• Published on Nov 23, 2018
  • There's some controversy that ColourPop knocked off an Indie brand in their "This Is Not a Dream" Collection. xo's ~ Tati
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    โœ” P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D
    Colourpop This Is Not A Dream Collection // $290
    Colourpop Chasing Rainbows Shadow Palette // $20
    Colourpop Dream Sequence Super Shock Highlighter Palette // $18
    Colourpop Flying Colours Liquid Lip Vault // $80
    Colourpop Double Rainbow Super Shock Shadow Kit // $25
    Colourpop Dream Baby Dream Lippie Stix Kit // $25
    Colourpop Jelly Much // Sweet Dreams $8
    Colourpop Jelly Much // Hallucinogenius $8
    Colourpop Jelly Much // Into Focus $8
    Colourpop Jelly Much // Wavelength $8
    Colourpop Jelly Much // Morning Light $8
    Colourpop Jelly Much // Wide Awake $8
    Colourpop Jelly Much // No Rest For The Vivid $8
    Colourpop Jelly Much // Crystal Castle $8
    Colourpop Glitterally Obsessed // Avenue Of The Stars $8
    Colourpop Glitterally Obsessed // Dream About Me $8
    Colourpop Glitterally Obsessed // Eternal Sunshine $8
    Colourpop Glitterally Obsessed // Keep It Plutonic $8
    Colourpop Glitterally Obsessed // Outside The Lines $8
    Colourpop Glitterally Obsessed // Puffin $8
    Colourpop Glitterally Obsessed // Star Party $8
    Colourpop Glitterally Obsessed // Starfire $8
    Colourpop Glitterally Obsessed // Wish Me Luck $8
    Lemonhead Ultra Luxe Glitter Balm // Lady Mercury $28
    Lemonhead Ultra Luxe Glitter Balm // Paradise Cove $28
    Lemonhead Spacepaste Concentrated Glitter Paste // Glidebeest $22
    Lemonhead Spacepaste Concentrated Glitter Paste // Dirty Penny $22
    Glitter Mix Glitter Gel

    โœ” M A K E U P W O R N
    Sisley Double Tenseur
    Tatcha Gold Camellia Beauty Oil
    Tarte Clean Slate Timeless Smoothing Primer
    YSL All Hours Foundation // B30
    YSL All Hours Foundation // BD40
    Tarte Shape Tape Concealer // Light Neutral
    Milk Blur + Set Matte Loose Setting Powder // Translucent Medium
    Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Baking & Setting Powder // Pound Cake
    MAC Studio Fix Sculpt And Shape Contour Palette // Light/Medium
    Patrick Starrr Bronzing Powder // Give Me Life
    H&M Blusher Highlighter Travel Duo // Golden Coral
    Colourpop Highlighting Quad Dream Sequence
    Gosh Natural Blush // 43 Flower Power

    Becca Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer
    MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot // Painterly
    Colourpop Chasing Rainbows Eyeshadow Palette
    Colourpop Super Shock Shadow // Falling Up
    Colourpop Super Shock Shadow // Wavelength
    Colourpop Super Shock Shadow // Hallucinogenius
    Natasha Denona Matte Eyeshadow // Blackest Black
    IL Makiage High Volume & Intense Curl Mascara // Icon
    DUO Brush-On Adhesive Eyelash Glue
    Lilly Lashes // Mink Ela

    NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer // Light 2.5 Creme Brulee
    Anastasia Brow Wiz // Dark Brown
    Mellow Brow Powder Duo // Caramel

    Colourpop Ultra Metallic Lip // Morning Glory
    Colourpop Ultra Metallic Lip // Nimbus

    Burberry Nail Polish // Steel Grey
    Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

    โœ” S N A P C H A T
    โœ” I N S T A G R A M
    โœ” T W I T T E R!/glamlifeguru
    โœ” F A C E B O O K
    โœ” E M A I L

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  • Naomi Smith
    Naomi Smith Day ago

    Are these glitter gels eye safe?

  • Pellinor
    Pellinor 7 days ago

    the glitter in the lemonhead gel glitter looks pretty big :/ I'd caution people with putting it on their eyes, it might not be safe.

  • Sammie Sacco
    Sammie Sacco 12 days ago

    Lemonhead needs to chill out. They donโ€™t own glitter. Itโ€™s not like colorpop made the same exact colors and type of glitter.

  • Catherine Sharpe
    Catherine Sharpe 15 days ago

    This is a real Krabby Patty secret formula situation, Its for children

  • Lori Hackney
    Lori Hackney 18 days ago

    I'm lucky enough to be able to buy and use luxury brands for myself. However, I appreciate brands like Colourpop, Milani, and ELF who make decent quality makeup for cheap so I can buy it for my daughters. They love makeup and playing around but I am NOT going to let them play with $50 palettes or $20 lippies. I buy them the cheaper brands and buy the better brands for myself so they both get support from our household. I think a lot of other families do the same.

  • MrsMobs LuvzBooks
    MrsMobs LuvzBooks 20 days ago

    My preference:
    1. Models own
    2. Color Pop
    3. Lemonhead
    Just sayin.

  • MrsMobs LuvzBooks
    MrsMobs LuvzBooks 20 days ago

    The second I heard glitter gel I thought of the 90s.....this is not a new concept. I dont think much in makeup is a "new" concept

  • / rengab \
    / rengab \ 20 days ago

    7:13 *cough* *cough* Nikkie

  • Abby Chuma
    Abby Chuma 24 days ago

    "I'm gonna keep it pretty simple" as she piled on more color ๐Ÿ˜‚ love you so much tati

  • Sami AMADDAH
    Sami AMADDAH 26 days ago

    Please make a new video with a summer inspired look using this collection

  • Rachel Price
    Rachel Price 27 days ago

    So if you come out with a gold glitter you are copying? Donโ€™t get it ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

  • piรฑa con barba .a.a

    You are so stupid

  • Near Wils
    Near Wils Month ago

    I'm sorry, but if somebody stole my idea, oh, yeah, I would put their name out there, she kind of has a right to cause she got her ideas stolen from her

  • yvonne kartolo
    yvonne kartolo Month ago

    Lemonhead is irresponsible for just leaking infos about their buyer to attack their buyer like wth? and in my personal opinion, they may look a like but the colour, the pigments are quite different, its a glitter gel geez..u dont own them

  • Aleya Marie
    Aleya Marie Month ago

    Tati I love you :)

  • Jena Carter
    Jena Carter Month ago

    Butter London did jelly shadows for the eyes in like 2016...

  • Tanealya C
    Tanealya C Month ago

    I 100% do not agree with dupes being an issue. I can't afford a $50 primer. If I can find something similar in a less expensive brand I don't see anything wrong with it. If the high end companies have an issue with it then maybe THEY need to think about lowering their prices.

  • Angela Ricks
    Angela Ricks Month ago +1

    Lemonhead needs to put there big boy/girl pants on and just walk away, leaving the controversy behind. Glitter was a 1934 invention, Henry Ruschmann was a machinist and has made money off of the glitter market. The Roschmann family has not gone after anyone using glitter, glitter glue, makeup, crafts or any other application because they are adults.

  • LaNia Baker
    LaNia Baker Month ago

    A makeup company making other makeup products is copying? If thatโ€™s the fact then lots of makeup companies should be under fire right now ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Summer
    Summer Month ago

    I say this is not copying but a dupe.

  • Sacred Honeyyy - Marisa T.

    Around 16:30 when sheโ€™s talking about the colorpop guy buying the lemonhead glitter ... itโ€™s totally normal for creators to do research on other products before making their own - not for inspiration but to see what they can do differently or better.
    Thats like with concealer or powder or foundation.

  • Vicky Hsu
    Vicky Hsu Month ago

    Learning about the controversy just made me decided not to purchase anything from a narrow-minded company (Lemonhead). And they are even ridiculous enough to share client's information! LOL "No, we didn't. We just pointed out!" LOL

  • Avery Tomanski
    Avery Tomanski Month ago +1

    Same I am tried during the day and wide awake at night

  • Take a Chansey
    Take a Chansey Month ago

    They look like they all come from the same company! How are they different companies!

  • my n
    my n Month ago

    6:20 "just give it a good spanking" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Sarah . Just Sarah
    Sarah . Just Sarah Month ago


  • Anastassia Hernรกndez

    Yeah the Lemonhead one's are pretty, but they aren't better, they are just different, you speak about them being super shinny and glossy, but the Colourpop one's have more glitter, there isn't just gel with glitter, and you can see with the Lemonhead's that there are a lot of blank spots where there is just gel and no glitter, so its really relative which is better

  • Mistie F
    Mistie F Month ago +2

    Says the woman who joined the supplement bandwagon

  • Kerra Leigh
    Kerra Leigh Month ago

    The color pop pallets are magnetic. You can take the pans out and move them around

  • Nonomous
    Nonomous Month ago +2

    Farsali made a jelly glitter highlighter recently. jelly glitters have been around since at least the late 90s! Marc Jacob makes jelly cosmetics and severel other make up brands.

  • Claudia Elena
    Claudia Elena 2 months ago

    How much hightlither do you want?

    Tati: YAAAS

  • Krystal Schrand
    Krystal Schrand 2 months ago

    Can we get merch that says โ€œHi. Hello. Stop itโ€.

  • Kristin Lewis
    Kristin Lewis 2 months ago

    I think ZZZZZZ for sleeping makes sense. Z is at the end of the alphabet and when you go to sleep at the end of the day, ZZZZZZ is meant to represent the end.

    • Krystal Schrand
      Krystal Schrand 2 months ago +1

      Kristin Lewis see I always thought that it was meant to signify the sound of snoring ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • sara cristina
    sara cristina 2 months ago +1

    as I'm watching this video you just reached 10 million subscribers congratulations tati girl you deserve it you're amazing I love you can't wait to see you at 11

  • Ashley Hegener
    Ashley Hegener 2 months ago +1

    How is this different than every makeup brand having mascara?

  • Trish N
    Trish N 2 months ago

    Also I'm just saying that it makes sense that someone would do their due diligence on the competition and purchase it. For all we/you know, colourpop may have made the lemonhead purchase to make sure that it WASN'T too similar.

  • Shai Auer
    Shai Auer 2 months ago +1

    It's just glitter ffs

  • Digital Bear
    Digital Bear 2 months ago +1

    I was terrified for your whit shirt.

  • Dugan!
    Dugan! 2 months ago

    Unicorn skin also has paste like glitter.

  • glow in the dark star stickers

    I think even if lemonhead invented the gel, as long as colourpop etc has different colours it should be ok

  • Autumn Calma
    Autumn Calma 2 months ago

    Ok but there are so many affordable drugstore dupes of high end products

  • Becka Kemmerer
    Becka Kemmerer 2 months ago

    Blurred lines is so pretty ๐Ÿ˜ญ shame it fell out ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’•

  • Natalia Mitiaev
    Natalia Mitiaev 2 months ago +2

    Colourpop: How much glitter would you like in this video?
    Tati: YES.

  • Lauren Kate
    Lauren Kate 2 months ago

    Tati being relatable for 23 Mins straight

  • Arienel Sky
    Arienel Sky 2 months ago

    So...anyone know what top sheโ€™s wearing? I love it ๐Ÿ˜…

  • lorinda sekanovich
    lorinda sekanovich 2 months ago

    This is weird who stared foundation exactly ( people copy ever) if we're going there then people can have the same ideas but guess what are we going to ho after high end brands because they have metal shdes in eyeshadow. Where's stilla sewing everyone. I think this is dumb

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith 2 months ago +3

    tati loving the models own glitter is the funniest thing ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Kelly Blaylock
    Kelly Blaylock 2 months ago

    I absolutely love that lip color your wearing.

  • Amalia Rosa
    Amalia Rosa 2 months ago +1

    When I go to bed I always think of embarrassing things I have done and I am like itโ€™s over no one remembers it but me

  • Brittney Shilts
    Brittney Shilts 2 months ago

    I need all of those glitters ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • jennifer spurlock
    jennifer spurlock 2 months ago

    I feel like In the Beauty community you can steal ideas from other companies but itโ€™s the same thing as everyone making a liquid lip , and Idea is an idea but sales are sales and at the end of the day you can say people canโ€™t make a liquid lip , stealing formula is bad but it happens and it really does suck for indie brands or people who work hard .

  • YVRCasting
    YVRCasting 2 months ago

    Life is your own schedule, it shouldn't be stressing you out ๐Ÿ‘€

    • reagan l.
      reagan l. 2 months ago

      School runs my life. And it is stressing me out. How is school my own schedule

    • YVRCasting
      YVRCasting 2 months ago +2

      @Donna Reiss both. We can all take steps to help ourselves balance out our lives. Taking breaks for yourself & to rest means you'll be a healthier you, ready to do whatever you do, including making youtube videos. Take time to breathe. And smile. Go outside, relax. Make someone else smile. ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ’ญ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Ž

    • Donna Reiss
      Donna Reiss 2 months ago

      meaning her life. or life in general.

  • Gigi Colada
    Gigi Colada 2 months ago +1

    Ugh I feel your pain about metallics. I feel like they weigh my face down or something ๐Ÿ˜žTheyโ€™re so pretty on other people though.

  • Lady medusa
    Lady medusa 2 months ago

    Maybe cause people say catching zs?

  • TheHighestKaliber
    TheHighestKaliber 2 months ago

    This controversy is like saying every company that makes a bright red lipstick should be sue eachother.....

  • april lawson
    april lawson 2 months ago

    As soon as you said about your insomnia. I thought hmm i wonder when your birthday is. And sure enough you have an aquarius mind like me ... over thinker !

  • EmmaLie Rosenbalm
    EmmaLie Rosenbalm 2 months ago

    Youโ€™re catching sleep/youโ€™re catching ๐Ÿ’ค

  • Rebecca White
    Rebecca White 2 months ago

    I'm personally glad that companies try to make products that are already out. I can't afford $28 for a glitter balm but I can afford $8.

  • Rosie Shaw
    Rosie Shaw 2 months ago

    Moonshot have had jelly eyeshadow pots for a while

  • Ruby Anko
    Ruby Anko 2 months ago

    I feel like at this point, callouts over the glitter gels are kind of like BeautyBlender trying to sue other companies for making round sponges. It's just glitter suspended in some kind of primer-like or waxy base, saying that something that basic can be stolen is crazy.

  • Mailin Thomas
    Mailin Thomas 2 months ago

    Hi Tati I literally love all you unboxing videos with James. It's just always so funny and beautiful watching you two having kind of time of your life. Love you two โคโค๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Kaylee -Detah- Enlow
    Kaylee -Detah- Enlow 2 months ago

    The palettes aren't pressed properly so it falls. The jelly eyeshadows look like jelly highlight but stamped a shadow. The lquid lips are inconstant. Overall the products seem like the same and nothing too unique. For the price point it's a good dupe for some products but it isn't anything new. So for $200 for the whole deal doesn't seem worth it. Maybe $100 for the bulk.

  • Kate K.
    Kate K. 2 months ago

    The eyeshadows are magnetic to the thing you could have just stick it back in

  • Ciara Brooke
    Ciara Brooke 3 months ago

    Where is your hoodie in this video from? I love it!

  • Victoria Lambert
    Victoria Lambert 3 months ago

    Well I don't believe that Colourpop, a bigger company, copied because they aren't that similar it has different colours different shimmerness. Also the owner shouldn't of said about a Colourpop worker buying some of there products it is private information.

  • Elizabeth Cox
    Elizabeth Cox 3 months ago

    I feel like Simplynailogical needs to check some of these out

  • isyoursheepwireless
    isyoursheepwireless 3 months ago

    I'm afraid I'm always on the side of the consumer and I don't like the idea of any one brand having the rights to (and therefore complete control over the price of) such a broad generic concept.

  • Kayleigh Tabor
    Kayleigh Tabor 3 months ago

    REM?!? *weeb intensifies*

  • Crystal Guido
    Crystal Guido 3 months ago

    I find it hilarious that Tati always thinks her intros are soo long but like gurllll have you met your friends? @jeffreestar @jamescharles

  • Bianca Lauren
    Bianca Lauren 3 months ago

    Tired all day then insomnia at night MOOD