Crazy Rich Asians - Movie Review

  • Published on Sep 5, 2018
  • A movie that is taking the country by storm and looks to be the next "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". Here's my review of CRAZY RICH ASIANS!
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  • ExMachina70
    ExMachina70 2 days ago

    I couldn't watch 15 minutes into the movie without the bullshit of watching them play off some old white dudes who refused to book their rooms. This is supposed to have been done back in 1995, not 1935. Even my Asian wife found this to be libertard bullcrap.

  • Prairie Imperfection
    Prairie Imperfection 15 days ago

    I thought it was shallow! By that I mean, there was surface level story but it didn't go very deep into what feelings, emotions, and conflicts actually go down when you get involved with a Crazy Rich Asian mother and try to attach yourself to her son! I guess I was hoping for more of a therapy session but it was just a romantic comedy.

  • Alejandro de la Vega

    Crazy Rich Jeremy

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder Month ago

    I went into this movie with the mindset that I wasn't going to like it at all and that it was going to be boring and I wasn't going to enjoy it because of the all Asian cast. I don't have any prejudice against Asians but I just did not feel like this would be a movie for me. so when I decided to watch this movie I was in the mindset that I wasn't going to enjoy it and it was going to be boring and I was just going to have to force myself to chug along through the movie. To my surprise, I actually liked this movie a lot more than I ever would have expected. I skipped the theatrical release of the movie. I was under the impression that all the hype was for the all Asian cast and nothing else. I was expecting a pretty generic and chiche romantic comedy. There are a few chiche moments throughout the movie but over all it was pretty good. I wouldn't say I was expecting to hate this movie but I definitely wasn't expecting to like the movie. I was expecting to have my suspicions confirmed about all the hype being focused on the all Asian cast with a not so good story and not so good acting. The story and the acting was really good and surprised the hell out of me. All of that being said, this movie is one of the biggest examples of lifestyle porn that I have ever seen. this movie also looks like it was one of the most expensive movies ever made. The title of the book that this is based on and the title of the movie, Crazy Rich Asians, does not do any justice for our rich these characters are supposed to be. these were the kind of people that had so much money that even after they invested in all of these charity groups and invested in all of these other companies that they just have to keep spending the money because there's nothing else they could do with it. in the movie They said that the wedding cost 40 million dollars. That's fucking insane. at the same time they are also the type of people that will look down upon the Working Class People. these are the type of people that walk around with the assumption that they are better than you because they are rich and you are not. In the end I was completely surprised by this movie because I was not expecting to enjoy it at all. Hey this was really interesting because this was not the first time that a movie completely subverted my expectations. I also watched the movie “A Star Is Born” and I was completely disappointed. I went into the movie expecting to love it and I was completely let down and disappointed because I did not like that movie at all. This is why I think this sort of incident is interesting because I had the exact opposite expectations of going into the movie “Crazy Rich Asians”and expecting to not like it at all and instead I came out of it actually really enjoying the movie. So I actually saw two movies in 2018 that were completely and 100% the exact opposite of what I was expecting before I watched them. One of them I expected to hate but I ended up liking him a lot and the other one I expected to love but then came out of it very disappointe so I actually saw two movies in 2018 that were completely and 100% the exact opposite of what I was expecting before I watched them. “A Star Is Born” I expected to just completely love this movie but I was completely disappointed and I hated the movie. “Crazy Rich Asian” I want to know this movie expected to be let down with an understanding that there was only a hype over the cast because it was all Asian only to find out that it actually did have a really good story really good cinematography and really good acting and I highly enjoyed the movie which I was not expecting. I would consider it even better than going into a movie knowing that I’m going to enjoy it like “Avengers Infinity War” which was a movie I was hyped for and I knew I was going to enjoy and love that movie and it was everything I expected and more. I just think that the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” stand a little higher than that because it was a movie that I had very low expectations for before going into it and I was completely shocked and I really enjoyed the movie when I walked away from it. I would definitely recommend this movie. What are the standards in this movie for me was the actors Akwafina. I did not expect to like her this much in this movie. I saw the movie “Oceans Eight” earlier this year and I really did I not like Akwafina at all in that movie. In the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” I actually really enjoyed Akwafina quite a bit in this movie. All that being said this movie is on a lot of problems with it. First, the movie makes it seem like these billionaires are the only people that inhabit the entire country of Singapore. Another problem is that none of the characters have any growth or development throughout the movie. I also think that Ken John was not in the movie enough to be more than just considered a cameo in the movie just I also think that Ken John was not in the movie enough to be anything more than a glorified cameo and nothing else. Everyone is completely unsympathetic and completely disapproving of Rachel and they don’t even know her but they’re so quick to judge her at first sight upon meeting her for the very first time. I don’t like the fact that the father keeps getting mentioned but never ever shows up. Not even at the end where Nick and Rachel are getting married so you would assume that It must be some time lapse in between the time that Nick proposed and they planned at the wedding and actually had the wedding and even then the father never showed up. Yeah the mother Eleanor disapproves of Rachel because she grew up with a single mother in an under class lifestyle. I thought it was weird that Nick was bringing home a college professor as his girlfriend and yet just about everybody except for the gay guy disapproved of Rachel for no fucking reason whatsoever. I also have to point out that almost all of these characters seem ungrateful for what they have. There is also this weird side story about a woman whose husband was having an affair cheating on her and at the end of the movie they do decide to separate and get a divorce but is just like we’re rich so I’m just gonna go live in one of my other seven giant fancy hotels. That was a bit of a weird B storyline that didn’t need to be in the movie. I also wanna say that I did not understand the wedding at all. I don’t understand what they were going forward all of that tall grass and the center aisle filling up with water. That’s Chyna going beyond glamorous and fancy and falling into the worst so rich that we go to this level above and beyond fancy and glamorous which is almost laughable the ridiculous. My first thought when I saw the aisle filling up with water was that it was going to ruin the bride’s dress and her shoes. They have a 25-year-old white guy and some of the stuff seemed needlessly overdone. They’re thrown out read Dick you list figures three different parts of the movie about how much things cost. At the beginning of the wedding they’re talking about how they were only supposed to spend $20 million on the ceremony but instead they ended up spending why are you over $40 million on the entire wedding. How do you have a budget of $20 million and still end up spending $40 million instead all without even worrying that you went more than double your budget on the wedding. There was also a lot of incredibly expensive jewelry that was shown off throughout the movie. Every time there was a multi million dollar piece of jewelry shown in the movie my only thought was that I could get a replica that works exactly the same for about 50 dollars end it would look exactly the same. Then there was that part of the movie where are you start thinking about the lifestyle and the amount of money that’s being thrown around in the movie and I almost came out of it depressed. They were throwing around so much money in the movie end buying so much expensive stuff and I’m just thinking to myself the entire time what I would do if I had that kind of money available to me. There’s also a character that is basically a toned down version of Mr. chow in the movie. I really enjoyed the movie but when I go back and analyze it there are definitely a lot of mistakes with the movie.

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder Month ago

    That guy on the poster for the movie looks like Seth MacFarlane

  • timothy1949
    timothy1949 2 months ago

    trailer is bad, movie is bad, everything is bad? I watched this movie and I think you are just being a hater

  • Nice2347
    Nice2347 3 months ago

    Guarantee these big movie reviewers look at the general consensus, and pick that as their score. they don't want to upset the masses. this movie was awful.

  • Rifter !
    Rifter ! 3 months ago

    I feel like cultural difference really plays a part in these types of movies (like black panther) alot of the jokes were specific to the people even some jokes i would of missed if I didn't watch so many Asian TVcliprs that explain terms like ABC

  • Justin Cook
    Justin Cook 3 months ago

    For a rom-com I'd give it a B. In terms of cinema, I'd give it a D+ maybe C- at best. No spoiler warnings needed for rom coms because they're way too predictable. I think Traditions are so strongly engrained in the mindset of the culture that - if we are being honest, Nick would have left Rachel behind.

  • Mark Skater
    Mark Skater 3 months ago

    its about asian ? i wonder why u never talk much about that ?

  • Vianne Hang
    Vianne Hang 3 months ago

    Crazians are fucking rich

    RΘMΔИ NUMEЯΛLZ 3 months ago

    The comments surpass this review.

    URCHIN SAM 4 months ago +2

    What's next? Oil rich Saudi-Arabians?

  • Vague Quad - GFX
    Vague Quad - GFX 4 months ago +2

    I really liked the movie. I typically hate romantic comedies, it’s usually the low point of any actors career. That being said, I was surprised to find out after watching this film that I felt they casted perfectly for this movie, that the movie had many ups and downs, and that the script was meaningful. One of the things I really liked about the Western vs Eastern dynamic was how each respective cultures view on the purpose of life was different. The movie implied that Rachel cares about passion, which made me think about the American dream, or meeting new and different people, and living a life based around personal happiness. Whereas the Eastern view was presented to commend hard work and family ties, as exemplified during the scene where Eleanor told Rachel that “they understand that family is the only way to build things that last and to true happiness.” I thought that this left me with interesting questions as to what type of things matter in life. The movie really juxtaposed the two cultures quite accurately. Great movie!

  • Crestfire
    Crestfire 4 months ago

    Would you review movies from other countries? Like Japan, korea

  • Akhil Muraleedhar
    Akhil Muraleedhar 4 months ago

    "Lifestyle Porno"

  • 501
    501 4 months ago

    I JUST watched this on RedBox. Totally worth buying on Blu Ray. Just sayin'

  • Blender Mix
    Blender Mix 4 months ago

    Can you please tell me if you think a straight man would like this movie? No worries if you have absolutely no idea.

  • Mario Lanzas
    Mario Lanzas 5 months ago

    it´s just a long Singapore turism reclaim in the form of the typical romantic comedy. the same archetypical characters, the same clichés... absolutely predictable

  • india atkin
    india atkin 5 months ago

    white people in this film are waiters and bikini models that get money thrown at them. no lines
    there are a total of 2 brown people, both wearing turbans and are the butt of jokes about savagery. no lines
    there are no black people. just none.

  • dangertomarketing
    dangertomarketing 5 months ago

    Lived in Singapore for the five years. Wonderful country and wonderful people. Progressive as heck - don't understand all the hate the city/country is getting... take a look at surrounding cities... or actually all the developed cities within 10 degrees of equator across the globe, and tell me which city is better to visit or to live? As far as prices go, yes you will not own a car, but that's why public transportation is affordable. For 20 years of my life I had a car, didn't thought about owning a car in Singapore one minute. As far as rents go, they're quite ok given what you get for (every condo has a pool and a gym, shared facilities are mostly great)... but then agaain, all the materialistic aspects fade away when you talk and work with Singaporeans - worked on fund projects out of NUS / NTU / Nanyang Poly. No wonder why GRAB ate Uber for breakfast. How's 10Gbps Internet for 80 USD makes you feel?

  • Felicity Smoak and Will Graham fan

    I think you wouldn't understand the impact of it and how monumental the fact that a movie like this being made meant to Asian people like me. I cried and cheered for it, not because of the plot, cause I have seen all that, but because I saw my culture being represented in Hollywood.

  • Pixel Chanthapanya
    Pixel Chanthapanya 6 months ago

    The wedding scene got me crying 😭😭😭 I loved it

  • le stabby
    le stabby 6 months ago

    honestly such an overrated movie. it just played the race card and suddenly its a "good" movie. it could have easily been of any other cultures and the movie would still be the same. wasted potential especially making the cast more "Singaporean" by making them talk in "Slangs" because yup obv everyone talks like that in sg. though there were some good things in the movie, still wished it was better

  • irshadi3
    irshadi3 6 months ago

    Can u review the puisher please

  • Potatojerk
    Potatojerk 6 months ago

    Agree the trailer did not do the movie justice, only reason we wanted to see the movie was to see what all the hype was about. Check out our opinion in our review :)

  • Modern Counter Culture
    Modern Counter Culture 6 months ago

    I have to thank this movie as I got my first handjob in it because it was so boring. Thank you🙏🏻

  • kemuael
    kemuael 6 months ago

    I'll pass

  • Joshua
    Joshua 6 months ago

    That intro was deep af

  • adeline dinda
    adeline dinda 6 months ago

    As asian myself, what really struck me is that a lot of the cultural reference and family relationship is pretty spot on. But personally the story itself is not that interesting and a bit flat. Good, but not great.

    • Raja's VLOGS
      Raja's VLOGS 2 months ago

      But there's only one problem in this film. They shot less in Singapore. So they shot in Malaysia more than Singapore.
      And also an actor from the rich hero character, he's not Singaporean,he's Malaysian

  • Raven Darkholme
    Raven Darkholme 7 months ago

    Haven't seen the movie yet, but I definitely will soon since I'm happy Hollywood is finally using Asian actors. I watch a lot of k dramas and some Korean movies, as well as Japanese anime so I know there are many truly talented Asian actors. By the way, Jeremy you should review 'A werewolf boy' if you ever get the chance, I was shocked at how good it is. It's so different from western adaptations of the werewolf genre. It's a Korean movie that came out in 2012 that left me sobbing by the end of it and thinking about the movie for like 30 minutes after it had already ended. I was so impressed that Koreans could make such heartfelt entertainment. For me it's as good as Super 8, The book theif and X + Y which are all incredible western movies.

  • Connor Moore
    Connor Moore 7 months ago

    I like you Jeremy but you are wrong about The Beatles all u need is love its not about a love between two people its about a universal sense of it which connects us all there's two paths in life love or fear and always choose love

  • Niall Sheridan
    Niall Sheridan 7 months ago

    Oh the Actress who plays the mother in Fresh Off The Boat is in it is movie isn't for me she good in the show though

  • time engineer
    time engineer 7 months ago

    This isn't something I'd normally watch.. but I did.. and it's a lovely movie with funny moments. A good script and great performances really make this one of the better "romantic comedies" . Recommended. :-)

  • shirley ma
    shirley ma 7 months ago

    Would not see sequel.

  • shirley ma
    shirley ma 7 months ago

    Didn't like it.

  • William Lozier
    William Lozier 7 months ago

    How come Jeremy did not review MPR trailer?

  • Arslan Malik
    Arslan Malik 7 months ago


  • linda i’m not listening

    i read the book (yeah it’s based on a book idk if some people know that but yeah) and i felt like it was one of those movies that basically is made for the people who read the book who pretty much already know what’s gonna happen, and usually i’m a snob about this but honestly i was super selfish going in, not caring about people who may be confused.

  • Shawn Macdonald
    Shawn Macdonald 7 months ago

    Asians, blacks, whites, some kind of off shade color you don't recogize, a rom-com needs some kind of cynical edge for me to see it. To be fair, I need it to be like As good as it gets with Jack Nickelson type of funny, or I don't give a shit.

  • Hey, We’re Interesting!

    The sequel will most likely be based off of the events of China Rich Girlfriend, which takes place about 2 years after the vents in Crazy Rich Asians. It will revolve around Rachel wanting to know who her father was. When Eleanor Young visits them at their wedding, She tells them about how she thinks that she’s found her father, based off of a chance encounter with Carlton Bao, who, in her words, is: “the spitting image of Rachel Chu” Carlton turns out to be her step-brother, and she is immediately drawn into the crazy world of people who aren’t just crazy rich.... Their China Rich💰💳.
    Carlton’s girlfriend, Colette Bing, is good friend with Rachel, until she discovers that Colette wanted the money that Carlton would inherit because her parents cut her off. Her personal assistant poisons Rachel in an attempt to get her to leave China, even using products from Carlton’s Mothers’ pharmaceutical company to pin the blame on her, but is arrested, and when Colette finds out, fired. Colette makes up with Rachel just in time to talk Carlton out of a dangerous street race against one of Colette’s other suitors, and Rachel does just that. Meanwhile: Astrid has forgiven Michael and is having trouble and arguments with him, and Kitty Pong is seeking advice on how to fit in to the Hong Kong social scene after her scandal with Alistar. That’s all for now folks, because I’m writing this at 2 am with school tomorrow, so if you’re still interested, subscribe to my channel, and I’ll have a video up soon about this.

  • Nancy Gomez
    Nancy Gomez 7 months ago

    For me, at the beginning of the movie I was like aww I can relate to the main actress and her mom. Specifically when the mom told her even though she looks and speaks Chinese, on the inside she's American and how she's a "banana". I was like wow similar to my Hispanic upbringing being constantly told you're not really Mexican because you weren't born or brought up in the country. But that small amount of relatability died with all the wealth being depicted. I grew up poor... Never really had a liking to wealthy people who didn't grow up in ghettos or didn't have to think "shit can I afford college?" Like bruh... I was mostly spiteful through out this movie. This bitch was crying after having some snobby bitches make fun of her while she's getting a massage? Boo fucking hoo

  • HindsightPOV
    HindsightPOV 7 months ago

    I only saw “Crazy Rich Asians” because a friend wanted to see it and I ended up enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would, even though RomComs aren’t really my thing. I heard they’re going to make a sequel which I’ll be sure to watch.

  • Alyss
    Alyss 7 months ago

    I really loved this movie! The plot was very common so I was worried it would just disappoint me, but there was something unique and special in the way they executed it.

  • xxAlexixx88
    xxAlexixx88 7 months ago

    Glad you reviewed this movie! But not one comment on the cast or setting? Any of it come of interest?

  • JN83 38
    JN83 38 7 months ago

    Where is the "To all the boys i have loved before review"?

  • REIQ
    REIQ 7 months ago

    The movie was meh ok, but it feels Im pushed to like it just because the cast is all Asian and just because of that is has to be good, bland Asian romcon

  • chris roberts
    chris roberts 7 months ago +1

    I choose not to watch this film based souly on the title.
    And the
    "poor single american" that I am.

  • Jon RD
    Jon RD 7 months ago

    This movie made me want to date asian women

  • Dragonstar13
    Dragonstar13 7 months ago

    Going to agree. Travel more, have adventures, and enjoy things while you can. And loved Crazy Rich Asian, one of my favorite movies this year.

  • Bernardo Abdanur Sá
    Bernardo Abdanur Sá 7 months ago

    Where in Europe have you been?

  • awarlock82
    awarlock82 7 months ago

    I'd love to visit Singapore and other countries of South East Asia, like Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Bali, etc. I also am absolutely in love with Gemma Chan now, upon discovering her these past few months and watching her interviews and photos! Now I want to see CRA mainly for her.
    That is all.

  • awarlock82
    awarlock82 7 months ago

    I want to see the sequel of Crazy Rich Asians called "Sane Middle Class Latin Americans".

  • Mr Sniper1730
    Mr Sniper1730 7 months ago

    What an amazing movie i loved the movie so much
    Funny and romantic thank god it’s getting a sequel

  • C I
    C I 7 months ago

    Having watched it and I'm Filpina American I can relate to how people in Philippines see me as different since I was born and raised in America. Also how mothers judged who date.
    Can't relate to the rich part.

  • cadr003
    cadr003 7 months ago

    What the movie got me as an Asian American myself is the strong underlying tension between global Western values vs traditional Eastern values, which really struck home for me and a lot of my Asian Am. friends.

  • raven fyhre
    raven fyhre 7 months ago

    It's also about Asian culture in countries that not even Asians care about.

  • Brendan
    Brendan 7 months ago

    Thank God, I finally found a review that wasn't jerking off the fact that it was an asian cast.

  • seanc41556
    seanc41556 7 months ago

    Review Black 47

  • brandon sneed
    brandon sneed 7 months ago

    Its as trash as the trailers looked. It's soooo corny

  • ArchTenshi Xue
    ArchTenshi Xue 7 months ago

    The movie was great! Culturally Relatable, cute romance, but important the family aspect made this movie for me.

  • Official Filmilen
    Official Filmilen 7 months ago

    Crazy Rich Asians is so good that it will get a sequel

  • thatnormalguy9
    thatnormalguy9 7 months ago

    I wouldn't watch the movie for the title itself. I'm not rich nor Asian.

  • TM Martin
    TM Martin 7 months ago

    JJ calls it Lifestyle Porn. I don't go to the cinema for that crap. Something just did not land for me with this movie. Michelle Yeoh was the 'Dragon Lady.' Wow. Please Do Better, Hollywood.

  • jairtzinio
    jairtzinio 7 months ago

    the trailer is shit and the movie is shit... boom... no need for a review

  • Bueller229 !
    Bueller229 ! 7 months ago

    Where'd you go in Europe?!

  • Lynn Son
    Lynn Son 7 months ago

    Asian dramas are like that, LIKE SHHIT MAN SMH

  • Omar' Commin
    Omar' Commin 7 months ago

    Don't understand 1% of the hype around this aside from cultural diversity bs

  • Blender Km
    Blender Km 7 months ago

    Can you say whether a straight man will like this movie? No worries if you have no idea.

  • Dean Lett
    Dean Lett 7 months ago

    I went to the movie to see how they would handle the presentation of wealth, and it had some eye candy and some good laughs, but rather vapid. The troubles of good looking people who have it all, give me a break.

  • BabeOfCakes
    BabeOfCakes 7 months ago +1


  • ilovevirtualconsole
    ilovevirtualconsole 7 months ago

    Cool review Jeremy.

  • Nathan Pollock
    Nathan Pollock 7 months ago

    Good to hear it's a good movie.
    Please talk about the new Halloween trailer. It's intense.

  • Scrubis Scrubmirez
    Scrubis Scrubmirez 7 months ago

    Sorry to bother you

  • James Kelly
    James Kelly 7 months ago

    So did John Lennon actually get anything right? I mean he wrote some good songs and strummed some good chords...and...?

  • OurlostIsland
    OurlostIsland 7 months ago

    the fact that you think the premise is basic and predictable shows you completely missed what makes this film culturally relevant... the conflict and tension of the film isn't what you see in all typical romcoms where the man has to decide between family or his partner (and always goes for 'passion'/their partner). The conflict is between the mother and Rachel, and Rachel makes the decision at the end. The cultural tension of Rachel realizing she is a stranger in her homeland while surrounded by people who look like her, personified by Eleanor, and then eventually gaining her respect through demonstrating her appreciation for sacrifice and family, speaks to many immigrants who are lost between worlds and looking to belong. This isn't a typical "win the parents' approval" film. We have never seen this before.

  • Nick Loiodice
    Nick Loiodice 7 months ago

    Peppermint review!!

  • Weareight
    Weareight 7 months ago

    Robin Leach died

  • Quadrilaterally
    Quadrilaterally 7 months ago

    TVclip will be gone?

  • Timothy Jason Carr
    Timothy Jason Carr 7 months ago

    This was some boring ass sex free 50 shades pandering bullshit.

  • Lady Judged
    Lady Judged 7 months ago

    How many cameras have you broken through punching them?👊😋

  • enjoi0555
    enjoi0555 7 months ago

    It was dogshit. Swap this out with white people and change the wealthy family to like the Waltons and people would say it sucked across the board. But hey it’s all Asian so give the shit quality a pass. Diversity!

  • blank pallet2
    blank pallet2 7 months ago

    Thats why the world is the way it is , why the kardashians made it without doing anything ,because everybody thinks they can get the wealth too

  • Buck Rogers
    Buck Rogers 7 months ago

    The movie is a little different from the book. The main sticking point between the potential MIL and DIL is different. The book has details of how crazy rich and fashionable these folks are and also an introduction to Singlish (Sg patois English). Yeah, it is a sweet romantic movie with an Asian cast in an Asian int'l city.

  • Amazing 101
    Amazing 101 7 months ago

    This movie is so...fuckin booooring, and im Asian, it's really not good at all.

  • alright anne
    alright anne 7 months ago

    I can't believe you didn't mention the fact that it was an all ASIAN CAST! Like Black Panther, CRA is significant because it gave Asian-American more represetion in WESTERN Cinema beside the now stereotypical martial art movie. CRA made history for Asian-American and give other an understanding how diversify Asian community can be.

  • Rodney NICA87
    Rodney NICA87 7 months ago

    As always man keep doing what your doing, you do it well. If you think about it this is your Job so you took vaca, we all need vaca, if some of you fan base can't see that than they can SUCK IT!

  • Muah Friend
    Muah Friend 7 months ago

    Hey look the communist Chinese own Hollywood

  • Fee B
    Fee B 7 months ago

    Loved it !

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds 7 months ago

    norm of the north is a straight to dvd movie that got a theatrical release. this sir, is no norm of the north.

  • Arturo Ortiz
    Arturo Ortiz 7 months ago

    Looks to me like "meet the 'rich' parents...."

  • browniebizzle
    browniebizzle 7 months ago

    Cinematography was amazing

  • Striker Ray
    Striker Ray 7 months ago

    So so.not that great, its cultural differences

  • rbc21
    rbc21 7 months ago

    next make a movie more relatable like "crazy cheap asian"

  • Joey Flacko
    Joey Flacko 7 months ago

    Bro that’s a typical ass movie pass

  • Yuanmei
    Yuanmei 7 months ago

    Welcome back!!
    I admit I'm new to this genre, but I'm surprised you didn't give it a higher rating. What would you recommend in this genre that would warrant an awesometacular?

  • George williams
    George williams 7 months ago

    This is literally just any romantic American comedy. It’s trite and almost gets obnoxious. Didn’t care for it

  • Fernando Herrera
    Fernando Herrera 7 months ago

    Date movie is right. Chicks love this stuff. Not really my cup of tea.

  • Just a cunt
    Just a cunt 7 months ago

    I didn't even know about this movie, now I really don't wanna see it

  • spritedrin
    spritedrin 7 months ago

    =_= there were so many clever references to Singapore/asian culture that I never expected to be there and Americans will never understand