DP/30: The Shape of Water, Guillermo del Toro

  • Published on Dec 6, 2017
  • Shot in Los Angeles, November 2017
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  • Kevin Parker
    Kevin Parker 10 days ago

    Del Toro is national treasure.

  • Jose Cardoza
    Jose Cardoza 8 months ago +2

    De los tres amigos, Del Toro es mi idolo. Es natural, sabio en su trabajo, divertido, autentico y no pretende nada, el es el. I love this guy.

  • Johnny Broker
    Johnny Broker 10 months ago

    'Shape of water' was a pretty damn big disappointment here ... Let's look forward to his future works instead.

  • Lumenpraebeo
    Lumenpraebeo 11 months ago

    lots of audiophiles in the comments section, lol

  • N Slater
    N Slater Year ago +2

    Love his work. As a kid who grew up with the old giant monster movies (this was during the 90's) Pacific Rim hit me like a truck. I know he has more critically praised films, but PR is why I LOVE this man.

  • The Rabbit Hole
    The Rabbit Hole Year ago +1

    Improve the quality! Its 2018 for god sakes. This looks like it was shot on a potato, and the audio sucks.

  • Arimes
    Arimes Year ago +4

    I genuinely like Guillermo, he seems like a nice guy. I LOVED Pan's Labyrinth - one of my favorite movies. But...I really didn't like the Shape of Water. I really WANTED to like it, but it was incredibly conventional, despite what all the reviews say about it. There are way too many overused movie tropes in this film, so much so that absolutely nothing surprise me, not even the ending. Also, I don't think they put enough work into creating real love and intimacy between Sally Hawkins and the creature - it felt way too contrived for my taste. The overarching themes about loving the Other and fighting against hate were beautiful, but so in your face there was absolutely no nuisance to this movie. Unpopular opinion, I know.
    I generally like Octavia Spencer, but I have absolutely no idea why she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role...she literally plays the same 2D black-women-with-an-attitude-who-complains-about-her-husband that I am SO sick of seeing in films, particularly as a black women. Michael Shannons character had some good moments, but he's like less than 2D...he's 1D. I am also kinda mad about what I consider all the gratuitous nudity in this movie. I don't generally take issue with sex and nudity, but I feel like it served ABSOLUTELY NO PURPOSE in the context of this film, particularly the bits in the beginning. Just had to get all that off my chest, lol.
    I will say that Sally Hawkins acted her butt off in this though. I wouldn't be mad if she got an Oscar for it .
    That is all.

    • Lgg130
      Lgg130 Year ago

      mine too except for the nudity thing. didnt bother me and it doesnt need a purpose to exist.

    • Evanthia Xanthaki
      Evanthia Xanthaki Year ago

      My thoughts exactly!

  • Jerald Brewer
    Jerald Brewer Year ago +2

    (DP does the best interviews.) "The Shape of Water" is "E.T" for adults. EVERYTHING about this movie excels. Del Toro has always been a movie maker who cannot be classified, but his movie is even a stretch for him. It has no business making sense or working at all &, yet, it may be one of the Top 10 movies I've ever seen. I hope it sweeps the Oscars.

  • Miguel Marrero
    Miguel Marrero Year ago +8

    Thank you for this video. I learn so much hearing Guillermo Del Toro speak.

  • Ulyana Semyonkina
    Ulyana Semyonkina Year ago +4

    He's so cute

  • Claudia Basurto
    Claudia Basurto Year ago +2

    Maravilloso. Gracias por compartir..

  • Erick Solis
    Erick Solis Year ago +3

    Guys! You need better intros! With a bit more of motion graphics and better design, I'll be delighted to do yours for free. I love these interviews so much!

  • Nair Haile
    Nair Haile Year ago +22

    This man is gifted beyond words

  • Ben Anderson
    Ben Anderson Year ago +3

    Someday you'll care about the audio, someday...

  • LSEH
    LSEH Year ago +13

    "And your hair was black or brown." Lol is it that hard to imagine a blonde Mexican child? 😂

    • AR15 vs AK47
      AR15 vs AK47 6 months ago

      Don’t be dense. It’s perfectly reasonable to assume that someone like del Toro, who is from Mexico, will be a real Mexican, not güero, light- skinned, foreign-descended, etc.

    • Thomas Headley
      Thomas Headley Year ago +2

      Yes. I know several from Puerto Rico with pale skin, blue eyes, & straight hair. It should be relayed to Trump that u can't judge books...

    • Philosopherous
      Philosopherous Year ago +1

      Mexican here. My hair was also blonde as a kid. It's not too uncommon in the region where Del Toro is from (Guadalajara), which is where my family is from. I have cousins with blonde hair and blue eyes, and some with red hair and green eyes. If you dropped them off in Ireland no one would question their presence (until they speak). Canelo (the red head boxer) is also from that city, as well as Gael García Bernal (actor), to name others from there.

    • Thomas Headley
      Thomas Headley Year ago

      Remember that Spanish conquistadors colonized the Aztec/Mayan areas. Spain itself endured many invasions going back to the Roman Empire. And the Empire was overrun by a wide range of genetic pallettes.The resultant blend made many trips to the New World by peoples from Spanish dominated lands. Also keep in mind that Mexico was ruled by a French Emperor & his followers. Also Texans of German & Swedish ancestry in the northern part of what was once part of Mexico but ceded after the Mexican/American war. Forced migration after the war contributed further to the blending. Don't get me started on Peru.

    • Minnie
      Minnie Year ago +2

      Latitud 150 Sorry, you're right I'm the one who should study English. 😬

  • Harry Dee
    Harry Dee Year ago

    i don t understand anything he is saying

    • pickle tarts
      pickle tarts Year ago

      He said, "there's paint, and you mix it.. then bring it to life on screen."

  • Peter Stellenberg

    I don't understand what he means in the "cards" bits at 15:50. Could someone help me ?

  • ElMezko
    ElMezko Year ago +12

    This man is an absolute gift to all of us.

  • TheBaconWizard
    TheBaconWizard Year ago +1

    A good sound guy could get rid of that buzz for you... just using audacity.

  • tamicha1
    tamicha1 Year ago

    Guillermo del Toro? More like Danny Devito amirite?

    • chofascc
      chofascc Year ago

      tamicha1 hahaha... no.

  • Beatbox Bandit
    Beatbox Bandit Year ago +49

    19.5 mil for the entire movie and REAL SETS take note studios

  • Angiie Pintle
    Angiie Pintle Year ago +2

    Never click so fast on a video.

  • Adriana C
    Adriana C Year ago +1


  • Ashton Gleckman
    Ashton Gleckman Year ago +29

    Master of his craft! Can't stop watching Pans and Crimson Peak. Love his work, and he seem like such a kind intelligent guy too.

  • SamuraiJack
    SamuraiJack Year ago +28

    But yeah you really have a recurrent problem with sound recording. Record always from two different sources, if one is shitty you still have the second one.

  • SamuraiJack
    SamuraiJack Year ago +2

    oh fuck thank you for this

  • naveen rayudi
    naveen rayudi Year ago +4

    I love hellboy 2

  • EgocentricHead
    EgocentricHead Year ago

    Guillermo, put those damn glasses back on. You look weird as fuck without them.

  • Akash Singh
    Akash Singh Year ago +18

    del Toro, sir! you are a phenomenon

  • Felipe Beckmann
    Felipe Beckmann Year ago +7

    Where's Darren Aronofsky with "Mother!"?

  • sjolundtomi
    sjolundtomi Year ago +1

    Where is Michael Shannon's interview? 😁

  • Henry G
    Henry G Year ago +36

    This is just wrong, a second video I was looking forward to with absolutely ghastly audio.