Racing Seats: How to Pick Out the Best Seats for your Car

  • Published on Mar 27, 2017
  • Aftermarket Racing Seats. Learn how to properly chose what aftermarket racing seat is good for you. I go over which seat material is right for you (aluminum vs composite), how to measure yourself so you know you will properly fit in the seat, how to measure your car so you know the seat will fit in the car, and what hardware you need to get to mount the seat!
    Where I got my seats (with prices):
    They said you guys can call them with any ?s (973) 773-3177
    Impact Gun I used to remove the seats:
    Mic I use:
    Thank you Stable Energies for not only allowing me to film at your store but for helping me make sure I cover the most commonly asked questions about racing seats!
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    Conclusion: just get a couch and put it in your car.

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    You can use a halo in a daily driven street car with no blind spots if you upgrade your mirrors. I changed my rear view mirror to a wider cruved/convex one. It almost the same size just about half an inch all around bigger but tye curve allows you to see out every window even your own front door windows. I also added a couple of those little convex circle mirrors you put on you side mirrors. I now can see everything I need to and more. I have also thought about upgrading to live feed mirrors with built in 170 degree cameras and recorder.

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    How much were the seats and hardware? Why didn't they install them?

    • ChrisFix
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      It is linked in the description and I didnt install them in this video because that is not what this video is about. Here is the video where I install them:

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    Starts drifting
    *Tokyo Drift Music Intesifies*

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    Gaming companies marketing the racing seats but with extra pillows and some adjustments with colorful gaming plastic skin for price range (100-500)$ !!

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    I need to do this in my VW Bug. I don't drift it, but on mountain roads (which I like to take in a "spirited" manner) I often find I'm hanging on to the steering wheel for dear life, and if I didn't I'd be driving from the passenger seat on left turns. They're way worse even than the Mustang's seats seen here. Also many springs poking me in the back. I'd like seats with more adjustability than this, that's a fixed bucket, I'd prefer something that can slide for different people, recline, and flip forward for access to the back seat - once these are in he'll never be able to get to such. I'm not as performance-oriented, this is my daily instead of a racing-oriented car. Also, how much did these cost? He never did say. Surely more than I'm worth! If possible, I'd also like heated seats - this is an old Bug afterall, it's heater works great while going but does nothing while idling in traffic. Guinea pig makes an effective heater, but if I use him for too long he poops on me! Given all these factors, I'd think instead to find some somewhat sporty junkyard seats, maybe something lightly used out of a higher-end small performance coupe, like a Beemer or something. Has anyone done anything like that? Are the concerns similar to what's discussed here, or are there other things to note when going that route?

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