🎖️ Military Gear and Storms! - Military Surplus Solo Overnight Adventure

  • Published on Jul 26, 2019
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    Within nature, it isn't just men and women who are susceptible to the conditions as life and death are very much an active part of the entire process which makes this world possible.
    In this adventure, I stumbled upon an animal which was hurt and dying and I did my best to care for it until it passed away; it was an intense adventure for many reasons.
    Additionally, the brutality of nature is presented with a series of high elevation storms with some VERY close lightning strikes.
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Comments • 555

  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview  Month ago +53

    Thank you all for joining me for this adventure; the next one is going to be Bushcraft Trip;
    coming soon!

    Have a great weekend everyone, take care.
    - Luke

    • Jeff Nielsen
      Jeff Nielsen Month ago

      @KneightRiduh I was thinking it was well paced.

    • Steven Gillis
      Steven Gillis Month ago +1

      Luke Irish spring for ticks it helps keep them off i understand the back, broke mine 6 years ago today they told me I'd never walk again it took months to get my legs under me and I'm hiking on and off more and more took braking my back to make me appreciate walking

    • KneightRiduh
      KneightRiduh Month ago

      Love the intro! What song is playing in the background? Glad to see you polishing up the videos! Pro

    • BoilerRoomRadio
      BoilerRoomRadio Month ago +2

      You are a good soul Luke, YHWHs blessings on you and your family.

    • drojim184
      drojim184 Month ago +1

      What backpack are you wearing?

  • Jeremy Duncan
    Jeremy Duncan Hour ago

    You have a sleeping bag this trip? Love the woobie. I bought my son one and he won’t leave home with out it when we go on campouts. What is your fav sleeping bag and why I asked.

  • minuteman patrol

    Thank you for careing. And being kind to that lil bird god bless you

  • Bunnie Miller
    Bunnie Miller 2 days ago

    First, Forrest Gump is ENTERTAINMENT, not reality so it doesn't HAVE to make sense...lol. Like a LOT of entertainment, it is things that happened to a lot of people rolled into one character to make a story. Second, don't care what others may say, you did the right thing with the bird as you gave the "tough little guy" a (small at least) chance to survive by getting him out of the sun and (doubtful but possible) chance for its mother to find and feed him. So, good on you.

  • Bunnie Miller
    Bunnie Miller 2 days ago

    Can't say mistake, but disagree with NOT collecting some firewood. Even with (rightly) deciding to not build a fire for supper, having the wood to build one in the morning for breakfast and (got to have) coffee would have been a (very) good thing and it looked like plenty of space under the fly to keep it (mostly at least) dry with out taking up your sleep room.

  • Bunnie Miller
    Bunnie Miller 2 days ago

    Potential mistake??..NO, definite mistake. When out (especially by yourself), you should NEVER pass up an opportunity to resupply with good water, you slip and break your leg who knows how long it may be getting help, so even if you have only taken a few swallows, if you are sure it is good, REFILL.


    I think you made the right choice.

  • Mythocentric
    Mythocentric 4 days ago

    You did the right thing Luke. Compassion is one of the better parts of being human. Respect to you and your loved ones!

  • Benjamin Bryant
    Benjamin Bryant 6 days ago +1

    Right choice for the birdie. Great video and review. Thank you again.

  • James Graham
    James Graham 7 days ago

    I like the tent. great concept.

  • Roddin and Racin
    Roddin and Racin 10 days ago

    Was that a tarp settup at around 16:35-16:38?

  • Star Trekker
    Star Trekker 12 days ago

    Did the right thing with the bird.

  • Pat Gervais
    Pat Gervais 12 days ago

    The least a good person should do

  • John West
    John West 13 days ago

    Luke you need to start a Tsping store I would buy a bunch of t_ shirts with your logo on it. Something to think about:))

  • Stephen Williams
    Stephen Williams 16 days ago

    Getting off the duce. I had a Alice pack, duffel bag. A prc 25 tranciver( radio), three batteries, a ceoi , an m16a1, 100 rounds a load of combat rations, extra clothes, tent half. And bug repellent. Trust me I was one tired boy. When we set up for the night. Course I was 176 pounds. Could bench press my weight. And cover 2 miles in 16 minutes. Those days are gone. Go army. And surplus gear wears like iron.

  • Steph S
    Steph S 18 days ago

    You’re a solid dude, Luke. Great channel.

  • Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith 19 days ago

    You did the right thing about the birds. Thank you

  • Brian
    Brian 19 days ago

    Reminds of an incident that was mostly my fault, i let my kitten out at night time as he only stays in my back yard but recently this summer he came back to my patio door with a small bunny rabbit trying to give it to me and that thing was bleeding everywhere and squealing. After i got him to release it, my wife was telling me to put it out of its misery; honestly i just couldn't do it, maybe if it was a mouse or rat but not a baby bunny. So after putting it in a small box with some paper towels for bedding, i called the Humane Society and luckily they picked up on a Sunday evening and said they will dispatch an Officer, sure enough they came and was told that maybe they can try to take it to a Vet in the morning or might need to put it down. Found out the next day that they ended up putting it down as the wounds were too severe, but glad it was them doing it and not me as idk what the F@*k to put it down.

  • alan H
    alan H 22 days ago

    Thank you. You showed the respect that you should have to the birds Your heart gave you the correct answer right away.

  • Kevin Munger
    Kevin Munger 22 days ago

    i wounder being a military issued tent if it a 4 season tent

  • Jon Dal
    Jon Dal 22 days ago

    Why did you not just kill the little bird.

  • mark jones
    mark jones 22 days ago

    your okay in my book man !

  • Willie Halter
    Willie Halter 23 days ago

    Love the video. Regarding the baby bird, I once had an adolescent raven land on my head when I was watering my garden. Wasn't sure if it was male or female but I thought it was a him. I had seen the little guy watching me so when he landed, I wasn't too freaked out because I immediately knew it was him. He had flown by close by my head a couple times. I moved him on to my shoulder and he just sat there looking at me. Anyway, I could tell he was hungry but couldn't find any worms or crickets, so ended up getting some lunch meat, sliced turkey I think. He gobbled it up, seemed to like it. He then flew off, but I was always worried if I had done the right thing, you know, did the meat make him sick. In the end I just had to hope I helped him out and maybe that little meal got him through until he caught his own food. Your story reminded me of that day. Also I think you did the right thing.

  • Sam Henry
    Sam Henry 23 days ago

    Luke, the birdie thing, believe me, you have more friends than trols.

  • Starscreamlive
    Starscreamlive 24 days ago

    Luke, the camera quality on this video is amazing! New camera is awaesome!

  • gary johnson
    gary johnson 24 days ago

    Yes, you did the right thing trying to help that little bird. I assume your tent has a built in floor ?

  • Mr. Skeptical
    Mr. Skeptical 25 days ago +2

    Luke, always spray down your tent with a silicone water repellent spray. It definitely works!

  • Mr. Skeptical
    Mr. Skeptical 25 days ago +1

    If it's on the ground, nothing u can do, mom won't be back

  • Intrepid 55
    Intrepid 55 26 days ago

    A lot of walking.....that's about it...

  • Richard Edwin
    Richard Edwin 27 days ago +1

    You did nothing wrong. You showed compassion for another living animal as it slipped from life. NOTHING wrong with that at all.

  • james ozment
    james ozment 28 days ago +2

    you can search mytopo.com to find maps . you can customize maps and features. they can laminate or print on waterproof paper as well

  • Vernes Prep and Survival

    Made it to 23 minutes and still nature walk. Didnt watch the vid from that point on. To much chit chat walk walk

  • Omar Mohamad
    Omar Mohamad 28 days ago

    Got some gangsta music in the beginning lol

  • Joseph Saetveit
    Joseph Saetveit 28 days ago

    Nothing like a great storm in a tent! We used to to go out on the porch during thunderstorms and get under blankets and enjoy the power of NATURE!

  • Dan Stennis
    Dan Stennis 29 days ago

    I'm a new subscriber and this channel is great!!

  • cassanoa
    cassanoa 29 days ago

    it was a great act of compassion - you did a very good thing helping the little bird - definitely scored a few points with the Lord for that one - I'm sure any one watching this type of video would have done the same

  • Sonoran Drifter
    Sonoran Drifter 29 days ago

    Great video. I'm a desert rat. Humidity sucks.

  • Miki Gain
    Miki Gain 29 days ago

    The bird. You did the kind thing.

  • Ozdave McGee
    Ozdave McGee 29 days ago

    Personally Luke, I know its public domain you did what you did kindness to the bird. I would've have put it out of its misery, but you can't admit to that

  • Ozdave McGee
    Ozdave McGee 29 days ago

    I look at American and Southern hemisphere hikes in jealousy. In Australia, streams are not as close together. Meaning to rock out in summer 15km, you take 4 plus litres with 80% humidity. Depends where you go of course.

  • Ozdave McGee
    Ozdave McGee 29 days ago

    I hear you..HEAVY. I got a IRR Brit longback. Damn put a civie bag 1lb tent, Bit rain pants, light gortex rain jacket, a hoodie, sox, food, water filter sleep pad your up at 17kg. Before water. Very hot here high humidity, so I rock out with 4 litres on a ALICE harness underneath.
    That Osprey Atmos AG pack is looking more attractive on weight and ventillation more and more everyday. Only one problem..I'll want a 20lt for summer AND a 50lt to 65lt for winter...and if I buy TWO...damn there will be a female that will have a thing or 2 to say...not to mention risk to my health😂😂😂😂

  • christopher marshall
    christopher marshall 29 days ago

    been running around trying to find it,did you ever do a review on the granite chief patrol pack?

  • Jerry Sparks
    Jerry Sparks Month ago

    `You did the right thing

  • Jason Powell
    Jason Powell Month ago

    I think you need a GPS mate, and you did the right thing with the little chick. It was either going to suffer and be picked up by a bird of prey or something, but it’s in a better place now. It’s excellent watching your vlogs and knowing that your doing the same as me, with buying stuff off eBay. Unfortunately, I haven’t been hiking for years, as I have also injured me back when I was serving, so would need to be very careful with what I can do to make life comfortable. Do I want to risk going for a solo, overnight hike? I might give it a go, but not that far from my vehicle, just in case I do pull it out. Cheers

  • Johnny Gallati
    Johnny Gallati Month ago


  • Johnny Gallati
    Johnny Gallati Month ago


  • steve s.
    steve s. Month ago

    Ever try a Big Agnes Q Core SLX mattress? They are somewhat R rated, pack down around the size of your mattress and when blown up are three inches thick. They are heaven for side sleepers like myself. And they are relatively light. Highly recommend.
    Awesome video by the way.
    You need a spider stick!

  • elizabeth green
    elizabeth green Month ago

    You live life as it should be lived. Always a lift to share your journeys. Thanks from England for all the hard work!

  • Clive Greenall
    Clive Greenall Month ago

    Hi Luke.
    Thanks for sharing.
    That was a genuine humane act with the birds and as you said you'll remember the incident for the rest of your life, probably with a little sadness.
    The trip and the weather conditions were great .. I'll be following your channel regularly.
    Regards from S Africa

  • darrelmugler1432
    darrelmugler1432 Month ago

    Where those wild horses?

  • Chuck Wolf
    Chuck Wolf Month ago

    What was that Metal thing behind you at 23:47 over your left shoulder?

    HUNTSMAN Month ago

    Its called ~~ Humanity Luke!! you were meant to be there!

  • Rick Timmons
    Rick Timmons Month ago +1

    that baby bird was so sad. TOPOGRAPHIC map at least would give you info that would be better than nothing. gps will pin point you on the map. mark an overlay of clear plastic. could save your life. that has got to be a great tent. too heavy for my needs. not wise to be on a bald with lightning. when you get home air dry with a hair dryer. seam seal use a smell defuse air wick for a day or two. truly enjoy your trips with you.

  • Johnny Parrish
    Johnny Parrish Month ago

    great videos and information but man do away with the porn music. lol.
    keep the videos coming.

  • bsd40831
    bsd40831 Month ago

    its was a beautiful trip and camp overnight

  • David B
    David B Month ago +2

    Thanks for sharing this information and great video with us.

  • SurvivalComms
    SurvivalComms Month ago

    That looks so much like the AT North of Grayson Highlands. Thanks for sharing !

  • Colin Brittingham
    Colin Brittingham Month ago

    Great adventure Luke! I like the camera you’re using it’s got great contrast.

  • David Diaz
    David Diaz Month ago

    Let me get this straight. There are ticks out there and you're wearing cargo shorts, a short sleeve shirt, and no head cover? You sprayed yourself down I hope.

  • TR5T
    TR5T Month ago

    Ticks love legs