The Nuclear Waste Problem

  • Published on Nov 21, 2017
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    Animation by Josh Sherrington (
    Sound by Graham Haerther (
    Thumbnail by Joe Cieplinski (
    Nuclear reactor footage courtesy Canada Science and Technology Museum
    Spent fuel pool courtesy IAEA Imagebank
    Onkalo photo courtesy Posiva
    Music: "Raw Deal" by Gunner Olsen, "Divider" by Chris Zabriskie, "My Luck" by Broke for Free, and "I Wanted to Live" by Lee Rosevere
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  • gar keinen
    gar keinen 4 hours ago

    The whole sun is just a permanent nuclear explosion. Might aswell shoot our little amount of Iridium up there and let it drown forever.
    Okay as far as I know the star fuses H to He so we have to make sure that our waste does not interfere with that reaction and - badaboom badabang - no waste on earth.

  • gar keinen
    gar keinen 4 hours ago

    "Because the material will be so far down and so difficult to get to, no human management will be necessary once completeted."
    That, my friend, is a fallacy!

  • R tot
    R tot 6 hours ago

    romans lol?. british empire.

  • James Bohigian
    James Bohigian 6 hours ago

    Why is Uranium-236 fissioning at 2:32? 235!

  • jaspering88
    jaspering88 7 hours ago

    Just shoot it into space

  • Eggy Rab
    Eggy Rab 12 hours ago

    Launch it into space?

  • Not Norphieus
    Not Norphieus 18 hours ago

    What if we put nuclear waste into mariana trench?

  • Mit Mit
    Mit Mit Day ago

    maybe once the civilization has invented something for humans to survive against radiation then i think they would start laughing at that message and just dig in. because they think we are the pioneer we didn't has that much tech compare to them

  • Emma Coleman
    Emma Coleman Day ago

    Half this video is about if humans will be there in the future

  • TrippleG
    TrippleG Day ago

    I live in country which don't use nuclear energy.. And i need to worry about these idiots who use! That's stupid

  • Giorgos Paphitis

    You could of done it secret and told the internet its a privet mining site and done

  • ZachValkyrie
    ZachValkyrie Day ago

    No mention of reprocessing? Or Oklo, the natural reactor that proved that it is possible to isolate radioactive isotopes for geological timescales even in the presence of groundwater intrusion?

    I am disappointed.

  • Kode YT
    Kode YT Day ago


  • Matlock Crowl
    Matlock Crowl Day ago

    could we just put it on another planet?

  • 1Lost Muffin
    1Lost Muffin 2 days ago

    Use Thorium. It stay lethal only a couple hundred years. Simple! Problem solved

  • Sentinel Vortex
    Sentinel Vortex 2 days ago

    What about thorium and helium-3

  • The Helghan Empire
    The Helghan Empire 2 days ago

    This may sound stuipd... but throw them into a volcano.

  • gregor grob
    gregor grob 2 days ago

    I'm a big fan of aviation which is why I follow Wendover. Recently I heard about the positive potential of nuclear power and since I prefer being an impact-focused environmentalist (rather than emotionally impulsive or ideological) I completely changed my mind on nuclear power. The option of recycling nuclear waste for close to carbon neutral energy and the efficiency and safety of modern reactors have convinced me. As a German I am disappointed in the impulsive departure from nuclear power my country has made but admit that due to lacking knowledge I also supported it at the time.
    I know this channel produces quality content on aviation amongst other things. However this video disappoints me. I would have expected your research to give a more nuanced picture on nuclear energy. At least the comments here show the other perspective. I am glad to have learnt about LFTR and Generation IV reactors here. If only the video had also shown them...
    How about a new video on the different types of energy innovations that try to address climate change? Solar powered desalination, fusion, synthetic fuels and more.

  • Philippe van Dijk
    Philippe van Dijk 2 days ago

    1 man died because of the fukushima nuclear disaste,r but 15,896 deaths of the earthquake and tsunami.

  • Joseph Keenan
    Joseph Keenan 2 days ago

    Talk about biased... show your citation. Your pro-gas stance is obvious.
    You have no idea what nuclear power plants are or what breeder reactors are. Stop your fearmongering.

  • Luke Charters
    Luke Charters 2 days ago

    Yeah we will survive. But we will become ghouls like in the fallout games. Lol

  • srbija_xDD
    srbija_xDD 3 days ago

    Send it too space

  • Zack Lamb
    Zack Lamb 3 days ago


  • SuicideBunny6
    SuicideBunny6 3 days ago +1

    We are not in danger. We ARE the danger. Someone opens these barrels and gets radiated, and you think that of us? No. We are the ones who open them!

  • Smardles
    Smardles 3 days ago

    Blast it into space?

    • Asbjørn Flarup
      Asbjørn Flarup Day ago

      We could possibly need that space later on, just like people dumped nuclear waste in the oceans 40 years ago. You never know when we are going to need space

  • DOJ 101
    DOJ 101 3 days ago

    Uranium maybe in limited supply but what about thorium?

  • Thomas Tuohy
    Thomas Tuohy 3 days ago

    bless your heart you're very optimistic if you think we have enough time left on this planet to worry about leakage and exclusion zones.

  • Jean-Louis Tychon
    Jean-Louis Tychon 3 days ago

    Frankly, I think we shoudn't restrain using nuclear energy bc of some random Tom Raidor Dumbass from space tousands years from now.

  • Tamouree Jordan
    Tamouree Jordan 3 days ago

    07:25 oh come on, there's not a schred of evidence supporting your claim that the piramides are final resting places for the elite, none, zip, NADA! Really, truly, utter nonsense!

  • Tamouree Jordan
    Tamouree Jordan 3 days ago

    4000 to 5000 people is wors enough, like 9/11,..... But those are cautious estimates,

    • Tamouree Jordan
      Tamouree Jordan 3 days ago

      Just send it out into space and let it slam into Jupiter, or further out into space,...

  • The Yangem
    The Yangem 4 days ago

    here is an idea: That warning in the video is neat, right? Well, instead of just the UN languages, translate it into ALL written languages in the world. And you know how we still understand Latin, right? Well... Who says that they wont be able to tell "oh hey, this is an ancient language" Oh boy do we have the ability to understand this... well, our scholars atleast"

  • _ BananaMan381 _
    _ BananaMan381 _ 4 days ago

    Can we not just fly it to space and leave it there?

    • Dylan Clark
      Dylan Clark 3 days ago

      Not a reliable plan, can’t just send stuff up in space because we don’t want it, who knows where it’ll end up, plus what if the rocket launch fails? Fall right back on us with no way to contain it

  • Sean Conrad
    Sean Conrad 4 days ago

    There is something poetic about the nuclear waste problem. The best solution may be to forget our mistakes, but we can't truly forget our mistakes until we, ourselves, are forgotten too.

  • 64imma
    64imma 4 days ago

    Honestly my idea would be to take all the nuclear waste, and launch it into space, preferably somewhere where the material could be destroyed into smaller molecules like hydrogen.

  • Shirazul Islam
    Shirazul Islam 4 days ago

    I always think why scientists do not push waste far away from earth where they will float.

    • Josif-Noah Nagy-Schuld
      Josif-Noah Nagy-Schuld 2 days ago

      Shirazul Islam if a rocket carrying nuclear waste explodes in atmosphere you have a real problem

  • Jacob Tung
    Jacob Tung 4 days ago

    I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

    Oh wait.....

  • mr robert
    mr robert 5 days ago

    Just leaving it unmarked is clearly tje best option

  • Common_C3nts
    Common_C3nts 5 days ago

    Destroy the earth, problem solved!

  • Kevin Marshall
    Kevin Marshall 5 days ago

    They should also have an explicit disclaimer that it is nuclear waste.

  • Cruisin_in_paradise !

    You’re very negative

  • HandGamer
    HandGamer 5 days ago +2

    Launch it into space

  • RJW
    RJW 5 days ago

    this would be a great movie.

  • Rohin Bakrania
    Rohin Bakrania 5 days ago

    Launch it into space, and send it to the Sun. Problem solved.

  • Generic YouTuber
    Generic YouTuber 6 days ago


  • Da Liang
    Da Liang 6 days ago

    the simple solution is to just keep civilization running.

  • Vikram Kumar
    Vikram Kumar 6 days ago

    well explained man. i have been struggling to find a video like this.

  • Murder Gang
    Murder Gang 6 days ago

    5:45 😠😡😠😡😠😡

  • Samuel Van Allen
    Samuel Van Allen 6 days ago

    Why not fly them into distant space? Or even better, a nearby star? The underground facility does not sound any cheaper to construct.

  • DK Stoney
    DK Stoney 6 days ago

    Use them as re-entry projectiles to destroy cities of our choice with the kinetic impact...Rods of God. "You're not playing nice in the sandbox." or "You're not following the plan as prescribed." We could dominate the globe and finally rule the world to recreate it in our image. MWAHAHAHA

  • xXStoneGamingXx _
    xXStoneGamingXx _ 7 days ago

    Who cares who finds the waste after human civilisation

  • Balaadithya Muralitharan

    Hmm... If I saw a warning like that, I would just put on a suit of some sort and start digging. We should try to tell future civilizations what is necessary to be safe.

  • Sean Smith
    Sean Smith 7 days ago

    That is the worst warning ever! So cryptic ive never wanted to open something more in my life!

  • RocKiteman _ 2001
    RocKiteman _ 2001 7 days ago

    I say we leave the site *ACCESSIBLE* to the surface. That way, when the *APES* take over the Earth in a few thousand years, *THE JOKE'S ON THEM!!!!*

    • Random User
      Random User 2 days ago

      Damn dirty radioactive apes!
      That could have been funny. They could have had a three titted monkey woman like in total recall.

  • Vimorain
    Vimorain 7 days ago

    onlt 230 years supply ? oh no ,what will i do ? oh,wait...

  • Shy Cactus
    Shy Cactus 7 days ago

    Just send the waste to space

    • Shy Cactus
      Shy Cactus 2 days ago

      +Random User sorry for doing an oopsie :(

    • Random User
      Random User 2 days ago

      +Shy Cactus I know. It was a joke. And then it got me thinking. At least existentially.

    • Shy Cactus
      Shy Cactus 2 days ago

      +Random User ? English please. And i meant send it to Space, SPACE not that type of space. Send it on a Rocket to space.

    • Random User
      Random User 2 days ago

      It's already in space. A space in the ground. Or a space in the water. Everything's in space. Now if we could send to a place that isn't space...

  • Pedro Otero
    Pedro Otero 8 days ago

    The images to convey the danger meaning are too creepy!!!

  • Ethan Finn
    Ethan Finn 8 days ago +1

    I think solar is the best because we will not run out of it until 4.6 B years

    • Arvid Rudling
      Arvid Rudling 5 hours ago

      Unfortunately we run out of solar every night.

  • Owen Lynott
    Owen Lynott 8 days ago

    Imma go find me some danger if i read that

  • Sunny shah
    Sunny shah 8 days ago +1

    If i came across an ancient site with that kind of message, i would be even more curious to know what's hidden there.
    Just say, this site contains dangerous radioactive nuclear waste that can kill you, open at your own risk.
    Simple, and easy, and if one of those languages are still alive, well then, there you go, you just gave them a good enough reason not to open it.

  • Doug H. Nuts
    Doug H. Nuts 8 days ago

    You forgot 3 Mile Island.

  • Doubtful Guest
    Doubtful Guest 8 days ago

    Mate, I ain't being funny but let's not be talking my anium like that, okay?

  • Ismail Paine de circ

    *why not release that waste in space?* radiate some aliens...

  • Benjamin Couturier
    Benjamin Couturier 8 days ago

    Well that was more morbid and darker than it had to be. Have you ever considered that humans will likely find a viable solution to nuclear waste like reprocessing it for further energy generation or to lower the half-life? Because as you say your self there is "only enough uranium for 230 years" anyways. Have you ever looked into liquid Floride thorium reactors for instance? Your acting like nothing new will ever be invented again.

  • Sohom Chatterjee
    Sohom Chatterjee 8 days ago

    Just go and watch the anime called ‘ from the new world ' .....

  • Alex Leigh
    Alex Leigh 9 days ago

    how much money would do you think they would pay for the nuclear waste to get rid of this?

  • kaljapullonhenki viinapullossa


  • runforitman
    runforitman 9 days ago

    5:44 that sounds like a threat

  • Daftrok
    Daftrok 9 days ago

    I'm 99.99% sure some form of nuclear energy will be used in the future and people will know what nuclear waste is.

  • MrMoriarty100
    MrMoriarty100 10 days ago

    Develop molten salt reactors. These could use nuclear waste as fuel. Have a good read folks, then start nagging your MPs FoE and Greenpeace to get behind them.

  • UnitedEarthEmpire
    UnitedEarthEmpire 10 days ago

    whats with the poetic message? cant you just write 'danger! radioactive waste dumped here! get away you punk!'

  • Teme_Heppu69
    Teme_Heppu69 10 days ago


  • Andrew Skretvedt
    Andrew Skretvedt 10 days ago

    This whole thing is actually NOT a problem, IMO.
    The thing about radiation: the longer the half-life, the weaker (safer) the radiation. It's the nasty stuff with short half lives of hours/days/weeks/months that you really have to be careful about! While it is true that some of the fission products in today's spent fuel will remain radioactive for hundreds of thousands of years, it is also true that radiation levels outside of a dry cask are low enough that it's safe to LIVE next to one beginning from the very moment it's filled and sealed!
    The danger of Fukushima is that the nasty fission products were released from the fuel, the cladding on which is meant to forever keep them, because the fuel (and its protective cladding) melted. If these fission products escape to the environment in sufficient quantity, it could be a risk to health, not from the radiation per-se, but because these atoms could be absorbed into the surrounding ecosystems and find their way inside a human, and deposit their eventual radioactive dose inside us, which can do far greater damage than radiation coming from sources /outside/ our bodies. I'm going to set this aside here, while there is a lot more to say, this most severe problem is addressable by current and new technology and practices. And there is also good reason to believe that the absolute risks from the disasters which have already occurred have been vastly overstated (e.g. the exclusion zones team with life; ecology studies find no significant uptick in cancers in wild populations, and are mixed and uncertain whether significant excess cancers have even been seen in the human populations which refused to leave). Most of the harm was suffered by disaster responders and plant personnel; and is monstrously overshadowed by the legions of dead and injured personnel in the operation of all the other energy industries. Nuclear energy is far and away the safest energy field in which to work.
    So we'll assume that meltdown disasters remain exceedingly rare and hopefully become nonexistent going forward. In the scenario where spent fuel has just been transferred to the spent pools after a shutdown, the window where the fuel could melt if the pool is not kept full of water ENDS after just a few weeks. Beyond that time, the water is just a convenient shield for the direct radiation as a result of ongoing decay. This is so the plant personnel can comfortably work next to it without health risk. If the pool emptied of water anytime AFTER those first few weeks, while it would get more radioactive in the immediate vicinity of the pool (i.e. around the plant site, not the wider community or region), there would be no threat to the environment. And, all would return to normal again just as soon the water is restored to the pool, or the fuel bundles moved to a new pool. Eventually the bundles are cool enough (in heat and radioactivity--some months time) that they're ready to move out of the pool and into dry cask storage. Once the cask is sealed, they're perfectly safe to stand next to and generally be around as long as you please. From this point forward, it's all about ensuring the casks are in good condition. They're designed to be permanent, but it's not unthinkable that if a problem should ever be discovered with one, the contents could be moved to a fresh new cask, or something along those lines. Meanwhile the risk to the environment and everyone living off-site remains effectively zero. This old fuel is too cold now to ever have a chance of melting and thereby releasing any hazardous substances. It's all about just keeping the environment safely away from /it/ by keeping in a nice sealed cask.
    There's also the point that, with today's nuclear reactors, only 3% of the fuel's energy is extracted. 97% remains and a good bulk of this is theoretically available to future reactor designs (we have the next gens on paper even today, but we're currently too foolishly scared of nuclear-anything to restart serious R&D in this field). If you believe humanity should try to persist, adapt to its future challenges, and grow and get better at all things it imagines important, then we don't want to lock a likely very valuable energy reserve too far out of reach!
    This video is communicating one perspective on nuclear waste and its relationship to humanity. It's not something the Wendover author(s) derived on their own. IMO, this stance is deeply flawed and inspires the public to fear nuclear technology. At base, it is Malthusian in its assumptions. It's taking as fixed all present technology and especially reactor technology. At the same time, it inexplicably rejects the progress in global communication and close political and societal organization on a global scale that is part of human progress thus far. It presumes a reversion to bronze-age isolation is in the offing. It (I think foolishly) presumes humanity is in a dying phase and may be even superseded by another species abruptly, not in the gradual and (for at least some ages) coexisting space evolution would dictate. Or that in any case, humans will fail to persist on this planet and will become ethically bound to leave a universal warning (assuming such a thing is even possible---I think the hazardous material itself is the best warning). It presumes that from our present state of development, there will be no gradual and continuous path to change both in civil society and political state where a plan of continuity of responsibility and stewardship of our current inventories of nuclear materials would occur. The view presupposes there will be a loss of contact between the society that made the waste, and their many-greats-grandchildren who inherit stewardship of the waste, that isolation will persist long enough that some distant future society will have explorers who will "discover" it afresh and, crucially for this scenario shown, in full historical ignorance! To me, this just seems absolutely ridiculous. Either we've achieved a technological and informational state to keep us aware of each other and our creations (we have), or we haven't (in which case this post does not exist). There are parallels drawn with ancient societies like the ancient Egyptians and the Rosetta stone (how do we warn the future of our present dangers? They won't know our language!). I think this is senseless fatalism. If stewardship of stockpiles of waste is important, even after major civic and political upheavals, successor populations and their governments will remain close enough in time and space to still be aware of the existence of these sites and resources afterward, and will remember the need to steward/protect them for the benefit of public and environmental safety. The state of our knowledge and tech is not what it was in Roman/Egyptian times. We are continuing to move in a globally connected direction, not persist in isolated societies that may live or die in isolation, leaving no records or communicating nothing of any meaning to the rest of the world (this means the future remains connected, and thereby safe, or at least aware).
    To take the perspective on humanity necessary for the view proposed in this video to have any sense, you have to be a fatalist who believes humanity is unable to innovate or develop solutions to its problems as they come into view. Magic bullets aren't required, only "good enough for now." And that's the way we've iterated up to our present state of relative leisure and comfort! Truly, you have to be the sort of person that doesn't believe we're living today in the most comfortable state humanity as a whole has so far ever achieved, and will soon enough be extinct with no time to have clued in a successor species about the armies of Pandora's Concrete Monoliths in the backyard. (Tip: if you "discover" one and chip a hole in it to see what's in there, if you get ill, have your scientists study you and then think about filling back in the hole you made--they'll figure it out soon enough, even if a couple of Indy Jones fail to recover again.)

  • Kyle Dog
    Kyle Dog 10 days ago

    What if we send it to the sun

  • Derp_King101
    Derp_King101 11 days ago

    damn thats a dark ending

  • His Excellency President of Republic of Gambia

    How about we totally abandon nuclear energy forever? Don't you think it's easier that way?

  • Syn_70
    Syn_70 11 days ago

    Send it to the moon.

  • Jarno mommersteeg
    Jarno mommersteeg 11 days ago

    In Holland we have an orange box where we put our nuclear waiste

  • Will Wheadon
    Will Wheadon 11 days ago

    that message makes me want to open it more.

  • Franklin Cerpico
    Franklin Cerpico 12 days ago

    That supply time you gave assumes that nuclear fuel isn't being reprocessed. But the fact is only a fraction of the fuel is actually used before it's removed. If the fuel was reprocessed to removed the elements preventing fusion we would not need to mine as much.

  • Danel
    Danel 12 days ago

    really???? such a bull sh&t ??? each of upcoming new civilizactions were more advanced and it will be just say its nuclear in dunno 50 languages and give specific instructions not some childish bed time story of some evil. geezz people are u so freakin stupid ??? we where curious of egyptians coz we don't know much about them only some heroglifics that we don't know what they mean but we decode it there are not enough information on them so just give information it's as simple as that

  • yovani luna
    yovani luna 12 days ago

    This was a very depressing video

  • PepsiTobi
    PepsiTobi 12 days ago

    Just fucking tell them it is nuclear waste, rather than inscribe it like some kind fortune telling verse

  • PepsiTobi
    PepsiTobi 12 days ago

    No way Rome was the most powerful ever. Bullshit

  • knedlik cz
    knedlik cz 12 days ago

    Great another green a-shole.

  • Michael M
    Michael M 12 days ago

    I suppose they ´d dig it out anyway.

  • Filip Hałas
    Filip Hałas 12 days ago

    Basicaly quiet a lot of uranium is reprosesed and reused. That's what I've heard

  • Minus ZeRo Degrees
    Minus ZeRo Degrees 13 days ago

    Idk about that warning message, who ever finds that ,Igor just think it’s lies to hide stuff esp since people do hide stuff from others specifically governments and other entities.

  • Orgon Solo
    Orgon Solo 15 days ago

    With nuclear we are going to spend a lot of energy tomorrow protecting ourselves from the eenrgy we spend today.
    We might as well send it to the sun

  • Mario Williams
    Mario Williams 15 days ago

    Thing is, though.... if I say to you, "don't think about pink elephants", what do you think about? Pink elephants. Maybe telling them how dangerous it is will still peak their curiosity even further.

  • Eryn Chandler
    Eryn Chandler 15 days ago

    I bet uranium brother T H O R I U M is TRIGGERD

  • Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy 15 days ago

    The nuclear waste problem is one of the most, if not the most idiotic systems of electrical generation Ive ever been aware of. Not counting storing all those toxic rods that pollute the environment for ages. Imagine how polluted the world of the future is in a few hundred more years with all that crap buried in the earth. Not counting all the suffering of the people of the future the radiation from such will cause. How is it idiotic you may ask? They use the nuclear rods to produce heat, then to boil water into steam to turn a generator to produce electricity. Sounds ok if you minus the toxic rods that radiate for ages. But would it not have been far safer and so so so much less toxic to just split the water atoms into its gases of oxygen and hydrogen. And then burn that to produce the steam to then be used the same as above but with no toxic radiation to pollute the land for ages afterwards?

  • Daniel Cuevas
    Daniel Cuevas 15 days ago

    7:56 Sounds like something straight of a movie.....

  • meowmeow
    meowmeow 16 days ago

    White people of the future will find a way to fuck with the site.....maybe that's why their trying to get a new planet because they know it coming.

  • bindz
    bindz 16 days ago +1

    Its fine. We'll just create a super intelligent AI robot and ask it what to do with it

  • Cadenthor
    Cadenthor 16 days ago

    The curiosity problem kinda reminds of Prometheus and Covenant.
    Moon with signs of alien life, let's check it out! Everyone's infected, everyone dies a gruesome death.
    Is that John Denver I hear? Shhiiit... Everyone's dead.
    A long underground hallway? Concrete pods? Let's open them up, see what's in there!

  • Michal Břečka
    Michal Břečka 16 days ago

    I came here to lears, not have an existential crisis. Goddamn it.

  • Evan J
    Evan J 17 days ago +1

    innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created to solve the problems that innovations created

  • that_G_EvanP
    that_G_EvanP 17 days ago

    Just put it in old Blockbuster Videos.

  • Chicken Joe
    Chicken Joe 17 days ago


  • poopypants678 _
    poopypants678 _ 17 days ago

    Launch it into space