GoPro Max Review: 17 New Things To Know

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • Full Review:
    Here's everything you need to know about the new GoPro Max. From the 5.6K 360* footage to the new 'Hero' single-lens mode. I dive into Max SuperView, TimeWarp and the supposedly unbreakable Max HyperSmooth. We go into the SuperPano functionality, underwater tests and plenty more. But most importantly, how does it compare to the GoPro Hero 8 Black? What features are better, and which ones are worse...or even missing? Be it 4K or low-light modes, I explain what you actually need to know from a review.
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Comments • 305

  • DC Rainmaker
    DC Rainmaker  26 days ago +15

    Looking for that comparison footage video packed with examples? Look no further:

    • George Doolittle
      George Doolittle 19 days ago

      Don't understand why GoPro et al still doesn't do time and date stamps like Garmin has always done. Love the GoPro App tho and I think a further discussion of the Max versus the 8 in App would make for a superior review.

    • Joe Bush
      Joe Bush 20 days ago +1

      Would you say the Max can be a stand alone? In other words, If I bought the Max, is there any reason I would want the Hero 8Black too? Thanks!

  • JoviTV
    JoviTV Day ago

    great review! i'm hoping perhaps they'll update the software to support more fps or resolution? would that be possible?

  • Cp Tech
    Cp Tech 5 days ago

    Do you recommend the max for surfing? I like some features like 360 and pano but im not sure how it would work in the water

  • Zeke Motta
    Zeke Motta 7 days ago

    hey thanks for sharing! great video... any chance you or nay one on here could tell me what attachment you used for the car segment?

  • para para
    para para 8 days ago

    360 degree video shooting is only 5.6K.

  • N
    N 8 days ago

    So i'm not sure if to buy the max or the 8... what would you recommend? i would mostly use it to post pics on instagram rather than videos, which the resolution on the pixels won't matter quite a lot knowing that when you post a picture on ig the resolution of the pictures it's going to get worse despite what camera you use.

    • N
      N 8 days ago

      @DC Rainmaker i think i'll go with the Max then, thank you!!! :)

    • DC Rainmaker
      DC Rainmaker  8 days ago

      I agree, at that resolution you won't notice the resolution quirks. Still, it depends a little bit on how much time you want to invest. In general the Hero 8 is a faster workflow, whereas the Max takes a tiny bit longer to get things done. But again, for Instagram there's definitely some validity in the unique angles from the Max.

  • Fred Fleming
    Fred Fleming 8 days ago

    Well, I have the Hero 7 Black and love it. You helped make my decision on a 360 camera . I will probably go for the Insta 360 One X or a newer version if one comes out soon. I don’t get GoPro’s thought process on designs..crazy! Thanks

  • Bo Zhao
    Bo Zhao 9 days ago

    This is best refined comparison of the two gopro I have seen. Details and yet bullet points, which makes me very easy to see the two cameras difference and what they are purposed for. As an experienced gopro user, I simply anxious about getting to know what is the feature making the Max so cool, not the sample 360 degree immersed demo video. Thus I can decide if I put my money on it to get one. Your video is well made exactly on the point. thank you!

  • Jazz marcel
    Jazz marcel 11 days ago

    Damn excellent review!........

  • Business Film Booth
    Business Film Booth 14 days ago

    I don't think they made this to compete with the hero 8, at the end of the day it's a 360 camera with the ability to shoot in a regular format too. Your comparison at the end pits apples and oranges against each other. The max looks like an amazing option for creating a run and gun vlog that with the right editing ability could vastly transform a vloggers content.

  • highlanderes
    highlanderes 14 days ago

    A quick all mobile workflow and reframing is paramount to me, sound is important, but so is underwater footage, so another no-go-pro for me.

  • Gavin Leuthold
    Gavin Leuthold 14 days ago +1

    0:15 wtf is that glitch in the matrix?

  • Tomasz Szcz
    Tomasz Szcz 15 days ago

    Hi! How long can you record with this camera? Can record with the charger connected? Will MAX be good on motorcycle rides?

    GODISMYJUDGE 17 days ago

    Do you know the battery life in single lens mode 1080p? Considering use as a body cam.

  • Rod Little
    Rod Little 17 days ago

    Great review, does the Hero 8 Black record in 265/HVEC? I read something suggesting because the MAX can do that, the bitrate is actually better than it looks in the specifications

  • Jeromi Critikos
    Jeromi Critikos 17 days ago

    Should be a max vs fusion comparison in there also...

  • Mike Kobb
    Mike Kobb 17 days ago

    Great info, thanks for the thorough job!

  • Youn Tune
    Youn Tune 18 days ago

    Not sure why people would get a GoPro Max over Hero 8 unless they're planning to shoot 360 videos. I got the Max to shoot 360 videos for viewing on VR headsets for immersion experience. Got the Max over Insta360 cuz of the waterproofing without a case even though the Hero mode doesn't work on 360 videos (Maybe I can stabilize with software.) Will be used for watersports.
    Now if GoPro can better plan their ecosystem and create a Karma that has retractable landing gear so I can shoot Immersive 360 drone videos that would be killer. But maybe GoPro employees too busy spending their money rather than planning out a good ecosystem with gear that works together.
    Watch out GoPro new version of Insta360 about to be dropped... If they add waterproofing Max is dead as soon as it drops.

  • Zairul Rizal
    Zairul Rizal 18 days ago

    Very helpful. Tq

  • Roland Jungwirth
    Roland Jungwirth 18 days ago

    Currently on a Hero5 and Hero6 and I use them mainly when travelling off-road on my motorbike. One is facing forward on my helmet, the other one stationary on pointing back. The big problem being that I cannot really plan when something interesting happens, so you need to film both angles (to keep down the footage and reduce battery usage, I have both cameras connected to GoPro's Smart Remote). For this use case, the Max seems to be perfect, except for technical limitation (frame rate and resolution) and the fact that it isn't compatible with the Smart Remote (really?!).
    Are the Hero's batteries compatible with the Max? Or do I have to sell everything and start from scratch? The other option is to buy 2 Hero 8s ...

  • Brownsense Imaging
    Brownsense Imaging 19 days ago

    I have a Hero & black and silver, plus the Fusion. I'm flabbergasted over how difficult fusion files are, so I think it would be justifiable for me to purchase the max. thanks!

  • Kevin Kagan
    Kevin Kagan 19 days ago

    Awsome review man! Thanks! was leaning towards the Max, but after watching your vid, I'll probably go for Hero 8

  • Hey Leon!!
    Hey Leon!! 19 days ago

    Squidward called. He wants his nose back.

    DIRTLINE WILD 19 days ago

    Would you still choose hero 8 if you all ready had 7

  • Shaun O'Connell
    Shaun O'Connell 19 days ago +1

    is this going to make my computer explode when it comes to processing the 360 ? what kind of processing speed is needed compared to the insta360X?

  • Disheartened6
    Disheartened6 19 days ago

    i like the 360 feature

  • James Prime
    James Prime 19 days ago

    I went with the GoPro Max and made a 360 video. I’m not sure why, but when I was on the inside, in low light situations, the footage was very shaky. I’m not sure if that’s how it is, or if I got a faulty unit 🤔

  • Race 4him
    Race 4him 19 days ago

    Why do you pronounce the Hero 8 Black...Heraid black???
    You've said it multiple times.
    Battery life...
    In hours comparisons between the Hero Black 8
    and the
    Hero Max.

  • jack_da_niels
    jack_da_niels 19 days ago

    Talk - more - slowly.....please

  • Timothy Awe
    Timothy Awe 20 days ago

    You talk to fast

  • Timothy Awe
    Timothy Awe 20 days ago

    You talk to fast.

  • Jorge Fevereiro
    Jorge Fevereiro 20 days ago

    And a program for editing? GoPro Studio, never again?

  • AnanDu
    AnanDu 20 days ago

    Yheea.. it was just nice review sir.. i just looking for buying gopro max.. thats y i looking for the reviews.. this video is great to know about all features ... Thank u 💕🤘

  • Travis Stevens
    Travis Stevens 20 days ago

    Just realized I haven't been subscribed! Now fixed.

    Was curious about the Max for what GoPro is advertising as "Shotgun quality audio" in vlogging scenarios. Do you have any thoughts on this, or is this claim hype? Thanks!

  • Lucas Paul
    Lucas Paul 20 days ago

    My hero 8 just got shipped! It’s my first action camera, ever. Thanks for this review, I’m super excited for the snowboarding season, and the next summer!

  • Tejas chouhan
    Tejas chouhan 20 days ago

    What about underwater? I saw Max is waterproof till 5m only. Are they planning for supersuit?

  • SwOoP
    SwOoP 20 days ago +1

    N°18 : It is currently not possible to convert .360 files batch on mac

    • SwOoP
      SwOoP 20 days ago +1

      @DC Rainmaker Yes the rendering is faster. Unfortunately, opening 100 files one by one takes longer than with the old GoPro Fusion. It's crazy that they put the users of Mac at this point. Thank you for this video anyway, it is the most useful and more honest that I could see on the subject !

    • DC Rainmaker
      DC Rainmaker  20 days ago

      Yeah, it's annoying. Discovered that as well. But it sounds like it's coming. At least rendering time are fast.

  • ChantalTV
    ChantalTV 20 days ago

    Thanks for this review, I have several 360° cameras that are more suitable to my demands so GoPro wise I would only get the Hero 8 Black, which seems amazing

  • LandShark503 - ZX-14R Motovlogs

    I use a Fusion with my motovlogging, but it's my B-cam mounted on a motorcycle selfie-stick, and my Hero 6 Black is my A-cam mounted on my helmet.
    I like the features of both the Hero 8 Black and the Max so, if/when either of my current cameras die, I'll have good replacements available.
    Thank you for all the info you've provided :)

  • Chrono Trigger
    Chrono Trigger 20 days ago

    Great review. As a videographer I find the max as the better choice, being able to reframe later is an insanely cool perk. The ability to combine hyperlapse with slow motion and reframing later has some really neat tricks, for which the insta 360x became famous for.
    However even though I may personally prefer the max over the 8, I still think the 8 is the right choice for most people. For extreme sports anyways. For vlogs maybe cell phones are their best choice now and skip the extra cameras all together. For 360 video as much as I like what I’m seeing and hearing about the max vs the previous fusion, I’m still going to wait for the new insta 360 coming out and see how it compares against them. Bc the 360x kicked the fusions butt in so many ways. Now it looks like the max fixed most of the fusions issues but still want to wait and see just in case.

  • jetstream01
    jetstream01 20 days ago

    Great video, thanks for the in depth breakdown. For filming my motorcycle races I'm definitely getting the Max for the reframing ability and horizon leveling built in. Thanks for helping me make that decision!

  • Austin Barnes
    Austin Barnes 21 day ago

    A couple of other things the Max does better than the Hero 8 are sound and auto level horizon. What about the ability to have a video that looks like it was shot on a floating camera? I’m definitely for the Max but I liked your video still.

  • timflow2day
    timflow2day 21 day ago

    Thanks, this is what I had to hear to dicide now.

  • ellisstate
    ellisstate 21 day ago +1

    I am so disappointed that the “Max” won’t even get close to what a Hero can do in terms of resolution or frame rate.
    I LOVE the reframing ability of 360 camera. Total game changer, but resolution is not nearly good enough yet.
    I wish GoPro announced a Fusion 2 @$499 and a Fusion Max @$799. The Max being basically two GoPro Hero 8’s.

  • Chemicalbuoy
    Chemicalbuoy 21 day ago

    Aren't you comparing apples and oranges? What is the GoPro Max like stacked up against the Insta360 One X? (Obviously it's waterproof for a start, but a footage/workflow comparison would have been nice....)

  • Atarix777
    Atarix777 21 day ago

    Great Video! I think I am going to get the MAX as I want to try something different. Oh... and of course i've subbed! :D

  • J G
    J G 21 day ago

    You need ascreen to see what you are taking in a 360 camera? Lol

    • DC Rainmaker
      DC Rainmaker  21 day ago

      Yup - in fact, one of the tricks to getting really good 360* footage with minimal stitch lines is aligning the stitch line to a specific place that's less likely to be obvious. For example, on a bike you don't actually want to mount the camera perfectly vertical on the handlebars, because then you're head will often cut-through the stitch line. By mounting at a slight angle you can avoid that issue.

  • Diego Cifuentes
    Diego Cifuentes 21 day ago

    Genial explicación, gracias 😊

  • Dylan Young
    Dylan Young 21 day ago +1

    What GoPro Processor (program/app) are you using for your desktop? I edit in Premiere Pro and am frustrated because I can't do anything with these .360 files. Thank you!

  • Pahoa Productions
    Pahoa Productions 21 day ago

    definitely love the single SD card

  • JFPriest
    JFPriest 21 day ago +3

    Thanks for doing this..What I learned; Wait for the Hero 9...

  • Drift King
    Drift King 22 days ago

    If I have a hero 5 and am looking for a new GoPro should I get a max or hero 8

  • CheckedHolidays
    CheckedHolidays 22 days ago

    Thanks for the info. Helped a lot. Was this filmed in Mallorca by any change? Thinking i recognised some places...

  • richard jackson
    richard jackson 22 days ago

    I have the hero 7 black and a Insta 360 one X. Should I upgrade to the 8 and Max?

  • Scojo in 360
    Scojo in 360 22 days ago

    I'm a 360 guy, so I got the Max, but I agreed with every word you said. Well done. 360 is a very different beast, and the Max has some drawbacks compared to the 8. So unless 360 is your thing it's likely not worth it. For me, it is.

  • Jus’ Gibs
    Jus’ Gibs 22 days ago

    My understanding is that the battery for the Max is backward compatible and would work in the Hero Black 7. Does that mean the charger for the Black 7 will work for the Max battery? Thanks in advance.

  • Kenneth Yim
    Kenneth Yim 22 days ago

    This was my burning question. Hero 8 or the Max. Thank you for answering!

  • Floating n Carving
    Floating n Carving 22 days ago +1

    Just like you mentioned, I got it for the 360 and the keyframe feature. I ride a onewheel ("E board") and I want to catch some dope footage when I'm in group rides, or riding down trails... But the 8 is very provocative!! GoPro already took my money for the Max, and waiting for the shipping info.... Great video dude!!

  • Thrashing 1
    Thrashing 1 22 days ago

    Great video .Thankyou.

  • Gopa Gopain
    Gopa Gopain 22 days ago

    and no slow motion