Gisele Bündchen Lost it When Tom Brady Won His 5th Super Bowl

  • Published on Feb 6, 2017
  • Gisele Bündchen was at Super Bowl LI in Houston on Sunday night to cheer on her husband Tom Brady and the Patriots. When Brady clinched his fifth Super Bowl victory with a New England touchdown in overtime, Gisele lost her mind and started freaking out in her seat while she was broadcast on live TV. She later made her way down to the field to give Brady a kiss and to take a candid photo with him and their children.
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Comments • 156

  • Tsuny
    Tsuny 7 days ago

    Tom Brady a gold digger

  • Rita Barroso
    Rita Barroso 4 months ago


  • Justin Carroll
    Justin Carroll 7 months ago +1

    Tom Brady love you and your family the day you retire I'm going to Cry big time but all great things come to a end God BLESS you and your family

  • Justin Carroll
    Justin Carroll 7 months ago

    not me I'm a pats fan I no Brady to very well

  • lordquas47
    lordquas47 8 months ago

    I would let her fart in my mouth

  • Bob Curry
    Bob Curry 8 months ago


  • crezman
    crezman 8 months ago

    She's crazy. But I like her. Her husband I can do without.

  • User 1
    User 1 9 months ago


  • sean ruth
    sean ruth 10 months ago +1

    Love the Pats!!!! Hate the SHAMELESS Self Promoting Gisele

  • sup_victor
    sup_victor 10 months ago +1

    He's Gisele's husband she a queen

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson 10 months ago

    Gisele is one annoying lady.

  • R Thomas
    R Thomas 10 months ago

    I'm surprised Gisele let him out of the house to play. Control freak. Please get some work done. It's showing around the eyes.

  • Priscilla Landon
    Priscilla Landon 11 months ago +1

    It's not about the money, this time. Thanks and good night.

  • Priscilla Landon
    Priscilla Landon 11 months ago

    Stealing jerseys? Wow.Cant trust no one.

  • Flo Roque
    Flo Roque 11 months ago

    Funny how people think that's over the top... in Brazil that's how we cheer for everything

  • Priscilla Alves
    Priscilla Alves 11 months ago +3

    brasileira sendo brasileira hahah

  • kraftworm
    kraftworm 11 months ago +15

    5 Rings , Super Model wife , Millions in the bank ..Sounds like the perfect life for a man ..

  • tweekbomb
    tweekbomb 11 months ago +5

    Why are some dopes saying it's a negative that a wife is excited about her husband winning the SUPER BOWL? Jealousy is the only reason I can imagine. Like any of you critics, male or female, wouldn't want this relationship? Why don't you figure out your lame relationship and try to actually love each other? Be real to each other and reap the benefits. Most of all, stop bitching because you are jealous.

  • JJ truth
    JJ truth 11 months ago

    They are both psycho. Like them as a couple they are both better together than alone.

  • john animex
    john animex 11 months ago +4

    all the supermodels are on patriots side ...

  • Robert Brunell
    Robert Brunell 11 months ago

    why she want hin to ritre then

  • Geoff Hennessy
    Geoff Hennessy 11 months ago

    1:10 One for the thumb? Check out the little girl. LMAO!!

  • stvnburg
    stvnburg 11 months ago +4

    His wife kinda looks like a hippie at a Woodstock concert

  • Mountain Fox
    Mountain Fox 11 months ago

    He got his 5th ring and his next kid that night.

  • TheRealest ToTheFullest
    TheRealest ToTheFullest 11 months ago +1

    ah correction, John is not Gisele kid! He's bridgets kid. Lol crazy horse (Gisele) went wild at the super bowl huh

  • Sultan Sadman
    Sultan Sadman 11 months ago

    brady 4sho supoorts brazil in fifa world cup

  • Jae Mart
    Jae Mart 11 months ago

    why you number nuts still talking about the Warriors

  • Jae Mart
    Jae Mart 11 months ago

    why you number nuts still talking about the Warriors I

  • Denise Rodriguez
    Denise Rodriguez 11 months ago +2

    I love her energy! Lol she is so beautiful and her children r gorgeous ☺ congrats Brady!

  • Jardiel Santos
    Jardiel Santos 11 months ago

    Now she must be sad because in Brazil (her country) is in crisis, the cops went on strike, and now there are shooting, murder and robbery, the streets are in total chaos and everything is happening in the sunlight.

  • ACE7O2
    ACE7O2 11 months ago

    johhny football better

  • Gabriel Horta
    Gabriel Horta 11 months ago +17

    nahh thats just how Brazilian women go crazy, they start to do some wierd hand movements lol

  • Imkillinit
    Imkillinit 11 months ago +1

    Bro Tom Badry is a true american hero

  • Tony Gambino
    Tony Gambino 11 months ago +2

    So she took a selfie of herself going crazy? Yeah that's real authentic.

    • Tony Gambino
      Tony Gambino 11 months ago

      Snapchat video yes. Even more narcissist than a selfie.

    • Lara C
      Lara C 11 months ago

      Tony Gambino
      Snapchat video not a selfie ... and, yes, there is a difference

  • TheX MahDi•47
    TheX MahDi•47 11 months ago +2

    She ain't even that hot dawg

    • Capo Capo
      Capo Capo 11 months ago +2

      Go bang your head against a wall for about 5 mins.

  • Luy Santo
    Luy Santo 11 months ago


  • Luy Santo
    Luy Santo 11 months ago +8

    MOST OF BRAZILIANS HAVE THE MOST AMAZIIIINNNNNG ENERGY IN THE WHOLE PLANET WE FELL PASSION 100% OUR ENERGY IS BEYOND ANY OTHER COUNTRY What a SENSELESS TITLE nobody is more exagerated than americans listen to New Yorkers they don't talk But scream and Californians are SOOOO ESTERICAL..

    • Skott Hall
      Skott Hall 11 months ago

      Luy Santo quiet would ya

  • No Shaqs All Kobes out
    No Shaqs All Kobes out 11 months ago +1

    that reaction was so forced

  • Jonny H
    Jonny H 11 months ago

    Yup beautiful people who quickly forget who got them where they're at.

  • Boy In The Box
    Boy In The Box 11 months ago +50

    I know Tom Brady because of Gisele Bündchen.

  • Gordon G
    Gordon G 11 months ago +1

    😊 Good wife ‼️

  • Robert Swift
    Robert Swift 11 months ago +5

    brady has it all now,,,all the rings,,all the stats,all the hardware,a beautiful wife and kids...dont even bother trying to dispute 5 sbowl wins and 4 times sbowl mvp.

  • ZenIsGood
    ZenIsGood 11 months ago


  • SuperPerfect10
    SuperPerfect10 11 months ago

    Wife goals.... and I'm a wife

  • hArambe The INFINITE #daRealSosaBoi #OGfinessn

    He piped her good that night

  • Decemburrrrrr
    Decemburrrrrr 11 months ago +4

    why did she record herself, she shoulda enjoyed the moment 😂

    • Capo Capo
      Capo Capo 11 months ago +2

      Facebook live money

  • Edgar Martinez
    Edgar Martinez 11 months ago +46

    Wouldn't be surprised if they have a kid 9 months from now

    • Jardiel Santos
      Jardiel Santos 11 months ago

      +kesayo no but they probably did after the Superbowl, I would.

    • Afrodude
      Afrodude 11 months ago

      Edgar Martinez lol

    • Afrodude
      Afrodude 11 months ago

      Edgar Martinez lol

    • Jardiel Santos
      Jardiel Santos 11 months ago

      Edgar Martinez lol

  • big loko
    big loko 11 months ago

    ladies take some notes

  • JousonOughton
    JousonOughton 11 months ago

    that's love

  • Manny urbina
    Manny urbina 11 months ago +6

    I saw Giselle drop her phone after that lol

  • sad al
    sad al 11 months ago +8

    Was this L worst that warriors L?

    • Dat
      Dat 11 months ago

      Atlanta. LeBron cheated by getting Draymond suspended. Atland had 20mins to with a 25pt lead in range of a FG that would've iced the game. more devastating considering it's way harder to get to the superbowl then the warriors making it to the finals again.

    • we dem Boiis
      we dem Boiis 11 months ago

      warriors cause it a 7 game series than a one game finals

  • The Pun
    The Pun 11 months ago

    Am I the only one who noticed the fact she used her back cam instead of her front cam lmao

  • Shannn
    Shannn 11 months ago

    31 salty Falcons fans

  • biddelyboo1
    biddelyboo1 11 months ago

    Yo Nadeska, marry me

  • saleh aldharhani
    saleh aldharhani 11 months ago +13

    I think im the only one who saw this but in 1:11 his daughter is digging in her nose lol

  • El Chapito
    El Chapito 11 months ago +15

    uefa champions league >>>>>superbowl

    • souvik sinha
      souvik sinha 10 months ago

      +J Ger hah , just the average deluded American

    • Molon Lave
      Molon Lave 11 months ago

      Come to think of it, I love both footballs

    • Cesar  Guzman
      Cesar Guzman 11 months ago

      Tio donde estas

    • Ryan P-76F1004x4
      Ryan P-76F1004x4 11 months ago +1

      Tom Brady exactly lol

    • Tom Brady
      Tom Brady 11 months ago +8

      El Chapito If you have autism

  • burnintheparadise
    burnintheparadise 11 months ago +63

    Damn, Tom winning on and off the field

  • Sergio S
    Sergio S 11 months ago +2


  • Soviet Ninja
    Soviet Ninja 11 months ago +2

    Rip the Fa"L"cons

  • Chase Monson
    Chase Monson 11 months ago +3

    0 friends

    ANNA HWANG 11 months ago +82

    she makes more money than him

    • John M
      John M 3 months ago

      @Judith which is the problem the team has with Brady, he is cheap compared to wins but is now 40 but still wins when he should not, but has to be replaced soon, but with who, no kid can really do what Brady does, buy time with two steps in the pocket to help his blockers block and let coverage breakdown. Brady does have a great arm but many have had better, he is accurate but again others have been better it is this talent of getting the best out of everyone else around him that sets him apart Montana was like that.

    • David Hoekstra
      David Hoekstra 9 months ago +3

      After 100 million, does it really matter that much?

    • hawjsta
      hawjsta 11 months ago +12

      Bradys Net worth is $180 million while his wife double his net worth with $360 million

    • Judith Boggie
      Judith Boggie 11 months ago +7

      Gisele is worth 380 million and he is worth 160 million. It is because Brady agrees to be paid less than he should be so players like Gronk and Edelman can be paid more without going over the team's budget.

    • Far North Squirell
      Far North Squirell 11 months ago +3

      El Chapito she is more popular worldwide..

  • Freddy Krueger
    Freddy Krueger 11 months ago +29

    ohhh that was her lol. I was watching it on TV and I was like who the hell is that women on the phone shaking her head lol

  • tod bob
    tod bob 11 months ago +68

    Falcons blew a 28-3 lead nuff said

  • Pineapple Man
    Pineapple Man 11 months ago +2

    Don't forget the faLcons blew a 28-0 lead

  • Mohamed Jalloh
    Mohamed Jalloh 11 months ago

    Jizzele is a gold digger

    • Isabella G
      Isabella G 11 months ago

      Who is tom brady?

    • Capo Capo
      Capo Capo 11 months ago

      300 million dollars worth of Gold Digger then....because that's her net worth...

    • Junior
      Junior 11 months ago +7

      I believe Giselle's net-worth is twice that of Brady's.

    • Taimoor Khan
      Taimoor Khan 11 months ago +10

      MrChrispaul2233 I'm pretty sure she's one of the richest models lol

  • FyeHunnit
    FyeHunnit 11 months ago +12

    she looks like tom brady

  • A. Villares
    A. Villares 11 months ago +13

    Atlanta blew a 3-1 lead!

  • The Stranger
    The Stranger 11 months ago +45

    Obviously she's happy who wouldn't, they are set money wise for life heck even the little girl will be set for life.

    • Far North Squirell
      Far North Squirell 11 months ago +1

      Priscilla Long story what? you cant be like that on youtube....wheres the hate?

    • Priscilla Landon
      Priscilla Landon 11 months ago +13

      Giselle's a nice person. They love each other and have a great family.

    • Far North Squirell
      Far North Squirell 11 months ago +1

      jose chicas money isnt happiness

    • Ashleigh Leahh
      Ashleigh Leahh 11 months ago +5

      jose chicas She got double his networth lmao she was prolly just rlly proud of her husband lol

  • Andjy Luxama
    Andjy Luxama 11 months ago +238

    Tom brady getting the illest top when he gets back home. lmao

    • Divine Talla
      Divine Talla 11 months ago +2

      that 400 milly dome when he get home. omg. Brady official now. cant even hate on that.

    • You're Adopted
      You're Adopted 11 months ago +4

      themrjones Literally the dumbest comment all day. Congrats. 👏...👏... 👏...

    • Lost
      Lost 11 months ago

      +themrjones hahaha

    • themrjones
      themrjones 11 months ago +5

      sucked from the back? from the back!

    • Alan Munoz
      Alan Munoz 11 months ago +9


  • Menace2874
    Menace2874 11 months ago +29

    Gis that loyal lil wifey she

    HOMERTUBE 11 months ago +158

    All of you should take notes,but you'd rather have side chicks and ruin a good thing.

    • lowKut
      lowKut 11 months ago

      I hate to like this comment, but I have too. Guilty as fawk on this one.

    • Far North Squirell
      Far North Squirell 11 months ago +1

      Divine Talla lol thats true

    • Divine Talla
      Divine Talla 11 months ago +5

      if my wife was worth 400 million dollars, i'd kill every other woman i knew just to make sure nothing happened. bet tomy boy still getting threesomes tho. He can get it all.

    • :
      : 11 months ago +1

      HOMERTUBE Factz💯💯

    • LightSS Moon
      LightSS Moon 11 months ago +21

      HOMERTUBE totally agree on the side chick thing, but come on man, regular people are not Tom Brady xD be realistic here

  • Melanin Diamond
    Melanin Diamond 11 months ago

    I hate this video

  • dat boi wit the sugar
    dat boi wit the sugar 11 months ago +123

    Atlanta on suicide watch

    • BIZZY Mc
      BIZZY Mc 11 months ago +2

      dat boi wit the sugar lol

    • Doom Slayer
      Doom Slayer 11 months ago +5

      dat boi wit the sugar Recycled.

  • The Eye of the Liger
    The Eye of the Liger 11 months ago +38

    The Larriors blew a 3-1 lead

    • Tim Steezy
      Tim Steezy 11 months ago +4

      Old news

    • tod bob
      tod bob 11 months ago +12

      Jonathan Ramirez LOL falcons fan tryin to change the subjest

    • Jagvir Rathore
      Jagvir Rathore 11 months ago +11

      Jonathan Ramirez u mean falcons blew a 28-3 lead

    • The Eye of the Liger
      The Eye of the Liger 11 months ago

      CallOf Savage I know.

    • XXXFat GamerXXX
      XXXFat GamerXXX 11 months ago +11

      Jonathan Ramirez This Is Football Not Basketball Dumbass

  • Jaspy -
    Jaspy - 11 months ago +287

    Atlanta niggas were already celebrating in the club at halftime and didn't even know

    • Kidz Perfectz
      Kidz Perfectz 9 months ago +1

      Jaspy - I'm a falcons fan, pissed, but I kinda deserved it, my friend is a pats fan and I was bragging all night.

    • Cesar  Guzman
      Cesar Guzman 11 months ago +7

      I bet they were celebrating, then crying after the game

    • shupadupa
      shupadupa 11 months ago +10

      And Mark Wahlberg was already on a plane back to Boston LOL

    • black5corpion76
      black5corpion76 11 months ago +1

      Jaspy - lol 😂💃🏻🕺🏻🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏼‍♂️🙀👎🏾

    • Michael Contreras
      Michael Contreras 11 months ago +1

      Jaspy - lol

  • Michael Howard
    Michael Howard 11 months ago

    2nd comment third like

    • Chubbs 它是
      Chubbs 它是 11 months ago +1

      How do you like this video and at the same time have an outkast album as your profile pic?

  • Niblets -
    Niblets - 11 months ago +1