The Nuclear Waste Problem

  • Published on Nov 21, 2017
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    Nuclear reactor footage courtesy Canada Science and Technology Museum
    Spent fuel pool courtesy IAEA Imagebank
    Onkalo photo courtesy Posiva
    Music: "Raw Deal" by Gunner Olsen, "Divider" by Chris Zabriskie, "My Luck" by Broke for Free, and "I Wanted to Live" by Lee Rosevere
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  • Stormboxer
    Stormboxer Hour ago +1

    5:45 lol gotta include some terrorist propaganda in your videos

  • Stormboxer
    Stormboxer 2 hours ago +1

    That is literally the worst message you can send, didn’t the pyramids warn us about curses and shit? Look how much we cared. We need to make it seem uninteresting, just say it’s nuclear waste and that it gives you cancer and harms the environment. That message made we want to dig lol

  • lamebubblesflysohigh
    lamebubblesflysohigh 6 hours ago

    I think even these structures are only temporary. We should build reactors capable of using plutonium as a mean to eliminate this not only radioactive but also extremely toxic element even if these reactors will operate at loss. For other radioactive fission products they should stay there until we figure out safe and reliable way of transport from surface to orbit of Earth from which they should be dumped into open space beyond our solar system (all you need is a capsule propelled for a short amount of time until it escape Earth's gravity. By the time it arrives anywhere, all radioactive isotopes will be long ago gone and only base elements will be left).

  • Powell Lucas
    Powell Lucas 6 hours ago

    I find it strange that people seem to think everyone on the planet will forget where the nuclear waste will be stored. Does one generation not pass on important information to future generations? Will humanity have a memory lapse when if comes to the knowledge of where this stuff is stored? If humanity chooses to forget what horrors are buried at this place then they deserve what they get.

  • le mattzoR
    le mattzoR 13 hours ago

    Why cant we send nuclear waste to space?

  • estn
    estn Day ago

    why dont we shoot nuclear waste into space ? xd make it someone elses problem

  • Ovidiu Nerges
    Ovidiu Nerges Day ago

    What if we just send it to the sun: it will just be consumed by it like if nothing really ever happened

    • tuukka aro
      tuukka aro 3 hours ago

      Sending it into space would use up more energy than the nuclear plant produced along with that waste. You'd just end up with more waste in the end.

  • Joel Thompson
    Joel Thompson 2 days ago

    Why not just send all waist into the sun? Shit will burn up before it even reaches the sun, just need to figure out an inexpensive efficient way of keeping the rods on route. Space is frictionless so it could even be propelled by ions via solar sails with tiny thrusters to guide for precision and steer clear of Venus and Mercury. I bet there’s a lot that could go wrong but it sure beats keeping the nuclear waist stored away somewhere.

    GUNSandTRIGGER 2 days ago +1

    Never seen a more misinforming video in my life.

  • Sentinel Vortex
    Sentinel Vortex 2 days ago +1

    Ever heard of Thorium? It’s a way better alternative to uranium

  • V V
    V V 2 days ago

    use thorium instead

  • Daniel Edmonds
    Daniel Edmonds 3 days ago

    shoot it out of earths orbit

  • A Kind Hobo
    A Kind Hobo 3 days ago

    Fly them into the sun?

  • The Joker
    The Joker 3 days ago

    I personally am sceptic of the Finish idea, because in germany we did a similar thing (not as deep and only with chemical waste) and some idiot mis-calculated and we have a leaking , possibly explosive, unreachable poison in the ground and noone is willing (or rich enough) to do anything about it

    GUNNSS1 3 days ago

    just put it space after your down with it

    • tuukka aro
      tuukka aro 3 hours ago

      That would use up more energy than the nuclear plant produced along that waste.

  • castor56100
    castor56100 3 days ago

    We need a way to *safely* send it to the sun. I know the flight would be daunting but a calculated risk should be taken to be rid of it completely.

    • castor56100
      castor56100 2 days ago

      +whittyjd thanks, will check it out.

    • whittyjd
      whittyjd 3 days ago +1

      castor56100 Unfortunately it’s not that easy, it takes an immense amount of energy to de-orbit a probe from Earth orbit and send it to the sun.
      Scott Manley has a good video on it.

  • Johan Hansson
    Johan Hansson 3 days ago

    Radiation doesnt leak into the invorement. The radioactive material must leak into the inviroment for it to become a problem. The radiation doesnt travel far from the spent fuel and the radiation isnt a "substance" that stays and accumulate, its just radiation. Like light, at night, the light is gone.

  • Dex Ong
    Dex Ong 3 days ago

    Arent scienctist stupit these days?? They create something they regret

  • W3LLcoOL
    W3LLcoOL 3 days ago

    Just hide it in plain sight, if it works for the illuminati it'll work for nuclear waste.

  • Jerry Stillwell
    Jerry Stillwell 3 days ago

    wendoverproductions you dont do good research 3 mile island you missed and hyro power is renuable only 2 bad power stations coal and nuclear wind power wave power ocean and dams are free power the lakes get filled up and or solar... and nuclear power was only thought about it would have never been allowed.. if it didnt make plutinium for bombs so they said ehhh give them the left overs as power.... other wise our enviroment would of been fine on coal etc folks we are being lied too they have stuff that could power us free and we be fine but no they wont release it uncle sam is 50 too 100 years ahead of us.. where do you think computers came from durr backwards engineering from alien craft

  • CreativePixels95
    CreativePixels95 4 days ago

    For this message to work, the US has to lose its fucking boner for nuclear energy. For real, from no other nation on the surface of this planet have I seen and heard SO MANY shills propagating this potentially dangerous source of energy. We gotta go clean energy internationally, but nuclear is not the way.

  • Ry Ry The Science Guy

    *its thorium time*

  • TheAfrikaKorps
    TheAfrikaKorps 4 days ago

    Can't we just blast that shit into space?

    • tuukka aro
      tuukka aro 3 hours ago

      That would use up more energy than the nuclear plant produced along that waste.

  • Martin D A
    Martin D A 4 days ago

    Everybody forgets Sellarfield a waste processing plant which used forced air cooling, waste would drop into the extraction ducts and particles of radioactive dust were covering the local countryside. Possibly the dirtiest event in history. A local scientist took a geiger counter into his garden and immediately found a chunk of spent fuel. There is estimated to be hundreds of millions of chunks deposited. Local dairy farms were producing radioactive milk. I'm one who thinks we have to go nuclear, just this one was nasty. Edit: There is a lot af scare mongering and bad science touted around nuclear, - which could and should be extremely safe and deliver all it promises...Careful with the pseudo science guys.

  • Mjollnir
    Mjollnir 4 days ago

    Who the fuck cares if a civilization thousands of years after us, gets a little radiation poisoning? Such bullshit.

  • NPC#289472
    NPC#289472 4 days ago

    lmao just get Elon to launch that shit into the sun. Then we dont have to make up smug warnings about our dark gods in slumber.

  • Captain Argonut 24
    Captain Argonut 24 5 days ago

    we wont live to 2120

  • Tubsie
    Tubsie 5 days ago

    So they could not just write "Nuclear waste stored below"?

    • Kuutti
      Kuutti Day ago

      Some terrorist would be really interested at that point. As you could thearetically make dirty nuclear bombs out of it. So the mission about storing it safely would fail

  • bpcaferacer 1977
    bpcaferacer 1977 5 days ago

    500 000 people helped with the clean up in 50 deaths is the biggest lie in the world.

  • SamDJayRob Gaming
    SamDJayRob Gaming 5 days ago

    To keep the information to go on, just force every school what radiation does and what harm they caused once.

  • Kara Tompkins
    Kara Tompkins 5 days ago

    Humans will be around forever we are the most intelligent and we have the will to survive human race won't go away fir a very long time.

  • Zero00098
    Zero00098 5 days ago

    Blast it into space.

    • tuukka aro
      tuukka aro 3 hours ago

      That would use up more energy than the nuclear plant produced along that waste.

  • Nguyễn Duy Bân
    Nguyễn Duy Bân 5 days ago

    Could you include the source of information you mentioned
    thank you in advanced!!

  • JD Tug
    JD Tug 6 days ago +4

    There is a lot of fallacies, inaccuracies and politics mixed into that video. Tis really misrepresenting the whole nuclear thing for clicks, I feel. Tis an opinion, I don't care to debate or fight for it, just wanting to warn fellow critical thinkers to look way beyond this. ^.^

    RED CHERRY 69 6 days ago

    shoot it at the sun....

  • __
    __ 6 days ago


  • Super Spitfire
    Super Spitfire 6 days ago

    Thorium creates less waste and isn't dangerous without a secondary element to activate it. It seems safer

  • requiemsama
    requiemsama 6 days ago +2

    If humanity or any species in our local cluster a million years from now cannot find a means to control ionizing radiation then it is perfectly acceptable for said species to come to its own demise.
    Life is trifling in a millennium.

  • hotmojoe.
    hotmojoe. 7 days ago +8

    5:45 “It fell, and so too will the West.”
    *_the CIA wants to know your location_*

  • Olga Sergeyeva
    Olga Sergeyeva 7 days ago +2

    Don't say "the danger" because it will make us curious what "the danger" is.

  • Olga Sergeyeva
    Olga Sergeyeva 7 days ago

    Why not send the nuclear waste into space?

  • nick w
    nick w 7 days ago

    Your missing a lot of information

  • Andy Madden
    Andy Madden 7 days ago

    Play the video at 0.25x or 2x speed. You'll enjoy it.

  • Broken Tangent
    Broken Tangent 7 days ago +1

    I have a stupid question...
    If fission is so inherently dirty/dangerous--how close are we to a possible fusion based reactor? It already exists in nuclear bombs, so couldn't they pull it off in a controlled way in a reactor? Similar to how the Sun produces much of its energy?
    Wouldn't fusion be a bit cleaner?

    • FotY
      FotY 7 days ago

      You need to put more energy in then you get out.

  • The MaCe's Cars and Guitars

    You said only 2 nuclear global issues? You said Chernobyl and Fukushima... you missed 3 mile island... Some say 3 mile island was the worst of them all...

    • LoneDog 41
      LoneDog 41 5 days ago

      Kyshtym (Mayak) was also missed. Really the third most serious after Chernobyl and Fukushima.

  • Rax Savvage
    Rax Savvage 8 days ago

    so why not lob them into one of the gas giants?

  • Adam202
    Adam202 9 days ago

    This video is trash.

  • Blinding Bird
    Blinding Bird 9 days ago

    Solution! Throw it in the earth core! The earth will use that leftover radiation sufficiently!

  • Dr. Jonas Venture
    Dr. Jonas Venture 9 days ago

    If humans are forgotten on our own planet, then we should make it look inviting to aliens. Because fuck em.

  • Max Power
    Max Power 9 days ago

    Build a space elevator and send the waste into deep space or the sun.

    • Max Power
      Max Power 7 days ago

      +FotY With a space elevator you solve the problem of getting heavy loads to space which makes further navigation in space much easier.

    • FotY
      FotY 7 days ago

      its incredible difficult to shoot something into the sun

  • Ahmad Yousef
    Ahmad Yousef 9 days ago

    Why don't they ship it to outer space?!

    • tuukka aro
      tuukka aro 3 hours ago

      That would use up more energy than the nuclear plant produced along with that waste.

  • Acel Shock
    Acel Shock 10 days ago

    What if future people see this text and think we're hiding things from them?

  • Devin Crum
    Devin Crum 10 days ago

    Great video. I love Wendover Productions! I hope you keep making more and more videos, because I've watched almost all of the existing videos for this channel as well as your other one.

  • afonsords
    afonsords 10 days ago +4

    Heck, that message made *me* curious to go in there and I know it's freaking deadly.

    • Stormboxer
      Stormboxer 2 hours ago +1

      Exactly some person or something won’t give a shit and will go in there anyway

    RXTORRE 10 days ago

    What a ridiculous video. Let’s address the waste that we don’t control, pollution. How many millions die every year from that waste? Yet, we accept it. We allow Chernobyl, Three mile, and Fukushima to define our response to this climate emergency because a few hundred people died as a result, yet we disregard the thousands that die every single day to the pollution of our water and air by petrol products. The scaremongering in this stupid video is strong, “hmmm fuck, well, in 10,000 years some lizard human hybrid might be curious.”

  • Christophe na Champassak
    Christophe na Champassak 10 days ago +1

    Anti-intellectualism masquerading as an informative video... I know I shouldn't be disappointed but this really hurts me

    • Matwell
      Matwell 10 days ago

      Exactly why this is anti intellectualism?

  • Allen H
    Allen H 10 days ago +1

    Maybe human can heal radiation sickness after few hundred years

  • Tony B
    Tony B 10 days ago

    Just use thorium instead of uranium

  • ΛΪνΐηβάΙνιή321

    Why dont we just send them to mars?

    • Crank1222
      Crank1222 9 days ago

      why dont we send you to mars?

  • ΛΪνΐηβάΙνιή321

    What about that man and his mom in Chernobyl

  • Smoos54
    Smoos54 11 days ago

    Never studied nuclear science and i can easily say that the video is inaccurate. Many wrong informations with false statements. A waste of time.

  • Big Boi Choi
    Big Boi Choi 11 days ago

    Launch em all to space

  • Paul McGreevy
    Paul McGreevy 11 days ago

    People are pretty dumb if they don't think that within a 100 years or so this waste will be wanted again for energy production. Put it in a cave until its needed again.

  • Matthew Jordison
    Matthew Jordison 11 days ago

    Had to dislike this video for the same reason as other more knowledgeable people in the comments believe it or not. The reason a lot of people are rude about this is because its truly a big deal. When at the time of making this comment this video has almost 2 million views, it can have an impact. The misinformation on nuclear here is unfortunate and only hurts climate change. Hopefully nuclear will finally get its chance and we can have cleaner energy that will give us more breathing room.

  • MaximusX45-1911
    MaximusX45-1911 11 days ago

    Who cares we will all be dead...

  • Omar
    Omar 11 days ago

    Serious question. If nuclear waste has enough power to boil water why don't we create low power reactors to continue getting energy from those rods? It it's still boiling water it can still send steam to the turbines which can still create power. Why isn't it done?

    • Markus Wierer
      Markus Wierer 10 days ago
      It could be done already, wouldn't it had been for the scare tactics of "evironmentalists" on one side and the need for weapons grade material of the nuclear weapons wielding nations on the other.
      Maybe they will arrive "soon", but to be honest, judging by the average voter and the unwillingness of the average politician to address emotionally uncomfortable topics with hard science facts, most of us will suffer or die from global warming before that happens. Which could have been prevented or at least slowed down if nuclear power was used and researched without the whole emotional shit around it.
      The video above is a good example of the missinformation and fear that is going to fuck us as a species.

  • 44R0Ndin
    44R0Ndin 12 days ago

    Here we go, another "scientist" afraid of the OTHER N-word (the word is "Nuclear", obviously).

    I have a better way to dispose of that waste. It might be more expensive, but it is orders of magnitude safer in the extreme long term (10k years or more).
    There are places both on the bottom of the ocean and on land where tectonic plates slip over each other, with the lower one being forced into the magma layer of the Earth. These places are called subduction zones. If you bury the waste in the tectonic plate that is being forced under the surface of the earth, you essentially bury it in a place that is moving deeper in to the earth's crust every year, eventually becoming so deep that it is impossible to dig it out of the ground. These zones are almost always seismically active, which is often thought to disqualify them as a place to store nuclear waste. However, in this case the seismic activity works to assist in burying the waste deeper and deeper.

    However again, I don't think we should be getting rid of nuclear "waste" at all. Despite what this video says, it still contains most of the enriched uranium it was made with, as well as a useful amount of Plutonium-239. The problem is that certain products of the fission reactions work to slow and/or stop the nuclear chain reaction that a reactor depends on to create power.

    Therefore, a much better but more controversial solution is to invest in nuclear fuel reprocessing and breeder reactors. This is controversial because of the risk of nuclear weapons proliferation, nuclear reprocessing and breeder reactors can be used to create Plutonium-239 which is at the heart of many nuclear and thermonuclear weapons.

    However, instead of only using the tiny fraction of uranium that is fissile U-235, breeder reactors combined with fuel reprocessing can use ALL the uranium mined, as well as the Pu-239 produced by bombarding U-238 with neutrons. Breeder reactors can even use "depleted" uranium (U-238 without the U-235 found in natural uranium) as fuel to create Plutonium. There are also breeder reactors that will run off of natural uranium metal with zero enrichment, provided a small amount of enriched uranium to start the reaction.
    I can see no reason why the UN countries which are officially recognized as having nuclear weapons should not be able to reprocess their spent nuclear fuel, and the spent nuclear fuel of other nation's reactors, and provide fresh fuel rods to other countries non-breeder reactors as well as their own (MOX fuel as currently created from decommissioning nuclear weapons can just as easily be created from PU-239 and U-235 that have not ever been part of a nuclear weapon).
    Disposal of waste from nuclear reprocessing and breeder reactors is much easier than disposal of fuel rods that have only been used once and are still furiously radioactive. The waste produced by nuclear reprocessing and breeder reactors is either of such a short half life that it needs to be stored for 10 to 100 years (high level waste), or of such a long half life that it does not produce much more radiation than is normally found in nature. Fuel rods from a non-breeder reactor have the unfortunate characteristic of falling right between those two categories and getting the worst of both, being both radioactive enough that it can kill, and not having a short enough half life to be able to be held until it can be safely disposed of like "normal" toxic waste (uranium and plutonium are both still very toxic by chemical nature, even before thinking of radiation).
    My point is that fear of nuclear holocaust should not prevent us from disposing of the most toxic form of waste known to mankind. That is purely a civil and economic problem, not an engineering one.

    If a particularly hard to dispose of isotope is encountered, it can still be dealt with in what is called an "accelerator driven reactor" where there is no chain reaction, instead the neutrons to trigger fission are provided via a particle accelerator, and the heat from the fission is used to provide power as in a normal nuclear reactor (steam turbines), resulting in a net production of power from the entire system because the reactor produces more power than the particle accelerator consumes.

    The point I am trying to make is that we have the tools to solve this problem. The issue is that we as a species are too afraid to use them.
    If not present civilizations, hopefully future civilizations realize the true worth of this so called "waste" as a source of clean energy, despite all our warnings.
    Scientific knowledge isn't something that just disappears when a civilization falls. Even the science of the Greeks and Romans is well known to this day.
    For that reason, nuclear science is not something that will be forgotten, especially with the amount of significance we currently put on controlling it.

    I just pray that it takes a shorter amount of time for us to get comfortable with the idea of properly dealing with the nuclear fuel cycle than it took us to start getting comfortable with the idea of freedom of sexuality (that one has taken 4000 years and counting), or that slavery isn't a good idea.

  • SharkTech00
    SharkTech00 12 days ago

    3:56 so why you can't use nuclear waste?

  • Hemanth Kumar
    Hemanth Kumar 12 days ago

    Why can't we just send it of to mars or sun or somewhere outside space!!

  • bananatv
    bananatv 12 days ago

    the roman empire collapsed due to many parts, there government was a monarchy with the problem of the senate and the government seeming to be changing areas every 30 years (this was during the last 100 years of the empire) and for centuries the Romans were fighting the Germanic tribes of germania (Germany are the Germanic areas like Austria and hense forth) and with Constantine moving the capital of Rome to Constantinople (Istanbul or before Constantine Byzantium) and the germanic tribes were better at war than the romans and when they made there great migration (when they invated rome) they sweped across france, swizerland, spain and itally and at the same time the huns came craching into the romans and the germanic tribes and destroyed alot of stuff but part of the bulkans, the middle east and turcky wern't as efected and in which italy fell france (or gaul) the Iberia which later became the bizantine empire as historians would call it but the roman senate and the emporer were in constantinopal so they servived the slaghter in western europe and the bizantine empire was destroyed after some stuff with crusades and turks conquering the areas and forming the ottoman empire which for a centure or 2 majorly effected eroupe and was a major factor in why colonialism became a thing.

  • Dan MacLennan
    Dan MacLennan 12 days ago +1

    Languages haven't changed that much since the printing press and dictionary. I find it more likely that modern languages survive than that the knowledge of the site survives. The former is almost necessary for the latter if you leave the site unmarked.

  • MrSparkle404
    MrSparkle404 13 days ago +1


  • Kjetil Hansen
    Kjetil Hansen 13 days ago +2

    "Do not open. Extremely toxic waste"

  • Brandan Baggett
    Brandan Baggett 14 days ago +1

    There’s a lot more uranium then that

  • Sami
    Sami 14 days ago +2

    But they have long term storage in Finland.

  • Penzija Mirovinić
    Penzija Mirovinić 14 days ago +3

    is it possible to convey message by changing sign every hundred or so years? signs changes meaning, but if we could update them people would know

  • Typical PS4 Gamer Z
    Typical PS4 Gamer Z 14 days ago +3

    “Humans made it but a mouse would never build a mouse trap”

  • Trident Gum
    Trident Gum 14 days ago +1

    *cough cough* this could (most likely is) a complete lie because you don’t even show any evidence

  • Grand Flex Johnson: John Jhon Jon Jonathan IV

    to have a warning just add a picture of used uranium atoms and what they do (smash into eachother)

  • Dominic Fastbender
    Dominic Fastbender 14 days ago

    Why the hell are we not using thorium salt reactors. It is ridiculous.

  • tolgahann susur
    tolgahann susur 14 days ago +1

    Another bullshitty video on youtube waste. This video is selecting worst option of nuclear power while describing it. They have no idea about current nuclear technology. They have no idea how many people have died because governments used coal and solar power instead of nuclear. Every year millions of people dying and having cancer because of these bullshitty concerns...

    • tolgahann susur
      tolgahann susur 12 days ago

      +Gilles i talked about nuclear waste also. There are many ways to store and even recycle... It is obvious this content has purpose of encouraging people to hate nuclear energy by showing worst and oldest methods...

    • Gilles
      Gilles 12 days ago

      Not true. The title of the video is about NUCLEAR WASTE, not about the advantages of nuclear energy.

  • Scott Henrie
    Scott Henrie 14 days ago

    Except carbon dioxide isn't a greenhouse gas. Al Gore's retarded movie proves it, if you move the lines for Earth's temperature and levels of CO2 together you'll see that levels of CO2 increased several hundred years after the temperature increased.

  • Cool
    Cool 14 days ago

    thanks to feminist governments the west is falling as we live

  • NegativeImpact1 _
    NegativeImpact1 _ 14 days ago

    Yeah um one language that will be understood for all of eternity is math....look at the plaques we put on the Voyager satellites in case they are encountered by aliens

  • Mekhi Jordan
    Mekhi Jordan 14 days ago

    Shoot the fuckers outta orbit and into deep space expensive yet effective

    • Gilles
      Gilles 12 days ago

      Nope, they will just stay in orbit unless we try to get them out of the solar system, which costs A LOT MORE energy, not realistic.

  • Cole Morgan
    Cole Morgan 15 days ago +1

    5:20 lmao the irony of showing France

  • kobold
    kobold 15 days ago

    Just send nuclear waste in space xD

  • ElGovanni
    ElGovanni 15 days ago +1

    5:20 just develop rockets and send trash to the sun. That's why this kind of storage is temporary.

  • Evren Saygın
    Evren Saygın 15 days ago

    I am getting horizon zero dawn vibes from this video. Humans hundreds of thousands year ago might think this is a site of a powerful god or demon and may want to dig this place to command more power.

  • Baruchas
    Baruchas 15 days ago

    That message is so condescending.

  • buryitdeep
    buryitdeep 15 days ago

    Imagine when we raided the pyramids we unleashed something equivalent?

  • M G
    M G 15 days ago +4

    There is so much that is misconstrued, and draws the wrong conclusion

  • Newman64
    Newman64 15 days ago

    why not just buid a ton of plants in antarctica ... oh wait ... god damn it antarctic treaty!

  • Woltemade
    Woltemade 16 days ago +1

    Fukushima wasn't the fault of human negligence, Chernobyl happened because of communist pressure. You paint a biased picture.

  • Yaroslav Broda
    Yaroslav Broda 16 days ago

    I recall an article I read in National Geographic waaaay back about the Yucca Mountain facility. If I'm not mistaken, it said that only 3% of the fuel in a fuel rod is consumed but since the spent fuel is completely mixed in with the good fuel the whole thing is considered "spent". It seems that the solution is to constantly re-refine the 97% (so easy to say... probably near impossible in practice) to both reduce nuclear waste and extend the supply. Also, you didn't mention the many, more modern, nuclear technologies that don't rely on Uranium.

  • MWB Gaming
    MWB Gaming 16 days ago +1

    just dump it all on the middle east, they will die of radiation poisoning before they could build a bomb with it

  • T trash
    T trash 16 days ago

    yall tried duck tape and spit? works like a charm

    • A Person
      A Person 15 days ago

      Don't forget zip ties!

  • Zane Andersen
    Zane Andersen 16 days ago

    There is actually another method of disposing much of the deadly radioactive particles in the waste. I don't know to much about it and it is likely still being either developed or tested, but the idea is that you can filter out the still good uranium and turn it back into fuel. The rest of the waste then has a much shorter lifespan.

    There is also another method for prolonging nuclear fuel use. The idea is to turn a useless uranium isotope (which is also happens to be the most common isotope on earth of uranium) and turn it into plutonium. It is pretty much done the same way that we created the fat man bomb, only have the plutonium undergo fission while it is still in the reactor rather than collect it and blue everything up.

  • Aiben Sammels
    Aiben Sammels 16 days ago

    Why not?
    Don't dig here! Nuclear waste is buried. Because it's extremely uncharacteristic of humans to be draw to explore the unknown. Lol I can see how the west isn't going to be around much longer with that attitude.

  • Hard Head
    Hard Head 16 days ago

    Why don’t we just throw our pollution and nuclear wast into space we’re it will never be seen again

    • Hard Head
      Hard Head 13 days ago

      Or how about we shoot it up there with a huge rail gun

    • David Jackson, II
      David Jackson, II 13 days ago

      Getting it up there presents a huge risk, what happens if the rocket blows up on the pad or in flight?