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G-Eazy - The Plan (Official Video)

  • Published on Nov 10, 2017
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  • imOpinionn
    imOpinionn Hour ago

    seeing him live in two weeks. gonna be lit

  • flacko colin
    flacko colin Hour ago

    The black and white makes this video even more 🔥

  • Blerim Azizi
    Blerim Azizi Day ago

    I have do 1 milion views

    DJ KŐMŰWESH Day ago

    Tesó ez nagyobbat üt mint fater félévkor😍😍

  • Jddj Aksk
    Jddj Aksk Day ago

    Best part 2:21

  • Mike Matsui Jr.
    Mike Matsui Jr. 3 days ago

    G Eazy is like a nerdy white guy who sold his soul to the devil to become a famous rapper. Fucking love this guys music

  • odiamo tutti
    odiamo tutti 3 days ago


  • Maryam Pakravan
    Maryam Pakravan 3 days ago

    I love the bet

  • Vlad
    Vlad 4 days ago

    My girlfriend is your number 1 fan! 😨

  • mike nedelcu
    mike nedelcu 4 days ago

    sounds like hes gonna cry the wholetime but the lyrics are doooooooope

  • chris zlatan
    chris zlatan 4 days ago

    Him and drake got great audio. They should be making songs together

  • Kelly T
    Kelly T 5 days ago

    I listen Beautiful and Damned everyday ; I wait the 27/05 for see you in PARIS ;))

  • Tracey Mcfadden
    Tracey Mcfadden 5 days ago


  • PureJokester
    PureJokester 5 days ago

    4:20 is the ending😏

  • Joe Boyle
    Joe Boyle 6 days ago

    g eazy the plan he is the man

    • Joe Boyle
      Joe Boyle 6 days ago

      pledians plan our kind of friend was it right what they did do we enter a bid how do we live clean up yo shit ...

    • Joe Boyle
      Joe Boyle 6 days ago

      all across the land now do you see who i am, i'm my own kind of man , do they know who i am??

    • Joe Boyle
      Joe Boyle 6 days ago

      beautiful and the damned...

  • Exquizit
    Exquizit 6 days ago

    OhMyyyyGoooooddddddddddddddddddddddddddďddddddd !👻💀

  • Finn Wolfhard ayee
    Finn Wolfhard ayee 8 days ago

    He looks like galavan from Gotham.

  • everett whitt
    everett whitt 8 days ago

    Why is your girl my number one fan...because that was the plan

  • M J
    M J 8 days ago

    Tell me why is your girlfriend my #1 fan? 😉

  • _iiPeter
    _iiPeter 8 days ago

    love this song man

  • Mark Donovan
    Mark Donovan 9 days ago

    Great song go on Gerald

  • Марина Хохлова


  • Phantom
    Phantom 9 days ago +1

    Once again, another rapper stealing X's flow

  • vico beatz
    vico beatz 10 days ago +1


  • charles-élie paradis loiselle

    It's not gonna make itself HEEEEEEEEE (Gerald)

  • Madison Reynolds
    Madison Reynolds 10 days ago

    love you g eazy

  • DragoFTW
    DragoFTW 11 days ago

    This dude sounds like Kyle

  • Obensson Osias
    Obensson Osias 11 days ago

    Dawg look like a villan

  • Lil Pump ESKETIT
    Lil Pump ESKETIT 11 days ago

    Don't know why but 0:17

  • Lil Pump ESKETIT
    Lil Pump ESKETIT 11 days ago

    Why is he always kicking the camera

  • Laura A
    Laura A 12 days ago

    In love with his voice music and his beautiful self ugh 😍😍😍😍 Gerald my boi!!! 💜💜

  • Derrick Johnson
    Derrick Johnson 13 days ago

    Haha am i the only one who thought he sounded like that fool slim jesus in the last verse lol

  • Wilson
    Wilson 13 days ago

    yoooo opino?

  • Juan Leon
    Juan Leon 13 days ago

    "Mask off" to the elites that means revealing cannibalism, blood sacrifices, and satan

  • xAngel
    xAngel 13 days ago +1

    *the girl on **4:03** who is she??????*

  • Joe Mirelli
    Joe Mirelli 14 days ago

    Great video

  • Victorya Kelley
    Victorya Kelley 14 days ago

    Liquor and women two things I don't chase 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Night Sky
    Night Sky 15 days ago


  • Fabian Gonzalez
    Fabian Gonzalez 15 days ago

    Lit asf but why all the violently moving women tho? lol

  • Fade Records Entertainment

    Satisfaction level: 99999999999

  • bARRY mAnilow
    bARRY mAnilow 16 days ago

    this beat is nasty

  • Zachary Chapa
    Zachary Chapa 16 days ago

    Yeah, uh.

  • Vincent Van Go!
    Vincent Van Go! 17 days ago

    1:04 one of the sickest gestures I've seen yet!

  • tHiNk XXVII
    tHiNk XXVII 17 days ago

    If you like G-easy then you should really check out this Artist: "Caskey" Song: "Always"

  • Blood X
    Blood X 17 days ago

    When you wake and you check the chase app and that shit got more than more digits than a license plate” G-Eazy forever and always 🙏🙏

  • Isaiah Gideon
    Isaiah Gideon 18 days ago

    God's Plan

  • Isaac Roberts
    Isaac Roberts 18 days ago

    Love the song, but G needs to stop with the dancing

  • Taske
    Taske 19 days ago


  • Landy82c
    Landy82c 19 days ago

    Why not I go died n u replace me .

  • Landy82c
    Landy82c 19 days ago

    U all go died. I m the one suffering surviving.

  • Landy82c
    Landy82c 19 days ago

    Failed. Ungraduated. Sis continue biz. All continue lie. I continue sleepless.....tiring.......tearing......pain....until November.

  • Leo Brazz
    Leo Brazz 20 days ago

    indy 500 my pace drinkn it straight to face

  • Pither
    Pither 20 days ago

    Sensacional. the besttt

  • I vlog sometimes
    I vlog sometimes 20 days ago

    I’m seeing G in concert August 18

  • Cassandra Salcedo
    Cassandra Salcedo 20 days ago

    Liquor and men two things I don’t chase 👏🏽

  • 1man_com_ua
    1man_com_ua 21 day ago

    Норм так сподпиздил
    Хаски - Ай

  • Girard Grey
    Girard Grey 21 day ago +4

    +G-Eazy, Man I know you'll probably never see this but FUCK. I used to play Achievement over, and over, and over again. Bumped it, rapped it, loved it. Though it was a relevant, lyrical approach to life and the sudden approach of possibilities. Fast-forward and you're killing it. Your flow is smoother, words stand more ground, and it's just all-round impressive to see how you've grown as an artist. Your songs always hold relevancy to what I'm doing in life, and I'm pleased, happy even, that we're both doing what we want in life.
    Glad this was always the plan.


    G eazy really takes care of his fam

  • artistzeke
    artistzeke 21 day ago

    Absolutely dope af

  • Isaac Cisneros
    Isaac Cisneros 23 days ago

    those kicks

  • Maryam Pakravan
    Maryam Pakravan 23 days ago

    I love this song

  • Kelly T
    Kelly T 24 days ago

    G Eazy

  • Adriana Oliveria
    Adriana Oliveria 24 days ago

    I Love is music ( the plan )

  • Serge Ariel
    Serge Ariel 24 days ago


  • fame0
    fame0 24 days ago +1

    2:13 have a nice day

  • Gucci_breakfast
    Gucci_breakfast 25 days ago

    You gotta sell you’re soul fam👀🧟‍♂️

    BLATINO40 25 days ago


  • Amy Laurent
    Amy Laurent 26 days ago

    He can rap man

  • Puiu Sebi
    Puiu Sebi 26 days ago

    The chick at 0:32 is fine af

  • Allissah Crary
    Allissah Crary 26 days ago

    Ehem look at me?

  • Ib Silent
    Ib Silent 26 days ago

    Another Gemini fucking killing it. Glad to be one.

  • sen show
    sen show 27 days ago

    this is instru from Damost song Fact

  • Zachary Chapa
    Zachary Chapa 27 days ago

    Not too long ago, just signed on.

  • Zachary Chapa
    Zachary Chapa 27 days ago

    Good shit Cz. The other way, you know.

  • Kye Roberts
    Kye Roberts 28 days ago +1

    0:29 when your gf says she home alone

  • Jason Sulimay
    Jason Sulimay 29 days ago


  • Red Blue
    Red Blue 29 days ago

    i like his style. GG

  • Dakota Bowman
    Dakota Bowman 29 days ago

    Dayum.... Get it G!!!

  • Joshua Breault
    Joshua Breault 29 days ago

    In hays my mans

  • JamieJoyfull9000
    JamieJoyfull9000 Month ago +2

    Thought this was always God's Plan

  • ayoub ôx
    ayoub ôx Month ago +1

    2:21 best part

  • Cameron Wachenheim
    Cameron Wachenheim Month ago +1


  • Kayla Hyson
    Kayla Hyson Month ago


  • Monaliza Silva
    Monaliza Silva Month ago

    tur turn up lil bit

  • Chance Moore
    Chance Moore Month ago

    Cant believe hes at 19m views already 😧

  • Paradox RNO
    Paradox RNO Month ago

    G easy the goat

  • juvecro
    juvecro Month ago

    Did Drake mean this with God's plan? :D

  • SALIM/سليم
    SALIM/سليم Month ago +3


  • Kamikaz One
    Kamikaz One Month ago

    form Canada 🔥

  • Azeem Sanaf
    Azeem Sanaf Month ago


  • Abdelmouttalib Khallouki

    that beat though..👏👏👌💪✌👍

  • Abdel Mouhsine
    Abdel Mouhsine Month ago


  • djawzzah
    djawzzah Month ago

    Why does he think hes 20 hes like 35

  • alexis smith
    alexis smith Month ago +1

    You're so damn sexy

  • Ranit Mandal
    Ranit Mandal Month ago

    9.3k dislikers died due to unusual beats

    ALL GAME PLAYER Month ago +1

    did u notice G-Eazy said “yeah” and “aye” after each sentence?

  • Kyres
    Kyres Month ago +1

    holy shit this song is so good

  • Bray Zap
    Bray Zap Month ago

    Just saw his tour concert in Atlantic City...oh my god when he did this song only like 2 sets in, I went insane. Literally could feel the floor shake up and down when everyone jumped LOL.

  • Leticia Neves
    Leticia Neves Month ago

    2:20 ouch

  • Dustin Gatzke
    Dustin Gatzke Month ago

    Super man super fly fool you could die truth of reality