The Nuclear Waste Problem


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  • Gordon Ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay 18 hours ago

    They failed, that message makes me damn curious as to what the fuck is in this hole

  • Imran Arafin
    Imran Arafin 19 hours ago

    Use the Egypt tomb language , they used images so that we may understand . Maybe Build a Pyramid over it so that in future they make it a tourist site instead of destroying it and searching for what's underneath it . Oh , maybe they Egyptians did the same thing too !

  • Gordon Ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay 19 hours ago

    Wait so, they use the rods to heat water, boil it, and that makes the energy. So they then take the rods, call it waste, then put it in more water, and cool it so it doesn't create steam...dude just take the "waste" and use it as more fuel?

  • Edits On Imovie
    Edits On Imovie 20 hours ago

    how the fuck did a nuclear waste video make me question my existance

  • paul .dijstel
    paul .dijstel 22 hours ago

    that was absolutely brilliant!

  • Fraxer Plays
    Fraxer Plays Day ago +1

    but finland doesnt exist

  • pkramerable
    pkramerable Day ago

    While working in at TMI, I came across a report on the accident. It's summary stated that it didn't matter what they did with the waste. That mankind would be gone. The report was written by scientists, mathematicians and so on. So........?

  • Elysium
    Elysium Day ago

    as an archeologist of the future, that's just gonna make us wanna go in even more.

  • Sir Sog Muffins
    Sir Sog Muffins Day ago


  • Bob Woodward
    Bob Woodward Day ago +1

    That warning will make future dwellers think radiation is a mythical super weapon. IMO they should have just left it unmarked.

  • mark m.
    mark m. Day ago

    the statements made are not accurate. this site is portraying storage of nuclear waste from an accident as normal procedure for normal operation of a nuclear plants. ALIENS digging up nuclear waste that is stored in a hypothetical situation? i must delete this silly channel.

  • PS4PROGamingVideos

    Great video . Thankyou

  • Tobi K
    Tobi K 2 days ago

    Honestly, if some new species in the future would be able to dig out the nuclear waste, they would have the intelligence to understand those pictograms. its not like the neandethals could dig 1500feet deep into rock, and even they could maybe understand those signs and pictograms i believe. its very interesting yes, but they are overthinking it.

  • Brutus Tan
    Brutus Tan 2 days ago

    While all you people argue against his nuclear waste stance, a better and missed opportunity (maybe he should repost it as a separate half as interesting video) is the Indiana Jones like Cryptic Warning Message. Future Rosetta Stone and/or something for the future generation version of Indiana Jones

  • Robert Hudson
    Robert Hudson 2 days ago

    why don't we create more energy with all that radiation

  • theking8356
    theking8356 2 days ago

    Imagine the acient Egyptians writing a message like that to us now. We'd still open it thinking it's a religious spiritual thing lol.

  • Jopu 700
    Jopu 700 3 days ago

    Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan

  • Ryan Kelly
    Ryan Kelly 3 days ago

    This all sounds way better then fossil fuels why don't we just cross the waste bridge when we reach it

  • The Wet Bandit
    The Wet Bandit 3 days ago

    shoot it into space, GG EZ

  • Luonto dokumentteja kaiken ikäisille

    Or just simply use Thorium

    • cfltheman
      cfltheman Day ago

      It was considered at one point, but it was a lot easier to make weapons using the bi products from using uranium.

  • West PT
    West PT 4 days ago

    can we send'em to a plannet wich we will never go to like a gas giant or mercury?

  • The Stig's American Cousin

    why can't we just yeet those fuckers into space?

  • Edgekin
    Edgekin 5 days ago

    After reading that message, future governments:
    "Can this power be mastered?"

  • MrFluffyribs
    MrFluffyribs 5 days ago

    Shoot it into space. Better then killing everyone to make sure it doesn’t hurt anyone

  • Max Swenson
    Max Swenson 5 days ago

    Videos like this NEVER talk about how advanced new nuclear power generation plants are, that it is practically impossible for them to melt down and they create almost no waste. The latest generation of nuclear reactors would actually use old nuclear waste as the raw material to create fuel rods for for their reactors. The world could have virtually limitless electrical power that is clean and cheap if current facts on nuclear power plants was widely known.

  • SergioMartelli
    SergioMartelli 6 days ago

    I have an idea: Take all the hot rods and deposite them in Antartica, in a very deep hole, where the ice will impede any radiation for ever. No maintenance required.
    Then we can replace all out coal and oil powered electric plants with nuclear energy, create trillion dollar industries, jobs, and when the last fuel rod is spent in 230 years, by then we will have already discovered the next clean energy source.

  • Nick Grishin
    Nick Grishin 6 days ago

    If humans die off like you're certain we will, (dumbass assertion, we have no clue what the future holds) I don't give a shit how irradiated earth becomes.

  • King Miharbi
    King Miharbi 6 days ago

    Can't we just blast it into space?

  • Philip Moumouris
    Philip Moumouris 6 days ago

    Just launch it into the sun, who fkn cares?

  • Matt Lloyd
    Matt Lloyd 6 days ago

    Tho the amount of co2 from a coal powered power plant isn't a good thing for the planet. At the same time co2 is much more conducive for life than nuclear waste from over 400 nuclear power plants worldwide. We are a suicidal specie and we could save ourselves but the sadistic greedy powers that be won't have that. Money is the route to all evil and in this very case to the end of life except a few microbes!!!! We the people must take back control from the corrupt political parasites that will do anything for the useless green paper called money! The federal reserve and the act of lobbying will destroy the United States and we are witnessing its death as we speak in 2018!

  • First to Last
    First to Last 7 days ago

    why should we need those fucking power to be awaken,,, that we can not avoid,,,we are getting enough power from other source,,, if we need 1 percent of power from the neucler we will have to pay 99 percent from us

  • Aspley Stevens
    Aspley Stevens 7 days ago


  • Andrew Tan
    Andrew Tan 8 days ago

    What if we sent the waste to space?

    • Future Hindsight
      Future Hindsight 3 days ago

      It's expensive and dangerous. Rockets fail, orbits always come back to the source...

  • Summer Magic/Power Up

    Its just truly just just just truly truly

  • Robert Gitten
    Robert Gitten 9 days ago

    This video is glossing over how a lot of this is driven by fears of proliferation and that it is technically possible to close the nuclear fuel cycle and re-enrich the fuel.

  • Alan B'Stard M P
    Alan B'Stard M P 10 days ago

    Brilliant are the latest pain in the arse smothering the net with nonsense. Any money they'll line up youtubers to advertise

  • Mr Sealio
    Mr Sealio 10 days ago

    I really hope that there’s a place in Russia somewhere we don’t know about that the waist goes to. Cause really if we don’t know about it to us.. It’s non-exsitint.

  • 66kaisersoza
    66kaisersoza 11 days ago

    *Pushes nuclear waste under rug*

  • llgla
    llgla 11 days ago

    They can’t just put a ‘Don’t Open Dead Inside’ sign, I guess.

  • Fahrenheit4051
    Fahrenheit4051 11 days ago

    Funny how the warning message never uses the word "radioactivity" even though I'm sure all these languages have a word for it.

    • Fahrenheit4051
      Fahrenheit4051 3 days ago

      That's not the point. They wrote that phrase in a bunch of different languages, ALL of which will be outdated by 100,000 years, and it sounds more like a riddle than a warning. If they're going to do that, they might as well use the word radioactivity.

    • Future Hindsight
      Future Hindsight 3 days ago

      The waste is dangerous for 100,000 years, English speakers can't even read English from 500 years ago.

  • Fahrenheit4051
    Fahrenheit4051 11 days ago

    Digging down to bedrock and making branching tunnels? Sounds like Minecraft.

  • Cruzer's World of Retro Wonders

    Or use reverse psychology for the message. "Super interesting and valuable treasure right this way." The post-humans will think it's a trap and stay away.

  • Cruzer's World of Retro Wonders

    If humanity has ended, why do we need to care if the future ant overlords get harmed? They will find out anyway once they start dying when going there.

  • CMDR Pugbug
    CMDR Pugbug 11 days ago

    Why not use thorium

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 11 days ago

    2:03 looks like a burnt steak

  • Maxime K-G
    Maxime K-G 11 days ago +17

    Wait, but stonehenge, the pyramids of Giza and the statues on Christmas are super touristy these days because of how mysterious they are. If we build something like a "spike field" or "forbidding blocks". I think that it's only natural that future societies will also flock there in huge numbers to experience and better understand them. I don't think that that is really what we want, especially with radiation!

  • Josh Stakey
    Josh Stakey 11 days ago

    The message saying danger says find me open me up you stupid idiots.

  • DimiGamingHD
    DimiGamingHD 12 days ago

    chuck it in space

  • /V I G G E R
    /V I G G E R 12 days ago

    just dont put muslims near those things and we wont have to worry about maintenance "errors"

  • Sleep Walker
    Sleep Walker 12 days ago

    drop it in a volcano?

  • setio ryski
    setio ryski 12 days ago

    what if people from future think that thing(nuclear waste) is dangerous magic, and want to posses it.
    they still want open it,

  • lol wut
    lol wut 12 days ago

    we dont need nuclear energy, all we have to do is make a perpetual motion machine which will supply infinite energy, duh.

  • Sergio Saunier
    Sergio Saunier 12 days ago

    Think about it for a moment: in less than one century mankind unleashed something so lethal as to stay that way for one thousand centuries. Now let that sink in. What a disgraceful heritage.

  • Aurelious Maximus
    Aurelious Maximus 12 days ago

    Nigga the egyptians would tells us that warnings dont mean shit
    White people like me or to be more specific Westerners of all backgrounds will learn that as well
    But we will not be around

  • Classy Rays
    Classy Rays 12 days ago

    I KNOW WHAT TO DO!! Rocket the rods into space! XD

  • James Waber
    James Waber 12 days ago

    create a second-stage nuke plant to harvest the energy released by the cooling rods and process the rods into a more stable waste material and then you literally can throw it into space, serioulsy

  • That One guy
    That One guy 13 days ago

    put it in the recycle bin and boom, nuclear waste gone...

  • James Robertson
    James Robertson 13 days ago

    You forgot three mile island
    Pennsylvania 1979 it is the biggest cover-up thank you Jimmy Carter and govern thornburg .yes people died leukima. Thyroid cancer. History covered up !! may you God for this and the people you murdered!!!

  • Abel Valdez
    Abel Valdez 14 days ago

    Put the Nuclear waste in a Radiation protected rocket and fly it out to space! Space is nothing but radiation anyways!

  • Nick Alvarado
    Nick Alvarado 14 days ago

    Why not convey the message in a language from a culture of people that is not a part of modern society, who knows if they are the ones who survive all of modern day mistakes.

  • Gembi Wembi
    Gembi Wembi 14 days ago

    Nuclear waste is pretty terrifying because once it out, its out... and you can't do anything about it until it dissipates. My only question is, are they going to have enough room down there in those pits for all of it? We probably have to dig more... but they should probably stay in the same area just in case. If one nuclear waste goes off, then at least no one will touch the other ones.

  • P Ward
    P Ward 15 days ago

    This analysis is seriously, terribly wrong. There are 12 steps to the process.
    The Nuclear Carbon Footprint: Each step costs millions of dollars and utilizes millions of tons of carbon. Each step requires specialized heavy equipment (which uses diesel fuel and electricity) and destroys a new part of the environment. Each step requires factories that are a terrorist target and an ongoing threat of radiation poisoning.
    Step 1 - Exploration
    Step 2 - Mining
    Step 3 - Milling
    Step 4 - Processing
    Step 5 - Enrichment
    Step 6 - Fuel Fabrication
    Step 7 - Fuel Assembly
    Step 8 - Reactor
    Step 9 - Spent Assembly
    Step 10 - Interim Storage
    Step 11 - Reprocessing
    Step 12 - High Level Waste Disposal
    Nobody has ever done a true evaluation of the complete carbon footprint of nuclear energy. It is so dangerous that if the Price-Anderson Act were repealed everything would be immediately shut down. Don't forget to include the cost of cleaning up the environment around uranium mines and all these radioactive processing plants.

    • P Ward
      P Ward 15 days ago

      Also, government leaders are NOT honest about nuclear energy. No matter what they say, pretty much every country that acquires nuclear energy secretly develops nuclear bombs. Its the bombs they want. Without the power plants, nobody would agree to fund the 12 steps outlined above. In other words, get rid of nuclear power and you will go a long way towards getting rid of nuclear bombs.

  • chrilletheboy
    chrilletheboy 15 days ago

    what if... we dropped it in the sea...? water help to contain radiation and it might boil the water after a while so the sea levels might drop(?) make a facility under water and just have water constantly go in? even if that worked we would still have to find permanent solution because we can't heat the water forever... just thinking loud

  • kf160k160
    kf160k160 15 days ago +1

    Oh believe me. The rate of nuclear power usage is increasing every year. By the time of future generation, the nuclear waste is whole shit load and nothing new to them and probably think this is just another spent AAA battery.

  • Travis rooba
    Travis rooba 15 days ago

    At the rate where going probably we'll all be dead before someone digs it up....

  • Ian Nicol
    Ian Nicol 15 days ago

    Just send them to the damn moon

  • Thierry Herreman
    Thierry Herreman 15 days ago

    No such thing as 'nuclear waste'. You simply re-use it.

  • Emilthehun
    Emilthehun 15 days ago

    That msg make me lol. If we read such warnings today , we would be even more keen to opening it up.

  • jason docherty
    jason docherty 16 days ago


  • Sergey Sharapov
    Sergey Sharapov 16 days ago

    That got scary there for a second

  • James
    James 17 days ago

    I didn't know Wendover can give existential crisis too.

  • John Quill Taylor
    John Quill Taylor 17 days ago

    OMG The Aliens will not only eat all of our nuclear waste for breakfast, but then they will probably have sex with it!

  • First Class Mong
    First Class Mong 18 days ago


  • tobigforyou
    tobigforyou 18 days ago

    Come on. You're smarter than this. There are more efficient designs for nuclear reactors that actually use "nuclear waste" as fuel.
    Look up Transatomic, and TerraPower.

  • Parker Freeland
    Parker Freeland 18 days ago

    Throw it into space

  • Copper Hamster
    Copper Hamster 18 days ago

    1. Uranium exists in sea water at a concentration that can currently be extracted at roughly 40% more expense than mining it out of the ground. And that's improving. The concentration is stabilized by interactions with the deep sea basins. Basically, it's more or less fixed. We would have to extract enough uranium from the sea water to supply 30x our current global power usage continually to have that concentration diminish by 1% in the next century.
    So we won't be running out.
    2. In 8 years the fuel 'burn up' depletes the useful fissile material by 60%. At that point a commercial reactor no longer has enough safely usable reactivity to run anymore on those rods. The uranium which is important (235) in those rods is still nearly 4x as concentrated as the uranium removed from the ground. But most countries that process uranium into fuel don't reprocess uranium because the technology for reprocessing is a weapon proliferation risk. Mind you it's the same equipment for processing it into fuel in the first place. And most of the countries that work with the stuff already have nuclear weapons. But .... yeah.
    Separating the waste would be a good idea. Some can be recycled. The most 'currently' dangerous is the highly radioactive stuff which, ironically, becomes much safer in a very short time. Decades. The 'needs 100000 year storage' stuff is often less toxic as a radioactive material than it is as a super heavy metal. You can carry it around in your pocket if it's sealed so you don't breath any of it in.
    Finally, there is the volume issue. Near me is a nuclear plant being deconstructed. A 'big deal' is they have 88,000 tons of nuclear material in dry cask storage.
    Eighty Eight thousand tons.
    My god!
    A smaller power output coal plant in my state had a partial failure of a fly ash retention pond dam 7-8 years ago.
    It spilled ~18 million tons of fly ash, which includes such fun things as arsenic, mercury, and all sorts of other goodies, into a major water supply river.
    There are 5 ponds for that one plant.
    A toxic slurry of arsenic and mercury is never not going to be toxic.
    Which of these would YOU rather have to deal with disposing of?

  • General Atomics Gaming Co.

    Who cares? Just let the Aliens get to it to teach those dummies a lesson that : STOP INVADING EARTH

  • Mohamed Rida Bourhila
    Mohamed Rida Bourhila 18 days ago

    every continent launches a rocket to space towards the sun every year with nuclear waste as payload and satellite as by product.
    Or dumb it in nuclear hazardous test sites since they are fucked up
    note that Italian mafia dumped the radioactive waste (not from powerplants) in the atlantic Mediterranean and the poor hungry wartorn Somalis coast.

  • Wesley P
    Wesley P 18 days ago

    or.. you could just build a thorium reactor and burn the waste off to get more energy from it thorium reactors can burn almost any kind of nuclear and radioactive material all the way. it doesnt make nuclear waste and isnt a threat to people because it cannot melt down. the stupidity of people and politicians is amazing sometimes.

  • EliteRowmaster
    EliteRowmaster 18 days ago

    @5:45 *FBI surveillance intensifies*

  • Felix
    Felix 18 days ago

    Take a remote place in for example the sahara, drill a hole 3 miles deep and bury all of the waste, then fill it up with water and close the hole with the once removed sand/stone.

  • Felix
    Felix 18 days ago

    Ok, why dont you just tear down the whole thing and let nature take over to cover the site. If you argument that a future civilasation dont understand our languages, then you cant say that the option of letting nature take over is impossible because there are records of the place...

  • Bondy
    Bondy 19 days ago

    @ 4:12 Why can't they continue to tap the heat energy from the used fuel rods? i.e. using Sterling engine heat cycle?

  • DeepBlue
    DeepBlue 19 days ago

    The West will never fall!!@

  • Steve S
    Steve S 19 days ago

    Hi I'm Steve-O and welcome to Jackass. This is the nuclear containment challenge

  • mad lad
    mad lad 21 day ago

    Surely if the used rods can make the water boil, it can make steam and still power a generator, why get rid of it?

  • John Masursky
    John Masursky 21 day ago

    How come no mention of recycling spent fuel to use up the transuranics(which are the real waste problem, not the daughter atoms)? And no mention that this is conceptually a scaled up version of the late1940s design US submarine reactor which had a totally different mission. There are literally 1000s of ways to do nuclear fission power. Why no mention of say, molten salt rectors that use fertile Thorium to breed U233?
    This video sounds like a rant from 1970s far left English majors.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 22 days ago

    This is dumb as shit.

  • Zach Crawford
    Zach Crawford 22 days ago

    This is not an attack on this video but on the nuclear industry.
    If there is enough power left in the spent uranium rods to boil water, why the actual f*** are we not using them to generate power in a secondary reactor!? This "problem" is beyond bullshit, even if the rods couldn't boil water anymore, they could be used to heat water that could be transmitted through insulated pipes to heat buildings or entire cities or the rods could at the very least be surrounded by thermal electric generators to generate electricity.

  • Mario Grasl
    Mario Grasl 22 days ago

    people:Where do we put radioactive waste ?
    Finland: Bruh just burry it in the ground.

  • Brian C
    Brian C 23 days ago

    We could just build a wall to keep the waste out.

  • Justin Okraski
    Justin Okraski 24 days ago

    We should leave them instructions for how to protect themselves as they enter additional layers, maybe even include some PPE to safely travel into the facility.

  • yaggle fraggle
    yaggle fraggle 25 days ago

    Can't they use a refrigerant with a low boiling point instead of water to make the uranium useful longer?

  • QuickDraw
    QuickDraw 25 days ago

    Throw it into space bro easy

  • Daniel
    Daniel 26 days ago

    What if Jupiter was our dumping ground

  • Diszzle die Shiszzle
    Diszzle die Shiszzle 26 days ago

    Is there a problem about putting the waste just in space, like dunno fireing it into the sun ? :D seriously.

  • David Grove
    David Grove 26 days ago

    Nuclear energy is NOT CLEAN ENERGY! How can you say it is more clean than Solar?!?
    Get a clue and stop spreading the nuclear industry's lies!
    The last two nuclear plants under construction in the country are dying in debt and will be canceled.
    We will kill nuclear along with coal.

  • TheRealShroom
    TheRealShroom 26 days ago

    "Fukushima didn't release significant amounts of radiation" Buhahahahahahahaa. Google babies born on US West coast with thyroid issues, not long after the Fukushima accident the rates went way up! Nuclear power is not clean. Not when you don't leave out the waste. Plants like C02. They don't like nuclear waste!!!!

    • TheRealShroom
      TheRealShroom 26 days ago

      Electric cars aren't clean either. They use electricity that came from somewhere. Usually coal and nuclear power.

  • Mounir Ben
    Mounir Ben 26 days ago

    Shit this is really depressing ......

  • Jody Watkins
    Jody Watkins 26 days ago

    ya hes not a atheist