The Nuclear Waste Problem


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  • Chanelle Boudreau
    Chanelle Boudreau 4 hours ago

    If future humans are anything like us, that message will only serve as an enticement to see what's inside.

  • Ian Cocking
    Ian Cocking 4 hours ago

    Very disappointing video. The Finish repository and Yuca Mountain etc are just political projects. It would be madness to bury anything other than the fission products (which decay to background levels in 300-500 years so hardly the 100,000 year problem). There is a ton of useful stuff in spent nuclear fuel. I seriously doubt these repositories will ever be used once we progress beyond light water reactors. Breeder reactors and Molten salt reactors will be craving all that Nuclear 'Waste' and Depleted Uranium for fuel once they become fully commercialised.

  • Logan Torres
    Logan Torres 7 hours ago

    I know this video is super old, but Fukushima was a unicorn of a disaster. It had to be hit by both a 10.0 earthquake AND be submerged by a 30' tsunami before it could even reach a point of critical meltdown, and only then two people died of unrelated causes.

  • Pasdar
    Pasdar 8 hours ago

    arabic will be understood for sure. Muslims are not allowed to change to Quran so it will stay in the same words for as long muslims exists
    So if its written in Arabic i think even in 2000 years people will understand it just like we today understand the roman latin of this long faded empire.

  • Jaii Raph
    Jaii Raph 10 hours ago +1

    8:30 oh, good so they still speak our languages then. this is the major concern - maybe people in 100'000 yrs time. the pyramids & traps and a whole desert did not scare us away: remember the 'BEWARE' caves from labyrinth.
    Green lunatics. Put 5mins into climate change models and counterpoint instead, and make companies pay tax, and no one able to have a trillion dollars. Idiots.

  • Jaii Raph
    Jaii Raph 11 hours ago +1

    i dont understand, just put it back where you got it. the holes in the ground are still there. make it part of getting the initial contract.

  • Ivaylo Ivanov
    Ivaylo Ivanov 11 hours ago

    You didn't mention Thorium or Molten Salt reactors. They will solve the problem.

  • Ash SilverWizard
    Ash SilverWizard 12 hours ago

    There are some bad science in this video.
    Even the most highly radioactive waste becomes as dangerous as the original ore in ~10 000 years.
    The period of most danger is during the first 50 or so years. This is when its stored in temporary facilities.
    4th generation reactors and/or reprocessing reduces the amount of waste from the current yearly world production
    of waste, that can fit in a Olympic swimming pool, to about 10% of what it currently is.
    Many 4th generation reactors produce waste that is only dangerous for ~ 300 years not thousands.
    a Lot of chemical waste is dangerous for thousands of years or even indefinitely, its also produced in greater quantities.

  • Fritz
    Fritz 15 hours ago

    Wow, that danger message makes me even more curious.
    "An emanation of energy?" Cool, I could make some money out of this since they depleted all of the earths natural energy resources a thousand years ago.

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith 19 hours ago

    man, your ending was depressing..

  • DragonCat126
    DragonCat126 21 hour ago

    what if we find out how to use the waste to our advantage in the future, and the waste becomes very useful

  • Akatosh, Dragon-God of Time

    "Hmm, Zoflagk, come look at these spires in the ground. You know, if I was going to hide something important, I would use spikes and wire to cover it, wouldn't you? Bring over the plasma drill!"

  • Daniel Burroughs

    All I can say is Nevada does not want your Nuclear Waste.

  • Andy Lin
    Andy Lin Day ago

    why is nuclear waste not just thrown into volcanoes? then magma will melt the waste and fuse it into the rocks?? why doesn't that work?

  • Vern Evens
    Vern Evens Day ago


  • Simon Holmqvist
    Simon Holmqvist Day ago


  • Addisalem Tesfaye

    It is a good explanation .please , can i get the nuclear plant waste discharge treatment design unit ?

  • Chuck Milliken
    Chuck Milliken 2 days ago +6

    I don't think I have ever watched a video containing more false information and outright lies.

  • The_Right_Nut _
    The_Right_Nut _ 2 days ago

    The west will never fall you fucking commie

  • C Peeler
    C Peeler 2 days ago


  • Ps4 Pelaaja
    Ps4 Pelaaja 2 days ago +1

    Suomi on aina paras!

  • Denis Barnum
    Denis Barnum 2 days ago +1

    So how about, we give 1k-5k people all the material, needs, supplies, food and radioactive material. They all at once, go to an agreed upon place, without anyone knowing, and do the same thing their. Then when they get back, before they can contact anyone else, they are assassinated, (b0dies to prove they are dead). Kinda like how ghangis khan was buried. Where all 2k people who buried him also died.

  • WonderingAboutThat
    WonderingAboutThat 2 days ago +1

    Hence, avoid nuclear, use solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, etc.

  • W K
    W K 2 days ago +1

    send the nuclear waste to space... problem solved

    • Jizzy Dipper
      Jizzy Dipper 2 days ago +3

      hahaha imagine if the rockets blew up on takeoff?

    FORS4TAN 2 days ago

    If only energy could be created out of nothing right?

  • Kristjan Pani
    Kristjan Pani 3 days ago

    Why dont they just send the waste to outer space...?

    • aurelio madrid
      aurelio madrid 2 days ago +2

      Well the rockets might explode and all the nuclear waste will fall down and spread making a huge disaster.

    • Suck my Soup
      Suck my Soup 2 days ago +1

      Kristjan Pani expensive and dangerous

  • Derek Wall
    Derek Wall 3 days ago

    well if we conduct nuclear research into reusing high level nuclear waste by designing a way that can produce electrical energy from radiation then our electrical energy needs will be taken care of somewhat. hell they already have what are called radioisotope electrical generators which are used in deep space probes to give them electrical power

  • Gregory House
    Gregory House 3 days ago +1

    And why can't we just throw it into space!?

  • TheTayz
    TheTayz 4 days ago

    That stupid message is way too mysterious to not inspire curiosity. Just let it say "here lies a toxic waste product of past energy production."

  • TheTayz
    TheTayz 4 days ago

    If one of the biggest drawbacks of nuclear energy is some dumbass opening the waste 5,000 years later ... when's the next plant opening up? Better off going nuclear in the short-term if it's a powerful enough technology to prevent massive global warming.

  • J.R. W
    J.R. W 4 days ago

    I don't understand. Why don't we just bury it in Cleveland?

  • scarface matt
    scarface matt 5 days ago

    send nuclear waste on a one way flight into the sun

  • DarDuck
    DarDuck 5 days ago

    Suomi mainittu🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮

  • sebastian ramirez
    sebastian ramirez 5 days ago

    finland whats that??

  • im Jus St ChiLLin
    im Jus St ChiLLin 6 days ago

    I wish we would use nuclear energy for well everyday energy taking objects as supposed to using it for fear and power....

  • David S.
    David S. 6 days ago

    Wow. Ever hear of Generation 4 and 5 reactors? Talk about ignorance!

  • Harish Jeganathan
    Harish Jeganathan 6 days ago

    why cant we launch them in rockets into space

  • MHAustad X
    MHAustad X 7 days ago

    LMAO just put it in a Subnautica nuclear waste disposal

  • Solid Water
    Solid Water 7 days ago

    Fat gey

  • mario kart
    mario kart 8 days ago

    What we should do
    Is build a trap that destroys the entire planet if you look inside. That'll stop them getting radiation poisoning!

  • used_tissues
    used_tissues 8 days ago

    You maniacs........ You condemned us all..

  • Max Freedom
    Max Freedom 9 days ago +1

    Nuclear power is a Grand HOAX.
    There is no such thing as nuclear waste.
    Do the research. Or be a lemming. Your choice.

  • The Phantom Safety Pin

    Why don't we just launch the spent rods into space? Like, far into space? There's no danger to us out there, and probably no danger to anywhere else since we don't have any alien species near to earth.

  • Troels Hansen
    Troels Hansen 9 days ago

    This is some of the worst bollock I've ever heard on nuclear physics and history

  • trumpetperson11
    trumpetperson11 9 days ago +1

    Just tell Candice that Phineas and Ferb made the radiation, and it will all be gone before mom gets home.

  • Swag Horse
    Swag Horse 10 days ago

    Can't we just shoot it out into space. I know it would cost a hell of alot but it'd be cool

  • Kevin Moore
    Kevin Moore 10 days ago

    I agree with this idea, if we need to store nuclear fuel, however, we need to find a way to turn what makes this waste back into energy, other than the inefficacy of reprocessing, and the waste it leaves behind.

  • icard ph
    icard ph 10 days ago

    Elon Musk's SPACE X FALCON H-9 can transport those waste to Mars.
    Problem solved.
    (If only he abandons the plan for human to inhabit Mars)

  • krisb1701d
    krisb1701d 10 days ago

    What do you have to say about the nuclear humanist completely refuting and pointing out the falsification in this video?

  • Vallen Vega
    Vallen Vega 11 days ago

    uncomfortably existential near the end :(

  • Ivan Brady
    Ivan Brady 11 days ago

    Depleted uranium is only radioactive for about 10000 years though

  • Diego Solis
    Diego Solis 11 days ago

    Wait, if the water boils with waste why is not longer useful for moving turbines?

  • Sunshine
    Sunshine 11 days ago

    Now let's do the number of how many hundreds of thousands of people died - and still die - over decades due to oil, coal and other fossil powers. No one talks about that but OMG FOURTHOUSAND PEOPLE DIED BECAUSE OF CHERNOBYL! Chernobyl was a terrible disaster, but to criticize nuclear power today in general by using Chernobyl as an argument is like objecting traveling by plane because aircraft in the 1960's were comparably unsafe.
    And fuel rods aren't nuclear waste, that is one of the biggest misconceptions about all this.
    They are still a resource as they can and will be reused (uranium -> plutonium) in mixed fuel fuel rods containing uranium and plutonium.
    The actual amount of waste produced by nuclear power is a complete joke and we would never run into storage problems when we speak size/amount alone.
    Instead of demonizing and abolishing nuclear power, we would be best advised to research and use it, especially if we claim to be interested in protecting our eco system.

  • Chris Hall
    Chris Hall 11 days ago

    Why can't we make a giant hand cranked turbine that a thousand people turn at once, surely that can be worked out to be more efficient energy.

    And, while we're at it, why don't we take bikini bottom, and push it somewhere else?

  • Michael Langnes
    Michael Langnes 12 days ago

    how about not using nuclear stff

  • Trimon
    Trimon 12 days ago

    I honestly don't think this is an issue at all, just bury it and be done with it. Even if they bury it up which is extremely unlikely unless you give them reasons with all the moronic messages worst case is a couple of them die, they won't come back and they might even learn something new about physics.

  • pokrec
    pokrec 12 days ago

    The solution would be sending the spent fuel into the space, preferably straight into the Sun to perish eternally like a drop of poison in the infinite ocean of other poisons.

  • Luchingador
    Luchingador 12 days ago

    we been here.. Thorium...

  • mosipd
    mosipd 12 days ago

    Do you honestly think some advanced civilization, hundreds or even thousands of years later, won't know what to do with some random nuclear garbage left behind by what is essentially stone age humans? They'll simply dig it up, toss it in their Dyson Sphere, and go on with their day. I don't think we gotta worry about it, we're not that important.

  • Petrico94
    Petrico94 12 days ago

    It's starting to sound like science fiction, a highly advanced race trying to leave a universal message that this site is dangerous. Not just to humans in the near future, not just for our current languages, but now we're laying out the history of nuclear energy in pictographs, adding features to the landscape to look foreboding, much more than the usual radiation symbol which (I hope) most humans understand is bad. We could certainly just close it up and leave and whoever is dumb enough to drill in the area without talking to the locals who should have been informed about the toxic waste sarcophagus there or at least understand human language might as well get hit with the radiation, the goal is to just bury and forget the stuff is there until the half life runs out. But I do see the point, the goal is to make sure no one and nothing accidentally gets hurt by it or releases it into the environment.

  • Nicholas Littlejohn
    Nicholas Littlejohn 12 days ago +1

    Nuclear is about the most costly fuel possible, all on taxpayers.

  • nzoomed
    nzoomed 12 days ago

    So these used rods are still hot enough that they need cooling, yet cant produce usable energy? You think they could leave them in the reactor longer to use up more of the fuel.

  • Gabriel Caballero
    Gabriel Caballero 12 days ago

    Drink it, duh

  • adriank1211
    adriank1211 12 days ago

    you missed city-40, over 1 million people were affected by the disaster

  • Jaiden Jimenez
    Jaiden Jimenez 13 days ago

    Probably would have been an idea to at least *touch* on the subject of liquid-sodium cooled facilities. They're inherently meltdown-proof - a runaway reaction breaks the reaction with zero intervention. Also, these reactors can be fueled using spent nuclear waste - i.e. you're not consuming any new resources, and there's a 430,000 year supply already, sat in yards.
    Yes, the technology is still finalizing development and going through the lengthy process of regulatory approval, as well as financing, etc, but it's there and worth talking about as it answers a lot of problems.

  • Juan Ramos
    Juan Ramos 13 days ago

    ive learned more from wend over than i did at school.

  • Drake
    Drake 13 days ago

    That message would make me want to find out what the fuck is even in there even more lo

  • Arthur Gonzalez
    Arthur Gonzalez 13 days ago

    I'm sure an advanced alien race with interstellar travel capabilities has the capacity to deal with nuclear waste.
    Why don't we have SpaceX send it towards the sun anyway?

  • KomatiPoort
    KomatiPoort 13 days ago +1

    Not sure why but this part of the poem 'Ozymandias' by Horace Smith came to mind...
    We wonder, - and some Hunter may express
    Wonder like ours, when thro' the wilderness
    Where London stood, holding the wolf in chace,
    He meets some fragment huge, and stops to guess
    What powerful but unrecorded race
    Once dwelt in that annihilated place.

  • Nicholas Haas
    Nicholas Haas 13 days ago

    Why not shoot the waste into deep space?

  • Josh Baker
    Josh Baker 13 days ago

    I'm not saying that having such concerns is irrational and out of our concerns, but since when do humans care about the possibility of harming people we will never know? Everyday things are continually being conducted that actively harm real people living right now and nobody sees that to be a big deal.

  • Daniel Lewis
    Daniel Lewis 13 days ago

    Vox ripped him off

  • curioustung
    curioustung 14 days ago +1

    Why there is no any warning at uranium mine and natural nuclear reactor?
    People 10000 years ago suck!

  • Conman Epicness
    Conman Epicness 14 days ago

    The "Danger Message" sounds like it was ripped right from something lovecraftian

  • Lord Sandwich
    Lord Sandwich 14 days ago

    The best idea would be to just let it be forgotten. If a future culture explores past human sites and the place had been no significance, then they won't know to explore it. If the site failed to be forgotten despite our efforts, then the reason for its significance would likely be remembered also.

  • Lord Sandwich
    Lord Sandwich 14 days ago

    "an emanation of energy..." That would set off most curious explorers!

  • hongers9
    hongers9 14 days ago

    Honestly, the way that message was worded and the concepts to make the place look dangerous would only make it more interesting. You just can't stop humans from doing stuff, unfortunately.

  • Arnav Sadhu
    Arnav Sadhu 14 days ago

    That message felt like some alien tech is buried there! Dude just write down some papers on nuclear radiation and post it there.
    The less mysterious the message, the lesser attraction it gets.

  • Ian8lisle
    Ian8lisle 14 days ago

    The caution note reads like a doomsday prophecy, they might as well just invite them in with how interesting they make this “danger” sound.

  • Ethan Ferns
    Ethan Ferns 14 days ago

    Solution: Thorium

  • Kamil Dec
    Kamil Dec 14 days ago

    H^3 plant power is least problems

  • rkazinczy robert
    rkazinczy robert 15 days ago

    If I read that message I would die to find out what the 'Danger' is ............

  • thewyj
    thewyj 15 days ago

    If the rods are still producing enough energy to boil off the water then why can't we use them to keep making steam?

  • Dutch Bandits
    Dutch Bandits 15 days ago

    Who cares about 100,000 years from now? If humanity can't fix this problem by then, we're doomed anyway.

  • Epix Cole
    Epix Cole 15 days ago

    *Finland finds a metric fuck tonne of oil while digging their nuclear waste hole*

  • Brian McDonald
    Brian McDonald 15 days ago

    You should've talked about Yucca Mountain, or how to reprocess spent fuel, or use of thorium.
    Permanent, forever storage is important but devoting 4 minutes on how to communicate with other things past the end of the human species is excessive.

  • Ethan Dehoff
    Ethan Dehoff 15 days ago

    I mean, presumably, worse case scenario, someone finds this crap and dies, then everyone else figures out they should stay the hell away from it.

  • preditorsd
    preditorsd 16 days ago

    send the god dam thing in space ahah

    • Leakd
      Leakd 13 days ago

      ​+preditorsd yes really

    • preditorsd
      preditorsd 13 days ago

      +Leakd oh really? i tot it was because of the risk of rocket failure

    • Leakd
      Leakd 13 days ago

      costs too much

  • Nemesis Nidhoggr
    Nemesis Nidhoggr 16 days ago

    just fkin throw them into space...

  • marsh
    marsh 17 days ago +1

    why wont we just shoot it in space

    • Golden _
      Golden _ 14 days ago

      Its super heavy likes heavier than lead

    • Plox
      Plox 17 days ago

      money ...

  • That Person With A MLP Icon Who Starts Flamewars

    The Egyptians wrote similar messages on the pyramids. We cracked them open anyway.

  • The_Crazy_ Crustacean
    The_Crazy_ Crustacean 18 days ago

    If I find that sign I’ll be even more curious tbh

  • Amos Soma
    Amos Soma 18 days ago

    In spite of the problems with nuclear waste, at least it can be captured and contained. Waste from coal and natural gas electric generating plants goes into the atmosphere where it can never be reclaimed or stored.

  • Abdullah Shamsi
    Abdullah Shamsi 19 days ago

    duh then what are dustbins for?

  • vanak
    vanak 19 days ago

    launch that shit into space

  • evo
    evo 19 days ago

    Some of your facts are off. There have been countless nuclear disasters, you say there were only two???? Nuclear waste was dumped in the ocean in corrosive barrels for the longest time. No country is without blame. All who have used nuclear energy have contributed to poisoning our beautiful blue planet, with possibly irreversible consequences. This mess could in fact bring the end of our species of which you speak of. The idea of safely burrying our radioactive waste is wishfull thinking. If something can go wrong, it will. Nuclear Energy should be banned immediately, but I fear it is already too late.

  • mlc449
    mlc449 20 days ago

    I kinda like the idea of some nuclear waste disposal facility ending up like some tomb from The Mummy being explored by a future archaeologists.
    "Why did the Ancients bury so many metallic rods? And what are these sores and legions appearing all over my body? They must have cursed this place!"

  • SalatSalty
    SalatSalty 20 days ago

    Shoot it into Space, easy

    • SalatSalty
      SalatSalty 14 days ago

      +Ghhsjsn Es du Well what doesnt cost much today?, but your right for sure!

    • Ghhsjsn Es du
      Ghhsjsn Es du 14 days ago

      SalatSalty brilliant idea, but do you know how much it costs? I don't either, but you're far from the first with that idea

  • justine ernal
    justine ernal 20 days ago

    if the nuclear waste emits heat, then why the fuck they are not using it as a fuel again? as far as they can produce steam? please correct me if im wrong

  • number nine large
    number nine large 20 days ago

    there have been way more accidents than fukushima and chernobyl