• Published on Jan 29, 2018
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  • Arosaki
    Arosaki 14 hours ago +1

    *I quit. Jazza is better than me in any way and form possible.*

  • Fancy trash can
    Fancy trash can Day ago

    Was he using a canvas because that kinda bothered me sorry if he mentioned it I just didn’t notice but like that bothered me

  • Jaelyn Foster
    Jaelyn Foster Day ago

    Jazza...let me just start by saying that this art piece is beautiful. It moved me in a way that I can’t describe. To be honest, I didn’t think you knew what you were doing. I doubted you but now I apologize 😳

  • Selina Ozuna
    Selina Ozuna Day ago

    How much does skills share go for normally? Ima google it

  • Selina Ozuna
    Selina Ozuna Day ago

    🙀wow!!!!! Awesome

  • anime nerd101
    anime nerd101 Day ago


  • Chessher Cat
    Chessher Cat Day ago

    Lol, my biggest challenge for watercolour when I started was being far far to impatient XD. Anyone else had a problem?

  • kittenlover 9807
    kittenlover 9807 2 days ago

    When i first found out about your channel i didnt like it because of you character but now i love you channel

  • Fortnite Rebel
    Fortnite Rebel 3 days ago

    Dude I thought the tray cost 50$ bro

  • Saoirse Lynch
    Saoirse Lynch 3 days ago +1

    Jazza: "I’m quite happy with the result"

  • Saoirse Lynch
    Saoirse Lynch 3 days ago

    I love watercolour too!!! It would really help if you went and checked out my channel: Saoirse Lynch.

  • Champawati Rabha
    Champawati Rabha 3 days ago

    I hate jazza.....

    Everytime he's like, oh I can't do that....
    And in the end, what he makes is better than anytime I would create in my whole life.....

  • Caden yes
    Caden yes 4 days ago

    I know a free skill share it's called youtube

  • Arazi Margas
    Arazi Margas 4 days ago

    If you want to learn more about them, go watch Emily artful

  • Emmy Perret
    Emmy Perret 4 days ago

    jazzs, sweetie, activate your watercolor pans

    MIR MD. ZAHID HASAN 5 days ago

    soooooooooooo cute drawing

  • Aadila Fikri
    Aadila Fikri 5 days ago

    Type watercolour
    1: Tube
    2: Cake
    Hope I'm not wrong I'm also new to watercolour

  • afrooz khosravi
    afrooz khosravi 6 days ago

    You sir! Have just become my ultimate idol!

  • afrooz khosravi
    afrooz khosravi 6 days ago

    My loser ass thought i could draw.....

  • Lice Meza
    Lice Meza 7 days ago

    That's it. I give up on watercolors.

  • Maddie Kargar
    Maddie Kargar 8 days ago

    Holy shit why is this dude good at every type of art

  • KawaiiPlayz
    KawaiiPlayz 8 days ago

    Jazz is over THIRTY WHAAAAAA

  • Seçil Şengül
    Seçil Şengül 9 days ago

    I havent seen many people use pebeo watercolors. I dont recommend them at all. I dont like the mixes and texture. Its just a pain to work with in my opinion. You could get better supplies for cheaper

  • ToonGrin
    ToonGrin 10 days ago

    The fae folk are an interesting lot.
    Lots of fun folklore and types.
    Some are friendly, some... eh not so much.

  • Lotte Rijss
    Lotte Rijss 10 days ago

    When the "child" watercolour dries, it get really strange though. I don't recommend using it

  • Kailey Stolte
    Kailey Stolte 13 days ago +1

    Just some tips for you:
    1. Never, ever, use printer paper!! Always use watercolor paper or mixed media paper. If you don’t, the paper will be wavy and crumple. You can see at the top of Jazza’s paper it is wavy instead of a strait line when he did the swatches(testing the watercolor).
    2. (Optional) Don’t use cheap watercolor. I know good watercolor is quite expensive sometimes, but the quality is much better. For starters, you can use cheap watercolor just to see how you like it. If you think it’s for you, get better quality watercolor. (My beginning watercolor set was only $5, but since I got better, I have some better watercolor.
    Here are some good watercolor brands: Winsor and Newton, Sakura Koi, and Van Gogh watercolor.
    3. Be patient! Watercolor takes hard work and effort. But the good thing is, it dries pretty fast.
    4. Use waterproof pens! If you like to do line art (like me) then use waterproof pens. If you don’t, the watercolor will smear your pens and ruin your masterpiece. A good waterproof pen is the Sakura Micron PN. (The PN stands for plastic nib)
    5. Just keep trying! This kinda goes along with tip #3, but it is important. You can and WILL get better no matter what.

    I hope you found these tips helpful!!
    Also, I know Jazza won’t read this because I made this almost a year after he made his video 😢.
    I know this is a super long comment and you probably didn’t read it all, but if you did, I appreciate it!

  • Bear Rader
    Bear Rader 18 days ago

    That is truly beautiful!♡♡♡

  • generic scout
    generic scout 19 days ago

    first?god damm,what are you doing with your life!

  • ifti istiak
    ifti istiak 20 days ago


  • AnimatedMoonCloud
    AnimatedMoonCloud 24 days ago

    I love using watercolors so watching you do such an amazing piece like that made me very happy!! I love how you’re always trying different mediums as well.

  • Ruan Erasmus
    Ruan Erasmus 25 days ago

    Good on ya Jazza. Really enjoy your videos dude. Keep it up 😉

  • Wol Bern
    Wol Bern 26 days ago

    You can also get watercolour brush-pens. Not sure how good they are, but they seem ok from what I’ve used them for.

  • Bird
    Bird 27 days ago

    Dude I’ve tried those tube watercolor and they smell like pure chemicals. I’m warning people who are going to get those.

  • Lollily B
    Lollily B 27 days ago

    You should do using fruits as paint

  • HeartError Exe
    HeartError Exe 27 days ago

    In my country people use watercolors wrong
    The fun part is that watercolors there are the most used

  • Mindgrapher
    Mindgrapher 28 days ago

    That picture is beautiful! I love the colors.
    Now that I think about it I haven’t seen a single piece by you I don’t like. You are talented.

  • Weird_users Yeah
    Weird_users Yeah 28 days ago

    Well not pallet but kit😱

  • Weird_users Yeah
    Weird_users Yeah 28 days ago

    LOL I have that same pallet

  • Galaxy GirlLT
    Galaxy GirlLT 28 days ago

    Jazza first time trying watercolors: Excellent Art.
    Me trying to paint with watercolors 100000 time: S*it

  • Alna Mone
    Alna Mone 29 days ago

    Try arteza watercolor markers!

  • Emily van de belt
    Emily van de belt 29 days ago

    Gonna go buy some shitty watercolors. Thanks Jazza!

  • Zanna Martin
    Zanna Martin Month ago

    Fucking Jazza. He's done it again! DAMN YOU JOSIAH BROOKS! DAMN YOU!

  • Sneha Elizabeth Manoj

    Are you sure its first time???

    LARC BALLET Month ago

    You should do a large scale version on the wall of your little girls room. I know I’d love it on my 5week old little girls room wall. Love your videos love from Mum and Bub in Brisbane

  • GG Boy
    GG Boy Month ago +1

    Jazza, Try watercolor pens.

  • Galaxy Kawaiicat
    Galaxy Kawaiicat Month ago

    You still used this as a child so it’s not the *First Time *

  • Alexandra Henderson

    You should try water colour pencils

  • Rachel Roth
    Rachel Roth Month ago

    You're really good using the watercolor for such a newbie.

  • Axel Poetzsch Z
    Axel Poetzsch Z Month ago

    "Uhhh Jazza they are called Aquarell Colors and its actually its own art form please see that you are not referring to them as simple watercolors in the future!" Duhhhhh^^ nah just kidding in the principle they are really similar but there is a lot of depth in the subject because they have way more uses than regular water colors just my 2 cents nice video btw and have a nice day ;)

  • Chihana
    Chihana Month ago

    You should do more work with watercolor. That's beautiful!

  • yuuki chan
    yuuki chan Month ago

    This is very beautiful!!! (╥﹏╥)

  • SonicRay555
    SonicRay555 Month ago

    the “waxy” ones are the high-quality and pigmented ones.

  • xxxTheInfernoQueenxxx

    YOU MAKE EVERYTHING LOOK SO EASY... I think "Hmm maybe I'd be good at ____" *tries it* "Nope, still suck at life"

  • Cieran Ferguson
    Cieran Ferguson Month ago

    Jazza: Hey guys, I want you all to come watch me fail! I think it will be entertaining and useful to you all.
    Me: Well, that was entertaining. And definitely useful even if I never touch watercolours but I would not call this a failure.

  • Ana Vasin
    Ana Vasin Month ago

    If Jazza becomes an animal YOU SHOULD NOT BLOODY TOUCH HIM!!!!

  • Native Doll
    Native Doll Month ago

    Starts at 2:42 😊 great video as usual Jazza😋
    Edit: or painting at 3:35 lol

  • Syreila
    Syreila Month ago

    Jazza ... one word: wow!

  • The Believer
    The Believer Month ago

    XD Jazza is a fairy at the end of the vid

  • brandy
    brandy Month ago

    He got the same water color I got first time using water coulor

  • Roca Teithmore
    Roca Teithmore Month ago

    I am always confused that Aquarelle has no real name in English. Those are just the top notch in this field. and not the same thing as simpl4e watercolors for me...

  • Chie
    Chie Month ago


  • Denise Clair
    Denise Clair Month ago

    Wow Jazza, that is amazing! Especially since you haven’t used watercolours... or normally draw fairies... just wow!

  • Holly Cutts
    Holly Cutts Month ago +1

    I begrudgingly forgive you for your use of the "waxy" watercolours.

    • Ana Vasin
      Ana Vasin Month ago +1

      What the heck does *begrudgingly* mean?

      you must be a genius (or i just don't know English well because I'm not from an English speaking country)

  • ScrapDraws
    ScrapDraws Month ago

    The liquid WC must be bad cuz I love mine like my life

  • RobDewLags
    RobDewLags Month ago

    Can you use watercolors with alcohol instead of water so they dry faster? 🤔

    CLICK Month ago

    Jazza you forgot about watercolor paper

  • PinkHelation
    PinkHelation Month ago

    It's actually kinda heartening to see Jazza making the same mistakes in watercolor that I make but still ending up with something beautiful because his fundamental understanding of art is so strong. If Jazza can struggle with bleeding and dark edges and pull through with something to be proud of so can I.

  • Llama Boy
    Llama Boy Month ago +1

    How come I always see relatable comments with 1k+ likes and when I try I only have 1 like; my own

  • Ennisha Henry
    Ennisha Henry Month ago +1

    *pulls trigger*

    im in pain :D

  • xX Xx
    xX Xx Month ago +21

    Honestly, don't ever underestimate dollar store paint lol.
    I remember that when I was in art class in high school, most of my classmates ordered these expensive watercolours that my school provided. I didn't order any because I didn't want to pay the expensive price for it. They were all like, "You didn't order any?" and jokingly mocked me when I told them I was just gonna buy dollarstore watercolour paints.
    And as I said, I ended up using the dollarstore watercolours (A similar one of the rectangular box that Jazza has), for our watercolour assignment.
    When we got our marks back, I found that I aced it. My mark was 100% and I scored higher than the majority of the class.
    They may have gotten nice, expensive paints, but did they have the talent? Naw lmao XD

  • Nza Bakr
    Nza Bakr Month ago

    wow u were a noob and then BOOM

  • Kat Tequila
    Kat Tequila Month ago +1

    So you've been an artist your whole life (part of it) and you never tried watercolor. Can't relate

  • Bruce Hernandez
    Bruce Hernandez Month ago

    I could only think about Kasey Golden

  • Lucky roblox gamer 1234

    With all your years as an artist, you haven’t used watercolors in many many years

  • Panda Nugget
    Panda Nugget Month ago

    Draw with jerazzooabooba

  • KayKat Meow
    KayKat Meow Month ago +2

    *looks at my first try...*
    *looks at your first try...*
    TvT (...)

  • Rose Smith
    Rose Smith Month ago

    That’s Amazing!

  • June Nightshade
    June Nightshade Month ago

    Turns out, if youre good at any type of traditional painting, you're good practically all of them.

  • JelloJessica Draws
    JelloJessica Draws Month ago +3

    This is my first time trying watercolor

    Me: screams internally cause its so good

  • Morona Kingdom
    Morona Kingdom Month ago

    I can’t even paint a proper background with watercolor... you sir have made me ashamed 😂

  • Erikaaatje C
    Erikaaatje C Month ago

    I just tried watercolours, this is scary

  • Micah Blackwood
    Micah Blackwood Month ago +5

    This is not a masterpiece. YOU are the masterpiece. - Me trying to motivate myself

  • Blazing Emerald
    Blazing Emerald Month ago +2

    Anyone else on a jazzy binge?

  • Luke Gabriel Balgan

    1 year.

  • Snowie Owl
    Snowie Owl Month ago

    Kasey is proud.

  • TaeTae's Gucci
    TaeTae's Gucci Month ago +3

    I actually like watercolor pans ( Dry\ Powder).

  • Aaron Noriega
    Aaron Noriega Month ago

    I have 36 colors of that...

    I havent used it

  • TaeTae's Gucci
    TaeTae's Gucci Month ago +1

    Believe me or not, I can't paint the "BASIC" watercolor background. (Its like the one in the thumbnail behind the avatar Jazz)

  • CarGlo Hbk
    CarGlo Hbk Month ago

    props 👍 i am bew to water color also n im going abt it the same way you did here w skill share, n i was also really happy w my final piece! skill share really helped make that happen n also just some experimentation for a day prior to my execution made a huge diff 💯😀

  • sam k
    sam k Month ago +1


  • the shiny emerald
    the shiny emerald Month ago

    Use a waterbrush its like a brushpen but for watercolor

  • Quillistic ;-;
    Quillistic ;-; Month ago

    6:29 I bought it for 8$ ;-;

  • random pensamientos
    random pensamientos Month ago +1

    That grass skirt avatar had me like 😂

  • Geren Jack
    Geren Jack Month ago

    If you mixed the colour more you can get more thick and strong colour

  • Scarlet Santiago
    Scarlet Santiago Month ago

    For your first time.............😶😶😶

  • Gina H.
    Gina H. Month ago

    Aww she's lovely


    6: 56 is the most professional one

  • Marianne Johansen
    Marianne Johansen Month ago

    I love this artpiece! Now i really wanna paint with watercolors!

  • Antonio
    Antonio Month ago

    Pay to win noob lol