Team Trump Implodes as Scandals Multiply

  • Published on Oct 1, 2019
  • Trump tweeted and retweeted 130 times over the weekend, and as his scandals multiply his team continues to defend their boss with everything they've got, a look back at something fascinating Ted Cruz said, Rudy Giuliani does the media circuit, Robert De Niro goes after Trump, and a magical high school band member from Arizona goes viral.
    Joe Biden on Ukraine Transcript, Impeachment & Defeating Trump
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    Team Trump Implodes as Scandals Multiply
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  • Sonja Baris
    Sonja Baris 5 hours ago

    All the while Chump's being extorted by MBS, Erdogan & Putin!

  • Inez Ojeda
    Inez Ojeda 5 hours ago

    Trump demonstrate's how easy money corrupts the mind

  • mick readdin
    mick readdin 9 hours ago

    Trump has Republicans gripped so tightly by the balls, that they're literally defending him for crimes he openly admitted to committing. They are so committed to defending their own positions of power, they are willing to debase themselves on full public view. Not healthy!

  • relaxado
    relaxado 15 hours ago

    Pure Sh-t Impeachment Bull-sh-t witch hunt. JOKE!

  • Bauss
    Bauss 15 hours ago +1

    Lindsay Graham a complete waste of DNA..a criminal and a disgrace..

  • Bauss
    Bauss 15 hours ago +1

    go ted Cruz..

  • Bauss
    Bauss 15 hours ago +1

    lol haha haha ... such an idiot.... hah

  • Lyn W
    Lyn W 15 hours ago

    Don’t denigrate Australia Kimmel.

  • shockn2000
    shockn2000 20 hours ago

    Jimmy K is such a tool

    DAN COURSEN 22 hours ago +1

    It really is a shame that someone can be elected to the highest office in the land, and he was lawfully elected in case you don't remember, and half the country can't seem to get past it and try to make it work for the time that he is there. I actually blame the liberal media for most of this. The major news outlets and talk show hosts just won't let it go and move on. Do you know why? It's not because they all actually believe what they are saying. It's because it makes them money. I find this ironic.

    The conservatives did not bring Congress to a standstill when Obama was elected and there was a fair amount of controversy connected to that as well. Republicans made their case for why Obama shouldn't be President, the Supreme Court shot them down and they moved on to trying to work with him to take care of our country. Some of those issues were reintroduced during the re-election campaign and Obama still won. So we moved on because we knew it was temporary as is anyone being elected President. There were many bipartisan bills signed into law during Obama's tenure. How many bipartisan bills have come out of Congress since Trump was elected? Not many and most of those had to do with our budget so the government could stay open and the same Senators who are impeaching Trump could continue to get overpaid. Don't get me wrong, I think ALL of Congress is overpaid, but the only time they are willing to work with Trump is when it benefits them directly.

    I do not understand. We have had many hated Presidents throughout history who still managed to get stuff done with Congress. Why are you guys so fixated on Trump? If you had focused your efforts more on creating a good Democratic platform and finding intelligent people to represent the party, you probably could have beat Trump easily in the next election. Instead, the Democratic party imploded three years ago and still hasn't picked up the pieces. I just don't get it. As it stands now, you guys are right; the only chance you have of beating Trump is by impeaching him. I have seen the Democratic candidates and, once again, I am not impressed. If anything, I am even less impressed than during the last election. I honestly did not think that was possible. I want to say one more thing about this. If the Democrats had put almost anyone else forward for the 2016 election, I probably would have voted for them even though I am a registered Republican. I'm not an idiot. I realize that Trump is reactionary and that we are going to have to make some serious repairs to our foreign and domestic policy when he leaves, but my other choice was worse.

    It really is a sad commentary on our country if the only thing media and the rest of the liberals can agree on is that Trump is the devil. Why aren't we talking about the laws that other people have broken? Why did Epstein's "suicide" (yeah, right) get swept under the rug? It just disappeared from the media days after it happened. He had ties to some of the most influential people in the United States, including the Clintons, and nobody thinks it's weird that he offed himself after being in jail for a couple of days........on suicide watch........with 24 hour surveillance? Joe Biden did the exact thing they are accusing Trump of, but nobody is talking about that. He threatened to withhold aid unless the prosecutor looking into his and his son's dealings in the Ukraine was fired or otherwise taken off the case. Why aren't we talking about that? Why does nobody ask why people who speak out against the Clintons have a habit of disappearing? Why has there been no audit of the Clinton Foundation after allegations of them taking millions of dollars from it? It's all very simple. Mainstream media is an outlet for liberal views. These questions do not support their worldview, therefore they reject it. However, these are questions that need answers.

    One final thought before I go and everybody eats me alive here. If President Trump did indeed threaten to withhold aid to the Ukraine until the Ukrainian President gave him information on the corrupt dealings of Joe Biden and his son in that country, then he was totally within his purview to do that. Ordinarily, that would have gone through State, but, as our President, it is his job to deal with foreign dignitaries. It was NOT within Joe Biden's purview to do that as he had a clear conflict of interest involving his son. Also, a Senator or even a former Vice-President has ZERO authority to speak for the United States unless appointed to do so by, you guessed it, the President. He was not appointed to do so. He was involved in the committee that was responsible for approving said economic aid. How is that not a clear conflict of interest? Why are we not talking about that? Incidentally, Trump had no reason to seek damaging information on Biden for the election as Biden never had a chance of winning. He saw to that himself.

    So I will sign off and get down from my soap box now. As always, I invite intelligent discourse and invite you to change my mind. Let the onslaught begin.

  • Silvia Hannak
    Silvia Hannak Day ago

    Like an offended little Child hhmm 4 h Sleep... not good for your Health condition. (Additionally to his other psychic Problems) He is a sick man. I don´t like how he thinks about Woman. From the first time i get to know or seen him on screen. Haven´t you seen his behaviour long long time ago ? I ´ve seen from the first Moment. I don´t need any of my witch senses to see that. It´s actually common sense. American voters must have been blindfolded and misguided by his Wealth or whatever. How can anybody support such a bad human being ? Incredible. Better get him some help for solving his condition and mental state. That guy is not a leader !!! Comon People...why have you been so blind and trusted such a Kind of Person ? (Cercei Lannister… GOT it ?)

  • Derek Jones
    Derek Jones Day ago

    Mitch! The dark lord of the Senate, must be defeated

  • Derek Jones
    Derek Jones Day ago

    Ted is Trumpf henchmen #8

  • Marlene Sollgruber

    May answer was for Google account! Who told me that I’m dumber than his cat! And he tried to educate me about psychology not knowing that I’ve been a neurologist and Psychiatrist in Austria for 30 years plus!

  • Marlene Sollgruber

    Dear sir at google account: my answer to your response is! I’m not afraid of my neighbors you know the ones you are afraid are watching me! Because what you don’t know! I’m a psychiatrist living in Austria!😂😂😂 I still love your cat!

  • Noeline Rapley
    Noeline Rapley Day ago

    ToxicTrumpf is the biggest scam that's going on.

  • catlaw1997
    catlaw1997 Day ago

    De Niro is a corporate loving new-lib.

  • o
    o Day ago

    dump must be high on cocaine

  • Q
    Q Day ago +1

    Psychopathic narcissistic madman

  • Kyle Contreras
    Kyle Contreras Day ago


  • Dale Loope
    Dale Loope Day ago

    Well said!!!

  • Dave Robinson
    Dave Robinson Day ago

    I have a job that Trump should be good at & he would fit in working for Roto Router ,he's so full of crap.

  • Ahmed Jallohr
    Ahmed Jallohr Day ago

    Trump and his regime have given the talk show host in the U.S.plenty of laughing stock materials to entertain the American public very funny 😂

  • leonie burnham
    leonie burnham Day ago

    Gong Lord... fulltime career banging a gong every time Trump Lies

  • S. R.T.
    S. R.T. Day ago

    Commander in-Tweet!

  • Caribbean Girl
    Caribbean Girl Day ago

    The GOP's "No Quid Pro Quo" has suddenly turned into, "No Quid Pro SO?"

  • Leonel Cubias
    Leonel Cubias Day ago

    That drummer was feelin it

  • Mogollon Treasure Hunters

    I just LOVE Adam Schiff and Guillermo!

  • Mogollon Treasure Hunters

    I love Robert DeNiro!!!

  • Jerry Sedlacek
    Jerry Sedlacek 2 days ago

    Trump snorts Adderall

  • Caleb P
    Caleb P 2 days ago

    Trump was such a great guy too before he became president. Everybody loved him. Then he changed. He became someone else after he became president.

  • Jay M
    Jay M 2 days ago

    The one to take away your guns
    Wtf pls 🤣🤣

  • Maggie Garden
    Maggie Garden 2 days ago +1

    Guess what just a moment ago I spoke about TVclip deleting thumbs up, the amount of thumbs up was their. I looked away for a moment and they were back. Something is up with TVclip. Also comments are being closed why is this going on I don't understand ?

  • Maggie Garden
    Maggie Garden 2 days ago +1

    TVclip deleted all the thumbs up
    From this channel

  • Ritchie fabulous
    Ritchie fabulous 2 days ago


  • Voice of the Voiceless VO-TV

    New Material Jimmy... Ur a dumb ass

  • Shaggy Peña
    Shaggy Peña 2 days ago

    That's why he been going to the sport games....he looking for the w...blower

  • warcrys777
    warcrys777 2 days ago

    i don't know, I have no crystal ball, but it seems I have listen to all this several times about how he is about to go down. but yet, the impeachment behind doors seems shady. his base seems to have gotten much bigger, doing the best he has ever done in the polls, America is Humming...... so i guess we will see either im the dummy, or all of you are, and need to stop watching the fake propaganda...........

  • Be Yourself
    Be Yourself 2 days ago

    2.5 stupid ignorant brain-washed disliked! Your orange man is converting to purple 😂😂😂

  • Munzy Stargazer
    Munzy Stargazer 2 days ago

    That’s all that Jack Ass ever does, tweet his shitty lies.

  • Mike Mpo
    Mike Mpo 2 days ago

    The democrats want to get back America from a dictator.

  • Linda Cox
    Linda Cox 2 days ago


  • Vera Schmidt
    Vera Schmidt 2 days ago +3

    These Republicans are the most corrupt bunch of people in our our country
    All of them should be charged with treason and given life in prison,!

  • Patrice Ortovent
    Patrice Ortovent 2 days ago

    The clowns in politics at their best with a stage manager as a president. With top inflated money this is what we get, big nothing and absolute mediocrity, so keep at it America, the all of Europe and the four corners of the world can’t wait to see this circus collapse, even that their circus is also collapsing, the clowns elsewhere don’t agree much about how to play the game. Humans, what do you expect?

  • 1mezion
    1mezion 2 days ago

    That kid on instruments was very entertaining

  • Eleanore K. Leslie
    Eleanore K. Leslie 2 days ago

    Is this person ever going to experience a really bad medical experience with all his exploding? After all, he's only human. Really! I'm really serious. He got born by a human.

  • herman greenstein
    herman greenstein 2 days ago

    There are lots of words that apply to Trump and his conduct - narcissistic, arrogant, pompous, impolite, rude, self-centered, sanctimonious, overweening, self-important, vain, insensitive, small-minded, bombastic, childish, obnoxious, ignorant, uncharitable, blustering, petty, pretentious, ostentatious, mean-spirited, high-blown, nasty, fustian, ill-mannered, loutish, discourteous, brutish, pugnacious, irrational, anti-social, overbearing, ill-tempered, volatile, angry, cantankerous, capricious, unneighbourly, petulant, pushy, abrupt, antediluvian, ungentlemanly, classless, lowbrow, philistine, unbecoming, embarrassing, hostile, indifferent, unrefined, boastful, uncouth, humiliating, degrading, patronizing, risible, farcical, ludicrous, contemptible, inane, smug, self-satisfied, complacent, puffed-up, ridiculous, entitled, disrespectful, intemperate, ill-advised, self-indulgent, immoderate, unseemly, undignified, indiscreet, thoughtless, inconsiderate, uncaring, selfish, shameful, unaware, pathological, disgusting, oblivious, (how about one of Trump's own pet words?) braggadocious, trashy, plebian, common, off-base, wrong-headed, flawed, unworthy, pathetic, weak, brash, insecure, lacking, egocentric, self-absorbed, haughty, condescending,...need I go on?

  • Brian Davis
    Brian Davis 3 days ago

    The movers were great.
    All but the flag throwing.
    One DON'T THROW THE FLAG😠Two don't give it to the Drump

    • Brian Davis
      Brian Davis Day ago

      @Penny Hines good point.thanks for the reply

    • Penny Hines
      Penny Hines Day ago +1

      I agree that we should not disrespect our flag BUT that might have been the same one that Trump molested, in which case it should be respectfully burned.

  • Locadio Marcucco
    Locadio Marcucco 3 days ago +6

    We should start blowing whistles at Trump events i.

  • Daniel Ceschini
    Daniel Ceschini 3 days ago

    Fox news has the right name, but better trump news.

  • Tommy Jones37
    Tommy Jones37 3 days ago

    Trump is a wannabe dictator & Rudy is a wannabe Sopranos.

  • Margaret H
    Margaret H 3 days ago

    I was married to a con man, they are not intelligent they manipulate and they are cunning. They can walk in off the street and tell lies, they give no paperwork or evidence they just use their lying mouths.

  • Karen Piotte
    Karen Piotte 3 days ago

    trump can't find the states on a U.S. Map!

  • David Smith
    David Smith 3 days ago +1

    Jimmy: All you have to do is to corner EACH & EVERY Republican senator and ask them publicly to BE ON YOUR SHOW to interview the person. Make segment called "WE ASKED THIS REPUBLICAN, ... _________ .... to be on our show and he said this ....________"

  • Larry Easton
    Larry Easton 3 days ago

    Kimmel is another smart-mouthed PUNK. TRUMP 2020.

  • angela legare
    angela legare 3 days ago

    Jimmy for President

  • jpcyphers
    jpcyphers 4 days ago

    As president, Trump feels that the law doesn't pertain to him, or anyone in his administration for that matter, so corruption will rule the day. And Republicans in Congress are afraid of him, so they're keeping quiet. But that will come to bite them in the ass in 2020.

  • Lazy I Ranch
    Lazy I Ranch 4 days ago +1

    Do you think there will be a "trump library" when his bloated ass is out of the WH? What would that even be like? Comic books and porn?

  • Debbie Thalman
    Debbie Thalman 4 days ago +1

    Soon we will see trump picking things out of the air and pxxxing on himself. Lol. Love u Jimmy

  • Libertarian Lawyer
    Libertarian Lawyer 4 days ago +1

    Jimmy the Schill. Jimmy Sch[im]ill. Great to see you're finally back to truly hilarious comedy & off of the 'serious' political tripe.
    The funniest joke y'all should try is re Estab Ds & Rs hating DJT so for being a 'conman' when they're ALL cheesy game show host conmen (e.g., Biden) who can't stand that he's better at it than all of them combined. Whippin dey punk asses - hard - at their own game. Om such great entertainment!