Detroit's Next Big Things TJ Hockenson & Tavai Training Camp Hype Highlights

  • Published on Aug 8, 2019
  • The Hock and the Samoan Submission Machine Jahlani Tavai make their NFL preseason debuts tonight against the Pats at Ford Field. Got highlights of their work from their first training camp on deck. #PatsHateDay
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Comments • 14

  • Da Acetaker
    Da Acetaker  Month ago +6

    Video Soundtrack:
    0:01 - Hate Week Video Launch Bumper w/ Shannen Doherty: Richard Harvey - Offensive Action - KPM (NFL Films Music)
    3:31 - The Roadmap of My Tears - The Metal Corpses (© 1982, The Fabulous Stains Movie, Paramount Pictures)
    6:08 - Heat Wave - Linda Ronstadt
    8:00 - Da Outsiders Theme Song

    • GhettoPat
      GhettoPat Month ago +1

      I love that rock song Roadmap of My Tears it really fit well with the video

    • KobeLive16
      KobeLive16 Month ago +2

      Thanks, Ace your soundtracks are the best and glad to have the names of the songs but I knew the Linda Ronstadt and Outsiders one already.

  • grant darga
    grant darga Month ago +1

    Awesome video man!!!! Love how you incorporate everything together.

    • Da Acetaker
      Da Acetaker  9 days ago

      grant darga Thanks man I really appreciate this comment it only helps me get better.

  • Xsounders
    Xsounders Month ago +1

    Awesome soundtrack

  • GhettoPat
    GhettoPat Month ago +2

    My boys in the 'D' are going to this game tonight hope they have a great time and man I can't wait to see this game on TV tonight gonna be lit to see the rookies.

  • KobeLive16
    KobeLive16 Month ago +2

    The Hock is going to be such a superstar on this team could be in the running for rookie of the year excited to see him tonight and man Tavai has had a great camp sounds like he will be ready for opening day to be in the rotation or even start.

  • Nate Bellville
    Nate Bellville Month ago +5

    Man I thought the Tavai is baffling at first, but I think I’m glad we took him now. Him and Hock are gonna make some good noise this season.

    • Da Acetaker
      Da Acetaker  Month ago +2

      Nate Bellville I always liked the Tavai pick because I saw him play at Hawaii but there was still a part of me that was somewhat confused but we all know now why Quinn and Patricia took him when they did. Both of these boys are having the best camp possible and that's only going to translate into solid on field production. Can't wait to see these two boys tonight the most.

  • east eur thuggin
    east eur thuggin Month ago +8

    Ace that placement of Diane Lane talking about starting her own rock 'n' roll band is so perfect it's a like a Detroit kid dreaming that things will change for the Lions then the timing is perfect when the music plays and jumps right into the highlights of the future featuring The Rock and Jahlani Tavai.

    • Da Acetaker
      Da Acetaker  Month ago +3

      east eur thuggin Your post is perfect dude because you hit the nail on the head of what I was going for with that scene. I've been posting those scenes before highlights for a few years now with that vision in mind I think it's perfect with the dream of her vision is the same dream for every Lions fan not only in Detroit but Lions fans all over the world period.

  • ceddoggg 1 pride
    ceddoggg 1 pride Month ago +7

    I hated the pick at first now I love it TJ hock is a beast. I'm Drafting him on my fantasy league's this year 😂

    • Da Acetaker
      Da Acetaker  Month ago +5

      ceddoggg 1 pride Same here brother I think all of us hated the pick at first I hated it for about 5-10 minutes then I realized how great he actually will be for Stafford and this offense since he's a helluva receiver and blocker. LOL! Bro you might have the steal of the fantasy draft, I wonder how many people's radar he will be on? He's such a beast though!