The Truth About Arkham Sanitarium | ASMR

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
  • A stranger pays you a visit (is this a dream?) and shares with you the truth about Arkham Sanitarium, its residents, and the reason for you being here.
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    If you are new to "ASMR" and/or my channel, welcome aboard and thanks for dropping by! The majority of videos I create, often in an unorthodox manner, are meant to help you relax, sleep, hopefully experience ASMR, and any other use that might help you find some peace of mind, concentrate, study, decompress, etc.
    What is ASMR? Why, I'm glad you asked!
    ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It's just a non-scientific, made-up term that a layperson came up with to describe the feeling characterized as a pleasant tingling sensation felt in various parts of the body (head, scalp, back, legs, etc.) in response to various visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and/or cognitive stimuli, such as crinkling bags, hand movements, whispering, personal attention or watching someone perform a task. It's like goosebumps, but much more pleasant and without the uncomfortable chills.
    ASMR videos are meant to intentionally induce this sensation in the viewer, often referred to as "tingles". However, the videos also serve to provide a relaxing, calming, comforting and soothing experience for people beyond ASMR purposes. Many people who do not experience ASMR still enjoy these videos.
    I experienced ASMR all throughout my life but no longer do as of a couple years ago. However, I still enjoy the hell out of creating these videos for anyone else that still experiences it or is just looking to relax, sleep, study, etc.
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Comments • 854

  • C Fischer
    C Fischer 24 days ago

    Please do a longer version of this

  • Meagan Ryan
    Meagan Ryan 27 days ago

    Could you do more videos like this with the echoing and the dark color?

  • Jack Leonard
    Jack Leonard Month ago

    My theory is that this character doesn't know he's in a video and the alternant reality is just reality. So rift himself is the creator and his tendrals are all the videos. Him going in circles for eternity could be a fact that he's a video and he's looping forever without realizing it. Would also make sense with the puppets thing.

  • Emma Iovinella
    Emma Iovinella 2 months ago

    Him: You know nothing-

  • L mor
    L mor 3 months ago

    I got some SCP-001 vibes and I both like it and dislike it but I love it tho.

  • Elfo Section
    Elfo Section 3 months ago

    Will we be getting into more of this lore stuff again soon??

  • death
    death 3 months ago +1

    I am in arkham again and they changed a lot of things I like it

  • Mc Lovemoffin
    Mc Lovemoffin 3 months ago

    So the actual entity is you and your TVclip channel.

  • Melissa Evans
    Melissa Evans 3 months ago

    Adore this video!!! Hope we see him again soon.

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee 3 months ago +1

    X files role play?

  • The Great Nameless One
    The Great Nameless One 4 months ago

    The echo voice and the background music are the best combination!

  • Twon Jonson
    Twon Jonson 4 months ago

    Are you freestyling these videos??

  • Dirp Mussolini
    Dirp Mussolini 4 months ago

    *I found this quit interesting*

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 4 months ago +1

    The shortest rift video

  • Nick Cann
    Nick Cann 5 months ago

    My headcanon is that all the characters are just Professor Clemmons

  • avril o'connell
    avril o'connell 5 months ago

    Okay so I'm a little lost. Can someone tell me what video is the beginning of the Arkham series?

  • disco deacy
    disco deacy 5 months ago

    *"Corvus,Margaret,they're all puppets."*

  • EternalNyappy
    EternalNyappy 5 months ago

    Your videos are funny. Like actually funny. I fall asleep, but wake up just enough to laugh every now and then.

  • I sleep under bridges
    I sleep under bridges 5 months ago

    I mostly watch these videos for entertainment more than relaxation

  • Ronin Tsutsui
    Ronin Tsutsui 5 months ago

    Relaxing video and getting so comfortable and then 0:46 at 0:52 makes me laugh.
    Being serious and more, comic moment and return to be serious

  • J The Kid
    J The Kid 5 months ago

    Probably my favorite.

  • Kacj Aioig
    Kacj Aioig 5 months ago

    Arkham Sanitarium sounds like an SCP

  • Kannonball
    Kannonball 5 months ago

    We must line our minds with eyes to evolve humanity further.

  • Михаил Бахметьев

    Can you make video about sailor who helps people to get to R'lyeh? Do you like the idea?

  • Elizabeth The goddess of peace

    This is like the scene from interstellar where he tells himself what to do

  • Ivannes09
    Ivannes09 6 months ago

    You should write a book
    I would buy it, and im sure im not the only one

  • Jamie The Femboy
    Jamie The Femboy 6 months ago

    Turn the speen to sounds...great? I don't know. Just more sounds

  • Shreksan
    Shreksan 6 months ago +1

    Sounds like a really elaborate SCP tbh

  • Gustav Svanberg
    Gustav Svanberg 6 months ago +1

    This is not a TVclip channel

    It’s the true way of living

  • Thatgamer Guy
    Thatgamer Guy 6 months ago

    It’s like the g-man!!!! From half-life

  • Yung Akuma
    Yung Akuma 6 months ago +1

    This man is definitely gonna do something amazing for when he hits 1 Million Subs.

  • Yung Akuma
    Yung Akuma 6 months ago +1

    Part of me feels like the sanitarium is a representation of the human need to escape the problems of life and for us to give into our human desires.

  • Yung Akuma
    Yung Akuma 6 months ago +1

    One day E will make his final video and I believe once we are ready, we’ll understand what’s truly going on. We get closer every couple of videos. I just wonder how much longer the series can go on for. I hope a couple more years. I’ve been here for four years, but I’ll never get sick of the timeline he’s made.

  • Endermage77
    Endermage77 6 months ago +2

    What if this dream is actually a direct message from the Arkham Entity itself?
    Being deliberately vague and third person because it wants to impart what it knows, but it's not quite ready to take front stage...

  • Kacey Marr
    Kacey Marr 6 months ago

    0:47, “let me tell you the truth about you being here, actually, we don’t know that, so let me rephrase that” 😂

    LOGAN LIEBMAN 6 months ago

    Perhaps it is azathoths equal/rival

  • Avocado
    Avocado 6 months ago

    So, Arkham Sanitarium is an SCP.

  • Alex
    Alex 6 months ago

    I slept on this twice... 7 minutes, that’s a record! 💪🏼 You’re the GOAT! 🐐

  • Cerdo Capitalista
    Cerdo Capitalista 6 months ago

    Why did you delete the arkham collab :(((( it was awesome, i need it

    THE ASMR QUEST 6 months ago

    There's a secret message in this video

  • James
    James 6 months ago

    You sound like Keanu Reeves doing ASMR 😍

  • Phoebe's Facebook
    Phoebe's Facebook 6 months ago +1

    Oop, we have been chosen by the Arkham sanitarium as live sacrifice

  • Andrew Skelton
    Andrew Skelton 6 months ago +1

    Very Lovecraftian vibe to this one. Great job!

  • Flaky The porcupine
    Flaky The porcupine 6 months ago +1

    Arkham sanitarium has been running for so long.
    It started even when rift was just growing a beard.
    Look at Him now.

  • Ian Cole
    Ian Cole 6 months ago

    Alright fine, you convinced me, I’ll join your cult E.R.

  • Eddie_salv
    Eddie_salv 6 months ago

    This whole concept would make a great a horror movie !

  • C Fischer
    C Fischer 6 months ago

    This needs a 10hr version!!

  • MeLikeWALLS
    MeLikeWALLS 6 months ago +1

    Literaly *NOBODY*:
    TVclip comments:*MEMES.... MEMES EVERYWHERE

  • Coffee Succubus
    Coffee Succubus 6 months ago +3

    SCP-001 is Arkham Sanitarium

  • Itzamemario 88
    Itzamemario 88 6 months ago

    I’m just noticing this, hut dude, yr nose looks like it’s been busted up a few times

  • Hunter Levine
    Hunter Levine 6 months ago

    In not sure why but I'm actually really unsettled by this video.

  • Raul
    Raul 6 months ago

    One of the coolest asmr ever created

  • Gring 123
    Gring 123 7 months ago

    SCP Foundation wants to know your location

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 7 months ago

    You should really expand this story and make a book about it it’ll probably do really good!!!!

  • Alex The Meme Mage
    Alex The Meme Mage 7 months ago

    Why does this feel like we’re going to a new season or something?

  • Fatal Shot Gaming
    Fatal Shot Gaming 7 months ago

    PLEASE do a roleplay of Joseph Seed from FarCry 5!! The world is calling!

  • A. Tiska
    A. Tiska 7 months ago

    Why are you attracted to morbid things?

  • Aurelius Yeah
    Aurelius Yeah 7 months ago

    I truely want to belive this is the "CEO" of Arkham and he speaks for the Sanitarium.

    Kinda like a spookier version of the lorax

  • John Wick
    John Wick 7 months ago +1

    Anyone else getting Far Cry 5 ''Father's'' voice vibe here?

  • Solanum Tuberosum
    Solanum Tuberosum 7 months ago

    Really, ER would be the sanitarium, the all powerful decision maker and manipulator, a “God” in a sense