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  • Mitus
    Mitus 2 hours ago

    The Borderlands vibe is extreme!

  • Matt Tumberman
    Matt Tumberman Day ago

    Can we have a game based on this one, mr. Riot GAMES?

  • rainbow pink
    rainbow pink Day ago

    best girl

  • Mariovo5
    Mariovo5 2 days ago

    sometimes the trailer is better than the software its self!

  • Foxyishere
    Foxyishere 2 days ago

    I was expecting Yasuo to be killed by the dummy

  • agustin vicente corales oñate

    2:11 The camera is covered in space goo, they probably recovered from that alien

  • Imaginary Sora
    Imaginary Sora 3 days ago

    Guardians of the Galaxy....

  • Xeno Bauz
    Xeno Bauz 3 days ago

    1:18 has me dying every time man

  • Darkhood
    Darkhood 4 days ago

    Last time I checked, jinx had blue hair

  • Immanuel Kant
    Immanuel Kant 4 days ago

    Morning Star= Lucifer

    MR. DUELISTIC 5 days ago

    Nice one this like guardian of the galaxy...

  • didjargo
    didjargo 7 days ago

    01:52 If you pause at just the right moment, you can see a little Firefly reference on Jinx's console there. "Ahh, curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal".

  • didjargo
    didjargo 7 days ago

    It is a crime against nature that Riot has not already made a dozen spin-off games based on the huge cast of varied League of Legends characters and settings.

  • DarkDimensionZ
    DarkDimensionZ 7 days ago

    i had a odyssey yasuo

  • Iskandr The Wicked
    Iskandr The Wicked 8 days ago

    Best recruitment vid EVAR! I'd sign up!

  • Black Salami
    Black Salami 8 days ago

    klikasz prawy wahadlo zakladasz skurwysynyowi piszesz
    >chuj ci na kurwe

  • amit salvi
    amit salvi 9 days ago

    I would love to see movie of this.

  • Gabriel McDonald
    Gabriel McDonald 10 days ago

    Oh my god! I knew that had to be jinx from the moment I saw the face on the captioned video picture and even before I even clicked on the video!😚 I recognize bright eyes anywhere!

  • Drake Galicia
    Drake Galicia 10 days ago

    Jinx is totally Harley's descendant.

  • Đạt Đào
    Đạt Đào 10 days ago

    I love Jinx so muchhhhhh

  • crab is cool
    crab is cool 11 days ago

    This animation reminds me of overwatch shorts

  • TheDoctorOfThrills
    TheDoctorOfThrills 12 days ago

    god, this still hype

  • Gepard abramovich
    Gepard abramovich 12 days ago

    Joke like borderlands

  • AlyxZiel
    AlyxZiel 14 days ago

    0:43 Yasuo is S H O C K E D . . .

  • Kayla Tierney
    Kayla Tierney 14 days ago

    I STILL go back to watch this. Riot did so good with this. GG Rito. Thank you.

  • Alirio Miguel Aranguren Medina

    En español latino les quedó mucho mejor!

  • Nari
    Nari 14 days ago

    This was the best event in LOL history. If you missed it, you can do a sudoku on yourself.

  • єċʟîקıśє ѧśṭяıԀ

    I'm getting some high Borderlands 2/
    Pre-sequel vibes.

  • lulu99940aj
    lulu99940aj 15 days ago

    Odyssey Yasuo is so cute

    MASTER GAMING 15 days ago


  • Hawk Sage
    Hawk Sage 15 days ago

    if the camera was lost how did jinx recover the footage? :O

  • JustWeirdOut
    JustWeirdOut 16 days ago

    This is seriously the best thing riot has released

  • thefinalkill123
    thefinalkill123 16 days ago

    Yo Kayns voice actor is the same voice actor as Gilthunder in 7 deadly sins. That's awesome

  • Ye good ol Techpriest
    Ye good ol Techpriest 16 days ago

    Unpopular opinion: I liked this event way more than K/DA

  • Alex Cohl
    Alex Cohl 17 days ago

    Wildstar nostalgia heartach :(
    Thanks for the tribute to the Wildstar's first cinematic.

  • magnusm4
    magnusm4 17 days ago

    Sorry guys Wildstar closed down long ago, maybe reskin Malphite and try for Borderlands 3 though

  • ItsMeJinxie
    ItsMeJinxie 17 days ago +2

    Happy birthay big guy its 2019

  • Kiriforce
    Kiriforce 17 days ago

    why does this kayn remind me so much of joffrey.

  • Adrewfrod BG
    Adrewfrod BG 17 days ago

    where is zigs??

  • THE ribbity molester
    THE ribbity molester 17 days ago

    Animated trailer...trailer to what ? A movie

  • d.karpoff
    d.karpoff 17 days ago

    It's time to shoot a full-length movie.

  • Architects XIII
    Architects XIII 17 days ago

    Clearly a lot of this was inspired/copied from wildstar, guardians of the galaxy, etc. But it was also genuinely interesting. Like they could do an animated series with this concept and I'd be down to watch. Also that Kayn voice acting was top notch.

  • SDB gaming
    SDB gaming 17 days ago

    God kakaakkaakakakakaka

  • Radigcal
    Radigcal 18 days ago

    Wait I thought Ziggs was part of this

  • Romani Infernius
    Romani Infernius 18 days ago

    The book yasuo is reading is “The storm & the bride

  • Tyler St. Peter
    Tyler St. Peter 18 days ago

    Is Jinx's Voice Actor Gaige from Borderlands 2

  • nxtalie cruzz
    nxtalie cruzz 18 days ago

    1:09 I see you

  • Nagii Sama
    Nagii Sama 18 days ago

    Why is Sona just shown at the end :< ?

  • Ahmet-Sahin Aktas
    Ahmet-Sahin Aktas 18 days ago

    0:41 white hair, reading a drama book...yo its Kakashi ^^

  • Lightning Blue Pikachu

    I main kayn and if i had one wish, i would wish that kayn is as OP in the PvP as he is in this gamemode.

  • Bahida
    Bahida 19 days ago

    for the love of god Riot, please make the hype part of the odyssey theme longer and rerelease it

  • baon kang
    baon kang 19 days ago

    Those tiny suspender turn me on.

  • BlazeiX
    BlazeiX 19 days ago

    Odyssey Sona is the BEST!

  • Mysterious Wanderer
    Mysterious Wanderer 19 days ago

    10/10 would smash that Sona

  • Twilight Jester
    Twilight Jester 19 days ago

    when they killed that little monster and the big one came out, I was all like "that monster was baby, Her Baby!!!", also I wanna join the crew.

  • AlexJ
    AlexJ 19 days ago

    How come there is still no movie?!

  • Confetti Medic
    Confetti Medic 19 days ago

    I feel bad for Sona, didn't know what she was getting into.

  • coffeeminusthesugar
    coffeeminusthesugar 19 days ago

    look guys it's voltron

  • Gruby Olsen
    Gruby Olsen 19 days ago

    Who is on Yasuo book?
    I see God King Darius and some random lady

  • Captain Shibe
    Captain Shibe 19 days ago

    Honkai Impact 3

  • Maru
    Maru 20 days ago

    0:45 I LOVE this part. I've watched it like 20 times :D Its sooo goood


    can we take a moment of how Jinx's voice actress is killing it.

  • Vladislav Doppler
    Vladislav Doppler 20 days ago +3

    1:24-1:36 what the music on the background? I can't find it in list of odyssey OST.

    • Vladislav Doppler
      Vladislav Doppler 15 days ago

      +Andrei Putinei omg this is it! )))

    • Andrei Putinei
      Andrei Putinei 18 days ago +3

      it s blade of the ruined king by pentakill i finally found it

    • Andrei Putinei
      Andrei Putinei 18 days ago

      dude i m trying to fiind it too it s too good

  • Arek Kocot
    Arek Kocot 20 days ago +1

    Guardians of the galaxy . Riot's version xd

  • GΔ MΔ
    GΔ MΔ 21 day ago

    Jinx is less flat now

  • Puppet Chan
    Puppet Chan 23 days ago

    SIGN. ME. UP. I'm joining this crew!

  • Dahyun's International Fanboy

    where is Ziggs?

  • Jors Manel
    Jors Manel 24 days ago

    pls create a movie already :D

  • kihyonii
    kihyonii 24 days ago

    holy moly this is so cool sdfghjkl;

  • 100,000 subs with no videos?

    Aww man I thought this was a separate game. I would spend 60 bucks to play this as a separate game. (Wait is it a separate game cause I'm new to league of legends franchise)

  • Ultimate Shockwave
    Ultimate Shockwave 27 days ago

    This can be a fookin TV show or cartoon or however it would be called

  • Lilli Uteg
    Lilli Uteg 28 days ago

    I love it but isn’t Jinx’s hair suppose to be blue

  • percival 234
    percival 234 28 days ago

    Jinx is such a mood

  • Papa_Azir/Shurima
    Papa_Azir/Shurima 29 days ago

    We need odyssey Azir

  • Papa_Azir/Shurima
    Papa_Azir/Shurima 29 days ago

    0:43 is that a kakashi reference?

  • flamez mir
    flamez mir Month ago

    i love yasuo

  • James Walker
    James Walker Month ago

    Jinx is very thiccc

  • Matoi Ryuko
    Matoi Ryuko Month ago +1

    i still love this animation Yasuo looks like Kakashi

  • Skyler Allen
    Skyler Allen Month ago

    Why is this not a series AHEM

  • Silent Designer
    Silent Designer Month ago

    Rito it's time to make a MMO and a movie.

  • Mavler And The Friends Channel

    She has relate to Go Go Tomago?

  • Jacob G
    Jacob G Month ago

    If there was any other doubts that Jinx is from Pandora.

  • snot
    snot Month ago

    I miss u....

  • nabeel
    nabeel Month ago


  • Captain Teemk
    Captain Teemk Month ago

    Odyssey ziggs?

  • Toan N Cong
    Toan N Cong Month ago

    can RITO make Yasuo cinematic ? :D :D :D

  • Francisco Najar Becerra

    I want this as a movie

  • Del Iathrana
    Del Iathrana Month ago

    just realized that Jinx censored herself

  • Luxar
    Luxar Month ago

    Is this guardians of the galaxy 3 LoL edition??? xD

  • Cute Deer
    Cute Deer Month ago

    Like the skin more

  • Paxelic
    Paxelic Month ago

    This is literally Beyond Good and Evil now

  • TG channel
    TG channel Month ago

    where is ziggs?

  • david lee
    david lee Month ago

    Guardians of the Galaxy??
    Where's groot & rocket? 😞😞

  • Andrew Chastain
    Andrew Chastain Month ago +1

    does anyone know the song that plays with kayn at 1:25

    • Cardstealer1
      Cardstealer1 Month ago

      Blade of the Ruined King - Pentakill
      Took me a while to find it too lol

  • nakai86p
    nakai86p Month ago

    If this was the trailer for a single player game, I would totally buy this.

  • Jacob woodard
    Jacob woodard Month ago

    I saw a photo Ziggs was in this hero skin pack. WHY WASN’T HE IN THIS VIDEO HUH?!!

  • StudioArtFX
    StudioArtFX Month ago

    All the people saying, "Make a movie already!" How much money are you putting up for it? Riot Games doesn't have the money to put such a huge project together. There is, however, an interesting possibility.
    Riot Games is owned by the Chinese company Tencent. Tencent owns Tencent Pictures, which produced, or put money in, Kong: Skull Island, Wonder Woman, Venom, Bumblebee and, of course, Warcraft. Is a League of Legends movie possible?

  • Gabriel Rangel
    Gabriel Rangel Month ago

    that's easily can turn into a game

  • Евгений Щабло

    Why they not start movie i mean champinos now basicly actors. like they do sport now actors but good

  • baby sany
    baby sany Month ago

    1:09 sg lux