OooOOOoo! SHINY! ✨| Mystery Art Box | Paletteful Packs Unboxing | Pearlescent Watercolors

  • Published on Mar 16, 2019
  • Going through some art block. Creatively drained, is what I would call it. But I think this video expresses very well how I approach art block and the steps I take to overcome it.
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  • attack helicopter

    That moment when you forget what month it is me every single day except April

  • Kate McGreavey
    Kate McGreavey Day ago

    Pls can anyone type a animal......

  • Hal Partain
    Hal Partain Day ago

    I wanted to thank you for inspiring me lately. Because of you, I've been able to draw again and not worry about what I think. You have such a fun and happy approach to art and drawing and it just makes me so happy too. So thank you, and I'm working on my own characters again!

  • Victoria Sniper
    Victoria Sniper Day ago

    My art teacher has a bunch of those watercolor palets

  • Marusha de Rijke
    Marusha de Rijke 2 days ago

    listening to you talk is actually very calming ❤️

  • Wrong Turn
    Wrong Turn 2 days ago

    I adore this video. When you look at everyone on youtube, they are churning out awesome art like crazy. Thing is, they only show their successes. Hardly anyone shares their failed attempts. And that sort of makes one feel even worse about messing up an art piece. However this video is such an inspiration because it reminds us that no matter how good you are, you are bound to have some troublesome days. The trick is to find a way out of it. Awesome video!

  • Lolita
    Lolita 2 days ago

    I've watched a few of these where you received sketchbooks l was wondering do you actually use them after?

  • Tabassco Productions

    avoiding the paper to crumble is to let it dry completely before drawing further

  • Aaishah :D
    Aaishah :D 3 days ago +1

    I have those shiny glittery water colors!! : D

  • Irina Kotlyarskaya
    Irina Kotlyarskaya 3 days ago


  • Rayna
    Rayna 3 days ago

    Life tip: Sit in your chair backwards when having art block.

  • Laurie m
    Laurie m 4 days ago

    I really enjoy watching your videos and also you have to add a lot of water for the pearlescent watercolors to work

  • Victoria Jones
    Victoria Jones 4 days ago

    Face Reveal

  • shadow person
    shadow person 4 days ago

    I can paint.. but cant illustrate. So I know the feeling. Maybe we should trade tips. Well done on your perseverance, the outcome was pretty successful!

  • Annalies Anderson
    Annalies Anderson 6 days ago

    The postcards are so cool!! Also why did you get rid of the first one?😭 it looked so good!

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man 6 days ago

    I saw the metallic water colors in the thumbnail and literally said out loud
    “Oh no...”

  • Hannah Sharp
    Hannah Sharp 6 days ago


  • Mercedes Garza
    Mercedes Garza 6 days ago

    I want a post card 🥰

  • Kat Ears
    Kat Ears 7 days ago

    I have the same water color from watercolor from hobby lobby

  • Your-Future -Idol
    Your-Future -Idol 7 days ago

    The visual Journal is what my art teacher would buy for us before my school went under.

  • PaleBlueDot'
    PaleBlueDot' 7 days ago +1

    S O C A L M I M G

  • Shea Kelley
    Shea Kelley 7 days ago

    I love your intro!! It’s so short and simple. It’s so different from other people’s that are really long animations that are like 2 minutes long or it’s talking about give sways or music. ❤️

  • Tonya Idunno
    Tonya Idunno 7 days ago

    You're amazing and described exactly what is happening with my art. Art rage.

  • Tris 0630
    Tris 0630 8 days ago

    Me using any art supply "I dOnT kNoW hOw To UsE tHeM...mAhH"

  • Piritta Collanius
    Piritta Collanius 8 days ago

    When i draw/ sketch and i Think its fine drawing, but if i try to put some color on i Will ruin it! It dosnt matter if it is watercolors or something alse.

  • Just Ruby
    Just Ruby 8 days ago

    Can u do a video on how u draw your art style xxx

  • Luna Moon
    Luna Moon 8 days ago +1

    It’s my Birthday!!! And of course I’m watching you ❤️

  • SophiaSketch Art
    SophiaSketch Art 9 days ago

    I really like it when you do traditional art. I’m not sure why I don’t like watching u do digital art, (it still looks great ☺️) but just watching you do traditional art is just more enjoyable for me. Keep artsing! (If that’s a word)

  • Adrianna Hibbard
    Adrianna Hibbard 9 days ago

    You are so good!

  • Another Channel
    Another Channel 9 days ago

    I love the vibrancy of the koi water colors 😻

  • michelle england
    michelle england 10 days ago

    It's cute

  • Eliza Tan
    Eliza Tan 10 days ago

    Drawing wiff waffles? More like ASMR wiff waffles!

  • XxFloofWolf xX
    XxFloofWolf xX 10 days ago +1

    I'm a fan of the blushies, me every day with my art XD

    Art block for about a year is over! I finally over came art block this month, hallelujah!

  • Lori Delgado
    Lori Delgado 11 days ago +1

    Please draw a galaxy using the koi and pearleasant (sorry if wrong spelling)watercolors and rate which is better!😁

  • LetMeDrinkBleach BLEACH

    I have used the sparkly pallet! It's not my favorite buts really fun to use when drawing accessories.

  • Sofia Reynoso
    Sofia Reynoso 11 days ago

    Creative hibernation.

  • cutie pie
    cutie pie 11 days ago

    Her art: GORGEOUS
    My art: A STUPID one year old drawn it
    I love you drawingwiffwaffles

  • Sheep Lover202
    Sheep Lover202 11 days ago

    Its great hope that sunburn heals (!,!)

  • Sue Allen
    Sue Allen 12 days ago

    I would love to see you draw something other than girls, like a scene of some kind, I'm sure you would do a fantastic job of it

  • Curly Boy Adam
    Curly Boy Adam 12 days ago

    0:26 Subtitles

  • Old Meme
    Old Meme 12 days ago

    Is the visual journal ( watercolor sketchbook) was freckled frol thr water?

  • jaylene
    jaylene 12 days ago

    where do you get your mechanical pencils?

  • Renad DeathLover
    Renad DeathLover 12 days ago

    i have the same scketch book idk why that was important ( idk how to spell sorry)

  • April Simonson
    April Simonson 14 days ago

    Is it just me or does the emotion u feel while u draw go into the art? I feel like if u want a happy drawing, you should just make art that makes you happy.

  • Dessi Eastaugh
    Dessi Eastaugh 15 days ago

    Also please do a face reveal
    Click here if you agree

  • Dessi Eastaugh
    Dessi Eastaugh 15 days ago

    Hey I have blue hair

  • ZiaCray
    ZiaCray 15 days ago

    eliza it that you

  • Cottonmouthxx
    Cottonmouthxx 15 days ago

    I am genuinely so thankful for this video ! You always show such a real and honest process and I love that so much about your videos!! The way this video goes is pretty much how the majority of my drawings go and I beat myself up over it so so much. And then seeing all these picture perfect videos and drawings online I feel like that's how my process needs and should be. So yeah even though I can imagine this being a vulnerable video for you, thank you for showing it!! I get this monster festering inside of me really often due to "not having a perfect process" and failing a lot so it's nice to see that someone I really look up to goes through the same thing (but I also feel bad for this because I don't want you to feel like this lmao sheesh)

    • Cottonmouthxx
      Cottonmouthxx 15 days ago

      Also your final piece was really cute!!!

  • Gachapokemon moon
    Gachapokemon moon 15 days ago

    No hate i love you but why do you have to laugh ever time you finishes a sentence

  • Alexis Barn
    Alexis Barn 16 days ago

    I have the pearlescent watercolor palet and it’s just like that they’re just kind of transparent and likely pigmented

  • yo its jada Alvarado
    yo its jada Alvarado 16 days ago

    My uncle says u name is stupid but ...... I DISAGREE I like u drawlings

  • peanut butter
    peanut butter 16 days ago

    This was released a day after my birthday

  • Trinity MCDevitt
    Trinity MCDevitt 17 days ago

    I can’t believe I’ve just now noticed this...but isn’t ur music the electric parade at Disney’s music

  • Island Girl Designs
    Island Girl Designs 18 days ago

    You r so amazing!😋😉 you should NOT feel like your drawings are BAD.

  • Livvi Vlogz
    Livvi Vlogz 18 days ago

    Thanks for the advice with art block it really helped!! I stopped drawing for weeks 😂❤️ thanks waffles!

  • Rosie Beth
    Rosie Beth 19 days ago

    When you started adding colour to the hair of the sketch, and even before, she reminded me of Luna from the HP books 😍 she’s lovely x

  • Ayah Kaddoura
    Ayah Kaddoura 19 days ago

    1:37 Sketchbook?

  • Natania Garrett
    Natania Garrett 19 days ago

    Is it weird that there's a 50% chance I'll get art block after watching your videos, (your art is amazing) but then again you inspire I might be in trouble

  • Arden Bailey
    Arden Bailey 19 days ago

    Me:awwww I don’t know why but that’s cute

  • Leila Ely
    Leila Ely 20 days ago

    You act kind of like an adult version of a friend I had at soccer lol

  • Ella Bane
    Ella Bane 20 days ago

    Every time i have a art block i will remember what you said i love you 👀😍👉

  • Katrina Porch
    Katrina Porch 20 days ago

    lmao who is writing the captions?

  • Giraffe Girl
    Giraffe Girl 20 days ago

    Am I the only one who was singing shiny from Moana when ever she said shiny?

  • Charotte Wilkins
    Charotte Wilkins 20 days ago

    "Goffy bits"

  • Josephine Hanhart
    Josephine Hanhart 20 days ago

    Its so cool

  • Meagen Abbott
    Meagen Abbott 21 day ago +1

    “OoooooooOoOoooo.. Are these MATALIC? Shiny.......!”
    Me: *laughing uncontrollably*

  • AlbertDaChillBoi
    AlbertDaChillBoi 21 day ago

    conclusion after watching this video: waffles really loves shiny stuff, i gotta hide everything shiny or ill see her at 3am staring at me with look what says 'g i v e m e s h i n y s t u f f'

  • Alyssa Nicole
    Alyssa Nicole 21 day ago

    Opinions on which is easier to start with: Acrylic paint or Oil paint??

  • chevy staffy
    chevy staffy 22 days ago

    Can someone explain what a fluffy color is?

  • Elena Mark
    Elena Mark 22 days ago

    anything she draws I always deem amazing. she does such a good job no matter what

  • Spectrum Apple
    Spectrum Apple 22 days ago +1

    Who else was reminded of Pocahontas on her first sketch?

  • Burnt Potato
    Burnt Potato 23 days ago

    The subtitles😂💕

  • Zacharie Washington
    Zacharie Washington 23 days ago +1

    i need to know who writes these subtitles, this is the accessibility im here for

    • Zacharie Washington
      Zacharie Washington 22 days ago

      +Kitty Lord we need more ppl like her

    • Kitty Lord
      Kitty Lord 23 days ago +1

      Zacharie Washington waffles always does the subtitles before posting the vid which I love!

  • Irma Kardosi
    Irma Kardosi 23 days ago

    Someone should make a video about counting all the awesome pints Echo gave us in the end of her videos. Or maybe I’ll just do it myself idk

  • Art and Animations
    Art and Animations 23 days ago

    How old are you ?

  • Crystal Martin
    Crystal Martin 24 days ago +1

    I just love you. Your personality is so lovely! I enjoy every video I watch. I can't draw but I love watching you.

  • Gaybe
    Gaybe 24 days ago

    I bought those watercolors which I don't like personally before this video came out months back

  • JoJoe godfrey
    JoJoe godfrey 24 days ago

    I flipping love it so good...

  • Shayna Morgan
    Shayna Morgan 25 days ago +1

    Can you do a face revile

  • Ashley Rizzo
    Ashley Rizzo 25 days ago

    i don't have anything bad to say about them, but i don't know how to use them, *ahHHhhhhHhhhhH*-drawingwiffwaffles

  • Dr Safifi
    Dr Safifi 26 days ago

    *And I thought a stick figure was a good drawing...*

  • Amye Barnett
    Amye Barnett 26 days ago

    All the other crap was just a distraction from the fact you got ripped off... SMH

  • Ashe Overwatch
    Ashe Overwatch 26 days ago

    I love how she said "Shinyyyy!"

  • Ymmi Trash
    Ymmi Trash 26 days ago

    “My brain was turned off.” Me everyday

  • Ymmi Trash
    Ymmi Trash 26 days ago


  • Francesca Isabel
    Francesca Isabel 26 days ago

    18:23 to avoid it dont use too much water as no offence but you used too much water. Your art us amazing and dont doubt yourself

  • April Rants
    April Rants 26 days ago +1

    The pearlescent ones look like an eyeshadow pallete
    paint with a makeup palette 🎨 😮💄

  • B L
    B L 26 days ago

    When using water color pencils I tend to use them almost like a mixable paint. I scribble on a piece of scrap paper/next to my paint sketch and then just dip a wet brush into the scribble! I absolutely adore the way they work using them that way. It also creates a super cool spread in my watercolor sketchbook

  • Lulu Laine
    Lulu Laine 26 days ago

    I always get artblock or either im just to lazy to try

  • Maeci Phillips
    Maeci Phillips 26 days ago

    I have that pallete with the pearlescent mine worked even worse than yours

  • Corin Miranda
    Corin Miranda 26 days ago +1

    When Waffles started talking about the red nose thing I was just sitting here like "I am Rudolph 85% of the time, not just when it's cold" 😂😂 And I wish it looked cute on me. Spoiler, it doesn't 😂

  • harley quin
    harley quin 26 days ago

    Quick story:
    One sumer day of june i went to the beach, i was standing ONLY in the water.
    When we got home my HOLE BACK WAS RED😂😂😂😥😥😥😲😲😲👺😈😨😨😨😨

  • Stella Paul
    Stella Paul 26 days ago

    I just realized that this video was made the DAY before my BirTHdaY.

  • Meica Chu
    Meica Chu 27 days ago

    BRO i was on an art block the same time as you!?

  • Lorelei Scott
    Lorelei Scott 27 days ago

    I actually have that water color Palette ( the shiny one)

  • bonjour_bonsois
    bonjour_bonsois 27 days ago

    I LOVE that drawing!

  • CrazyBananas 25
    CrazyBananas 25 27 days ago

    What do you do with all those sketchbooks from the subscription boxes? And if you keep them do you ever finish it?

  • Tiara Lee
    Tiara Lee 27 days ago

    The only words of encouragement I can currently think of rn is:
    Fr tho you're awesome keep going!!♥️

  • Iuliana DUMITRU
    Iuliana DUMITRU 27 days ago

    Art block is like getting anxiety while talking to a person

  • Veda Rumpel
    Veda Rumpel 28 days ago

    I have yhe same water color palate