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  • Published on Sep 10, 2018
  • Consider this your invite to join the greatest crew in the galaxy.
    Join the crew of the Morning Star for the Odyssey event in League of Legends, which starts September 12 with patch 8.18 and features Odyssey skins for Kayn, Jinx, Yasuo, Malphite, Sona, and Ziggs. The event will include:
    - A Legendary skin for Kayn
    - Epic skins for Jinx, Yasuo, Sona, Malphite, and Ziggs
    - The return of PvE in Odyssey: Extraction
    - Ward skins, emotes, icons, and mission rewards
    Learn more about the Odyssey missions, loot, and bundles:
    Or read the primer for Odyssey: Extraction, the event’s PvE game mode:
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  • Ducks
    Ducks 10 hours ago

    Yasuo straight up Kakashi'd that dummy

  • Ducks
    Ducks 10 hours ago

    I've always hated Yasuo and his backstory and dialogue is on the weeb edge levels.
    But that one moment when he gasps while reading makes me want to know if his odyssey backstory is different, at least hope so.

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 11 hours ago

    wait is it just me or does kayn sound like Barny from himym ?

  • Nate W
    Nate W Day ago

    Somebody call James Gunn. I have an idea for his next Guardians of the Galaxy

  • Zivojin Bakic
    Zivojin Bakic Day ago

    Where is Ziggs???

  • Fry Skys
    Fry Skys Day ago

    Still waiting for the movie

  • WolfOfSolace
    WolfOfSolace Day ago

    Seriously, Riot's got a MASSIVE cast of characters that they can squeeze into just about any setting imaginable. How have they not come out with a movie or web series yet?

  • Марсель Азазель

    jinx love))

  • Ebisu Main
    Ebisu Main 2 days ago +1

    1:09 Oh my god star guardians.

  • KittyKat911
    KittyKat911 4 days ago

    0:36 is the best moment!

  • dustybubbles2643
    dustybubbles2643 4 days ago

    1:30 is it just me or is that one of the opening music sections for attack on titan?

  • asdf klhjhw
    asdf klhjhw 4 days ago

    1:24 they just want some hugs :(

  • Raul Tamjid
    Raul Tamjid 4 days ago

    Forget Guardians of The Galaxy
    The Morning Star Crew's the real deal

  • danse corgi
    danse corgi 4 days ago

    1:49 my brother when I say it's my turn to play the xbox...

  • Clorox wipes
    Clorox wipes 5 days ago

    Riot should create a story mode for each alternate driven character and their storylines into league.

  • Just me lol
    Just me lol 5 days ago

    I didn’t know I would ever say that but this Yasuo is hot.

  • Terzic
    Terzic 6 days ago

    i like jinxed she is a cool character and this story can be a good film or series the only thin what they need is a story the animation an design is good enough

  • AntonyShare
    AntonyShare 6 days ago

    Story driven multiplayer RPG? Count me in, ha.

  • christ cipher
    christ cipher 6 days ago

    They are more like guardian of the galaxy

  • Swanky Kevin
    Swanky Kevin 7 days ago


  • _sofiekay_
    _sofiekay_ 8 days ago

    Okay but Yasuo looks really really hot

  • Hồ Quang An
    Hồ Quang An 8 days ago

    1:32 when my team steal my kill

  • Irritable Fuhrer
    Irritable Fuhrer 9 days ago +4

    Jinx have some nice curves though. She normally doesn't.

  • Laura Derry Blossom
    Laura Derry Blossom 10 days ago

    Hmm Kayn said "I will find her " look like he looking for Sona.

  • Panda Gaming
    Panda Gaming 10 days ago

    tebrikler supğer olmus

  • blackxking193
    blackxking193 10 days ago +1

    I still think this is something DreamWorks would like lmaooo

  • Nikolas gamer
    Nikolas gamer 10 days ago

    Make odyssey Yi

  • P.Johnsin 2
    P.Johnsin 2 12 days ago

    Make a movie already

  • Leepop pop
    Leepop pop 12 days ago

    Is that Jinx twin sister or is that actually Jinx who now looks different?

  • MaskedMan66
    MaskedMan66 13 days ago

    I love Jinx!

  • Nate W
    Nate W 14 days ago

    This looks like the Anthem we deserved.

  • Eco
    Eco 14 days ago

    Old jinx was nice!

  • Garen Demacia
    Garen Demacia 14 days ago

    this needs to be a series

  • Nj Njhjh
    Nj Njhjh 14 days ago

    It's too bad all this money goes to Tencent, then the Chinese government, who uses it to put a million of their people in detention camps,
    oh, and subvert open societies.

  • SpiralXL
    SpiralXL 15 days ago

    0:37 when i use yasuo's ult and killed the whole enemy team

  • Cutiescatcat Pererocatcat

    "Sona You Dissapoint us"
    (Zed-Galaxy Slayer) Interactions.

  • Axuan717
    Axuan717 15 days ago

    Galaxy Slayer Zed is come

  • Vroom速い
    Vroom速い 16 days ago

    Who did they take from kayn????

  • Fezy Fire
    Fezy Fire 16 days ago

    song that starts at 1:54?

  • Guilty Guy
    Guilty Guy 17 days ago

    1:23 This is how i deal with haters that whant me dead ☺

  • jocelyn Sagabaen
    jocelyn Sagabaen 17 days ago

    where is ziggs?

  • Izaki Kazuhira
    Izaki Kazuhira 18 days ago

    Does anyone else find the background music kinda awesome it's start at 1:54

  • Delaney Pettit
    Delaney Pettit 19 days ago

    oh poor Sona

  • Sport/eSport And Much More


  • BoomerUniverse Talks
    BoomerUniverse Talks 19 days ago

    This is nice and all, but when do we get the Netflix Series?

  • Little Girl Hole Annihilator

    Captain Yasuo is different from Nightbringer Yasuo in lore.

  • MrWolf Player
    MrWolf Player 21 day ago


  • Satansbaby PvP
    Satansbaby PvP 21 day ago

    I just noticed they are singing star guardian music at 1:11

  • Xander Miller
    Xander Miller 22 days ago +1

    0:57 my bad

  • Constantine Samoilenko

    Am I the only one getting final space vibe?

  • Paul Hweitt
    Paul Hweitt 23 days ago

    1:11 who know this music ?

  • bacon raviole
    bacon raviole 23 days ago

    Then the league of legends community found this footage and said ‘ pshh we will just upload this on TVclip or somthin’

  • DJNesado
    DJNesado 23 days ago

    1:09 It took me a while to realize that that's a star guardian on the screen

  • xuteamvs
    xuteamvs 23 days ago

    riot if you don't make a movie i swear to god

  • Rayen The Army
    Rayen The Army 24 days ago

    Yasuo pro

  • Kishi COMRADE
    Kishi COMRADE 24 days ago

    0:42 this how I react when I read some.....

  • Ran Chen
    Ran Chen 25 days ago

    Jinx's charisma comes from her endless energy

  • Enot channel
    Enot channel 25 days ago


  • Otaku
    Otaku 26 days ago

    I Would Like to Join and why is Yasuo has a cute personality and why Does Sona look like a one of those people who secretly evil

  • D.G. Lazo
    D.G. Lazo 26 days ago

    I watched this thinking it was an awesome new game. I was really hooked... lol

  • arni6561
    arni6561 27 days ago

    is this new WildStar trailer?

  • Battle Bunny Riven
    Battle Bunny Riven 27 days ago +1

    Jinx is like half-human half-robot.

  • solar flare
    solar flare 29 days ago

    Wheres zigg

  • Paige
    Paige Month ago

    Idk why but this makes me ship Sona and Kayn LOL

  • Akatsuki Levi
    Akatsuki Levi Month ago

    aaaand still this is the best cinematic i ever watched from LoL XD!!

  • Gemmi Animations
    Gemmi Animations Month ago

    Honestly she looks like kimmy gibbler from full house.

  • Luis Ramos
    Luis Ramos Month ago

    *Sona has regretted it all*

  • Death Rose
    Death Rose Month ago +24

    0:41 Did somebody noticed yasuo is reading a Katarina x Garen story?

    • General J
      General J 10 days ago

      adi miv I meant the scene where garen and katarina was 😏😏

    • adi miv
      adi miv 10 days ago

      That's what he's gasping for😂

    • General J
      General J 19 days ago

      Oh snap I wonder what he gasped about (he hehehehe)

    • Chaos Xtinct
      Chaos Xtinct 23 days ago

      I just realised that

  • mangoes are delicious

    OMG malphite in the beginning soooo adorable

  • 👑Bonita_Boohoo👑


  • Twelve
    Twelve Month ago

    What happened to jinxs star Guardian things?

  • Paola 246
    Paola 246 Month ago

    1:03 me gusto su risa

  • SignD
    SignD Month ago +3

    in the end. Jinx asks; What do you say?
    I wish I looked like Sona just there... She's soooo cute.

  • Ayden Smith
    Ayden Smith Month ago +1

    has anyone noticed that the game they're playing is league its summoners rift and I see Drake and baron on there

  • Onik J. Torosian Neverhomer

    Sorry Sugar, It's Only Uphill From Here...

  • Xentylie
    Xentylie Month ago

    what is the name of the song that starts playing at 1:25

    • ThatDude936
      ThatDude936 Month ago

      i found in the comments that someone said its the blade of the ruined king song on the pentakill album

  • Phantom Exquisite
    Phantom Exquisite Month ago

    I know it blitz is an odyssey

  • Haley Kay
    Haley Kay Month ago

    Did anyone else notice the star guardians in the background?

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay Month ago

    did they just call me kid

  • Tan Bunnlong
    Tan Bunnlong Month ago

    just randomly watch one of the LOL animated video XD

  • Panipai
    Panipai Month ago

    *except for the fact that in a real game yasuo is autistic*

  • BenThyAndroid
    BenThyAndroid Month ago

    [1:23] WTF Jinx eyes?! Dafuq xDDD

  • Eiljah Eden
    Eiljah Eden Month ago

    If this is a game I need it

  • G. Rempel
    G. Rempel Month ago

    HA HA :3

  • Kensbsn 69
    Kensbsn 69 Month ago

    where is ziggs

  • Laurène Caillebot
    Laurène Caillebot Month ago +1

    I actually like Yasuo better after seeing him read a love story based on Darius and Katarina lmao

    • Adnan Raees Khan
      Adnan Raees Khan 9 days ago

      Laurène Caillebot that actually looks more like garen...precisely Rogue Admiral Garen

  • Fa Reaper
    Fa Reaper Month ago +1

    who's kayn looking for ?
    Sona ?

  • Gustavo Aguirre
    Gustavo Aguirre Month ago

    This game is soooo difficult for me :/

  • Maria gaming
    Maria gaming Month ago

    1:10 wait How could the SG universe exist in the Odyssey universe?! They both have a jinx

  • Abubakar1234509876
    Abubakar1234509876 Month ago +1

    hi im new at league and who was that girl at the ending

  • Andrew Du
    Andrew Du Month ago +1

    0:41 the book Yasuo's reading is The Storm and the Sabre(?) by Brian Francis Sword, aka B.F. Sword

  • lilDestroyer GC
    lilDestroyer GC Month ago

    that. WAS AWESOME!

  • marcos paulo
    marcos paulo Month ago

    This maked me miss wildstar R.I.P

  • Project_kelly YT
    Project_kelly YT Month ago +1

    Happy birthday big guy

  • QuentashMe
    QuentashMe Month ago

    i would so smash jinx

  • anita brezovic
    anita brezovic Month ago

    Ahahahahahahah Yasuo is the legend here XDD XD XD XD

  • Ri Sh
    Ri Sh Month ago

    thats very cool, but... we dont live in cosmos..the earth is flat and its inside of a computer simulation.

  • Kate is my name being dead inside is my game

    Oh sorry I thought this was the gaurdians of the galaxy trailer

  • Minako Chan
    Minako Chan Month ago +1

    If this was a series, I would totally watch it.


  • Jayce Ventura
    Jayce Ventura Month ago

    I played Saints Row 4 and Jinx looks like the Future Shaundi from the Christmas story arc.