Christmas Gift Guide 2017! | Thoughtful, Cheap and Unique Gifts!

  • Published on Nov 18, 2017
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Comments • 171

  • Michael Wurheffesteiner

    Nice video

  • Maya Olivia
    Maya Olivia Year ago

    This is the only video that actually helped me aha!!! Some great ideas,I love your channel xx

  • Sasha J
    Sasha J Year ago +1

    You actually look so good in that jumper! The colour looks radiant on You! 😍💜😍💜

  • Desi Triani
    Desi Triani Year ago

    Cepet banget ya udah Christmas wishlist 2017 ajaa.. perasaan baru kemarin dah Christmas wishlist 2016.. ngga berasa udah setahun yaaa

  • Vmk Games
    Vmk Games Year ago

    vlog outside from home . like when you shopping etc , it will be v.good

  • My Edits! Channel

    Love this x

  • Shannon Jones
    Shannon Jones Year ago

    I love this video🎉❤️❤️

  • Issy Smith
    Issy Smith Year ago +1

    You doing vlogmas?😊

  • Caroline Ann
    Caroline Ann Year ago +1

    I’m definitely going to be using the adventure jar!! For my best friends, I am writing “open this when” letters to each of them and then I got them each a journal and a pen so they can write their thoughts and if they want to reply, they have a space

  • Lozza Horan
    Lozza Horan Year ago

    So shit

  • Marykate Mckenzie

    this video has given me so many ideas for giving presents this year.xx💕

  • cynicallygreen
    cynicallygreen Year ago

    Love this video idea so much Eve as opposed to the usual gift giving ideas which end up always being bloody expensive products!!Xx

  • Amber Pankh
    Amber Pankh Year ago +1

    CONGRATS ON 200k!!!!!!!

  • Maebel Mc
    Maebel Mc Year ago

    Really love these ideas!❤️

  • OMCC
    OMCC Year ago +3

    Just watched the gcse tips video you made I've got my mocks tmrw 😬

  • Jess Nichols
    Jess Nichols Year ago

    Where’s the ad sign on this then?

    • Amy D
      Amy D Year ago

      Jess Nichols it came up when she was talking about the product??

  • joss_x
    joss_x Year ago

    i’ve bought my dad tickets to see his favourite band as an early christmas present, i’m taking my mum for a spa day and getting my makeup obsessed younger sister a mac makeup lesson and voucher

  • Maria
    Maria Year ago

    Could you do a clothing haul sometime? They’re my favourites x

  • Rafiya Haque
    Rafiya Haque Year ago

    I loved this!

  • Krazy travtrav
    Krazy travtrav Year ago +1

    EVE there is something you want for Christmas this year The tiara ring from Pandora in rose gold

  • Student Boss
    Student Boss Year ago

    Thank you for thissssss

  • Mel 24
    Mel 24 Year ago

    absolutely loved this video ❤

  • Maia xo
    Maia xo Year ago

    I'm born on the 11th of Jan too! Except I'll be turning 16 X

  • Holly Laing
    Holly Laing Year ago

    I love receiving and giving unique gifts like a photo album or scrap book because its special and personal

    • rk b
      rk b Year ago


  • K.TMusic
    K.TMusic Year ago

    thank u for all these great ideas!!!!

  • mols stapes
    mols stapes Year ago

    Loved this💖

  • Sarah Wilson
    Sarah Wilson Year ago

    Have you ever done the 16personalities personality test?

  • molly m
    molly m Year ago

    cheeky fairy tale of new york in the background ;)

  • Lilly xxx
    Lilly xxx Year ago +1

    Pleeeeaaaase do a what I got (other people) for Christmas again xxx

  • eaden taylor
    eaden taylor Year ago +1

    starts at 1.07

  • Ruby Tuesday
    Ruby Tuesday Year ago +3

    Also are you doing a what I got for Christmas video this year?? They’re always my favourite x

  • Ruby Tuesday
    Ruby Tuesday Year ago +1

    Gotta love musicals

  • Maisie
    Maisie Year ago

    Do you still do rangers/ senior section?? Xx

  • Lily Griffiths
    Lily Griffiths Year ago +6

    "Cheap gifts" body shop count down to near calendar- £50 😂😂😂

  • Emm Needham
    Emm Needham Year ago

    Life savour

  • Litsa Nikolaou
    Litsa Nikolaou Year ago

    Father : Jason Bennett

  • Litsa Nikolaou
    Litsa Nikolaou Year ago

    My name is Vana Bennett

  • Litsa Nikolaou
    Litsa Nikolaou Year ago

    Wait are you from the bennett family? Cause I am too

  • Fran Nelson
    Fran Nelson Year ago +1

    I was thinking about how much my Christmas list has changed in the past few years🎄this year I asked for loads of stationary which I would never have put on my list a couple of years ago😂

  • Grace Arnold
    Grace Arnold Year ago +1

    Lalalab conned me and I really don’t trust them! So just beware

    • Grace Arnold
      Grace Arnold Year ago +1

      Laura I was ordering a big picture frame with loads of different pictures. It didn’t say the prices so I just added random pictures because I thought after that it would tell me the price. Next thing I know I’ve brought it and it was £80!! They only gave me £10 back!

    • Laura
      Laura Year ago

      Grace Olivia how?? Was going to buy from them but maybe not...

  • DuaFatema Meheralli

    When's your birthday

  • Zara HS
    Zara HS Year ago +4

    hi eve!! i'm just wondering when i should start doing past papers for my igcses intensively? (my mocks are in jan!) because i feel like i should start now but usually when i start doing it, i struggle to answer some qs since i can't remember some of the concepts! this is especially true for physics. i just don’t know where to start with my revision!! I already have my mindmaps sorted it’s just the past paper bit which is just bothering me

    • Amelia E
      Amelia E Year ago

      And if you are struggling with exam questions because you can't remember the concepts then try and condense those concepts in physics more. The mindmaps are great and I see you've already done them. I used flashcards for science and phrased questions on them like you would get them in an exam. That really helped to get A* in bio, chem and physics! But honestly, you seem to be on the right track!

    • Amelia E
      Amelia E Year ago

      I did most exam papers in the Easter Holidays or a bit after because I felt I learned more from it closer to the time. It was also a more accurate representation of what I might get in the exam. Maybe try a couple during the xmas holidays for sure but not many!

    • Eloise Clarke
      Eloise Clarke Year ago

      Zara HS im in the same boat except Ive done nothing! I am stressedd but also lazy

  • ThatTeenLife
    ThatTeenLife Year ago +2

    Ahh I'm so excited for the christmas/holiday season to be in full swing!

  • Nabeela Azhar
    Nabeela Azhar Year ago

    Hey guess what ? Today’s my birthday 😊🎂😃

  • zoe vanpaemel
    zoe vanpaemel Year ago

    my name is eve too! im on my sisters account though

  • Rachel
    Rachel Year ago +6

    this is meant to be cheap?

  • i.
    i. Year ago +1

    You NEED to see lion king in west end theatre its AMAZING

  • Charlotte Jane Gray

    I love this video !

  • Samantha Wicks
    Samantha Wicks Year ago +1

    you're truely the sweetest soul

  • sarah xx
    sarah xx Year ago +1

    I've missed your main channel ♥ are you going to do 'what I got for Christmas' this year?x

  • Jessica Callanan
    Jessica Callanan Year ago +1

    Love this and the body shop calendar looks amazing!!

  • josh
    josh Year ago

    you single? hit me up

  • Megan Mahoney
    Megan Mahoney Year ago +12

    Aw I love the idea of sentimental gifts, I agree that they’re always the best! ☺️❤️

  • Sophia Gitsopoulou
    Sophia Gitsopoulou Year ago +4

    You should ve named it "family and friends what to get me for Christmas"

  • Chocoholic xx
    Chocoholic xx Year ago

    Every year I make a calendar of photos of me and my brother throughout the year using vista print as a gift for my grandparents which they love xx

  • Tori Webb
    Tori Webb Year ago +1

    New subscriber, absolutely love your channel. You are so genuine and thoughtful keep up the good work 😊

  • Charlie T
    Charlie T Year ago +5

    Please review the zoella advent callendar😂

  • Sana Valli
    Sana Valli Year ago

    Love you Eve!!!!!!!

  • Molly Evans
    Molly Evans Year ago

    This is such a great idea 💡 love this video 💕 😇

  • Emmy M
    Emmy M Year ago +1

    What a lovely idea 🙂