• Published on Jan 7, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Shane Linklater
    Shane Linklater 8 days ago

    #YIAYSub If you have to ask, there is no helping you

  • Light Source
    Light Source 9 days ago

    I love starbuck

  • Justin Is here
    Justin Is here 10 days ago

    4:57 you said the truth

  • JiaKK
    JiaKK 10 days ago

    But a I'm subscribed.............

  • jasper brigerschungeus


  • Roman
    Roman 11 days ago

    I got a personalised jar or marmite And the fortnite monopoly in 2018 too

  • Seth
    Seth 11 days ago

    I actually got the game over mug and it is really fucking uncomfterble

  • SteffeWagon
    SteffeWagon 11 days ago

    The voice crack while jack says " I just feel broken inside" almost killed me xD

  • Exre Aj
    Exre Aj 12 days ago +1

    Here before this video turns a year old

    It’s the 6th, check the date it comes put

  • rowlekS
    rowlekS 12 days ago +1

    Guys i have the Game Over cup. It's fantastic.
    The handle is actually extremely comfortable, and the cup fits more liquid than most other cups. Its amazing. It is LITTERALLY the best liquid holder i have. please don't hate.

  • Bruh
    Bruh 12 days ago

    That fortnite unauthorised guide is a book at my school smh

  • ShishKebab01
    ShishKebab01 12 days ago


    Toy story is Pixar

  • Evil Inc.
    Evil Inc. 13 days ago

    my dad got an elf on a shelf when they first became a thing from my grandmother for his birthday. Why is still unclear considering he was a grown man and we watched him open it, 2012 was weird.

  • Thunderlina
    Thunderlina 13 days ago +2

    These videos always make me so grateful that I'm an only child lol

  • James Coombs
    James Coombs 13 days ago

    It’s pronounced “artist anal”

  • Akira Thorson
    Akira Thorson 13 days ago

    According to Jack every bad meme is from 2012, just watch the 2019 worst gifts

  • Grace Dell
    Grace Dell 13 days ago +1

    low key i’d like a pocket book of the ya constitution. not for patriotism but to pull out while waiting in line

  • Follower Of Duck
    Follower Of Duck 14 days ago

    I really wish fortnite died

  • Christian Arnott
    Christian Arnott 14 days ago +1

    And now it’s 2020

  • Vina Kahtri
    Vina Kahtri 14 days ago

    4:50 2020 and it’s still not dead...

    Saying that hurts more than you could know.

  • I make videos studio
    I make videos studio 15 days ago

    Burger Me!!

  • GNK Power Droid
    GNK Power Droid 15 days ago

    Guide to draw furries... finally shotgun my dad gave me on christmas will be useful!

  • Clay Baby
    Clay Baby 15 days ago


  • Heartworn Fox
    Heartworn Fox 15 days ago

    You have to just nod and smule

  • T-REX
    T-REX 15 days ago

    Lol I actually like the gamer life t-shirt.

  • T-REX
    T-REX 15 days ago

    Lol I actually like the gamer life t-shirt.

  • Aris Callejo
    Aris Callejo 15 days ago

    nice face on the thumbnail, jack

  • Starlah Smith
    Starlah Smith 15 days ago

    I am don't go please no nooooooooo

  • Ki_Dogg *
    Ki_Dogg * 15 days ago

    No lie, I want that how to draw furry book.

  • Rylan Silversmith
    Rylan Silversmith 16 days ago

    Still a rule breacker

  • Bernie Sanders Dad
    Bernie Sanders Dad 16 days ago

    Nope. But shit heel Californians love vegan food.

  • Tottg Is Sleepy
    Tottg Is Sleepy 16 days ago

    That face when it's the gamers edition

  • evie
    evie 16 days ago

    lol i got those fortnite socks last year i wear them as soon as they come out of the washer i love/hate them

  • 12Socially_awkwardboi21 01

    Santa is just sending the elf for abortion.... Duuuhhhh

  • MaximumGamer5o8
    MaximumGamer5o8 16 days ago

    From the future im here to didn't die sadly

  • Clayton Christensen
    Clayton Christensen 16 days ago

    5:32 look is me

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 16 days ago

    5:18 I got those same socks except under "do not disturb" there is a Xbox controller. I also got monopoly for millennials but I wanted it.

  • Radiated Leader
    Radiated Leader 16 days ago

    Yes avocados.....

    Peel the avacodo, peeel the avacooodo. Peel the avacodo, peele the avodcoodo.

  • Radiated Leader
    Radiated Leader 16 days ago

    The horrible thing is. Some of those "diary of a.. " books actually have good story inside. I have 4 different pokemon themed ones presumably by teh same person since they look about the same and they actually all have decent stories

  • UnrealTechz lol
    UnrealTechz lol 16 days ago

    very hot ngl

  • Records With Rem
    Records With Rem 16 days ago

    3:40 I feel bad cause I got my ex that same calendar 😂😂😂 it’s fine though he already had the game and he needed a calendar plus that was just a side gift 😂😂

  • Matthew D
    Matthew D 16 days ago

    The pimple popping stickers... had tattoos

  • frstenpz
    frstenpz 16 days ago

    You were right

  • ToastCrossDimensions
    ToastCrossDimensions 16 days ago +1

    Ah, the happy times before we knew that important story information for Star Wars would be in Fortnite in late 2019.

  • Finney Kelly
    Finney Kelly 16 days ago


  • Anubis X
    Anubis X 16 days ago +1

    I really wished fortnite died in 2019...

  • Sleepy Turtle
    Sleepy Turtle 16 days ago

    Last year I got gardening gloves

  • your mother
    your mother 16 days ago

    I have a Guinness book of world records gamers addition

  • Dank, Danker, yet Danker

    Dude I am a gamer and that shirt is hella based. Stop oppressing us jacksfilms for one day we will take over and you will be known as johnsvideos for all of eternity for your blasphemous crimes against gamers.

  • Bri Mac
    Bri Mac 18 days ago +1

    Worst Christmas gifts 2019

  • CB S
    CB S 18 days ago

    Dude I got a jumper saying "you wouldn't get it, it's an anime thing"

  • bobby_ 7348
    bobby_ 7348 18 days ago

    6:12 i got that this year (2019)

  • The Paper Empire
    The Paper Empire 18 days ago +1

    Where's 2019's version

  • LavaLine
    LavaLine 19 days ago

    5:53 I actually have this. No one plays it. I'm gonna burn it.

  • SloshyOsmosis
    SloshyOsmosis 19 days ago

    How the hell can you be lesbian and 15? Begging for attention much? Disgusting

  • Peridot Facet 2F5L Cut 5XG

    I got a Fortnite Nerf Gun

  • faldostick123
    faldostick123 20 days ago +2

    8:45 ummm his name is rich uncle pennybags thank you very much

  • Sonic on a Log
    Sonic on a Log 20 days ago +2

    “Elf on The Shelf is a garbage gift.”
    *taking off belt sound ensues*
    You shall take that back!

  • PandaPro4
    PandaPro4 20 days ago

    Hey thx for reminding me #YIAYsub

  • Showtar
    Showtar 21 day ago

    It's funny because fortnite is still relevant