snuffles The Marauders

    Does this mean that Anna is in love with herself??

  • Grey Gacha Iris
    Grey Gacha Iris Month ago

    I watch frozen and i hate now i watch any other thing of frozen i wanna watch it again!

  • Science Kitty
    Science Kitty Month ago


  • Samaya Hone
    Samaya Hone 2 months ago

    OMG such great theory

  • Katrina Ingham
    Katrina Ingham 2 months ago

    Hans is a narcissist. He lovebombs, manipulates, and then he discards. Love-bombing is just a form of personality mirroring to get people to do what you want.

  • Paige Abernethy
    Paige Abernethy 2 months ago

    Glogg is just another word for mulled wine

  • Error White
    Error White 2 months ago

    were there was a water reflection there was no reflection for Han's.

    EVAN BERGERON 2 months ago

    Glaw apparently means rain. Hot rain.

  • Leostar
    Leostar 2 months ago

    when he turned on anna he reflected again when she felt her sister betrayed her, so he betrayed her

  • FunkyFreakyAndFabulous
    FunkyFreakyAndFabulous 2 months ago

    The Snow Queen was my favourite book way before Frozen came out and the movie was disappointing to me.

  • Aliana Gaona
    Aliana Gaona 2 months ago

    :/ what?

  • Lucy Peace
    Lucy Peace 2 months ago

    I Love this Theory 😍

  • Sabrina King
    Sabrina King 2 months ago

    That's accidentally impressive of Disney. I say accidentally, because there's no telling what the writers were thinking.

  • Cassie Brooke
    Cassie Brooke 2 months ago

    Seriously what is glog

  • Tiga
    Tiga 2 months ago +1

    You missed *my* reflection.

  • Rad Circles
    Rad Circles 2 months ago

    The devil? #ChildFriendlyContent

  • AbbyPandicornYT
    AbbyPandicornYT 2 months ago

    WAIT! Hans is a mirror ??????!!!!
    How can Hans be a mirror a mirror is an inanamate object

  • Jeremiah Retuta
    Jeremiah Retuta 2 months ago

    I think at the time where Anna and Hans were at the fireplace I think that's the moment where the mirror shattered...Idk just a Theory of mine...

  • Micaela Royo
    Micaela Royo 2 months ago

    woooooooaaaaahhhhhh oh my gosh my mind is blown

  • kawaii potato
    kawaii potato 2 months ago

    Glogg? Its glögg and its delicious

  • Lunar L
    Lunar L 2 months ago

    idk why but hans is my fav character

  • SomeYoungPunk
    SomeYoungPunk 2 months ago

    He’s like a psychopath, someone really good at pretending to show empathy and feelings, but really has none.

  • Amanda Karlsson
    Amanda Karlsson 2 months ago

    Glögg is a drink. Normally you heat it up and it is tradition in Scandinavia to drink it in the winter. It's a alcoholic drink (sometimes) kinda Sort of. It's awesome!

  • shady
    shady 2 months ago +1

    Hanns is a sociopath. Plain and simple.

  • Howdoyouchangeprofilepic ?

    4:47 Just so yall know glögg is a hot kind of drink that we in scandinavia drink when it’s winter. This story is Norwegian, I’m Swedish. You’re welcome.

  • KzCreationz & More
    KzCreationz & More 2 months ago


  • Cool Goyim
    Cool Goyim 2 months ago

    Hans, the most underated character, he should've been anna's boyfriend and gave hans a character development, turn of life, or even a psychological problem he's been troubled since birth.

  • JM CheeseBallz
    JM CheeseBallz 2 months ago

    Okay....Hans is a mirror...Anna is a hairbrush.....Elsa is a hair tie....Sven is a toothbrush...and Kristoff is a sink

  • Ryan Haney
    Ryan Haney 2 months ago

    Wow! Good job. I think you nailed it, Ben.

  • Myron Hannigan
    Myron Hannigan 2 months ago

    Honz is a sodepath

  • Audrey Mohrmann
    Audrey Mohrmann 2 months ago


  • Kendall Klipper
    Kendall Klipper 2 months ago


  • Melanie Nigh
    Melanie Nigh 2 months ago

    Glogis a spiced liquor you're welcome

  • Ob1iviate
    Ob1iviate 2 months ago +1

    who else got OUAT vibes?

  • Katelyn K studios
    Katelyn K studios 2 months ago +1

    Ok you know the movie the snow queen which everyone says is a copy of frozen well,

    Once he began to tell the story of the original and talks about a mirror It sounds just like the snow queen movie which I’ve seen all of them (there’s a 2 and 3) and there pretty good so anyway they have a mirror which was made from a magic pond river thing I forgot haven’t seen the movie in a long time and the ice queen is a just the little girl but evil mad ice cold with no emotion. Now you can see it more in the second film when the main charter thing that can turn into a ferret anytime he wants makes a wish in the same pond as the little girl he soon starts seeing himself a ice cold version in the mirror but soon later in the movie the ice cold version of him becomes real and he becomes just a recletion of his real self making his friend fall for his trick ( the blonde hair chic form the first movie) making her turn to ice then soon something happened and oh yeah at one point in the movie the thing that can turn into a ferret goes thought a mirror making him become the reflection the the ice version becoming real like i said so this is my theory hope you liked.

  • Lucky11
    Lucky11 2 months ago

  • Hannah Papernick-Yudin
    Hannah Papernick-Yudin 2 months ago

    I like how Hans looks like a so much more interesting character than just another twist villain.

  • Na Fa
    Na Fa 2 months ago

    Low-key a streach

  • lazer puppy _ star
    lazer puppy _ star 2 months ago

    :0 7:07 how do they know?!?!

  • koikoiminecraft
    koikoiminecraft 2 months ago

    ever after high?

  • GhostInTime Backup
    GhostInTime Backup 3 months ago

    Hans isn't a mirror. He is one of those idiots who manipulates you. He wanted Elsa but instead went with Anna. Mirrors can't be seen by other people nor really interact and then also be across the world shoveling poop in frozen fever. Also this did his name I like to believe from mulan from the song "let's get down to business to defeat the Hans" 😂

  • Jasmine Reviews
    Jasmine Reviews 3 months ago +2

    I honestly think hans has a twin and he kidnaps him after he gets close with Anna and that explains the smile under the boat and he said later he has 13 older brothers if his twin was born first he is still older and that explains the emotion change.

  • Bernadette Rocha
    Bernadette Rocha 3 months ago

    This was pretty interesting. Also, I can't believe I missed that -- the opening song literally foreshadowed Hans' frozen heart.

  • Flametail Thecat
    Flametail Thecat 3 months ago +1


  • EmIly Robuccio
    EmIly Robuccio 3 months ago

    That makes sense and in the original it said how it reflected it and showed the bad and no good like how Hanns reflected Anna’s kind heart and turned it to hurt everyone

  • CoolNerd lll
    CoolNerd lll 3 months ago

    What's next, Aladdin is a stapler? Whooooo...

  • Ana Lopez
    Ana Lopez 3 months ago

    is not only this, he is actually the reason elsa begins to "let go" the worst part of herself. :0 great video!!!!

  • Booo Ya
    Booo Ya 3 months ago

    Glog xD that pronunciation thoooo, it’s spelled gløg and it’s a hot drink that.. well.. tastes good xD

  • Figment43
    Figment43 3 months ago

    Sociopath. The word is sociopath.

  • Shannon McCallister
    Shannon McCallister 3 months ago +1

    Yep, sociopaths do "mirroring" as a form of camouflage because they do not have empathy. They understand that others need it and to blend in, they know they do. However, they also know exactly how to use it to charge compassion and other emotions from those they meet. It's fascinating and terrifying how could they can be at this tactic.

  • Coolkoala377
    Coolkoala377 3 months ago

    I love this theory I keep rewatching the video

  • Madelyn S
    Madelyn S 3 months ago

    so to sum it up, hans is a sociopath.

  • Beth Shea
    Beth Shea 3 months ago

    *glog aside*

  • My every Day life
    My every Day life 3 months ago

    It is possible but it’s kind of a longshot

  • Labidi Tasnim
    Labidi Tasnim 3 months ago

    This is better than the evil troll theory

  • Crimson Dragon Yona
    Crimson Dragon Yona 3 months ago +1

    So, by mirror, you mean sociopath yeah?

  • Liska Bandurske
    Liska Bandurske 3 months ago

    I swear every time I see one of your theory type videos, I think you're crazy, then at the end, im completely with you.

  • Dawnagon Sapphire
    Dawnagon Sapphire 3 months ago

    So in conclusion, Hans is a sociopath. (Not that all sociopaths are bad people.)

  • InfiniteAlexisA
    InfiniteAlexisA 3 months ago +1

    How dare you insult the original Snow Queen in this way. Both versions are good, you guys are just mean.

  • Nicholas Forester
    Nicholas Forester 3 months ago

    Yes for your ?

  • Am I A Speedpainter Yet?
    Am I A Speedpainter Yet? 3 months ago +1

    *reads title*

  • Sebastian Marks
    Sebastian Marks 3 months ago

    If he doesnt feel anything is that means hes still alive

  • Andrea Hovland Arntsen
    Andrea Hovland Arntsen 3 months ago +1

    Glogg/gløgg is a hot Norwegian drink we drink during winter/christmas time, i think its really cool how Disney really gets into the details of their research when making a film.

  • Gentry Kats
    Gentry Kats 3 months ago


  • 82 Rocker
    82 Rocker 3 months ago

    Maybe Hans is actually a pyschopath who just goes around to kingdoms with magic rulers or heirs and just messes them up for fun

  • LoveBooks LoveRavenclaw

    This is so true when I saw Frozen I thought what about the broken mirror form the original story it was based on. You guys are the best!

  • Jenna Melman
    Jenna Melman 3 months ago


  • Danielle M Hall
    Danielle M Hall 3 months ago

    I like The Snow Queen. Hans Christian Anderson at his preachy douchiest (three way tie with The Little Mermaid and The Red Shoes)
    I like this theory. It makes the movie makes so much sense.

  • nana the robot
    nana the robot 3 months ago

    i read “minor” instead of “mirror” at first bye 💀

  • deerwind
    deerwind 4 months ago

    6:51 so,,,,,he's a sociopath?

  • psychosparten049 Ayers
    psychosparten049 Ayers 4 months ago

    This legit makes him a better character lol