• Published on May 14, 2018
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    We got our hands on a PROTOTYPE video card from Intel. But does it actually do anything?...
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  • Ali Saneie
    Ali Saneie 23 hours ago

    didn't you find a way to fire up this Avatar?

  • Hamish davis
    Hamish davis Day ago

    That thing should be called a GPC "Gaphics proccessing computer"

  • themegalogic
    themegalogic Day ago

    well that was disappointing as your video

  • Nick K
    Nick K Day ago

    This is amazing... and unfortunately it doesn't boot...Oh well. Still a very cool episode and I loved the whole story behind it.

  • Kitkat 240
    Kitkat 240 2 days ago

    awesome and sad

  • Ben Cook
    Ben Cook 2 days ago

    in 2009 I was 2

  • boznia
    boznia 2 days ago

    Wish intel would make gpu's to push more competitiveness in the gpu market.

  • Dachi
    Dachi 2 days ago

    is that an LG youre using as a monitor

  • LostInNovo
    LostInNovo 2 days ago

    @Linus Tech Tips
    Please try running it on any normal linux distro such as debian arch or ubuntu

  • Thedarklord 2007
    Thedarklord 2007 3 days ago

    I bought one of these
    Why is the head of intel at my house?

  • Kjell
    Kjell 3 days ago

    Too bad intel has no real intention of competing in the gamer graphics space. Sure, they show up at the conventions and tout the tech but that all for shareholders. Those cards will be for server computing and will be priced well beyond even nvidia's insane prices.

  • Prince Haidy
    Prince Haidy 3 days ago

    I demand my time back 😞

  • Ingo Schumacher
    Ingo Schumacher 4 days ago

    Is it ugly? yes it is!

  • L3gion3r
    L3gion3r 4 days ago

    cmon Linus, plug that shit in the board already!

  • photoputer
    photoputer 4 days ago

    It is not easy to install the coprocessor, but changing some code number to this guy if it starts well

  • Xxxperimental
    Xxxperimental 5 days ago

    Soon enough AMD will become the best producer of CPUs, Intel having shit themselves in the CPU market start making the best GPUs, NVIDIA therefore, shits themselves in the GPU market and simply starts making mid-range affordable graphics cards.

  • Damon Coetzee
    Damon Coetzee 5 days ago

    Ha yet 10 years later (RTX 2080 Ti)

  • Neo DC
    Neo DC 5 days ago

    So is it good for mining?

  • ghos282
    ghos282 5 days ago

    TVclip Video β€œIntel's GPU is not what you think” Coreteks Published on Oct 7, 2018
    What do the non- 'private enterprise' population buy 'Personal Computers' for? Text/Picture/Video Editing? Saving documents? Browsing the Internet? Watching TVclip? Playing Games? ..Editing Audio and Video into High Resolution Videos to post to TVclip Viewers? ..Why? When the population which used to be their 'base' will only be watching them on 'Low Resolution' cell phones, because the PC industry Abandoned their consumer base, favoring only Private Enterprise Server type applications.

  • ChrisBro
    ChrisBro 6 days ago

    Who needs to work when you're painted blue and make Nvidia upset, but not really.

    BLOXYBOI_ISBOSS 6 days ago

    i want a graphic card in 100 $ like rtx 2080 ti

  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson 7 days ago

    Nvidia makes overpriced high-end graphics cards and AMD overprices mid-range graphics cards that are weaker than Nvidia's cards. I welcome Intel to the market especially since Nvidia still hasn't released drivers for Mojave OSX. I am really pissed at Nvidia.

  • Phat Havok
    Phat Havok 7 days ago

    he sounded so disapointed when it didnt work :(

  • Douglas Waugh
    Douglas Waugh 7 days ago

    Ahhh yes , the code
    For you Linus - Special Price
    only 1000 000 in bitcoins please
    send to my Swiss account

  • Bad Factor
    Bad Factor 7 days ago

    tvclip.biz/video/4PZw75K9ydY/video.html just give it a look

  • Alex Mesler
    Alex Mesler 8 days ago

    Intel wants to know your location

  • Diro
    Diro 9 days ago

    $113 for a headset......please fo.

  • leagueoflegends youdad

    Try to run it on 2007 motherbord and cpu

  • mrk107
    mrk107 12 days ago

    intel makes video cards?

  • Sw3d154_F154
    Sw3d154_F154 12 days ago

    So this is the best mining card ever?

  • Rodri Labarre
    Rodri Labarre 13 days ago

    Waiting for any updates on this

  • Revan Reitinger
    Revan Reitinger 14 days ago

    Nice try ltt

  • Enerar
    Enerar 14 days ago

    bla - ads - bla bla bla bla bla - not working - ads

  • Chris LaPorte
    Chris LaPorte 14 days ago


  • Aaron D
    Aaron D 14 days ago

    You can't buy a porcupine on ebay....just ask Jon Lajoie.

  • Jack Werstroh
    Jack Werstroh 15 days ago

    i almost puked when i saw that headset, also why would you need a noise cancelling mic like dont you need a mic to pick up noise?

  • Joshua V
    Joshua V 15 days ago

    Oh boy if Linus knew about RTX in this video

  • Nightdare
    Nightdare 15 days ago

    When you think about it, programmers have been emulating hardware synthesizers (yeah, the musical keyboards) for over a decade now

  • Jadturentale // taguelequipue

    0:38 I'd rather not purchase that mouse because only hulk's hands fit on it.

  • casanova419
    casanova419 15 days ago

    Pour some ray tracing fluid on it.

  • hightech gaming
    hightech gaming 16 days ago

    Please give a graphic card you have many

  • Fenderian Mayhew
    Fenderian Mayhew 17 days ago

    Keep Trying, ^.^

  • Christian Pervert
    Christian Pervert 17 days ago

    but will it mine crysis?

  • Konrad Gajewski
    Konrad Gajewski 17 days ago

    This is not the first dedicated graphics card by Intel Linus - you are just too young to remember Intel 740 for example.

  • John Mann
    John Mann 17 days ago

    Intel i740 WAS the first stand alone video card Intel made and sold. man are you late to the party.

  • Siddharth Bala
    Siddharth Bala 18 days ago

    is it just me or LTT is trying to push videos out of its anus. If the thing didnt work, why would be bother uploading the video? Cuz u got nothing else and just wanna make a buck wasting the viewers time. I was done with their channel bout an year ago. Commercial garbage. Linus Ad. Media, where we make ads and follow them up with nonsense followed by More Ads, and some sponsor shout out, with a grand total of 75% Ads, 5% useful content and 20% trash.

  • Frerol
    Frerol 19 days ago

    Lol, man, I actually felt bad for you

  • hyperJuice
    hyperJuice 19 days ago

    I won’t get intel graphics card I need GeForce experience and moonlight

  • Geoffrey Casper
    Geoffrey Casper 19 days ago

    Intel Dedicated GPU 2020?

  • Lord of Thunder
    Lord of Thunder 20 days ago

    Any graphic cards as spare??
    Operating System: Windows 10 Home, 64-bit
    DirectX version: 12.0
    GPU processor: GeForce GT 545
    Driver version: 388.73
    Direct3D API version: 11.2
    Direct3D feature level: 11_0
    CUDA Cores: 144
    Core clock: 720 MHz
    Shader clock: 1440 MHz
    Memory data rate: 1600 MHz
    Memory interface: 192-bit
    Memory bandwidth: 38.40 GB/s
    Total available graphics memory: 7158 MB
    Dedicated video memory: 3072 MB DDR3
    System video memory: 0 MB
    Shared system memory: 4086 MB
    Video BIOS version:
    IRQ: Not used
    Bus: PCI Express x16 Gen2
    Device ID: 10DE 1243 23151462
    Part Number: 1062 0016

  • Stephen Cheung
    Stephen Cheung 20 days ago

    Damn, not working....

  • Mikolaj Witkowski
    Mikolaj Witkowski 20 days ago

    Actually IIRC Intel did make graphic cards in the 90s :)

  • ProtocolZero
    ProtocolZero 20 days ago

    My very first thought was, I hope it came with drivers, 'cause you're screwed otherwise.

  • - VersionTwo -
    - VersionTwo - 21 day ago

    I’ll just stick with my Rx570 for now thank you.

  • roy luk
    roy luk 21 day ago

    shut up too much bull shit

  • Kusuma Yogi
    Kusuma Yogi 21 day ago

    AMD is Red
    Nvidia is Green
    Intel is Blue
    Nintendo Switch is Red
    Xbox One is Green
    PS4 is Blue
    Three Giant at same world(RGB)
    illuminati is confirmed

  • RageMadness
    RageMadness 22 days ago

    what is it with Sebastian touching his pants right pocket all the time?

  • Lammet
    Lammet 22 days ago

    This is worse than ali a

  • Lock Unknown
    Lock Unknown 23 days ago

    This is what a meltdown looks like.
    he's off the coffee and Crystal..

  • MiniPiP
    MiniPiP 23 days ago


  • Moody Blues
    Moody Blues 23 days ago

    7:44 on repeat

  • Redo 11
    Redo 11 23 days ago

    Is this support RTX?

  • Ghosties & Hoes
    Ghosties & Hoes 23 days ago

    Sad Linus... I’ll protect him with my life

  • Brian Hodgson
    Brian Hodgson 23 days ago

    To bad they didn't continue with this project

  • Lukas Beier
    Lukas Beier 24 days ago

    How about you guys from the LinusMediaGroup open that thing up and show us the bare PCB?

  • Tom Kazansky
    Tom Kazansky 24 days ago

    is it bad that i hope intel will save us from nvidia stupid 2000 series pricing?

    ANAS ANAS 24 days ago

    Your videos is interesting but the problem u speak toooo toooo tooooo much thats makes me feel i need to change the video in the first 20 seconds !!!!

  • Augustuvi Primce dea.V.

    no, Intel is really careless, prototype and test cards are in surplus on E bay

  • travistrue2008
    travistrue2008 25 days ago

    "Quake was a weird edge case" --I need to Google this now when I have time because I would love to hear more specifics about why that was. Maybe Intel and Quake's software architecture were onto something that potentially could have lead to a breakthrough which could have changed how we think about writing games in general. Potentially though.

  • Lucas Dunn
    Lucas Dunn 26 days ago

    May be able to get you sofeware for it. Worked for intels rnd in2013 and still habe some friends there

  • orbik
    orbik 27 days ago

    I wouldn't expect this card to identify itself as a video card. It would make much more sense to have it in a secondary PCIe slot, connected to another monitor, so that it can be e.g. completely reprogrammed and rebooted on the fly without making the host computer unusable.

  • schokocremeduo
    schokocremeduo 27 days ago

    why is there no disassembly of this questionable beauty?

  • BoiPlaying
    BoiPlaying 27 days ago

    How about Running it as a second GPU and Attempt to test it power somehow?
    For an example bitcoin mining (i don't disrespect my GPUs like that but still for science)

  • Terinigan
    Terinigan 27 days ago

    I hope we get a follow up video with a working setup. :)

  • xyzhash
    xyzhash 27 days ago

    watch?v=ud5aJxdMJNo - Viacheslav Rizo is this the Russian guy u mentioned in video ?

  • PsyckoSama
    PsyckoSama 27 days ago

    It's not their first. It's their second.
    Their first was the Intel 740, an AGP card released in 1998.

  • Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    I worked for intel. It was miserable. Every 6 months you had to do a presentation on yourself, basically giving your self a review. You were pitted against your coworkers and graded on a bell curve. Even if eveyone in your department was awesome, one of them was going to score last and get disciplined

  • Mayukh Sarkar
    Mayukh Sarkar 28 days ago

    If you are using deep learning training, you are good to go..You don't need any driver

  • Jake Drew
    Jake Drew 28 days ago

    fucking retard buys a GPU off eBay for 1500 and it doesn't even work just rambled the entire video.

  • Rico Reyes
    Rico Reyes 28 days ago

    That was the longest single-take monologue ever. I don't know how you managed to remember all of that information.

  • Acio Lord
    Acio Lord 28 days ago

    intel is professional in cpus no gpu

  • J Frye
    J Frye 28 days ago

    alright this is one and only prototype. lets do this.

  • Bread Toast
    Bread Toast 29 days ago

    I’d like to see the process one goes through to get a sponsor spot.

  • Kris Roberts
    Kris Roberts 29 days ago

    Can you not get
    you have it and ask if they can steer you in the right direction for pairable hardware?

  • Numa MATA
    Numa MATA 29 days ago

    What you buy in eBay ICAN BUY MY OWN SH*T

  • Daniel Dryden
    Daniel Dryden 29 days ago

    But can it run recycling bin at 60fps

  • MaxSantos
    MaxSantos Month ago

    "Canceled anywhere between 4 to... 5 times"... So... 4.3? 4.6?, 4.1?

  • Ladislav Alexa
    Ladislav Alexa Month ago

    Oh, this video is just click-bait. Sorry. I was expecting something more. :(

  • Danny B
    Danny B Month ago

    One day, this guy is going to gesticulate so hard with a piece of hardware in his hand that he'll jar all the wires out of it and break it.

  • blhtml
    blhtml Month ago

    Hope you can make it up and running...

  • Kill Me
    Kill Me Month ago

    Gotta' love how Linus misses grabbing the box and they didn't cut it out x)

  • Wei Chen
    Wei Chen Month ago

    "particular feature" lowkey novideo gamebroke reference

  • Nermin C.
    Nermin C. Month ago

    So why doesn't AMD or Nvidia make software based GPU's than?

  • Amine Baghdad
    Amine Baghdad Month ago

    i got a 2010 pc

  • ducc
    ducc Month ago

    Fun fact: It doesn't work

  • SuperBaresa
    SuperBaresa Month ago

    Here you go :D

  • ricarda Moradza
    ricarda Moradza Month ago

    Plugging alientech into a household pc

  • Er Mutanda
    Er Mutanda Month ago

    omg fucking put it on already

  • DreamLiner PH
    DreamLiner PH Month ago

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ WOT

  • Shawn Gordon
    Shawn Gordon Month ago

    Only Intel discreet GPU? What about the Intel Starfighter 740 graphics card? I had one back in the 90s as a competitor to the 3Dfx and Nvidia cards.