I Dropped The Arena 100 Times And This Is What Happened (Fortnite)

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019
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    Welcome to The Arena! Where every point matters and Top 25 is a win every time. Where ballers roll rampant and defaults are dealt defeat. I played 100 games of Fortnite Battle Royale's newest Tournament Series: The Arena and this is what happened. I learned how to play the point system and I climbed through the divisions. And although I dropped 100 games The Arena deserves more drops to become a Champion, and I know I am looking forward to the future of ranked Fortnite.
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  • Captain Skeeler
    Captain Skeeler 4 hours ago

    i wouldnt say there faster its more smoother that makes look faster

  • Andres Rivera
    Andres Rivera 9 hours ago

    Like star wars obi one kenobi’s highround?

  • Naeem Muhammad
    Naeem Muhammad Day ago

    You died in game 74 is because you couldn’t edit

  • Fortnite Arena
    Fortnite Arena Day ago

    The title makes no sense

  • Be Kind
    Be Kind 3 days ago

    Lukethenotable: dies
    Lukethenotable: so I became a baller

  • Cpu ADMG 15
    Cpu ADMG 15 5 days ago

    do people not know L2 is aim!!!!

  • KaiserWillhelmProductions


  • Bunny Shuffl3
    Bunny Shuffl3 8 days ago +1


  • JamiePlayZGeo1 Browne

    This video brings me back to when fortnite was good

    ZOHAIB SHAHID 11 days ago

    He played 99 arena games cuz he played a solo game and

  • PC Plays
    PC Plays 12 days ago

    Bro plug in your controller

  • Battle royale NOob
    Battle royale NOob 12 days ago

    i was the 50k like

  • hugo kills
    hugo kills 13 days ago

    How does he get that glow under his gun when on Xbox I need help

  • Kathryn Garzonie
    Kathryn Garzonie 13 days ago


    TTV_RISISTANCE 15 days ago

    I watch all your videos
    #im a fan

  • Oltr4 on Xbox
    Oltr4 on Xbox 15 days ago

    I noticed you do better when you have to move zones. Everytime you end up in the jungle you die without points but when you end up making it to the snow you played smarter with the ancient ball technique

  • Amzz
    Amzz 16 days ago +1

    No one gonna talk about Wireless Peen?

    • Amzz
      Amzz 13 days ago

      Trinity 12:16

    • Trinity
      Trinity 13 days ago

      @Amzz where? Time?

    • Amzz
      Amzz 13 days ago +1

      Trinity the kid who killed him

    • Trinity
      Trinity 14 days ago


  • It’s GhosToast
    It’s GhosToast 16 days ago

    You need to change your controls, I’m not talking about all of them. I’m talking about editing, my controls are where my edit button and build button are different. This is so it takes much less time to edit.

  • JJ FN
    JJ FN 16 days ago +2

    Who's watching in 2020😎

  • Ej Linder
    Ej Linder 17 days ago

    How is he level 74 but has the level 100 banner?

  • ReaZer 55
    ReaZer 55 17 days ago

    Can you shout out me in your next video plz I have been watching a long time

  • Super Awesome Gamer Kids

    minigun ammo btw 21:49

  • Sonictheheghoge
    Sonictheheghoge 17 days ago

    Obi-wan would be so proud

  • FriendsDelish Ivory
    FriendsDelish Ivory 18 days ago

    Smash the like button if love Luke’s vids😀

  • It’s just Gaming
    It’s just Gaming 18 days ago

    Do it again

  • Pandaboi123 007
    Pandaboi123 007 18 days ago +2


    game: 4 kills 1 point omg

  • Leif Darnell
    Leif Darnell 19 days ago +1

    Luke the notable is awesome

    HAPPY FISHY 19 days ago +6

    Who’s watching in Chapter 2 and misses the ballet

  • Blue Yoshi
    Blue Yoshi 20 days ago


  • Trick Master 47
    Trick Master 47 20 days ago +2

    You only played 99 games of Arena because of that break on game 80

  • Anthony Tonna
    Anthony Tonna 20 days ago +1

    I have turtle beach headphones and they are gooooooooooood

    • EdgelordXD 1
      EdgelordXD 1 18 days ago

      Ive heard they're good, I have AKG K52s and I love them

  • JaQ
    JaQ 21 day ago +1

    Who is watching in chapter 2

  • Simon Almeida
    Simon Almeida 22 days ago

    You did not win often because you did not use John wick he’s god

  • dr panos
    dr panos 23 days ago

    30th game at 8:16 dont ask why

  • The King Of Memes
    The King Of Memes 23 days ago

    BTW, game 80 is not arena :(

  • Colt n Kaitlyn Play random games

    End this with a add plays

  • Kendell Adams
    Kendell Adams 24 days ago

    Im concerned by how you spend your time

  • Fusion Games
    Fusion Games 24 days ago

    He needs to cover himself more

  • Konrad  Kruba
    Konrad Kruba 27 days ago

    What do you think about making New arena drops?

  • Mutiplays
    Mutiplays 27 days ago

    When playing Xbox you cant go up against pc. So its just Xbox so what you were saying was NOT true.

  • Liam Cleary
    Liam Cleary 27 days ago +1

    You play Xbox Luke!! I’m unsubscribing

  • Emerson Kohle
    Emerson Kohle 28 days ago +6

    Epic games : Arena

    Literally everyone :Arena
    Luke TheNotable : The Arena

  • Mark Bayliss
    Mark Bayliss 28 days ago

    Clickbait it said hes in open league but hes not it says division 3

  • Nicholas Wright
    Nicholas Wright 28 days ago

    He’s such a camper lol

    • GD Scrubs
      GD Scrubs 26 days ago

      Thats how you play arena my guy

  • Slasher Dynamite
    Slasher Dynamite Month ago

    10:09 he was killed by ash dog.

  • Kutlwano Legana
    Kutlwano Legana Month ago

    15:53 who else saw it?

  • Slane
    Slane Month ago +2

    My mum pushes me of a cliff and I broke my leg
    OpEn LeAgUe WhO cArEs

  • Marnno Fortnite
    Marnno Fortnite Month ago


  • Wolves_Zeidan
    Wolves_Zeidan Month ago

    This is how many times he said open league

  • Crystal and Jimbo
    Crystal and Jimbo Month ago +1

    This is just a battle royal version of overwatch competitive

  • iEynx
    iEynx Month ago

    I wish the twitch streamers would all move to arena so us casual players can actually enjoy the game for once.

  • xd_poe cameron
    xd_poe cameron Month ago

    LTN=Goku (just wants to get better)

  • Night Hawk
    Night Hawk Month ago

    TURTLE BEACH! In background

    Btw I use turtle beach pro 600

  • HeroPlayzFortnite
    HeroPlayzFortnite Month ago +1

    Game 80 wasn’t arena

  • MuTeeB cH
    MuTeeB cH Month ago

    4:15 69 socialism

  • Isaiah Munns
    Isaiah Munns Month ago

    I found a hacker on arena I shot him with a purple scar almost every shot hit and he took no damage

  • Dennys Rivera
    Dennys Rivera Month ago

    Game 80 was a solo but you counted it

  • Tellef stien Please

    Game 80 is a normal game

  • Fish Biscuit
    Fish Biscuit Month ago

    Apparently Rice Krispie wrappers can be used as a stylus

  • Soggy Healer
    Soggy Healer Month ago +1

    Hang on... ClipΖ...isn’t that the guy from FaZe?
    (Yeah, i dunno about the greek letter i just know that theres somebody in FaZe called ClipZ