Racing Seats: How to Pick Out the Best Seats for your Car

  • Published on Mar 27, 2017
  • Aftermarket Racing Seats. Learn how to properly chose what aftermarket racing seat is good for you. I go over which seat material is right for you (aluminum vs composite), how to measure yourself so you know you will properly fit in the seat, how to measure your car so you know the seat will fit in the car, and what hardware you need to get to mount the seat!
    Where I got my seats (with prices):
    They said you guys can call them with any ?s (973) 773-3177
    Impact Gun I used to remove the seats:
    Mic I use:
    Thank you Stable Energies for not only allowing me to film at your store but for helping me make sure I cover the most commonly asked questions about racing seats!
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    The left seat is too loose...
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    -Chrisfix And The Three Chairs

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    I need to get seats for my dream car! How to do it? (CLICK) Here's how. Hey guys ChrisFix here!

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    1111 2 months ago

    Aluminum is 33% of the weight of steel. You should have weighed all OEM parts versus the new???

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  2 months ago

      1111 I did... in the video...

  • SydneyChromatic
    SydneyChromatic 2 months ago

    1300 - 2000 bucks for the seats alone just buy the $200 ebay shits unless youre building a 1000hp monster no reason to buy seats worth more than the car

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  2 months ago

      SydneyChromatic incorrect. Buying eBay seats is a bad idea. They can fold in a normal accident and kill you. Doesn’t matter how much power you make, a 40mph crash can happen with 100hp.

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      Jay Anthony I got 4 point Sparco harnesses for both seats connected to a harness bar

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    • Clout _boi23
      Clout _boi23 2 months ago +1

      Jay Anthony Everything for a total of just under $1,000

    • Clout _boi23
      Clout _boi23 2 months ago +1

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