Trump called lawyer ‘lunatic’ in ’99. Now, he hired him.

  • Before he was President, Donald Trump offered his opinion on Kenneth Starr, the prosecutor whose work led to President Bill Clinton's impeachment. #CNN #News

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  • Alex Paynter
    Alex Paynter Month ago

    Clown News Network

  • morgan verapen
    morgan verapen Month ago

    A Court where the jury can overrule the judge is a ‘Donkeys Court’ I reckon

  • Violy Velarde
    Violy Velarde Month ago

    Flexibility, why not. These are lawyers you might need today or tomorrow. They accept the job and I'm sure it's not gratis.

  • Lloyd Nolan
    Lloyd Nolan Month ago

    The American people have no say anymore. No matter who you vote for, your voice ends there.
    Trump has laid out a new America. Hope you are all proud.

  • comedychannels
    comedychannels Month ago

    So what CNN ... you disgusting low life's

  • Jonathan Jacob
    Jonathan Jacob Month ago

    CNN used to promote facts in 99 now the promote fiction.

  • Kimo Coloma
    Kimo Coloma Month ago


  • David Skeffington
    David Skeffington Month ago

    As I just watched Noam Chomsky sat, Chief Justice Roberts had to control his smile while giving the oath knowing some of these Senators like McConnell and Graham have publicly promised to break that oath. They showed a total disrespect for Justice Roberts. Do they think he is in the Trump/Republican pocket? It needs to be asked of them.

  • heymisterderp
    heymisterderp Month ago

    Starr's a "freak" a "lunatic" and ub bub bub. What these "leaders" in America say anymore doesn't even matter. They're just words. Meaningless, petty words. Money is God. Whatever the big money says, that's what's important.

  • SAINT 65
    SAINT 65 Month ago

    "I Know The Best People":
    Don The Con.

  • omnipotent tissue
    omnipotent tissue Month ago

    Ann why not actually report the news instead you are now less believable then tmz

  • grabitz
    grabitz Month ago

    Sometimes it takes a lunatic

  • Ronald Brockett
    Ronald Brockett Month ago

    So what about Jim Jordan insnt that the same crime

  • keith johnson
    keith johnson Month ago

    CNN and Democrats are disgusting disgraceful VULGAR people. Shame shame shame.

  • abcdefg mendoza
    abcdefg mendoza Month ago

    CNN is so biased

  • Bonita Janssen
    Bonita Janssen Month ago


  • Robin Hood
    Robin Hood Month ago

    Ke Starr spent years trying to find something on Clinton. He got Clinton impeached over lying about oral sex.trump commited much more serious crimes and Starr thinks its no big deal.

  • Alan Fanning
    Alan Fanning Month ago

    It's called the majority selling there souls, follow the money.

  • M G
    M G Month ago

    Another lunatic lick arse... and while he is licking and trump farts, he comes up and says, it smells like honeysuckle.

  • Purple Haze
    Purple Haze Month ago

    trump is a pathological, hypocritical POS

  • Marc Harbison
    Marc Harbison Month ago

    Yall called Romney everything in the book until he did what he did today,now hes exhalted as a hero...But apparently only Liberal swine and anyone that hates Trump are allowed to change their minds.
    Way to dredge up shit that Trump said 25 years ago and make it a story...Typical hack journalism

  • LoveAndLight 360
    LoveAndLight 360 Month ago

    Trump is a lying abomination. He is not anything morally coded, and is a complete disgrace to this country. The entire Republican party is an utter disgrace and major disappointment to the American brand. What a trainwreck this entire country has become under Trump. The devil himself. Hes disgusting and i pray America will bring the blue wave over this country in Nov so healing and unity can begin. We're stronger TOGETHER. period

  • Albert Calleros
    Albert Calleros 2 months ago

    To quote Airman Adrian Cronauer (as portrayed by the late Robin Williams) in the 1987 Barry Levinson film 'Good Morning, Vietnam': "You know, [Kenneth Starr] is in more dire need of a blow job than any white man in history."

  • Sierra Guru
    Sierra Guru 2 months ago

    Well who but a lunatic would defend Trump?

  • S Wright
    S Wright 2 months ago

    Really he changed his opinion on someone after 20 years. I have never heard of something so stupid in my life its just not possible how dare he change how he feels about someone after a lengthy period of time never heard of that happening ever. They should start airing CNN on The Comedy Channel this is funny shit.

  • Will Naman
    Will Naman 2 months ago

    Starr covered for football team rapists because they were valuable to the revenue stream of Baylor. Pure evil.

  • E. B.
    E. B. 2 months ago

    I would hired him too only a lunatic can understand and beat other lunatics

  • Hi There!
    Hi There! 2 months ago

    What a Fucking moron. Again, not surprised

  • John Linn
    John Linn 2 months ago +1

    Who cares! This is all politics

  • Kroger Babb
    Kroger Babb 2 months ago

  • Beth Miner
    Beth Miner 2 months ago

    My guess is that hunter Biden was more qualified for his job than ivanka is for hers or Jared...a realtor and a shoe designer ( one that's been sued for infringement)

  • TripleBEAMM X
    TripleBEAMM X 2 months ago

    Donald Ducks the Law, he should be working on Disney

  • Flat Top
    Flat Top 2 months ago +1

    Everyone got red pilled 💊

  • Kazi Niaz Ahmed
    Kazi Niaz Ahmed 2 months ago

    What hypocrisy.

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore 2 months ago

    Defending rapist Bill and his head jobs with the little girl a work ..
    He must a good lawyer???

  • Rogue N P C
    Rogue N P C 2 months ago

    Hillary Clinton didn't believe in gay marriage until 2013, now she does...

  • Eric O!
    Eric O! 2 months ago

    So what CNN? if your not putting out fake news then you are putting out DUMB stories like this.
    CNN and the Democrats (same thing) are so pathetic. You no longer have control of the mess you created with the impeachment hoax. The grown-ups in the senate now have control and it will be dealt with accordingly. Trump will have enough votes to be reelected with no significant challenger and That is THAT. DEMS/CNN did their level best to derail the President and the American people AND YOU LOST....again ***lol*** This is happening in SPITE of you! Now go have your epic meltdown.

  • Edward Decker
    Edward Decker 2 months ago

    Do you people get that if you go to Twitter you can can say the things you say about Trump to his ugly face? Every time this jackass says how honest he is; you can post a video like this to his post! Trump telling you he bribes people to get what he wants. or

    Trump saying he would take information on his opponents from a foreign government. You know trumpanzees like Russia, and Ukraine!

  • Edward Decker
    Edward Decker 2 months ago

    Takes a lunatic to know a lunatic!

  • Byron Hall
    Byron Hall 2 months ago

    Lunatic in chief hired another Lunatic wow...birds of a feather flock together,,u go Donald u r a damn Lunatic..

  • jannmutube
    jannmutube 2 months ago

    --- > Investigating the Bidens and the DNC server was not part of the U.S. policy,, The GAO said the President did not have the right to withhold aid for his own policy. Rudy Giuliai already declined LIndsey Graham's offer to bring his evidence ad testify before the Senate. Calling Hunter Biden will look worse for Trump. Former Ukraine Prosecutor General, Yuri Lutseko told Margaret Brennan of Face The Nation that the U.S. did not open a regular investigation and had no evidence of wrong doing by Hunter Biden.
    @ 1: 13 to 3: 39
    Giuliani says Pompeo told him he was "aware" of outreach to Ukrainians
    --- > Schumer is right. Trump was on a fishing expedition. There was no investigation against the Bidens.through regular channels.. In any case, Hunter Biden already explained that his role at Burisma was to expand it's global market and that his compensation was based on company profits. Burisma's rules allowed these payments.

  • Gonny Govender
    Gonny Govender 2 months ago

    What? A Lunatic, epstein lawyer with allegations of child sex , and....... lawyers, do we need to say more? Trump best people.

  • Reply Soon
    Reply Soon 2 months ago

    Trump said pee is stored in the ball sack.

  • bella roja
    bella roja 2 months ago

    Derschoperv and Starr are both established, documented dirty old perverts and part of Epsteins child assault trafficking ring, Acostas dirty deal, Barr - whose daddy hired loser drop out pervert Epstein to Dalton kid school, let Epstein escape justice (one way or another), Maxwell and the other highly paid female lurers walk free … Trump-Epstein.

  • WorldGirl Alvina
    WorldGirl Alvina 2 months ago

    No one wants to defend Donnie boy😩

  • Racing Prospector
    Racing Prospector 2 months ago

    Trump bad. I know when I see the system panic, the person causing said panic is our best shot. That's why I will go with trump over the circus act of Democrats any day of the week.

  • Matt Russillo
    Matt Russillo 2 months ago

    Ken Starr is slime in a suit!

  • John Boy
    John Boy 2 months ago

    Ken Starr must have won a law suit against Trump

  • G O - Away
    G O - Away 2 months ago

    And that’s a surprise to America? Our skitzoid president has repeatedly changed his position apparently based on his mistakes and whatever appears to be the right move in benefiting him ... not America ... him

  • Sonny Bluff
    Sonny Bluff 2 months ago

    Maybe that can serve as a hint, or a guide, on how to understand Trump. I think CNN is just as easy to read. Stop playing dumb.

  • Nameless Ghost
    Nameless Ghost 2 months ago +1

    He used to be a lunatic. People change.

  • Michael King
    Michael King 2 months ago

    As if Trump's opinion is worth a piece of shit-stained ass paper. He, as ever, has nothing to SAY, but instead calls his target names 'terrible', ' a disaster', 'a freak'.

  • glencannondr
    glencannondr 2 months ago

    irony thy name is ken starr

  • Carlos Duque
    Carlos Duque 2 months ago

    Trump and his supporters are pathetic. They really defend this clown all while looking dumb as hell

  • Mike Zimmer
    Mike Zimmer 2 months ago

    This will be a GREAT opportunity for Ken Starr to get back at Trump for the negative things Trump said about him years ago.

  • Zapata boxing
    Zapata boxing 2 months ago

    Why dont we just nuke hurricanes - sir pussygrabber bonespurs

  • Depcom
    Depcom 2 months ago

    The Orange Criminal was complimenting Starr when he called him a lunatic. It takes one to know one, and Trump recognizes and appreciates lunatic qualities in others.

  • 7charlierox
    7charlierox 2 months ago

    What Trump has said means nothing to him . What he says now and in a minute from now is the most important words ever spoken . Don't try to figure out what the mentally ill think , it is septic garbage .

  • J. Lo
    J. Lo 2 months ago

    That was then and this is now!

  • atomicmozart
    atomicmozart 2 months ago

    CNN is really grasping for anything now?

  • Fred Williamson
    Fred Williamson 2 months ago

    And you called Smollet a victim. You slandered high school students in favor of a welfare bum beating on a drum. Btw, the Trump team is going through Smollets phone. Looking for texts that were used to coach smollet for his lying ass interview with CNN.

  • Valelacerte
    Valelacerte 2 months ago

    NEWS: someone changed their mind over a period of twenty years. BREAKING: people and things change over time.

  • P.
    P. 2 months ago

    "My Amigos Getting Arrested"

  • Fred Bogdon
    Fred Bogdon 2 months ago

    More fake news by cnn

  • jo will
    jo will 2 months ago


  • guitarhaus
    guitarhaus 2 months ago +1

    I wish CNN would've investigated Obama half as much as the have Trump !!! if this circus is a waste of time and Trump is found innocent Democrats such as Pelosi, Schumer, and Schiff has caused taxpayers countless millions of dollars and should be accountable, and mostly for obstruction of government !!!!

  • ron lea
    ron lea 2 months ago

    Low IQ sheep.

  • john norris
    john norris 2 months ago

    Kavanaugh all over again, bring out the Trump haters that will lie in a heartbeat for their Democratic Party. .. And the fake Trump hating corrupt news networks will defend knowing it's a lie

  • rolback
    rolback 2 months ago

    Oh look the phony Chuckie ”The crying clown“ Schumer is back.

  • d r
    d r 2 months ago

    America loves Mr Donald Trump

  • Florida Man Explains
    Florida Man Explains 2 months ago

    If proof comes out to support Parnas' claim that this all started with a quid pro quo with Poroshenko, then any defense that this was about corruption goes out the door. It proves, on its face, that Trump withheld military aid for a personal gain, because he didn't have that leverage to hold over Poroshenko like he did Zelinsky.

  • A R
    A R 2 months ago

    But the lawyer accepted the job. So $ talks 🐮💩 walks

  • Jake MacHine
    Jake MacHine 2 months ago

    Also, the evidence isn't new. The left had this fake evidence during the House hearings and held it back.
    Wake up people. Most in our government are dirty. Trump is trying to expose them and get them out of D.C and into Gitmo.
    Too bad we have over 60 million Anti-America voters in this country.

  • Jake MacHine
    Jake MacHine 2 months ago

    Trump doesn't have to prove his innocence .
    Pelosi sent over the articles of impeachment without listing a crime.
    So what is this trial about.
    Also, how can you have juror's who are actively spending $hundreds of millions to take Trump's job ?
    No matter who is called as a witness or if this trial ends immediately, Trump remains in office.
    It will soon be 4 years and the left continues to accomplish nothing.

  • Dr. Roberts Laboratory
    Dr. Roberts Laboratory 2 months ago

    Liberal Hacks. Trump said something TWENTY YEARS AGO. Who cares?

  • Treasonous Trump
    Treasonous Trump 2 months ago

    Report William P Barr to the DC Bar Association for Conflict of Interest:

  • eddy1367
    eddy1367 2 months ago

    Keep throwing crap on the wall, something is bound to stick.
    You already lost...
    Stop pretending to be a News channel.
    It's pathetic...

  • Gib Bogle
    Gib Bogle 2 months ago

    This Callan is an idiot. The senators are NOT jurors, they are the court.

  • TheRaiderra
    TheRaiderra 2 months ago +1

    Trump hires a lunatic? Well that is what he has always done.

  • Alvez Talks
    Alvez Talks 2 months ago

    People constantly change their views. Nothing wrong with that. We all do it.