• Published on May 14, 2018
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    We got our hands on a PROTOTYPE video card from Intel. But does it actually do anything?...
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  • BoesMan69
    BoesMan69 3 hours ago

    why even post it FFS

  • Çingiz
    Çingiz 4 hours ago

    almost 6 million

  • Lucas Bertão
    Lucas Bertão 4 hours ago

    Why is there so many dislikes on a video with such a rare peace of hardware? --'

  • skull gate
    skull gate 5 hours ago

    Have you tried older hardware?

  • Austin Powell
    Austin Powell 5 hours ago

    I'm mad I watched this

  • Haze
    Haze 6 hours ago

    He picks up the GPU with 2 fingers, fuck you linus.

  • Relf Morris
    Relf Morris 9 hours ago

    dont give up your day job

  • Not Kelvin
    Not Kelvin 11 hours ago

    This video has more filler than the entirety of Dragon Ball Z

  • Yaroslav
    Yaroslav 12 hours ago

    0:17, eksdee

  • kktech04
    kktech04 14 hours ago

    you should try calling Intel’s tech support

  • TDN Gaming
    TDN Gaming 15 hours ago

    But... Can it run Minecraft?

  • Đức Lê Xuân
    Đức Lê Xuân 15 hours ago

    speak too much

  • noneuno53
    noneuno53 15 hours ago

    sounds like it would run Euclideon real will.

  • SirtubalotTX
    SirtubalotTX 16 hours ago

    Is it wrong that I enjoy watching Linus wave computer parts around flippantly with one hand?

  • Matt B
    Matt B 17 hours ago

    Can you like, not talk with your hands while your holding things?

  • Greg Meyer
    Greg Meyer 17 hours ago

    "Intel keeps very careful track of its internal engineering samples" haha ahahahaahhahaahhahahahahahahah
    try an ebay search for "es cpu"

  • Jared Yin
    Jared Yin 18 hours ago

    Is it just me or do some of you guys also not totally understand what he's ranting about from 3:35 to 5:38

  • RAGNES7 › Tech ‹
    RAGNES7 › Tech ‹ 18 hours ago


  • Hook Hand Tech
    Hook Hand Tech 18 hours ago

    Does it Minecraft at 16k??

  • CLASHERS with SF
    CLASHERS with SF 19 hours ago

    Fuck you linus for wasting my time

  • David Martin
    David Martin 19 hours ago

    I just watched a 14 minute video for your shit to not work, but the suspense was like totally worth it.

  • Sleeper 'Extinction Being' Raga


  • Danny Dan
    Danny Dan 21 hour ago

    That’s what PC enthusiasm is all about child! It reminds me the days when I got in to computer repair.

  • anon amous
    anon amous 22 hours ago

    WOW!!! Almost 10,000 dislikes in less than a week. Must be a new record. By the way I have an all Blue card too; but mine is Baby Blue and it's from MSI and it works. LOL

  • David Collins
    David Collins Day ago

    of course i am going to like this who else is going to bring you content like this. even though it didn't work right then don't give up you will get it.

  • Andrea Nuzzo
    Andrea Nuzzo Day ago

    It is jumbo jet

  • Dean Z
    Dean Z Day ago

    intel's gpu? has long way to go

  • Tuna The Pro
    Tuna The Pro Day ago

    I wonder will Intel made a GPU that performs by itself (doesn't need CPU power)

  • notquiteordinary

    Yep, which is why amd has been preaching usung their apus igpu for regular tasks since its inception. Intel isn't unique or interesting in this idea

  • Rook
    Rook Day ago

    That Massdrop dude got his PC to post. Yeah!

  • Alberto Routwell

    i didn't knew intel was making -GPUs- thermal nuclear bombs.

  • NevoeT
    NevoeT Day ago

    Why does Linus keep touching his right pocket?? (He does it in every video)

  • Patrick Gunsolley

    Smooth sponsorship transition :O

  • Chad Wrege
    Chad Wrege Day ago


  • k.v.Narasimha Murthy

    intel always innovates.
    i still give it to them they tried atleast.r


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  • tnix80
    tnix80 Day ago

    On board graphics on the CPU are already here and are going to get really good sooner rather than later.

  • TheHolydruid
    TheHolydruid Day ago

    source? dude trust me

  • tnix80
    tnix80 Day ago

    Crypto mining is driving up GPU prices, especially AMDs which are better suited to more currencies, well over the MSRP. They can't make them fast enough to meet demand. Intel ought to get in on that.

  • Marcus Forcer
    Marcus Forcer Day ago


  • Timotej Šušteršič

    that island with a church on it on the big screen is in slovenia and its much more beutiful than on the picture its where i come frome so suck it up

  • Stain
    Stain Day ago

    I want to see this thing running ;-;

  • Cristian 045
    Cristian 045 Day ago

    First you looked like Steve Ballmer selling something.
    Then you ended up being Steve Jobs when he found out he had terminal cancer.
    So sad. I'm very disappointed also.

  • rlvtrader
    rlvtrader Day ago

    But will it mine

  • dennisvergel36
    dennisvergel36 Day ago

    Could've helped if you didnt just so casually touched the very sensitive contacts directly with your fingers and flailed the damn thing all over.

  • doodoostickstain

    Watched all the way through. I'm sad with you. I was super excited. Thanks for the video, it was real. ::pours a fotie out, blows a kiss to the sky::

  • doodoostickstain

    lmao at management's solutions. internal competition is so stupid, but management is typically "feed me ideas and call it cutting edge! we'll synergise our leveraged experience for the maximum ideal!". then marketing pokes their heads up and pretends they deliberately chose polka dotted boxers outside of their pants. Meanwhile everyone with a brain is sweating to get product out for the sake of their jobs, management truly believes it was their leadership, and pushing real workers to the brink of despair, that gave them a house of cards to show the client. then they clap.

  • bad4ever2010
    bad4ever2010 Day ago

    It's like I slipped into a parallel universe where Intel makes graphics cards. So bizarre.

  • D'Montae McWillie

    *Shakes the everloving shit out of said graphics card, swinging it around wildly like a seven-year-old with a make believe light saber.*
    *Gives up after 5 minutes of not getting it to work with modern hardware*

  • E
    E Day ago

    This video was a bit too long. It feels like it was padded out for ad revenue, could’ve been 8 minutes because a lot of this wasn’t really relevant or interesting

  • doodoostickstain

    OH MY THAT VIDEO CARD the instant you said full-blown OS, then telnet in, I salivated. Is it actually BSD? Make a short video showing it! Put it online, send me a shell T_T (actually you should probably ignore my comments. requesting shirts and shells, totally creepy.)

  • doodoostickstain

    BRO send me your shirt :D I keep staring at it like wait, that's Spock...and is that Roy from the I.T. crowd...or is that Linus, wearing a Linus shirt, of himself, brofisting Leonard Nimoy as Spock... and what shirt is he wearing...also I keep hitting x instead of s. Your name is not Linux.

    • doodoostickstain
      doodoostickstain Day ago

      and it's not Spock. It's McCoy. Isn't it? man I want to know about the Intel Graphics card and can't get past the doggone shirt ; p Thanks for calling it a card btw, I miss the lingo. The younger generation looked confused and said "you mean the GPU?". Then proceeded to hold my hand while I put my computer together :D rofl

  • saultube44
    saultube44 Day ago

    Wow Intel management managed to screw their own people over, motherfuckers, this is 1 of the flaws of Capitalism, competition instead of cooperation, imagine if the IGPU+GPU could have worked together to make each other better and have both products released, instead they killed the GPGPU and their IGPU is a piece of shit, so much they had to buy AMD.. well RTG (Radeon Technologies Group) IGPU instead, if that's not a fail management, I don't know what it is, what a bunch of losers, billions of dollars to the trash can for their capitalists shit practices, and the morons won't learn from their mistake, so the solutions? more capitalism, they buy someone else that got it right, despite Intel trying to screw over AMD, Intel is more and more like The Empire in Star Wars: buy our new graphics GPU from team V, yes V and not B for Blue, instead V for Team Vader hehehehe, so the market will be RGV hahaha

  • Nkwe Ahoume boris

    intel GPU is for bureautics

  • z3ldie
    z3ldie Day ago

    Jintel's jraphics card

  • Michael Strong
    Michael Strong Day ago

    I stopped watching at 10:21 too much talking...blah blah blah.

  • vitloken1337
    vitloken1337 Day ago

    0310 what a lie.
    If you do a lille more reserch you see that is whas gpu goal to get back om theat nvidia and amd did alov C comilers over the bords. Intel FALED AGEN to deliver a chip that whas build for parallell compute. When larabi got a a part on gpu track It whas old In GPU is whas not id did scale well and its the p chip that they got back from the MIL after a lot of testing and bugfixes. So is larabbe a gfx, not today whas. all maketing did day that it shuld be a part of it,
    General treads ,,,,,,,,,,, Larabee and x512

  • Norman Zakaria
    Norman Zakaria Day ago

    Who is the cameraman for this video? It seems too shaky for LMG quality

  • CamperPunisher
    CamperPunisher Day ago

    Now it is gonna ne line Pokemon: choose between fire, leaf or water.

  • Acecool
    Acecool Day ago

    I have a computer still running which was a great combo back in 2008... Asus P5k motherboard, 8GB DDR2, Q6600 Quad core Intel 2.4GHZ at 3.0GHZ on air and running smoothly for the last 10 years.. Except for the bluescreen issue with Asus drives because of incorrect settings to the networking port - which I corrected and haven't had any issues with since. I am planning on upgrading computers soon and I am planning on giving this to my brother, but if it could run that card, it'd be interesting to see as long as you reship it.. if you need it...

  • John Doe
    John Doe Day ago

    If you just started watching this, don't. Fucking clickbait garbage. Reminded me why I hate this cocksucker.

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    Thank you Linus, this was awesome to learn something new.

  • TheNightJackal
    TheNightJackal Day ago

    Could you task Taran to edit a video with this GPU? Or is that impossible?

  • Rod Munch
    Rod Munch Day ago +2

    You gave it aids.... :(

  • Rahmad Mulya
    Rahmad Mulya Day ago

    Where's the benchmark result?

  • Hychus 232
    Hychus 232 Day ago

    Nintendo Labo on the shelf in the background at the beginning...

  • compaq deskpro
    compaq deskpro Day ago

    Keep messing with it, it must work with something. How about that hot swap PCIE ASUS motherboard you have? Try stuffing it into that.

  • kclubta mcleod
    kclubta mcleod Day ago

    1:44 LOL I had to rewind that ten times! Haha

  • Gei ster
    Gei ster Day ago

    it sucked it didnt work but maybe you can load the intel drivers for the apu ( Cpu GPU ) say h400 generation and see if they take.

  • Holyschytt
    Holyschytt Day ago

    OMG Talk after you plug it in.. Shoot Fire..

  • chriss4365
    chriss4365 Day ago

    Thats why intel dominates they make good chips.

  • Memory丶心无梦

    hey,linus,i think you should use the motherboard close to the date of the card

  • thmargar
    thmargar Day ago

    I don't know if anyone else has mentioned it. Try booting it in a non EFI motherboard. That card definately has no EFI profile to boot an EFI board. Try a good old simple BIOS one

  • Elucator
    Elucator Day ago

    But can it run Crysis?

  • A H
    A H Day ago

    Typical Intel. Just throw a few extra hundred watts of power at the problem.

  • Warren S.
    Warren S. Day ago

    Intel probably caters to the Mac market. I hate saying it. But they need to work on integrated graphics and thunderbolt.

  • Kevin Hernandez
    Kevin Hernandez Day ago

    Take off heatsink show us the board clean it up check it out. Try using era parts. Intel made Mobo and cpu both would be an interesting video. I wonder if that device looking for genuine intel mobo.

  • Bao Vuong
    Bao Vuong Day ago

    your window is broken :D

  • MikeyMystery45
    MikeyMystery45 Day ago

    I love how he swings around violently a super rare GPU that could possibly be one of kind and irreplaceable. It's almost disrespectful to people like me who don't have the money to buy new hardware all the time. It's almost like since he's drowning in free hardware from a thousand different places he no longer appreciates them.

  • Miroslav Kocúr
    Miroslav Kocúr 2 days ago

    Have to curb your enthusiasm...
    AMD GCN was can do furture versions of DirectX too, just dont use x86 instructions for it.
    Larabee/Knights Corner/Phi were designed for different purposes than shader computation, but AMD GCN can do a lot of non-shader operations - as is seen by bitcoin miners.

  • Jody Lynch
    Jody Lynch 2 days ago

    Great headset but don't buy if in UK as the tax is another £35!!!

  • Matthias Schumann
    Matthias Schumann 2 days ago

    if a company gets big enough, it begins to work against itself

  • xxdeathknight72xx
    xxdeathknight72xx 2 days ago


  • Vast Majority
    Vast Majority 2 days ago

    Yeah you got it, but it doesn't work and you monetize it through a video lol.

  • Nacho Chips
    Nacho Chips 2 days ago

    cmon intel. give these nvida clowns some competition.

  • The4thaggie
    The4thaggie 2 days ago

    You win some. You lose some. I was kinda curious where this went but kinda forgot over the years. Thanks for going the mile and trying anyway. I hope it works out for you Linus!

  • Bar Rotfus
    Bar Rotfus 2 days ago

    but can it run crysis?

    RIZA UTKU BATIRALP 2 days ago

    Ok Linus, D6 means no VGA...
    and most new mobos have compatability problems. Use the card with and old mobo or update your BIOS and try again. If it wont work again, send the card to me. I'd like to spend my time :D

  • Mark Pointon
    Mark Pointon 2 days ago

    Linus has been hitting the gym. Goodnes...

  • senih yuksel
    senih yuksel 2 days ago

    That looks suspiciously similar to an amd card.

  • Ikari1981
    Ikari1981 2 days ago

    Love the technical details. Even it didn't work it was worth waching. Thank you.

  • Patchuchan
    Patchuchan 2 days ago

    I'm surprised they never commercialized it.

  • Connor Martin
    Connor Martin 2 days ago

    Now I want to work at Intel just so I can get prototype laptops XD

  • Frank Thomas
    Frank Thomas 2 days ago

    Peaceful load formation glexyoa require expand these end withdraw cabinet eliminate regular.

  • Frozzem
    Frozzem 2 days ago

    How to sum up the Video 13:16, remember to always skip through the video if its longer than 10 minutes ;)

  • Junaid Alam
    Junaid Alam 2 days ago

    Without drivers who are you going to test it

  • Seb Julien
    Seb Julien 2 days ago

    We need a third player in the GPU market, have you seen lately the GPU prices because of crypto currency? Always good to have competition.

  • issaciams
    issaciams 2 days ago

    Super boring. Video starts @10:40.

  • Om Sinha
    Om Sinha 2 days ago

    So, are you telling me that, you managed to get a $400 GPU (which was under the development since The Mayans) but you don't have a PCIe 2.0 mobo lying around?

  • PrinceOfPlateia
    PrinceOfPlateia 2 days ago

    If you are still interested I have the drives for that beast.