I Am Not Fully Satisfied With This...

  • Published on May 19, 2018
  • Milk, Rennet, Citric Acid : I am stacking all the odds in my favor to achieve Mozzarella cheese. But I am not fully satisfied with this result. GREAT Homemade mozzarella is what I want to achieve.
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  • Lars Pallesen
    Lars Pallesen 24 days ago

    "God loves me after all" *LOL*

  • Floris Fiedeldij Dop

    What a joy to watch this journey.

  • kendimidayadimalnima
    kendimidayadimalnima 2 months ago

    3:20 😂

  • Gianluca a
    Gianluca a 3 months ago

    A quanti italiani fa ridere sto francese che cerca di ricreare il patrimonio gastronomico italiano😂😂

  • Captain L-Ron
    Captain L-Ron 4 months ago

    Do u no de whey?

  • Danilo Caria
    Danilo Caria 5 months ago

    I love your videos. Just one thing, is not campagna but Campania. Campagna in Italian means countryside but the region you refer it is called Campania.

  • TheWicklunds25
    TheWicklunds25 6 months ago

    So, you abandoned the fat/protein ratio given to you buy the bufulo mozzarella maker?

  • *[ Sonic]* 23
    *[ Sonic]* 23 7 months ago

    parle en francais svp langlais des francais est franchement nul

  • Arti Bhatia
    Arti Bhatia 8 months ago

    You are too cute to be a Chef

  • Rickki Johns
    Rickki Johns 8 months ago

    I am fool for an Alex French Guy Calendar.

  • Dominik Chat
    Dominik Chat 8 months ago

    You actually can drink that. Citric acid is extremely weak

  • Kartik Sunaad
    Kartik Sunaad 8 months ago

    Your videos are so addicting... Love your channel!

  • Marco Garofolin
    Marco Garofolin 9 months ago

    Salut from italy

  • Kirsten
    Kirsten 9 months ago

    Very hard to understand your English! :) French accent is just to strong.

  • jesaliga
    jesaliga 9 months ago

    Is that Johnny Mathis lurking in the background?

  • Akira Kairi
    Akira Kairi 9 months ago

    Oh no. There goes my expenses for Alex's book

  • Sam Cook
    Sam Cook 10 months ago

    Water too hot?

  • abc.123
    abc.123 10 months ago

    I fucking hate your acsent

  • brian ruane
    brian ruane 10 months ago

    His accent is aids

  • kkpaine
    kkpaine 10 months ago

    The piano interlude during the stretching is from the same music linked in your post???

  • Payam Abbasi
    Payam Abbasi 10 months ago

    What is that song? I really need that please tell me the name

  • ANameThatIsn'tMyOwn
    ANameThatIsn'tMyOwn 10 months ago

    What do you do with all the left over cheese juice (non curded milk?)

  • your daddy
    your daddy 10 months ago

    How did i Get here

  • Blehkelekwet
    Blehkelekwet 10 months ago

    Considering the price of milk and all the required ingredients and the price of good mozzarella that you can buy from an artisan, is it worth it? Or is it just a fun experiment?

  • Félix pellerin
    Félix pellerin 10 months ago

    jme serait jamais attendu a ce que ma chaine francaise préférée soit en anglais xD

  • Nathan Chase
    Nathan Chase 10 months ago

    Alex, just noticed The WIre mural of Season 4 in the background. So dope!

  • Edg h
    Edg h 10 months ago

    Failure is acceptable surrender is not

  • Stijn Weijters
    Stijn Weijters 10 months ago

    So much dutch stuff.. we are cheese and winemakers tho.. :D

  • Farva
    Farva 10 months ago

    pro food waster

  • Xinn
    Xinn 10 months ago

    You should look into Gavin Webbers videos. He is really thorough when it comes to making cheese. Definitely interesting to watch.

  • Juanpdb Santiago
    Juanpdb Santiago 10 months ago

    Ta chaîne a l'air très intéressante dommage que tu ne la face qu'en anglais

  • Keenan Johnson
    Keenan Johnson 10 months ago

    What do ppl do with the whey? Is it just trash?

  • Ben Posner
    Ben Posner 10 months ago

    I think showing your failure adds to the videos. It's really great.

  • Magnus Vinter
    Magnus Vinter 10 months ago

    7:51you said hurt with the most beautiful accent in the world

  • Mo n
    Mo n 10 months ago

    Re you gonna make ricotta? 😁

  • YoloGamer
    YoloGamer 10 months ago

    tvclip.biz/video/pU_VoyWfLfY/video.html watch this video it may help you fool. LUV YOU

  • Robert Dozier
    Robert Dozier 10 months ago

    this guy is like the casey neistat of cooking. lol

  • Jaco Botha
    Jaco Botha 10 months ago

    what is the song at 6:33

  • exeuroweenie
    exeuroweenie 10 months ago

    Alex,will your book be available via Amazon or Barnes And Noble? I have money set aside for it.

  • 7cle
    7cle 10 months ago

    Ha ha ! Ton resto italien de référence, je le connais ! Et ses raviolis à la truffe ? Ils sont pas mortels ?

  • Alok Tandon
    Alok Tandon 10 months ago

    I tried so many times but failed you did awesome work. can you tell how hot water you used for it??

  • Matěj Foltýn
    Matěj Foltýn 10 months ago

    Love the time meter on the oven. Can you buy that somewhere separately?

  • 2.5low Garage
    2.5low Garage 10 months ago

    No Whey!

  • natalie
    natalie 10 months ago

    at 4:24 the caption says signs instead of sings

  • AntwonDaBusiness
    AntwonDaBusiness 10 months ago

    Use a su fide to temper

  • MarkH10
    MarkH10 10 months ago

    You're fake. Where is the self centered narcissism of TRUE FRENCHMEN?

  • Pablo Martínez Díaz
    Pablo Martínez Díaz 10 months ago

    J'adôôôre... Et en plus ton accent est parfait.

  • Iamarobotbanana4
    Iamarobotbanana4 10 months ago

    A simple typo can turn you from a travel connoisseur to a pervert.

  • AJ GD
    AJ GD 10 months ago

    Search the term " clean break cheese curd " ;)

  • Jason Clark
    Jason Clark 10 months ago

    Cookbook preordered!

  • pupmups
    pupmups 10 months ago


  • Matan Weisbrot
    Matan Weisbrot 10 months ago

    This is amazing Alex

  • Rob Mckennie
    Rob Mckennie 10 months ago

    Trying to make mozzarella was hugely frustrating for me, until I tried using milk that hadn't been homogenized. World of difference. Still not very good though, and for the price I have to pay for non-homogenized milk, I can buy fresh mozzarella in brine for cheaper.

  • Gary Koite
    Gary Koite 10 months ago

    Your comedic timing is fantastic. "... nobody cares ..."

  • The Box Of Chicago
    The Box Of Chicago 10 months ago

    squeeze the sack ;)

  • Rated- R
    Rated- R 10 months ago

    No you are funny and cute that's why we are following you

  • cricce
    cricce 10 months ago

    Maybe someone has asked this before, but were did you get that egg-clock/timer? It's really nice and easy to quickly read :) I'w been searching for a good "analog" timer. And thanks for a great channel! always a pleasure to follow you on your cocking adventures :)

  • reachlin reachlin
    reachlin reachlin 10 months ago

    why there's the poster from Wire on the wall?

  • Tanuj Agarwal
    Tanuj Agarwal 10 months ago

    Make cream cheese video if you able to i am looking forward,

  • Noemi Molinari
    Noemi Molinari 10 months ago

    You are a crazy awesome guy and we love you for this! I love how almost everyone would be screaming and running around in excitement after the last results, BUT NO! You had to fly to Naples ahahah
    Enjoy your stay in Italy, hope you have an amazing experience! :)

  • Gina Baggett
    Gina Baggett 10 months ago

    It didn’t come out perfect because you cooked it from a book but not from the heart

  • Ph1nner
    Ph1nner 10 months ago

    The new Casey Neistat of modern TVclip.

  • Lena Rigg
    Lena Rigg 10 months ago

    Salut Alex, c'est quoi le nom/adresse de ce traiteur Italien à Paris? :-)

  • iakinthos8
    iakinthos8 10 months ago

    music @6:30 ??

  • lazyknob
    lazyknob 10 months ago

    HOREE crap... Just realized who the black kids on the back wall are...
    The Wire.
    Good stuff ;)

  • Ellis Thomas
    Ellis Thomas 10 months ago

    Preordered the book as soon as he mentioned it didn't even wait till the end of the video

  • Howdy ho
    Howdy ho 10 months ago

    haha I like your videos

  • bkaspe00
    bkaspe00 10 months ago

    In the beginning I thought kryptonite by 3 doors down was playing

  • I'm Out
    I'm Out 11 months ago

    Waiting for my flight.. *To nipples*

  • Greg Ward
    Greg Ward 11 months ago

    should have pulled some of the Curds out an made a Poutine

  • Greg Ward
    Greg Ward 11 months ago

    your head on the cover of the book looks like Stewie Griffin, Football shaped.

  • DonVoghano
    DonVoghano 11 months ago +1

    Careful Alex, if the mozzarella you had at the Italian deli was buffalo milk the dual texture is exacerbated by the refrigeration and continued fermentation, which considerably softens and sours the inside. Original mozzarella is supposed to be eaten very soon after production and never refrigerated. The actual consistency is more consistent (lol) throughout the product, although, yes, a lot of milk should seep out when cut. Also the best 'fiordilatte' is actually not made in Naples (where it tends to be a bit tougher and sour), but Puglia (where it's more buttery in taste - my favorite from Gioia del Colle), where burrata and stracciatella were also developed.

  • StatusInsomnia
    StatusInsomnia 11 months ago

    Definitely going to have to get the cook book. Best wishes on your journey in cheese making and can’t wait for the next video. :)

  • Waasil Ahamed
    Waasil Ahamed 11 months ago

    Are you capable of making a chicken burger, or juicy beef burger

  • CiriolaLP
    CiriolaLP 11 months ago

    Oh man, I'll wait for your trip to my land :P

    • 1 louis
      1 louis 11 months ago

      Your land, Campania is one of the most exciting region in the world if you love good food ! (french comment)

  • Mohamad Azarchehr
    Mohamad Azarchehr 11 months ago

    i luv it when u put that piano serious music, its like the mission impossible of being a chef. Alex you are one of the sweetest guys that i find on youtube, also things that u r learning are exactly what im searching for on youtube. keep up the good work
    u r great

  • chemical mike
    chemical mike 11 months ago

    Was the milk buffalo milk? 🐂

  • Jonni0608
    Jonni0608 11 months ago

    Alors Alex, comment ça se passe en Italie? Tu reviens quand? Ooh pendant que tu y es, tu peux nous ramener des recettes de dessert? sfugliattele , cannolis , gelatos et semi-freddos...

  • Muipha
    Muipha 11 months ago

    c'est bon!

  • Alex Macgregor
    Alex Macgregor 11 months ago

    what is the music at 6:25?

  • Benjamin Lund
    Benjamin Lund 11 months ago

    Come for the Ramen, stay for the cheese.

  • 1 louis
    1 louis 11 months ago

    For those who are lost in the comment... it's a Mozarella that Alex eat at the restaurant, not a burrata ! But it's a good one, not a cheap cow's milk mozzarella !

  • Emre Utku
    Emre Utku 11 months ago

    Hey Alex please add english subtitle 🙏🙏

  • Alexander Formgren
    Alexander Formgren 11 months ago

    Such engagement! Wow.

  • Esperantia85
    Esperantia85 11 months ago

    Is it possible you made scamorza instead of mozzarella ?

  • Solene Tprt
    Solene Tprt 11 months ago

    À quand le fromage vegan fait maison ?? 😄

    • Solene Tprt
      Solene Tprt 11 months ago

      1 louis 😂😂😂😂😂 quand tu veux parler de ce que tu connais pas

    • 1 louis
      1 louis 11 months ago

      Never ! Le veganisme est un ennemi de la gastronomie... va falloir continuer à manger de la laitue ! ^^

  • Panamericanana
    Panamericanana 11 months ago

    Instant pre-order!

  • David Legarreta
    David Legarreta 11 months ago

    Hi Alex my family and I are flying Mexico, Paris on the 1st of June we are going to be there 3 days , it would be great if we could meet you.
    Take care

  • Erik Granqvist
    Erik Granqvist 11 months ago

    I have seen people heat the cheese in the Micro, instead of hot water.

  • Christoph Baake
    Christoph Baake 11 months ago

    I would be absolutly happy with this result. But I love your level of Detail on those things. The ambition to go beyond average. Keep on going. Found you through the ramen but will stay for almost everythin about food from you. So much to learn here. And always fun to watch. Keep up this really good work.

  • Dj Harem
    Dj Harem 11 months ago

    We are fools cause we learn from our experiences,
    so that's why.

  • Arman Khosravi
    Arman Khosravi 11 months ago

    Thanks man for such an interesting video.

  • Henrique Ruschi
    Henrique Ruschi 11 months ago

    Hey alex! what you had taste on the italian shop is called Burrata! Outside is mozzarella like you did but in the inside is like a cream of mozzarella! Good look

  • MissPandasia
    MissPandasia 11 months ago

    You should watch Gavin Webber 👀

  • Ryan Seay
    Ryan Seay 11 months ago

    See now mostly when you have a title like that it’s usually click bait and the actual title doesn’t happen till the end, but you actually show how and why the title makes sense, and that’s why I love your chanel

  • brandon heape
    brandon heape 11 months ago

    Who do you share all the food with? Or do you just eat it all that's what I'd do

  • siribiriz
    siribiriz 11 months ago

    I ilke this series a lot Alex, congrats on the book launch! I hope many successes come your way. Closing these episodes the way you do in this particular series keeps me wanting more, great production as always.

  • Rodrigo Perez
    Rodrigo Perez 11 months ago

    The milk you use is milk from the supermarket? Because when I make cheese I need leche bronca (I think is raw milk in english)

  • Charlotte Matou
    Charlotte Matou 11 months ago

    In my experience (trying both types of mozzarella from the same manufacturer), only mozzarella di bufala has this contrast in texture, while mozzarella fior di latte is very homogenous. So it is not the process, it is the milk!

  • Navneeth Gopal
    Navneeth Gopal 11 months ago

    Steve Jobs making Mozzarella.. nice