A Crap Guide to Monster Hunter World - Sword and Shield

  • Joseph makes a guide to the only weapon that matters in Monster Hunter World
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  • JoCat Personal Channel
    JoCat Personal Channel Year ago +8968

    this has been an amazing 2 weeks thanks to everyone watching these each time I release them. I'm greatful for your viewership and I hope I can continue to entertain you all.

    • Vinicius Augusto
      Vinicius Augusto Day ago

      Hupf, this little knife don't even touch my heavy baby bowgun.

    • Kaitlyn Wolford-Osborne
      Kaitlyn Wolford-Osborne 10 days ago

      I LOVE this vid Xd

    • Katie_ Gacha
      Katie_ Gacha 25 days ago

      I am a sms main

    • Brian smart dog
      Brian smart dog Month ago

      We got the worst monster Hunter world player

    • thelaughingrouge
      thelaughingrouge Month ago

      My gaming group introduced me to the channel because of the crap guide to dnd series, but the monster hunter series has been amazing. (Gunlance main, but I might have to give sns a try.)

  • nardo aguirre
    nardo aguirre 7 hours ago

    If the SnS it’s so good why haven’t it destroyed my depression

  • R P
    R P 17 hours ago

    That trot song at the end is epic AF

  • Tajemniczy Nieznajomy


  • half life kid
    half life kid Day ago

    You upload to pornhub to nice

  • Zachary Bowman
    Zachary Bowman Day ago

    No pants shitting for me. I watched this video on the toilet.

  • L Lawleit
    L Lawleit 2 days ago +1


  • MicaiahA4
    MicaiahA4 2 days ago

    Man, you make this game look so good with the montage. That Tarzan swing into death from above on the beat was epic. 3:30

  • Ray brine
    Ray brine 3 days ago

    I mean I slain a lechen with it, so I guess it's good and playing mh3 with it... n 4, FINE IT'S A PERFECT WEAPON TO KILL MONSTERS, there I said it

  • Miguel Mialichi
    Miguel Mialichi 3 days ago

    "I fear not the man who practiced every 1000 kicks once"
    *"but i fear the man who practiced one kick a 1000 times"*

    This has been brought to you by a lance main

  • Yglb Bidayan
    Yglb Bidayan 3 days ago

    hey jocat iceborne buffed all the weapons and you offending all of the insect glave users also YOUR PUNY SWORD AND SHIELD WON'T BE AS STRONG AS ITS

  • Wolfy
    Wolfy 3 days ago

    Rising of the (Sword and) Shield Hero

  • steelballrun 666
    steelballrun 666 4 days ago

    Sword and sheild, is what you get when you mix the power of god with the protection of a diamond castle, that sounds dumb, but sword and shield is cool

  • dilophosaurus sk
    dilophosaurus sk 5 days ago +1

    The only reason not to play Sns: The game would be too easy.

  • Frédéric Huneau
    Frédéric Huneau 5 days ago

    I was hesitant to go back to sns
    You convinced me.

  • Resistant Jeans
    Resistant Jeans 5 days ago

    Holy hell what a ride this video was

  • Zachary
    Zachary 5 days ago

    Love it, not touching it cause I signed with with the 5th fleet to Hunt monsters not to Fight them like some kind of Anime Spartan, but the guide waz fun 2 watch

  • Freedoomer
    Freedoomer 6 days ago

    Sword and shield can be improved. Gunblade and shield

  • John Maiwka
    John Maiwka 6 days ago

    Sns is for noobs, change my mind.

  • Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access

    SnS has "No weakness", hmm? Allow me to Shove a spike THROUGH YOUR COLLARBONE from 4 feet outside your attack range and behind a bigger shield than yours with my Lance to prove to you that Sword and Shield's greatest weakness is its RANGE. Maybe I just like the Lance because it synergizes well with a slender body and a maximum flight speed of terminal velocity, but I can't tell if that's the case because I'm busy DEALING MORE DAMAGE THAN YOU WHILE BEHIND A BETTER SHIELD.

  • Tairren Daly
    Tairren Daly 7 days ago


  • coded Apocalypse
    coded Apocalypse 7 days ago

    i'm an S&S main now. thank you JoCat

  • supersmily 5
    supersmily 5 7 days ago

    So the SNS trades power for the utility of accessing your inventory while having the weapon out, allowing for easier setups to item/weapon combos... It's the BATMAN OF WEAPONS.

  • Skippé
    Skippé 8 days ago

    The sword and shield may be all that, but hunting horn.

  • ReactorGods X
    ReactorGods X 8 days ago

    I thought you were joking but I picked up monster hunter world recently and after 10s of hours playing Lance I picked up SNS and Holy Shit I did not know what I was missing.

  • R.C Productions
    R.C Productions 9 days ago +1

    I mained the SnS before i watched your vids!

  • Ichiyama22
    Ichiyama22 10 days ago +2

    Did I just spend five minutes listening to a man cream his assless chaps over a weapon type in a game I've never played?

    • Bman296
      Bman296 Day ago

      Yes you did, and I bet you dont regret it

  • broken yolk yolk
    broken yolk yolk 10 days ago

    The king of wepons has arranged

  • William Lycurgus
    William Lycurgus 10 days ago +4

    During my initial run of World, the first Monster Hunter game I've ever played, I was all about that tanking and damage output from how much I heard how difficult Monster Hunter was. I gravitated toward the Great Sword and Hammer, feeling so cocksure about my choice. But, as my hunter would almost always be the first to cart due to the cumbersome weapons, I felt more like a hindrance to my party than a helpful ally. I deleted that file before I even finished the main quest and never spoke of it again.
    My second run was more on ranging and theme. I picked the Gunlance and the Bowguns. While it was fun for a while, I eventually grew bored. And from that boredom was a sense of shame when I realized what I was doing. I would cower behind my Gunlance and Heavy Bowgun's shield like a meek turtle and take little jabs and potshots at the monsters, never truly engaging in the dance of death. I deleted that character shortly after getting into the Iceborne campaign.
    After pondering what I should do for my third - and hopefully, final - run, I remembered what JoCat said about the Sword & Shield, the weapon your character is equipped with by default after you make it to Astera. His words, as well as others who sung its praises, rung deep about the timeless classic's greatness, despite how its mightiness has fallen...
    Oh, how I was blind! A fool for not seeing it! The balance, the well-roundedness, the jack-of-all-tradesness! The Sword & Shield is truly the only weapon class that matters! It's the class of the gods! It really is like six weapons in one without the fuss and needless complexity! And the Sword & Shield's elemental and status effect superiority practically helped me solo most of the main campaign in almost record time with barely any cartings!
    I am a changed man, Mister JoCat. And I thank you for opening my eyes...

  • zylokun
    zylokun 11 days ago +1

    is there any way to get the wiggler head anymore

    DUFFEL DUDE 11 days ago

    Sooooooo, it can't play music .... I am going back to the HH vid

  • KarlTheAttackBucket
    KarlTheAttackBucket 12 days ago

    it's kinda funny, this video was released on my birthday, and S&S was the weapon that kicked off my intrest in The MH franchise(Dah'ren Mohran S&S mainly), starting from Tri... i miss the oils from 4 though.

  • 8bit ink
    8bit ink 13 days ago

    i have seen the errors of my ways, and have been cleansed. dual blades are for kids, but this.......
    this is GOD TIER

  • Jared Bowman
    Jared Bowman 14 days ago +1

    Wanna do a crap guide redux for iceborne? Probably not. Just make whatever you want to. I'll like it anyway.

  • samuel white
    samuel white 16 days ago

    Great sword is better

  • Beyond Instinct
    Beyond Instinct 16 days ago

    I play mhgen
    This weapon is straight up nerfed,I think the only thing it has special from the others is the item usage,a shit ton of weapons also have a shield
    :/ Heavy bowgun has a shield built into it and all you gotta do is stay still,it's bs
    Ps- charge blade is sword and shield but it transforms for extra damage (no quick item usage tho)

  • QuantumGargoyle
    QuantumGargoyle 16 days ago

    Yeah but it’s tiny

  • Dylan Faulhaber
    Dylan Faulhaber 16 days ago +1

    When I first watched this I didn't believe in the glory and might of the Sword and shield but after trying it for myself I can say that what this man says is true. ALL HAIL THE GLORY OF THE SWORD AND SHIELD! THE MIGHTIEST WEAPON IN MONSTER HUNTER WORLD!

  • Dat Song guy
    Dat Song guy 17 days ago

    Me who uses charge blade:

  • William Moore
    William Moore 18 days ago

    I've always wanted to play Monster Hunter world and after watching your videos it makes me want to play them even more. You really are incredible. I absolutely love and adore you jocat❤

  • Articus Ramos
    Articus Ramos 18 days ago

    0:18 your assistant seems concerned. .

  • Speed0808 Speed0808
    Speed0808 Speed0808 18 days ago

    But it's so bad ....

  • Cali Veil
    Cali Veil 20 days ago

    I love his enthusiasm for this weapon

  • John Saunders
    John Saunders 20 days ago +1

    Yes! Finally the real weapon gets recognised! Sns mains rise up!

  • Diggy Hole
    Diggy Hole 20 days ago


  • Gray
    Gray 21 day ago

    I'm actually a newbie in MH, Just buy the Game a couple of days ago, thanks for the crap guide ♥️

  • Vocal Vortex Studios

    This video is pure hype and i love it

  • Demetri Presley
    Demetri Presley 22 days ago

    He has unlocked his final form

  • 1974Teebone
    1974Teebone 23 days ago

    One year later: Icebourne makes this thing dear near op 😳

  • Dewkeeper
    Dewkeeper 23 days ago

    Where's my glorious iceborne update with the buffed clutch claw uppercut, perfect rush and SHOTGUN SLINGER

  • Max Wyght
    Max Wyght 23 days ago

    The perfect anime for you: Bofuri

  • Rony Theronin
    Rony Theronin 25 days ago

    I feel there’s a bias here...

  • just a chikkn
    just a chikkn 26 days ago

    this convinced me to drop my toothpick and roach thank you for showing me the way

  • aninsaneostrich
    aninsaneostrich 27 days ago +1

    Ever heard of the saying "The jack of all trades is the master of none"?

    Neither have I, LET'S KILL SOME STUFF

    • Dewkeeper
      Dewkeeper 23 days ago

      I prefer the version that continues with "but better than a master of one" >:D

  • Ignacio Toconas
    Ignacio Toconas 27 days ago

    *The sword and shield has maked my boner doble its size*

  • soopy944
    soopy944 27 days ago

    i might be wrong, dont think i am but what about hunting horn? can sns buff allies as much as hunting horn?

    THECRY GUY 27 days ago

    Iceborne just killed him
    Now all the sword and shield ain’t got shit

  • Just Nope
    Just Nope 27 days ago +1

    "S&S has everything" Alright, where are your melodies? While it has a nice tool kit from a glance I'd compare it to one of those 1,001 in 1 game cards, sure it may have 1,001 game files but they're unlicensed trainwrecks that don't really stand on par with the real thing. S&S needs it's affinity, destroyer and stamina oils back. (Didn't forget about Mind's eye oil, just don't care about it.)

    • Harry Aung
      Harry Aung 25 days ago

      jokes went right above your head bro.

  • Minor Inconvenience
    Minor Inconvenience 28 days ago

    -Heavy bowman main-

  • The Packing Pacjack
    The Packing Pacjack 29 days ago

    I was luckily in the bathroom I watching this......

  • Aknagar
    Aknagar Month ago +25

    I love how devoted to SnS this man is.

  • Mas MurderMonkey
    Mas MurderMonkey Month ago

    I'm personally fond of the insect glaive.

  • Starflare the Wizard
    Starflare the Wizard Month ago +10

    I feel like JoCat tucks his sword and shield into bed each night

  • DJ Dedf1sh
    DJ Dedf1sh Month ago +3

    Iceborne: Fool. Now every weapon can do what you do!
    DB: *still gets stuck in combos*
    S&S friend: *saves DB with a shield bash*

  • Mistfate ND
    Mistfate ND Month ago

    To me charge blade is a better sword and shield

  • Caesar Speaks
    Caesar Speaks Month ago

    Someone finally praises the ultimate weapon in the way it deserves

  • Koop
    Koop Month ago

    You dishonor grorius nippon steel! Shields are for whussies! I can use items! Just as soon as my combo is finished. Then I have no choice but to use items.

  • TripleMint
    TripleMint Month ago +1

    *laughs in Perfect Rush combo*

  • Nich White
    Nich White Month ago

    I was playing Smash Ultimate, fighting the Rathalos on Hard Mode
    Tried all of my mains and their strategies.
    Decided to select Link because SnS.
    Failed, but then realized that if I wanted something done, I needed a better fighter than the only Link to canonically have failed in his duty 100% of the time.
    Switch to Hero
    Killed in 2 tries
    SnS Master Race.

  • hiroprotagonist22
    hiroprotagonist22 Month ago +1

    I keep hoping JoCat's gonna make an addendum to this video for Iceborne given how amazing SnS got

  • talonmarshal
    talonmarshal Month ago

    Iceborne: Vibe check. Remember when you said the SnS has no flaws? Can you land a Perfect Rush? (I think Capcom intentionally called it that, in your honor :D )

  • Kelsey C
    Kelsey C Month ago

    Started using sns and by God he's right.
    Great elem/status damage with sword attacks, strong consistent dps, backstep done after an attack or a roll that gives invincibility that is affected by evade window, multiple mounting attacks, attack up cliffs, sliding attack with y and b, helm splitter that hits multiple times, items while unsheathed, quick sheathing when using items even without holding guard, bash attacks for ko damage, new true combo that's simple to time, immediate access to burst slinger mode, clutch claw uppercut that softens with one hit, launching attack off cliffs with y+b...
    Best part is you can attack infinitely by pressing the analog in a different direction from where you're facing to turn while slashing with Y.
    Also perfect for my tigrex healer build.
    AND Capcom has graced us with a rathian tree so we could also have a goldian weapon.
    Thank you Jocat for showing me the true way to play monster hunter.

  • Miah
    Miah Month ago

    I’m so glad that you like this weapon too. It also makes sense that the sword and shield is the strongest for monster hunting. You’d want to be prepared for all situations not specializing for one specific monster.

  • Delta Zenturo
    Delta Zenturo Month ago

    Would main the sword and shield it’s just... I’m right handed and hate seeing that sword in my left. Plz baff Capcom

  • Nanachi of the Abyss

    This is pure gold lmao

  • ThePublicPotato Manohar

    Weapon was so op that they nerfed flash pods on monsters and made every weapon relevant by allowing every weapon to use the slinger unsheathed

    THIEU SLANGEN Month ago

    ALL HAIL THIS BEAUTIFULL SET! I am a SnS-main myself, and yesterday I took down a Nergigante - I ragdolled that b*tch for 5 minutes straight. ALL HAIL TO THE KING (which is the Sword and Shield)

  • Infinite_rotation
    Infinite_rotation Month ago

    For everyone talking about the whole slinger debacle. The reason why every weapon was given the ability to use the slinger without sheathing was to highlight the new slinger mechanics. Personally i think sword and shield doesn’t really need anything fancy. I think it should be buffed but i don’t think it needs any fancy meters or gimmicks because the point of s&s is its simplicity. Its simplicity is why it was my main for as long as it was. Its a weapon that has complexity’s but at the end of the day anyone can pick it up and understand it without spending an hour learning it.

  • Rhon de Guzman
    Rhon de Guzman Month ago +1

    Crap guide iceborne edition

  • Commander Shepard
    Commander Shepard Month ago

    **screams in full zorah armor set WITH zorah charge blade**