Santa | Parents Explain to Their Kids Santa Isn't Real | Cut


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  • PlanetRockJesus
    PlanetRockJesus 2 days ago

    A prank is a short-term joke done for fun, where the prankster reveals right away that it was a prank. Telling your children for YEARS that the Santa legend is REAL makes you an incredible LIAR. DON'T DO IT!

  • Army of oh yeah yeahs

    Jesus, this is way too young to be breaking this news to them!

  • ThePisceanDragon
    ThePisceanDragon 3 days ago

    “Your cookies are really good.”
    “I make them with all my heart.”
    Me: (BURSTS into tears.)

  • Kayla Turner
    Kayla Turner 4 days ago

    “Case closed.” LMAO I LOSE IT

  • Juliette Sharp
    Juliette Sharp 4 days ago

    your parents are dumb

  • Pierry Ntakarutimana

    Ruining Kids’ Lives 101

  • Emma Przedmoyski
    Emma Przedmoyski 6 days ago

    Oh Snap! Dat's a good question!

  • The Super Switcher
    The Super Switcher 7 days ago

    A saint is kind of an angel but not as close to God Saint Nick is real because if you believe in God and Angels,Saints are real and Santa is real,

    I Rest My Case

  • Padraig Pellow
    Padraig Pellow 8 days ago +1

    Fuck the parents comin straight from the fair

  • Annoying Subscriber
    Annoying Subscriber 8 days ago

    They told me when I was like.. 13 and I cried even though I knew it I just had that hope..

  • AapoGames
    AapoGames 10 days ago

    i figured out that he's not real when i was 8 lol

  • Tyler Jthedrummer
    Tyler Jthedrummer 10 days ago

    My childhood ruined I’m not even 13 yet smh

  • Darian
    Darian 11 days ago

    My parents never told me about Santa and I'm quite glad they didn't, because I knew the presents were theirs and who to thank. Also my brother would have probably just told me Santa isn't real because he didn't understand the point of lying to your children about an imaginary old man (he also told my cousins who believed in Santa Claus lol).

  • Camo720
    Camo720 11 days ago

    Fuck off they are too young.

  • Tyler Hsu
    Tyler Hsu 12 days ago

    Santa is real I'm 13 and I'm smarter than you smh.

  • abhay mathur
    abhay mathur 12 days ago

    oh my god i love this video

  • janeb
    janeb 12 days ago

    this is kinda messed up

  • Infamous_Apollo
    Infamous_Apollo 13 days ago

    This is such a scumbag move. They’re no older than ten and your telling them that.. shame on you 🤦🏻‍♂️👎🏻🤔

  • Maximus Dellaporta
    Maximus Dellaporta 14 days ago

    Fuck you for taking away their childhoods

  • Elric Addictions
    Elric Addictions 14 days ago

    Ok....these kids are way too young!

  • Pure Trash
    Pure Trash 15 days ago

    I don’t think I ever genuinely ever believed Santa, I didn’t care or bother to write letters, I knew Santa wasn’t real before I was 4. I like how they believe in Santa and some of them refuse to believe yet I was sad when I found out the Toothfairy wasn’t real

  • Lina Aldape
    Lina Aldape 15 days ago +1

    I figured this one out on my own when I was around 7. I was always very suspicious and it makes literally no sense at all so

  • justtammi
    justtammi 15 days ago +1

    Let's give it up for that one kid who still believes!

  • Ash Ash
    Ash Ash 16 days ago

    I told my mom Santa isn’t real.

  • Intergalactic Studios
    Intergalactic Studios 16 days ago

    just play this to the kids

  • Dillon Gamer
    Dillon Gamer 17 days ago

    Ms. Claus, I don't feel so good

  • Alena Celderburg
    Alena Celderburg 19 days ago

    My mum told me the tooth fairy sint real when i was 13, i cried when they said Santa wasnt real i was 10 i was fine

  • Derek Diehl
    Derek Diehl 19 days ago

    2:38 props to that kid for believing

  • Derek Diehl
    Derek Diehl 19 days ago

    Why would they tell these 5 year olds that

  • Simon S.
    Simon S. 20 days ago

    Just don't tell them that Santa's real in the first place!

  • Awesome Cat
    Awesome Cat 20 days ago

    I like Cut but what is the point of ruining their childhood just for a dang video?

  • Felicity Burdett
    Felicity Burdett 21 day ago

    crush their dreams for money. why would you?

  • Addison pat
    Addison pat 21 day ago

    3:03 that kid looks 13

  • Camila Picón
    Camila Picón 21 day ago

    Please stop saying lies. Santa Claus is fake so fuck off

  • Teddy Jones
    Teddy Jones 21 day ago

    My older brother told me when I was 8. My younger brother knew since the age of 5 and my little sister probably younger. I don't know why people think these kids are too young to know. Honestly I wouldn't even lie to my kids about that shit anyway.

  • L2B1arewhales Marley
    L2B1arewhales Marley 22 days ago +1

    I told yea 😂😂

  • Olivia Bera
    Olivia Bera 22 days ago

    I’m a child and it hurts my feelings so I feel bad for these kids and why would the parents do that

  • Haily Zuniga
    Haily Zuniga 22 days ago +1

    Lol 😝 I already know he want real

  • Sandy Golihew
    Sandy Golihew 23 days ago

    I figured that out my self

  • Kay Simming
    Kay Simming 23 days ago

    These kids are way too young.

  • ReptheReptile 183
    ReptheReptile 183 23 days ago

    Thats messed up

  • Eadaoin Ward
    Eadaoin Ward 23 days ago

    You roughened it for me

  • Back the Blue
    Back the Blue 24 days ago

    this is mean let them figure it out on their own

  • Basic Baby
    Basic Baby 24 days ago


  • Froxin
    Froxin 24 days ago

    when i was 12 on Christmas morning i opened a present from "Santa", I look at my mom and say "thanks Santa"
    she started to cry

  • Simply Erin xo
    Simply Erin xo 24 days ago

    I thought Santa was real... this must be fake bc I believe in Santa

    • Icey
      Icey 17 days ago

      You better be joking

    BTS_LOVER_#ARMY _ 24 days ago

    You know I found out Santa wasn’t real when I saw my presents in the closet. I was a smart kid because when I found out the tooth fairy wasn’t real I didn’t tell my mom, so she would still give me money. I also faked that I knew Santa wasn’t real because if I didn’t I would get as many presents as I did. I would get to open up Christmas presents Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so I didn’t tell her for that reason.

  • Speck The Cow
    Speck The Cow 25 days ago +1

    Ok, so there's *dAnCeR, AnD pRaNcEr aNd CuBeRT*

  • Speck The Cow
    Speck The Cow 25 days ago

    *Frick these parents, Santa is watching.*

    • Speck The Cow
      Speck The Cow 25 days ago

      *I got a 2000 dollar drawing tablet and I highly DOUGHT that my parents got that.

    • Speck The Cow
      Speck The Cow 25 days ago

      I would have cried.

    • Speck The Cow
      Speck The Cow 25 days ago

      The mall ones are the one that dress as Santa, but he is _frickin real_

  • Billahkay Rolfer
    Billahkay Rolfer 25 days ago

    Why would they tell them that close to Christmas wait a few months after

    Like if u agree

  • Ryenne Lindsey
    Ryenne Lindsey 25 days ago

    This is just sad..for a video..really😕😔

  • Are you feeling it now Mr. Krabs?

    lol i learnt when i was 3

  • Jack Hammer
    Jack Hammer 26 days ago +1

    This is just cruel

  • ztheasian
    ztheasian 26 days ago +2

    These comment tho.... who tf believes in Santa when they're twelve, your telling me them 12yr olds who have iPhones airpods and have more followers than me on Instagram believe in a fat guy that flies around the world?
    Only thing I do agree with is that this shouldn't have been made into a video

  • NovaReacts
    NovaReacts 26 days ago

    Some of them are too young for this

  • Juliana
    Juliana 26 days ago

    My parents told me at 8


  • Wolfy Unicorn
    Wolfy Unicorn 27 days ago

    Wtf u just ruined them

  • flaminq -Nat the Wolfchild-

    Gotta admit, Santa is kinda creepy. I mean, he sees you when you're sleeping!

  • Alexander 2009
    Alexander 2009 27 days ago

    every parent should tell their kids santa is not real because the kids will appreciate their parents more.

  • Epic Turtle Faye
    Epic Turtle Faye 27 days ago

    THESE KIDS ARE TOO YOUNG my parents told me when I was 11

  • ThatCrazyCatGuy
    ThatCrazyCatGuy 28 days ago

    Poor kids

  • ThatCrazyCatGuy
    ThatCrazyCatGuy 28 days ago


  • Magician Cork
    Magician Cork 28 days ago

    Thanks 4 ruining my childhood :)

  • Zkaa
    Zkaa 29 days ago

    This is why we need atheism

  • Film Local
    Film Local 29 days ago

    Is Santa actually not real?
    I now hate this channel!😡

  • Tobechukwu Alozie
    Tobechukwu Alozie 29 days ago

    The Asian kid has actually thought these scenarios through. Brilliant.

  • johnathan powell
    johnathan powell 29 days ago

    da man said "case closed" to his parents i wouldn't have had a christmas

  • bongo play3
    bongo play3 Month ago

    I was thirteen when i got told and it was at a pizza hut my mom said she killed santa shot him and when i looked behind me there was another family with about 3 kids shocked😂

  • Brooklyn Millhollin

    Parents should tell their kids about the worst part of their life. Or the worst mistake they ever made.

  • Ruby Newton
    Ruby Newton Month ago

    1:21 😂 she’s lying to you 😂😂😂

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. Month ago

    I stop believing Santa when I was in my mom Stomach

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. Month ago

    Mom told me Santa is really chubby and he looks like big chungus

  • brennabeth
    brennabeth Month ago

    this is so fucked up. why the fuck would they tell kids this? and the kids that were in denial, it just made it harder to watch.

  • Tom7679
    Tom7679 Month ago

    Santa is real. My parents tell me.

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom Month ago

    honestly i don’t think you can be too young to find out santa isn’t real. my parents told me when i was 5 but we still have kids at my high school who still believe in santa and it’s crazy since they’re teenagers who know about sex but don’t know that santa isn’t real🙄

  • Nortekman
    Nortekman Month ago

    But they’re Muslim 00:48 They don’t celebrate Christmas

  • Satan Fries
    Satan Fries Month ago

    This is fucked though these kids are like 4!!

  • jgirl 34
    jgirl 34 Month ago

    Awwwww poor kids

  • Andyy Is tha best
    Andyy Is tha best Month ago +1

    Did they just ruined my childhood:(

  • Ciara Mac
    Ciara Mac Month ago

    I went to go see Santa in the actual Lapland

  • Davidgamer 777
    Davidgamer 777 Month ago

    These kids in these episodes have their childhood ruined😂😂😂

  • Isabelli Nõlve
    Isabelli Nõlve Month ago

    WHY? they are so evil. i hate that video. why you ruining your kid childhood

  • Face Slam
    Face Slam Month ago

    Wait, SANTAS NOT REAL!!!
    I refuse to believe this

  • -Midnight Wolfix-
    -Midnight Wolfix- Month ago +1

    Santa is in fact real and his Saint Nicholas but he doesn't fly around in a slay all night... he is just a normal person who loved giving kids presents

    • Gracieanna
      Gracieanna 20 days ago

      Very true Santa was one real but the whole flying around and giving presents is phenomenon

  • FaithTillotson
    FaithTillotson Month ago

    There to young to know. Let them find out on there own time by asking there parents,

  • Jonathan Kimball
    Jonathan Kimball Month ago

    I once had my parents tell me, I was in tears, But you know what? I was thinking he wasn't real because I found my 5 elves in the closet hidden. So I kinda thought he wasn't real. It was sad

  • Forever _Kawaii
    Forever _Kawaii Month ago

    I didn’t find out Santa wasn’t real till I was 11 😂🤷🏼‍♂️ Let’s not ruin childhoods guys.

  • roxsewater
    roxsewater Month ago

    Why would they do this? They're so young to know this

  • Alana Cristina
    Alana Cristina Month ago

    Well done for ruining a bunch of kids dreams just for some money

  • Elvie Vero
    Elvie Vero Month ago +1

    Okay so this may sound stupid but I still believe in Santa even after this video!! Me and my mum say that the reason they are saying Santa isn’t real to there kids is because they never believed in Santa so they never gave him a chance! #believe

  • itzRobie Gaming
    itzRobie Gaming Month ago

    That Asian kid is gonna grow up and not buy gifts for his kids because he’s gonna think Santa will bring them

  • UnicornLove 101
    UnicornLove 101 Month ago

    I found out Santa isn't real when I was 5...
    I asked my grandmother if he was real and she said.. NOPE

  • slime and squishies user user

    Santa is real... he is a Saint...... Saint Nicholas

  • Emma Ronzon
    Emma Ronzon Month ago

    Honestly it kinda ruins the magic of Christmas. It’s always so exciting to think, Santa was in my house! So when kids still really believe why do you have to ruin their Christmas’. You don’t have to crush their dreams for money. Jeez

  • IG0516
    IG0516 Month ago

    These kids are too young for this. Let them enjoy their childhood..

  • Savage Dude905
    Savage Dude905 Month ago

    0:57 the guy be lookin like jack skellington from nightmare before Christmas

  • Mia Coluchi
    Mia Coluchi Month ago

    Worst parents ever I would be sad and depressed and never talk to my parents

  • Mia Coluchi
    Mia Coluchi Month ago

    Wow that’s messed up I mean he is real I believe in him

  • Willie  Peso
    Willie Peso Month ago

    I hope the kids never believe their parents about anything because they lied to them for no reason.

  • Kayley Lafleche
    Kayley Lafleche Month ago

    This is bullshit i think if they believe like let them 😤they are ro young